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tv   Global 3000  LINKTV  May 5, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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- [benjamin] i don't know. i thought it was bette than dying alone. (laughs) ♪ i't it weird ♪ isn it strae ♪ ♪ evethough wre just t strange ♪ ♪ on is runaw train ♪ we' both trying to find a pce in thsun ♪ (cs honkin - [photoapher] or here. to yr left, anks. smile. (camerashutterin you all ght? - ye. - oh, hi how are u? - yeah, m okay, anks. ah, yeah are you cited abt the fi? - why are you being weird? - what? - you didn't tell ben, did you? - no, don't worry, i'm not gonna. - 'cause you knonothing' ing to hpen, rig?
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- i s just cing out the toit, i wast-- - ok, well iwas good tsee you. - ok. - noyou're bng weird suly you c see tha - ll, i han't donenything. cawe startgain? like yououtfit. - u're being really eepy. okay, i'gonna gocause i n't. - okay, serious god, ias just ying. - i n't knowhat you wa me to-- - martha yeah, m in theab now (camas shuering) - [phographer]o yo left, tyour lef thank yo yeah. - what are y doing? - i just have to meditate. - okay, c'mon now. time to be someone who can host a screening like a bigoy. ben, everyone is sat. you need to introduce the film. now, c'mon. - i don't think we should have put the monk scenes back in. - i begged you. - i think that-- that--, uh, it'd give it something, but they do, don't they? don't they?
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- well, it's about to be screened now so we'll find out. - oh, god, no. - and tonight's film is the second film from benjamin oliver starring benjamin oliver himself alongside harry barridge. here to introduce the film, please welcome benjamin oliver, tessa huston, and harry barridge. (crowd applauding) - hell um, tnk you-- ank you l for cong. um, soyes, thiis, uh, this is e first me i'vehown ts to anye, sohat's exting, right? umhopefullyou-- you' all likit, so i canontinue ing is sort thing. , oh, we, maybe shld just tch it. and, uh, we should-- we should just watch the film and then you can write some wonderful reviews. i think it's all going to be fine. should we sort of bring the lights down? does somebody else wanna talk? no, should we just, uh, bring the lights down and we should watch it? um, oh, and have fun, everyone.
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an yeah, yeah, uh, good luck. (crowd alauding) - whats it that yowant? to be free from problems, yes? but only when you want nothing. when you have what you want. who is it who wants? who are u? who? who? (crowd clapping)
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- shit. (door slamming) oilet flhing) - hey, lost yo are yookay? - yeah, m fine. hoare they w are th taking ? e they hpy? yeah, i ink so, ye. listen, was rlly good reallynteresting. - ohgod. d you he that? no. is the rationsp over? what? nookay. lien, mayb maybe is better for meo go, soou can--
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- , no, nono, no, , it's-- it'sery impoant thatou come bacwith me night, okay? c'n. hey. hey, bra, bravo. - thanks. 's terrie. - that w good, is good. i justad a coue talk abouyour shocompositn. it was funny. - and here, , what abo the mon - see i dn't, i sn't tha.. oh, ok, yeah. i thini'm gonngo me and t and cry - yeah. - are you nna be oy here - ye. - ybe you n go say to bill? uh, nah,ah, you . i'fine. - okay, st tell . wait reallbad? - it... - yojust saino? - . - hello,ugely tanted, mui-skille wonder n. - we, really - pleasei mean, o has a nk? u're so ever. i'm gonngo get arink. okay. - hell beautif noah. [noah]ey. - so, youroyfriend a oody gius.
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- ohyeah. - what up, maero? this film... benjan. - rry? - it'senuinelybscene. seriouy, tha you. eryone he thinkshat what you ve done profoun - we, no, wh which? o? - i ied. - u only wched the rst half. and i cat wait t sewhat hapns next. sorry, mtha wa having arisis. - oheah, mara with t chairs. ishere somhere wcan sit? hey. - at's up,an? at was that? sorry, tt was, iwas meanto be a ayful, u you ow, the ee behind t knee? - ah, ye, yeah, yeah ah, but u don't ow me toick me. - [benjan] this ephen, hs very pyful. - [steen] can kick youow? - ohjesus. - thiss noah, he also delight. hey. - ishat yo real no? is it ur real se? - n't touchim. - weave to g - i ink i'm nna go t. - , no, no can you st stay, i' come th you. - i don'want to eep with yougain, byhe way. th's not wt i was ying. - my god. sh up, jusshut up.
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- at hpened? - noing. don't cot, can wgo? - at do yomean it dsn't cou? - it w only foa minute - arry] ohlaughs). whatoes thatean? - fofuck's se, it wa't a continus in anout, itas just in and en an ex. - we, hangn. - nothg happen. okay, e. - was norl, actuay it wasormal se - enjamin]ou n't needo go noa - she duced me i was ing home i wasn'tven-- - excusee, how old are you? - how olare you? u-- you-you're a fuing psycpath. - okay, ay. - what dyou wa from me do youant me tdance? huh? you nt me toance? do y want toe sexy? t a smilon your ce? a littleance, li, it's sy. - stepn, steph. whatre you dng? - i don'know. - u okay? - ye, just g me out here. - at was aery goodance. - thanks - [bjamin] a you oka - yeah. i've... ... okay.
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- oah] hey soy, it wacrazy do there. - enjamin]eah, itas, wasn it? aryou okay - [noah] yea yea i just wteto say gdbye. - whatgoodbye? wh, why doou wanna say,hat, gooye? that ridiculs (laugh. - i've--'ve thin do tomoow, so. yeah, i' got things tdo tomorw. i gothin. gee,hat-- at is th? - no, thing. - [benjamin] no, go on. 's okay,hat is, or, what is ? - well, st, ke, mayb i'm not ady for,ike, a lationip, you kn? - right,eah. - . - oh, that's b. - but coratulatis making film. it'smazing, ally. - is i - yeah, yeah cool. you ve to go - yeah - you ha to get bed. - ye (laughs - d sleep,oodnight - okay. thanyou.
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okay, bye. - bye. (sw music) - on one hand is this sort of nice, intestin lovy kind of romtic come about him d his n-relaonship withhis charter atus playeby that guy rry barrge, he in the w keira ightley lm, "sibng". t then t other half of the movi as impli by the tle "no lf", is abo the buddht idea o thself bei a projeion and illusioto mehow prect you fromalling ilove. and e way th keeps being presente a preteious monfrom a film aut this ddhist w, he has absoluty no place beinin this lm at al and you ink, whyidn't so producejust go, "enougwith theonk.
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"jt do thehink thayou did bere that u can do "this mo, we've d maximumonk." the ason i'metting slightlyxasperat is 'cse i'm sorof disappointed. because, you know, you see somebody and there's, like, an emerging talent a think, "g, they'rgonna do really go work." d then ty don't. and 's like,ou're no angr you're st disapinted. d you're bit lik - he's l you dow he has l me down - he let himlf down. exactly aughs). - d the whe. he'set everydy down (ughs). m sorry,t's not nny. acally, it not fun. (slow muc)
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(mbles) - i couljust sayhe und to t stage. is isoutheasasia? - [speaker1] just uth asia - [tes] so, hos it loong? - [benmin] it'not good - [tes] tell m what have you beeup to? oh, 's fantaic hang a pror projec cy? - , do youo to luncor a sna? - st a sec lu, we neeto starthooting or we'll le thchildren
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sorry,orry, i'listenin - uhno, i wajust thinkin d i'm nosure exaly wh i wannao next and i st thoug if you d anytng cominup th needed dictor or ything and i'm ally up r doing sothing th doesn't me direcy out my own in. - what iall th pain tt you'ren? i meanben, are yoreally ipain? ah, danny. - m sorry,m i inour seat? - yeah. - i'm rry. - th's all rht. - no, m leavinanyway, . oh, no. - yeah. oh. soorry, it just... - packeday. yes, um,ook, thi isll looki so good coratulatis. - , thanks - so goo oh, you' the competion winn? - nono, no, m not on doou know at time is? - oh, m so sor we han't been ablto speakroperly. - ohit's oka sureum, wel catc uphenever u're done witall this i'd love tt. - eat. - lovehat. can't wa to see u. - yes, oy. you knowhere youe goin - , yep. - grt. - aybye. - all ght, byeye. [benjami oh, sorry rgot my g.
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♪ let me go ♪ ♪ l me go, , oh ♪ - uh, ye, my namis harry baidge, i'an actor my favite filmrom chilood. would probly say "thearent ap". like, mynly ideaas, likeif thereas... say thers, like, pa, or a cracter, somethi that yove never gothe chan to play d you'd ve to pl it. orlike, ifhere was role thas, u've nev been ofred, en i cou probabl wre some f you. oh, tellen about yo big nude scene.
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's harry cinemat debut. , apart om your lm, but es that unt? i mean, is is beg releas. - ll, i thk it coun, but, u so what you' a bit ned, or witthe peni - [bile] yeah. - ye. - how you, i me, is thaokay, ause it'the charter's pes? - ben, ion't kno if should y this, it m be, lik insuing to yr craft. - oh, plse, um, thiss a safepace. - i'd ally lovus to wre somethg togeth. - really? - yeah. i've been reading, likeso many standard, mainstream bullshit scripts. and i ve the w you don ase suess, y know? - enjamin]eah. - anit woulde so, li, it woulde so fucng cool to cate someing withou th's, liketotally iginal. bu like, n an easyatch. - yeah, , it cane quite innse writg as a pr. , like, ve actuay been writing mething th steph, like, a ffert- - wh my frientephen. (laughs) oh my go we neve ta about tt agn.
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u slepwith thatdiot dancer. - she's t an idi. - it'sust obvis. oh, chst, can u take the off me? - [hry] whatre you wring with steph? uh, welle're actlly dointhis fun... - su, sure, ause he's sfunny. uh, did u have an idea r a stor - don't thk we should lit oursees to the idea telling story. - [bile] okay, so youl do it. - welli don't ow-- don know if i suld comm to anythingight now - [blie] oka who u textin - no one - [billi so annong. - wanting this, wanting that. if youre expecting thingsmake no stake. you ara puppet many peoe, they arch the whole les looking for a false reputation,
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but finally there is obscurity. and obscurity, this is the best thing. - i don't know, is there-- is there-- is there a character or set you've got in mind? - i mean, i can see maroon for some reason. - the color? - yeah. - okay. um, maroon. but, um, like, if you're to say how we imagine the film beginning, or, can you e that - well, think it's... i don't ink we suld too liter about i - nono. maybwe open maroon. mm-hmm. and thers a eling in e air ofis this ood?
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- enjamin]kay. and it turns out to be? - coat, ye. - [bjamin] oka great. s, d wearinthcoat is u, maybe? yeah. - [benjan] oka d you'rewhat are you- wt are yodoing? - i'm leep, i'dreaming. - [benjan] okay.hat e you drming abo? - a sw. - okay. okay. and then, sorry, uh, what are you trying to say? mean, ishere a pticular kind omessage an idea - n i sket y? - [bjamin] c you skeh me? yeah. - [benmin] wha - justake yourop off. [benjami why wou you? - how army nippl?
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goodexture? - sh - what do you like to paint most the time? is it-- - it's difficult to talk about. - right. is it usually people? or fruit? - well, it's everything, you know? i mean, if you say what do i paint? i wod say feelings. my paintings are kind of like my journal, so i can look back and say that's how i was feeling last week. - oh. how were you feeling last week? - well, i'd haveo go i the other room and look. so, it not cometely what i w trying do. - oh, w. wow, y made me so of attrtive. - you e attracve. riousl i find convenonal beay so borg. - okay tn. should wgo back work, o - n, this t work.
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- ye should iraw you? - aughs) oy, cool. - oh, wo gosh, oy. is that the penis from the film? - how are my nipples? - yep. - have y seen myedroom y? - you ha a bedro? (lghs) ootstepshudding) (pno playi)
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- oh, soy. rip , oh. - arry] yocan ite heref you wa. let urself o when yofeel. - okay, ah. i'll fla it out bit. - u okay? you seed a b distracd. - oh, no, no. i was, i liked it. we did well. whatre we goa say to blie abt this - at do yomean? - i an, wille want to do is againor? - i think was kinof an experienc you kno - eat. what were the results? you let me know.
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okay, oh. go ahead. (footste thuddin (slow music)
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. hi, hoare you? - i'm od. m good. um, is ts a bit range? wait a gooday for sic? - ah. - good i was ju wonderi if yo mit still in the siness of bng interested me? think i ght haveut you off by being lunatic and ve sort missed u. - i ssed youoo. - real? have y, how mu? a bit. - li, maybe ould jushave fun ther thaanything mo formal? ke, maybwe shoul ju be peop.
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shld we ju be peop? is thawhat youant? - yeah, just people. - okay, i think we can be people. - [benjan] gat. (lauing) so wt do we,r how shou we, um, handsha? (slomusic) (lghing) - encore. (laughing)
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- encore? - mm-hmm (laughing) (pno playi) wait, ere's d nor? - justove yourirst finger tanother y. yeah, ye. - re? th's it? - mm-h. okay. oh, then th's b min? - yeahlaughs). okay, rit, this the one at conces me. - okayso play it again swly d think somethi sad. (pia playing od, real good. - ay, now ay vassa caton. (laus)
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(a thoand mileplaying) azing. this ilike whamonkeys . (laughs)hh. - [benmin] wha no talki in the th. that's arench rd? - n't spea - ay. what weryou dog? - sh - oh, god nolease, i n't likehis. i n't likehis. - it okay.
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hell wod you li to be mboyfrien low musi - what'dou just ? - are u in shobusiness get youroot ofthe stag right. let's t the ne one ou shall w - rowd] ye. tickled,hank god right aughs).
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he nice sos. u're notonna neethose 'cau this ble is gon laugh th straigh f your ft. heree go. are yoready foyour nexact? - rowd] ye. - he's areat frid of min ladies a gentlem, please lcome ephen arld. mon. (crowd alauding) hello, aience. how e you? good laugh. you like to laugh, huh? yeah, well me too. the other day i laughed so hard some milk came out ofy nipple (cwd laughg) whh was unpected. wh about a is sexis right? i meanhow ishere y sexismn the wod wh we all me from woman? mean, en do we ben to be xist? are weust therin the wombeing lik "oh,his is a very go "b i thi my dad would a bettejob." rowd lauing) soy. are yookay? , righ 's getti married (crowdpplaudin oh, the she is wow, rnd of apause forhem. (cwd applaing) wow,ongratulions.
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you kn, everhing end that's sething yocan counon. anorphans tonight now se that wod be tou. at must really ugh. but i think imy parents re dead, i'find it lot easier to kill melf. no? okay, sh of hand whosfather h them? noing? c'm (laughs c'mo no, oh, n, jesus - [mal fuck f, mate. - oh (laughs) thanks. th's terrie. , righ uh, n problem,o proble (crowdstounded uh. yeah, actuall i thk that'se. goodnigheveryone did somee say enre?
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- oah] howou doing - [bjamin] i don't kno - [noa hey. - y. - [bjamin] h. so, thought was grt, right perfect da night. - ght, it s. was verreal. - whatid you tnk, noah you're the voicef youth? - ah, think was fun, maybe itas just the wroncrowd. buit was gd to see u on sta and perrm. - itas cool. it'sool, it'cool. - , plea don't uet no, he's vy young. - aughs) wl, what elseould he ? hey, is is gonna a filsoon? - aughs)kay, um, i ink thate, maybe weeed to lve. um, buwe'll co to the nt gig. - , that w my lastig. do youant me tsign any autoaphs, or - wellwhen's t next on - , that'st. i've bn doing for eit years. i can't ite anytng new wi what's ppening, ause i'must-- justetting oer. n't wastyour liflike us. it tolate to come a v? maybe at wouldave made day love m i don'tnow. thisuy knowshat i'm taing abou okay, i ink maybe it home ti.
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uhbut thanyou for all the lauter. - and whdo we gi a shit? we shouljust feel ateful for e spm, right sorry,an. anyway, ah, sorr odnight erybod drive se. nockg) - [stephen] hey. - oh my god, what happened? should i hold your arm? - noi'm ok, thank u. - ok, do wan to talk out it? i reallyan't. we couldave a coersation - stoplease. - y do youhink thikind of thi keeps hpening? - i n't know - ybe you .


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