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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 31, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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because this is dw news, live from berlin. the world health organization warns that the coronavirus is real, dangngerous and it kills. the stark message comes after they tried to storm the german parliament. also on the program, the first direct commercial clip between israel and united arab emirates touches down.
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and angela merkel's yes we can movement will look at how her decision to accept more than a million migrants has reshaped europe. i am phil gayle, welcome to the program. the world health organization sent a blunt message to demonstrators that opposed coronavirus restrictions. they say the virus israel, dangerous and it kills. some protesters attempted to storm the parliament building. leaders from across the political spectrum have come together to condemn the action. >> it looks like a normal monday in centrtral berlilin. the tourists are back.
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the scenes of unreseson the week -- -- - the weekekend are on my peoples mind. far-right extremist pushed through to the top of the steps. >> these are pictures that my generation is just not familiar with. these people stand for different values and to o see that in germany there are 70 people that have different values, that pains me. the demonstrators shouted resistance. and we are the people. the black, white and red are the colors of the old imperial german reich used by neo-nazis.
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this consisted largely of peaceful coronavirus. they had a message to the demonstrators. >> my empathy as were demonstrators let themselves be instrumentalized by enemies of democracy and by political agitators. if you close range with right wing extremists in the streets or even just walk side-by-side with nazis -- nazi xenophobes, if you don't distance yourself, you're on their side. >> an accusation that corona
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skeptics have rejected. they insisted the far-right were a fringe group and that the organizers had indeed distanced themselves. according to polls, the vast majority of germans support the government's anti-corona measures. that is also the message angela merkel's spokesman had. >> i want to thanknk the vast majority of the 83 million people in this country.. all those who behave in a reasonable, prudent and respectful manner and adhere to the rules and this pandemic, even if that is not always easy. the corona skeptics are making plans for the next demonstration, observers will be watching to see if they are distancing themselves more clearly. >> dramatic pictures of people storming the parliament building
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can look like a major threat to democracy. is it? >> it can look that way. quite frankly, it is not the case. symbolically speaking, thohose images we saw from saturday evening carried on the way. many people both in herere and n germany and a abroad. that is some of the sentiment we were hearing in that report just now. what is is aymbolic reminder. iss real and present. we are seeing hothey are becoming more present in the public sphere as well. somethg that was v very much h a taboo here. this is part of a democratically ected party, it is now under
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surveillance. on top of that, we see how people are w willing twawalk alongside e these people. everyone is able to have the opinion here in germany. it is worth pointing out that not all these demonstrators attending these protests are far-right extremists. but we are seeing is a really bizarre mixed bag of people from coronavirus skeptics who feel that their vets are being infringed by coronavirus protection measures. we have anti-baxter's, conspiracy theorists. >> one wonders what consequences there will be. arrests made, charges brought. indeed, consequences for those
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that planned the police operation. >> that will be a big debate now. there is a debate in germany about the future security. we are seeing the effects of the weekend as well. the courts in berlin have called off a protest by the same people . that was going to be a two-week long camping protest. the authorities just did not see that it was going to be possible for protesters to maintain those coronavirus protection measures. there certainly is ing to be a clamp on these protests going forward. especially when it comes to
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ensuring public safety of people in germany. >> kate brady, thank you. the first ever commercial passenger fight from israel to the united arab emirates is going to abu dhabi. this will mark the start of a new era. the u.s. broke -- brokered a deal that normalized relations between the uae. -- israel and the uae. >> a maiden voyage of historic proportions. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called in to congratulate the delegation on boboard. >> thihis is an historic day.
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yoyour flying to make historic peace with the uae. i am excited because i work for this for decades. this comes after the united arab emirates as the first country and only the third arab nation. the flight is part of an impact brokered by the u.s.. >> i do believe this is ushering in a new hopefulness. peace is possible, there is a new chapter. >> and -- in another historic breakthrough, they had
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permission to cross saudi arabia airspace. this is the first public sign of saudi cooperation with israel after years of behind-the-scenes dealings. relations with arab countries had previously only -- a clear touchdown for israel. and for the trump administration in the middle east. and that, with just months to go before the u.s. elections. >> this was brokered to by the united states. let's take a look at washington's role. how big a topic is this in the united states? >> it is one of the biggest achievements so far in foreign policy. just look at the coronavirus
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statistics with six milling cases in the united states and counting. the unemployment rate is at 10%. they have not been able to pay their vents within the last weeks and months. the peace deal between these two looks good but it is not the most important topic for the american voters. >> in any normal year, the foreign policy initiatives don't think about these elections. does this give trump something to trumpet? >> he will try to use it. if you look at polls, president trump has always been very popular when it came to the economy. that was pre-pandemic.
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he will try to use this now. this foreign policy success. he will make the case that he delivered on foreigign policy. brining peace e to the middle e. -- bringing peace to the middle east. this brings in decades of experience in the set -- joe biden brings in decades of experience. >> how much credit are they giving him for this deal to mark >> you have to look at his record. if you look at it from the perspective of the credits, -- critics, president trump was hardly ever successful. look at north korea. he will try to talk -- he
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exerted a maximum pressure campaign on iran, he failed with that as well. the world is still waiting to see a trade deal on the united states and china. it one of his biggest goals was to reach a peace deal between the palestinians. what has been reached so far goes to the advantage of israel. in contrast, the peace agreement between israel and united arab emirates is a real success but it is after a list of many failed attempts. >> thank you so much. let's have a look at the u.s. election campaign. joe budden has launched a skinning attack on donald trump. speaking in pittsburgh, mr. biden described the president as a toxic presence and accused him of being responsible for the race-related violence gripping
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the country. >> he can't stop the violence because for years, he has fermented it. his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is. setting fires is not protesting. none of this is protesting. it is lawlessness, plain and simple. those who do it shall be prosecuted. violence will not bring change, only destruction. >> sudan's transitialal government signed a peace agreement with five neighboring
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grououps. it is seen as a major step on deep-rooted contract -- a step after deep-rooted conflict. out xander lukashenko and his -- alexander lukashenko and his supporters have been barred from entering this country. more than 100 people were arrested during protests on sunday. one of greecee's most important archchaeological sites nararwly escaped wildfires. flames reached the gates b befoe firefifighters brought the place under control. this is one of the major centers . the ruins are nearly 300 years old. menu macro -- emmanuel macron
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arrived in beirut. president macron is expected to press the lebanese government to make sweeping reforms and tackle an economy in tatters. he arrived shortly after the lebanese president asked to the former ambassador to berlin to form a new government. >> hours after being decimated, the prime minister took to the streets of beirut. it was a brave move. much of the lebanese capital was produced to rebel after thousands of tons of unstable chemicals exploded in the harbor nearly four weeks ago. the blast killed more than 200 people and destroyed what little was left of some peoples faith in the government.
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we will work hand in hand to rebuild what was destroyed. we will accelerate the investigation. the result will be made public as soon as possible. the public relations exercise was met with an angry response by many. the explosion was only the latest disaster blamed in the government. the economy is in deep recession. the currency in freefall. corruption and mismanagement have wrecked basic services. antigovernment protesters subsided when the coronavirus hit. only to flare up again after the blast. you're not one of the people, you are a member of the ruling elite. we do not recognize you.
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confronted with the rage posing through the capital, the new prime minister bid a hasty retreat from the crowds, chanting revolution. >> dw is looking back five years to when hundreds of thousands of people escaped war and persecution and headed for the european union to seek refuge. it was a pivotal moment for the eu and the open borders policy. they initially allowed refugees. the main destination for many of those fleeing was germany. how would they respond to this crisis? in three words, chancellor uncle -- chancellor angela merkel changed the course of history. angela merkekel laid out her policy. >> it was the moment that defined angela merkel's response to the 2015 migration crisis.
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it was the german equivalent of this. >> yes we can. >> i was there five years ago when desperate migrants in hungary set off on foot toward germany, just hours later, angela merkel single-handedly decided to keep germany's borders open. the scenes of an open, welcoming germany went around the world. five years on, this raises the question if germany made it. and at what cost. in 2015, many in angela merkel's own party were against her open armsms policy. his key concern was losing control. one has to prevent the impression that there is a loss
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of control. we need a european solution to these problems. instead of more europe, national reflexes kicked in across the country. mackle's -- the far-right alternative for germany. the aft support had been fizzling out until merkel's we will make it moment ignited the party's rise to become a fixture of germany's political landscape. the open border policy helped propel his party to parliament. >> we did not make it and we can't make it. it is nobody's faultlt but it is impossible to let people from a totally different cultural background behave so differently in a country and say we can make it.
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the decision was humanitarian and yet many hoped the migrants would be able to meet germany's demand for skilled workers. this shows a mixed picture. five years on, half of these refugees are in some form of employment or education. they said that germany did reasonably well most because of its economic strength. almost to the day, five years after her yes we can moment, same place, same setting, merkel says that she would do the same again. overall, i would take the same decisions again, that is right. but she warns of tough times ahead. >> and we will now see a phase where general rise in unclaimed will make it more difficult to get those people to work who
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have only recently arrived here as refugees or as migrants. for now, germans are more busy with corona then debating migration. both have proved to be political game changers. >> while germany has undoubtedly mastered the effects of 2015, economically, politically, angela merkel vows to not let that moment pete itself. a moment that changed germany and will define her legacy. >> many of the people who fled to europe were escaping the war in syria. this is the former head of the yuanan food prprogram in syryri. welcome to dw. has chancellor merkel delivered on her promise to sysyrian refugees? >> the chancelellor has deliverd for years o on this promise.
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there havave beeeen two sets ofs promise. rerefugees were welcome e in germany. at least for some time. the other was we have made a big mistake,e, we stopped funding humanitarian aid. this was to such an extent of that this will surely trigger a move to europe. merkel promised to fund 50% of the borders in the future. i can confirm that this has been delivered. on the other hand, we had considereration whwhere refugees were stranded. we have overcrowded camps. there is not much happening these days. >> we are in the middle of this coronavirus crisis. are people still trying to leave the country in the numbers they were five years ago?
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>> sururely not. thisis couldld be a big didisasr soon. we havee many people who get vey lilittle support. especicially this year,r, only % of the funds coming are needed to support syrian refugees in their home region. once we have the issue, they c n neither reach germany.. nor cacan they crossss the mediterranean a because sea
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rescueue missions have stopppp. letting people drown in the mediterraneasesea. it ihetherhey are tturered, beaten up. this is a key challge. people are not cing fromyria anymor fery gdeasons. >> thankou for agning th. ewthank you so much for r joinig us. tokyo has gotten back in the olympic groove by putting the flame on display ahead of the next delayed games. they have been postponed for a year. the flame will stay in the japanese olympic museum for two months. shinzo abe said he would be stepping down due to ill health.
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the first pandas to be born in germany have celebrated their first birthday at the berlin zoo. they have become star attractions since they made their public debut in january. they have been reported with special birthday treats, a frozen cake and a portion of snow. the pandas were born in germany. here is a reminder of our top stories at this hour. germanan political leaders have condemnened the parliament durig a rally. the world health organization warned coronavirus denies that the virus israel. the first ever commercial passenger fight -- flight has landed in abu dhabi.
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they hope this will mark the start of a new era of improved relations between israel and the arab world. this is dw news, live from berlin. we will have more news from the top of the hour. we will be back for the day. there is always more on the website,
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be able to swim to live f from paris will news and analysis from france twenty four i'm marco in these are the main world news headlines. the menu macaroni beirut the french presidenent's second visit since the august the fourth explosion. alliances lebanon announces a new prime minister stuff- aidid's appointment hasn't impressed the protesters demanding a reform of the whole. political system. the first to start fly between israel and united arab emirates the firirst sign o of e nenew normalization of relations between the two states. trurump administraration representatives were on the flight. byton tks


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