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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  April 28, 2022 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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hello, and welcome back to nhk "newsline." >> we begin in tokyo where kishida is meeting with the german chancellor. the choancellor transporting hi
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trip in japan. the two leaders are expected to discuss russia's invasion ahead of the g-7 summit. they are also expected to discuss china's concerns have been rising in germany of china ea 's human rights record. the german government describes the visit to japan as a show of solidarity between the two nations. kishida is stepping up. on friday he leads on a tour of southea southeast asia and europe to strengthen cooperation to tackle global issues. we turn now to japan, month
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now, guterres is there. >> he stressed the important of an important thorough investigation. >> i p i appethat's when we talr crimes. we can't forget. the worst of crimes is war itself. >> on getting civilians out. on tuesday, guterres met on
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moscow with vladimir putin. they agreed in principle that the u.n. will be involved in the evacuation of civilians to mariup mariupol. putin is warning any country that intervenes will be met with a lightning-vest military response. >> we have all been through this. things no one else can both start. we are not bragging. we'll use them if we have to. i just want everyone to know that. those comments drew criticism in washington. john kirby said rhetoric that raises the spectra of nuclear confront tae confrontation is irresponsible. >> nobody wants to see this war escalate anymore than it already
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has. nobody wants to see it escala escalating into the nuclear realm and there is no reason it should. the russians trying to take control over territories. the russians are concentrating artillery assets in a way to make small advances. the governor of the luhan region says a russian was killed in a russian shelling hospital. the hospital was one of only two still funúctions in the region. russian forces targeting the hospitals knowing that person is there. >> the southern region is concerned that russia can hold a referendum there in an attempt to legitimatize its control. russian state media reported
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that russia will introduce its currency in the region next month. hayashi said on thursday that the russian invasion is clearly reaching the law. russia's foreign ministry announced on wednesday that eight diplomats and officials
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must leave moscow. >> the move is regarded as a counter measure to tokyo's exposion. >> weekly deliveries are scheduled in may and continuing into june. the office of the u.n. high commissioner for refugees said more than 5 million people from ukraine have fled neighboring countries as russia continues its invasion. the vevacuees are struggling to get basic supplies. japan endorsed the plan for
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help. the last time south defense force aircraft carried humanitarian relief supplies overseas was in 2003. it was to help a iraqi to evacu evacuee. the operator of a boat missing in japan has apologized for several people setting out. two people missing found on thursday. the japanese government is planning the review into both safety measures. >> the 19-year-old went missing on saturday. it was carrying 24 passengers a and 11 people confirmed dead.
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>> it is now day six of the search and rescue operation, according to the coast guard, two people were found and no further details on their conditions. earlier on thursday, hokkaido's governor visited the town where it is usually dark. he offer a prayer. >> i will support the grieving families. this man lost two of his good friends in the tragedy. we were going to hold together and i was looking forward to it. on wednesday, the boat's operators president apologized at a news conference. he said the captain of the boat told him saturday morning it was possible to sail although the
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weather could turn harsh in the afternoon. decided t allow the crue on the condition the boat returns as the sea becomes rough. he learned after that conversation, a radio communication at his company was broken. coast guard officials are stepping up their investigation into whether that boat incident had proper safety measures in place. the government will soon set up a panel of experts to review the overall systems for small vessels passenger services as well as safety measures including regulations. a north korean detectors' group in south korea released leaflets into the north this week. the group carried out the
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campaign, close to the border of northwest. it is criticizing kim jong-un, it was delivered by 20 big balloons. attached is the jung-ill is threatening with weapon. south korea's government had not been able to stand up with the group in the north. it sends a similar lead acros the bord in 2020. north korea grew up and their liaison office seen as a simiym of reconciliation.
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motorcycle sales in januapa had been sliding for years. pandemic concerns are pushing a new demographic to the solitary form of transportation. what's driving more and more women to saddle up? >> reporter: here in tokyo, she's riding her motorcycle to avoid close contact during the ongoing pandemic. on sunny days, she enjoys touring in the city by bike. >> i really like riding my bike because i can travel long distances without coming into close contact with anyone. >> reporter: this cafe is a popular hang out for bikers. the number of woman bikers have
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seen increase. the motorcycinn is tracking thi among the women. >> i think the drinks and food are very good. >> the details was amazing. this is a motorcycle supply store in tokyo. it has increased the number of products designed for women and triple the amount of space dedicated to them. >> the soul boats increase the lengths of one's leg. those products focused on attractive design and even their safety features have become
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popular. last year the store tested the product themselves and continue on social >> jackets may not look attractive at first glance but when tried on it looks really nice and even complements and woman's figure. as the number of female bikers continue to rise, many of them are seeking to improve their riding scales. today is her experienced female riders
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advices. >> the bike will remain stable in that lower speed. she found the device for female rider can be quite helpful with physical strength. >> i tend to want to use my strength even though my muscles are weak. i have learned that even women can stay in control after big motorcycle like this. motorcycles are gaining in popularity is a way toe manage social distancing. the key to maintaining this popular trend is by appeals ingo the heart of these female bikers. now with our world weather with our meteorologist saya
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sayaka mori. >> hello there point during the first half of the spring, we'll see weather changes everyday. we'll see rainy weather on the first day of the holiday. we have a frontal system south of japan and new level 4 on top of it. that'll affect west japan on friday morning and central japan during the evening hours. winds will be quite strong. maybe up to 100 miles per hour. as you can see this is mountain mountain snow. >> snow falling in the high elevations. >> saturday could be drier, another system will pound my places of skra pplaces. >> rainy weather on sunday and
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criteria on monday. it will be a lot dryer as we go into the second half of the holiday period. >> naha has been trepgsexceptio hot. the rainy season started in venezuela and flooding is a problem there. take a look at this video. areal footage captures the devastati devastation. several homes and plantation and cattle have been lost in the blood. fortunate fortunately, there is been no report of injuries and fatalities. there is a chance of rainfall into friday. dryer conditions expected starting on your saturday. >> a heat dome is blanketing surrounding areas.
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that's it for me, stay safe. that's all for this edition of
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nhk "newsline." thank you for watching. ♪ this is newsline biz, i am gene owe the bank of japan continues their monetary easing.
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this is seen as a bit to keep long-term interest rates from rising. analysts say investors are selling the yen and buying the dollar to lock in higher u.s. deals. the move comes as the difference in the monetary policies of the traditional banks so the two countries become more parent. the doj's governor about the yen. yen is favorable to the japanese economy. he also warns about extremely volatile currency. it affects business planning and other areas. >> 25% of interest
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>>. >> translator: there were speculation in the financial market about the central bank policies. weelieve reducing the stable to clarify the starts the bank had been taken. >> earlier on thursday, the central bank wrapped up its policy meeting with board members agreeing to keep their short term benchmark and assets and purchases and to hold long-term rates around. the boj is contrast to other central bank. the central bank at the same time raised its inflation forecast for fiscal 2022. a surge for energy and other materials, its outlook seize the
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consumer price endeclaration of independence. this will put the rate very close. the banks monetary easing measure has been aimed at achieving that goal. the policymakers warned that current price rises could weigh on household incomes. facebook operator, posted its slowest platform. the conflict in ukraine weighed on the social media giant. meta says sales in january to march period were almost $28 billion. that's up about 6% from a year earlier. the slow growth is attribut
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attributed -- the company was also affected byrussia's decision to cut-off access to profit was roughly $7.5 billion. it was down 21% year on year. meta has been spending heavily. the company's share still rose. investors trying to find a positive strong growth and daily users. meta focuses on the next quarter. the global semiconductor shortage and supply chain disruption weighs on business. >> ford with a net loss of $3 billion. >> gm saw aetworkf
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they face t orating environment. russia's invasion of ukraine is expected toorse iupy changeworries. >> other vehicles are also surging. indonesia is no longer exporting palm oil. the country wants to keep the product at home to secure domestic supplies as demand in other parts of the world rises. too. >> indonesia is the world's biggest producers oil used in food. >> it accounts for nearly 60% for global output. some using palm poil as a substitute. many comes from russia or ukraine. retail prices in indonesia, some types of cookie oil risen % from
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the year earlier. this taken to the streets to protest. officials continue the battle until the average price of cooking oil failed to 14,000. for about a dollar. consumers are paying 20% more than that. >> the restriction could lead to myers prices for a wide range of goods containing palm oil. >> the official at the jakarta's. 2020 tons, came from indonesia. prices of soybean oils and oth cooking oils could also sore. it is been decades since the apollo/lunar landing. today's researchers gathering
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number. robotic. and intriguing new business opportunities. >>. >> reporter: a space industry fallbrook place in tokyo in march. this is a proposed moon base for humans. it has its own atmosphere. another team p worki is working to set up products. >> i was impressed by the scientific progress. its battery is powered and can not be controlled frof earth. >> the taillight feature helps it writes itself if it falls
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over. the ceo of the tokyo based venture firm created the robots. a volunteer failed to bare fruit. >> that only four-wheel driver engineer has proved to be in valuable. >> rerealiwe realized small tir. they were unable to habd handle enough power from the motor. he turns to deep roots designed to boost grip.
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the result is that way just about half a kilo. it is smaum enough to fll enoug your hand. >> there are barriers to overcome if you want to break through something you love. i want to provoef if you don't give up. the individuals >> here is just one of the huge range of add venn chers of private and public, setting their sight firmly on the moon. here is a quick look at the markma marke markets.
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on what was an important overland trade route. ♪ >> cover a quick check of the headlines you're on al jazeera, moscow has agreed in principle to allow the evacuations of civilians. in the besieged ukrainian city. the u.n. secretary met vladimir putin in moscow. they described the situation is difficult and tragic, that also said that they had been lit misled about what is happening there. >> there are no military actions being


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