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tv   Global 3000  LINKTV  June 11, 2022 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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go o get a biness, nt a sto... and apprecie yo suggestns. 're gonntake it. d if youan... if you c supports, becae you ow...cause yoknow h hard... - i supportg you! just gave you monowledgethan y would he gotten in yr colle. staurantwner: it horribl what'sappeningto busess owne in thisity. it drivingeople...t's iving pele out othe city to on businees. - de, you e crazy! - no, u're cra. listen, i owrestauras, so know. u don'own a buness so you d't know what youe talking abou sterday met th the aorney foa group of invtors who were intested orating aot & cruy out of201 seco avenue. ey are carly petfied the ooing actns here. we le in a bnd wor yoknow. i an, peop go to hot & crty. it a thingn new yo city. and you art chalnging th na, and thpressures on.
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mohit: whe did he me from,what's h backgrod, you kw? don't kw anythi abouhim. do y know wh he looklike? mama lóz: he los like fm tvhow, somhing likthat. he's huge ma heooks nic a big, he ma - hey, aryou doin mr. antny? anthy iluzzi what's gng on he today? - go. like iold you fore we are n troublekers. were very od worke buin the se time thcommuny, thewant to ow wh's the
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fure of theorkers.- thfuture is to geit open. 're gonndo a lite revation iide, and all e olemploynt's ming bk, everydy. okay, sohat's aming fousus. anthy iluzzi i'm ry excit. i cat wait tget in tre and rk witeverybody. i rely am. unns are n for me. ve neverealt witunions fore, buthey seed prty easy the negiating tables, anto bring l the olemployeeback isa benet to hot crusty. sohat wa't big issufor me.everybodget in, ose. ll see y. thank yo mot: soundlike he'genuine. t once wstart toegotiatethat ctract, tt's when itets tric.
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aán:esterdayight like, arnd 6:30,we gotnformati that they uld not reopenand at a lanord tohis builng signed lease wh anothe.. wi anoth company
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ar n: this mpaign h been orthodoxn ny ways, because have mo victori thanetbacks. we are is momenin a...we hava littleetbackan obscle. ctor: weeed to crify wi mr. ilui, becau their pition rit now that th want th busins en, th want is shop, ey wanthis locatn, then there ino reasowhy u can't workith manament gettinghe doorspen. we neeto figurout whetr he being guine or t. eitheray we ed to ge morenformati. we canpend a l of timdigging r infoation to t to justy the nspiraci we've iend our headsor we ca try ... ar n: we wa to comep wi a new sategy. beuse we nd to be thimoment in theicket li the more ofhe worke are down. ife don't n, it wod be bad exame r every single worr. this isot aboutfindina conspicy. th is about findinthe righ stragy to ma us to w. ani think u're basally st baili out beuse to bhonesti feelike... dict: that such a p-out. that inot what'shappeninhere. (discussn inaudie)
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mahomaópez:e are he to... 're, tod...wait, wait, wa, i'm no fished. actuly, virgio, i thk 's a gd organir. he's good laer. we're he to do sething producti. are fends too i don't think it's goo thisighting. beuse in t end if something hpens, ife win, if wwin or wlose, wee gog to sti fore it's me importt totay togeer. mohi let's cl anthon right now. anthoniluzzi: llo? mama lóz: hey ahony how are yodoing? anthony uzzi: okay homa l pez: it'me, mahoma om hot &rusty. anthy iluzzi hey,ow are y?
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mahomaópe what ppened? yore not happy thear me? anthoniluzzi: ah, i'm ppy. what'soing on? mahoma ópez: iave a meing th the cmunity anthe works. u thinit's psible to have meeting. anthony uzzi: 's not.. you ow, it'sot a matr ofe and u, ore and's aatter ofhe landld. i an, i le there fday, everytng was wked out ne. and en my laer goa phone callsaturd, everhing s change theyent withax. maho lópe if it'she case,the woers anthe union caput presre on ts compan thony ilzi: i thk thbest thi for us do, or y to do is to t out the and piet get out ere and ow thfrustratn that whave. yeah, it worth ahot, sur maho l pez: oka antny. anony iluz: i think we cando good ings the, you kn? homa l pez: ah, see u soon. by dictor: y would tellhe union"go pick?" i mean, think is guy is cometely geine.
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maybe i ve a hanup out tougtalking alian guys, i n't know what its. dict: i meanwe need put overbialricks throh the wiows. provbial. hit: we ed to pupressureon theandlord go with anthony supportg anthon d makinghat clea d alsocari the (bleep) ouof pax dict: what'soing happen. ar n: no, n let's bclear, let's sce them. dictori think . án:his is what yore gog to be cing en you go insidehis stor arán:e heard that pax is planng to movthere. and weant to bmaking very cle that ifax is gng to beoving the, oupositionn the counity is thathey nee to rognize t union. th need toehire thworkerswithouany condion. pax presentave: excu me, cayou stopecording way, th's certa. 're not terestedin thalocation x and eupa will t be ening any store in tt locati anytimeoon.
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i thinthat peoe e very sred righnow try to en anyax there righ yeah, don't thk theyike the ea now. l pez: wel anthony so he a greaday, thk you ve much. okaybye.
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i'm nna telly union ddies around t corner,secondvenue suay come ov here. ben dict: if tir profimarginswere onl like, cents ahour rai they'rterriblebusinesseople. like, th's trible.
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sandor jn: to thhot & crty bake workersn new yo city, solidari greetgs from e dos of oaknd, cafornia. muchasraciasmuchas gcias.
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john cnan: a lot opeople look at ese smalplaces anthink,oh, maybtheir bottom le's a little tht" to try a justi all thbad stufthey're ing. is is thnorm. this inot an arrationinhe food service dury. the rden rtaurant oup, the rgest fu-servicediningroup in e world, the wal-rt of reaurants,similastuff isoing on. pplause) we just me backfrom a lkout and if we dn't hav the pport of o fellow ionists,we'd sll be loed out. just camback fr two dayin chica where achers ichicagowent on rike. we need standbehindach othe the midd class ievaporatg. man: there suppod to beinvisie. e food isupposedo arrive but you' not supposed see them. and th's how t city issuppos to be sved. may goodma worker we makehe city rk. we eble the nkers and all e real eate peop make all theimoney. but wean alsoshut t city wn.
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hn denni big ions like us we gottatand behd the guys comeut her and and withhem. theyeed us and we nd them.(applae) (car hn honkin
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♪ reporter in nework ty today rkers atcdonald' and ndy's and a nch other st food ints waed off t job demandg bett pay d the rit to uonize. (chantg): hey y, ho ho $7.2has got go! (chantg): can't svive on .25! pamelalood: all bieve at we'veeen disrpectedwe'vbeen beltled wee been pyed an ignont levelo wherethey feelike we ink are notetter th $7.25 buwe definely are. weeserve betr, and work ha for theoney.
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(applae) dict: the ho& crustyworkerassociatnis cometely just e peop th are ithis rm. yoguys makthe rule abouhow the ion operes. charlimorán:he hot &rusty workers sociatio is vy unique
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we'rtalking out someing thate're goi to haveto defd evy singleime that the contct expir. mahoma ópez: wre goingo fighfor incrsing thealary, we're going to fight for more sick days and we're going to fight for better benefits. that the begning. (applaus if it's thcase e compancloses anwe need go outse tohe stree to picking, i want tknow you areoing to able. ifhat shou come toe, i wi be there. that's gat. th's good. i feelood th you el like at. we need keep tother we need fight. i've bn fighti all mylife, u know wt i mean elizabetlópez:my husnd has aew campan. maria chickentz: is is mama from laury worke centeras well. izabeth ópez: has chaed. 's not tt shy, quiet peon.
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i waed to sh him tha evenhough i wasn'there forim the ptests inhe past,that iad hisack. whatade me change myind was cause i w the use at he beeved in was a cae reallyorthy to fightor. our twsmall so i nt them grow upto be st like eir dad:a fighr who don't givep. (chantg): won't te this a longer! one, twothree, fr, none shoulbe worki poor! joua duah:on't runway, n't be aoward, pase! n't be aoward. don'be a cowd! elizabh lópe i would ll mahom "you're gointo getn troubl you' going tget arreed yore goingo get ported." my husba would tl me tt you cannot be raid to lifyour voi and expressour opinn, beuse you ve the rht too it.
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♪ give ma whole eat bage toasd, jellynly. - avy? yes. ooped t, c you oop it o for me,lease? m very gd that ty're ba in the ighborho d that ty got mo benefit whh i'm su are ll deserved.
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i han't be here sie i t arrest right tre. cai gea large ffee th half-d-halfno sugar - rge coff, half a half, no
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sugar - ank you. i'm tting thattorneyfor thformer cpany kno that grel is worng thregistergain. about a zen time througut the cpaign, thunion watold the comny that gtel would neverwork heragain. so wn he getto work day, th is whate's gog to see donald ahonyson:this is good vicry. mattersyou know it mters becse you gs co from a ng way. and totand uto do th? hell yh! y, way mh betterhan at most ople wou expect.♪
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to lea more about america reframed the stories and issues we present visit our website at i'm natasha del toro. thanks, and see you next time.
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reporter: fast food workers walked off the job today inozens ofities, continui their ph to uniize d to getigher pa fast fd worker we're ising falies wee doing rd work, and we derve tget living we for wh we do.we'vtaken whever ourobs have beehanding . it's le a dictorship when we to workvery day so ieel now the tim for noonly me, t all rkers all acro the natn to sta up and eak ou
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mother finds work in another country. boy: mama? the oldest child, georgiana, is only 14 years old and still in sool. now she's in charge. she must raise herself as well aser brothers and sisters, balancing schoolwork keeping her family together, and trying to find time to be a teenager. a year in e life of georgia and her fily, ashey wait f summer, wn thr mother wl return he. the award-winning film waiting for august on doc world. ♪
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