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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  May 4, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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ó man:f you'reorking oclean air issu, you imdiately stt to cenr in on san bernardinothe most pouted par of t united ates. man 2: you can see it and you can smell it and y can sometimes taste it. man 1: t freightnd logistics indust is the primy contritor. woman:hey tolde that mson had respatory ises. e of theoctors told meno it has tdo with,ou know, the envinment. whato we wan man: let's sta to exple at's rlly haening inur city. the rrative rsus theruth. itoesn'tatter homuch the economicenefits e no one'around tspend it woman: sce it's stly peoe of col in thescommunits thatre beingffected it, ey turnea blind e to it. n: how f are we nna let is go? whave to t a stop to this atome poin
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man: "eah focu is made poible in rt by a ant fromnne ray foundaon, a maaret a. cargilphilanthpy, and the oran county communitfoundati. woman:asa is aroudponsor "earth cus." [mhine hisng] [chiren blowg]
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ndistincchatter] n: 1, 2,. wee gonna one, tw read one-two e-two, o-two. at the g wn i encoter ki who i spect hav like, me typof
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brehing-reled illness, don't nessarily like, asthem outght beuse i kn that fome when i was a d, it wa like, deep persona soon as tell th that i havet, ey immedtely say"well, , you unrsnd inhals and bulizersnd augntin and alterol." let'se one-two the you gothat wasice. one-tw 's not a about aieving for ese kidsit's reay justbout bei able to partipate anhave fun [boy shoing indiinctly] garcia: was diagsed with thma befe i waa year o. i member jt wanding spital hlways hoed up to the bulizer d my inher. i real loved ring my be. t if it s farthethan, sa out 15 mutes' ring stance, en it wa't a go idea fome to go
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as a kidyou begin to be,ike, known the kidith asth or, you ow, the d who cat eathe oryou knowthe kid you n't wa on your sketballeam. 1, 2, 3.ike this ah, ahah, ah.. ving in e inlandmpire, not a t ofeoplare educed on what actuallthe coition ofhe envirment. it been tually vible in termof, li, how bathe air ality acally is. you casee it a you canmell itnd you c sometim taste it man:f you'reorking oclean air sues, yoimmediaty stt to cter inn
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san berndino. n bernardinos just et of los aeles. 's one othe mostolluted, if n the most polled part othe unit states. you try figure out at's causinthat airollution you alize thfreight d lostics indury is th primarcontritor. man 2:ir in sabernardi inome wayss governed bthe r qualitupwind tt is what iflowing them fr los anges. however, ty also pduce eir own llution well. itas to doith landse across l angelesnd southern california. many of those places, because of the cost of land, have been developed in san bernardino and riverside counties. martinez: you have a lot of local elected leaders who are allowing this to happen. it's probably some of the most explosive growth in warehousing in the country.
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avol: get almt 40% of the cao traffithat com to us from as, china,apan kore and thecomes to los anges and lo beach. and th they arput on t backof truckor rai d shipped out acro the regi. martez: we s e-commee just booduring t pandemi saw freht vumes com
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thugh the rt at hier levels tn we've er seen. wee seen diesel trks and other trks on pele's roa. and , the has contin to roll those t hardesby the paemic arehe folksho are hit hardt by thipollutio theye literay building ts stf in peoe's backrds. ol: the fects air llution e actual much mo dramic and wespread an most pple undetand. you ow, withegard to whetheair pollion is assoated witasthma, th canc, with oer sts of health madies, the inrmation pretty ear th air poltion is known rcinogen
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man: my n leonar, before turned e, he end up getting ck and iwas a co. en one nht he just uldn't breathe. so, thene ok himo the urgent ce in lomlinda and en they ded up ging him, le, steros throug li, a oral singe to nd of lp hisungs expd and to helpim breat. 's hadhat doneince tn, li, abou3 or 4 tes anhe's 3 n. wh they to me thaty son d respirory issu i startecrying bause i g scared. i thght i hadone sothing wron and themy husbd told m "no, yoknow we've en takincare of m right.ou know,t's not thing weid." i asked them, yoknow "wt do y think csed it?" one the docrs told o, it hato do wi you ow, the vironmen" sojust thekind of nfirming that f me was shock. thiss somethg that ian't shield h from beuse i cat
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put m in a bble. trai could ually runor abt, younow, 5 mines somemes ifhey're ft, but this oneas beegoing on r about o minute 3 minut no and i d't see istopping ytime so. it mig sit the and le like e one bend it, you knowand thenhere might benother o coming afteit, because i ink do hear anher one cong aftert. yeah. av: we hava surprising mber of hools anparks alonide busyoadways an ra lines, d our rent research in the last few decades has shown us children who live closer to busy roadways, they actually had poorer lung functionnd small lungs by vtue of breathi their. it canffect thr lifelo alth andhe duratn of theirives. baera: the was tim where weid want relocat ouof san bernaino to somewhere else because we wanted a better life for our child.
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but at the end of the day, i decided this is where i had my child, this is where i met my husband this is where i grew up. whato we wan pele: cleaair! barrera:hat do wwant? ople: go jobs! barrera:hat doe want pele: cleaair! barrer what we want oplegood job barrer i was nev awa that sabernardi had sucbad air ality unl probab, like wh i had my son 3 years ago. i starteto educate mysf on what ihappeninand then once iooked, i couldt lookway, sin it's mostly pple of color in ese counities at areeing affectedy it, which why you ow, i feel like pele don't rely care little b cause ift was a fferent demogrhic, i belie that it wod have bn changea long ti ago. ehicle hn honkin n: amazohagot to g hey, h, ho, amazon h got to ... wee showinsolidari to all the wahouse woers and althe logiics works
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acro the regn. azon hasot to go. % of the peoe here he family mbers or ow someby o works the warehse or logisticindustrybe it iving a uck, workg in a wehouse or wking near the raroad. our ngs are t for sa. peopleour lungare not for le. ma there's lot of ople here tt have fily membs withsthma. there'people here o have familyembers w havpassed aw from caer. annow thers a growg consciouess abouthe issu and ople are startinto fight backin one fl swoop, a lot these cporation coulmitigatehe issuef llution d they cld creat a high-rd job seor. is is wh we'reutting this baer up toy for.asical mbolize,ike, theegion and oufight. [vehicle h honking [peoe speang indisnctly]
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ol: diesel provis a lot wer to me big, hvy truck d big, heavy vehicle in burng that esel fue it creat very hi concentrions of ry small partics, so sml that thecan evadmany of the defensmechanis we have our bods. oncet crossethe air-ood barrr in theungs andets in the cirlatory stem, it potenally hasffects o y organ where bod goes, whh is eve organ in theody. garc: one thg about ople
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the iand empi is that like, thmaterialondition re will ke an ornizer or activi out of ju about abody. i grewp literay right the street from thairport d i can se like, can seehe planesaking off d landin om my rents'ouse my childod home. and then we also have our newly formed eastgate air cargo logistics hub, which is based out of the san bernardino international airport. its justoods cong and gng. and e main mer of the gos is aman.
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martinez: we have a case against the federal aviation administration. that's an agency that approves aiort projts. so, we filed suit challenging their environmental analysis that wasone for is amazo airport prect. onday, mcolleaguwho's an aorney i rk with nds is one eil wherehe faa w mmunicatg direct with amaz about homa airplan were goa come in d out this prect. so, we kinof had ts "aha" ment. "a." they' known th amazon s engage ve early oin this oject, yet ey were ding it. anwe filed tt lawsuiin the unitedtates cot of appls.
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weere askinghe courto stop thproject til they do laul envirmental riew. there'an immen power imlance beuse you ve coany likemazon wi infite wealt u can't y that tse enties can afforit. ey may n want toay to cleaup theirolluti and make isafer toreathe buthat doe't meathey can do it d they suldn't dit. is efforis tru kind what peoe callavid vers goliath.ommunityroups, they're st, th're just re nimbl they kn their counity beer. they're mmunicatg wi their nehbors abt the has. the ssion fosan berndino antheir counity, y know, az doesn have th. ey will ver havehat.
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rcia: th issue ithis reon in thinland eire is so tersectial becau it s to do th your physic health,t has too wi strucral ineqty it haso do wh povertandracismit definitely begs for attentn becausthe probm itself inot goinaway. man: foroday's mting ere's abt 5 topi that we're gon cover. armostly rinders aut thingsbout regding thgarden. sand is sayi that shs wiing to. this gden reprents, really the protion ofealth, but t just psicall but agai mentall i'm jorgheredia. i am gardener he at the gardenf health it'smportantor us toind
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ese plac where wcan-- wherwe caneet eachther and connect wi each otr. justearing oer peopls stories d hearintheir stggles wi asthma,earing theistrugglewith canr, wi obesitys well, th high bod presse, becausthat's a connect. yoknow, wh you d't have access thealthy foodall of thatlays in to the qlity of heah that wall haves counity meers and a communy as a wle. th garden , for mea form of resisnce. it's a w that we can rlly, again, jt stand for ouelves, snd up foour heth, and y to do at we n to impve our quality life. yeah, the nd's picng up a lot the dus woman: iave my ownnteres ings thai like tdo, too. one them noplaying in t dirt tomuch. [laughs] but i like to come out d help himater fro time to me. i donjoyhe produ th he brin home.
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i was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. weidn't kn, like, ere i was gonnbe, how --if i w gonna prove cause was stag3. oman speing indistctly] redia: o oman speing indiinctly] thom: maybe at he coects th gardeng becau he's ab torovide tha it's somethg that hcan do bause i don't ink he kw exactl what tdo. it not like there's whole foods here, so, you're not gettg great produc redia: ias worki at a wareuse wheny fe w diaosed. you're working 10 hours at a warehouse. you're discouraged from interacting with other people. and it's a very lonely living. these warehouses are massive. i was moving throughout the whole warehouse anit was ety. it's like, i would--i wouldn't see anybody down the aisles. you kn,
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that was kind ofhe-- at was kind like, again, ias like, i s workinthere. i s, like,rying.ike, i'walking rough the aies, likecrying becausi don'know what theuture los like. i'very unctain whathe futureooks le. how far arwe gonna let is go? we have to put a stop to this at some point. man: there's two different types of oleander. th one, the's a buel. ey grow to, likea tree. rcia: ohyeah man: he, let mget thisdge. i nt to ll some is dirt er here. garc: i grewut of asma ound 15. i nd of hithe grou running a teenar once iind of like, unrstood tt i got lungs. ma yeah, s anyway, garciai ha a hd time acceing thaty dad is 's goinghrough t same thing at i expienced.
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they thoht that ey were nna probly grow at way. s doctorctually ld him that, li, the enronment that we' in is aually tivelyontributg to the deine in h abilitto breathe. man: well, i moved here in970. 1970, s bernardo was stl regulacommunit i'veeen and w we're re in '2 and we t trillis of trus takingver oustreets, tearg up ouroads. lile by lile, bere you kn if yo eyes arclosed, e next tng u know, ow, lookt that big wahouse. w are the buildi right he--" notven twmiles aw, they he a monstewarehous and at's whe people ve. theyin't gon go anhigher. that good. [lghter] still onur mind could move, u know, d it might help m it jt, you kw, you jushave to me a choi, you kn. ift gets wse, we mht you kn, we mig sell ou
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anmove somhere ee and trit out. andresarcia: is a big ve becauswe've be here foso long a all of r familys he and the's much ros here. martez: we bieve thenly y we're nna get t of thi air quity cris is if w shifto zero issions, partarly in e freigh industry, asoon as possie. e south ast air ality manament disict is t agency tt's respsible fo making se we brehe cleanir in the rion. and , for yes, we ha bn pushinthat agey to ado wh's callean indirt source ruler rule to reire rehouseso implemt clean technogies to ean up their opations. n: i'm ao reminded that i reprent the lmington mmunity.ou have lot of ese wareuses in e wilmington community, disadvantaged, iacted mmunity.
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man 2: a all of us trust not just [instinct]. [iistinct atter] man: hou member,re you ady to ttify? man 2: im ready. as aelecteofficial hear y. th is a peline. you ke it haen here th this ld move. i ma the reshappen my city toy, i'm aompani by ns of enronmenl juste vocates,rganizer escially, o've bee puing in t ground rk in sport of indirec sources le. so, bacally, that isny kind of logtic devepment wahousinthat is er 10000 squa feet wod be reonsie for thr carbon footprt and just tir dieselmissionseverythi to a from thwarehoes aspposed tprior, where ere has en none. t the reity is tt witht this re being plemted, nothing going tchange. the gistics dustryill ntinue trule theegion d nothinwill ever get beer en it cos to ourealth. it dsn't matr how mu the economicenefits e ifo ons aroundo spend . e indire sourcesule, ifhat pass today
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itould be thfirst ty of legiation, picy, thais actuly enforable. today, ty're votg on tha filly. woman:hose tck are sll gonna on our eeways d they'rstilgonna be spewg [indisnct] becse noing in trule getrid of diel trucks th'll be rlaced he by oth... barrer i don'think she derstandwhat t indirec urce rulreads beuse she- oh, gosh. rutherfo: that's why i'lbe ting agast it and apeciate m.. [indtinct chter] reoso: wjust havto conne e dots and let's start to dig intthe emplment pracces. let start t ta abouthe wes. les start to talabout th temporary emoynt. let's stt to expre what' real happeni in our ty and the naative rsus t truth justhe attempts toet lostics toe responble for theifootprt and wh they do to o communies, 6+ yrs. ma with th, would e clerk plse call e roll. woman: [distinct woman aye. woman 3: yh! woma1: [instinct]. man: no. peop: boo!
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won: oh, vessa dgado saides. heering d applause] baera: s the boa actuay justassed thindirect source re. that st means th, you kn, all thwork that we' done soar was hrd d was priated and now,ou know,e ca gon to theext stepwhich is trying to ke sure at it's regulatein a wayhat's sa for evebody. this is where, you know, i built life, ptty much and i fe like th is why i fighso hard r my commity, beuse thiss my he. herea: so, iwe all a able to comtogethernd to reize
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e impacthat we c all do byoming tother i ink we c really ke a dierence ohow thistory contues to uold. avol: gulatorsre slowl stepng up d saying the counity ismportant e econom industr manucturin that ismportant us, but so is the health and vitality of our community. health, r too ma years was not en at thtable inhese discussions and noit is. [machi hissing dres gara: it's diicult to envion an enronment r a familyn san beardino.
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's obvio that, le, their is getting worse and i want to have children of my own. it encourages mend it motivates me to find every single altnative soluti so thatlike evybody can live a comfortable li. n: "eah focus"s made possiblen part b a granfrom annray foundaon, a maaret a. cargl philanropy and the ange couy mmuny fountion
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woman:asa is aroud spoor of "eah focus.
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watch your steps, yeah? voice-over: most of the people that work here, they used to work at mines before. so when the mine decides to shut down, they have nothing to do but to go down there and dig for themselves. [coal crunching underfoot] man 2: we find that coal is our national resources. it's the only thing that can generate electricity at this point in time. woman: the owner of the mines


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