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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  August 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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n: my na is jon monian. i proded hundrs and hundre of millns of doars at theighest lel of amecan busiss. i am amecan of arnian descent. ♪ fr my own mily, i calculat what yo could ll a drout rate. the iigrant generatn, ere wereour peop who me here om the o country peter, yhsa, jonand yest. foureople o were invoed in thcommunit so t rate of paicipatio 100% ♪
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they hadhe first geration bn in ameca. all rit, are tse pele invold in thermenian mmunity? the rictest finition isoing to urch. but ing an aenian, the's fo, the's knledge ofistory whatou do wi your faly. the's e langua. ere'art, mus, liteture. and you do e or two orhree, yoparticipe. if youon'participe, you haveropped o. this drout rate is the singleiggest danger to thexistencef us in thenited stes. hay and edh? no, theyad nothi to do withhe armenn communy. marynd zary, we they inlved? lf, we're n 45%. next genation, it'same thi. e could't spk armeni. pe, no, nope, pe. she s no idewhat e he they're sayg. the thirgenerati, they bece americized. herethere's nobody fiveeople ouof 30.
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particition hasone fr 0% on e immigrt level to 15%, at'the dropt. we havto arrest the drout rate a loof peopldon'think in tes of busess concts, but yogot to pduce a prodt that pple want we g to be aommodati. we got tbe welcong. i'm only kharptzi from n britain whathe heldo i kno but,ou know. ♪ asdghig:y name iasdghig tezian alemian. ♪
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that'my daddy karine: this is the origal family tree that my ther staed, starng with great-grdfather, mardiro
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you can see the year of death is 1915 was borin the ville of kig. heas the tn mayo mardos livedn kighi unl 1915 when hwas kill ring theassacres my grandther's older brher pass away in915. his brotr, haiga passed aw in the nocide, 15. and hioldest bther, humag, passeaway the gocide, awell yoget a see of the enormi of the nocide justy lookinat althese nas. th'reot random names; ty're my faly. and see so ny of th ding wit1915, 19, 1915. ♪ (pper cruning) a lot ofy friends, we all fe like the's is, not burden, t for lackf a bett word, obligion, a resnsibilit probly jusa littleit more, and i thk we're all rht. the ast you uld dos not let have be in vain
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(food siling) ♪ this pe, we semy grandmotr, asdgh. my gndmothers an actuasurvivor of t armeniagenocide and thiss you. asdghig:h-hu kane: betiful drs. wh she w 12, she made t trip by hself halfway ross theorld to t united ates. i can't even igine. athe same me? asdgg: yeah, yeah. rine: yofeel resnsible in tms of, okaythey've gone througall thisorture and hoor in thr lives. theris a weit on your oulders, being a cond othird -geration rn armean amerin, to contie and prerve what we e and wh are as people. ♪ levo s what extly is armia? ♪ the pele who wldecome armenia re in ple,
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haly chang, for at lst 5,000ears. ♪ khatch: we finreferenc to armeanand armea in the oldest maps, oldest accots that we have. biop: one the traditns basedn early anslatio the oldestament is that ah and t ark landedn mtararat. ♪ armenians ide themlves ineing theirst ristian tion athe turn the urth centu, whilthe romaempire wldot beco officiay christn, officily chrisan, until cades lar. beco officiay christn, ♪ eric: at an enormous power arnia was during t period the rom empire.
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anthere's also t great arnian renssances ofhe mediel period menian ahitectur illunated mascripts, and poet reached peak thawas equa tonything ppening euro and islic art. shushan: youad theseingdoms, multiple armian kingms. he berbean said th amazing tng that i aolutely ree with "medval armean histo "would p 'ga of thron' to ame." thenin 1375,he last armeni kingdomell. so ty don't have aolitical tity thaunifies em. ♪ ♪ eric: the ottoman empire existed r 600 years and, during that time, the armenians were a significant component. khatchig: as non-muslim subjects, armenis were aays secondlass citens.
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♪ wever, aenians d thrive cause ofoth thei skillsnd theirbilities benning inhe 19th ntury, overrds impod taxati. ♪ and atcks by bandits crted unceainty. ile at t same ti, wholesalmassacre wholesalviolenceas not onlyolerated t often couraged and it ithe culmination of thiviolence at led tthe genode. ♪ donna: t genocidbegan on the 24 of apri 1915 th the rnding up oapproximely 200 tellectu leaders khatch: many othem wld ner come bk. st of th were kied.
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this w an effo to decapita the menian cmunity. ♪ and it is e pretext of wld war i that really precipitated the decision of e ottoman empire to deporand desty anannihila the arnian popation. ♪ doa: thereas torture d there s rape, and 1.million menians ed. khatig: the menian nocide w the murr of onend-a-hal milliopeople. but 's lot more than th. this was the entire eradication of a civilization.
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thousands of churches, thousands of schools, artwork, tremendous heritage was either looted, stolen, or destroyed. ♪ turkey dies the nocide, and it ivery traumac for arnians. but ats only the tip the icerg. ultimaly, the fects of gecide areot just lt byhe peoplwho expeence it. noci always casta long sdow. anthe greast challge for any mmunity that h gone thugh a gecide is tbe ablto come ouof that adow. (shaver zzing) aram:'m ar hampari, executivdirector the armian natial committeof ameri. we sport strger u.s. relaons withrmenia we give ice to the ews and lues ofhe armenn -americacommunit our al is see t genoci recognid.
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orn honking) think th is us. ♪ 1450 pen the whi house sitor ceer. driv: hmm. aramhave youeen ther over t past ceury, amera was onhe rightide of t recognion of the menian gocide. but the s. has miliry bes in tuey. rkey steed in an essenally, ercised veto ove s. recogtion. an since tn, u.s. pridents he been ructant to cl it a gocide. want to see e orphan rug day coulvery wel a watered momen it cld be a rning poinon this issu e armeni orphan g is great wk of art that wasoven by ung gis who re orpned by the genide. itas gifteto presidencoolidge i's be in store for manymany yea. is is thfirst puic dilay of tt artwor 's beindisplayenow as aesult ofessentiay, yes of effts byur commuty and by membe of congss. w'd li to see e u.s. governme use thiopportuny to recnize the arnian genide. if thehite hou resortso euphemis, evasivlanguage it woulde a syol o surrender tooreignressure, which uld be areat trady.
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♪ is thia mileste or jusone moreteration of theenial, y know? it's a, i he it's a watehed. well, i's a autiful g, huh? rely. man it'amazing. aram: phaneduring worlwar i. isitors intly chtering) orphanedurinworld wai. man 1: y know, t only way would've madit is if olidge h, you kn? aram: ah, thiss ju though. ♪ the phseduring wld war i obscur who, wh
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why thisug is imrtant. st a dappointmt. ♪ (am groans (hvily sig) okay. ma1: okay,ool. isitors intly chtering) aram: i ew up asn arnian. my graparents re genoce survivors on bh sides. ani also gw up as anmerican th a strg sense what it mns to ben americ, anthe ideahat you ould sta u fowhat youelieve i e we a cntry that tats genode as a pitical cmodity? our resnse to gocid baseon polital coideratio? or is a moralmperativ so back work rit? n 1: right. ar: back twork. ck to wo. ♪ miael: grong up nody spe about .
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even as kid, i ft the burden othe unspen. en my grdmother ed, therwas th box of tters at had bn kept iheattic. ♪ around the te of the gecide cennnial, my at florence openethe box and stted to gthrough . (manaintly cttering) ll, hello. michl's nt: hi. aughs) (sayinmenian getings) i thght we'd sit inde becau-- miael: oh,hat a loly-- chael's aunt: it's such aunny day ♪ michael:ortrait. chael's aunt: ll, i'm glad youike it. ok. michae very od. miael'aunt: ali know tt-- michl: thereere thes raps of per, and writn in penl and hardo deciph. ♪ ere wereords writtein armenn, but at mightave been abic or fnch. therwe puzzlpieces that hadever com gether, u know? ♪ michael's auntwell, miael- chael: amazing. micha's au: you donow that yo great-gndfather was tan in apr of 1915 michae was he cked u actually oapril 24?
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miael's aunt: yes, he was tan, ong withll the oer armenianrominenteople. you kn, the pos, the writs, and sforth. michae my mom ed to say at her fher, my grafath, would't goo church at aarticulatimen april. cha's au: no konya s the wot prison d he had had trial. michael:nd, in rding the leers, we leaed that s faer had bn arrest onpril 24t 1915 fr chuh and ken to pson, and hothat sorof began hinext chaer and, uimately,is final chter in h life. ♪ my ne is micel ar wolohojn. i'm an arican-armenian degner of objes in met, most for theome. th's y thingsike is are soeaningl for me we sell r thingsn over 6 untries ound theorld. man 2:ichael
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chael:eiman marcus, oomingda's. man: micel! michae specity store cuse me,uys. (cwd applauding) ♪ i grple abouyou knowow we teachur kids about the genoci. it was my rtner, at, who saido me one day that shouldo sometng r the centennial of the genocide. and it rlly got thinking. you knowi think, as a fher now, i fe a respoibility ono many levels to ptect my ds, to sha that sty, t do it a way that's posive. yobetter wch out bow. onthat putit in a hisrical bo and don't el as trmatic, immedie, heavyand a buen. so'm eating a puic sculpre, one the larst pies we've ever de.
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♪ andrew: r music ows usur past and st imporntly, it shows us oufuture. ♪ (andresingg in armian) (computeplaying rerded sinng) feel likit' ssing sothing. (traor rumblg) richard:e'll go ov here. you st the gpes. you lookoward thsun. 's 20.
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ok, ready eat. myame is richard hagian. i'an udi, ster of e oud. i' entertaed thousds. went to s vegas play at a jor casi for twoears. thnational enwmenof the as, i'm one their flows. at a yng age, told my d, i says, want anud." he said,you know tha's ha to to g." thoud is aut 2,0 years d. lot of t traditial stf from t village ve not bn writte and th'reetting lt. how'boutf i teac u "maro n"? andr: all rit. richar so i teh my grands, andrew when yo're sging, brg the volu down, oy? t's st try it agai and. ♪
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drew: i ew, thathen my grandfatr is to ss, ere are other oudis in ourommunity i meanthere are some but wo't sod the sa. (both singg) chard: ster. andrew: won't sound like hplayed. richar you gott. swering chine: one new ssage. maon voiceil: this suay'the st. ul annu grape bssing piic. chard: o big funions, the've gondown. the yoger kids e moderning. man onoicemail 'llave the sic of rhard hagian. andr: tomorr, i wille filling for jmy in my grdfather's band man onoicemail e armeni home. drew: i ve filli in f someone i wish peoe woulmiss just so i cod play. n on voimail: i ok forward seeing u tomorr the aual blesng of the gpes. (machine bps) (vicles whshing) (c horn hoing) ♪
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roup cttering) jo: hi. anni hi. jo: thank u. (women ggling) ♪ host mher: a ooh, whais this? wh is this john: ce to me you. nie: hel, nice to et you. john: vioria? host broer: she id, "wwill taluntil e will uerstand ch other annie: y. john: w'll kp learni. (gro laughs) host btheryeah, fe free. annie:ho'hungry? host broer: (speakg armeni) sovats annie swrs: (speakg armeni) sovats host broer: (speakg armeni) soh-va. nie: (speakg armeni) soh-va. johnand thiry is (speakg armeni) sarav? hostroth: (speakinarmeniandzarav.
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iend: y'll lrn. annie: mname annie sers. johnand i'm john sers. anni i'a sexual alth edutor. jo: i workere at thew madison. annie: wn we met really re teenars. i d't rely think i d known ch about even wherermen was, so meeng johnn was my iroductio jo: i'a quarter arnian. my materl grandmher' 100%rmenian. and she s a real g part omy life, but, unfortunaly, only upntil i w seven. she, unftunatelypassed awayhen fromancer. owing upn wisconn ansurround by iris ople anderman pele, felt le a litt bit an othe annie acally saw flyer adrtising for rthright armia. anni it saideople ca connecwith the culture grabbed e flyer d i ki of brout it,
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"heythis is mething at maybe w'd benterestein." ♪ jo: we'll be livi, voluntring, perienci armenia fothree mohs. annie: wer? john: (saking arnian) chr. 'rerying to faliarize r mouths with theew sound (speakinarmenianhoonees. nie: it's gonnbe a littlentimidatg. jo: no onen our lis speaks a sort armenian. (kboard clking) ane: thankou. john: wh youut int ogle translate. [computespeaki armenn] (couple laughing) e: it uldn't be prey. (john eaking aenian) jo: and i ve you. anni yes, (saking arnian) yes ss sirem john: hofully, o st familwill undstand that we're leaing. anni they'll maybenow a litt english johnand hopelly they're serng salad brea cheese,ea, and jue. (laughs) ane: (chuces) yeah that cod be all john: think thwonding startein middlschool. "wait, none of m clasates a armenia "i tnk this mething fferent. "i'm nofullsure how i's dierent." annie:t is thimystery.
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'rerying toigure ou whatt means be armean. (airpo announcer faintlspeaking ♪ frdatev: mparents re bor historiarmenia. (aenian prer) beinarmenianarents, ways lik our chiren to he some profsional ceer. lo: we kin just she it in ouunderwea and ' been weing this aa butt. , it smes okay. . datev:ut god dected her a dierent roe. ory singg in armian) loryhey! announr: lads d gentlen, he big b armo ow." ♪ (audienccheering loryyes! ca member so good to be ck here. pe you a had a greathanksging. you ow, thangiving's the on time ofear at i lovturkey (cymls) ! lory: ohmarty, y'reo fowl.
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(cbals) (crowdaughing) i'm going teach y how armeniadance, oy? l right,ow, hit butt. t it. (aience lahing) arpy: i ink my m feels me uncomforble thany dad. (audienclaugng) lory: bo udience ughing) man businesowner. lo: busine, oh, import /port? (tone clicki) port/expt.h huh. arax she les this nce e was fo years o. weried to op her, but we ner could e says, love thacting." udience mber fainy shouti) lo: woo! audice: woo-o! (audiee applaung) lory: ay. so i'm eang ganan fassoulh because is giv me ener. myame is ly tatouln. i a playwght. is is ali do beforeehearsal ana comedic actres d i ha a show lled he big b armo sh." i's a etch comy show abo armenia.
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welce to calornia inarch. i waborn in e ceral vall. my fatr is an meni rthodox iest; maies, burs, baizes peoe. soas a kidi was exposed every aect the armian mmunity. mo of it w, yoknow, sa (priesspeaking the's much th sn'been putut there wo n: a sui a suit? cast memr 2: get ready laugh. (manaughin lory: i'm goa print my scrip now. so took th and aggerateit. should bfunny. ani start iting pies. befo we do tt, i wand to go ov the upcing show arpy: it's picking on the stereotypes, laughing at ourselves. it's bringing out that stuff that armenians, you knowamote, don'talk abo it. loryyou wannlive in low-come housingnit wi 80 fami members anone leed bmw. ♪ youanna gwhere pele ♪ loryall good come is supeserious becae it's the otr side of e coin. ♪ youanna go ere ♪
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♪ pple can prounce yo name ♪ ry: rit. wi armenia, we do ha this heiness. 's e 100th niversar of t genocid it's justard toind thfunny inhat. st mber 3: ihink this ithe yearo do it. ry: but is is the ar to dot. so i w thinking about dog a commcial r turkisairlines they divide the women and the men, d they d't ke you to yr destinion. cast memr 3: andhedon't-- cast mber 3: serve yorefreshmts, and ey basicly stt starvi you, asoon as y get on. lo: right. and en, whatould be really, really dark is suddenly- cast mber 3: jt say it lory: ke at th bagge claim- (woman gps) woman:h! ry: and ey' like, orry, lost yo parents castember 3:arents. lory: d, "fly tuish airles." u guys le it? ca member love it ry: grea think i's funn cast memr 2: wellwould itffend pele? ♪ ry: i kn, but i's li-- cast member 4:t could easily oend somedy. justhe naturof it beinon armenn genode in cedy wouloffend. cast memr 4: rig. lory: ok, anywaynext ide
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the's lot offf to ta. e, two, ree. i thini was suosed to ta thito dry caning. th is likeoan vers 198 t me telyou someing. oh, ok at th. th should obably g a more cred pla. martand vart th is why te dressehearsal (gros) oh, mgod. (keys ngling sebumaybe could ma a beata new be. see ipirationtrikes oot tappg) ♪ hey! ebu groa) (ls smacki) this is at happe. try to me music, trto recor ani get diracted bthis. my ne is sebsimonian
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ips smking) i ay a lite guitara little ba, a litt drums, ry. ju enough get by d help me oduce thsongs anrecordhe songs that iear in mhead. rowd cheing) ♪ i couldift you ♪ ♪ eveif the s fallingown ♪ ♪ i knothat we'll be safand soun♪ ♪afe and und ♪ ♪ we're safe and sod ♪ americathey alws ask, "whe are yofrom?" ♪ we're safand soun♪ ♪ hold yo ground ♪ to me, think tt means whats your enicity? ♪e're safe and und ♪ (cro cheerin i' say, "'m arnian (cwd cheerg) (cwd membewhistlin and, "i've beeraised aa sohern calornia whe boy." raisg rafi isouthern califoia has bn intereing. i ve my cuure and myanguage,
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and i'm tryingo preser at in th family. obviouy, engli is easy th armenn, it's a litt bit mordiffult. we he to conantly speak arnian withim, anour menians not grt. rafi: be. (sebspeakingrmenian) sebu: i ved to.a. in 15 when was abo five orix yearsld. my paren are actlly lebanese aenian, and tha's ere i wa rais my firscouple yrs. currtly, i'm in aand calledapital cies. it's an arican porock group. check, check, e, two. performing in fron of thoands of peop all overhe worlds thriing. feels go. (tgue clic) but e 100th niversar the armian genode s inspir an awaking in mysf. tharmenianommunity hacome togher and ornized a ve specialvent eck, che, one, t. rsonallyi got re invesd th i thoug i would
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i discered morabout my gndpa's histor you kn, the tails, i did't kn about. myrandfaer was airect victim owhat hapned, anthat's whi'm re today (cwd appuding) (crowdember whtles) i feel aittle bi moreulnerablon stage than io when 'm pling with cital cits. althy neous, i tnk. announr: sebu monian. owd: woo rowd appuding) (cro member istling) wo yeah! (crowd mbers fntly cnting) ♪ sevan:eep in md, my frnds, thatrmenia inot just m ararat. (man faintly cttering) ♪


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