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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  September 7, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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anchor: iran's arrangement plans and doubt after the agency says it cannot guarantee the country's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. this is al jazeera live from london. iraq's supreme court rules that cannot dissolve parliament come up placing pressure on lawmakers. vladimir putin takes aim at eight deal to ship green from u.k..
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albania settles diplomatic ties with iran over a massive cyber attack. the un's nuclear watchdog cannot verify iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. the international atomic energy agency says iran has stockpiles of up to 60% you branched uranium. reporter: this its a 12 page report that is going to be presented at the quarterly board of governors meeting in vienna. according to the agency, 90% enriched uranium is significant
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because iran has maintained they are not interested in developing a nuclear weapon, they are not pursuing one. the program is for civilian purposes, but the agency is saying they are no longer in a position to provide assurances that that is the case. this comes at a time when iran is trying to negotiate with the united states to go back to compliance under the 2015 nuclear deal which saw iran limit its activities in exchange for sanctions relief. the united states left that deal in 2018 under then president donald trump. the biden administration was interested in returning to the deal, but the nuclear program in the country has advanced because the iranians decided to reduce the commitment to the deal from 2019 and that is why we are at the point we are at the mall. the agency says they cannot police this country's nuclear
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program further. anchor: there are concerns about tehran's lack of engagement. >> we have not been able to conduct all of the necessary verification activities. we have this unanswered questions, which have been raised by the iaea. on top of that, we have this large cache of documents which israel picked up and brought to vienna. which indicate there might be some undeclared activities and facilities in iran. this is where we are. all nuclear material, all
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facilities and activities in iran has to be declared to the ieae. we are in a situation where there are unexplained uranium and perhaps unexplained facilities and we are not able to have access to those and to confirm the reasons and what the program has fulfilled its obligations. so this is a serious matter. the supreme court in iraq has ruled that does not have the authority to dissolve parliament, leaving the nation in a state of deadlock. politicians allied with the influence chin leader refiled a petition for dissolution. they have called for a complete overhaul for the political system and new elections. the supreme court says parliament can only resolve itself.
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>> the court ruled it cannot dissolve parliament because it does not have the constitutional authority. they said they had not fulfilled their constitutional duties so basically threw the ball back into the court and urged them to resolve -- dissolve parliament and hold new elections. however, it has been difficult because it has been 11 months since the framework and they have been unable to agree as to how to move forward and end the political impasse. it is difficult to predict what is going to happen next. in the last couple of days, there have been talks organized by the current prime minister between the coordination framework and various other parties.
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however, they have refused to engage in these talks. they have formed a committee that is supposed to decide on the formation of a new government and decide end dates for the new elections. what they are trying to do at the moment is get them to agree to join. but there are no signs that he is willing to do so. anchor: israel's prime minister has responded to calls to church those responsible for the killing of al jazeera journalist shireen abu akleh. yair lapid said he would not allow any soldier to put -- be put on trial. on monday, his military admitted that the journalist was likely killed by one of its soldiers. they will not be pursuing a criminal investigation. al jazeera has announced the findings and continues to demand a investigation. some use just in from canada.
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police have arrested myles sanderson, the suspect who has been on the run after a mass stamping there. he was taken into custody. people living at the james smith cree nation reserve had been told to stay indoors. 10 people were killed on sunday. his brother who was also suspect was found dead on monday. more on that as we get it. russian president vladimir putin has threatened to hold all energy supplies. the european commission proposal is aimed at ease and energy crisis i the winter. putin has called the plan that and it that it would only lead to higher costs. a bold move from brussels, but
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will it work. the european commission going ahead with the plan for a price cap on natural gas. >> we all know our sanctions are deeply grinding into the russian economy with the heavy negative impact, but putin is partially buffering through fossil fuel revenues, so here the objectivists we must cut russia's revenues. reporter: since february, the eu has imposed sanctions on russia. in some member states are skeptical of the price cap, worried it could push us go to turn off the taps completely. russia has already reduced supplies on three of its biggest pipelines. all supplies have been redirected east. in some respects, but where did you board is going, -- the way the war is going, means russia's
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fate is sealed. it has to become an eastern facing economic power or it will perish. reporter: if president putin is worried, he is not letting on. he called the price cap stupid. he also addressed ukraine's grain exports. shipments resumed after kyiv and moscow reached the deal in july. but putin says the developing world is being cheated. >> if we remove turkey as an intermediary, virtually all the grain was brought not to the poorest country, but to doug european union. -- but to doug european union. u.n. data shows turkey has been the biggest destination with cargoes also going to china.
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whatever the reality, vladimir putin insists his country has already seen the worst effects of sanctions. he said russia's natural resources web tech the nation. -- what it protect the nation. anchor: the question is where is ukraine's grain actually going. a spokesperson says 100 ships have left ports carrying tons of grain and other foodstuffs. 30% of that has said to have gone to lower income countries. the biggest overall share has gone to turkey. spain has gotten 15% and each of 10%. but all of that greatness then resold under commercial agreement. two ships have left ukraine carry weight to africa.
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one ship that last week with 23,000 metric tons of grain for somalia and ethiopia. it is enough to feed one and a half million people for a month. meanwhile, ukraine says it is making advances in it counteroffensive. it is focusing its efforts on the area surrounding it in largest city. our reporter has more from the capital. reporter: we are seeing fierce battles in many parts of the front lines of this war. it was just 24 hours and that the ukrainian military launched this offensive in the northeast around the second largest city, city but ukrainians have held since day one of this invasion by the russians. however there had been a lot of shelling from the russians and that is why the ukrainians launched a counteroffensive. we are starting to get a better
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sense of how that is shaping up now. it appears that the ukrainian military has made advances as they are going east and south of the city and we are seeing anecdotal evidence, from videos and personnel and officials in the fight to come ukraine appears to be either recapturing villages or very close to recapturing villages. one in particular is publicly the, a city of prewar population of 25,000 people. about 100 kilometers southeast the city. it appears at this point that the ukrainians have encircled that city and very close to launching what appears to be a battle to reclaim it completely. anchor: the united nations and
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red cross are demanding access to ukrainian visitors of the and civilian dts being held by russia. the armed forces subjected civilians to so-called filtration. the uss prussia and its proxy forces are operating 21 locations used to process prisoners of war. it is calling for an immediate halt to russian filtration. >> estimates from a variety of sources including the russian government indicate that russian authorities have decorated -- integrity -- interrogated 1.6 million ukrainian citizens. often to isolated regions in the far east. i want to be clear. the united states has information that officials from russia's presidential administration are overseeing
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and coordinating these filtration operations. >> affect funding mission is set to deploy in the coming base to look into the incident of july 29 that led to the death of 53 ukrainian prisoners of war. between 75 and 130 more were injured. the head of the mission is accompanied by an experienced team of officials and experts. anchor: still ahead, humanitarian aid arrives in pakistan. displaced flood victims they local officials are not giving them anything. plus, by the new british prime minister's choice for her team has made history.
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>> the rain picking up for something semi tropical west joppa. some heavier bands of rain through myanmar and the western side of thailand on thursday. the rain still coming at hong kong. a few days ago a temperature record was set. but the remic cooled the atmosphere there. down to a high of 29 degrees. big improvement in those conditions across the peninsula after the typhoon swept away and some downpours seemed likely for the southern slice of japan's main island on friday. a lot of rain will be falling along southern queensland through southern areas of new south wales into victoria. on thursday, these will be some severe thunderstorms packing powerful winds, even seeing some hail mixed in.
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we will end this weather report in new zealand. not much going on. your temperature pretty close to where it should be. a high of 12 degrees. enjoy and take care. >> iraq, a nation where women's chastity is seen as patriarchal identity, but out of sight, prostitution is on the rise. people in power talks to survivors and goes behind the scenes with a dedicated police force working to bring perpetrators to justice.
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anchor: welcome back. a reminder of our top stories. they you once nuclear watchdog cannot verify iran's nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes. the international atomic energy says it has seen. iraq says it does not have authority to dissolve the parliament. politicians filed a legal petition calling for new elections. russian president vladimir putin has accused ukraine of cheated development countries that grain
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shipments. pakistan's prime minister says the scale of destruction is unbelievable. our reporter has been visiting areas devastated by the floods. 1.6 million homes have been swept away. the prime minister has urged
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pakistanis to donate. but many say local officials are hoarding humanitarian relief goods. reporter: the people who lived in the house who wants lived here. a final act of desperation. but also hope of returned one day. residents say water is not likely to be seen in two months. people are wondering if they can last long.
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>> they are not given us anything. they give truckloads to the landlords, but nothing is made available to us. the police beat us and tell us there is something for us here. nothing is happening for us. reporter: international aid has arrived, but inequality persists even in crisis. many want the army to step in. >> we appeal to the world. do not give funds to this government and these feudal lords. put it in my hand of the
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pakistani army. they can deliver it to us. they have given us nothing. reporter: pakistan's army chief was there on tuesday. it was the second visit. the largest profits without smallest population means people in trouble are in pocket spread across vast areas and getting them help takes longer. a truck filled with tents was unloaded at the office in the morning. by nightfall, a crowd had gathered hoping for anything they could get their hands on. people tell us they have been turned away for days. al jazeera's repeated requests for an interview were unsuccessful. people here say the living do not have enough food, shelter or clean water. but even the dead are not spared. the indignities of this crisis. anchor: a brand has condemned
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the decision by embedding mia to cut diplomatic ties after accusing to brand of launching a major cyber attack. the albanian government has awarded staff to leave within 24 hours. the prime minister says the attack targeted government services and websites in july. >> the government has decided to end mimetic relations with iran. this extreme response is proportionate to the gravity and risk of the cyberattack that threatened to paralyze public services, he raised digital systems and hack into state records. and stir chaos and insecurity in the country. reporter: the incident could compromise efforts to revive the nuclear deal. >> the white house is calling
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attacks on albania to be both reckless and irresponsible, saying it strongly condemns the attacks. the usa's joining the prime minister and saying iran should be held accountable for an unprecedented cyberattack ended to hold iran accountable for its actions without specifying how it intends to do so, saying this sense of troubling press for cyberspace. we should point out the united states have been working alongside albanian officials on the ground since this attack occurred back in july. while we know is they have been working to investigate the origins of this attack, but also to mitigate it. this comes at an interesting time but the fact that united states is continue to try to revive the jcpoa.
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this certainly does complicate those matters. the white house press secretary spoke about this and those efforts a day ago, saying there is still mutual interest to try and revive this agreement, but there are gaps that remain and certainly this incident to will only complicate those matters. anchor: at least 50 people have been killed in a landslide in western uganda. heavy rain triggered the slide. our reporter has the story. reporter: the mudslide hit before dawn and for the families asleep in these homes in uganda, there was nothing they could do.
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most of those killed were women and children. it is prone to deadly landslides this time of year. forecasters had warned of continuous ratings. >> it is likely the river might bust its banks. reporter: after a long drought, but heavy rains have fallen since late july, triggering floods and mudslides across the country and leaving hundreds of people homeless. uganda's government has blamed climate change but these steep hillsides are also becoming more vulnerable to landslides because of deforestation, overpopulation .
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>> our people have nowhere to say no. reporter: the rainy season will continue until december. authorities are advising people to be vigilant or move to safer areas. this community though is prepared to bury the dead. anchor: bertens new leader has faced her first prime minister's questions in parliament under second day in office. she has appointed more members of our government and is set to announce a package of support for rising energy costs. reporter: for all new prime minister's, the first journey to parliament to face opposition questions has a big hurdle at the end of it. she is promising help for millions of people raising high energy bills. yet she refuses to impose one full taxation on energy
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companies. >> companies already doing well or getting a huge tax cut while working people pay for the cost of living crisis. stroke victims wait an hour for an ambulance. >> i am on the side of people who do the right thing. that is why we will reverse the insurance increase and keep corporation tax low. reporter: supporters of the leadership rival have been fired or resigned. the top tier of the cabinet is the most diverse, with the amount one a male politician among them. -- with matt white -- with a
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even one white or male politician among them. >> the story remains the same. there is nothing new about the tory fantasy of trickle-down economics. >> there is nothing new about a labor leader who is calling for more tax write offs. it is the same old tax and spend. reporter: she may have impressed her supporters. she did hold ground and seemed to keep her cool, but there was an absence of detailed -- details. she will announce her energy p■lan on thursday aimed i really been the stress of millions of people in the u.k.. -- aimed at relieving the stress of the millions of people in the u.k..
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