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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  April 30, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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n. puyour feeon the gund, anjust puthat to o sid" nthony) at is a oblem. (robt) yes, ank you. but u can be publhing, in pri as welli mean.. -they do -of cour. but it seemsike you sayingthate online than theris in print.newy no, i don think necessary so. but i thk th the amot of infmation that ces in throug openg your seen son terms of t middle st,tiowhe stsimply he to say. "i cant deal wh this st. i'got worko do." (cha) i was terviewe a few nths ago a guy fm th financl times. he wasne of thfew, her thanou by thway, heas one of th few urnalist
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that actlly knew what hwa. i was tervieweby cnn, bbct at lst 50 ouets, d i can ll you, % of the had nodea whathey re talki about i was tervieweby cnn, bbct heree have cmon ound. i tirely aee with you. thespeople he flown re for few ys... th think ty can now discoverhe whole? israeli-lestiniaconflict a couplof days. theiknowledgis zero, and . now dare dicrous,ole? believe at that a part that iy anhelp. iabout siand a halft 12 fathsand peoe.her i haand moved helifein sout, foritas ideolical?s. i am a znist and i belie io and,ou kw, witht zion tre's no onism. so ielieved coming to lie and thiss a way to expss the rn so the nate jewsing to lie to theiromeland.
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so fore that's real exprsion of identitand my nationaly. haim) were standg up re on a untain thats calledisgat yaove. we're oking sohwar in ramalh and bew us over he is beiel. we fl and sethe alities judea a samaria do you tnk the wld, i.e. the faus intertional communit do y tnk they everoing to cept that theta of isra goesll the w up -to thjordan rer? -aolutely.bsoluty. that theta of isra thallices and legiances are channg all t and think thpalestinns are passé, ty re so th centu. that theta of isra tharab couries areot thinterest anymoren the are in fact, read ofn th they deise them ere nevewas a palestinn people in fath land nern beng to themver.em theytheyever hadny right a hto ts countr..
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the brish mandat but therwere lotof arabsho hanot onlyritish mdate ey had ooman dee. pd their, thisas theirand and for nerationthey hadived ere. itas the land, tir home, thev i, aa moral rson, doot beeve in saling anody s land. if an ab owns ld inviduallynd if th can provthat ownship, then they must be coensated be allod to livon the o-israelr anti-iael?(chaimwod obert) ihink if u readll i write you'say that probabl accept t existen afteall, i ce and passrt goes at tel iv. but i dohink that isra is headg fovery danrous wats beuse of t situation he. (calm music) (robt) nowy faint mory that that prorty
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was acally dowhere where th've got is huge gaugi in the rth. surely tre will nothg left of the trs or t chiens or t house. but sueman wou be about, leis see..55, 60 yrs old. a quarteof a cenry ago watched rael takehe palesnian khatiba. the iseli govement had issued , thdocument given t paleinian laowners whose prerty waso be seid. i took t old roato t hieh villa once agn, anthere i und sulian who d not, ai feared emigrateto europor ameri, but who nolived in a croed apartnt wit now a a triflbroadern, in tm sccely twoiles awa but th the se poerous acnt in enish anthe idencal poliness -ne to s you aga. -youoo... weome here with whiche inviteus onto his ly o. -thankou very ch. nd i didt forgetou.
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i didn torget yo that's y weame back after 2years. 25 yea, yes. (sulien) afterhey molished the hse -yeah. -i didt have a ace to le, so i me here. (robert)erusalemholy to jews, a has en annex by isra, which ill clai it to b its eternal d unifiecapital. st of thcity, tside thinternationally recoiz border israel, only a ltle bit the oldrural p. (suliema now if u see th landou will t recogne it. (rob no, it now vils, ist it? (rert on veo) it tes a ave paleinian toold out here, ulieman)t's now vias. to cli onto hiown land the facof israes exnding selements. t in thilittle tch of ohard a familthat is fused to leavets land,
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dwhat happeni, suliem? go grau (suliema they nt us to get o of he. (rert)ulieman,ow long s yo family ned thisand dwhat happhere?suliem? go grau we havowned itfor as lg. it's ierited fm our andfathe and fatrs. obert) h many yes you thi that is -morthan 100 -(sulian) yes. (robt) do yohave the docu? -the oginal des and pars? suleimanof cours have thdocument fromhe ottom period and om the piod ofritish mdate als (robert)fter wsaw you ando what hpened afr that? (sulman) theemolishi was in l (robert)fter wsaw you ando they ce with their biforces.. (aftedemolishg e houswas in l theyere also demolisng the ando soldiersland,oze. the wall the ees. evething.
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(robert)hen you ink of t landow, what dyou thinin yo mind? (sulein) whei think out iti get coused. wh can i the ld of oths.las estabsd d it is t easy tget it back froa state a gornment le this. (rober have you ever thout o? ! no! leing paleine? course t. -(robertbecause?-because it, it imy homeld. obert)o you ev look athe (seiman) ware forbden to go the. we havto have sreeh, they callt. you ed permiion to lk ye i am toist in tt area. thers the wa and the checkph eckpoi. obert) i sorry whad put youthrough l that. luxuriously wt at this end for u to go rough this cate grid tng.
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(people lking) uleiman)his was ouro. own here -dowhere. -this wa -thiway. y. (suleima this ishe first timet own here builngs.. becausi... we dot dareo come. (suleima this ishe first timet obert) wl, if u don t feel. builngs.. (sulein) no, wll try. i think r land bins fromere, it s. from here to t... rth and wn. haveou ever ndered who ves inhese hous now? have youver wonded about the fa? askeyourselfho they e, the ople whoive here? have youver wonded about the fa? they don know threal sto. askeyourselfho they e, the they oy ey don know hothey didt, wh people ffered bore em. (rert) so is is wher yourand ends.isn t i
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-mbe if wean look om he... -yessure. obert) tre you g i'm soy to seet now this se. now ey are ling luxuously, t on the ruins oother people. beuse we he the st bank ides abnts. absenteeroperty ners. i know t phrase ry well. thank you r bringi me here ides sulian. very sadourney f abyou. d thank u too r bringi me. its thfirst ti i com here, if it wn't my ld. it is fostrangernow. what c we do? i'm sorrfor everhing at happed.
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(se(robt) the iependentr the inpendent. uleima i hopthis artle willeach ourewspaper al-qs. (robert) yes, it will, you ll see it. you ll see it. uuleima now we out fro herewe come ck from re anotr way. -yesof cours take re.ill, youhank y vermuch. ll see it. (suleima thank y. (calm sic) (rober i used think that disssession. and coage are tws in t mind of refugee
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they areot disposssion ishe end. urage, fear, c be asathetic it is ielevant. i think all hop, in naive w, thatith our lm camer id our inrviews wh sueman, mohammednd saida thate mighsomehow ve tm from thefficial eft their pperty. we shoul(music goeon)er.
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(rert) i fl more ary now than i used d i thinthe ason is t beuse i'm der. think threason i at i finthat we n't manage tdo mucabout it doesi n't thinituch wehaa lot offfect. itould be ce to beeve at forei correspdent, doesi n't thinituch the vie, washe real ing. he manes to gethe bad ys, thgermanpies everytng worksut fine. but thtrh is tt th inot a moe. and is veryrrogant of ans to thi they ca u do likto orltthk that setimesar. yocan swit on the ghthouse and , d somethg that wld otheise happ will no happ. when y try to ll the tth maybe,ccasionay, the tture ops or t condemn cell opens.
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and mae we held. most, i fearwhat we ite esn't ma the slitest bit of di. li constany havingo tell the storof the pestinian you wi never w over th world your veion of ents. however curate,however uthfully, li constany havingo tell the storof the pestinian howeveangrily itten, u'll nev win. but u will le unss you kp on figing. gog out, fhting foit, you mug challeing authity. alm(ting nois)ues) (rert) the are younjournalis i meet who are t there and geing out , ani thinthat's very go si from myoint of ew, becae think th's how you have to do i
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it ito writehe storyf what see anditness wh our owt n aneyesn to leave direct d emwhare not t alive,e so thano one canay th didn'happen and none can s, "we di't one td) usic sto) "cedars lebanon by ubegins
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♪ yterday ipent aslp ♪oke up imy cloth in a dirty heap ♪ spent the night trying to make a deadline ♪ squeezing complicated lives into a simple headline ♪ i have your face in an old polaroid
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♪ tidying the childrens clothes and toys ♪ you smiling back at me i took the photo from the fridge ♪ can't remember what emily did ♪ haven't been with a woman, it feels like, for years ♪ thought of you the whole time, your salty tears ♪ this shitty world sometimes produces a rose ♪ the scent of it lingers but then it just goes the cal ♪o home ♪ theorst ous are a long dwn-out cfession
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♪ theest of u are niuses ocompressn you sayou're nogonna leave thtruth ale ♪ ♪ sdier bris oranger he g out froa tank ♪ wting on e waiter he'saking a ile to ce ♪ ♪ s♪atching e sunger go down lebanonank ♪ retn ♪ the cl ♪ to me
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♪ n i got aead ke a litigarette ♪ shigh abo me, gher thaeveryone ♪here areou in t cedars lebanon ♪ choosyour enees carefly, ause thewill defe you ♪ they' not the in the beginngy ♪ make em interting 'cae inome waysheyenillind you ♪ gonnaast withou longe than yr friend obert) grge and e,
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i hope y're stening all tha soou can tl hodangerouit was. please kp this csette, it's memory at i wanto rember forhe rest my fe. atever y do, n't throit away. whalso had lot of it in their pas and wod like a copyp there'a friend omine at c, with thai'll hava cold br when get bacto cbc f all f us. goodbysue, gooye georg
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[ music ] narrator: there is this cliché that when you look from the moon at the earth, there are no borders. we intellectually understand that, but i wonder if inur hearts we believe that? we need to look at the world as our own backyard. we need to look at afghanistan the same way that we would look at kansas or maine or texas or mexico or canada or costa rica.


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