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solution. in order has to change the company nineteen drivers that is the questio of this special series solution. make bags healthcare policy racial tension requires a political response. for years author and management consultant make weekly told governments and big
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corporations rockwell skills for more attractive. to jesus motion activists as- the. i was gonna ask you should only take a minute to close our eyes before we begin this. if y would like to i'm always happy to do that. i will not. okay. so my question is what would happen. if in all those big meetings about how to organize the world's in how to respond to the crisis in whatever's going on. if those meetings would start like we you and i and now. beginning opposition. i mean i will frequently stop
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meeting. when you just feel all the energy is up her and people are talking over one another. i often calls for a minute of silence just to calm. so it's a very good practice and it works it works to. really get people sandals. and then able toeal with the issue more actually it is most necessary in times of crises and that's where we are it is a little crisis in the world i mean. we started within five years and now we have something that goes deep to america's roads it was very difficult to resolve very difficult to find peace- can be organize ourselves out of this. now i conviction because my most recent work has been loong at. the pattern of all civilizations and the cycles we've gone thrgh we live in a
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secular cycle based world even though our modern approach to things is now constant improvement constant battles. we can make this all better and better and bette. but if you at his when. every historian who's written about vilizatis and talks about all rise and fall of civilizatis who talks about collapse always does it. in in that it. notice of wounding us decentralization to be different because we will apply higher low of and intelligence and learn from the lessons of history and therefore we will be different at the- it's so clear and- in the book i wrote in twenty venteen we do we choose to be i was just tracking where. we are not just
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as america although i think leader and sneering leader in musty. where we ar this one define patter collapse. we need to seehere we are so that we can be of service to whe we are and not waste our time. thinking we're going to changeince we can change ourselves and ibecoming more and more apparenas a great team. we this one does not have the leaders that we need to. ourselves being those leaders that we are we a in the patterns so well defined it incontrovertible. in there for you redirects me to what on your mind where you just said you know we can change the system. okay but the system is not right what we do. and see i
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mean you can say to a black person for instance well this is what this country now we can say that at all. we say this is one eight years and i'm going to dedicate mysel to creating change where i can. and i'm going to do that because it's the right thing to do not because i believe. or hope. and we're going to change the system is. haine pole points in history becausehe suffering is increasing you you cited the hand dynamite one of the causes of social unrest will depend. many many countries i mean last autumn is an artie in the wall street journal. recalling all the different nations which were which had public outcries. eric i think who's almost every single nation tre was rise
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weekend hong kong we had a rising in many eastern european nations and in france. and this social unrest is based on the fact that there is increasing injustice here is increasing division between. wealthy and poor there is increasg indifference on t part of the year leads to what what everyday people are suffering now what's interesting aboutter. this is this is always true at the end of the symbolization this is hard the pattern the last stage has been callethe age of decadence. people are focused on enterinment we tried all means- and this is what i really found interesng is at the end of the
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civilization people worship. sports turns entertainers and musicians and what's so ironic with t pandemic is how we people have lost those three sources entry team here. societies developed from ideals this is e banner mr trump high ideals revolutions self sacrifice and then as soon as they get successful merchant class everyone focuses on lifestyle or consumer mark materialism this happens in every single situation and then you lose moral values you lose a strong sense of community and- we always end up in this place again this is not unique it's just important to note that this is the roman empire.
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all over again. instagram and the asked empire it's the business and empire the ottoman empire it's the chine emperors and nausea streaks it's all of us and we need to take all this energy that we played in our into our addiction to hold. and i'll only do it if your promises the positive outcome mental culture right there- it becomn outer journey going to work my **** off. to create social positive social change enter lives relief of suffering where i am. eight overcome. i have some of interest and that's a different circle means loans. we are sent since the going to the streets it's really not a solution. no it never has been it never has been because if you go to the streets look at the arab spring we're also excited about that right
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eleven. that was. and everyone thought this is real changes promoted by soal media and look how great it is and look where those nations are now okay how inverse protests are one. h. as long as it didn't really going back and listening to doctor. martin luther king at thipoint. it it's- poignant because he was already aware. the changes had not happened in that in five years of the civil rights movement before he was assassinated. we can't stay silen we must be on the streets in peacefu non violent protests. this is not about. and staying home and just saying well it's all going to hell anyway. or i'll do my little bit there's many places
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which are places are needed what we have also had to choose em or not. not get so wrapped up. in protestings a symbol and not doing the hard work paying many of us have a great white privilege. and work with our local townspeople can work with our legislators.nd we need to begin yeahor sure what i'm really talking about is how we hold. in each we need our work to create large systemic change and we're just setting ourselves up or despair and cynicism but if we're holding work this is the right thing for me to be doing. i will give it my whole heart after. and then we see what happens where free inf which means we're sharing sheer opens here are generality that is inseparable. i just want people
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to be clear about what working is thank you contribute to- and get rid of any ambition about well i need this to succeed you're not we need to do it because it's the right thi to do and we do work with mark baker and more. strong voice more courage. would be so that you refer refer to doctor king and he was there and of course candy in the in the- years before. i was able to do things i mean. the world changed and monday where there is that because they were you know to some extent better people if that's the right thing to say. or or whatever idea. so one of things are taking a historical pepective is you. you have to look at what happens after a great resolution. where after a great leader steps forward and
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look at south africa and- right. in south africa so once this happens since mande and that's great nation hello the rainbow nation hello that's why it's just. it it's a waste of our energy to believe that wants to change happens was a great leader great constant once it happens then it's done. now all of history is about these cycles and all its history is about what happens over time and that's the perspective where we've lost right now we say okay we- create women's. women's rights we created- an end to segregation retainers. and no one pays attention and then what happens and this is where we are. when we face all these crises and there's so much you know people are anxious where do you find happiness in in
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ur- eating. thank you find i would and when it. introduced to words mning and joy happiness. can be quite perficial at june eight is always a consequence of being in a relationship with somebody or some comnts or some place where you just forget about yourself you are not. you are not focused on you you're focused on a relationship or a work in i learning this it always puzzlese i read injured people post natura disasters. and in those- situations where people are telling me they had gone into. yeah yh the stated by fires they had gone into a trading post katrina rescue bodies hence people move medicine all social organized the repealing
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the most harsh circumstanc right and they would say that was the st joyful experience. i doubt and for awhile it was puzzled and then i learned from. one spiritual teacher just reading is that when you're in a meeting which is a true nineteen with another person or or the work that you're doing that is the only te you experience yourself we have to get over as host we have to not be the center of the universe in order to experience is we have to be totally hearing. and you don't even think about it circumstance so we have to redefine meang here and this is a very difficult for all of us i mean we're speaking is professionals who tried make a big. contribution while. lehrer response i do not that means enjo our sound. in in these
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relationships that we have not had time for. really being present for someone listening someone doesn't sound like enough but iturns out it's incredibly satisfi. so is the viruses that are blessing them. no i don't think it's a blessing because we have to think about and need may be for you and me. certain of the listeners here it has been a blessing but it for most people it has been terrorizing. lawsuits were lost in the future. lawsuit not only this income but- teacher work. levels of fear being stuck at home with people you're automatically along with creased violence certainly has not been a good chunk while most people and we are blessed you know we're blessed but now
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the question for us who have been privileged in this way are we going to create a life that has more pauses all right it has more reflection of life where we focus more on their relationships a life in which we now take time to stop and ask someone so how are you. not how are you. are gonna re absorbed in our work as it is an emergency if we could explore. what would be the ingredients of. yeah to live life what what i'm what do we need movie indeed can't force in number immediate political economic change and you've made a very clear vision to even try because these are systems that. take their their own course so. but what are the elements of our good life or as you call it the right work what what. do do. basi you're not american you ask me what should we do.
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th's it this is a great question now but it's not about. whato we do it is how we be and how wd be together sell unions cannot live with that relationsh it's been one of the- in my most sincere condemnation of this it is locked down withdrawal not being able to be. with one another because humanonly through by being together. we discovered new levels of intimacy on soon we have done that but it. right not sure if. sure sure we need to pay attention to our relationships we need to pay tention to how willing we are just to take the time i mean i hear om so many parents. how much they've enjoyed just finally noticing many children. for some it's been a problem with home schooling. to really understand
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theiramilies and when it's like just be there when we go out for walks in so need to pay exquisite attention to her relationships and how willing we are to be with otr peoe. those we lost. them as we work with. to be using said. so than one thing we do not pay atteion to relationships in this culture we pay attention to outputs and income levels and- work satisfaction but let's pay attention to relationships that has beenne since we've learned the other thing is the only source of peace the only source of bng able. to deal with. and sit you. d strong emotions the only source. of beingble to handle that is within us and how we work with our minds and minds
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and that's senior right how can we learnhe basic fact that happens to us yes it's terrible and how we experience it is our choice. treated an opportunity to learn do we see it for its benets we do we jt become a victim of it and i think we all have that choice right now. how are we responding to the politics harm you spani too the social unrest and wanted me do with our strong emotions if anyone who is awake and sharing then you're experiencing great sense of grief. and sense of what's being lost the great possibly a great sse of anger and reach an old titian's. thirty degrees i read that. do
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you work with those strong emotions wl if you act from made it. only contribe more to the anger and aggression workith these emotions not to cushion the site but not to. not to work with them why do i feel angry i'm not sure about that at all and then i noticed i'm really angry. now what am i going to do with the energy of anger. all of the strong emotions either way address in sign. and so to persevere. and en and then and chinese symbols for pursuit. is this combination of two symbols it's human heart. over which is suspended and i. so for me those of us who are doing the work of our heart. always is three ranked above us someone's going. to sizes someone's gonna
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defined as someone's going to make sure we live in a very unhappy hi there can come after a string is nature of this opposition. now which is just pure hatred. this is in are creating anf you're in a crime but- the other thing is we're doing the work of our heart our hearts are broken in my experience more and more compassion. so i am no longer schrader mynger i'm no longer afraid of my age whi is pretty strong and times. and it people who go out on the street since euro bonds in asia please i do understand that level of range. and i have more capacity to persevere because i know not to extract from there. and i know instead to just wait. and let it pass andhen get intelligent again oka what can
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i do about ts give imy position perseverance is a never ending road. always being at risk with this knife hanging over us. we'reoing the work and re. most of them. and steang with strong and- at this time i think is one of the us who want to persevere which means we don't want to leave we don't want to retire we don't want to die off. we just want to be use in benefit to others it's possible. the so well the v. being even a lot of times many of us have been here before. so clearly and that reminder is challenging me is feels like did we make any progress in this how many stories about that and you you've outlined. the v. reading didn't maybe we can't. if you
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charge something by its results i guess this is the history but if you judge of right action by its results you'll never. we satisfied with what you did because history other dynamics beyond our control. an made that impossible. ifou stayed a week in the world you still have this open heart that wants to contribute. canou fin the right work for the right moment so i don't think it's helpful at all. to judge what was ranked them against whether it was successful and it did create a lot of change. many people benefited from speaking severancand in other forces came into play. in in now we are where we are but i'm
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running. russell powell. who is written really about how old is. the lead of the checker and just one of the greatest leaders we had trying century. he said who. is n it can not the conviction that something will turn out well. it is the certainty that something is worth doing no matter how it turns. so what is this something that's worth doing for its own innate. nature even if we fail at achieving outcomes for it and it's really an coming from this twenty first century culture t chief man. the valui yourself based on what you accomplished and arms and all sorts of. signs that your success there now
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we're down to basicshat is the value of my life. and that's wre you could consult any spiritual tradition anywhere ithe world. to come with the same answer. yes to. being a compassiona presents for other people and not be so wrapped up in ourselves. thank you very much for. in times of crisis our emotions cry for change in the big world around us but he can b most effective cle to home as mac weekly quote study version do what you can with what you have. where you are this was kind solution stay and next time. solutions
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host: welcome to "global 3000." temples without tourists -- with covid restrictions now lifted, many in cambodia are desperate for visitors to return. the big eat -- insects are being used to fight invasive plants in south africa. and nuclear testing in the u.s. -- radiation victims are fighting for compensation.


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