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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 22, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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world headlines. emmanuel macron says there is a way for it but the path looks unclear. the stakes are high as the president struggled to form a governing coalition following the legislative elections. searching for survivors after a massive earthquake in afghanistan, 1000 people were killed and hundreds were injured when the quake struck the border with pakistan overnight. the crown prince is holding
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talks with the president of turkey. they are trying to repair ties after the murder of camacho shoji -- general khashoggi. ♪ thank you for joining us. manual -- emmanuel macron is seeking a way out of the clinical crisis. after a disastrous legislative election, the front president said it is possible to find a way forward. how that can happen is unclear. he was unable to gather a majority, impacting his ability
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to govern over the next five years. he has been meeting with opposition leaders with no breakthrough. >> i cannot ignore the fractures, it has profound divisions that run through our country and of the reflected composition of our newest assembly. we must learn to govern and legislate differently, to build with all of the political factions that make up the new assembly. dialogue through listening and respect, that is what you have asked for and i have hurt you. -- i have heard you. >> our politics editor has some analysis on what he had to say. >> it was an extremely short address. generally it is quite lengthy, quite detailed.
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here, it is 7-8 minutes, short and vague. he said he took stock of what happened during the election and reminded the viewers he was elected. he said that there should be a new way to conduct politics through compromise in parliament. basically, he is excluding the government of national unity because he said he is not in favor of it. leaders on the opposition he consulted with today and yesterday, most of them rejected this idea. he said to have two other options. it is either a coalition government where there would be an alliance, with a group, another parliamentary group. or an ad hoc, a bill by bill agreement to find a compromise.
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one cannot assume he would prefer -- one can assume he would prefer a formal parliament. if that is impossible, each bill would have to be discussed and some mps could vote in favor or abstain on pension reform. we are thinking about the conservative and if it is something that has to do with the environment. he could gather some much-needed mp's from the green party. this is a difficult balancing act. what he wants is all of the factions in parliament to clearly say what they want. are they in favor of a potential coalition? or are they totally against any kind of agreement with emmanuel macron? he is throwing the ball back into their court and say tell me
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what you need me to do. there was no decision about the changing prime minister or a threatening about the future elections. if the parliament is hung and there is no compromise possible. he said i listen to what you have to say. there is a lot of abstention and there is a lot of uncertainty. he felt he needed to speak, he is leaving tomorrow to brussels. then he goes on to a g-7 summit and a nato summit, then a summit on the oceans. he will be a week away from the country and he felt he needed to tell the people that he heard what they said three days ago. >> that is our friend politics editor. in afghanistan, the death toll is expected to rise as muscular's look for -- rescuers look for
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survivors. the quake struck overnight as many were sleeping. it was in a mountainous area near the border with pakistan. >> seconds after the helicopter lands, a desperate rush to carry the wounded on board. reeling from a 6.1 magnitude earthquake, afghans shared videos and photographs showing buildings reduced to rubble and bodies covered with blankets. >> it was midnight when the earthquake struck. the kids and i screamed. one of our rooms was destroyed. >> when we went outside, there were many dead and wounded. they sent us to the hospital. >> the quake in the eastern province, the shaking to be felt in pakistan and india. in an emergency meeting, taliban
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authorities ordered the delivery of food, clothing, and medicine. they pledged one billion in cash assistance, 10.6 one million euros. >> under the order of the prime minister it has been decided that 100,000 afghanis will be given to the victim's families and 50,000 given to injured people's families as help. >> it could prove a major challenge for the taliban, cut off from foreign aid. authorities have a beer to the international community, charities, and humanitarian organizations for donations. >> for more on this we are joined by our afghan journalist and a documentary filmmaker. this was a 6.1 magnitude quake that is considered strong, not a major earthquake. he bore a bit surprised at the death toll -- people were a bit
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surprised at the death toll? does that have to do with infrastructure? >> thousands of people how to sleep outside tonight without any help. what happened in afghanistan, the rain, it rained in this province and the houses are built 1500 years ago and they are very fragile. more than 1000 killed, the death toll is still raising. the taliban just said that they want to prevent catastrophe, but the catastrophe is there now they do not have equipment. they do not have equipment to rescue people and they do not know how to save lives. people have their shovels and pickaxes and rescuing people. what we need now is a national and international help. i was informed by a local journalist in the field, he told
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me that the national and international help did not arrive yet. they are waiting. at least until tomorrow night, because of the roads and mountains. >> what about the roadblocks and the challenges that exist here for the taliban in dealing with the disaster? >> the roads are destroyed. because of war by taliban. that is why people cannot receive help. people are waiting for that and i until tomorrow night, people are desperate. people are sleeping outside with children, some families lost all members. the taliban have only one two helicopters. it is not enough at all, international and community, they are closing their eyes. we need immediate help.
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the problem is the that the mountains and roads, they cannot be accessible right now by the ngos sending help. the roads are destroyed because of the war by taliban. the taliban is -- the woman's rights, curtailing the their rights, limiting journalists to arrest activists. helping the people already displaced because of the war and the rival taliban. >> you are talking about logistical problems, the taliban has been cut off from foreign aid. how do you see this playing out as the international community tries to do something? >> they do not want to recognize them. the afghani people need help. there are innocent people. they are hiding.
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they have acted list -- activist journalists, they say what we did, we did nothing. we do not receive our salaries since months. any help from international countries, the only receive one sack of flour. that is all good in 14 months from the you and. nothing else from the government and taliban. >> what does this say about future disasters? how they will be handled only by the taliban and receiving international help? >> the you and, many of the problem -- provinces -- the u.n., many of the provinces, they do not receive help because we have this relationship. more than 6000 displaced people
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who are waiting. they sell their children in order to save other children. they did not receive help from the u.n. or taliban. they are trying to survive right now. >> a tragic situation. we want to thank you, a franco-afghan journalist and a documentary filmmaker. the crown prince of saudi arabia visited this wednesday, he was holding talks with the president of turkey. the two countries are to repair ties following the murder of jamal khashoggi in the kingdom's consulate in 2018. u.s. intelligence and you and have implicated the prince -- u.n. have implicated the prince in the murder. he has denied the charges. i have a feeling that jamal khashoggi did not come up as a
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topic. do you have any idea what was talked about or what came out of the meeting? >> i think you are right on that. there was no press conferee, i think that was deliberate. the president and mbs issued a joint statement that spoke of their determination to start a new era of cooperation. in many areas. exploring investment opportunities, increasing the number of flights between saudi arabia and turkey. increasing trade between the countries. what president erdogan wants is for the saudis to invest in the turkish economy, stimulate growth, create jobs, revive his chances of being reelected in june of next year. erdogan is in political
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trouble. polls indicate he will lose the election because of the state of the economy. this has caused him to turn the page on jamal khashoggi's murder and make up with the saudis. >> for there has been a strong reaction is that of turkey including from the opposition. what can you tell us about the response to this visit? >> it shows the government may have chose the dossier and the trial going on until earlier this year. and it has filed to the saudis. it has not forgotten how jamal khashoggi was murdered. his body was cut up in the saudi consulate in istanbul. the leader of the opposition
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said on television as if he was talking to the president, you are ruining turkey's reputation. the leader of the republic of turkey will embrace the menu ordered the killing! referring to the fact that the cia report into his murder found that it was in fact ordered by been some on-- mbs. >> a woman issued a wheat where she said that the crown prince's visit does not change the fact he is responsible for a murder. also today, i attended a demonstration by turkish journalists in a square in downtown on cora -- ankorah, they were protesting a new government bill that will curb social media.
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i spoke to the speaker of the demonstration, he is a turkish journalist. he said the murder of jamal khashoggi's, and handing the prosecution filed to the saudis, these are shameful -- file to the saudis, these are shameful. >> do you want. -- thank you. we are trying to tackle inflation and the rising cost of energy. >> the u.s. president joe biden has formally asked congress to approve a three-month suspension of federal taxes on gasoline. the tax break would cost the government around $10 billion, it usually goes towards highway upkeep.
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the national average is currently around five dollars, that is compared over three dollars one year ago. the federal government collects 18.4 cents of gas sold. that threshold has not changed since 1993 rate each state imposes a different tax as well that was an average of $.26. some states have already suspended their tax and biden has urged others to follow suit. it 60% of total -- it represents a 16% of the total paid at the pump. taxes make up 50% of the price of petrol. the holiday only provides limited relief although president biden says it could provide breathing room. >> i understand the gas
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tax alone will not solve the problem, but it will provide a bit of breathing room as we continue working to bring down prices for the long haul. >> inflation hitting 8.6%. u.k. has hit a fresh 40 year high in may, 9.1%. the cost of living crisis has been highlighted by the rail strikes with workers calling for short pay rises to reflect the spike in inflation. >> prices are soaring for u.k. consumers with the cost of basic necessities now out of reach for many, the british government is introducing a 15 billion pound or 17 billion euro package of measures to help households. >> i know people are worried about the rising cost of living and that is why we have taken significant action to support all milies with the most
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vulnerable in our society receiving 1200 pounds of help. >> as part of the package, 8 million of the poorest households will receive a cost-of-living payment of 755 euros. 8 million pensioner households received 350 euros. consumer price inflation in the u.k. hit a 40 year high of 9.1% in may and is forecasted to hit 11% in the coming months. food prices are set to rise over 20% in the first quarter of next year. the war in ukraine and covid lockdowns in china are pushing energy and food bills up. average pay is not keeping up with the increases. that is the heart of the biggest rail strike in 30 years which kicked off on tuesday. 40,000 rail workers join the action as they demanded pay
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rises of at least 7% to keep up with inflation. further strikes are planned for thursday and saturday. trade unions in other sectors are also planning walkouts in the coming months. >> wall street gave up earlier gains, closing below the flat line. energy stocks took a hit. made u.s. oil companies are down 2%-5% each. the mere european indices landed in the red. -- the major european indices landed in the red. some $2 trillion has been wiped out of cryptocurrencies. bitcoin hit a record high of $68,000 in november of last year. in the past tank to around 20,000. -- it tank to around 20,000 varied i ask the crypto exchange
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about whether the volatility would undermine confidence in cryptocurrencies. >> i believe losses happen when you close a position. i think my advice to most of our community or investors is the kind you are not closing a good position, you have not really realized a loss. the confidence is more shaky given the conditions of the market. the comparison we try to communicate to our investors and communities, that of looking at the equities market. all markets are going through volatility, give recession and inflation. it is not just crypto markets that are shaky. all markets are shaky. >> going from cryptocurrencies to another concept that may seem hard to grasps, and fts. they are digital assets that are
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sold as memorabilia. base of six-seven figures for an nft would showcases the mrna technology which created two vaccines against covid-19. >> what is included i the nft is an animated video that demonstrates how the mrna platform works and the storyboard of what is depicted. most iortantly is what it symbolizes. it is fused as one of the world's best viewed as one of the world's -- it is viewed as one of the world's greatest achievements. >> i do not get it. i do not get the of the a llure. it is time for truth or fake, our daily fact checking segment. you have been looking into a sort about the return of cultural artifacts from europe
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to africa? >> for context, this is something that has been increasingly happening over the last couple of years. france has had a leading role in that regard and unesco has been building the momentum for this return and restitution of cultural artifacts. in the museum of paris, 26 artifacts were returned to benin at the end of last year. at the ceremony in benin, those are saying that this is something is happening more and more and france is a leading the way in that regard. in a bid to see all of these historical artifacts returned to the country of origin. >> you have been looking into claims suggesting that though don't return fake traditional masks to the congo, and frank that they cap the originals --
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ckept the originals. it is false. this is an image that has been doing the rounds. it was on different platforms. one such example is this one here saying please tell me it is a joke. the museum need to to really verify the autnticity of this mask. it is urgent. a mask that was returned this year brought by member of the village of royal family drink an official visit and given on loan to the congo. the mask was not looted, it was acquired legally and ended up in the museum in belgium. on the left you have the claims this was the original mask and that there was some sort of copy made and that the original mask was not in fact returned.
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given the fact that this is between the congo and belgium, it was one of the worst, brutal colonial experiences, 10 million people died in the time that king leopold reigned over congo which was his own personal property of the time. there is a lot of distrust and by the blood and that may explain why there would be suspicion about what is quite symbolic, a return of cultural goods. this is completely false. our team contacted the curator of one of the museums in belgium to discuss the two masks and the discrepancies. he said it is quite simple, we have a record in our dossier of this mask and it is a serial
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number and we can catalogue and give youll of the information required. we have no information on this mask but there were dozens of them. these masks or used for healing ceremonies and there are dozens of them and there are. this is another example of a private art merchant. you can see to the extent of which it is two different masks. that is presented to the social media as a fake and belgium who linking the congolese. >> that is it for now. stay connected for more world news on france 24. ♪
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> a few weeks apart, two anti-mafia judges were murdered in sicily, it deeply affected the island's inhabitants. >> [speaking foreign language] people are finding the courage to speak out. >> [speaking foreign language] >> the fight against the mafia continues. on france 24 and france ♪
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>> france 24, your economy explained. ♪
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