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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 26, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> it is not a clock p.m. in the french capital. you are watching live from paris on france 24. the leaders of a number of muslim majority nation call for french products to be boycotted in response to comments made by president macron last week. as france reports record numbers of new cases of covid-19 in recent days, we ask is it a matter of time before fresh containment measures are unveiled? dozens of arrests are made in larus as operaon -- opposition supporters crank up the pressure on president
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lukashenko, and protests and nationwide strikes. welcome back. we begin with a growing number of calls in a number of muslim majority nations for french products to be boycotted. this comes amidst growing anger at what president emmanuel macron said after a schoolteacher was beheaded after showing caricatures of the prophet muhammad. at the ceremony, the president vowed to root out what he called islamist separatism and added this country will not renounce caricatures. in the days that followed, we have seen protests, french products pulled from supermarkets, and perhaps the most vocal of all has been the
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turkish president, heard on -- erdogan. president erdogan: muslims are subject to a campaign similar to the jews in europe before world war ii. >> that is the turkish president's beginner. doug herbert to tell us more. doug: the issue is political, needless to say. in erdogan's case, there are some who say he is essentially weaponizing muslim identity. you have muslim identity usurping turkey's secular identity. it's good, what are the one has been sick -- extremely successful at doing is projecting and doing it in a nationalist way -- projecting a sense of we found turkish pride trying to recapture the old past the paszek is trying to reclaim,
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and doing that through the instruments -- instrumented station of religion and it has been effective. arab public opinion has very much -- it is resonating across the arab world, which is what you have a growing number of countries falling behind his calls to boycott france. this is constant with projection in turkish power, whether you see it in syria, libya, the eastern mediterranean -- it is all part and parcel of the same trend. i don't see right now any sense of these two leaders being able to see i to live or find common ground -- i thank you or find common ground --eye to eye, or find common ground. heard one -- -- standing for the freedom of conscious and freedom
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to access any religion you have, versus heard one, who says anything macron says that targets islam in any way, shape, or form is an attack against all muslims. if they were to sit down, perhaps they could see eye to eye, but right now it is too political. >> of course this is an isolated example of turkey and france basically having relations seriously tested. doug: it has been extremely seriously tested. you have had france and turkey at loggerheads come and not just france, but europe in general. turkey is a nato ally. you have had a lot of displeasure of turkey's purchase of asfoor hundred missions from russia. turkey is seen as aligning itself with russia, seen as the adversary of the nato alliance. you have had turkey up against it -- i mentioned eastern mediterranean, claiming waters
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in the eastern mediterranean are turkish and they can explore for energy and other resources. you have had turkey and france supporting opposite sides in libya's war -- libya's civil war, and you have turkey having some leverage over europe in many respect because of the refugee crisis dating back to 2015, were basically turkey and the eu -- not just france, the eu struck a deal with turkey to pay the country billions and billions of euros in order for turkey to help stem the tide of migrants to europe and that is a deal that is creating a lot of friction to say the least between europe as a whole, france in particular, and turkey. there are so many issues. the war where once again there was just a french delegation that went to armenia. turkey is very vocally and publicly than supporting armenia's enemy, the arch rival in this war, azerbaijan.
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>> thank you. now, in recent days france has been reporting record numbers of new cases of covid-19. more than 50,000 cases were announced on sunday. today, the number of cases is about half that of a day earlier, but it should be noted generally speaking fewer tests are conducted on a sunday. there have been 257 more deaths. macron president is due to chair a meeting of his cover 19 task force and there is growing speculation at restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of covid-19 could be tightened. a daily curfew is already in place and many are wondering if it is a matter of time before the curfew is extended. >> despite a curfew that is now affecting over 46 million people, covid-19 infections are showing no signs of slowing down in france. the country recorded over 52,000
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new cases on sunday, it's harvest daily increase since the start of the pandemic. according to france's scientific council, authorities are facing two possible scenarios to prevent the saturation of the system. >> in order to mitigate the disruption of a second lockdown, the council has suggested keeping schools open and allowing people to come into work. it also said the lockdown should be kept short and followed by another curfew. according to this doctor, any new measure should be of limited immediately and with the most vulnerable in mind if it is to be successful.
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>> [speaking french] >> french authorities have repeatedly said they would do everything in their power to prevent another lockdown, but as infections continue to rise across the country, this worst-case scenario is becoming increasingly likely. >> we can speak now to the head of the infectious disease department and the president of the french society for infectious diseases. thank you for joining us. tell us most of all, if you will, what is a situation like in the hospital where you are based? >> well, our hospital is in the western part of france, and the situation is not that bad, but we have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of cases over the last 10 days, as in other places in france.
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>> of course, stopping hospitals from being overwhelmed is the main priority, isn't it -- of these measures being put in place. you think they are enough -- do you think we need more measures? >> for the moment, it may be that we need it more in selected part of france in paris, the northern part of france, close to the own where they may have -- lyon, where they may have to stop some activities. >> just looking at the number from yesterday, today's number isn't terribly reflective of the actual situation given that many people have a covid-19 test on a sunday. the number from the day before is the most interesting number -- more than 50,000 cases. if we put the clock forward a couple of weeks, perhaps three weeks, of those 50,000, a
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majority will have recovered and they will be back to the normal activities, but a number will be in intensive care units. with those sorts of numbers, isn't it just a matter of time before the whole system is completely overwhelmed? >> yes. the number of patients will increase over the next two or three weeks. you are we are expecting a bad situation. >> when you say a bad situation, there was a doctor on the radio this morning here in france who said france has lost control of the epidemic. did you agree with that? >> i think we can say that because we were hoping we could stop the transmission just by detecting cases and contact tracing, and it appears it did not work sufficiently to avoid this second wave.
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>> in terms of how patients are treated in hospital, have you seen or experienced any particular changes or advances in how a covid-19 patient is treated today versus how they were treated in march or april, and therefore our people survival rates improving as a result? >> yes, this is a good part of the story. we know better what kind of treatment works, not only treatment for the virus, but also for the people that need oxygen, and the consequence is the care of patients is probably more efficient and there is some data to suggest that mortality has increased by 50% as opposed to the first wave. >> that is good news, and obviously some developments as well in the testing. at the moment, you still have to wait a few days to get your
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results. you have to queue up with lots of other people who have covid-19, and that is not a good system, but there are places where saliva tests and home testing cap -- test are available. would that be a complete game changer? >> i'm afraid it would not change a lot because the main problem is to be able to receive the house -- patient in the hospital, so for the moment the increase in the access to tests does not change a lot. >> lasley, someone watching at home who has covid-19, how would you advise they look after themselves assuming they don't get need hospital treatment or they will not need hospital treatment at all -- what are some of the do's and don'ts? >> the most important instruction is don't panic -- eight remains the same as the first way that probably 90% of the patients won't need
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hospital. they will get cured without the need to go to the hospital if they do not have severe covid and do not have a high risk. most will get cured without treatment. that is the main message. otherwise, the other message released a home, take a rest, wait for the disease to get ok. >> and what medication should they be taking -- what is the wisdom nowadays? >> it is to be avoided, because you are avoiding the mechanism in the virus, but otherwise -- if you have pain -- if you have no pain, the best is just wait that the disease will go away. >> thank you very much indeed. the italian foreign ministry is
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advising citizens not to travel outside of the country, warning people risked being trapped overseas in the event travel bans are being suddenly enforced. as is the case in a number of european countries, the situation in italy is getting more serious. even so, there is growing anger at new issue actions that took effect today. these include the closures of gyms, cinemas, and the early shutdown of restaurants and cafes. china has today reported the highest number of covid-19 infections in nearlyeven months. the latest cases are linked to a garment fact -- garment factory. those infected are reported to be largely asymptomatic, but even so close to 5 million people will be tested in the region over the next three days. >> one symbol -- simple asymptomatic case started this
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mess testing program said it appeared within three days, the region's entire population -- 4.7 million people, is expected to be covered. the results so far, over 100 positive cases, all linked to a this is the highest daily number of asymptomatic viruses reported in china in nearly seven months. this is a region facing other pressing challenges. it is a predominantly muslim minority that have been projected that have been -- that have been subjected to lockdowns. additionally, according to -- according to legal authorities, on sundays, all schools except universities will close for five days, but supermarkets and shopping malls have remained open. >> dozens of people have been retained in -- detained in belarus as the mistress took to
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the street and workers went on a natiwide strike to wrap up pressure on president lukashenko. it has been nearly three months since his victory that triggered this wave of protests. >> just before 7:00 a.m., hundreds of workers pour into the factory. if you want to talk about strike actions. -- will -- though, is on strike. >> [speaking foreign linkage] -- [speaking foreign language closed -- language]. >> management says production was not disrupted. meanwhile, in the center of minsk, students try to gather, and unsure if it is safe to emerge from the metro, they
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wait. >> it turns out it wasn't safe. >> these friends are determined. >> [speaking foreign language] [laughter] >> [speaking foreign language] >> other students have gathered in the factory to support striking workers. -- he says he is not striking is unimpressed. >> the students despair of his attitude. >> [speaking foreign language] >> suddenly, he sees police
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arriving. >> the police don't always win. >> a little later on monday afternoon, the police -- find several thousands supported by the honking horns and passing cars. >> well, it is time for a check the top is this news. i enjoyed by our business editor. >> you are looking at the -- implications of the boycott of french products in the middle east. >> yes, we have been saying that -- the turkish president has joined calls for a boycott of french goods. cars and things produced in france or by french copies can be affected.
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it is far from clear whether the boycott will become a reality. france says it won't allow its members to be blackmailed of the country's values. >> staff at the supermarket have been removing certain products from their set -- shelves -- anything that was made in france. it follows calls for a bolt -- boycott on french products. there have been similar scenes at stores in jordan and kuwait where a majoretail union has ordered a boycott on french goods. calls for similar moves in other arab nations have been circulating online, and there have been protests in countries including israel, libya, and syria. the backlash comes after the french president defended the right to show cartoons of the prophet mohammed. the head of france's business lobby group says the government should not lack -- back down. >> it is bad news for firms that do business there and the food
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sector, the muchly good sector in cosmetics. there is no way where you blackmail. you have to put principles before business growth. >> some 600 french companies have a presence in the middle east. >> i have been in contact with some of the french brands affected by these unjustified calls for a boycott. i will continue to speak with the companies concerned daily and remain in contact with our diplomatic network, which is working on their behalf. >> last year, france exported 1.3 euros of food products to the middle east. overall, exports are worth an estimated 11.5 million euros annually. it is too early to say if those figures might be affected by the boycott. >> let's check in on the days trading action. wall street has closed sharply lower.
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>> the dow jones down about 800 points. if the p5 hundred and nasdaq each down nearly 2%. they are no longer optimistic lawmakers will reach a copper my son a second round of the newest eight, though we did see stocks. back sharper losses as the u.s. treasury secretary held talks with house speaker nancy pelosi. #is the -- sharp falls for the major european indices as well after the german company ssp abandoned its medium-term target. the cac 40 was down nearly 2% as france titans it's -- titans it's movement and events. the 70 chairman died on sunday. a memorial service -- the 78-year-old chairman died on sunday. he transforms his father small teaming -- tv maker into a
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global powerhouse that makes up 70% of south korea's gdp. the shakeup has left son and successor --. they have substantial inheritance taxes that could ship -- force errors to share set -- sell shares, possibly diluting family control. european union has been given the green light to impose tariffs on for doing dollars worth of u.s. goods on a long-standing dispute over subsidies to aviation giants. a panel gave approval to the movement -- move earlier this month but needed the final go-ahead from the time the -- wto members. the u.s. said it regretted the eu's plans but has made no move to remove its own tariffs on european goods. both sides have given -- two aircraft makers. washington has filed an appeal against another wto ruling which
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said american tariffs on chinese goods imposed in 20 were inconsistent to global trade rules. u.k. and eu negotiators have extended talks on a post-brexit trade deal as they count down to a december 31 deadline. the european negotiator has delayed his return to brussels, which some have interpreted as cause for optimism. businesses say they do not have enough guidance to help them prepare. >> time is very short and there are still significant gaps to bridge -- the word of boris johnson spokesperson on the ongoing u.k.-eu divorce deal negotiations. following a brief hiatus, both sides are now trying to secure a deal that would protect nearly 800 billion in annual trade. the british prime minister held that his tactic of walking away had worked. works on the sick, they have come back, i am glad to say, to
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discuss the way forward. we will see where we go. >> the back-and-forth is worrying for business owners that have been told by johnson's government to prepare for a no deal scenario. economic boundaries have not been drawn up and the wall of bureaucracy facing companies bringing goods into the u.k. is daunting. >> we can oy have about 5000 agents in the u.k. pit we will need closer to 50,000 agents. >> with just two months until the deadline, customs brokers have not been trained, and the rules to train them have not even been finalized. the streets of this county could be blocked with 100 kilometer long use of trunks waiting to clear inspections, something the government itself has already admitted.
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>> the charity action and says global tech giants are using loopholes to avoid paying nearly $3 billion without taxes in developing countries. companies including apple, amazon, facebook, and google are not accused of actively innovating taxes and breaking the law, but says if they paid even a minimum corporate tax rate, governments in countries like india, brazil, and bangladesh could be bringing in something like $2.8 billion in tax revenue. facebook has announced it is launching a cloud gaming service per users will be able to try and play free games without owning the platform but it will only be available on the android app or desktop as apple restricts operations on its ios. there have been tensions since
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the two tech giants and 2018 when apple ceo tim cook face -- criticized facebook's handling of data after the handling of the cambridge analytica scandal. they are aiming to address -- attract casual gamers without fees. it is clear both of these companies are really digging in their claws. >> are you an online gamer question mark >> i am not. are you? >> no. >> no surprise there. >> sounds like a lot of fun. that is it from a spin out the back and couple of minutes. stay tuned. >> the u.s. presidential election is just around the corner, and really has the nation been so divided. to take the pulse of e country, we will take you on a road trip to six key swing states that will be critical in determining who ends up in the white house. join us for american jews where
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we travel some 10,000 kilometers to see how every day americans feel about this crucial moment. >> to watch on france 24 and >> the promise of a zero emissions aircraft -- despite the success it is never really taken off, partly because the weight is produced today is far from great. >> presented by france 24 on france 24 and france
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