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tv   Global 3000  LINKTV  August 4, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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that'd bgood. itl be oulittle sret. [ tickg ][ james do youotice anything? mm i don't ow. is it met to havchangedin a wee i dot know. [ attering here [ biie ] ye yeah, jt in fro of theamera. okay. anyou cansit downn it.
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sh, comeoo. [ biie ] [ llie ] jt in fro ju you fir. afte what a you goa ask me are u guys tether, ke boyfrnd and rlfriend it'suite inticating,rea. m, no. so areou a man now? i'm nely a man it wasn'that stud, you ow, the ea of se petals on a bed, listening to barry white. it wasn't that. was it good? yeah. no. no, no, it wasn't actually. [ sighs ] that one. what noise do you make
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[ moans ] good-quality clothes. they've got a beard. they walk with, you know, intent. theye a man. it's like, you're-- you're smooth, man. okay, have you ever gone down on a girl? yeah. what did it taste like? tangy. good? tangy. bad. tangy. just-- [ billie, jasmin laughing ] do you like that i'm filming you? i don't mind it. what do you think this is? i think this is-- i think this is interestin [ tiing ] [ jas ] the ing is,i see mylf ey so i not surif i'll tice. [ billie ] is your voice a bit deeper? [ ticking ] yourace? i've srtye.shang. m shavinit to ma the has grow tcker.
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hmm. is working we, i meani can on feel,like, n- ng, dingtime. hey, hanon. see ya see ya hey, hanon. [ bill ] are u more le your m or youdad? ♪ [ bald ] [ bill ]ow my d, so--and i ner t okayjas, ta your tooff. lips. don't hor. you n kiss tm. but u can bi, like nibble.hem.
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[ billie breast you n't twea or jige them suck onhem. but yocan cuthem. d you ca come othem. but yocan cuth[ moans ] [ ticking ] sighs ]now i'm nna have. to my d, huh?remeer.tha i' met yr brothe yeah, know. lives wh me. but you ven't to your dghter abt me? no. [ chuckles ] wellnow's a od timeto intro.
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, billie my nams sa-- i'm cking yo mothe[ laughs , fu[ ughs ] [ llie ] u look tanned this week. what, you can't see that? no. but you look old. [ llie ]josh, wh does iteel likr do y hear sothing? billie ]answer t questio there its again.i sweari heard . [ bill ] ha-h fuckou then.[ jasminaughs ] yeahlike a gh-pitch squeal?like a sg bei. maybe ifhe slug me a little close we'd bable thear i [ billie what ds it feel like?
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i dot know. li a warm af [ tiing ] of bad. ♪♪ [ earbuds: pop ] ♪ [ man sging, instinct ] [ uckles ]w. rry chrimas, myeautifulumpkin.
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rry howas it? we didn'go. [ ughs ] chuckles we stad home. my fks are n pleasedabout thr nw -year-olson.[ grts ] [ sis ] lo a daughr, no, th are ngain son. ur mum suld nevehave sai anythi to themhough.sgot marrd . at's thehing. i mean, just los like dyke the momt anyway d it too'em lo enough accept at. the fuers. he hey, yove gottawake up. u stink smoke. i think i smell likeussy. groans ][ chucks
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bill, you' got to ke up. billie.[ chuckl ] i'm t so se i catake youonight. llie, umbecause,m, am-- im very hh, and i wi-- i wi continuto be . am-- im bill.hh, i' tell jas abt yourecret. i'veum-- ie batted,y, ok. i wled, fielded,lad up. i batt for thether teai'm up. m?
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i alwa knew i'veot to te you somhing th's reallimportanw. [ chuces ] wh? don't be le your m. [ lahing ] it's le-- beuse you ok up her so ch. and yocan't like yo mum. like man? i me,you're tarded unle you wanto be. [ chkling ]just d't takeso fucku don't kn. how uld i kn? you-u just--ou takeyour cloes ou foinspiratn. ro around the pai.rdt.
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prise. okayokay, ye. now, hry, you st-- ju go and t me sle. okay. [ hay ] he chef mah. happy ristmas,motherfuer! giggles ♪♪ [peakers:op ] are u ready go? - hey, kid. - y. p. - [ biie ] seea. - [ l ] see . rry chstmas, blie.
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merry chstmas,um. see ya. [ jain dinner partiesand chrimas cracr- stupid family. ♪ chrtmastime♪ merry chstmas,um. see ya. [ jain dinner partiesand chrimas cracr- stup hate it♪♪ i hatehristmas i can be them,but i ca? rist[ inating ll d i can' hover er them? that'shat i sa. ticking ♪ [inging, int ]
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[ ggles ] ok. i'sorry,kay? 's justa testosrone thi. you' so grum today.t? what?being fuing grum? no. the are st complations. [ scfs ] likehat?
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so we'll just ha to waitand see. cret lads' busins.i'm waitgl [ tiing ] ♪ [ rinone: mely ] inhales what'srong? [ jame] jes, good rning toou too.
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well, yonever ll anyou kn i'd sleepin so what'up?jane? i'vead to st [ james bs ]testosrone. it's g somethi to do wh ovproducti of liveenzymes. well, you saw me sore you gna stopthe trtments f? yes. apparently it's fucking rare, but there have been other cases. i'd stad on t,i would'. [ sighs ] i don't know how to tell billie. jesus. do you know th was my rst thght-- how the fuckam i gon tee
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she's nna wanto moveack in wh you. do you know oh, can't--i can't . thght-- how the fuckam i gon tee yoknow tha right? exhales i ju need ti to thin [ snfles ] tom? i await your decision. [ line beeps ] you should go to another doctor. you can'just tru one docr. li, there s to beother wa. ght? no i don't know. look, i know this has been hard so, wh nfor all of us.
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i-- [ sighs ] i still need time to work it out. i think we should stick to-- i'd like to stick to our tuesdays. was alys praised for my sophiication, my maturity, my ability to adapt. but it was never true. you just have no choice, do you? [ ticking ] [ tvman ] abouand then hisather norgot a join sydne8 [ ticking ] [ door closes ] y.
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do youant me make dier tonig? [ joshaughs ] josh ] ce here. [ ] [ jasmin takeour top f. th is so gd. [ all ugh ] jasmin ] take youtop of [ tiing ] [ harry ♪ it'time to t up t up ♪ ♪et out obed ♪ ♪ hulhoop tim♪ ♪ ha-hoop cme ♪ ♪ula-hoopi-- ♪ y. hey? yeah.
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[ tickg ] [ door opens, closes ] [ billie ] mum? mum? what the fuck, mum. where were you?
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ticking [ knking ] tom ] t's go, ll. scho. betiful da [ knking ] tom ] t's go, ll. scho. ah. well
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[ n on pa we're cuently on our msion dow west anrctica.glaci.... weoticed aairly lae crk inhe ice slf.he aircrt, [ n #2 ] these thgs happe on aemi-regur basis. inoth the ctic weoanthe antatic, butt's inhstl a fair large ent. so, um--o we wand to mak sure wcaptureds much that press as wcould. [ billie yoknow, thearth-s a year. and there was-- yoknow, and in antarica, glacier e size onew york split. in syria and libya and, um-- or mbe it di't splitff. fuck. i can't member whose party it was, but we were against the door, 'cause there was nlock, d he puld my pan down raight ay. i can't member [ sh ]party it was, cai do it?e against the door,
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na likehat? a littleougher like youant to sw me homuch youant me. a littleougher [ hales ]come on,uys. josh wh can i he a gojust wt a sec. [ jasm ] but ybe beuse it w valente's day. and his rlfriendwas in t other . so iet him, u know,put it ime s. prettyuickly. ju put yo fingersere. come on,uys. [ biie ] ishat righdying er here. he kt on turng his ad awafrom me.
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[ jain ]t ck ok, let's .oiss me. [ bill ] no, ng on, il do thi [ jain ]t ck ok, let's .oiss ok, and go [ josh cckles ] and you ve to it roug okay. ay. jas, youeren't aring jes. ay. - ay. unts ]- n. okay. d wait.hold my g. ay. okaycome her- n.
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billie what dyou thin uh-- me on. at do you ke? uh, i dot know. me on, blie. dude, told yoeverythi. you tta gi us sothing. um [ tiing ]
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so does this mean you're still transitioning? yeah, of course. i just don't remember you telling me. don'worry. 'll happen. somehow. this'lget bigg. is hry here? he never he.
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but t becausi hit myead,hen lan, bubecause thoughti'd cut arse. and bre the soapish... [ laughs and thenjust ridnaked? [ ughs ] but t becausi hit myead,hen lan, bubecause th dressedlike aperm. and bre ah. yeah absolely. [ josh ]are you o brotr and sist? harry ]she's my. josh ] o [ josh ]are you o [ smin ] u look le you cod be h brotherd sist? she mit as wel be my ster. i mean, take carof her makeure myittle biie doest get hu.ter are you king ce of mbill? are u using otection [ scof ] [ ughs ]you're n-- you'rnot usin your m's strapn, are y? you are, i really he thatou're waing th fit's unsanitary. [ josh chuckles ] no. no sap-ons he. isour mua lesbian or somhing? why are you here, harry? , you ju hang ouhere, ght? you sht the sh and ta about yr-- yo stuff?
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what wld you dif you dn't ha this glious pla i gaveou, hey? where would you go? what wldi ppose yocould goto yo, ha this glious pla i gaveoucoul't you? james islways atork athis timeso he wodn't knoa thi. who's mes? okay. [ tickg ] james ]'cause ie alreadbeen seng the pchiatris so basicly-- [ cell pho buzze] due tohe chang in thenternatial stanrds of ce, i think can getchest renstructi. keypad ccking ] i think can getchest renstructi. sohat i nted task wa do yto t psychiaist.? for apoval in couple weeks. [ clicng conties ]
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someere you'rather b ah, suremum. ♪♪ speaker rock ] in.ies ] need a action ♪ ♪ust need reaction neea reacti ♪ ♪ nd a reacon ♪ awesome,ight? s. this iso wei. awesome,ight? [ nging ] s. ♪ [ sakers: po] thiswhat? riing contues ] harr it's to chef m. go fh. is blie the? she'not here noanswerg pastryete.nof my cas. wherare they um, d idea.w. i'llaljane the wh look, ieed toalk to blie, man i cameff my scter. [ chkles ] are yoall righ
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cheers, mate. yeah. no, i'm good. was justorta shong off a frien anscraped cameff... my lefside. [ laug ] bui need to lk to biie. ause i d't knowif i'm g. so i'ljust, uh-- i'll call jane, eh? not a gooddea. you keep saying that. well, she's gonna be back here anyw, so can justell her tn. or i could just call jane now. no. don't. dude, what the fuck's going on? [ mutters ] oh, fuck. all right, [ door closes ]. billie? t down, te. why dn't younswer y of my lls?
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list, harry nvinced not to call your mother looking for you.te. but he had to tell me why though. i don't understand why you thought you had to lie about hanging out with your mates. [ exhales ] all right. we'll duke it out, you and me. m not goa tellour mother. good. nah don'it'shim."to goa tell h. fuckinwhateverbill. this is something you'reonna sorout yoself, ye? [ cking ] ♪ [ speaks: pop ] ♪♪ woman sging ] [ sigh] ♪ [ ctinues ] i juston't reay wearresses le thisat th. wellit's youbirthday
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been thinkingit mig be go for m. n try sothing el on. - ay. tuallyi-- the's thisoman at rk kindf shown terest. ank you. what, u're seng someone? no. that's that's t what was sayg. [ man ] w about ying th one on? can yojust givus a mite? su. [ sighs [ ja ] did yowant totry someere else can just ?


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