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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 5, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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facts. >> [speaking in french] anchor: welcome. these are the headlines. ukraine's president accusing russia of war crimes, addressing the united nations by video, warning the horrors will not be the first or last carried out by russian troops in ukraine. european commission promotes sanctions against russia, including banning coal imports andalting trade and retaliation with possible war crimes in ukraine.
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hungary risks losing vital eu funding because it's politics are not compatible with the eu standards. political campaigning by hologram, spreading the far left word in person and virtually in 3d in cities across france. you have the latest from the campaign trail. this live from paris. ♪ thank you for being with us. president zelenskyy has accused russia of atrocities in ukraine and told the united nations that those responsible should be brought up on war crimes charges
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in front of a tribunal such as the one in germany after world war ii. he appeared via video from ukraine and told members civilians had been shot in the back of the head after being tortured, blown up with grenades in their apartments, and crushed to death in tanks while in cars. he told the serity council that the revelations will not be the worst nor the last. >> [speaking in foreign language] translator: now the world can see with the russian military did in bucha while keeping the city under their occupation. the world has yet to see what they have done in other occupied cities and regions in our country. the geography might be different, but the cruelty is the same, the crimes are the same, d accountability must be inevitable.
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anchor: it often uses its veto on issues that other permanent members wish to press forward. the images and accounts out of bucha have shut the world. russia has tried to calm these fake. the united nations secretary general says there should be an independent investigation about what happened in bucha. >> the war has led to senseless loss of life, devastation, and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. i will never forget the horrifying images of civilians killed in bucha, and i called for an independent investigation to guarantee accountability, and i am also shocked by the personal is the money that rape and sexual violence that are emerging. >> that was the secretary-general speaking about the events in bucha.
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france 24 is at the united nations. reporter: the ukrainian president looked and sounded angry as he addressed the un security council tuesday, accusing russian troops of committing atrocities in ukraine and said russia should face justice and had a graphic video which appeared to show the corpses of civilians, including children. it was hard to watch. he said civilians had been shot in the back of e head after being tortured and crushed to death by russian tanks in their cars. he said women had been raped and killed in front of their children. zelinski expressed frustration with the un security council, either remove russia from the council or dissolve yourself altogether, he said and argued the use in system must be reformed so that the tope is not the right to die, russia's ambassador had a counsel
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narrative -- counter narrative and denied russian troops targeted survey to veins and said the scenes in bucha were staged. western ambassador said russia was spreading lies and propaganda and said support for the ukraine with the u.s. ambassador saying it is time to match words with actions and show some back on and stand up to russia. china struck a cautionary note, the ambassador said the images from bucha were disturbing and said accusation should be based on fact and the secretary-general warned about the global repercussions of the war and said 70 for developing countries with 1.2 billion people are vulnerable to spiking food, energy, and fertilizer costs. anchor: that is our correspondent at the united nations. the european commission is proposing sanctions against russia including banning coal imports, trade worth 20 billion
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euros, in retaliation for claims of war crimes in ukraine. let's hear from this person. >> first, we will impose an import ban on cold from russia worth 4 billion euros per year, cutting another important revenue source for russia. third, a ban on russian vessels and russian operated vessels from accessing eu ports. certain exemptions will cover essential such as agriculture and food products, human attorney aid, as well as energy. anchor: the eu is targeting coal, vessels, new sanctions, that is how it's being reported. let's bring in our guest. broader analysis. thank you for joining us. pleasure to have you here on "france 24." the situation, the eu president
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announcing this stepping up of sanctions. do you sense from what you are hearing that this is possibly the last throw of the dice regarding sanctions? there could be something else? >> there istill a broad range to go, but the further you go the more pain it will be for the imposing side, and that is the dynamic for the eu, any sanctions, particularly oil and ultimately gas, which will harm russian revenues, will hurt the eu countries more possibly than even russia themselves. that is the dilemma. so this is quite significant, these issues that basically imposing an embargo on russia in terms of closing land and ports to russia, although there lots of exemptions. i think this is as far as they
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go still having consensus. the on that, much more difficult. anchor: 36 individuals have been targeted, companies, prevented from doing business within eu territory, shipping intervention and export/import ban, focusing on coal, which she was talking about, which is an impressive figure, she's talking about 20 billion euros worth of business being sanctioned them as you pointed out, really the jewel in the crown in terms of russia's energy network, and of course in terms of bringing that into russia is cast, and actions on gas, that will not hurt pressure that much, is it? >> it will hurt it, but the gas is the only one which they can't redirect to other markets easily, so they can direct coal. they have already been sending it to china and asia.
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long term, it has very little future in europe anyway, but oil is more difficult, but gas that is simply impossible. it is linked to the pipelines. the eu is in the same situation. there is no spare capacity for natural gas in the world, which could replace the russian pipeline gas. so both sides are basically in a race, and for russia, building pipelines to china from its western fields, gas fields, and for the eu to find enough gas to feed itself either from qatar, all strata or the u.s. anchor: of course. the recent visit by the u.s. secretary of state blinken to a jury to talking about opening up the fields to perhaps boost supply coming into europe. those pipelines to china, a new
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deal has just been struck to supply energy to china come of those pipelines will not get constructed overnight, so there will be a long time in between when that business is still in developing. do you think right now kind of looking at a broader fashion that has learned a hard lesson about not being over reliant on thenergy russia can supply? >> well, depending on that, because russia has extra guest supplies because -- gas supplies, because it needs the revenue is much as anybody else, but if you are going to engage in a trade war with russia, economic or, which the european union is doing now, then you don't want to have any vulnerabilities, and gas supplies and oil is certainly a vulnerability, so yeah, i mean,
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but this is really talking about complete rupture and breakdown of all the relations economic relations between the two blocks , which had been dependent on each other. it won't be easy for the other side. once that is done, and there is no dependency anymore, russia traits with china, europe traits with whoever it can find, and what is next? you just build forces and engage with the brinkmanship in military means. is that really the future which we are facing now? there are lots of things to think about once you move to economic independence. you are opening up t possibility of a clash much more. anchor: there are more and more things that become apparent, such as what we have seen in bucha, and president zelenskyy
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warning there is worse to be discovered in other towns around kyiv. that is the inevitable move to a full on conflict? >> i hope not. i think both the u. and europe will not get engaged directly within ukraine, but there are flashpoints with it. i don't understand the details, but it there does not mean there is transit between belorsia and russia. that increases the potential for some kind of military accident and so forth. so, and in general, as a guest, when neither side has anything to lose them a particular russia has nothing to lose in terms of keeping any economic relations
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with europe, or having any intention of maintaining those in the future, it might become much more willing to engage in kind of military side of things towards, tickly around kaliningrad, which -- particularly around leningrad, which might lead to unfortunate incidents, but the logic is towards that. anchor: indeed. those incidents are already taking place within ukrainian borders, people being horrifically treated -- we have seen the evidence, all there, all happening, the sad fact. thank you for being with us. we appreciate your time and analysis. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. we will continue to look at the situation in ukraine and bring
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you the analysis and every develop and as we get it. for now, we turn our attention to the big story in france, the presidential election, first round vote is coming up this sunday. just take a look here, you see the front five contenders. emmanuel macron is leading, marine le pen, and the man in the middle is the man we will focus on. he is a sickly in third -- basically in third place. he is the oldest runner in the lineup for the presidential contenders, sorry, but despite his age, he is not afraid to use new technology to get word to voters. now you see him, now you don't take a look at this. -- now you don't. take a look at this. >> rally of the campaign for him
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here in the north of france, where the hologram was being broadcast live to 11 cities, 11 rallies. the goal was to have rallies no more than 250 kilometers away from a given point across mainland france. the campaign team knows they have to convince left wing, socialist mcgrane voter that havi him in the second round is their only chance of having a left wing candidate in the second round, in the runoff on april 24, but h also has voters who are undecided, disenfranchised, who have felt the brunt of inflation, and those voters could very well swing to the far right, so that is why he spent a significant portion of his speech criticizing marine le pen, saying when it came to defending voters rights, retirement plans,
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gender equality, she on several occasions did not even show up at those parliamentary commissions when those bills were being discussed, and he critized president macron's track record and says his presidency was the pinnacle of the neoliberal agenda and blame the president for passing laws that have restricted individual freedoms. people here really think he has a chance to make it to the runoff, and we will find out on sunday. anchor: that is our reporter on the stage, also on the stage, also beamed by hologram to 11 other towns across fans to get his message across. new technology in the presidential campaigns. we bring it all to you here at "france 24." don't we? business. kate moody. looking at the proposed move to ban coal. >> this is significant. it means the eu is ready to move sanctions into the energy sector
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despite its dependence on russian imports. the use president said that could be worth 4 billion euros per year, a fraction of what the block imports. oil and natural gas make up over half of the eu energy mix. renewables are more present than nuclear or coal energy, solid fossil feels like coal power over just 10% of the blocks total energy needs. coal is the most polluting energy source and european nations have reduced used by 40% since 2015. concretely, we know coal is less important to russia's economy than other energy exports. analysts suggested represents 20 million euros in daily revenue, compared eight and 59 million euros for oil and gas, but it is symbolic, and will bring the eu closer in line with the u.s. which ban purchases of russian energy about a month ago, and if approved by the 27 number states , it would indicate a real shift in brussels.
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>> the position is clear. we stand ready to reinforce sanctions. oil and coal are a possibility. we need to discuss unity between this 27 member states. >> we are discussing what can be done in the area of energy like coal and oil. there are discussions on the trade side, but it is important in this situation that we are coming as a strong and credible sanctions package in the atrocities what you're saying, what the russian army is committing in ukraine. reporter: meanwhile, western sanctions are starting to bite. state revenue from energy sales was three point billion dollars left -- listen forecast, drop of 40%, data reflecting efforts by the u.s., u.k., and the eu to find alternative energy sources since the start of the war the end of february. the finance ministry did say it
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expects revenue to jump in april as it reaps the benefits of high oil prices and gas prices. that is the day's trading action wall street has close lower, the nasdaq down 2% at the closing bell, the s&p 500 1.25% of the dow jones .8%. deutsche bank has become the first major wall street lender to forecast a u.s. recession is ahead. it cited the u.s. federal reserve moves to get more aggressive fighting inflation. earlier, a mixed close for the major european indices. the ftse 100 rising in london. losses in paris and frankfurt. data showed economic activity in the eurozone had slowed in march. a taiwanese electric scooter company has made its debut on nasdaq. it was founded in 2011. al gore was among early backers. it is best known for his battery swap program which illuminates the needs for drivers to charge electric scooters in a wall
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socket. it is just the third u.s. listing by a taiwanese firm in the last five years. shares rose around 10%. a market value of just over $600 million. twitter shares rose as much as 4% today after the platform confirmed that elon musk would be joining its board of directors. the ceo of tesla and spacex announced monday that he held a 9.2% stake in twitter, making him the biggest single shareholder, four times the holding of the twitter founder jack dorsey. elon musk is an active twitter user and has more than 80 million followers, although he has questioned the platform's commitment to free speech recently, and he said he would seek to make significant improvements to twitter. he has launched a poll asking followers whether they think the site should make an edit button available. twitter ceo described elon musk as a passionate believer and intense critic of the service,
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which he thinks will make it stronger in the long term. analysts say elon musk is seeking to further expand his influee. >> to accomplish something by having a stake in the company, i think he has definitely made comments saying he would potentially look to start his own social media company. by doing thisn terms of taking a stake in twier, potentially the endgame is acquiring the company outright, it would be a much easier endeavored than starting something from scratch. reporter: a man with a lot of opinions, not afraid to express them, and another real platform. anchor: he courts controversy appeared whatever he does makes headlines. -- controversy. what ever he does makes headlines. kate moody. great to see you. let's cross the studio. truth are fake. great to see you. we are starting with something
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which i think we can safely say is propaganda coming from russian government source concerning claims about what happen in the paternity hospital . the version most people are going with is the russians bonded. this is a different version from the russians. reporter: the video provides fresh information about the attack on the hospital and the kremlin efforts to deny the airstrike that took place, as russia stresses that the photos of the attack were staged by ukraine. we saw many shocking images, notably these, a victim of the attack. in an interview on her this weekend by russian government-linked accounts, so basically russian propaganda. we can't show the images since we don't know if she's being held hostage or not. it raises the question was this
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a forced interview. what we can say for now is it is sketchy. it was heavily edited with many cuts where she repeats the kremlin's version of the attack. she denies that this was an airstrike and says it was schelling and she says that the hospital was occupied by ukrainian army officials. the russian embassy in the u.k. in france claimed this woman was an actress and that the photos of the hospital victims were fake, so how do they sustain these actor claims? they base it off her previous occupation as a beauty blogger. she posted pregnancy issues before the attack or photos like these supporting, sponsoring beauty products, which is what would give the credibility to assert that she is an actress/model posing as a victim for the maternity hospital attack. so what information do we have on this young woman?
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according to this journalist who follows the story closely, he says she is not in russia, but separatists-occupied area, russian-controlled territory, and she says she was kidnapped by russian forces and lately russia has been widely accused of kidnapping ukrainian civilians, but the kremlin continues to deny that the hospital airstrike alleges that this was created by western propaganda, contrary to all the evidence we have on this attack, but these are typical war tactics used by russia. we have seen it before was that what we have is more misinformation on the kremlin's evident were crimes. anchor: indeed. the image that sticks with me is the woman who was taken on the stretcher heavily pregnant. both she and her baby died. this woman who we are focusing on here, she survived. was she equally heavily
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pregnant, in distress? we have no idea what she is doing. >> she gave birth on march 11, booklet the criminal falsely claimed was she was playing the role of both the pregnant woman that we see in the shocking images that came out of this maternity hospital. anchor: thank you. thank you for exposing that effort by the kremlin to manipulate the story as a took place. as many people have cooperated how a took place as well, the russians maintaining their line. thank you very much indeed. truth or fake. thanks to kate. thank you for watching. more to come. live from paris. ♪ ♪ >> [speaking in french] >> [speaking in french] >> [speaking in french] >> [speaking in french]
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>> [speaking in french] >> [speaking in french] >> [speaking in french] >> [speaking in foreign language] >> [speaking in foreign language] >> [speaking in foreign language] [speaking in foreign language] >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> [speaking in foreign language] >> thank you. >> [speaking in foreign language] >> [speaking in foreign language] >> [speaking in foreign language] >> thank you. >> [speaking in french] >> [speaking in french] ♪ >> some areas in france are short of doctors. too many are retiring, not enough qualifying, a recipe for a health care disaster. >> [speaking in french] >> [speaking in french] >> doctors a coping as best
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they can. some are coming out of retirement. others resort to video consultations and multidisciplinary offices. >> [speaking in french] >> don't miss our report on the black spots in france's health choir on "france 24." ♪
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♪ the
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