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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  August 4, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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[ video casset rattlg ] [ came whirrin] once un a ti, i had a mum who to me everhing. you ow, i kn about r loversnd her bakups. you ow, i'd tch-- i'watch r life fm under bles andi'd lis- who re flirtg with h and--
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you kn, we ud to cdle up d she'd ll me her thoughts out the rld. [ mabreathinheavily [ hool belrings ] [ attering moanin] [ or creaks ]
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in my family, we made decisions together. i feltike an alt. no fucking w. dad, mum is left right,strap yo helmet . can you imine, jusyou anme livintogether all thtime
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like, fohow long i wa to teller yeah, m someing.answeranythi unt yo helmet pwh?erl yeah? private. between me andum. ah en did y decide this fuck, didn't dide anof this,ll right? she was pposed tell yoherself. [ buzzg ] fu. mum? mum?[ woman wait one hangn, honey hey. tom been teing thbiggest nch of ls. - [ ta rips ]- what dyon hey. tom been teing said th i'm gon live wh him thbill-time w.of ls. i mean, love dadnd all,but can n even f a littlwhile?
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[ ispering also, ve got sething really wt to telyou. [ knocks mum. water spshing ] mum, opethe door [ ocks ] m! i cagive yousome pamlets ifou like. it'll t out thsteps. , i'll te hormon, take male na-- no, get fe like a n. have y seen myardigan?that newn? you nt to beme a manlisting. you ne a littlspace. look, u don't ve to li geit,'s oka cawe sit a talk abt it? haveou washeit? i n't know
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harry. harr groans ] ve you sn harrmy r cardi? chucklin] sighs ]cold.n harrmy rheardi? ve it toe. you n fuck o. warm now. hashe toldou yet? u knew? evyone kneexcept m sistershould jt get gea fuckin strap-, womaon.
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ohget off.we need talk toillie. until yo mum she esn't wa youron her cst, arnd. tom ] ah, exacy what we ed. until yo mum ipping y offt wa youron her cst, tohef man re. ah, and u wo[ m ]. for w long?hi' make itork. yeah, for how long, brother? [ ther ] ll, top rgery cahappen i about ne month maybe lger. fu effectsf testteronecan t. yeah, for how long, 's a lonprocess. holong? with yr dad? [ bill ] ye. i wathinking year.
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woman ♪hinkinof you all thehile ♪ myum alwayused to ll me w much oa drag iwas toreast-fe me.inking year. you know, i was a hungry child and i bit. bushe'd alys tell that--that s. mo than shdid then i loved mum. bushe'd alys tell that--that s. i nted my m to be ppy. [ won ] thinkinof you all thehile ♪ more and more ♪ ♪ longing for that cheeky smile ♪ ♪ that i adore ♪ ♪ keep the love that's growing in your eyes so true ♪ you're n kickingharry ou are you he's aadult. 's an idt. i just need my life to be simple right now, bill.
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exhales m not su i can nish thinow. ll have next te i comeround? ne time scoffs ]rod, okay? a ar. ll have lo. how abt we makd? ne time a promise to each other? you uld comever week ter scol asi some ti anwe'll dr everythg.nd m it'll ohow es that und? sameime, eve week, thout fail every tuday? sameime, eve week, do you promise? i promise.
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you ow, the were smany thgs that just wastany things clear out and-have said. [ woma] ♪eep the ve that'growing in u♪ you the are althe thin thgsthat ihould ha saidthings cleafore nowd-have said. ♪ you alone you, st you♪♪eer ♪ [ cking ] [ man ]so at thmoment, prioto surge being proved,r medice, somethg calledreal-lifexperien is reqred. do you know about real-life experience, billie? goodso you mt understa that bore we cahi've td herabou. prescre hormon, your mumust contue to ce to usfor assement. secondession n. think th whole pcess shld take out two three mths. then aer aboutix month we canook at sgery. female-tmale che hyerectomyan folw, if tt's whatou want. at's a hterectom
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it's wre thetake thuterus o. no i underand yove tak a malname. what do u think out jas is a lely name um, llo. hello,, bli[ uckles ] anks. clearshroat ] so do i ll you d now? um, atever y're coortable th, i ppose. dad,ad, dad, da d. xt wk, same me. eat withour chopicks, t with yr finger it'sude... blie.tter, da
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owthat hur it didot. eaproperly [ tickg ] [ door cses ] [ bill ] mum? rry? uncle rry?
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u know, you shouldn'be missschool bause of . it'sot the pnt. ye, well, ve got pointmen befor then aer i've tta work ni sidebns.
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look, can't ke having the schoolall sayi you'rekipping t. let'just sti i thto an reed tim sure4:00 til10:00.10:00? yopromis just promi, willou? ok, okay, promise. d stay outf my stu. [ sis ] [ tickin][ tickin]
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[ scfs ] at? wh are youeating sfast for at do yodo [ scon t other nhts? not ch. i wo. at do yodo [ scon tdoou go t?s? nah, notet. u will. [ tickin] [ door opens ] jesus. this houseis so fuing cod goanother citing nht pland togeer?
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[ ticking [ cking ] i'll te back wt you n't wantdad won'even [ tkn what's ssing. frida. w long a you herfor? dad? just f tonightremember and backo mum's morr[ rry ]t to. to mum tomorro at's thi gredient scissor wool cpe, spir gum, ncil eyener, masra? itl be fun and en he tus aroundand goes, "" d then t other o ♪ [ speaks:e es-- he es, pop,an singi ]!"
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adam's'retill yeahof coursomen, ght? [ hales ]i don't-i don't nt e they a lesbianor are ty s? to bwith anye yet. wh i'm a m. when tn? i thght yo were aan now. [ exhas ] didn'tou haveany dinn?nope. [ tickg ] ♪ [ earbu: pop ] [ man ♪ those♪ ♪ w show thr love i ♪hough ♪♪ ♪ lo ♪ whahave i bome? ♪
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♪ lo ♪♪ [ontinues hey. hey. hey. chatteri ] [ james well, beuse of e vacuumnd stuffbut iteels kinof peacel. there's a great view too. hey, ie lost wght. really? yeah, really, really. [ ma] ♪ will thinof you i was chking outinders e otheday... beuse, wl, i thoht minead streted out. [ ma] ♪ will thinof you now itooks lik i've jt lost wght. [ ntinues,ndistinc] ♪ thosearriors with ld heart♪ who shotheir lo is na fide ♪ght. [ ntinues,ndistinc] [ cking ]
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sorr have you tolanyone? h-uh. none. i ven't to anyone. i dot even kw yourames tugh. good [ hool belrings ] sh.
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jain. josh a jasmin? oh, , no.i was thking jo and jasn. abt my mumckff then. uhmy mum'same stts with "j," and itust feelgrowing i allikeuhwith a "e stato sratherhan a "b uh, bill. um, u know, owing up the on billies knew re pet ds. re. i'm , so sor. i mpletelylost tra of te youye.n play a me? [ jas ] it's okay, hey. n't worrabout it
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, i'm soorry. i'm , so sor. i'm my way w.lost tra of te whati'lle, like,0 minute oh, ok, by t time anthen i'lhavelonly hav drive y home.togeth, just go straight to tom. oh,ally?by t time antm literayvelonly hav dron mway now.ogeth, it's oka hon. if go to wk eay, i'll nish ear. tom. itl be goo are yosure? yeah, itl be goo go to wk to he an ear night. tom. for oncegoo okay. well, i' see younext wee i' see youhen. ve you. love y too. m so [ ne bee ] [ tiing ] [ exhas ] cat you ju hit ito me? what, u don't nt to py proper?
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maki me run l overun, e fuckincourt.e stu ju m tryingo say sothing.? u never cking sten to . is ts about st week? u were t one o was te. i just tught itould be sier ife just spped it. and i'm st sayin that i really rry, and i ver want to miss nging ouwith you and i'm st sayin that i rner.y rry, okay, ll, les just make sure we never miss out again. okay. extly. les just me sure. - okaylet's. good. [ sigh] now you wan to plaor what? - okaylet's. [ tickin] ye billie, jasmin giggling ]
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hey, open your mouth. why? just open your mouth. wider. . i've g spit l over mmouth. [ laughi ] mmm.ow on disge other de. what doeit tastlike? minty esh. what doeit , i mean what ds heaste lik well,why don't u tr? okay.[ schoolell ring] ah, it, i goa go. what, rely? ye. noyou don' you ow, thisis e m. have he. well'cause is the ay thiweekend,mean? and thens year1s go oholiday xt week. no me rehearls. well'cause iwh, so we n't the's no pnt.e here ymore?
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i really he to go. jasmin ]yous [ ticking ] y.oans ]hi. you haveo go bac i uld stayorever. [ scho bell ris ] [ studts chatting ]
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james no, mean, can't beeve it. -- this pot-- james luh time hkups, easuring beautif woman. i'm kinguld althno, [ chkles ]leasur chmer. yore justa lovelyurs i'm kinguld althno, [ chis a.]leasur [ or opens
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. hey. ll be t in a tk. okay ay, lookt this. whenevei meet other rson wi a transnder part, ah, e ofhe thing that woften ta about i.. thamazingift ofnowing.. that o parent s chos to livan autheic life. wh do you ink abt that? yoknow, at is anuthenticife? this anuthenticife? ticking ♪♪ [peakers:op ] ♪ [ m singingindistin ]
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♪♪ [peakohcool.] yourirst teostero shot. p, this rning. awesome. chamgne. out mmckg time. so theoctor thght evything w fine, tn? welli mean, visly. chamgne. ye i passe all thtests, out mmckg time. to spk. so theoctor thght evytit really ppening.i'm o. welli mean, visly. chamgne. ye i passe all thtests, re's to gger spk. harry. at? chamgne. 's okay,so--[ chuckl ] nothincould splests, re's to my md tofuckou.. -mm-mm. y, harry, can u drivme home night? [ rry ]you haveinner d you ha out, d then y leave yr houseand goo e drivme home night? yep. it'sust fuing ridilous. what time are u supped to lee jane's fuckinjames's yway?
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10:00. we're alady late 10:00. 's okay.i told d 12. ticking [ jas ] uhthings mig start ppening raight ay. bill ] likehat? [ jame] um, muscle ss willncrease d, uh-- billohand my hr is gna likeget arser angrow mor billie ] even facial hair? james ]um, that'll y take longer. just keean eye o becausi could en that go?targoing bald. wh do you an? ll, if y go bald it'll an it's rking, ght? mean, on men go ld, sof you goald, that goa make y hpy?
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if itart seeg that,should ienti? mean, doou wanme to oy mentio the go things -- , how abt if youee it, u st let mknow, ok? chuckles ] uh, thiss my voi on ttosteron some ptures ofome guysoff t. um, one we.hey, ium-- g and, likhese areuys th, like m were bo biologally feme, but, uh,hey've ten some ptures ofome guysoff t. teosteroneso--y, ium-- g what, that alfrom ju taking stostero? yep. billie ] gosh. you wouldn't even know. no. it's good, huh? ♪♪ [ rock ] it this onhere. ay, now art waing forwd. harr ♪♪ [ rock ]
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harry,an i jus open meyes? ok, now op your ey. . oh, god. don't bu the pla down d don't on the of. ok? at the fk is thi anyway you ozing wi buds no. somethiwellwhat the yore havg an e pty? u're doi crank. do youant me to get y anythin i don'need anying. do youant me to get y anythinat is is? it's jusfriends om schoo and weust needomewhereto hang t. hmm.nd you wt me torop you f eachuesdyeah
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yes. plee. that'd bgood. itl be oulittle sret. [ tickg ][ james do youotice anything? mm i don't ow. is it met to havchangedin a wee i dot know. [ attering here [ biie ] ye yeah, jt in fro of theamera. okay. anyou cansit downn it.


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