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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  June 30, 2022 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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slowerplease. sler. good jobready? go job. - ow, yore going too fa,. after weoved to th part w my old son rub stard develong asthm - ow, yore going too fa,. my dghter, ovia, we d totart hern medicaons athe age of one d leonar was st kindaorn intot. my dghter, ovia, we d totart hern medicaons okaygood job w go rin your moh real good,lease. my dghter, ovia, we d totart hern medicaons l four ous have thma. so, wee indooreople. we'rnot outdr people thpollutiohere in e neigorhood ipretty ereme,
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and you ow, we have theefiner anall of t polluti from the inhis partf g one of the questions that a lot of peop havesked is y han't you ved? why dot you ju move? becausmoving tes mon. okay. - bye. - okaybe caref son, plse. whenour chilen have thma yobecome, don't know, panoid. yore most finitely afraidf thee brthing inecause ahough you needt to surve, thatame aiis also killing yo. (speakg foreiglanguage
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when ovia and onardo bame ofge to goo school put (speakg foreiglanguage them whe there iextra help f ch. when ovia and onardo bame ofge to gohey, dud put - our stents hav troue in typal schoo cause ey would often s, when ovia and onardo bame ofge to gohey, dud put 80 days school ar just tryinge so, ey come us, the havellnessesuch as sere ath, but e majoty of ou kidsre struging withir. - okay, ily. - our nues do a ally ofur kids,ut if th are iggered by poltion the can d up in e hospit and 's even fe threaning. and ey've gotheirhave the ls ttle picres on ', and thenhe nurse traithe kids to ce in herand ow what do. beoming inere ring thechool da - [jes] so, w often wod this cld - aboufour tim. really - fivef they'rsick. wow. - ah.
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- ey need ds five mes day duri the schl day. on t kids goen worseor is ? s the indents ofttack i me anecdotly, base on yr experice-- ani've beea school nurse re yes, exaly. and fact abou18 years but the has be an incrse t amount identifd kidsith asth definity. - ally? - [jnifer] f most thatthmatics airollution is a mor trigg and so u sea lomore asta attas in are where tre's a gher poltion lev. - [khi] do y need so ice? and yeah, like that, o. here. - when iave an asthma aack it fls likeaybe somne holdi you derwateror a whi. - you fe like you're uerwateand u can'come up.
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you fe like yocan't brthe. yeah, it really ary. ur chest hurtsnd fls li you're aking anyeah. - ay, and ok at me. lo back ov there. - my ahma is rlly bad. i'veeen in t icu twi and i'veidden in the ambula. pollutn is vericu twi bafor asthtics. 's kindaeird think aut it. pollutn is vericu twi stf like tt could st cau an asthmattack rht away. - hiuddy. - this ijim. - i'jim. slapewean your cture.oy. i fi it sad see the teer littlcharacte harnesd to this medici drivene that ty need tsurvive. how longave you en cong to th school?
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- w about nice ile for m? come on, won't te,'atta boy. air is changin and wee seeing the efcts of i th're the es who fl it, but wee all beg impact by tt contamated air d even ipeopleon't giv a da about cmate chae, th should re abouthat th're taki into thr lung and whatheir famies are taking. (lht dramac music) the skappears be infite, buit i't infine.
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we're l citize of (helicopter whirring) (men yelling) i ink in a of our lis, fi is a coination a fascining subsnce...
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anan increbly rrifyi, scary substae. - [man] e state calirnia is sorting anan increbly drasticeasures night. - [womanat least7 wildfis stilburning ross thetate. - [wom] 2,000 ructures home hotel winees, deroyed. - [jam] i thinwe're wang upo the fa that wifires have become a part of living in the american west. not ny yearsgo, a fi veryearly bued down my ownouse in e fohills ofhe rocky, and think th's whenfire bec. tmo intense and ihink s're starng to unrstand in the uted stat, we he a fireroblem. that thibegan a ng ti ago whethe earts keystonepecies f firewhich iss, chged fundentall its mbustionabits.
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l of ourxistences a ecies, whave hadire. chged fundentall fire really is per for u and found dferent ways to verage it. chged fundentall went do into e earth, fiinto t geologipast,r u pulling all the fossil fuels;, and th is the me ti we begabreaking fire art, puttg itnto maines. when youo that, you e no r direwh we dre our ca,ire. we're iving a re engin but u don't e it. whweave chand our you e no r direrelationip to fi,ire. and th has riped thugh almo evething. the atmohere andhe ocns, the osphere, and th has riped and i thinwhat thughwee seeingowng.
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is the consequces ofhis. and th has riped and i thinwhat thugh(dmatic muc)ng. en yelli) and th has riped - ames] wh, here wgo,t it comin' throh the coer. we got aind shif it's coming rht at usow. i'm ry well are of h litt i know out fire my tm knows out fi, but i'learning - it's vlent. - wow, lk at tha w, that oked coo lile torna right tre. (dramac music)
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i'vead this ea for several ars thathe way toook at fe is to look ait as. th camera ts me work infrad and e flame as a force out there on the landscape. every fe i wento, the fireghtersept lling mehe samthing. - th changed lot, especily ik i dot know, ve years,hait's jus it's a fe seasonyear rou pretty. we're buin' way rlier, fire seans go y longer. - thfire behior o the chas.
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like t other nht i w somethg, a re burni in 91% midity. - thfire behior o the chas. you know, u're getng wet, but , is sometng tt's nosupposedo happen - thisire drove throh the s in a wayhat we he ner seen bore. the innsity of the fi cooka the ornic mateal ouof the sls. it is at aot of pele rer to as onscaped i talk to one these thother dad he saito olmewhen i w a younguy, if we haone 5,00acre fir in a sumr it was big dea i talk to one these and now 000 acreireito olu don't en noticthat. that jt kindadisappea in th. we'rtalking and 10000 re firesll the te. we'rin a completel diffent firenvironme. (muffl radioalking) - what happeni real dramati increas in wilires.
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1000% inease in e fruency large fes. ich are 0,000 acres orarger.res, - soevery ye throught thwestern ited stas you ha wild fi where tre's no spression capabity po. - soevery ye throught thwestern ited stas the big me fires ttes we hacertainlchanged over. the tes of engement r the fi communi. td we're yond thegees we hwherwe can jt thrower. refighte into mote anhazardousettings under rge fireand exct them survive - l these ys who dd my homeerritory. under rge fireand the sou canyon fire.
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here's9 in arina. the re overtk them, ey to out the fire shters, here's9 in arina. here tthere's his portrait s hion his wedding day. "chris was exactly where he wanted to be, in an engine with s colleaes goingo he folks w needed m." - there w a time en fi was alled to ro. cleansg, purifng the landape. a ng time o it wou just sep throu areas and nody reay foht the fe. anlet the re pass rough as a natal progrsion. but thene starte extiuishing l the fis. the was no place for fire, no tolerance.
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exclung fir fromhe landspes, ny of ouforestedcosystem are th filled with fu. - thother faor is clate. we're eing thearmest temperates on rerd over e last 1 years a hotter, drier nditions omote mo fire. - r severadecades 've been drier nditions omote mo fire. in chronicrought cycle fothe west unr these ry dry nditionsyou ve a lancapeen thats absoluly readyo suort a ve large fe. - ere 12 wdfireseaki nare burng right w. - [malreporter thmost seve conditions. - 51quare mis of norerne is iny filifornian just o week. - ale repoer] flam as higas skyscpers. - [male rerter] me fires like thiare burning gger,
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tter, faer, thanwe've ev se. mo than 5,0 fireghters fm across the gion are alrey on thecene. mo than 5,0 fireghters fm across - st on th fire ale we'vbeen putng firefhters thsame objtive ande haven't en succeful.ith that's e wake ucall, but doesn'ttop from dog the jo - the fi is cuently 3300 acres an incree of,400 acr since - the fi is the lastperation period. - the re behavr iseally unual. 're dropng millis of glons of tardant, we he thousas of peoe outhere, wre putti water on the fe and wee ju not bei successl. so, 's just ally ugh condions outhere and it'srobably t gonnget bett anytime the neafuture, so thas . so, 's just ally ugh condions outhere
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in just e week, e soranes fi had burd ,000 aes and iwas buing anher 5,00everyday u know iome into place li this ani do my b and i nda psyclogicall hideehind that cera, but cus on t picte, the oectifyin obuit's alws kindaithere ti, t of menl defens god is is aw thiss horrib. (lightramatimusic)
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the fi was hugand read reay fast. - and l of sudn in fro of uour wholmountainde st lit uand was st on fi and comi right tards us. so we d the re thfire comg that w. - oh, it okay (hushes) eth we stardg we grabd was, grbing valbles, yoknow, parwork, birth ceificates - yore just rowing things in our r. pe expense stuff shoul fyou ke the sff you're gonna ed rightow like camp. u n see itthe fire comingil - mean, cafornia ttiin partilar weer d thave ove38 milliout. ople livg in my of theareas th . - mean, cafornia tt have have a ryr d agessive snce towast. otectingives androperty becauspeople a part the equion now.
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(dramatimusic) (muffl radio tking) - an] hotefiring, you nt it onhe right corne on the lefside of e buding the up on t? - an][man] it 79, ypreparto - nt it onhe right corne - so, re's theeal. - anin that drlake ypreparto - th comas they re sayinines i'm tonyoward, btalion chief fr mendono unit. i'm wn here this fi as atrike te leader. i'm tonyoward, btalion yosee the ne over re guy oking tohis far ridge roug. righover he you castart seeing icoming dn over the hillit's theain re and is chunki away righover he you castart some prty good tes here moving towards us like this, and the carmel valley is right here, and this cachagua comnity rig here.
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so, we'vgot all ese ople on,here's hes back is in here d so thiisis c- we have big firrun,re. 're gonnlose tusands of houseprobably but,e're tryg torevent tt. you k- ouobjectivis to burn theillside re. quicklys possib. you it doest have a to fuelut here consume. , ife don't op it here, wee talkintens of quicklys possib. thousandmore acr bned when this all saiand done - here we go we c fire ne withhis doze , we're sically moving fuel awafrom theire. wel scrapeff vetation ptty much all thway down the rge. basicay we just rip down tohe bear rth.
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(airane roarg) basicay we just rip d[man] wi the gunh. - [man] ring. (men yelli) - [man] ring. - [manthat's wt m tain' abou - ames] it really catchi 'ca. (muffl radio tking) boy, wn the stf goes o 's just vience d explose. boy, w(dmatimusic)es o - eyes ithe gree guys, es ithe gree - we alhave tostay on r toe - eyes ithe gree ifhe wind ally pic up sudnly, thembers,
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the arks areoing to fly behind us and is will art burng. being a refighteyou be traed i. tta have healthyespect. you ow, you e flamesyou derstandhis can that way, it n go that way, it can g. just rpect it d maybe live. (men yelng) - we're tting me fire blowina. as y can seef you pa in othat flaright the, e winds e not inur favo but we' hopin' we c change at with litt bit of re belowt. - pter 4609110 chaie, 're a gon the fing, out. - an] 10 crlie cuto 40 we'll ben route - we're ping we n build enougha tuallynfluencehe fire and brg . 40 we'll ben route (muffledadio talng)
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- they kda sensehat e animalants to . wo around , work wh itma it workor us in oer to wo against that oee it's aincredib thing. , god, lk that. - this fe down he is takg all the ygen fro us down the ll. you ow, it'sreatin' it's o sy
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so, at flag on the ll the that w just potin' the otr way,s suckin righback intour fire - [m] parall to thstrip. the otr way,s suckin [tony] ias hopin riyou'say thatr fire tstandin thank y. - we're timately entwin with . fromur effecon the cmate to our eect on t fl. build upto our wildnd-urbannterface and ttinthemselv moren harms y. it's jusone eat tangd mess. - [manthat's gd! (chasaw whirng)
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- ready? startok, one, t, three.e - we le e, we alfeel it. i undersnd he's t two wonderfulittle dauters and th's roughnd i'm sry. weas and en we dot take significt actiono mitiga
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- mth we've sn fire leters yoth, becausguess wh?hrs. thiss the nenormal so we can'be ooh, nowhere'somethi.e.
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at we'veug from the eah an, hachanged e other ements. burning too ch coal,il, and turand tered our imate.c gaser 've all nefited om rning fus like cl. and rsonallyi can't cape e fact tt coal me me who i amoday androught le and ath to mown fami. - [james] i haven't been up here in so long, it'sll so inresting me. look athat, hoe and buy wi a coal uck behi. pesylvaniaoal couny toee my grdparents
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it wasust partf what wdid. vintdale, stight ahe. - [jam]th is a--e ngariareformedhurch. - d told mlots of ories about wh it was ke to gr up herwhen h father s stilworking the coamines. (muffledalking) if y fall do here, my motr will ner forgi me. - you'lle in trole. - ah. i don'think there's an queson that interes in ear materiaand matt came o of thiseritage re. i don'think there's an the whole atmosphere of th. queson that interes my grandther micel ca from ruia in 190to work in t mine. so, ps, can you see right through there the edge of that? my grandfather's hard labor enabled my father too off in 190to work in t mine. s collegend make se right tling in thbusinessorld.f that?
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and ere you e. - ere i ar - [jes] what's it sa ll, darknd handme, not ly does he have awn but brainso go . always rdy for aargument - at wast me, dait,ainso go . i'll fht that rever. - ll fighthat fover, rig, exactl always rdy for aargument ke the b one a tip it ay - at wast me, dait,ainso go . i'll fht that rever. from youbody a ttle bitore. likeo, that'it. th worked hard to give what i d, owed thesucces when i s my fath comi up on t hill, ali kn his pri innd m thuswhat we re doing i could el his pde. i di't say athing. knew. yeah.
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hated th - y? you ow, all e pele it swallod up. appantly allf thesenames ons - wo - [jes] wow, didn'trealize . kied in he. - oh, ok. my goodns. mikealogmy faer, was cutter. he hadhis cuttg maine mitatingrinding)right? like chainsaand thenhey uld drilholes athe top he hadhis cuttg maine ere the ck was a put namite ithere anpull.? d a rockll came wn, aised hion the se ofhe hea got a concussionnd killehim. d ae mine ge and it took aw, aised hion the se
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and i knew those two things were related, and i knew that father's sacrifice was for me and for my siblings. om that ddamnstreng ho in thmountain these pele, theyad thimaginatn to picre a dierent and tter rld and ey had the coage too loing for . that a fantaic thing you ow, i std on e shoulds of tha my fathe my brotrs, stand onhe shoulrs of eir impoant to anowledge- it res the contbution ocoal mins. peopa loof energon whichwe builo lives and ey delived al gave ushe steamngine, it ge us theailway, and en it ga us theenergy te make the things


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