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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 26, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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president emmanuel muckross pledges it's a billion euros so the car making industry in a bid to rescue the sector the head to o all of the french states however also plans for the future promising a big us subsidies for green because- european countries continue to disagree on how and when to open up. their borders the european union has also old countries in the schengen area to open it by june fifteenth. trying to ask an authorities release hundreds of taliban
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prisoners as both the governments and the islamist group on the extension of the historic three day six five. hello and thank you very much for joining us in the fronts at twenty four newsroom we start here in france where president emmanuel mccall has unveiled sweeping new measures to helplp the car industry promising and aids a billion euro fund. to rescue the sector a big part of the president's speech- when set to wards of g green because sounds michael champion the production and purchase of electric vehicles because sales have dropped by over 80% of during the corona virus crisis. and it will be an estimated half a million you because that will be on sold in june part of the government's a billion euro fund will be towards subsidies to aimed att electric cononvers. as a manual michael explains. if electric ameri chargeable
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vehicles will benefit from exceptional support measures. individuals and businesses alike seven thousand euros for the purchase of an electric vehicle by individuals. five thousand euros for businesses and local authorities and even two thousand euros for chargeable hybrid vehicles which also fall being excluded from all existing schemes. when the french president made these comments while visiting a factory in the north of the country for more on this story we can bring in our business and it't's- kate's a moody kay thank you very much for joining us alive. program and what can you tell us about these measures that are being outlined by president michael. well the french president is really trying to frame this very challenging moment for the industry as an opportunity for the sector kit to get ahead of the curve. a man who wants to accelerate the transition to less polluting vehicles but he said the front should become eurorope's top producer of
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electric vehicles in the coming years he wants a million clean cars to be produced here. in the next five year. plan to include subsidies of up to seven thousand euros for consumers who buy new electric cars. eight billion euros worth of aid is tied as we expected. to produce manufacturers committing to ship more research development and manufacturing b back here to front of course the jobs that go with that. there is asking for a commitment to protecting the work force here in france nearly one and a half million people currently work for the industry both directly and indirectly. michael said that you know for example had agreed to begin developing a new electric motors here in front rather than a plant in asia. it is worth pointing out that some similar conditions had been attached to the bail out of air france for example french government being fairly genenerous with its support of struggling businesses but there are certainly strings attached. in casase- emmanuel mccall also announced a progress on a
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frananco german project to produce. electric batteries. yeah this isis. roger for his. e has said company purchased trtrent had. . so on no microcontroller but they also know will pitch in as a third partners welell another car makr is negotiating a separate five billion euro bailout fromm the frfrench state. a addresses a counist or had s sent her to the patienent in this battery projectt would be a pre requisite for its to closing that deal soo we understandnd wy we've got that announcement today. we are of course increasing demand for electric batteries which have madad been made almost exclusively in asia in the past. seven european coununtries havave p put togetha three billion euro fund in a jointt venture trying s shift tt center of f activity. a recent data show that european countries now outpace china in attracting private investment for electric batteries and vehicle development a new restrictions across the block. and may and giving carmakers and drivers a real incentive to
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try to phaseut. those more polluting it is. i let's's takea york the s stock exchange as th- balik step back to businessss as usual.l. brent celek was obscene for more than four more than two months rather all trading on wall street has been done remotely electronically. this tuesday the new york state governor andrew cuomo rang the opening bell at the trading floor of the new york stock exchange- in from about a quarter of the usual work force all of them wearing face masks and percent respecting. social distancing guidelines at the new york stock exchange is one of the last in the world to still have that traditional physical presence of brokers- this partial re opening course. but strong visual this year as new york city. the page on the worst it's pandemic. uncomfortable the opening we stopped right so. rising there for. a long weekend. jones closed about two per. dow jones falling one percent. both of
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them hitting the highest levels since early march. our business that it's okay to a movie thank you f for alas analylysis kay t. we hear aa for where the author are hope that the stop cove it apple will some. approval to week in order to log and we can. france which to in the- of other major countries in using technology to fight the virus the soft- with a lot of people who have come in conontact with infected individuals. to be notified- via the stock a covert op with it's a t track ad trace s system. howowever criris of this method say infringes on people's basic human rights carrots got in trouble. finally ready after months of developmentt france's coronavirus tracing up stop curve it could be available as eaearly as t this weekendnd if accepted in parliamentnt o on wedndnesday. the applicacation works fine using bluetoothth
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afafter downloading it a person can report themselves as positive for covert nineteen with the code from the doctor. then any devices that were within a metre of the person for more than fifteteen minutes should receive an automatic alert. faced with criticism about risks to privacy the government's defended the technology. its installation is voluntary in separation is not identifying its installation is temporary- that there will be a race within six months after the end of the state of emergency. the reassurances aren't enough for some human rights and digital freedoms groups dollar they see the project as the beginning of widespread surveillance. if parliament doesn't approve the launch the government promises the gap p won't see the lilightf day. the head of a peak tourist season your country's are continuing to gradually lift a lockdown measures within and between nations but that
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fallout frorom fininding a commn accord on how to do so. and this despite incurring calls for coordination on tuesday the heads of the french and german parliament's calls for a swift concerted action between the two countries while officials and spraying push for an e. u. white athletes. are in ogun kay explains. some three weeks after european union countries lifted domestic lockdown measures. they are yet t to find common footing on the next step. for french foreign ministers only vitriol it's still too early to draw up a coordinated roadmap for resuming freedom of movement within the e. u. i don't tell you the real hope. will be easy- the dickel poor descriptions of good as short as possible via he says you please progress is not made in for awhile appealed the- less you dress you want quite often that's meant for what you will do and you will do not. this is will be a few israel to fail i plan to do is rather a decision for the coffee mall. on tuesday
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the spanish foreign minister expressed a similar position emphasizing that restarting cross border travel should be decided collectively. increased share rules and principles. but despite growing calls for coordination among the twenty seven countries in the european union they're almost as many different plans for re opening borders. while countries like sweden the net and then porcher have all opened their borders to eat. is in. friend switch all and for will only their- border on june two. on this day bell will open in border. but just as from. it deems safe. italy open it border to sit of beginning on june third. well spain and greece wait until july first to their restriction. so in early may the europe commission record risisk. not some from within e. u. indulge
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fifty. it is not yet proposed coordinated solution cut that. fallouts over cummings log trip continue in the you know can with the resignation of a junior mininister douglas ross the scotland office minister said he could not defend the government's policy and had thereforee decided to step down from government but continued to represent his constituency. as an mp boris johnson's- governments is facing lots of criticism for the handling of this crisis once thirty five conservative mps have called on dominic cummings to resign. resigning over the government's handling of the dominic cummings scandal j junior minister douglas ross explained i have constituents who didn't get to say goodbye to loved ones families he couldn't mourn together people he didn't visit sick relatives because they follow the guidance of the government. i cannot in good faith tell them they were all wrong and one senior adviser to the government was right. many
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other mps including members of the ruling conservative party have called for cummings the prime minister's closest aide to resign or be fired angered by boris johnson's defense of his actions during a press conference on monday. things argued that his two hundred sixty mile car journey was necessary because of child care issues while both he and his wife was suffering from copd symptoms. quizzed about a further drive they took to a scenic castle he said he had wanted to test his i. sites. a poll cononducted after the press conference found 71% of brits believe he broke lockdown rules and 59% think he should resign it does feel. double standards i think probably. heehould at least apopologize whahaan e exce to completely that. is struggling to handlele whatever miles andnd s several samampless
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is. the government we pledge it so to them seen as john smoke influential strategist i think i'm a reasonable people will understand why he acted as he did i think there are unique circumstances in every case the political scandal may well furtheher dent boris johnson's populari already falling due to his handling of the cocovert crisisis. finally from us afghan authorities have released hundreds of taliban prisoners on the last day of what is being nice three day truce. that has- been c calls f for the taliban to extend the ceasefire as the government lights and nine hundred prisoners go six hundred. from a couples in the taurus bagram prison this is being a historic week for afghanistan it's only the second time in nineteen years of war. that there is being a truce nutreco ripples. relief is obvious for these taliban
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militants some of nine hundred the afghan government said it would release on tuesday. as part of the biggest prisoner exchange in nearly ninety years of war we're there as i need to do a shoddy job from us but i thought you thought this would be over the studio domino that. islam is on with the static yeah it's i mean i can other potter did stomach i do my best to convict you dabble in it was a couple of these nominees on that yep which of the product. there was not a gun that you're quite welcome i thought about it much quicker action was what can. we do foror sunday which is they will come out about. it after ththat salukis. prisoner exchanges big. an eight. the doctor. amid feuding. the latest school came the tell. off brett cease. for the- whole. that marks end of holy. of ramadan. something the government was hopoping couldld provove t to be a diplomatic opening. in the wake of recent violence. when we skip this must come up and i'm gonna. have to see how the- o our
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system- but- hundreded twenty. two highly respected membersrs put in for south- i lost. the exchange is part of the dealings and dialogue between the taliban and the united states at the end of february. and calls for afghan authorities to release five thousand insurgents with the taliban freeing a thousand different captives mostly government officials and afghan troops before furthther. peace negotiations can begin. and of course we'll keep your- on end of from i've got and whether or not the cease fire will be extended. well that is in the hands of all the sedition thank you very much for watching movie back in fifteen minutes so side for now bye bye. they want to brought to study. but the students havee f felt like prisoners since the beginning of the lockdown. most of the walls also suggests a sense of.
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this wilill be. pretty rest isolation they are having to deal with the most daunting circumstances. the city of limoges. thrhree zero four f for sisix k. so just how does one deal with this crisis alone. they survive on solidarity and mutual help. follow their struggles on the porters on france twenty four en france twenty four .com. hello and welcome to the friends twenty four interview our guest today is he brought him calling he's as special adviser and spokesperson for turkey's president. recep tayyip erdogan he joins us from the turkish capital ankara thank you very much for being with us today. thank you glad to be here. with the calendar- turkey has over a hundred fifty six thousand confirmed cases of corporate nineteen some four thousand
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three hundred forty death. do you believe the epidemic is under control in your countries- we just want to add that the authorities have declared a four day. nationwide core few during the eidid el fitri cecelebrations. well thehe numbers are going down we have- just creation under control momostly but we are being very carefull because of f you still don't know the exact- pattern of behehavior for this virus- yu may all. y you have to o be reay for a second wait t that's w we are emphasizing this- measures toto be implementedd carefully. compared to other countries i think we have done- extremely well- in terms of- taking does measures early all. implemementing themm our people have- expropriated does measures and they are abiding. by them and- the art of course are going intoo a gradual phase of- easing up some of the restrictions- but of you're going to be careful because i think a common trait. of this
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call with nineteen. it in which we live right now is that you're going to have to live to live with it for some time. right now i wanna turn- to libya- chili- turkey's intervention there has upended- the situation on the ground it has given the upper hand. to the government of fayez al seraj against his arch rival holy fire. haftar simply- he'd been holed up in the capital tripoli it seems now- that haftar's troops and allies. are fleeing away is this what's happening right now as wewe spek in libya. . well the s stion remains very critical and fragile i love v. sign an agreement with the libyan government- which is recognized by d. u. n. as legegitimate representative of the libyan people- back in- in. december of two thousand nineteen upon the request of f the libyan government of national accord. we are to be provided them but without some help- advice- and w.w. senend some advisors- darey
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to help them. and bring a degree of- balance to the conflict in fact our intervenention an argument with the national accord government has i indeed brought a degree of balance. to the conflict there if you look at our house two yearars. he has broken every singngle agreement e every singe says fires. arere put together and- hope to bee impmplemented y the e internatioional comommunis not. recognizezed any of the u. n. mandate stay actually he hass broken the ceasefire agreed in the berlin conference. are hee continues to attack-k- on his on people and w. believe it's time for the international community to recognize w what's up that- t is. that he is not a legitimate representativeve of thee libyan people he's he's brought moree suffering-g- and- exhilarated te violence in iraq in libya with the support of a n number of countries obviously. the gulf region. and most recently- from russia but we believe that. the
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military solution not a solution in libya what do you n. as laid out a n number of prprinciple the berlin conferene put together a n number of five principal frank. anand be also that surajaj department has been very risky. both and constructeted from the very beginnnning they have implementd to see. is not. to leave. at he was. billy also reports from russia's sending war planes it seems that the suraj governmenet with your decisive support is pushing for a a military ctctory against hahaftar. they are dedefending theirir positions te interpolate in libya's capital theyey are responding to haftars aggressive behaviors and- the mercenaries that- were brought
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to lead the- from-m- chartrt fr- ththe sudan. from syria mosost recentlyly the wagner group whih is the russian. military company are they all-- fought actualally on the side of cough that and now t they are realizig i mean hosters backers realize that that's not a solution it's not t rking and this iraqi government in fact h has said many many times- that that they want a politicical solution nota military solution. but obviously they have a right t to defend themselves are they ready to push- onto territory- controlled by haftar and maybe- as far.. as his stronghold benghazi. there t to be. a political solutionn which will applply to all o of libya not jt a singngle or certain parts of libyan territories. that t is nt on thehe intercollegiate all sinceree tie in benghazi and other places your recent actions by. the hostile forces in fact have turned people into also againstst tough there. so i
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don't know what theheir military planss are but they-y- t they ae entitled and i see them determine the fact to defend themselves againstst off the extra if needed militarily right but- you're encouraging the suraj governments- two defeats haftar militarily if he doesn't want to listen to any. consolation cracked. we've bebe encocouraging them to-o- i appld the p principles of the berlin conference as well as the u. n. plan s. it also military force. i know actually the berlin conference- calls for a cease fire- for a politicical resolution if you remember it was out of f the berlin confererence- that a milititary council decision wasas taken to be. five from the s side riright side far f from thehe holocaust decide to talk about the conflilicting right here but i'm kind of the hotter side has refused to send e even represesentatives to that military council instead they increase their military attacks arare. in responsese to that the suraj government is responding
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to that- to push off their military offense right i want to ask you about- some news that just came out- from you an expert's report- talking about. private the western force is- that had been- sense- to libya a few months ago to prevent turkey from- giving us some military. help to this the russian government and he e said thisis was coordinated from company based in the united arab emirates w what's yoyour question this repoport from expert. well other governments in the provide a lot of military and financial support to haftar and it's not a stick with t their final in thihis war babait by probably usingng other oil money coming from the league oil sales. come come to by half. ms provide money for probably devote their groupup bt the russian personal but as well as. thanks the chat. i do
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knew thahat. i am a place that ended its western member. it'd yeah and i cleared shows really the violence there. right there been some with friend over a over syria in a statement just two weeks ago- the foreign ministry of turkey accused of friends of being-- the patron of the axis of malice- what's the situation with frances this. is still a very tense relationship because of disagreemements over libya over syria and all the things. well in libya we had exextensive discussions- the berlrlin conference a as well as beforere and our presidedent ata number of discussions with the president macron aboutut finding a popolitical solutioion. to the libyan conflict- but unfortununately france continues to support off that would turn out to be not reliable the was the one- friends with everyryone to s support him that's what yor site yes of course we believeve that you b believe that anyone who supports- still supporting
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house that. is on thehe wrong side- into libyan conflict in syria we have our disagreements- as well not only with us but also with ththe united s states because both of them arere supporting pyd ypg which is p. k. syria branch and pkk is listed as a terrororist organization and it.t. rececogne as a terrorist n nation in f fre i believe that supporting p. y. d. ji name of fighting didache that was the justification couple of years ago and nowow te didice thatt happepen mostlyly connecected a apps it was dececd by. the president of the united states by the number of an ally they stillll. support y. the why dodo we have to. s see what. ise gender is to create a lot production late into sunday againn the veryy i ia of siriuis totalmentete and the cold. you see l leave the car our c circln muslim okay inin. june the end
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of. the c create table i g get e s. demon is a. great i'm brutal. you can to pick and one third. i group and give them so proof ofof it really on old f. that you're to keep to o make a train possssible in syryria pkk is a m in in syria is clearly too ththeir own cessation of st rigt on right but of course we will not allow thahat because that that poses a national threat to our national security but alsoo it's on thehe minds of the basic goalal of u. n. resolution two twtwo five four r which calls fr syria's territorial integrity and political unity veritest very last question- presidents eragon and trump. spoke just a few days it was a relationship being it group and substantially because turkey acquired russian s. four hundred air defense system they were supposed to be activated in the paper we're in may didn't happen this is finine wih
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that the reall it might be onon the e menu. options i know the s the goalal of reaching hundred billion trade goal. we are workrking on all off these a aas but we e have disagreements over again who are the united states is supportrting in- in syriaia n regards to the s. fouour hundre. this came as a result of our many yeaears of e efforts to acquire patriot missile defense system. but unforortunately sine the e obama presidency it didn't happppen w we had no choice buto lookok for alternatives when our president made t this c clear ad he been tranansparent throughout t the whole process. is not blackmailed anybodydy or ananything in n fact he's bebeey clear about this if we cannot get the patriot missile defense system from- from the united states will terminate a aall as we look f for alternanatives. fr butt bbc. the agreement actionon we saw the agreement for s. hundred before the congress passed a s so calalled concept. resolution which calalls for sanctionss are to o it for any
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country enqnquiring ass four hundndred ordedered russian military eququipment.. we've sad all along that we can work togegether to o address any sesecurity concerns that our allies may h have. about this four hundred being compatible or not compatible with the nato defense system.. a and the our president also said that i in fact we are prepared to acquirire. fifty eight m missile defense system frorom the united states as a conclusion there's still a possibility that it might those. air defense system might not be activated as of those negotiations continue right. the plans actctually are are going as- as planned before that i in regards to thth four hundred because of the call with nineteen things have been delayed but in principle. we are sticking to our a agreement on the s. four hundrdred- as before okay he brian colin- special adviser to turkish president recep tayyip erdogan thank you very much for being with us here. on france twenty
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05/26/20 05/26/20 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york city, the epicenter of the pandemic, this is democracy now! >> i fear genocide. i want to denounce this to the whole world. we have a government that does not c care about the lives of te indigenous. it is a crime against humanity that is being practiced here in my state, my region.


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