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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  August 30, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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announcer: on this episode of "earth focus," lessons learned during hurrice katrinare being t to theest alonthe cst of losiana. so predictew orlns will be suerged byhe endf this cenry. the gion's surval depds on s abity to apt tolimate cnge. if sucessful,ouisianaay provi a bluepnt forthers arnd the wld. [filadvance clicng]
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tucker:here werfamili werkids in e street playingootball,ight? the wereeighbo. this house s the cay lady. kids,e would me down a spend o quarterand t here this poh and ea and jusenjoy thatmosphe ofthe commity, rig, and tht wentway justvernig. it ju got wasd away. elicopt whirrin man: are sing scen like this onehroughouthe city iebermando you rember if y told em thatthe leees had oken?
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bro: i don't reca specifally, buit was tt w orlea is floong. lters: n sit. oed over em planton their rch la night,uh? ss is se upset th you. aouple ofonths ag we had ran storm,ust a ornary rainstorin southst louiana. it s one of the days tt we thoht, "heyjust a ltle rain but low ad behol the ci flooded.he draine system was not upo par. tuer: we led hurrines as kidsi rememb when e calm me, we wld play t in the ater. itas just other da
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ff from hool, right,ut now it's terrifng. it's terrfying. lters: ts is not hoax. ths is rea climatehange is rel, so hodo we li with it? i ink in ts sectn of town, 're srting to underand thatater and lite change goes hd in nd. johnsn: new leans ithe st 5 to 7 years s really taken on great aptation climateesiliencand clate chae. elevaon is onof the maor adaptions thayou sotimes se is thathe housesre raisehigher. thiis the cter for e sustnable engement a developmt. we ve rain gards here. help
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communies how tbuild ra garden we alsoave a chard. y see ovehere, we havlemons. t us oneff here. ater krina, u had al these tons from e water,o tht went io the so, and that's all er the lower ninth wardnd probay a lot losiana. evintly, th processf going through the trs to beafruit, idoesn't come in t fruit. also, we recommenabove-begardens wheryou can t fresh il to ve you cps that e not tanted witthat poi. wht we've trd to do help with theommunityo firs ucate them becse theyget nfused aut, you ow, is climate ange a pitical ise. is iteal? wjust try to give them the cts. thewe try to sw how th can be advates f how we adapt to at clima. cker: ife don't do methin all ts beau of new orlns thatveryby loves,ouristcome dowto e, the'll beookingt
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jt water.hat'it. wiiams: the plan we've ried onelieves at we cafight ter, anif you've ev been to a ach when tre'a rtide a you thk you c ght wate you willearn that y will le that btle. waoner: wi a clite adaption plan, y have a t system a a dry stem, so en you eed to ft water out, youan do at, but en you ed to lethe watein, yocan let e water thrgh thasystemnto thse nals a circula it arou e city. willms: i ansome peole mighwalk pas here an think, "oh, yh. it's just orgrown
2:36 pm it's a w-lying ea thatas certain vegetion in ithat is e perfect vegetion wheyou nt wateto absorand be able to ssipate a more grual ratei mean, doesn't loolike a t of natur science,ut ther's a lot o tural sence that es into it. wagoner: cts less ave green frastrucre becau ths is lowaintenan. thiis a mod of a pa of the city the main draina basin. you ve an unrground stem, e white lis under e ear. the id was to t the aternto thespipes, tget th watero the pumps and ush it o. that w the method. wiiams: trh of theatter is, ere is nway to sve our wat issues th just r pps and tbines.t's t enoughit willever be enough. ggoner:ou know,ecades o ing thwrong thg usuall ki you. wgot our ath rning in005.
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lliamsif thereas a poitical ll to ma sure hat thisity seesnother00 yers, it wld meahaving ery beatiful, very aesthic bleways alg with genwa throhout theity, us living with water, so that when that next storm comes, because it's going to come--that's a fact-- that water has a place to go other than your cars and your homes and the street. [film advance clicks] reed: at some point after hurricane katrina, people started get really serus about costal isss, and ty staed to thk about sk reduion, procting pele fm floodi, togeth with restoraon as onthing th eds to baddresse and s we me up wi this cotal aster an whichs a li of pjects at havbeen scieifically vette and so we ve projes that ddge
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marial froone ple and pu it ianother ace to aually bui new mares wherehere's opn watert the mont. on the rk-reductn sidewe hae extensive ries of leveesnd floodtes arou some crical coaal counities.hese a project thawe thi will wo, not wok now, b work in the fute. man: thiis skyla 5478 noember. kolke state's coaal maste pln is a $ billi, 50-yea plani conser myself an eanograpr and coastal ologist,o i lo at issus le why weink in lisiana, d i alslook aissuesike howe rebud coasta landspe. the rrier isnds are onef the fit lines defee ainst atorm, rit, so noice how is is nopretty
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ch contious. the's n channs in theiddle oft. this is examp of a reored barrr island all rht. th you can senew orles, so th's e of the mor post-trina lee improvents, so thidea waso basally to ll off ts area to preve a stormurge fro getti to the wer nintward. leve are somimes bui with earth,nd sometes they're built wi concrete, b the coreoint is that ty are al a wall at protes an are from ves d risingaters rom a srm. the ggest variae in thiis sea lel rise. the sealevel rise ras are athe low e of the specum of wh people pdict, th you cou rebuild rge are of the ndscape and prove flood otection for lot of pple. if tes ar at the gh end, en i think lot of eas wilbe lost,ven wi the state's best forts.
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l rightwell, weome to codrie. e maste plan needs aot of int, and sthe kind owork thai do fee intohe paramers thathe ste needss part oits masteplan. so, younow, i jt wantedo ve you aiew of wt the sa marss around here ok like. you c see thathere's rsh f miles ithat dirtion. mahes prove a lot buffer om storenergy, they're a buffebetween r human civilition andhe sea, the restoration iolves pumping sediment inta marsh ke this to rai the eletion tallow it toetter keep pacwith sea
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levelise and fill inreas that he eroded. so thiss the bua dove stcture, wch is onof the major fldgates ithe morganzto the gf levee systm. with levee, o questionhat you ve is ho'inse and o is ouside the lee syste by drawg this walin the msh, you're chging thenvironme, but yo'ralso setng dowa series princips of who lives wre and t kindsf chices thathese counities face inhe years ahead, me of which e going be veryvery tou choices
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bert p. quin: th area used tbe lover's lane because there was trs all ov the place. u cou get ihere a go hide ck thereso we'd listen music a hang ou with ur girliend. y'all do't md if i s that, h? all rit. i wasorn and ised rightere, n theall gss rightere. i gss it reresent wre all omy anctors wasorn and ised nd died,nd a l is buri ov here, s well, to me, means ahole bun. coardelle:he land is important to ubecause 's whre our aestors stled. that's wherare famies are. that's whe the hea of who we ares. it's a sace at we
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becomone with alrt p. nain: the dians we in theay of e white man, sohey all signed trties forore landnd more nd, and that' how we t to ov here. t governmt chaseus, so we settleover hee and wahappy, a now mother ture is tting us awy. brunet: this isy grandpents ony mothe's se, my grandmoth and my andfatr righthere. was raid here my whollife. y. isle d jean charlesas alwaybeen a wonderl place live. t isld didn't actally opeup to the rld fuy, not uil abouthe earlyifties wn our ro was bui. was vereasy to ke up in he morni and seermadillo
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in the yd or opoum or ccoon, yu know,rossing e yad or whaver, whaot. all that h changedecause, th a lo of it jt being ter now, e tes have ed off. at you' seeing actuay just a skelen of whait used , you kw? alert p. nuin: to , it means alst, i gus you ca y, like family mber havi ncer, yoknow? i's bng aten awa you kno where it's just little b by litt bit getng destred. now,he only thg is,he piecof land is lting lonr than t human dy can.
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the one ght heres an o fielcanal. ere's one at pass here. tre' one th passes bit furer, and ere's onthat pass in the back, soou'e lookinat water oraltwaterntrusion ming om the pipeline nals, anthey desoyed the vegetati that wesed to have.. b, you kn, most othe people wk for thoil cpanies. ey' the on that's putng food d payin the nt and mtgages a stuff likehat, s as muchs you hate the you he to like them. dup: isle djean chaes is--
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what's theommonsaying?-the canaryn the mi field. 're seeing-ver herewe call relive sea vel riseyou ha the glol sea lel rise, whichs slightbut abou80% of the s level re here i becse of suidenceso we th subsing and y have th globasea leverise at e sameime, soe areinkingy, think i's 3illimete a yr. it don't und like muchbut you into yea, 50 yea, and yostart o noticeifferees when you're alady onlylightly ove the ter likesle de jeanharles. brunetin the beginningit was slow press. it s really not real noticeae, but the whener the wer start comg in evemore witit, it got to bmore rad becaue theyad more ter comi in
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a the ld didn't sta a chae, so many ople on eir o did makthe decion to go becau of the ter. dena naqn: my damoved of thesland, want toay, rit before ias born cause he wasn't able get to rk with theoad floong and hneeded to rk, but i amrom th biloxi-ctimacha-octaw ba of isle jean chles, and that's my ritage, at is my dghter's hertage. y know, at'our mily legy. alber pnaquin:aah! aughter] t all t people o will b namedhurry upfarmer b. a ild was rn,
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evrybody wt and vit androught aift. nowt's t appening tnk you f today's sunse. aiden, u want indian name? yes. your na is litt fox. th displacent real, really mada changen our cuure. now weind of le-- ha ha !--like ere are indians, ok dre: the ly way tse astal mmunitiewill rvive into the ter 21st centu is to ptect ourlves fm the gu of meco. i realize 300 yea, this wl probay be allpen wate i mn, the s will ta us all ov. what 'm ting to dwith e leveeystem,hat i'm tring to do, is buourselve two o3 generaons.
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it's just about impossibleo includthem inta levee sysm. it wod cost pbably $30 millio and it uld be nearlympossiblbecause e salt nditionsre so ba u know, build a fod-proteion prect, you ve to he more befits an ost. onehing th's t faored in e cost, ey only look at theost of t homes, the st of thbusiness, the inastructu, but, y know, i don't know howou put price ont, but ty do notonsider the st of a ole culte. [film advancelicks] [tom-toplaying]
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mardelleas displement kepsappeningnd we just fuher sepate our commity, it'llust get st. [men anti] man: tn to theeft. mardell we leard about natnal disaer resience an compition, swe submied our pns. we wked to fitith thstate's master planand theyresentedt, and it t funded sanrs: righnow, theay rocationsypicallyappein he unitestates, rely on an iividual y-out mol,
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anso, i othewords, meone receivesome compsation to goive sowhere se, bu in doinso, we o lose at culral faic, so wdon' realnow if wcan move people clectivelas a gro cheaper d more eiciently than iividua. comaelle: the's ry lile posite in the form settleme of peleyou know, gernments just don't do it well.e presend a diffent mode communitdesigned mmunitdriven. i ink tha wa, hud loed on that and said, "et'try itlet'try a pot progr, see if we n figurout how do thisn a smler scalso we cachange it for--we have many communits in the u.sand abroathat's facinghese sam clima issue and i thinkh's whso many peoe are watcng, becae 'sike, "okcan we rlly t this ght?" beuse we kw hoimportanit is fothe fure of t worldo get it
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right brnet: the's realityhere that don't li, but i's soething that i ve to fa up to beuse, you see, had to there d make aecision lee a placthat's alwaybeen me for or 8 gerations, and that wn't sy to lego of, andin fact,n spite answerinthat queion a fe tis, it stl don't ke it eay. ilm advae clicks comardel: sohis is t new prerred sitfor the land. this ishere ourommuty is gonna mo to. it's a betiful ple. to me, this i w life, w birth, sustnable ple. thiis a healthspace.
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nders: w, we donderstan thathis is historicly ibal counity, a we also derstandhat poputions havleft thi particur loation ov a perioof time, d thoseolks whore succesul in th projectill ve an oortunityo constite in theew locaon, but r primarset benefiaries arthe peop living othe isla. we wan toick up t people at are liing in ts direscenario and ense that ty live somewhre that safe noand into the future comdelle: iope thathe tribe wld own t land, a tuallywe st of lika mid ownersp. you kw, the folks wld have ll rightto thr land, t at theame time,f they we to go d wa to moveff of itit would revert bk to theribe so at waythat land wi be forer saed for t tribe thave. sanders: we' got to lk a prty fine ne by whh we'e developi somethi that mas sen for thicommunitbut alsoould be plicableo a uch widearray ofommunies
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thamay ben a simir siation. wsimply d'tave good aner to at queion ye. omarlle: i fd this ery empowerg. it's allowi us to brk down se of tho cultul barrirs, som of those grf barrie that's en in ple from yrs past. you di'tven reale it. if evy other rricane ason, ou' havingo replaccars or furnure, youon't have chae toave savis, and y d't ave a chce to alw yo kids toave a bett next step life. srting ouin this pie of propty, th can he a homend a wayo progrs into t future.f i waso portrait on an eangered specs list, is is ourebirth ere we c starour new pulationo get ofthat endgered spies ist.
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announcer: "earth focus" is made possible in part by the orange county community foundation and the farvue foundation. 9,x,x=÷=÷,>,ñ an.
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in the final hours before the end of the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan, the military fightingo ensure a safe evacuation. the is-k says it carried out the failed rocket attack against the airport in kabul. the government's warning of new and specific attacks before the tuesday deadline. in the u.s., hurricane ida knocks out power to millions in louisiana and mississippi.


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