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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  October 8, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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anchor: the who reports a record one day jump in global covid cases drivenen by surgingg infections across europe. there are warnings the coronavirus situation is far from under control in syria, despite what the government says. ♪ anchor: this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, iran accuses the u.s. of blowing up channels to
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pay for food and medicine with its latest sanctions on banks. donald trump fuses to take part in the second debate with joe biden if it's held virtually. ♪ anchor: the world has seen a record one day jump in coronavirus cases. the world health organization reported more than 338,000 infections in 24 hours and 5.5 thousand deaths, across europe. france reported more than 18,000 new cases. it was announced four major french cities will join paris at the maximum alert level. in the u.k., the government says it's considering a range of measures from northern england. for the first time since april, portugal recorded more than 1000 new cases, and italy more than
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4000. poland's prime minister says wearing masks outside will be compulsory across the country. even germany, still seen as exemplary for controlling the virus, has seen a sharp jump in cases. dominic kane reports. dominic: this is the reality of covid in ukraine, another life claimed by a virus whose second wave is sweeping across europe. here in this town, a hospital designed for 100 people has 106 corona patients alone. >> we are catastrophically short of doctors. the pressure is incredible. in the infections department, we have one doctor per 47 patients. dominic: around the continent, the number of new infections is a surging. austria announced its highly -- highest daily figure so far. in poland, an unprecedented people are testing positive,
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prompting the government to say we'll issue a general mask rule for all of those outdoors. elsewhere, as here in belgium, the spike in cases forced ministers to say no more than four people will be allowed to meet in public. in spain, the rate of new infections has slowed and a partial lockdown has been thrown out by their madrid court, which said it infringed on fundamental freedoms. whilst in germany, a search has caused deep concerns at the highest levels. >> the current situation worries me a lot. we don't know how things will develop over the next few weeks. it is possible we will see more than 10,000 cases a day. it's possible the virus spreads uncontrollably. dominic: in the german capital, officials say testing reached 95%, with little scope for greater testing if numbers continue to climb. one of the measures suggested for the country is already in
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place in berlin, the so-called triple traffic light warning system, where three different covid criteria are monitored. the number of intensive care beds occupied by corona patients, the reproductive rate of the virus, and the number of infections per 100,000 residents. for the moment, the federal government believes its existing measures are enough. >> germany, so far, managed this crisis well. when you look at the map of europe, germany is a solid rock in this pandemic. but we are seeing rising numbers across europe. dominic: so far, no suggestion of another national lockdown. politicians are fearful of the damage such a step would wreak on a suffering economy, and they know there are many here that believe the existing measures are too strong. dominic kane, al jazeera, berlin. anchor: eight agencies are warning of an alarming rise in cases across syria.
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the government reported more than 4500 infections, but the u.s. says the situation is more serious. there are concerns that actors won't be able to deal with the outbreak. we have more from lebanon. reporter: there are reports from inside syria that point to a much broader spread of covid-19, and the number of confirmed cases. reporter: the united nations has reported rising infection rates in syria for some time now. >> given the limited testing across the country and challenges in contact tracing, it is likely the number of cases exceed official figures. reporter: the syrian government reports nearly 4500 cases and 200 deaths, and portrays the situation is under control. but multiple sources question that narrative. they say infections have been in the tens of thousands and at least 65 doctors died as they struggled in ill-equipped
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hospitals with a lack of protective gear. >> many patients are treated at home because hospitals are not equipped or do not have the capacity to deal with these patients. many hospitals have locked their doors to covid patients because they do not want to infect other patients. the government has designated only one or two hospitals in every city to accommodate covid patients. reporter: infections have increased tenfold in opposition-controlled territories in northern syria. at least 30% are health workers. coping is a challenge, especially because there was a health crisis before the coronavirus outbreak. hundreds of medical workers were killed, and facilities destroyed during the war in a deliberate campaign by syria government forces and allies. medical workers say they are on the brink of an emergency. >> before the pandemic, we used to work from 9:00 until 2:00. we are now working for 9:00
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until 7:00, and sometimes even longer hours. reporter: despite that, testing remains limited. this laboratory serves up to 4 million people who live in idlib and nearby areas. z even when we have centers up -->> even when we have centers up and running, we don't have sufficient kids. that is going -- kits. that is going to be a challenge to test as many people as would be needed. and also, people who are trained to analyze the tests, that also has been a challenge. reporter: efforts are being made to slow the spread by raising awareness and disturbing hygiene kits. in this densely populated region, where many live in camps, sanitation is a challenge. with a shortage of supplies and a weaked health -- weakened health info structure, communities are vulnerable. anchor: ambulances in the iranian capital are struggling
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to find available hospital beds for patients. the country reported a record high of more than 4300 infections thursday, and 230 more deaths. restrictions are being tightened across the country, including mandatory face mask orders. in tehran, schools, libraries, and masks are being closed -- and other institutions are being closed for a week. the united states slapped fresh sanctions on iran, targeting 18 banks. it's an effort to shut iran out of the banking system. they reacted angrily, tweeting amid the pandemic, the u.s. regime wants to blow up our remaining channels. iranians will survive this latest round of cruelties, but starving the population is a crime against humanity. culprits will face justice. we have more from washington, d.c. >> perhaps the biggest criticism of the tribe demonstration's
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sanctions against iraq -- trump administration's sanctions on iran, this is hurting the iranian people. we have heard that coming from not just eu nations, but also from a wide range of humanitarian organizations around the world. the treasury department, when it announced this latest round of sanctions against these 18 iranian banks, said the banks would still have exemptions so that they could bring in funds to facilitate the purchase of emergency food and medicine to serve the iranian people. of course, people have criticized the u.s. for making it much harder to get that humanitarian aid to the iranian people. but leave no doubt, the trump administration has made one of its key foreign policy objectives the international isolation of iran because of what it says is iran's attempts
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to develop viable nuclear weapons program. it believes by cutting off all avenues of getting cash into the hands, or under the control of the iranian government, that the trump administration will ultimately be successful. the we have not seen that, at least not right now -- but we have not seen that, at least right now. ♪ anchor: there are questions over how or even if donald trump and joe biden will debate each other again before next month's election. the president refused to participate after the organizers said it would be held virtually. his challenger said the debate should be delayed by a week and held in person, something that trump campaign agreed to. that was on the condition the third debate be held a week before the polls, something bidens week -- biden's team projected. the president could still be
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contagious. president trump: i heard the commission changed the debate style. that's not acceptable to us. i beat him easily in the first debate, according to the polls i've seen. i'm not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. that's not what debates are all about. it's ridiculous. they cut you off whenever they want. anchor: trumps democratic rival said he is -- trump's democrat rival said he is still willing. >> we agreed to three debates back in the summer. this has been going on since the early 1990's. first debate, person-to-person. second debate, townhall. third debate, person-to-person. i'm showing up. i'll be there. if he shows up, fine. if he doesn't, fine. anchor: six people have been
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charged with trying to kidnap the governor of the state of michigan. authorities say the suspects are going to buy explosives and make improvised bombs. >> michigan news. >> last night, the fbi and michigan state police arrested six individuals, charged in a federal complaint, with conspiring to kidnap the governor of michigan, gretchen whitmer. >> they have been identified of having links to a michigan militia group, called the wolverines. the democratic governor was there target -- was their target. >> fox and croft, in particular, discussed detonating explosive devices to divert police from the area of the phone. fox even expected the younger side of a michigan highway bridge for places to seat an explosive.
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the complaint further alleges fox purchased a taser for use in the kidnapping, and that the group successfully detonated an improvised explosive device, wrapped with shrapnel, to test its anti-personnel capabilities. >> as they were meeting to buy more explosives, law enforcement moved in. the fbi had an undercover informant. armed men staged protests at the michigan state house earlier this year. they were carrying swastikas and nooses when governor whitmer announced stay-at-home orders to combat the spread of covid-19. donald trump gave his support to the protests, tweeting out, "liberate michigan." the governor thanked the fbi for keeping themselves -- them safe, but the residence words encourage this -- president's words encourage this. >> stanback and standby -- stand
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back and stand by, he told them. stand back and standby. hate groups heard this not as a rebuke, but as a rallying cry, is a call to action. >> the sounds of the growing influence and strength of militia groups in the u.s., some of those have appeared at protests at other parts of the country. if convicted, they face a sentence of up to life in prison. alan fisher, al jazeera. anchor: still to come, soldiers, civilians, and churches under fire as the battle rages on, despite france and russia stepping up cease fire efforts. and the austere beauty of her work earns one of america's most celebrated poets a nobel prize. ♪
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>> hello. we have warnings in force for tasmania, southeastern parts of australia seeing nasty weather. an intense area of low pressure circulating here. blustery winds, winds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour certainly possible the next 24-48 hours. heavy rain, as well. that's going to sweep through the tasman, pushing towards new zealand. blustery conditions in eastern parts of victoria. for much of us, as you can see, generally fine and dry. a few showers to the far northwest. in perth, temperature as we go on through the weekend. by the weekend, it should be dry towards the southeast, a little on the cloudy side, but improving conditions and the winds starting to fall away. the wet and windy weather is making its way towards new
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zealand, particularly across south ireland. somewhat and windy weather also pushing towards japan. we have a typhoon very close by, bringing heavy rain. not expecting it to make landfall, but some heavy rain skirting very close by. some big downpours, along with much of honshu by saturday. ♪ >> the remote kingdom of bhutan has become known for its pursuit of happiness. he explores how this national guard is ininspiring the e younr generation on al jazeera. ♪ >> too play an important role in protecting humankind, don't touch your face. ♪
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♪ [laughter] ♪ ♪ anchor: a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, the world health organization reported a record one-day jump in global coronavirus cases, with more than 338,000 cases into four hours. the rise is -- in 24 hours. the rise is driven by crises across europe. iran's financial sector, targeting 18 foreign banks. they have accused the country of targeting them to pay for food and medicine in the midst of a pandemic. and donald trump says he won't participate in the second u.s. presidential debate if it's held
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virtually. his team propose delaying it a week so it can be held in person after he recovers from the coronavirus. mediators from the u.s., russia, and france are holding talks in geneva to end the conflict. the two sides are fighting over a disputed region. it's officially part of azerbaijan but is ethnically armenian. the defense ministry says there are 350 military personnel that have died since fighting broke out 12 days ago. gunnar smith reports from the major city. reporter: there's not been much time for anything else but dealing with new category casualties at this -- new casualties at this hospital. the first shells started falling 11 days ago. more than 350 armenian soldiers
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have been killed, hundreds more injured since the start of fighting with azerbaijan. the as a race -- the azeris do not care for their wounded shells -- wounded soldiers. >> some of my friends are injured and we had more gunshot. now they are the using different types of missiles and the wounded have bigger injuries. we have not stood still. medicine has improved. we try to save lives and human organs and not leave people with disabilities. reporter: the stress is etched in the faces of medical staff. human cost is mounting on both sides after they collapse of an easy cease fire. this modern hospital has been stretched to the limit by the bombardment of this town, a daily convoy of people injured during the fighting and the bombardment.
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armenian missiles have hit towns and villages in azerbaijan while away from the conflict zone. this is around 20 kilometers from the line of contact that separates it from azerbaijan. this is more than 30 kilometers away. karabakh si azeri territory, but has an armenian majority. azerbaijan wants to restore its sovereign there. >> a shell fragment came and hurt my arm and killed the animals. we are staying at home, women and children. we have not left. we are not going to run away. why should we leave our lands? reporter: russia, france, and moscow have been holding talks to bring about a cease-fire. with tensions rising between armenia and azerbaijan, the hopes seen as shattered as the missile debris littering the streets. bernard smith, al jazeera, cora
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buck. anchor: russia says it has dissented into chaos. moscow is obliged by a security treaty to prevent a total breakdown. protesters continue to gather in front of the parliament building. it is not clear who is running the country after mp's failed to gather in an overnight session to agree who should take over from the ousted ministers. opposition groups are divided, with three different alliances to install their own nominee in the post. russia says it has not opened its own criminal investigation into belarusian opposition leader, who has been added to its wanted list. officials say she was placed on the list because of a regional agreement, but no further details were given. she fled to lithuania after the disputed august election and has since met with several european leaders. there have been protests across the country, calling for alexander lukashenko to step
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down. >> i expect not from european and france, different countries, is solidarity. just be united in your decisions. be braver in your decisions, the same as people in belarus are brave now. anchor: a kidnapped politician have landed in the capital after being freed in a major prisoner exchange with the new transitional government. he was kidnapped by an al qaeda linked group while comp -- campaigning in to book to in -- timbuktu in march. two italian aid workers were also free. all four are now on their way to the presidential palace. police have fired tear gas and water cannons at student protesters in jakarta. it's the third day of nationwide demonstrations in indonesia.
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labor unions say it will erode workers rights and we can environmental -- weaken environment of protections. jessica washington was at the rally in jakarta. jessica: tens of thousands of student protesters have gathered in jakarta to voice their discontent against this new controversial legislation. but securing forces are trying to clear this area. they are firing multiple rounds of tear gas at this crowd of mostly teenage demonstrators. the demonstrators say they will keep protesting until the president listens and until this legislation is revoked. the protests had mostly been concentrated in industrial areas outside the capital city earlier in the week, but now has spread to jakarta. factory workers feel strongly against this legislation, which they say rolls out the red carpet for investors at their expense. anchor: hundreds of bangladeshi
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protesters clashed with police after a video of a woman being attacked was posted online. human rights groups says abuses against women are only getting worse in the region. neil hardy reports. reporter: anger in bangladesh over the latest incidents of violence against women. students have been leading protests in the capital for days to speak out against rape and other crimes against females. the protests flared after a video was posted online, showing men stripping and beating a woman from a disadvantaged community. the clip was shared tens of thousands of times on facebook before being taken down. >> we have just one demand: death penalty for rapists. there will be no rapists in bangladesh. reporter: among those in the crowd is a brother of a rap e victim. arrests have been made. >> i want justice for my sister,
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which is why we haven't been here at the police station. we want severe punishment for those involved in this heinous crime. reporter: along with women, young boys and girls are also among the victims. this man says his five-year-old daughter was raped last week. >> i demand justice from a lot, this -- allah, the state, and society. my daughter is five years old and the man is 22. i also seek justice from the honorable prime minister. reporter: according to activists, justice is something that only very few victims of sexual assault, and their families see. >> these culprits are either directly involved with politics, or they are connected with people who are very closely linked with people high up in politics. if we want to come out of this, it's imperative that justice is served very promptly and with due diligence.
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reporter: since the coronavirus pandemic and imposition of lockdowns, the number of rapes in bangladesh have increased. between april and august, four women have been raped every day. >> we hope people will be more aware. everyone should protest from wherever they are and make others aware. reporter: last year, the prime minister said she wanted stricter laws to prevent rape, saying that crime is never acceptable. but protesters say the prime minister hasn't done enough and should resign. students here are chanting, "s hame," as they demand for systematic change to bring rape victims justice. leah harding, al jazeera. anchor: people are bracing themselves for flooding in dangerously high winds as hurricane delta hurdles towards the coast.
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the storm is turning its weight through the gulf of -- churning its way through the gulf of mexico. authorities are working to restore power and repair damaged buildings there. columbia's government has been criticized for not doing enough to help protect human rights defenders. activists continue to be targeted, with frequent attacks, threats, and killings. it is considered the most dangerous country for human rights defenders. there's been a sharp increase in the number of peopleqéaawcaiog
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