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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 20, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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♪ >> this is dw news. the man fighting for the political opposition is fighting for his life after a suspected poisoning. alexei navalny is in a, and on a ventilator. he became ill on a flight to moscow. a spokeswoman says it was a couple of toxic tea that made him sick. he could be moved to germany as early as tomorrow. also coming up, president macron offering him a -- asylum.
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he met with angela merkel. she also offered help to the kremlin critic. and germinate recording its highest number of new coronavirus infections in months as coronavirus cases spike all across europe. and in the united states, the democrats most unusual division enters its fourth night. joe biden will formally accept the presidential nomination later this evening from his home state of delaware. ♪ i'm brent goff. to our viewers around the world, welcome. activists in germany are planning to send a rescue plane to bring russian opposition leader alexei navalny here to berlin for medical treatment. he was on a flight from siberia to moscow today when he lost
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consciousness. he was last seen drinking tea at the airport before boarding the plane. tea that a spokeswoman says was poisoned. afterward he became so ill the plane had landed early. he was carried off the planes in the city of home skin and taken to a hospital. he i is considered one of president vladimir putin's fiercest critics. he has repeatedly been arrested at political demonstrations. frech president emmanuel macron and angela merkel have offered assistance to the volte. -- navalny. here is part of what he said. >> we are ready to provide any necessary support for alexei navalny and his family for his health, asylum and protection. this goes without saying and we discussed it at length.
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brent: that was emmanuel macron speaking earlier today. navalny 's supporters said to survive several attempts by the russian government to harm him before. here is a closer look at navalny 's career and how he became a strong critic of the kremlin. >> this isn't the first time team navalny has cried foul. in august last year alexei navalny said he had been poisoned while in jail. he had been detained for calling unauthorized protests and his resistance to kremlin control has made him one of president vladimir putin's biggest nemeses. navalny rose to prominence with his exposure of corruption at russian state-controlled companies. at rallies he took direct aim at the kremlin and occupancy dubbing put in's party, the party of crooks and thieves.
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he began proving his power with opposition supporters, stints in jail and the courtroom became a regular feature. charges of embezzlement in 2013 saw him band from entering the political process and running for office. in 2017 moscow saw some of the biggest anticorruption rallies it has seen in years. thousands were detained along with navalny. he went behind bars for 15 days for his part in organizing them. that same year he was hit with chemical green dye leaving him partially blind in his right eye. more arrests and jail sentences followed in 2018. as ever, navalny responded with defiance. >> [speaking foreign language] >> now these pictures show the
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leader being transported to a hospital. it is what supporterers are calling the latest in a long series of attempts to silence alexei navalny. brent: let's bring in our bureau chief. he is on the story. good evening. what do we know about alexei navalny's condition tonight? >> one of the doctors at the clinic in siberia where he is being currently treated, his condition has stabilized. it did allow a glimmer of hope. his doctors are already pushing for a transfer to europe and there has been talk of takingng him to germany for berlin -- or berlin. there are reports that they could bring him to berlin soon. the main concern is to examine
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the substance that may have poisoned him. the german clinics are supposedly better suitable for this. brent: we know that the spokesperson for mr. navalny said that the tea was laced with poison. what evidence do we have to prove that this was a poisoning? >> we have to wait for the investigation report, of course. the question remains what exactly is he suffering from if he was really poisoned and if so, what substance was u used. we cannot answer any of these questions at the moment. but many pararallels come to mid starting with ththe poisoning of the former r kgb in lononn and then the formerr russian spy i n salisbury. the poisoning of t the russian popolitical activist two years ago. eithther way, he was treated in germany and described his
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symptoms in an interview with dw as very similar to what is happening to navalny now. it has brought back many memories of opposition figures being poisoned or murdered. brent: today we had emmanuel macron offering alexei navalny asylum during a press conference. how is that going to go down with russian president vladimir putin? >> i think the question is whether navalny would look forward to asylum in france. he is a russian politician who lives in russia and is politically active. on the other hand i'm a it is a question of life and death, complete different arguments. i think he might even be happy if one of his harshest critics left the country. equivalent spokesperson said that president putin knows about the situation. it is said that the authorities in russia would do everything possible to allow him to be
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transported for medical care if necessary. of course, you can also criticize putin from abroad but it is a different matter whehehe leaves the country because he is supposed to be in the country to keep the position. brent: that is true. he could be doing him a favor with this. here we are in moscow tonight, thank you. the french and german offers of medical assistance to navalny were made today at the french president summer retreat in france. president macron and angela merkel discussed many issues including the world in the post-pandemic recovery to the political crisis in belarus. the most pressing subject at the news conference today was the suspected poisoning of navalny. chancellor merkel called for rapid clarification of just how the russian opposition leader became sick so quickly. >> if it is wanted, goes for
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france also goes for germany. we will offer all healthcare assistance also in german hospitals but that must be requested from their. and what is very important is that it must be urgently clarified how it could come to the situation. we will insist upon that because we heard very unfortunate circumstances and this must be done very transparently. brent: that was the german chancellor speaking earlier. here is my colleague, kate brady. we heard there france and germany are offering assistance to navalny. what signs do we have europe ascending with that? >> it is a sign that europe wants to help. you have two of europe ''s key leaders wanting to help. once the risk of vladimir putin
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to interpreting that as europe taking sides. that said, we do not know that an ambulance aircraft is planning to go and collect navalny this evening and that will be a team that specializes in treating coma patients and that is being arranged by the foundations piece foundation which previously arranged for a roman critic who had been poisoned in 2018 -- kremlin critic. what we know so far is that navalny is expected to be treated at the hospital in berlin in the german capitol. brent: we have assigned that -- we have a soundbdbite with merk. let's take a listen to the german chancellor. >> we are showing that we seek dialogue with russia and belarus, too although president lukashenko is not spoken with anyone on the phone. we will insist on certain
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conditions. the release of prisoners, no violence, free speech, the right to demonstrate and dialogue on how the country. those are the values we stand for it not just at home, but also for those brave people in belarus. brent: kate, what do we have their? is this your standing there -- is this europe standing up for values? >> all that the european union has tried to do so far is send a message that makes it clear that they don't not -- they do not have geo-clinical interest in belarus. at the same time, putin is not going to watch by. it could be part of belarus looking toward europe right now. it is a different situation than the one we found ourselves in with ukraine. it depends on where you stand right now. what we heard from was merkel reiterating what we heard from the council meeting earlier this week is that the european union
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is ready to have talks with russia and with larose as well but president lukashenko does not seem ready to speak to anyone just yet. even that, the eu and as she reiterated just now, comes with conditions and that means making sure prisoners are released and there is no violence in the streets. brent: we know that at the moment merkel and macron are eager to have these images being shown to the public. what is the message there? is it -- is it busy working or demonstrating that it can work? kate: i think it is a bit of both. there were a plethora of topics that the leaders had to discuss today. also right now of course the eu is trying to work more cooperatively and in a more united way and we have seen that recently as well in the response and financial response to the pandemic and that is seen among the background and merkel camp
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as a -- macron and merkel. this also carries some european weight. germany is the president of the european council as well so this was a visit that was very europe-focused. brent: it is not unusual to have a visit in the south of france, is it. ? >> absolutely not. brent: thank you. prosecutors have opened a criminal case against alexander lukashenko. that is after opposition activists said that they negotiated a position to power. belarus has seen more than 10 days of demonstrations and strikes after the president claimed victory in an election that the opposition claimed was rigged. lelet's tatake a l look at somoe other stories making headlines arouound the wororld. the united states has written to the security council requesting
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that sanctions be reimposed on iran. washington insist that tehran is in violation of the 2015 nuclear deal. it is controversial because washington abandoned the nuclear them at -- nuclear agreement two years ago. south korea's intelligence agency says it is seeing signs of a power shift in its reclusive communist neighbor, or korea. the dictator there is thought to have transferred some of his powers to senior officials, most significantly, his sister. the move has fueled speculation that she is being groomed as his successor. london's court has handed a life sentence to the brother of a suicide bomber who killed 22 people at a concert in manchester in 2017. he was convicted of murder, attempted murder and conspiring to cause explosions. he will spend a minimum of 55
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years in prison. germany has confirmed its highest 24 hour total of new coronavirus infections in months. it stands at now more than 1700 new cases in just the past day. health officials say they remain confident that they can keep the virus in check but the rising numbers are causing concern as children across germany return to school. >> germans are coming home from their vacations abroad and are returning to school and work. but just as the country goes back to its daily routines, a new spike in coronavirus cases is causing alarm. over 17 hundred new infections confirmed on thursday, the highest rate incident and of april. -- since april. the trend has recently reversed. the situation is still far from the peak of over 6000 daily
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infections in early april and covid-19 is far from gone. >> we are still in the middle of a pandemic. it is not over yet. we don't know what is yet to come but we have so far made it throrough so well because we hae a strong and efficient healthcare system. >> even with a well-prepared healthcare sector, the aim is to keep the virus from spreading out-of-control. this berlin secondary school is counting on widespread testing to prevent any major outbreaks. the school is one of just three in germany to offer free coronavirus test to all of its students and staff. once per week, they use a self testing kit at home and bring it back to have it analyzed. >> people are increasingly taking part in these tests. more than 1060 out of 1300 people who work and study here are taking the tests every week and the trend is on the up.
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>> there has been no positive test result in the first three weeks. the hope is that any infections can be detected swiftly so the school can remaiain open. after spending months studying alone at home, students don't want to miss learning in the classroom with their friends. brent: staying in the u.s., joe biden will officially accept the nomination from the democrats later on this fourth and final day of the party's national convention. biden would be the oldest president ever elected if he wins in november. the convention is normally in a -- normally a scene of morning crowds -- roaring crowds. biden is accepting the nomination to go against donald trump coming one day after kamala harris officially became the vice president for candidate making her the first black and
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asian american woman to be on the major presidential ticket. the washington bureau chief is in wilmington, delaware. that is joe biden's homebase and it is from there will he will make his acceptance speech. what can we expect from this speech which begins the hot phase of this campaign and wraps up the convention as well? >> we are right in front of the hall will -- where he will give his acceptance speech tonight. he is known as a very empathetic and warm man. i am sure he will play big on that. he will also use the fact that he is delivering the speech here in his home state of delaware. this is very important for his personality because he lost his wife and daughter to a car accident many years ago and he took the amtrak every day to
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washington to be able to take care of his two sons. that is what he is going to play out, showing he is warm and he is fit for the job and he is a much more humble and reliable person than president donald trump. brent: we know that biden not only needs to galvanize the democrats but he needs to widen the party's appeal and pulley those independent and undecided voters. is he on the right path? >> that is a very good question. you just mentioned the last three days we saw many different types of democrats, many older, president obama delivered an unprecedented speech last night rebuking donald trump in a way which a president has never done before. but what was missing and is really criticized highly by the liberal and progressive and left-leaning democrats is that they want something from their
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ticket in the game and joe biden does not stem from that so it will be interesting to see how he tries to reach out to that branch of the party. brent: a very good point. i have to ask you about what we are hearing concerning the former chief white house strategist for donald trump and that is steve bannon today being charged with defrauding donors to a border wall campaign. what impact could this have on trump's election chances if any? >> well, we shall see. it comes on the heels of the intelligence committee report about paul manafort saying that he kind of delivered data to the russians so that is not a good moment for donald trump. on the other hand asked to be expected, he says he has nothing to do with it and he did not know about it and he has not been there for many months, if not years. donald trump is known as teflon
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don and i think it will not matter to his voter base. brent: we will see if it matters, election day in november. venus poll in delaware, thank you. well, the pandemic is reshaping the biotech industry as investors pile into support small companies in the hope that they can produce a vaccine. one of the firms in this race is the german company curevac whose ceo has told dw news aims to have a vaccine on the market by next year. >> a german pharmaceutical compmpany, 20 yearss old, 480 employees and dreams of changing the world. it has its sights set on the most sought-afafter of prizes,sa roronavis vaccine and a a newly liststed company i is making progress. >> we are planning to have the vaccine ready somewhere next
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year depending on the date that wewe are rununning clinical tris that may be broadened after clinical data that we expect in september and october but it should be affordable so we should not overdo it with price. there are certain settings already done. we are on a very low cost of goodods and it s should be refld in the price as well. i would guess somewhere between 10 and 15 years. >> when curevac went public, his shares rose during the first day of trading. he may have struck it rich. curevac is one of many hopefuls. 170 companies from all over the world including the u.s., china, japan, the u.k., and india are also in the race. last week, russia claimed a breakthrough. president vladimir putin proudly declared they were the first to approve a vaccine.
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he said his own daughter had been vaccinanated. but scientistss doubt the r rusn vaccccine is realllly ready. what is beyond doubt is that thanks to high-tech methods used by curevac, research is moving faster than ever. in normal times it would take 10 to 15 years to get a vaccine to market. now some companies have reached a clinical trial in a matter of months. regulators are expected a breakthrough as early as next year. no other product in the world has a larger potential market. many nations have already placed orders for hundreds of millions of doses. curevac plans to produce one billion per year if it's vaccine comes to fruition. the question is who's will hit the market first. brent: today angela merkel met in berlin with where to tune burke -- grtaeta thuneberg.
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they talked about how to keep the public's attention on the climate despite the pandemic. >> it has been two years since thuneberg went on strike from school for the first time to call for more action against climate change. since then, her activism has led to school strike-split the cororonavirus papandemic h k ket protesesters at homeme. a meeting g wi angela merkel onn thursday provided a chance to refocus attention on the climate change crisis area -- crisis. we want people to -- >> we want people to listen to the science. that is all we ask. that we should establish annual binding carbon budgets based on the available science and then of course based on the budgets which gives us the best chance of staying below 1.5 degrees of
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global average temperature rise. that is what we are asking for. > they delilired an opepen lr signed by thousands to deliver stronger environmental legislation from leaders. the meeting came as temperatures continue to soar during germany's heatwave.. it was cfifirmed todayay earlier that they would have missed the 2020 climate goals had it not been for the large drop in greenhouse gases caused by the economic havoc of the coronavirus pandemic. brent: a pair of spectacles thought to have belonged to the independent leader, gandhi are to be auctioned in bristol on friday. the iconic glasses were found in the auction house's letterbox. employees linked them to an 80-year-old man who says his uncle met the leader while working in south africa. online bids for the frames have
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exceeded 55,000 euros. he was a reminder of the top story we are following for you this hour. the russian opposition leader, alexei navalny is in a coma afteter becoming ill on a flight to moscow. a spokeswoman suspects someone laced his tea with poison. german activists are planning to send a plane to bring him here to berlin for medical treatment. emmanuel macron has offered navalny his country's help including political asylum. don't forget, you can alwayset dw news onon the go. just download our app from google play or the app store. it will give you access to the latest news from around the world as well as notifications for any breaking news and if you are part of a news story, you can use the app to send us photos and videos when you see news happening.
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this is dw news. after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. was the opposition leader poisoned? will he receive medical treatment in berlin? and predicting presidential political outcomes. i talk with the man with a perfect track record. guess what he says will happen in november. we will tell you right after the break. ♪
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