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tv   Al Jazeera English Newshour  LINKTV  November 6, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> this is al jazeera. ♪ >> hello. this is the newshour. an intense wait for an election result. confidence is building among joe biden supporters as he inches closer to the white house expanding his narrow lead over donald trump.
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georgia is one of the states still too close to call and they are setting for a recount. trump continues to make baseless allegations of widespread fraud in places like pennsylvania which officials flatly reject. >> with the president needs to do is put his big boy pants on. to acknowledge the fact he lost and congratulate the winner. ♪ >> an unresolved alexion and a nation on edge. three days after one of america's most divisive residential votes, it appears that joe biden is moving further ahead of president trump in the battleground states which will decide the final outcome. joe biden is ahead in pennsylvania, nevada, and georgia.
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so far, he is projected to have one 264 electoral college votes. the whole trump has 214. the magic number required is 270. joe biden needs only to win one of those undecided states to get over the finishing line. let's start with pennsylvania where joe biden is ahead of donald trump by over 15,000 votes. a decision there could come in the next few hours. the remaining ballots are from democratic leaning cities of philadelphia and its part. -- pittsburgh. joe biden is leading in georgia by just over 4000 votes in an unusually tight race. officials said they expect a recount. per state law, a candidate can request a recount if the margin of difference is under 0.5%. nevada has the highest
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percentage of votes left to count, but the six delegates could make or break either candidate. right now, joe biden is in the lead there as well. in north carolina, donald trump is in the lead by just over 76 thousand votes. the state has voted republican in every election since 1980. that is except when barack obama won in 2008. in arizona, where votes are still being counted, joe biden's lead has strong. the campaign says it is confident in winning the state after the votes are tallied. nancy pelosi is already scribing joe biden as president-elect and she accused donald trump and his team of hurting the nation are denying the outcome. >> it appears the trump administration will use its final moments in office, a desperate last step to destroy
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every possible protection for american health and well-being. so many people have said to me, what damage do you think donald trump will do between losing the election and the inauguration joe biden? maybe you didn't phrase it quite that way, but that's how i heard. we knew that he would be up to mischief. separate and apart from trying to destroy the credibility of our elections, which we criticize other nations of doing, while enemies foreign and domestic assault on our elections. >> election officials say there is yet to be any evidence of voting irregularities. donald trump says legal states -- legal teams have been sent to four states to investigate. >> we have seen irregularities that deserve investigation.
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democrats and the media spent four years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a russian hoax on the grounds of election integrity. now, with just over 48 hours polls of closed, they want to ignore clear irregularities. we will not stand for that. every candidate in every office from president and to the local level has a legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots. we intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law. that observers are granted the access they are due under state law, and that any irregularities that have occurred, whether by malicious intent or incompetence are fully investigated to the fullest extent allowed under the law. >> here is our team this hour.
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one is in joe biden's home state of delaware. another in pennsylvania. a third in georgia and a fourth from arizona and nevada. you got the long unhappy statement from the president yesterday. what is the mood from the trump camp today? >> the president has tweeted in just the last half hour. he is pushing back on some of the assertions made by some democrats including net -- nancy pelosi basically talking about the inauguration of joe biden and almost treating him as president-elect even though the results of the election have not been certified. the u.s. president is alleging that joe biden is claiming that he has won the election. to be clear, joe biden did not
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say that although he said he is optimistic that ultimately that would be the final income of the vote. donald trump tweeting joe biden should not claim the office of the president. i could make that claim also. legal proceedings are just now beginning. i can tell you the republican committee is sending out females fundraising to try to put together $60 million to finance these legal challenges that are across many states. in some cases, the team has been victorious in the case of pennsylvania, they have one victory in being allowed to see the voting as it is taking place. in other states, less successful. in georgia, one of the cases was thrown out before it was heard given that it involved only 53 votes which the judge considered inconsequential. the u.s. president is pushing forward accusing the democrats of trying to steal the election. it is unclear if we will hear
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from the u.s. president officially on his schedule. it is one of no public events. that could change at any moment. it appears he is fully engaged and ready to fight. >> meanwhile, we are hearing from republicans who are starting to distance themselves from trump. >> classic washington politician behavior. many republicans while saying they did not like donald trump when he was high in popularity, they were willing to write his coattails. now, many of those same politicians are quickly starting to distance themselves. one person that is come out quite strongly in distancing himself is the republican senate leader mitch mcconnell. he has said that he really supports the vote counting even as donald trump is saying it should stop. he has stopped short of condemning it outright, but he
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is weighing his political future given the fact that the battle for the senate is still underway. it is not clear that he will remain as the senate majority leader. we also know there is support for the accounting and legal resolving of disputes. many other republicans are remaining silent saying nothing at all. these were the same people that were defending the president now when he is in this political fight. they are really weighing whether they want to speak up for him knowing that donald trump is potentially going to lose this election and they still want to have a seat in congress. >> that was our white house correspondent. let's turn to mike in joe biden's home state of delaware. we are expecting to hear a statement from joe biden and his running mate, kamala harris perhaps in the next hour or so.
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any ideas what he might say? >> i wouldn't be too specific about the timing. we understand he will be speaking in the coming hours but it is unlikely that he and his running mate are waiting for projections about pennsylvania in particular. some campaign advisors believe that this may be coming within the next few hours. it is apparent that joe biden will wait for that. what i can tell you is that there is a great deal of secret service activity at the convention center behind me. it is apparent that the forces of the secret service have been augmented in the past 24 hours. once again, that is something just observe, there is no formal statement about that. what is joe biden likely to talk about? he is likely to continue the tone that he set since the polls closed. that is calling for calm and
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patience. talking about restoring the soul of the country. talking about what he did throughout the campaign as well. about creating an and to the partisan division that has arisen particularly over the past four years. we are going to be hearing more of the same. whether or not he declares victory, that appears to be unlikely given the tone of what he is doing. he wants to wait for the votes to be counted before getting ahead of himself. this tone has run down through his campaign as well as campaign officials quietly confident. at the same time, nobody is getting out and saying we have one this election. they are waiting for the votes to be counted and you would expect perhaps that joe biden will continue calling for common patients and that is what we are likely to hear when he does arrive at the convention center to make the concession speech.
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>> presumably, the mood is good in the joe biden camp. we heard from nancy pelosi earlier today referring to him as president-elect. >> it is interesting that the came from a speaker of the house. no campaign is saying that particularly and joe biden is not saying it publicly. yes, there is an air of absolute confidence within the camp. they have been crunching the numbers since the polls closed and the results they indicate is going one way particularly pennsylvania, it could be all be over. if he gets the electoral votes from pennsylvania, that will be a certainty that he will be in the white house. the campaign staying very confident that the same time, not being brash or raising expectations before they come. this is a tone that joe biden has set.
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he has been insistent that there will be no grandstanding. he has stayed away from responding to the attacks and false claims by president trump and clearly has instructed his campaign to do likewise. what he is talking about and what he is focusing on is the vote. that is the point he wants every vote to be counted. he is emphasized an important point that should he win, he will get the highest amount of votes ever given to a u.s. president. at this particular stage, he has far more votes than any previous presidential candidate. this is something very important to joe biden because what it does is it gives his presidency legitimacy. that is a very key issue particularly given the attempts by his opponent to mind the nature of the -- undermine the legitimacy of the election. it's very important for joe
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biden to get a massive turnout in the popular vote. >> let's turn to our correspondent in philadelphia. bring us up-to-date on the vote count. there are up to 100,000 votes to be counted, many of them from overseas. >> exactly. 100,000. it has been hard to predict what is happening because over the course of two days, sometimes one hour will pass and we will get 20,000 votes then like now, it doesn't seem to move except by a couple of hundred. they still have just over 100,000 votes left to count. those are mail in ballots. then, they will move to the provisional ballots. it gets super confusing. provisional ballots are basically people who showed up and didn't have their identification or they had asked for a mail-in ballot and they didn't have it to turn in.
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there are ways to ensure that they didn't double up there votes. then, officials go through and figure out why did this person cast a provisional ballot, making sure they didn't vote twice. they go through and check it then they count those. those could take days and days to come in. what joe biden is ready for is for someone to call the states. the states are never going to come out and say we have a winner, that's not how it works. they have weeks and weeks before they certify the election. what the joe biden campaign needs is anyone to say just one of the states, we are confident we call it it's done. that's where were at. we are just one state. pennsylvania is the state. if president donald trump doesn't get it, it's all over.
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all eyes are on pennsylvania. they're all on the building behind me where they're doing the counting. on about bringing in some coffee. right now, the numbers are not moving very much. >> there has been a lot of criticism of that city, of the counting process by president trump. it seems that they have had enough at least to the mayor has and he has been hitting back. >> he has. it's very philadelphia answer. you should step back and think why are we here? so many days after the election. we are here because election officials went to the legislature and said we are going to get a lot of mail-in ballots because there's pandemic and we have never seen this many so can we start processing those or maybe just open up the envelope beforehand so we have them ready to count.
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the legislature said no, not until the morning of election day. the states where they got it ready beforehand, that's when we saw the results the night of the election. that's why the president is saying there is fraud. it's not that there is fraud, it's that they were unable to count the ballots. the mayor of philadelphia has had enough and he said that it's time for some big boy pants. let's listen. >> what the president needs to do is put his big boy pants on. he needs to acknowledge the fact that he lost and congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter and george hwb bush and al gore did. the votes will be continued -- continue to be counted. while some including the president continue to spew baseless claims of fraud, claims for which his team has not produced one iota of evidence, what we have seen in philadelphia is democracy. simple.
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our founding fathers who conceived a system 15 minute walk down the street i know they would be proud. >> i have to say it is a much different atmosphere here today than yesterday. we have at the police helicopter overhead. they got a tip from the fdi -- fbi that there were two men heading for the center heavily armed and they potentially wanted to stop the voting. there is -- the men were found heavily armed. they were arrested, charged with a felony. there is real fear that the longer this goes on, the more the rhetoric gets heated, the more this could result in violence. that is why you see the mayor
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telling the president to cut it out. >> any thanks. talk us through the latest from georgia because i believe they have announced a recount. >> according to the secretary of state, that is the case. the last time we spoke, the lead was 1500 which is gone up to 4000. it is still in the 0.5% margin which means there can be a recount. there is something like 8000 or 9000 absentee and overseas ballots still needing to be taken. there is an issue with those kinds of ballots. they are ones that voters request but may not be returned. nonetheless, it means the probability of a recount in the state of georgia which should not have been at play in this
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election, it is an unexpected outlier. over the last few decades, it has been a very republican state. bill clinton back in 1992 won in that year. since then, it has been solidly republican. a couple of senatorial races in the state of georgia also heading towards runoffs in january. that might change how the senate makeup will be in the next four years. it's very tight in the senate race. according to the secretary of state, they will do a recount and they have until november the 13th to do it. it may not matter if pennsylvania, arizona, and nevada goes for joe biden. certainly, all eyes are on georgia. >> give us more detail on the recount.
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>> these poll workers have been slammed for the last few days. we are dealing with the situation that many have not dealt with before. we are in the middle of a pandemic. they have never had so many mail-in ballots. some of them are arriving late to cruelly those from overseas. this is a republican run state. there are no complaints about widespread fraud or even too many glitches in the system. it is just how democracy is working. this is a year like no other for many reasons. georgia has been republican for so long, it is now not just a purple state, but given how the recount goes, it may become a blue state. >> finally, we can go to rob in
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los angeles. he has been monitoring the races from arizona and nevada. arizona is interesting, because the race was called for joe biden from arizona by some media outlets. things seem to be changing their. joe biden's lead has been narrowing. >> yes, it has. it is interesting following on what andy gallagher was saying that arizona like georgia has been a red republican state for decades. the fact that joe biden is leading their consistently for some time now is really remarkable. it could again signal the shift of one of the strongly republican states. in arizona, joe biden is now
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ahead by 39,000 votes. there was a small disclosure of votes from the city of yuma, arizona. it turned out to be evenly split. it didn't change the equation very much. joe biden has been around 40,000 for quite some time now. we are expecting results from maricopa county. that's phoenix, arizona and the suburbs. also satellite cities and that has been good territory for joe biden. we will look to see when the officials in arizona release those ballots. the count is expected to extend all the way into the weekend before the last in final votes are counted. as we know now, as everyone has probably been told a thousand times, arizona has 11 electoral votes. you have to wonder what people around the world think about the
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american election system. probably a lot of fundament. let's move onto nevada. joe biden's margin there stands at 20,000. donald trump has continued to chip away somewhat bit by bit at his lead in nevada. nevada is again a solidly democratic state. it was won by hillary clinton and barack obama, but there was a considerable amount of campaigning and fighting over the states electoral votes. there are approximately 10,000 more ballots remaining to be tallied from las vegas, reno, and the trump campaign has called -- filed a lawsuit one of several in an attempt to either force officials to stop counting what the white house claims are improperly cast ballots or to
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otherwise disqualified some of the ballots. the nevada attorney general, who is apparently quite plainspoken, called the lawsuit garbage. nevada has six electoral votes and a lot of criticism and fun being poked at it for the slowness of its count. one would think that estate dominated by casinos and ambling parlors would be able to count things quickly. that has not been the case. officials are defending their slow count saying they want to get things right. it has provided a lot of fodder for twitter memes including sleeping kittens and puppies and so forth and so on. certainly within the coming hours. >> many thanks for that.
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let's bring in our correspondent in washington, d.c.. as you have been hearing, we don't have conclusive results but it does appear that joe biden is edging toward the victory. what do you make of where we are today? did you expect it to be this close? >> i certainly expect it for vice president biden to have a clear pathway to victory. many woke up on wednesday morning quite surprised that a large portion of americans decided to side with the current president who is been very clear that he stands beside racism and sexism and xenophobia. what we have seen when all votes are counted is that our democracy is prevailing.
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the people of america are speaking loud and clear and they want change. that they want to move toward unity and that is what vice president biden and senator kamala harris are bringing and that is what we will see prevail. >> donald trump has done better despite how he handled coronavirus and many other things. one of the interesting facts that we are getting out of this election is that the number of black voters that came out to vote for president has improved his standing in this election. why do you think that is? >> there were a lot of deceptive tactics. it is no secret that the trump administration and his campaign targeted black men in ways that were deceptive. there were a lot of lies that
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were put out there. that permeated out and we know that there was just a lot of what people would say shenanigans that were happening throughout the campaign. i think that had somewhat of an impact. it's important to note that when although it's are counted and all is said and done, the story is going to be black women. what they did to carry this election and this nation across the finish line. it will be the story of black women in places like georgia. stacey abrams and others. and black women all across the nation that organized inside and outside the campaign. they did the work, let the strategy that brought us to this moment. >> as we head toward the result, whatever that may be, americans are divided. they are more divided than ever before. joe biden, already we have been hearing from him trying to unite
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people trying to sound presidential. he has a challenging task on hand wringing people together. what can he do specifically to bring the two sides together? to prevent violence on the streets and so forth? >> the first thing that vice president biden will do is speak to all of america. that is what he has done with this campaign and that is what i believe he will continue to do. he will speak to all of america. he understands that he will be the president of the united states of america. quite frankly, president trump has not moved forward in that manner and i believe that vice president biden will show a stark contrast in the way that he leads. i think that also vice president biden will speak again to our values. he is when to start to heal our country. he will fix so much that has been wrong. he will start dealing with the covid pandemic, the economy that
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has been shattered and also racial healing that we need in this country. that donald trump has really stoked hate and rhetoric and i know that vice president biden and senator, harris will do the work to unify us and do the work that is -- >> the democrats will be disappointed that they did not get more votes. what lesson is to be learned? >> the lesson is we have to focus on the base of the party. we have to continue to trust black women, understand that we win with black women. the importance of having senator kamala harris on this ticket and what it meant. it is important to note the strong leadership of black women up and down the ballot --
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ballot. a lesson is not shying away from key issues around criminal justice reform. not shying away from other issues that are pertinent and important to the base. really, most importantly it is expanding the map. when we look at this map, the fact that we are having a conversation about georgia, a state that had not gone blue since 1992, it means that the lesson is that all of the states matter and that we have to have a ground game that is looking at states that have otherwise and written off. that the entire map is our map in this country. that is going to be one of the most important lessons that when we organize and focus on a strategy that redefines the map that we can truly went. >> many thanks for speaking to us. ♪
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you are watching al jazeera. the race to the white house remains too close to call with the outcome resting on a few battleground states. joe biden has taken the lead in pennsylvania, georgia, and nevada. donald trump has made some gains in arizona so far, not enough. joe biden supporters have been celebrating in philadelphia anticipating an eventual victory. winning the state with the electoral college votes would push joe biden beyond the 270 required to take into the white house. donald trump's team is trying to raise $60 million to fund lawsuits challenging the results. the president continues to make unsubstantiated claims about the
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integrity of the election. another race we are keeping an eye on is the house of congress. control of this chamber hangs in the balance. republicans and democrats are deadlocked. the race for a seat in georgia is already set for a runoff in january and three others in georgia. president trump has declared victory multiple times while also alleging voter fraud. his comments have driven a number to distance him. the senator from arizona called on republicans to defend u.s. elections and institutions saying no republican should be ok with the president
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statements. we have also heard from the republican governor of maryland. he joined the condemnation of the president's comments saying in a tweet, there is no defense for the president's comments tonight. america is counting the votes and we must respect the results as always. no person is more important than our democracy. finally leading republican lindsey graham has been standing by the president. >> democracy depends upon fair elections. president trump's team is going to have chance to make a case regarding voting irregularities. they deserve the chance to make that case. i'm going to stand with president trump. if a democrat were doing this, it would be cheered on. >> let's check again with our correspondence and joe biden's
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state. while some republicans have been distancing themselves, donald trump still has the support of a lot of his party. >> there is no question there's a number of prominent advocates who have been very vocal. jim jordan among them saying the president has the right to pursue his legal avenues. this is something he has also had packed up by the republican in the top u.s. senate position, mitch mcconnell, who is saying that the president has a right to have every vote counted. he has stopped short of condemning outright some of the president statements. what we are seeing is republicans trying to calculate their own political futures. when it comes to republicans,
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they did some better than the house of representatives. the blue wave of democrats never materialized. republicans picked up a few seats. the republicans in the senate, as of now they have control of the u.s. senate. this is why we see republicans choosing their words closely -- carefully when it comes to the battle and legal efforts to win a second term. they are calculating their own political futures while trying to ride the coattails of the president. they are also distancing themselves knowing that they need to have a political future beyond donald trump's time in the white house. >> many thanks. now we turn to mike in joe biden towns -- home state of delaware.
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talk us through the mood from the joe biden camp. >> one could sum it up as quietly confident as it has been for the past 24 hours. campaign workers making it clear that joe biden is on the path to victory. they have been crunching the numbers and they are absolutely certain that he will win this election. nobody is saying that publicly. joe biden himself saying that he is confident of victory. once the votes have been counted, he does not want to get ahead of himself or indeed ahead of the voter. he is waiting for the votes to be counted. no premature claiming a victory at this stage. we understand also that he was do be speaking here in the course of the evening. this may be wait until the result is called, until the predictions are made that would ensure that he gets the
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presidency. we will have more details as the evening wears on. very much a sense of confidence, but joe biden setting the tone. he is calling for patience and call. he has been calling importantly for unity. this is a key issue for joe biden. he has focused throughout the campaign. during the past 48 hours, has been reiterating that it's time for the country to get together that the four years of division have driven people apart and he has said in his comments just 24 hours ago, there is more that brings americans together then tears them apart. this is what we are likely to hear from him. nobody in the campaign and certainly not joe biden is going to claim premature victory until the votes are counted. >> that was mike in wilmington. let's take a closer look at donald trump's legal efforts. his campaign has filed lawsuits
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in georgia, michigan, pennsylvania, and nevada. states where he has lost or faces a close race. there are states that include allegations of late and invalid votes being tabulated and observers being denied access. he has been unable to declare any significant victory so far. two lawsuits have been dismissed for lack of evidence. no one provided examples of donald trump's fraud claims. he has promised to take his case all the way to the supreme court. our next guest is a lawyer and works at the revolving door project. he is joining us from washington, d.c. thank you for joining us. as i have been outlining, the president is still very much pushing these legal challenges
5:40 pm
in various states. the problem seems to be, he doesn't have any concrete evidence that he is been able to provide. >> is evidence that the rule of law may not be the sturdiest it has ever been in american history. it is definitely not down to nothing. donald trump cannot create legal arguments out of thin air even with republican judges around the country. some of us in our more cynical moments would have feared that claims made by this president would be upheld by judges. the rule of law is standing up pretty strong and donald trump is losing any which way. it is very reassuring. >> do any of the cases have any legs at all that he is challenging? >> no, it is a testament to the
5:41 pm
workers in civil society groups and the party to address as many issues as possible in advance of the election and get the situation squared away in advance of the election such that there wouldn't be a lot of certainty after the fact. there would be a nun system in place, everyone would understand the rules and go by them and in order to prevent the possibility with significant litigation occurring after the fact. a famous analysis i have seen is that the only thing that separates a donald trump election lawsuit and tweet is that you have to pay a filing fee with a lawsuit. in other words, it's just a tweet with filing fee. >> what do you think the strategy is?
5:42 pm
>> the strategy is to perpetually play the victim. donald trump is the strongest of grievance politics i have ever seen. this man who grew up rich and has had every advantage has always been complaining about the things he doesn't have and he doesn't have them because he is a victim. he wants to claim he is a victim and he wants to threaten to stay in the white house so that they will give him something like a pardon in the short run to avoid criminal liability and in the long run, he wants his followers to give him power even as he is out of office. >> what effect do you think these claims, which many supporters believe, what effect will it have on the democratic process? do you think it will have an effect on future elections?
5:43 pm
>> the glass half-full case is that what is going on now shows the system can hold. the glass half empty take is that you have a universe of credulous voters who want to believe conspiracy theories from being radicalized by the president and social media. which is more predictive? i think glass half-empty is plausible, but i am mildly encouraged by the courts doing the right thing thus far. >> we are hearing that the trump team is raising money to push forward many more legal challenges. the question is, how long can he
5:44 pm
stretch the process out? how long can he go on doing this? >> i think it can go on quite a while in the sense that he himself refusing to continue. the man could live to be 90 years old and not concede the election. the lawyers could go into the courts for the next couple of months for short. i think their patients is going to diminish and the media is eager to call this thing, that it's going to change in the next 24-48 hours. i think it's going to end with a whimper more than a bang. i don't think we're going to end with a concession, we will just see people take him less and
5:45 pm
less seriously. >> many thanks for your thoughts. let's bring you some other world news shortly. an all-time high of daily coronavirus infections and deaths in france. israel is criticized for carrying out the biggest demolition of palestinian homes in years.
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>> the united states has seen another record jumping coronavirus infections. widespread testing has confirmed hundred 20,000 cases were announced on thursday breaking the record set the day before. the country has reported 1200 deaths linked to the virus bringing the total to 235,000. the new daily number has risen by 50,000 in less than a week. another new record in france for the second straight day. there were almost 60,500 new cases on friday. 828 deaths. the rest were recorded by retirement homes over the last few days. there have been arrests in london at a protest by people who oppose the lockdown. overall, the u.k. recorded 23,000 new cases on friday and
5:48 pm
we hundred 55 deaths. the daily death toll is up more than 35% compared to the week before. denmark is calling millions of make -- make after coronavirus was discovered on farms. the government has confirmed that the virus has infected more than 200 people. >> as europe scrambles to confirm -- combat covid-19, warnings from denmark of a new strain of the virus. authorities have begun calling -- culling the mink. the virus has been found to spread from them to humans. >> we start today at 7:00 so we can do it fast as we can. i hope we can do it in 10 days. >> more than 200 people in denmark are now infected.
5:49 pm
the numbers are rising. >> i have chosen to take extensive and comprehensive measures in the current situation. culling of 17 million mink effectively shutting down the industry in denmark for now. local restrictions in the affected areas. large-scale testing of the population. this is not a decision that has been taken lightly. it is a necessary precaution. >> what is worrying scientists is that the strain shows decreased sensitivity against antibodies meaning that vaccines currently under development to treat covid-19 might not be able to stop it. the world health organization praised the decision showing the denmark -- sang the denmark show determination and courage. this is likely to devastate the countries health industry.
5:50 pm
others are encouraged to be vigilant or large numbers of animals are packed together but stressed the mutations occur often and don't always pose an increased risk to humans. >> tatian's are normal. these changes in the virus are something we have been tracking since the beginning. you have heard me say many times that we have a global laboratory network and a specific working group that is looking at the virus evolution and these changes. >> they have also been culled in other countries. the dutch government said it was speeding up its timeline first -- shutting down mink farms. china is also one of the worlds largest producers of pelts. they have made no changes announcements to the industry. scientists fear that also pull strings of coronavirus could emerge simultaneously. winning the war against one does
5:51 pm
not mean destroying all of them. >> ethiopia's prime minister says they have carried out airstrikes on a northern region. they mobilized troops after accusing the regions leaders of deadly attack on a military base this week. he says the ethiopian air force has now bombed armed depots and destroyed military hardware in the region. >> during the process of law enforcement, there could be airstrikes that will not target civilians. whether they will target dangerous forces. to avoid peril, i advised that you limit group movements within cities. >> the country that your forefathers paid for has been disgraced by this evil force. it should be brought to justice and i call on you to stand against it and support us so we
5:52 pm
can finish this task and move on to develop our nation in a short time. >> opposition candidates and an ivory coast presidential poll could face imprisonment for denying the result of the vote. that is according to a public prosecutor. the court has extended a deadline for objections to last weekend's election results. the president has been declared the winner, but opposition parties say they will set up a transitional government. our reporter is there with how people are reacting to the political uncertainty. >> streets of the capital are much calmer than they used to be in the early days of the election. now, there is less security presence. there is significant presence of these security forces around the homes of opposition leaders. apart from that, because of the comms situation, economic
5:53 pm
activities are pking up. here's one of the markets in the city and traders are opening their shops. although there are many traders and businessmen still skeptical of the situation. they would prefer to wait until after the pronouncement of the constitutional court and see how things go from there. apart from the economic sector, the education sector is also being closely watched. schools are due to resume next monday. there are concerns from families and people in the capital about whether or not to send their children back to school. there are people who have moved their families out of the country ahead of the election fearing the breakout while calling to ask if it is safe to bring the children back to school. people are watching closely to see if the schools will reopen or if some schools would prefer to see how things go after the report and whether there will be reaction from opposition supporters. >> european diplomats have
5:54 pm
criticized the israeli government while on a visit to an occupied west bank village. right groups say israeli troops flattened tents and other housing structures including 41 children and teenagers. they say the structures were put up without permission. eu representatives say it's a violation of international law. two mosques in austria have been closed after four people were killed and 22 injured in vienna earlier this week. the integration minister insists the move is not an attack on the islamic faith. the gunman was shot during his attacks. austria has admitted to intolerable mistakes. myanmar is holding its second general election since it ended military rule. the voting amid fighting among
5:55 pm
some groups. this means some people will not be able to vote and it is raising concern. >> weeks before polling opens, migrant workers cast their votes in advance. one of them is from an ethnic maori -- minority who works with an organization that helps migrant workers in thailand. she has also been visiting communities to encourage others to vote. >> i want to explain to people that we cannot ignore politics or the election. this is about our future. if the political situation improves then we would not to leave the country to find work. >> not everyone will have the chance to vote. polling will not take place in dozens of townships in conflict zones or those deemed under the
5:56 pm
control of ethnic armed groups. this is a refugee living in a camp for displaced people in thailand. he says he is not surprised that it is ethnic minorities who are affected by the election commission's decision. >> government always finds an excuse to cancel the boat. they claim it is because of conflict and it's not safe for people to travel to vote. this helps the parties to win the election and it does not help ethnic party at all. >> fighting between the military and army has displaced more than 200,000 people in less than two years. voting will now not take place in more than half of the 17 townships. this state is home to most of the countries ethnic remainder. the majority will not be able to vote. even though they have been in the country for generations, the government considers them stateless and for decades, it is
5:57 pm
used a series of laws to deprive them of citizenship. in 2017, a violent military crackdown caused nearly three quarters of a million people to flee to bangladesh. >> we were disenfranchised as a whole community. this election, we cannot participate at all. the result is nothing for us. >> this is the second freely contested general election since 2011. many analysts expect the ruling party to win. whoever wins will have to share power with the military. that is guaranteed 25% of parliamentary seats and control of three important ministries. many here say that shows there is still a long road ahead on
5:58 pm
the path to democracy. >> you are up-to-date. a lot more news at the top of our. stay with us here on al jazeera. ♪
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