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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 8, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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♪ anchor: welcome to you, live from paris. world news and analysis from france 24. a 90-year-old woman in the u.k. has become the first person in the world to receive a fully tested covid vaccine injection. margaret celebrates her birthday next week, and calls the shot the best present that she could wish for. the first black person to be nominated as u.s. secretary of defense, president-elect joe
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biden as tapped lloyd austin to be general. the leaders of britain and the european union will meet in the next 24 hours for a final push for a briggs it deal. -- a briggs it -- brexit deal. the year-end deadline is slipping away. we are paris. -- live from paris. thank you very much for being with us. we start with disturbing news from the world of football. the championship league match has been suspended amid allegations of racism leveled
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against a match official. the turkish team refused to carry on with the match and left the pitch at the park de france. the game stopped in the 22nd minu, or thereabouts. let's bring in our sports editor for more on this one. simon, good evening. tell us about what has happened, all allegations at this stage of course, and what is happening now. simon: everything to be taken with a pinch of salt. sebastian cortes got into an altercation, and when the refee went to give him aed rd, the assistant referee allegedly said to the black guy, i am using the words he is using , the staff was outraged by the choice of words. there is an exchange circulating
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on twitter with the former newcastle united stker, sayg whenou point to a whit guy, you s this gu but when you point to this guy, you specify black person? the match has been suspended, the game was due to resume at 10:00 p.m. that has not happened as of yet from what we can see. marco: simon, sorry to cut across you -- i'm seeing here that this game will not restart, the team will not be going back onto the pitch. clearly, the players on the turkish team are feeling extremely strongly aut this. simon: yes, correct. if that information is confirmed and goes against what the french broadcaster was saying, that the official would be expelled and the game would resume, we don't
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really know. no one knows what is happening, unless you are inside the ground. it is another proof of racisin football, unfortunately. we have said time and time again on set, we need to take a stand. players, staff, ubs need to be brave enough to take a stand against this, regardless of whether or not you forfeit a game. if that is the decision that they will take, it can only go, it's a decision that honors them, of course. it is still unconfirmed, we will have to wait for confirmation from uafa, but at this point in time, i have no further information to give other than those allegations, and that the game for the moment is still --. marco: simon harding, our sports editor.
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the president saying that the team will not take part in the match if the fourth official who has been accused by the players of racism remains in place. the fourth official is necessary for the running of the actual gain. -- actual game. paris versus istanbul, it has been suspended on allegations of racism leveled against the fourth match official. this all emerging in an incident involving a red card being shown to a coaching official on the turkish side. we will get more on this as we can. our sports editor's on developments too. thank you for that, simon. let's move on with the rest of the world news. the first fully tested vaccination against covid-19 has been given to an elderly woman in central england. this tuesday, margaret keenan
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described it as her best possible early birthday present. she says the vaccine will enable her to spend her 91st birthday next week with her family. p.m. boris johnson is warning that this is not the end of covid. the anti-vaxxers are claiming that the vaccine should be avoided, and johnson calls them mad. >> this woman was the first person to get the pfizer biontech vaccine, just before turning 91. and she is ready to celebrate. >> [inaudible] >> the u.k. government plans to administer 800,000 doses of the vaccine and the -- in the coming weeks, with the nation's most vulnerable given priority. it is described as the biggest immunization program in the uk's history.
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health-care workers have already begun to be vaccinated, which is a relief for many after months of fighting the virus. >> it will make it easier for us in some aspects, but we will still need ppe, because we will still get people coming through. hopefully we can carry on working. >> delivering doses of the vaccine is a logistical challenge, as it needs to be stored around -70 degrees celsius. there are concerns that supply chains could be disrupted by the end of the year, as the vaccine is made in belgium. the british vaccination program will be watched closely, taking note of successes and failures, as other countries hope to roll out similar programs. marco: let's join our correspondent in london live with more on the situation. a good evening to you. i hope you are staying safe and well. it is always a pleasure to see you. how is this first day of
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vaccination going? >> well, v-day, vaccination day, as it has been dubbed, has gonefr smoothly. there was not a huge, huge number today, but it is the beginning, the very start, the first step in this mass vaccination program. the biggest in the national health service history of the united kingdom,nd we know that 50 hospitals across all formations, england, scotland, wales, and northern ireland were involved. 800,000 doses have arrived in the united kingdom with unmarked vans, a very secret process with this inauguration today, and as you need two doses with the first today and three weeks later with the second one, after that you are said to be immune. i do not know if you can transfer the virus, though. it is logistically complex and
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has to be stored at -17 degrees. who has been vaccinated? the over 80's and the vaccinate her's, so nursing staff, frontline staff, and as soon as possible, care home residents and staff. we have heard the first person outside of clinical trials, margaret keenan, saying, go and get it. if i can do it, you can do it. she has now become world famous. it is interesting to see, the second person, the first man in the united kingdom, william shakespere from warwickshire. that has been duly noted. to be or not to be vaccinated, clearly he knew how to ask that question, and he said yes. the vaccine is free, not compulsory, and it is interesting to see matt hancock and boris johnson going to various hospitals in london and
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witnessing it firsthand. marco: both prime minister johnson and health secretary haock are urging caution and urging people to act sensibly. >> yes, becausehis is the very first step. about 4 million people will be vaccinated by christmas, but the bulk of the population, and the hope is that it will have a very big take up, we need to all be vigilant. even people who have had the first dose. that means wearing a face covering, social distancing, washing hands and obeying the measures. ere's talk tonight that london, the effective rate has been going up, we could get within 10 days even stricter measures here. the prime minister urged caution, most people to be patient, and covid-19 has taken a cold -- terrible toll
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in t u.k.. so far, thisakes a total of over 62,0 deaths. we can't afford to relax. that's the main message of the health secretary matt hancock and also boris johnson. marco: indeed, and a message that we can heat in this time of pandemic. benedict, stay safe in london. thank you once again. thank you. joe biden has chosen the first-ever black person to be u.s. defense secretary. tired army general lloyd austin has a stellar record of military service and advised biden on national security issues during this transition of power. the president's next choice has to be confirmed by congress. biden has also revealed the names of his health team, his first task will be fighting the covid pandemic. >> today, i am announcing in
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consultation with dr. tony fauci, we have developed the first three objectives of the new initiatives that i am asking this team to complete once i am sworn in. in our first 100 days in office. my first 100 days will end the covid-19 virus -- i can't promise that. but, but, we did not get into this mess quickly. we are not going to get out of it quickly. it is going to take some time. but i am absolutely convinced that it 100 days we can change the course of the disease and change life in america for the better. marco: joe biden, president-elect, spelling it out. in 100 days he hopes things can be changed, but it will not happen immediately. let's bring in a lecturer from the ucl center for u.s. politics. a pleasure to have you with us. let's begin by talking about lloyd austin. what is your thought on the choice of joe biden for his defense secretary? >> lloyd austin wasn't as
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well-known as some of the other candidates for the secretary of defense position, but he really is in line with what we have seen some of biden's other picks in terms his strong experience and his close working relationship with biden. he has extensive relationships in the middle east, was the u.s. commander in iraq during the surge, and also during the withdrawal, and served as the head of central command over the whole middle east and central asia region. it was during that time that he and biden worked quite closely together under the obama administration and had a strong relationship, and also ended up leaving on the efforts of isis. he brings a lot of expertise in areas that will continue to be central for the united states, including middle east engagement, afghanistan, counterterrorism, and brings a lot of logistical expertise to the position. marco: and he's black, which sends a different kind of
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message to the people of the united states, who are accusing the institution of a sickly being institutionally racist. -- of basically being institutionally racist. >> it is notable. biden is trying to have a diverse team around him and lloyd austin will be the first african-american to serve as defense secretary. it is notable for the defense position in particular, about 40% of the u.s. military is made up of nonwhite members, so it is a notch to the diversity of the military, but also to the greater diversity of the biden team that he is putting together. marco: in terms of the health team, dr. anthony fauci, of course, in many ways, the whipping boy of donald trump. he rides again. he is back, he is still there, and he is looking very much like he will be front and center in the ongoing fight against covid-19? >> absolutely, mark. again, the covid response has
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been first and foremost for biden in this transition period, he put together the task force after the election. he is planning on maintaining dr. fauci's leadership position with infectious diseases, and has already prioritized this 100 days, encouraging people to wear masks. we will see a change of optics and messaging from the white house from day one, and of course, the team of experts that he is filling out the cabinet positions as well on that effort. mark: thank you, as ever, for joining us and giving us an analysis of the situation. joe biden picking his u.s. defense secretary picked, lloyd austin, a former army general, and dr. anthony fauci a very key role in the health team of that, biden has also unveiled. we will bring you more as we get it, of course. next, a last ditch bid to avoid
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a no deal brexit will take place in the next 24 hours. boris johnson will meet with ursula von der leyen in russell's. -- brussels. >> adding to the gloom, irish prime minister michael martin said that unless there was an imminent breakthrough, the eu leaders that to meet in brussels thursday and friday would have to discuss contingency plans for the economic disruptions a no deal would bring. >> the situation is serious in terms of where we are now. >> this is not about choreography, as some people may think. this is a serious issue that will be difficult to resolve. unfortunately, we are facing a possibility of no brexit of something else does not shake out over the next day or two. >> there was a breakthrough in
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one area as both sides had reached an agreement with how trade work on northern ireland, the only part that shares a land border with the eu. the eu said it would drop causes and interrupt domestic legislation that breached the withdrawal agreement and international law. british prime minister boris johnson will meet the president of the european commission in brussels on monday to try and close gaps in the negotiation that have been struggled with for months. britain formally left the eu in january, but has been in a period of transition where they have been in the eu's single market. if there is no trade agreement by december 30 first, businesses on both sides would be hit hard. mark: as you would expect, we will be watching every development on this key meeting, which is set to happen later tomorrow, wednesday, in brussels. prosecutors in the corruption trial of informer french
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president order him to be sentenced to a prison term of two years. the 65-year-old right-winger, the first modern head of state to appear in a court, is accused of trying to bribe a judge for an exchange of inside information of an inquiry into his campaign finances. paris prosecutors are also demanding stiff sentences of five years, up to life in jail, for 14 suspected a complements -- accomplices of the islamist government. 16 people were killed in the attack on the paper. they also showed that policewomen -- shot dead a policewoman in the south of paris. >> public prosecutors on tuesday
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sought jail terms from five years to life for 14 people suspected of helping gunmen carry out jihadist attacks in 2015. the assailants, who died in shootouts with police, killed 17 people. >> [speaking french] >> the main defendant is accused of arming a man who killed a police officer and four hostages at a kosher supermarket in paris, as well as arming two brothers that were responsible for harming 12 people at satirical magazine charlie hebdo. one of the three suspects being tried in abstention was also
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recommended a life sentence. the lawyer said they requested sentences were too severe. >> [speaking french] >> prosecutors sought a 30 year jail sentence for his girlfriend , although her whereabouts have remained unknown since she fled to syria shortly after the attacks. the verdict is expected on december 16. mark: we will be watching for more on that story. it was 40 years ago today john lennon was shot dead. the one time beetle left a musical legacy stretching worldwide in his native city of liverpool. fans everywhere have been
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marking the occasion. >> former beatle john lennon was shot and killed last night outside of his luxury apartment in new york. >> it was here at the dakota building in manhattan that john lennon was murdered. he lived in the apartment building with his wife, yoko ono, and his young son, sean. lennon's killer, who had been waiting outside, fired five shots, four hitting the singer in the back and the shoulder. >> i did not realize there were shots until after i saw the police car. apparently john lennon had been shot. within two minutes of the time they got there, they brought out lennon, five or six police officers carrying him, putting him in the backseat of the car. >> he was rushed the hospital and despite several blood transfusions, had little chance of surviving' his severe
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injuries. his murderer was sentenced to life in prison, where he remains. thousands of fans gathered outside the dakota building to mourn the loss of the former beatle, and one of the most iconic musical icons of the 2 0th century. within just four years, the group was propelled to global pop stardom. beatlemania had arrived. they recorded 14 albums and eventually disbanded in 1970. as their career progressed, their work took on a more surreal and experimental tone. following the breakup of the beatles, lennon recorded a number of successful solo albums, including imagine, one of his most well-known. one that was immortalized in new york city's central park. now place of pilgrimage for his fans. mark: remembering john lennon, who was gunned down near his
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home in new york 40 years ago today. let's go to business. kate moody is standing by. let's start with the closing bell on wall strt. for whom does the bell toll? [laughter] kate: it was good news for investors today, mark. a number of record highs for u.s. stocks, despite a sluggish start to the trading session today. major indices gained about half a percentage point each, the s&p 500 closing above the mark of true thousand 700 for the first time -- 3700 for the first time ever. pfizer began distributing the covid 19 vaccine in the u.k., and the fda deemed the same vaccine safe and effective. with all small signs of progress -- we saw small signs of progress on capitol hill, but lawmakers have yet to reach a
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compromise. the british indices closed flat, the pounds dropped once again against the euro and the dollar. it rose after the u.k. agreed to withdraw some of the more controversial elements of its new brexit law, but it fell back again as that stalemate over the u.k. and eu dragged on. talks over the post brexit future will continue, but that deadline is looming and analysts say they are expecting significant volatility in the days to come and the pound could plunge if those talks collapse. mark: kate, the australian government is pushing ahead with legislation that will see digital platforms pay for some news content. this is intriguing. tell us more. kate: this is one of the strongest concrete actions taken to reign in those tech giants. it is specifically aimed at google and facebook. the australian parliament is set to take up this, saying they
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would need to pay a fee to local media companies before they display their stories or reports. more than half of australians access their news on more than one of two platforms, but account for four fits of all australian advertising spending. while the companies argue they are giving more disability to news providers, the government says the model needs to change. take a listen. >> this is a world first. then the world is watching what happens here in australia. our legislation, which will be introduced in parliament tomorrow and go to a committee, a senate committee, our legislation will help ensure that the rules of the digital world mirror the rules of the physical world.
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kate: google has already struck a $1 billion deal with some publishers from around the world, including here in france, to feature their content in a new product, called the google news showcase. it is clear that there is indeed growing pressure around the world for a bigger shift. mark: switching gears now, a tesla factory being built in germany has run into some unexpected complications. kate: yes. for the second time this year, constructi of that new giga factory has been halted on environmental concerns. clearing forest land on that site has to be stopped for now, as activists say it could destroy a colony of snakes hibernating in those trees. authorities are addressing the situation and tesla has refused to comment, but the delays could throw a wrench in tesla's
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construction of the factory was halted because of concerns about the impact on drinking water supplying the area. later in the year, it was halted to diffuse some bombs from the second world war that had been discovered on that site. the factoryill evenally be tesla's biggest and first european factory and play a key role in its strategy, but there are a number of speed bumps on the way. tesla cars may be less polluting then traditional models, but the company is not entirely a friend to the environment. mark: kate moody with the business, thank you very much indeed. that's it for the moment. stay with us, more news to come. ♪
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