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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  May 30, 2022 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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narrator: on this episode of "earth focus," the most basic human need is also its most precious commodity. in california's central valley, home to 19% of the food prodtion inthe word, many li withoutlean driing war whileat the ee of morocco's sahara region, harvesting wat from fohas the pontial toeeply imct culture amera focus ring clicking] [shutter clicking]
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sheri nter: th was the dr store-- the rt-colorebuilding on the her sid of it w th barber op. the histy of allsworth as inow it icolonel allenorth--wh he retid from t army--wted a pce where he could go and settle with his people, which wasn't too many places available at the time, and he found this piece of land. duringthe timehen therwere droughts everywhere and things were bad in different towns and cities, allensworth thrived.
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it thrived because they knew how to make it thrive. start with what yohave. ma somethi with iand nevebe satised. that's a quation by gege washiton carv-- dese kada: boor t. hunterno. geor washingn caver. bucolonel aensworthade thatappen herbeuse th was os. is was r histor this wa our town.e did itand when sa "we," 'm saking of blacks. kadara:ulare la used toe th largest fshwater ke west ofhe missiippi, and ba in the890s. d farmingecame morpralent the are e water staed beingiverted r that. d it reay has ha significt impact on the comnity. thcommunitwas tiving, b no commity
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thrivewithouquality ter. this is what i havto do to get it. and the good thing is th'vgiven these ps, so 's nageablfor us get e waterbut i'm ableo do this. kids y not be or thelderly y not, b this is r syst for war. tove dl clic] it's comin [bl ringin
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[train istle bles] hunter: in t past, iwas a bustng littltown, like said. peoplfrom allround ca he. hatehat it w chipped ay at. the downfa of this mmunityas waterand i'm here right now 100-plus years later still trying to work at this twnship, is commity, tting go, affordle, quality ter. ssi snyd: all rit. so i'd lie to sta with the te ll rert summa... we we finallyble to cplete a test wl recent, which s theain poinof discuioat ts morni's meing. andhe test ll did iicate that we can expecto get gd compant watefrom thispot where wtested.
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theactuallyave two lls. the wls are o they're not ry highroducingells, bu ey bothave leve of arsec in em that,n genera ceeds t maximumontamina vel th the sta sets as afe drinng waterthere's great dal of sence out there cumentinthe ill fects ofrsenic o hum health.rsenic i definite a cancecausing agent. it's very important that they have influence on what the ultimate project turns out to be cause it has to be something th they're happyith, tha thy'reomfortle with,hat they're coident inand that they caafford trun. n christsen: t histo of wer in e san jouin vaey iseally thhisty of wat in cafornia and in e americ west. you knowagriculte does ussomeing lik80% of theater in liforniaand it
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isade, younow, a mtibilliodollar iustry possib. it's one the gre paradox of calornia anof th centralalley anof the sanoaquin vley, in particur, that the mid of much rchness at's created by water--by growing these very valuable crops--there are people who don't have clan drinking wate amda monac lanare a small town ofbout 600olks, locad about minutes down from frno.
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it's majity lati. a lot fol here ma their ling working surrounng field ok. oh. is at, li, where, like,here's a cluer of trailer homes ma yes. yes... mono: is it there? , ok... ty startesetting homes ansettinup theiromes in a w that wanot pland by local gornments ound the hen and some int, lol govement didecome awe of the mmunitbut did t incporate tm into anfficial wn or an officia cityas a rest, the w that caifornia s dealt th small mmunitielike lane is tha they ha a systewhere the mmunity self canet up a commity serves distct to ovideertainital serces, likdrinkingater, to the ridents. the ely 2000s, the community services district found that they had water that was contaminated th arnic. so ey got arant om the deral gornment tt was abo $1.6 miion toconstruc an arsenic eatmenplant. sabel sorio spking spash]
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stay or here androp in e water fill thisbecause en they ll is, it's moreasy to dp right re dream, the ameran dream. [ctinues ispanish] tha's bause i me overere. [contins in spash] naco: thcommunitwas real
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not invved in t process the cotructionf the arsic treatnt pla. so,eally,hat th saw appeningas a lotf nstructi was gng on, and then their bls srocket. th arseni treatmt plant s instled in 20, aboutidway throu the yea and the6 nths lar, it washut dow causet was tocostly t operate [solorio speaking spanish]
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yom cohen:he challge in smalcommunits is that th'e not ab to tually r their o systems.ou know,hey can't afrd, you ow, to he an orator th would bthere. this one of r laboraries. and this is where we do various types ofests omobile uts for war treatmt and desanation, ter qualy analys, and son. and ts is imarilyn preparion for alays larg scale dign of systs that a then fid eployabl this isater, no ampagne. well,e're looki at the conol inteace r thplant at is ruing at poche.
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ris linnan: we're in the poche draage dirict off of rsell avee here, los bano at onef the pit treatmt tt sitefor trting bsurfacerain waer. this partular proct house a prect forhe univsity ofcaliforn, los anles. and th're tting seval procses inlving rever osmosisif youad a sies whe in an ea lik this,n the ceral vaey, where u have ls of sll mmunitiethat are sprd out ov a largerea and u uld put a sma plant le thi a packa plant--ere' a pottial the for cost vings-t would potentially be game chger. coh: there aeconomi of scaleere. the more syems thatou have,he lor the co is. youan think abo all tho communies as essentily being virtual wer distrt. here ey are coected viintern and
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trefore he that befit of beingart of aistrict,ven thougheographilly the're not nnected. snyr: i thi it soun veryromisingand, in ct, i thk if sma commuties re gonnaave to g treatmt, it's gonna ve toe a mol like tt. kada: rightow, we wt toake surwe havenough water f the peoe to liv re and r us to ow. and rit now, we arat capacy becaus our sysm is old, and weeed to irove tha [solio speakg spanis narrar: accesto clean drking wer in rul califrnia isomplicat, but inemote viages thalie
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thin mocco's soutest mouain regn, thepposite true. re, nontditional solutis are beg embrac and givi hope to commuties in ne. [khadijghouate eaking native lguage] mila baach: herthe verty ha been sggering
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iterms ofater. ople wer livingn perpetuly endle anxiety d manyf the won were telling us how they would go thity and ge watefirst to the childre to the derly, and to t animals [donkey brays] runtin [haa tazrou speaki nativlanguage
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bargh: the wer shorte and th irregulity of rnfall have me liveliod here ry difficu for theousehold [vehicle horn honks] [mhamed zaur speakg nativlanguage
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[aissa rh speaki frenc bargach: the impact of climate change just within the 12 years at we, as an organization, haveeen acti in e region is real staggerg. there has en a gnifica increa in the at and ithe summs. the sara is rightn
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he otheride of t mountai and is ving towds this gion ve steadi. ounirbbar speing french] bargachfog takeaway all youvisuals.hen itomes ry, verslowly and gciously i run is organation th tod has theargest funconing focollecti project in the world.
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barga: the fogoes thrgh t net, anthen themall moleculeof waterhat are insi theog are ught in e honeycb sort f netng. anthen wi avity, ey descend io a tter, anthen gather em. [abbarpeaking ench]
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[indistit convesation] [houssn sousane speing nativlanguage
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[tzroutepeaking nate langua] ousane eaking nate langua]
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announcer: "earth focus" is made possible in part by the orange county community foundation and the farvue foundation. o7ñ;ñ;?k■x■xqñcñcñcñ■
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05/30/22 05/30/22 [captioning made possible amy: from new york this is democracy now! >> so what we have to understand is just whate've seen at the supreme court level, this attk that's finally reached its pinnacle up to the supreme court to dismantle roe v. wade, this work has had tentacles. and it'been working to criminalize women and also to imse civil punishment associated with pregnancy. amy: today, a democracy now! special. as the supreme court appears set to overturn roe v. wade, we will speak to law professor michele goodwin,


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