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our deal between israel and the united arab emirates in the cold it's being touted as a step towards peace in the middle east. uae follows egypt and jordan with normalized ties with israel. international reaction to the accord which may reshape relations from palestine to iran has been mostly positive though that's still. a big question mark of israeli annexation of palestinian land. what this in state run industrial plants join tens of thousands of people on the fifth day of
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protests against belarussian president alexander lukashenko. inspite of a violent crackdown that has prompted the west to consider new sanctions. thank you for us israel and the united arab emirates announcnced this thursday they will. diplomatic ties and forge a bold new relationship a move that will reshape pool could reshape the order of middle eaeast politics from the palestinian issue to iran. under the accord w which the u. s. help to broker israel has agreed to suspend its planned annexation of areas of the occupied west bank the agreement also firms up opposition to iran. which the uae israel and the united states. as the main threat the conflict riven middle east that's your first from israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this is the greatest advancements toward peace between israel and the arab world. in the last twenty six years and it marks the third formal peace between israel and an arab nation together with
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tools transform the region unfortunately been better future for people. this is a future of peace the future of security. and the future of prosperity. i've always believed that we could establish peace with the arab world. and i've been working towards a lofty goal for decades. no sooner the words pronounce the question mark rose over the issue of palestinian territory there is macklin in jerurusalem has been following the story. it's interesting because it is a treatment regimen. . and for israel and the united arab emirateses and he was very specific case that diplomatic ties will be normalized unit will be invevested iss here and there will be direct flights from dubai to tel aviv- they'll be investments. and so does investment in israel including in this right to find a covered nineteen backseaeat so he was talking or laptop but in reality what we're seeing is a relationship that was under the
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table i i'm goingng for a while actually i have heard a lot of people respond. in nineteen the dubai airport a lot of israeli businessmen doing business in dubai at the moment and the united arab e emirates it's generally you know w they h havo have a front company somewhere else but they are doing business security business scientific business economic so each each already ongoing and i guesss the speaks. coming out from under the- yeah. tonight he's it's like a also threeee when the mistresss the one. that's what we see now. it's interesting when to look at it.. now i undersrstand about at yaho war bacack. this idea of. the annexation- of palestinian territory- during his press conferenence tell us morore abo. it was interesting because he didn't mention i told when h he stararted it wawas only on the question from journalists that he even referred to accessn.n. inin washingngton and- in dubaie
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are hearing this as a quidid pro quo. and delay in d dubai we are hearining that t this i is how s goingg to be in return for the suspension- w we- had this nonormalization of relations. bt what we heard fromm prime minister netananyahu tonight was no h he hasn't given upp on the idea. of annexing p parts of the west bank he remains c committed to it this is onlyy a temporary poles h he repeated those words more thann oncnce it's a a tempy poless at the request off donald trump. oththerwise he rememains commmmitted to anan exception so that's quite a different position in washington divide jerusalem. on the issue of an exception. heris michael course that in jerusalem. so the uae once egypt and joy. and relations with israel the uae foreign minister is on what god gosh. very clear thahat israel will come. the three way phone call with the united states to stopping annnnexation suspendndg
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itit hehe and at the same t time will be able to also announce ththat we will begin w what whai would call a normal relationship w with israel in various various areas. and so we see that the clear difference- in views on palestinian territory between the uae and israel even as this historic deal is being touted and announced negotiated a course with the help and guidance of the united states donald trump refers to benjamin netanyahu as a personal friend us long had a strategic relationship with the iraqis. that's enough from trump. thank you very much is very this is a big. event and i want to just congratulate all of the people standing behind me because they have done an incredible job this is something that hasn't been done. in more than twenty five years. just a few moments ago i was in a very special call with two friends prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu of israel and crown prince mohammed bin zaid of united arab emirates where they agreed to finalize a historical peace agreement. everybody said this would be impossible donald trump us presidedent to his- and i'm spent reaction to o the so cacalled.. wilson coursese motin chchemical just not a as a vehicle for us. earlier this afternoon after the announcement was made to jared kushner and the a special adviser to donald trump as well as the national security adviser robert o'brien both came to- the year press briefing roooom at the white house to speak about the details of at this announcement and they were asked the question- especially about awards- benjamin and netanyahu had said about this being it temporarily hold. in annexations and both men a kind of stayed very vague about what that exactly meant but they
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said they had confidence in israel that israel had always been a great partner to the united states and that they felt that. israel would follow at thehe endnd of the year arguments and what had been a put into that deal and that they trusted to isisrael n n of course and this is really is the point at the uae also and making it a little bit more meager because it in a tweet earlier at some day and there was. a lot of focus on that holding of annexation ends at the uae is seem to say that this was not a done deaeal- but more of a road map to cooperation with israel so that also- puts a little bit of the vagueness into and this will be open for at the ameriricans for donald trump the idea. is to make this big announcement to announce a historic delete all repeated that those two words and many in many times robert o'brien even said during that
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press briefing that hee thought that a bias securing this deal at donald trump was not only. as a great deal maker would be known as a in history as a great place and major and that he won't be surprised if. donald trump was. for at the noble peace prize see how a big of a deal it is a for the and- of are to a few monthths away fromom the- election. k. on goi. donna. us president d donald trump dr farris thank you from jonas in france twenty four- iran it's just coming to see us- iran officially says- the uae israel deal will not secure regional peace. can i ask you to statart with that please. absolutely i mean this was. prprobably the most exexcted statement. which will come from- iran from hezbollah from
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the usuaual suspects and the list.. of the forces that are radical and do not wanant to see any dealal. b before they get tr own deal- but- definitely. i'm yours of both israel and the u. n. e. have already factorered i. iran and reaction and in my estimamate. because they found t that iran is at its lowest influence now because of the maximum. campaign of pressure by the united states it wowould be the opporortune moment. for i would nott be until i leave to- create that that deal. is this an axis stand against iran or is it a step towards peace. or e the two o things into dependent. they are entered it. probably in the big picture is the formation of the regional bloc- we know that day facto-- i would not be or you. bahrain saudi arabia egypt. and others have formed a blocc and by y the way president trump went in.
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may of twenty seventeen to riyadh and address. is greenen coalition that would be all the arab and muslim countries a lot is thehe majority of them. and the project of creating those channels of that piece to defuse tensions between some arab countries and israel that projoject was supposesed to stat in twenty seventeen after. nearly odd- summit unfortununately for the trump administration knows so much pressure on the inside for other reasons. it was delayedd and i'm sure that. the president wanted to see it happen before the election sure. back to the app. you mentioned in your on has ball condemning. what has been said of the sea for. the lebanese side moving down to the strip hamas has that come out now set the day of think this is treason ought not gonna go on. and a similar voice come from ramallah as well if the office of my up. and the issue. of is. talking a
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the support about the future of palestinian territory but the palestinians not invited to take part even talk about it. is thihis anotherer week's budgeting. another fault line in this cold. it a distinct that share import n not just he. by in the world of reality. we hahave to distinguguish betweene rigid ideological strategic rerection off any peace d deal. bebecause of historical ideological ground that would be iran. that would b be has ben a lot that would be hamas. and probably o on the other side on the on your article sign gonna happen isis al qaeda and all this. is the honda a accord and calllled block is not to accept. these processes box. youu have a criticism rejectition c coming m legitimate site which is the paleststinian authority as you have just mentioned. obviously this is the first statement because as you just mentioned also they wowould not the negotiations and they were not the negotiations because this is not. yet aboutut the palestinian discussions so president trump in my view proceeded to bring first bringng
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togegether. he you at and israel with the help of the b backgroud of egypt and jordan.n. once thoe two countries will come together and they're going to bring the best stands into a triangle or and maybe. you don't science bececause shehe's with united states this i is. early in the prossss is just and nonow seeining the intention my view. and all. though at stage the issue of palestinian land of annexation by is all that's already been mentioned and it's already division. in how this is beieing seen the uk talked about it being suspended benjamin netanyahu in a- calm. lakeke walked back but what. the push on that. is this s good to be so o could the. i mean you cn
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imagine that. the whole was going forward with this- seizure of land and adding to israel. as a whole segment of his base that is you know in support of this now in order for him to change direction you cannot change it in the beginning of the process. you gotta show me israeli public opinion and mostly israeli middle class which is. looking forward foror moree opening and markets mean in other terms the uae would provide the opening in the markets and it's really up to prime minister netetyahu convinced. most israelis t that you know less freezes on the lands let's look what we're going to get from the arab world and then we'll make a final decision. thank you both sidedes have made decisionons nw is the navigation andnd that manager of the decisions to get them to where. they want to. the fires thank you much indeed the new st francis if we'll be able appreciate time sir thank you. thank you. next crowds protesters in belarus the streets and thousands of workers rallied outside industrial plants to denounce a
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police crackdown on demonstrations over disputed election that extends the twenty six year rule of authoritarian president alexander lukashenko in several areas of the capital minsk hundreds of women formed long lines of solidarity many dressed in white and carrying flowers the porches of loved ones who've been detained during protests that began shortly after sunday's vote. which they say is rigged. women form a line of solidarity on the streets of minsk. receiving honks of support from passing drivers. their peaceful protests no also receiving support from o other groups. frm factory workers to religious leaders is belarus marked its fifth straight day of demonstrations against the disputed re election of president alexander lukashenko to a sixth term. although i am. because it's taking too long so you want to. yeah the company
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moshe's team because that's the way. reason it t is that i mean we- the e nicest. yeah since the unrest e erued followingng sunday's poll at leaeast six thousand seven hundred protesters have been arrested according to the interior ministry in the capital relatives of those who have been detained have been gathering outside this detetention center anxiously awaiting news of their loved ones authorities began releasing detainees on thursday some of those freed have described scenes of police brutality and inhumane conditions. france twenty four was able to speak t to one of those arrested human rights actitivist w who wishedd to remn anonymouss citing safety concerns. the other the other- question. is in the pharmacy. it shouldn't. bother trying to find a- the end result was. it is going to set it aside. another instance and you. just
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with us what questions to see what your on a little lukakashenko has described the protesters as unemployed criminals and has blamed the unrest on foreign interference a claim echoed by neighboring russia meanwhile the governmenet crackdown has prompted the e. u. to consider reimposing sanctions against belarus. u. foreign ministers are set to discuss the subject at an emergency meeting this friday. also watching older elements- immense cat and beyond for you. don't you feel sorry for disturbing. welcome t to the front twenty four interview our guest today is asean g. b. she is a pakistani christian who was c condemned to death i in hr countryy in twenty ten accused of blalasphemy by her neighghbos are mostly neighbors in her
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native. job he spent n ne years in prison before being acquitted this equipment will close the anger o of religious groups forcing her to hide in her country and to be exfiltrate to canada where shshe's now living in hiding she now wants to live in france. in order to stay with the person who saved her life french journanalist and please i beg to lay with whom she has written her story a book which is being published gold at last free. published by thank you for your dealership thank you. thank you obstacle if you could yeah thank you very much for having me have a look kia. i'm grateful. to see iris for. . and the last. thing all up the for your love. just last year kindness and be up clolose good the and your war greeting slam. on clear that good. i a and we did to be here one minute us.
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on. they had a clarification however i spent ten years in prison. i know i have the good of being here with you. this is a very special time for me i cherish it. i would like to go back to a more painful moment for you. capital on the fourteenth of june of two thousand and nine it's you were. picking fruits is listed on our side and on that day it was very hot the u. decided to drink. water from a well and then a dispute occururred within two of your neighbors and. it was the beginning of your drama. bagel ma'am yes thahat'll make a lot of. yes the day i i went. you'll find it was a hot june day. as you may know june is a very hot months and hehe practiced on. and it was the season for. and there was an
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altercation over water with some of my neighbors you should never have happened i was asked to fetch water and then i was accused of blasphemy for drinking from the same cup. we yes it is because your neighbors accuse. that wall for making. him kill and then there was a dispute made it during which you said that everybody should live together in peace it was true for jesus. but also the prophet muhammad and wimbush if youou'll decide for this by. your neighbors and then by the villagers b basicaly many it got yes yes absolutely those were my words. our culture piece- i called for peaceful co existence i'm gonna be something that is the message of jesus chrisist our salon. that is also. messages hope prophet muhamammad you do a lot dial which room be together in harmony okay it lumbered i
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dodo wish to clarify data. these women or settling the score. there was a runner shoot with the head of my vilillage did you know we're gonna try to get a gun you know what do you do this man had previously insulted my daughters well known everyone get guiuiding an economy these women who. choose me they insulted me as well. did i tell felt offended by don't say. do you. . have going on for a year. funny couple up and i got all my name is jay. it got. its name on up on the used a drink of water. but it as an excuse i'm not claiming i was forbidden to drink from the same couples muslims. saying i was unclean i was accused of blasphemy i was. incarcerated for ten yeyears. but t the grac. i no been a- my name has been cleared. or you can message idea which it but i cherish to this freedom which in a kia i knew i had spoken the truth i knew. i had said nothing wrong
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my face was strong. i have done nothing wrong. i was convicted even thoughh i was innocent and i knew god was set free soon. describe the prisoners of violence control tryining to jockey logicalal. god he's in yt another prisoners you also described the intervention to major politicians the governor if i don't shop at the time so. that jim was in charge of other and the minister of minorities that we will free you leave new york but they were both assassinated because theyy defend you at thatat time. why did you lose a healthy did you think t that maybe you would wat to comommit suicidede because yu thought you would never be freed basically jr been cool again yes that's true love a dumb idea. itt these. individualss were killed f for m withth foror no other reason may
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skip and then standing up for me. let's get this massacre to be fought injustice not. the climax of the reviewed my case. they found inside have against me. i try my hard out for five whole days after each assassination made a deal to me and looking back. he's a horrible unspeakable crimes two innocent men were killed five people don't know yeah will it- but i wish to say that many dentntists at the woman in my heart. i know they're not alone in t this still. live in our hearts shaming. all is he the rest with god. i said but i he's got to give it a but the my children to gain pay dividends. my up yeah them is. on but my- wewere deprive of their mother's love. all their schooling. just but don't somebody get a call. two years of my as a mice may these are
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the hard artists of the i may to overcome a lot of somebody to g get socked is through patients through forty two. kids club what is he trying to use that see you were greeted in october twenty eighteen an awful lot that for seven months. you had to stand in the old country in hygiene protected by the authoririties becaususe this w week to look a. the angelic religious groups. wasn't even worse you were recruited by the supreme couour. has left us anand you had to lie in hiding basically images skin. that a baby hannah lot of securirity obvious but the natu. he is still l not an issue. yeah it is true that these court that packers over through the minute center i risk my every it's a thirty because the up finding the not guilty and it will continue to feel this love and respect for my country to my dying day i was born and
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raised in pakistan it is my country i carry my country in my heart. this being said i have forgiven all those who have. please click. on hey monica like you hatred to the recalled quite he can change what letters all blue which has existed for a long time which was a tough and in nineteen eighty six isidoro appeal under this law. should be at least repealed. bigler manchester i'm not yes that is what i wish for. gives it as them and i would like to direct this message to it pakistani prime minister imran khan okay. i call this is. for a reform of the law. yes ma'am ten years in prison is a very harsh sentences. the daily on each a year order a i believe the law must be changed the sequel sure
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just must be made at the sauces are gone now. i never had to say nobody ever heard my side of the story. and yet the spent ten years in prison i was sentenced to o death. and i hop. this will never happen to anyone again. well and this can to happen. adult to other people our local decide to order at lincoln we did i know i know this is still happening on a sununny one again is heartbreaking because it should be said and i tell you. my message is a message of love and that the celebrities are synonymous it is thehe message f both jesus christ and the holy prophet muhammad let's see i'm i'm sitting autumn both wanted us to live together in peace on monday as brothers and- i'm o on a. vehicle i wish for peace my country virtually us call on his for. free but you're to free you. hidden okay us in
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canada on to protect. that it salute view all fall you prprobably livining your arms to but- and threat. do you still the free i invaded because becaususe what youuow. a big one legit coffee again yes hi i have received many threats happy to kick off the season my name for me. i have heard a lot of things yeah as a result i do believe security measures are necessary. given the simplicity but- it's true that i am free but but anything could happen anytime. you say you love your country excuse me when n you exfiltrate i is from pakistan te authorities should you your loving it but you will never come back to pakistan do you think you would ever set foot in pakistan again. i'm very mad this is something like a yes i do he does hold back i met them i think this image but none as
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odd kia would i hope to be back within my heart and i'm like this six of. the guard city free i do believe that they have. a pretty. thank you very. much to the set rounds four to. we this you the book is published by additional details five free written with a- on thirty you for watched the thank you on fronts. thanank yo. thank you all frorom the of my heart many thanks also to of welcome me to the letter t. union and also my thanks to france for a war welcome event that that making an honorary citizen of the city paris thank you also to an isabellaa county. kansi france gives was the firsrst. in france to speak in y name. what it france holds a very special place in my heart. i feel respected b. b. my name used to be a c. on our team instincts to ununease about tony
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my name is now s. u. b. b. thank you all for your love. mayor so it's been a pleasure meeting. so many kind individuals including the mayor of paris i need them to go. many thanks to the president of france. further upset he or for entertaining my request for asylum many thanks to friends of the people of france it's on the cutting. my prayers are with you. yes you will thank you very much
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