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tv   Witness  LINKTV  December 30, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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even approach it. some migrants have tried to scale the fence and been tear gassed and sent back home. [tatyana speaking spanish] campbell: tatyana and ruben face months in limbo. processing for asylum has been deliberately slowed. [ruben speaking spanish] campbell: donald trump's threatened state of emergenc may not getim his wall. in any case, barriers like this
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haven't stopped millions chasing the american dream. [man singing in spanish] campbe: and more caravans are on their way. [man singing in spanish] pñpñpñpe
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formation roots yeah i found this on the road [inaudible]
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the thing [inaudible] that. on the call. so based on these rules is the name under which our record and play reggae music in india. reggae music is really kind of shipboard life from. a very young age you know. and you know it it may come from jamaica but i feel that. it talks about justice equality it talks about colonialism. reggae music has a message that's that's deeply relevant in today's world and especially for the i think. when does this kind of all out right wing assault on our freedom? to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists filmmakers
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[inaudible] right. to i've been so good to know so the committed this form of arrested. and people out on the streets. the protest is reached our doorstep. so in whichever way you know i'd like i'd like to attempt to contribute something to this [inaudible] leave. if you c't be a part of the struggles of john happening in the country. what what the meaning of culture and artistic production meaning is to kind of bring people together to be a voice organ? off off the people .
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if you're playing the people's music. you have to find a way to take it to the people then and if that's always what a gentleman i was frustrated doing what i'm doing always. i dreamt of that i know what is something you can do when i don't want to dance can do a lo. these are things we should not only happen it's like i need music venue this should. i would in in in my jeans this is something which i want to be able to contribute to our middle of a gathering of protest space that i think there is a space with this could be a vue. we first to address the restrictns. was to go back to the hard already knows it which is
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something called. and softness and i'm not just a stack of speakers. some systems traditionally have been a way to take things in your own han and find ways to take mus straight people. i mean literally i mean one thing with the sound system ever since i started playing reggae music is most of my life. some systems i expensive and you can buy the ready made you have to build it yourself. so with a mix of crowd funding and our own money me and my partner some other sort of building all one system. and it takes a lotf knowledge andxperience to build its own system you're lucky to find solace. sound engineer to help us build always. we'll see what it's like. and if you can. name that would sort of that this is the this is the real deal. and i'm getting a big run on so we can to get across. it's having some way to play it that's the biggest. at's the biggest tng is finding some way to actually
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turn it on is this. land with a this would be the easiest way to say this is sam. and then the other. one what channel brings a why do you feel the need to stay home with the fly is important to understand that. because if the string out wrong things will go back [inaudible] my day. course menu can can somebody with this man. it doesn't help. so reload students only. something that start as an idea. suenly becomes a reality and
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the down physical system that you're on top of imagine this a green seven different places. setting it up people coming ago it's this no. i meant changes from number four if a -- ever this is sports and writers and singers who are the four and there. was the movie simply select the most threatened because tir rds have found when the supreme liquids and i'm not even sure i wanted to be a success because if it is then backing me more troubles. as a mother as williams read consumer.
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alright but isn't all. apologies to everyone trying to sleep. i mean is that right. this is the final ten more minutes all music. it goes like this. i don't remember who shot over from india offer talk. around the world. the main channel that lies before us is. where are we going to ban all people going to react? you know how are people going to react if i take the system to a protest space or to a street corner. and now people going. to letoose and dance with us and and get it or people going to be like yo. you know. be dismissive and black who's this privileged.
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we continue to test it and i know how to operate the system. and we played a gig to launch i. i'm not too long after i i'm going to call from my old university and seamsere asking us to come. and bring t system then to support their comrades were on hung strike [inaudible] one this is the and so it doesn't
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look like this. you get it in order. i thought that it. no you nervous man i mean the golf is nervous because you want to be relevant and you want to be able to communicate and create meaning and all. set to indoor you never know you know like what sometimes the wonder like. can you do that things are making music and i kind of been doing this whole life i love it but you still have a have a dot you know. for this reason. the king on the revenues and if there's no music in the convention if the condensed wit. and what this is supposed to be also fun with. so then it's important for these kind of things -- these kind of medium he's been about business kind of music do you have any of the reporting party and they do a lot in the living.
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do you live [inaudible] what? i don't. want to find some solution [inaudible going on finally. we are here [inaudible] this is. it was almost one year [inaudible] last month. two nights on you revolutionary songs .
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in the in the beginning when i started playing that actually off everyone to sit down. which i didn't want to put ke so. i'm playing records. and i have a scene of people like sitting on the ground looking at me expectantly. whichade me very uncomfortable nine hours it wasn't working in quite the way that i want because the whole idea is that people. don't look at me look at each other and join us at right. you don't have to watch them on here. i want you guys. to each other. you know what i mean.
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jump at least [inaudible] one i've just been informed. switch off the music. i'm ready. to go on good to be.
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the music is all but on the june was confidence that our do good work. to pyed other proteins andited other venues in. reading the itching to take the system. and then finally what a johnston students from fda which is india's leading finance us to turn on the campus important. we are is all to see major protests against the government. and we'll we'll bring. on the struggle. and hopefully ought to be able to contribute some energy to their arm ran for mayor.
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supposed to do a show at fifty eight and well the director of the institute from what i gather the first time i met them what's a what's a people's organization the very much kind of pushing for change. shin is exactly the kind of people that i want to work with. they've never really heard reggae music before that never really experienced based on sound system before. so you you don't know all this thing is going to go. can. hello hello. hi how are you. yeah [inaudible] i don't. is the biggest music actually may be of assistance in order. get it to want to want me. he still water maybe so b to
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make a living the walkways and i think leah i saw a musical play unitech musical dial. you basically double does go [inaudible] yeah. we use mail app. how can music amici leak on the hotel uniform a medical? company with that at all yeah they give musical people being missional tomatoes is it going to go on the block. no he doesn't need to make a music it was saying. at two hundred two today could you hear them between the americans are not --
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it c it caindicate fast i cry [inaudible] does. it'll give again. i realize that the combination of jamaican music with local lyrics what serve a dual purpose and not only would it make the show more dynamic.
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it would also help us communicate the music's message the audience. and with that in mind i i suggested to look at that you also get these rap was down because what they see. the the rap in hindi and marath. they have revolutionary songs and we felt that this would help the audience to connect to the show. it. mark. to mark this audition but if such you bought. well man this is rough. the work this -- manta of tough talk to women i think it's empowering them. it's important for the m. c. and it's importing falling for the people here it because look i mean a lot of the times. culture that's imported from abroad. is english culture in there sometimes is associated with it needs you know but this is not
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what this music is this is get the music you know. so i think -- for people to hear things from from here it's like. it makest makes everything of everything more meaningful and rough i for you not. job needle and smashed the place apartment people feel as if it was printed in the in the bodies are moved but so much and i'm saying [inaudible] check. and i'm not. best phone there's not seven and i can. the woman known to do today's show definitely it's kind of a test for us to see all four things can cross over. how far people will connect to what we're doing and i hope that the singles from local out then? and and and the rappers and stuff when it kind of element
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that people relate to and connect -- to woman when i am bucky's amid the abilities i have you watched [inaudible] it number. i'm new at this for my he hooked up on set the the the reception hall. we've done the killing in. mom bought. up yet in the little people
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because maybe about the war. jenny wolf hey to make all of them will deduct their course not at the box office of good that you do once guy said god you policy that it got there. the whole movie political group. we'll skip that you program will. develop as cities okay politics worldpost ben as of the keys at the wall what i seventy six which leads us to them dot indicative. to estimate how mom called me bought bought safely - down below the summit of and i will take on but yeah we have
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using monday. well i mean little but then that's a big. he is the one that isn't a guarantee. yeah i got it from one of i came in at no hundred at a concert here. us some on hand. he moves on search and he wasn'. leading odds all rights i mean i'm going out. i'm c. vzv about getting it. voting is a all the drives in june if lion thought this thing and one call right not in the office on the major lazer told with regard to on the all risk. that the love boat respect to all the worry us with that and not the forest no it again i
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mean number. one to me is that it's one of those all possible come on down the way his riches on this plan the from [inaudible] but if [inaudible] saudi. control but that's the lawmakers but so.
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you'll you'll you'll please. they had a ten o'clock in the i. a previous job. the home because you
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[inaudible] thank you. no no no . to see everybody energized in this way and dancing in this way with so much freedom. gives me a lot of joy it also gives me a lot of that. for me this is just the beginning that that shows the potential now our task is to find ways. to build on this find ways to make it more poignant [inaudible] more important. the journey ahead. for that much is clear o÷o÷o÷o÷ov
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