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tv   Focus on Europe  LINKTV  July 23, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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(suspee music) ♪ i caut you wahing ♪ under t light ♪ c i reali ♪ ♪hey say 's easy to lve you bind ♪ ♪ i d't wannary ♪ ♪ut coverake thatest ♪ hold coage to yr chest ♪ don wanna wt for yo♪
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♪ don'tanna havto los♪ ♪ allhat i'veompromis ♪ ♪o feel ather hh ♪ - i an, c'monow. how olis he? - 20. - (laughs) he looks about 12. well, heasn't. - doou love ? - oh my d. yes. - we, i had say it first, didn't i? - i said it back very quickly. out of piteness. what your faasy? what's mfantasy? - faasy. - i don'know, i' justappy to alive - what iwe filmeit? - , no, th's too dgerous. well, th i'd dele it. - . no, wh's the.. yowant me to dress up or methin mae i coultie you a chai what abt that?
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- ally? - ah, that a thing like a knap, it would be le a kidnap. - anthen what? - dema a ranso call yr family andemand aansom. - you ed to fi some wato get or yourlf. you'reonna endp alone. i think. i think i love u. it tooa while cause if we lieve th the selfs an illion-- - whatoes thatean? - i n't knowthat we', you ow, it physics - physs. - okaylook, what do those words mean? u put wos to it. i mean, ke, aye,hat that suose to b i mean, e? - yeah, ah, yeah list, listenlisten. i n't knowhat th fu you're about. - what ieel is th we are ve. at's thehing, there'no separion. and yo you're me d the tae. - do y love thtable? do you lovme more an thtable orhe same? - it all... don't ow what i'm trying to say. - how about you just go fuck the table? - what wrong wh it?
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- nothing. it's notoo fun? i don't ink so. would itave been seen made itlack andhite? where's going? maybe we should just, um... or what if... i don't know. - ben, it's really good. - shouldn't just keep one with the scenes with the monk? - ben. - just one. i feel like i've mirrored something about a couple who don't get on. - it's about a man who's so defended that he's incapable of love. isn't it? - say it again? look, what about if we just looked at the first monk scene. we're cture loed. why doe need aonk?
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- th don't kw who i am if is isn'tood. think it not as od. i ju want soone to s, "you'vdone aood thg, w you carest," jt rest. - okay why don'you comend sit downor a minute? come o maybe could a farr. - maybe. - how ishis comped to. - n't do tt. look, so people will quite like it and other people won't be that into it. - why? who? - and then, quite soon enough all of those people, each and every one of them, will die. won't they? - hopefully. - we're all going to die. we're all going to die. we're all going to die. that better? (slow music)
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hello, hpy. 're all ght, aret we? (slow music) - everhing is dominad by o's self. and whato find not ved, a what. to be awakenedto be fr,
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is to sethere iso self. can we s in mediti? fi out whoe reallyre? (pap crumpli) (frie door oning) rushing) [male] n imy whi house. c., show tse peoplout. omiting)
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- [benjan] well, wh do you ggest? (pho ringing hello? - [blie] hi,t's me. - s, c'monp, (mumbs). ye, c'mon. (knocking) - hi. - . c'mon . - njamini'm so le. - no, nono, you' not lat c'mon on i hiya. - god,ou're que r downaren't y? had to g a tube ich was. - ll, than for comg to me th the sipts. excuse m sorry. i amate, aret i? - , no, i st had ait of emeency witthe cat. yeah, i thout somethg smelled bit odd. - oh, go really? - no, 's fin 's not orwhelmin
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it a bicat? try onwith a sle. (cera shtering just t one andhen we've gothe choi. - [photographer] c you jus pu that biof hair wn? no, no. don't rely. - [ptographe okay, th there. - illie] tt's it, at's it. there, le this? [billie]o, what y just di - ay. - [phographer]eah. [billie]ut, like th expressn. like lau, laugh. laugh? [billie]eah. - [photoapher] yh, so nose a bit. - ok (laughs - [phographer]hat's it anlook at e window - [billi can you, ke... yo nostrs look qte big. - i'm not flaring them. the handas goo [photographer] hold that, hold that. - other hand, other hand, other hand. there, other one down, on your knee. yep, okay, all right. - that'seally go. that's reay good. uh, yeah umshould wtalk abouthe film just to- - [benmin] yea please. - ah? and ybe thatill... cool.
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really jt need t lines fothe top the ess relee. shoulde say it about a i really don't wanna say an abusive relationship. um, y, diffilt? well, i n't kn. i thk we shod maybe cus more the losof self-teem that com from beg in a-- - , lossf- loss self esem. - [benjan] self-teem, ye. - lo of selfsteem. - shou we try d get so wi the awa in it awell? yes. yes - [benmin] wha really? - yeah, ah. - no, mean, i uldn't want ito be like it w this thg i won sen years o. - can open a ndow? it'seen quita while since,appy camout, which i ved by t y, as yoknow. - thank you (lghs). - i guespeople willanna knowhy. - ye. well, think it just ok me while to comup with mething wasn't, don't kn. i thk when pple say at they likwhat youe done, it's best to just stop doing it or they could start ting you ideally, i would've st made that film and died. ishat not good answe
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- shoulde just s you' a perfeionist? (phone buzzi) ur. you knowhat? i'm nna haveo get th. i'm ally sor. - that'skay. - mart, i'm in e cab rit now. ye. sorry, htook lger than i tught. no, was yesrday. he liveslone. sml? ay, yep,ight. ve you, e. you knomartha fnklin? - no. i n't real know anne. - she's ving a ing onriday, t lach her n chairs, u shouldome. i'llut you ointe. - noi'm okay i don't ally likgoing anywhere haven'teebefore. - mmdo you he any wi? (laus) is it t early fowine? - i don'really dnk. - h? - rry, i don't kno woulyou, wt abou do you wt some caine? - do y have so? - , nosorry, i jokg. ve got conut wat. it's a cir party 's the lnch of ahair.
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prettyure it up he. what areou doing - frigid. you're not alwed to tch me. - i mustouch you no, plea do not uch me. - yeahyou go i i'll... - nowhat? c'mon. it's a cldren's rty. - benjin. you me. - [benjan] oh, yh, course did. - [stephen] we're thpast. - [benmin] we' not theast. - , i'm biie. stephen. - stepn is aomedian. - ally? - m not funny. - okay, eat. so it's l quite ty and yng and 've all ch greatkill i don't ink it's goa be a pblem. - [hry] oh, days. benj - enjamin]arry? wh are- - yes. - aughs) o mate. - [billie] howo you two kn each otr? oh mgod, youid a filmogether. hey, manwhat's u - hey, like yo clothes - thanyou. ah, thanyou. - you ow, i invent harry, ght? are you o?
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- what wre doing oh, no. - harry'not someonwho liketo definthings or be ecific aut wos that mn things - ye, you kn, it's ju good toave somee you n call ithe midd of the y and go "tre's se table nnis taes in thlocal park "andhere's aports store right neby. "whyon't we t some batand ball "and py table nnis?" - (lghs) yea - ink? oh,o, of cose not. at aboutou? beerwine? - i y not to ink in t week. - y? - [sphen] voa coke? - [billi thereou go. - [saker 12] really likthat it'somethingou'd want to sit on - [speak 13] tha you. [billie]here's nothini can geyou? - do ty have wer? cool. - sh, you' still bigging i - trto be co. tephen lghs) sorry. - ise okay? - he has cough - i'fine. (slow sic) - whats it? at's hapning? ♪ w be so shy come answim in e park wh us ♪
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- [bjamin]ho's that sger, billie? - [bile] good int. - i need to ma him wanna beith me? i'very lony. - definily say tt to him mae lo the ct. it's rlly good to se you,o meet y, henry. - stephe - even, i ew that. with v. - p-h. - goor you. ♪ a i don'tanna go if yodon't co ♪ ♪ i d't wan leave yohe with hi♪ ♪ don make meo ♪ don't me me go ♪ut you'rbraver♪ th you thi you a ♪ ♪ i caneet the monsr once aeek ♪ - cawe sit dn somewhe? ♪ is only n ♪ all the time 'd ze underhe light♪
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- [bjamin] h old is he,o we thi? - tephen] don't thk we shod dwell it. - [benjan] okay. - tephen] 's very gd lookin - oh, go he's riculous. should he never ha left thflat. is is wed, look, he it is ain. ththin boyn stage. - yeah, u just le people whare wellit and wk, don't u? ♪ oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh - maybe should g m to talfilms like i'm somsort of scess aga. - mae you shld talk him befo just inase. - thatilm's l i'veot. just go and speak toim. - n't he lgh at me - no - ay, c'mo why ar't you sndin - yogo, ll hold e fort. what forare you lding? ♪ i'd be yo toy ♪ ♪ i'mot the boyou think♪ u want iyour lif♪ ♪ i c be your♪ ♪ i cane anythi at al♪
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♪h oh oh ♪ ♪ oh ohh oh ♪ ♪ oh oh oh (clappg) - thk you. i thinhe lookeat me. sure it sn't ddle distae? - su, it's oy. he'sust a peon in a om. - [bile] what'your nam - noah - you ok? - yeahi'm justrying to find breath. - und it? - p. - [billi so, thiis the award-nning beamin olir. is is thshocking brliant, nh. - no, like nh. hi, i'm njamin. - , nice tmeet you - greagig, man - yore reay good a singing,ongratulions. - than, we're nd of a mes but... no. you re very ean. ve tight, ry solid and u're freh too, th's excitg, isn'tt? - ye, i suppe so. - m a big n of lesis. - oh. noah's sdying musiat guildall. - oh, rely, wow.
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at's theood one,sn't it? have youad any dgs yet? you shou come to screeni withe of benmin's fi. - yes, ie made ailm. m a filmerson. - what'st about? - my ibility tlove. i'm ne now a we're wting a musicaabout deession. are u hungry wehould eamaybe ther thantanding d talkin out everody sitting king rou. i know aegetariaplace. - i'm gan. - me t. we shoulget marrd. or wcould ju eat some van thing - th have veg dumplings. - well, we should get dumplings then. you ke dumplgs, don'you? - ye. - mplings? i can't t dumplis. - i'll s you at e (mumbl)? - the umbles), wh a relie yeah. - ok, and yo other fend? - ye great ns, dumplgs. - oh, go - th was horfic. - nowhat was put yourumber there. - ay. low muc)
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(train eine roarg) - [benjan] dumplgs. - tephen] u did it - enjami i just pt sayinghe word mplings. - [steph] well, at's w you gedumpling - (laus) sorryit's my ugh. nothing can done. - you shld probay talk thim at se point. - i ink wee fine. he aed me abt these rties. wi your sier and her fries. - [steph] maybe just wan to knowore about asragus. [benjami okay. i'm nna go tthe toil and thenn the waback, ll say hlo and then i gonna a him move inith me. - y. - . hello. - sorry, was getng bored the oth table. - yeah, must be teible dowthere. - so, ll this de to me. - uhoh, stepn and i re st talki about t lights.
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actuallyuh, i'm goa head o. - where e you gog? sorr i'm jt tired. i'll gethe nexone thou. - i'll lk after m. - ah's loong aftere. - [sphen] ma sure he es a w-wee before d. - at do yothink is ing to hpen, steen? wee just eing dumpngs. - tephen] ay. nit. night (lghs). so. aughs) - y are yolaughing oh, yourand are sweet. they led y. - rely? - ah. - well that's-- that's very good. um, all right, well, i guess weetter both go to our respective homes and sleep, right? - ye. ben, h do i seyour fil oh, yes,eah. i can so that ou i kn the peoe. 's in twweeks, a you fre or hopully y'll be fe. ould i ge you myumber? - yeahsure. okay. okay, shld i sett up late or ty it in, ?
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uh, i dot know, st in. - oh, ok. - yeah - [bjamin] all rht, righ (laughs) all right i think that, i think that's it. is that it? - yeah. - great. - perfect. okay. uhshould w uh, hug - aughs) sure. - , oh, angreat singg, by thway. was, i w memoriz. be caref of thisar. - [benoh, yeah rry. (slow muc) (phone rging) - mi me alrey?
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uh, yes. um, yeahi just nd to fire out h to do tt. and whe do youive? or do yowanna-- you nna comeack to m i'm st getng offhe bus (keys jingling [noah] o do you ay? - enjamin]o, no, verbadly. can jugg. at meowi) - oh, yohave a c. - ye here, iave a ca do y want sothing torink? i n't real have anhing. doou want me water - yeah, ah, sure "whais a pern?" oh my go is that t high eugh? - [bjan] well, i ven't re that, i st thoug it was a od questn. who e we, yo know, whare we? - ye. - do you wanna see a t of theilm? uh, yeah - u can te me if you thinit's anyood. - okay
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[harry] 's your ntasy. - enjamin]kay, all ght then rit. - [hry] telle what you'reonna do me. - we, i, may upset y. - how? - with my, uh, you can't talk. you're not allowed to talk. maybe i should gag you do have a g? - wh happensf i talk (laugh - my god. - at? - ohsorry. i. - c'mon. - i n't knowow i'm supped to be - he try to voice. - wellwhat voi should do? - scotsh. - he we are en. (laughs) - [harry] okaymaybe not old wom. - here ware. - stop sing heree are,e knowhere we are. would ite better i tied u up? - nono. m gonna out and'm goa come bk again. - [har] okay. - llo.
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(noalaughs) so whado you ink? funny? sexy - bo, both. you lookind of ein. - rely? yeah. - you likelves? ybe we suld kiss that a od idea thattage in r lives? - ye, okay. - soy, i'm ahild of vorce. - too. - and gan. this ia dream. you wanto talk about the divorce? - not really. - i was 13. - i was five. - do you know it wasn't your fault? (kissing) whe do youant me? - stopalking. - ok, okay. ke talkingno. issing) (stimentalusic)
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- hii'm real sorry, my mom coming er it's prably bt if you're n here wh she here. - oh, alright, yeah. it was sgood to et you. - [steen] suresure. - um - [sphen] well, mae it's timi met yo mother. hmm? [stephenno, i'll bei'll be icker. - coollaughs). - tephen] ye, that was-- at was i th was, umwhat-- what do u think out, , maybe should. woulyou likeo get some dner someime? - whato you me? - [sphen] wod you li to have nner witme? - oh mgod, i'meeing soone.
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- ohright. the acr. - umyeah why won'that lite it text back? - i'sure he ll. - , cool, ay, um. - i loou. i dot, uh, it'a joke. - yeah, got it. - ah. - ould we ybe not tell bjamin abt this ju 'cause 's, um... [stephenoh, yeah - 's probay not a go idea, s - [sphen] su. ye, good idea. yeahwell, i' miss yo - ishat anotr one? - [stephenyes. - ol. um, e ya. oor slamng) (pno playing)
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- hey. - . sorry, ias just aring atou. i'benjamin - hi benmin, i'moah. - what aut all tt sex, h? (lghs) (pying piano
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- what was that? - , i don'know. i li your ple, it's ptty cool - enjamin]s it? ke anythg you wa. do y want piano? have piano. okay, th is a go porridg wee all gog to have aovely ti. at's youtype? orhat do y usuallyo for? - i-i ways endp th geeksike you. - enjamin]h, good. - sh. - at happed? - , there was a manager at the party, just said he doesn't wa to mana us. - [bjamin] o who is thiguy? is -- - it's quite a big deal. - , well, i don't knowf this is helpful,


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