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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 22, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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♪ >> teeters on the edge of a humanitarian catastrophe. the u.n. and u.s. clear the way for some humanitarian aid to be restored. we will get an update from our correspondent in washington. a court in tunisia issues a your prison sentence after he heard sized foreign government. france starts rolling out covid-19 vaccinations to children.
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vaccinated children could help protect the wider population. welcome back to the france 24 newsroom. the un security council has adopted a resolution clearing the way for international aid to be sent to afghanistan. the proposal was put forward by the united states and aims to keep funds out of the hands of the taliban. money was present after the taliban takeover in august. the country is now facing a humanitarian crisis the u.n. warning the economy is in freefall. let's go to our correspondent. what we know about how donors will make sure this money goes to afghan families and businesses and not the taliban? >> that is exactly these countries wanted to make sure of. they want to send a humanitarian aid to the afghan people.
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they want to do that and avoided the aid from getting in the hands of the taliban. the specifics of the guardrails are not clear. this resolution is only valid for one year. after that, they will look at how to aid was used to see whether to go forward or not. there will be periodic reports by the united nations on how the aide is transferred to the afghan people and whether it reaches the innded targets. those peoplwho are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. whether all the organizations, the workers, the international effort is making sure the aide doesn't and up in the hands of
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the taliban. the goal and tricky balance for the u.n. is to get the aid as quickly as possibl the economic situation there is dire. the talin don't get anywherethat near. that said, the taliban are in control so that will have to deal with them even if it is not directly. going forward, this is something they will have to be paying close attention to. the u.s. deputy ambassador to the u.n. is saying this was not up like check f any internationa organization or any internional entity meaning the taliban. >> the u.s. has taken steps to loosen its own restrictions allowing certain entities to sidestep its sanctions on the taliban. >> exactly.
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u.s. treasury putting out three general licenses that expand on the existing expansions the biden administration had put forward to try to navigate this new situation the taliban and control. these licenses allow exemption for different categories of workers. one is u.s. government workers, government contractors, all of those people. there are also all of the international organizations as well as a general license for ngo's working in afghanistan to try to help the afghan people. these licenses specifically say that there can be financial transactions with entities linked to the taliban or linked to people who are under u.s.
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sanctions or u.n. sanctions, but that these are exempt when they are directly aimed at getting aid directly to the afghan people. the americans are showing that they want to help the afghan people. the americans had frozen nearly $9.5 million of assets for the afghan central bank when the taliban took over in august. they want to get the aid to flow to the country. of course, making sure that the taliban don't get anywhere near. these are an expansion. it has to be said that the americans wanted a narrower resolution at the u.n. that would have been a case-by-case exemption. that was vetoed by the russians and chinese. you are sing this larger exemption for all of the humanitarian aid elements to go
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through to the afghan people. the americans tried to make things easier so the aid workers, ngos don't fall under these sanctions when they're trying to help. >> you for that update. a court in tunisia hasssued an order for the former president to spend four years in jail. he is accused of assaulting the external security of the state. he was president from 2011 to 2014. he currently lives in paris. he had previously criticized president who dismissed the government in july. >> they say they have gotten a verdict from the court. they had basically issued a
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verdict for assaulting the external security of the state, harming diplomatic relations. it is unclear what law this refers to, but october 15 state prosecutors had opened investigations to the former president related to his comments on october 12 where he said that he would have been proud to be one of the people who played a role in delaying the summit that was set but was postponed. and one of those who had succeeded in disrupting diplomatic relations. this may be related to that, but it is not clear. we know that the former president has been a strong critic of the current president especially since you liked what he for when the president dismissed parliament. when he have called it a coup.
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>> tunisia has tightened restrictions to control the spread of covid-19. proof of vaccination against the virus is now mandatory to enter public transport, cafes, banks, and shopping centers. 47% of the population has been vaccinated so far. >> this supermarket is preparing to open like it does every morning. this wednesday, the manager must check that all employees have their vaccine passed. to get the pass, they must have received two doses or prove that they have appointments. [speaking foreign language] >> those who don't follow the
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law can be punished which amnesty international described as violation of the right to work. it has sparked an increase in vaccinations. this vaccine center is mostly giving third doses, but today a crowd has formed get their first ones. [speaking foreign language] >> enforcing the law is still a work in progress like in this train station where many commuters were surprised. despite the criticism, the ministry of health says the pass is needed to prevent a new wave of infections. [speaking foreign language]
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authorities have said they will offer leniency for now given the technical problems on the online problems -- platform. only half the eligible population is fully vaccinated so far. >> less than one month after first identified, omicron is on track to become the dominant variant in france. infections are skyrocketing close to all-time highs and daily infection rate could hit 1000 the end of this year. the government is yet to rule out new tough restrictions. pharmacies say they are struggling to keep up with the demand for tests ahead of christmas. french children have started being vaccinated this wednesday. many around the world rolling out shots for the young. the u.k. is the latest to approve pfizer job for kids. >> as coronavirus cases surge,
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pfizer is pinning its hopes on bolstering the vaccination drive which has been expanded to include young children. [speaking foreign language] >> children ages five to 11 have been eligible for the vaccine since last month in israel. i can get the shot at school. [speaking foreign language] more than one her thousand children in that age group have now been vaccinated in israel. so far, the vaccine has been shown to be safe for them. [speaking foreign language]
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in clinical trials, pfizer and biontech show their vaccine to be more than 90% effective in preventing sptomatic infection in children ages five to 11. in the u.s., t binder administration says or than 5 million children of this age group have gotten the pfizer vaccine since it was recommended by health authorities last month. elsewhere around the world, cuba and china are among was to have rolled out the vaccine to children. >> three months after the taliban took control over afghanistan, the museum is it was ransacked last time the taliban was in power and has been closed ever since. >> ancient treasure show the marks made by fighters when they ransacked the national museum in 2002. many of the priceless artifacts were destroyed.
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tens of thousands were looted and never recovered. those that survived are now on display. even though some are at odds with the taliban's radical ideology including pottery with images of animals and humans. >> no specific instructions have been issued. we are working normally. as we did under the previous government. >> they have not issued a new directive forest. -- for us. we make our own plans annually, monthly, and weekly. >> for two decades, the museum remained closed, but the public is now able to roam the vast rooms to visit objects. not everyone feels at ease. >> i thought it would be
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terrible to go out especially in this area. the taliban might stop us and ask why i wasn't wearing a full hijab. they didn't say anything, so i'm happy. >> the reopening is seen as an effort to promote a more modern image. since a seized control this past summer, the west has suspended billions of euros in aid. >> that's all for now. there is more coming up. thank you for watching. ♪
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>> welcome. we are delighted to welcome our guest, a french actress who stars among others in the award-winning french series among others. when you signed up for this, it was a huge hit. were you expected to do so well and go onto to a second series? parks of course not. we knew we had something good, but we weren't expecting this. at that moment, people were hungry for a box of chocolate. they it and were really happy. i guess he made the difference. parks for those who have
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resisted the temptation, what was season one like? >> she stars as emily cooper a marketing executive who get sent to work in paris despite the fact she does not speak a word of french. she falls into a love triangle with her very attractive neighbor and his girriend. she also struggles to impress her french coworkers. her boss who is played with perfect parisian aloofness. season one got mixed reviews for its cliched view of paris. one has responded by saying realism is clearly not the spirit. it is a box of chocolate. take a look at the trailer for season two. ♪
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you've got the rest of your life to be as dull as you wish. while you are here, fall in love. do it right. >> a good teaser. you play her boss. your relationship gets off to a rocket -- rocky start. how does a pen out in season two? >> i am becoming her mentor in a subtle and mysterious way. it's like the older feminine trying to put the younger feminine through trials and obstacles so she will grow and shed the skin that she came with. it is a kind of relationship we have until the end and i hope we
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will go even further. it is really interesting to play that. >> do you relate to her as a character? >> i don't consciously. i was raised in the family with a mother who worked in fashion. i have seen these women all my teenage years. i know what they're like. and a hot tough they can be but also how vulnerable they are. it was really interesting to get into that skin. >> season one to get a bit of backlash seeing -- saying it was cliche. >> i think cliche is a nice territory to explore. people don't understand that he
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has never been realistic about anything. he has stylized everything. you watch sex and the city, it's not the new york that new yorkers knew at that time. paris also. it's beautiful to see. as i said, a box of chocolate. >> greater use of the french language. can you tell us more? >> darren wanted to make it more routed into the french culture. also asking the international public to bear with us. to accept our language because it is nice. we have these parts were we are more ourselves because we do change personality when we are indifferent different anger just. it's interesting to have that and to see how these characters change when they start speaking french. he embraced that. >> another centerpiece is that a fashion.
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how french is the style? >> the french characters are more french than the other ones. they are more into this parisian fashion that has a lot of codes whereas emily, mindy are freer and they can explore different craziness that we would never wear in paris. altogether, integrate overview of whatever is happening anywhere in the world. i love the fact that we are also different. >> what was it like working with that diverse american crew? did differences come up on set? >> they are totally there. that's what the show is about. they experienced that by living in paris. we came across all these things they put in the show.
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there is a huge gap between these two cultures. yet we do understand each other. it's fun. we have to bridge that gap. that's the interesting thing. >> darren star is famously behind the sex and the city franchise. three of the formal event -- formal -- for women are back. >> you aren't happy with who you are. step out of the box and change. >> just like that. after all the years. and all the changes. you are still you. >> allison, can you tell us
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about this return of charlotte, maranda, carrie, but not samantha. >> the absence of samantha was sorely felt. that was always going to be a big thing for the show to overcome. it fills in a forced attempt to come back from criticism about the original shows lack of diversity. have added for nonwhite supporting characters. they apparently only exist to interact with the white characters. i like to see the condom as half full printed. watching them adapt to this new world, i see the potential for it to be funny and interesting. there is also the nostalgia driven joy of seeing almost the entire cast reunited. if there is a major twist at the end of episode one that puts it in a new territory. it is rare to get show about
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women in their 50's. that is something that sarah jessica parker did say she really wanted to explore. >> an interesting chapter of people's lives. this is the place where there is great change, loss, rethinking what you thought you wanted, who you are, who you want to be with, and how you want to spend your time. i'm not surprised that there are some interesting stories to tell. >> one actress complained about the backlash the cast got over the appearance and age of the female cast saying we would like to think that there is more space for age groups in the movie industry. what is your experience? >> it is starting more in america than here. we are in a society doesn't allow anyone to age especially women.
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my daughter who is 30 just told me this a few days ago. i don't want to live in a society where women aren't allowed to age. it's a real problem we have to accept it. >> to end the show, you have a few treats for us. >> cheesy holiday rob comes have been a long -- romcoms have been along for a long time. amazon prime has one called with love the centers around siblings and their extended family. meanwhile a second season of how to ruin christmas. and on netflix, we have a french show about a misogynistic rapper and a feminist journalist who have every reason to hate each other the more the cross paths, the more it becomes the very opposite. >> we're definitely going to take a look.
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thank you so much for coming. a full reminder, emily in paris season two is on netflix. you can follow our culture on our website and social media. there is more just after this. [speaking foreign language] ♪
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[speaking foreign language] >> in modern-day russia, many live in fear of estate this silences all criticism. [speaking foreign language] watch the goulard revaah■
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12/22/21 12/22/21 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> america's armed forces will do everything in our power to avoid civilian casualties. we are conducting the most precise your campaign in history. amy: "the new york times" has revealed the pentagon has covered up the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians killed in the u.s. air wars in the middle east.


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