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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  September 8, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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berlin. britain's queen elizabeth the second has died at the age of 96. the monarchy's longest reigning monarch passed away at her scottish home by maura, surrounded by her children and grandchildren. buckingham palace in london becomes the focus of national mourning. the queen's eldest son becomes king. charles says the family takes
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comfort from the affection in which the monarch was held. welcome. britain's queen elizabeth the second has died at the age of 96. she was the longest reigning monarch and head of state in the world. all four of her children were at her scottish home balmoral. they have called it great sadness for the royal family. olaf scholz said she was a role model and an inspiration for millions.
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we can now speak to our correspondent in london and our reporter here in the studio. what is the latest from london on the death of the queen and reaction to her passing? >> we have seen people gathering in london and buckingham palace but also scotland. people paying their respects. there is hardly anyone who is not touched by the death of her majesty. even though not everyone in the u.k. is a royal, not everyone is a fan of the queen. she has had the respect of the people. i have not met anyone who had a bad word to say about the queen. she really was this person that was always there for everyone. and she met so many people
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during these seven decades she has been the monarch. she has been to 100 countries. she has had tens of thousands of work duties. for the british people, it is a big day. >> there was a brief statement by the palace. >> the queen had mobility issues and problems over the last few months. she was still ok. she was expected to come back to
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buckingham palace in london but she didn't. she stayed up there and it was unprecedented because she then had to say farewell to one prime minister and welcome a new prime minister that should have been done at looking him palace -- buckingham palace. it wasn't until today that buckingham palace released a statement in which they said doctors were concerned about her health and it became evident as family members started -- it was unprecedented for buckingham palace to issue a statement like that. she had been frail for some time and she passed away today.
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she was 96. she had a very good innings but had been on the throne for 70 years. the fact that she could welcome in a new prime minister and be photographed with liz truss and then two days later die. >> you mentioned the changing of the guard from one prime minister to another. both of them reacting to the queen's death and the newly appointed prime minister liz truss held a speech. >> we are all devastated i the news that we have just heard. it's a huge shock to the nation and the world. queen elizabeth ii was the rock on which modern britain was built. our country has flourished under
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her reign. britain was the great country it is today because of her. she champing the development of the commonwealth to a family of 56 nations spanning every continent of the world. we are now a modern, thriving, dynamic nation. queen elizabeth the second provided us with the stability and the strength that we needed. she was the very spirit of great britain. and that is where it will endure. she has been our longest ever reigning monarch. it is an extraordinary achievement to preside with dignity and grace for 70 years. her life of service stretched beyond most of our living memories. in return, she was loved and admired by people in the united
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kingdom and around the world. she has been a personal inspiration to me and to many britons. her devotion to duty is an example for us all. earlier this week, she remained determined to carry out her duties as she appointed me as her 15th prime minister. throughout her life she visited more than 100 countries and touched the lives of millions around the world. in the difficult days ahead, we will come together with our friends across the united kingdom, the commonwealth, and the world to celebrate her extraordinary lifetime of service. it is a day of great loss. queen elizabeth ii leaves a great legacy. the crown passes as it has done for more than 1000 years to our new monarch, our new head of state, his majesty king charles iii.
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with the kings family, we mourn the loss of his mother. and as we mourn, we must come together as a people to support him. to help him bear the awesome responsibility that he now carries for us all. we offer him loyalty and devotion justices mother devoted so much to so many for so long. and with the passing of the second elizabethan age, we usher in a new area in the magnificent history of our great country exactly as her majesty would have wished by saying the words, god save the king. >> liz truss calling the queen the rock upon which modern britain was built. what will be her legacy?
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>> her legacy will be somebody who is there for the people and who presented the stability for the people. if you look at recent history when britain was really polarized and where the country was split as a result of the brexit process, queen elizabeth has not really taken any position for or against brexit. she went to germany and shared that division in europe is dangerous and the nations must stand together. this is as far as she went when it came to political statements. she has been described as the opposition, described as somebody who stood for what binds the nation together.
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and this is really the most important legacy. she was there really for everybody. not for long -- not for young, old, royalist or not royalist. she was there for everybody. >> prime minister justin trudeau had warm words for her as well. >> in a complicated world, her city grace and resolve, comfort and strength to us all. canada is in morning. she was one of my favorite people in the world and i will miss her so. >> that is quite the statement, isn't it? >> very emotional and very honest.
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that's how many heads of state, prime ministers, presidents feel as well. there have been many people paying tribute to the queen over the past few hours and i have a few just from twitter where people put out reactions pretty quickly. olaf scholz, the german chancellor has paid tribute saying we mourn the death of queen elizabeth the second. she was a role model and inspiration for millions. her commitment to german british reconciliation after the horrors of world war ii will remain unforgotten. she will be missed, not the least her wonderful humor. we also heard from the french president emmanuel macron who tweeted that her majesty queen elizabeth the second embodied
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the british nation's continuity and unity for over 70 years. i remember her as a friend of france. a kindhearted queen that left a lasting impression on her country and her century. and one more from volodymyr zelenskyy. britain being one of the first countries to really back zielinski in his battle against russia. he said it is with deep sadness that we learned of the death of her majesty queen elizabeth the second. on behalf of the ukrainian people, we extend sincere condolences to the royal family, united kingdom, and commonwealth over this irreparable loss. many other tweets, messages of support, telegrams. the pope writing to king
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charles. they have been pouring out all over the world and i think it gives you a taste of how people felt about the queen who had been monarch for 70 years and who presided over a normal change in the united kingdom which began when she took over. it was an empire and now clearly is not. not just in the u.k., but across the world. >> the world was a different place when she came to power. inspiration. calling her a legend. she was quite an institution. a symbol of continuity. in times like these were the u.k. is going through multiple crises. >> it really comes at a very difficult time for the country. we have a new prime minister.
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liz truss has only been accepted by the prime minister as the queen two days ago and it comes after a time when many people in the u.k. have seen wages falling , inflation skyrocketing. a lot of people are feeling the squeeze financially. in the country is also hit by an energy crisis. energy prices are going through the roof. an emergency energy program that helps people through this crisis was announced by the prime minister. so this shows the country is already in an emergency state. and to now also lose the figurehead, the monarch, and have to deal with this transition to king charles iii, it comes at a time when the
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country really would've needed stability. but then again, this is something that the prime minister will have to deal with and in a way, she will have to step up and take the country with her. she said the queen was her inspiration, so now she can take out of the book of the queen and show leadership and try to bring the country together in morning, i would say. >> think you both so much. tributes have been coming in from around the world. the white house press secretary expressed her condolences when the news of the queen's death broke during a news conference. >> our hearts and our thoughts go to the family members of the queen.
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goes to the people of the united kingdom. i don't want to get ahead of what the president is going to say. i want you all to hear from him first and so i don't want to get ahead of that. and i said this earlier. our relationship with the people of the united kingdom, and this is something the president has said himself has grown stronger and stronger. the united kingdom is one of our closest allies. and our hearts go to the people of united kingdom, the queen, and her family. >> what has been the reaction in washington besides the one we just saw? >> many people are up at the british embassy right now laying
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flowers, lighting candles, sending some prayers. she was very loved in the united states and george w. bush, barack obama, and donald trump came out with statements underlying what an outstanding person she was. joe biden said in a world of constant change, she was a steadying presence and a source of comfort. we have heard that throughout the day. people stressing the fact how important she was in this world. president biden ordered flags to half-staff through sunset on the day of her internment. in the whole white house, the government looking forward to a continuing close friendship with king charles iii.
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>> the relationship between the u.s. and u.k. has always been very special for historical reasons. but in the past seven decades, did the queen play any part in this? >> definitely. it is interesting to see how different former president's react. it's fair to say that michelle obama and the queen might have had a very special relationship. i am sure many of our viewers recall the moment when president obama and the first lady were visiting the queen in london and michelle obama touched her bag. it is forbidden. you're not allowed to touch the queen, but the queen in her very humorous way reacted in a very warm way that underlies the special relationship between her
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and michelle obama. i think the queen understood how stressful and hard it can be in the public eye which is not always very friendly to women. although she had increasingly withdrawn from high-profile duties, queen elizabeth dedicated her 70 year reign to serving her subjects. we look back now on the life of the world's oldest and longest reigning monarch. >> no british monarch rained for as long as queen elizabeth the second. she was a constant in a time of dramatic change. always disciplined, always dutiful. a life of public service right until the end. in 1926, elizabeth came into the
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world. she was not born to be queen but when her uncle abdicated after less than a year on the throne, elizabeth's father was crowned king and his daughter suddenly became the crown princess. she accepted the tack and took it seriously even in her youth. >> i declare before you all that my whole life shall be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. >> she did her military service as a mechanic during world war ii. she married philip mountbatten, her great love. when your lder, pnce charles was born, the first of four children. in february of 1952, her father
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king george the sixth died. elizabeth replaced him on a trip to africa. >> tragic news released reacd the queen and her husband. >> elizabeth the second was only 25 years of age area her coronation ceremony did not take place until the following year in june of 1953. the ceremony itself was one of the world events to broadcast on television. an estimated 300 million people watched around the globe. the queen took the throne at a time when the british empire was losing its importance. many former colonies gained their independence and a new global conflict began with the cold war.
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as queen elizabeth was not allowed to pursue her own political agenda. but she was the most important representative of her country and head of the commonwealth. in that role, she tirelessly traveled the world in the decades that followed. at home, elizabeth was intent on boosting the royal family's popularity with the help of the media. the spectacular wedding of her son charles to diana spencer in the summer of 1981 was the most watched tv broadcast of all time. but when what appeared to be a perfect royal family life prepared to unravel, the tabloid
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press was merciless. in the 90's, the newspaper bruce feasted on the royal affairs and divorces. charles and diana's marriage failed. and in 1997, diana died in a traffic accident. the worldwide outpouring of sympathy was poured -- but they family struggle to find sympathetic world -- words. >> she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness. >> this is when the world's popularity hit an all-time low. diana's sons did not talk about the trauma of their mother's death until years later. when harry's marriage to u.s. television star meghan markle
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was repeatedly exploited by the tabloids, the company -- the couple made a radical exit. they turned their backs on the royal family, moving to the united states. they complained about racism in the media and in the palace. compared to the other members of the royal family, the queen let a quiet marriage. she was married to prince philip for 73 years. he was an important pillar of support for her which made the moment of parting all the more difficult. in the spring of 2021, philip died aged 99. due to the coronavirus pandemic, the funeral took place with a very small circle of mourners. elizabeth was alone. an image that touched many. but only a few days later, she
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was again representing the country, receiving ambassadors and participating in zoo meetings with scientists. >> it is wonderful work you are all doing. >> thank you, majesty. >> in a world that has changed radically, elizabeth was a constant mainstay. committed true tradition but not closed to the new. most of the critics of the british royal family paid tribute to the queen for her long life in service to her country and to the commonwealth. >> britain's queen elizabeth ii died at the age of 96, the longest reigning monarch and
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head of state in the world. her son charles succeeds her immediately. king charles called it a moment of great sadness for himself and all the royal family. prime minister liz truss says queen elizabeth is the rock on which modern britain was built and she touched the lives of millions around the world. thank you for joining us on this special news program on the death of britain's queen elizabeth. we will be back after a short break to take you through this historic day. for now, images looking back on the life and reign of queen elizabeth the second. -- of queen elizabeth ii. ♪
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mark: welcome back. this is our rolling coverage of the main news this thursday evening. when elizabeth ii has died -- queen elizabeth the second has died. this is the same -- the scene earlier in the week when queen elizabeth met with liz truss. these are people in london trying to pay tribute to the monarch who has died after some 70 years on the throne. it was at the queen's favorite residence that she passed away. we have reaction from around the world and from scott and --
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scotland. britain's longest reigning monarch is now lying on her deathbed. charles, the queen's eldest child, was at her bedside. he now becomes king. we understand he will be referred to as king charles iii. crowds already gathered around buckingham palace for the official announcement of the queen's death has been posted on the palace gates. this is a matter of article in the u.k. a statement says that her majesty died peacefully in her sleep with her family at her bedside. this family, there's been growing concern over the health this is not a state-ownedsday. property, it is one thatelongs personally to the monarch. close members of the royal family have been making their way there all day and at 6:30
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p.m. u.k. time came the announcement of her death. queen elizabeth ii has been on the british throne for some 70 years. >> it is a historic moment and the end of an era. the u.k.'s longest-serving monarch, queen elizabeth ii, has died at the age of 96 after raining for 70 years. just days after the queen appointed her prime minister, liz truss expressed her condolences. >> we are all devastated the news we have just heard. the death of her majesty the queen is a huge shock to the nation and to the world. queen elizabeth ii was the rock on which modern britain was built.
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>> elizabeth's eldest sonould leave the nation in mourning. king charles iii said his mother would be missed around the world. what's the death of my beloved mother is a moment of rightist sadness for me and all members of my family. i know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the realm, and the commonwealth and by countless people around the world. >> flags across the u.k. have then lowered to half mast, and the country has entered a period of national mourning that will last 10 days. the queen's family rushed to scotland to be by her side earlier thursday after doctors expressed concern about her health. since the end of last year, she had been suffering from persistent mobility problems, forcing her to withdw from nearly all herublic engagements. queen elizabeth ii came to the throne in 1952 when she was just 25 years old. mark: let's go straight to our
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correspondent in london, standing there buckingham palace. very good evening to you. tell us about the mood where you are right now. >> the mood here is somewhat somber. people are shocked. they are sometimes crying, but there is spontaneous applause. when we arrived, there were just a few tv crews, a few international crews. now it is a of media cameras, all working diligently under what is absolutely driving rain here in london and spontaneous applause. we are not quite sure why, but we know when the flag at half past 6:00 local time went to half past -- half-mast, we understood that the 96-year-old monarch, so loved in the united kingdom and across the commonwealth and across the world died -- when we saw that
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flag half-mast, i think we all just took a pause for breath. even talking to fellow broadcasters, she is, for example, for me, the only head of state i have known living in the united kingdom and that is true for the great majority of the british population. yes, she was 96. yes, she had health problem's. we knew she was walking with a cane and's last october. we were told repeatedly that she had episodic mobility problems. we thought there was a bit more to it than that. she had spent, remember, last autumn a secret night in a london hospital. no longer became a secret when a british daily newspaper discovered that, and of course, she had had covid. she caught it once and then twice. she said that had left her quite exhausted, but there she was only 48 hours ago in her
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residence of balmoral that she loved so much and by a roaring fire, getting the resignation of her 14th prime minister and inviting the 15th prime minister to form a new government. that was 48 hours before her death. as liz truss set -- said, 48 hours after her acceptance speech as prime minister, two solemnly in front of 10 downing street, the elizabethan era is over. the queen leaves a great legacy. a new era has begun with king charles iii. his reign has begun. whenever his coronation will be, he will be here in london. he will be here tonight with his wife miller, but he will come here to london. meanwhile, thousands continue to gather under the rain. they want to talk to each oth,
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they want to compare anecdotes about the queen. mark: you are painting an extremely vivid picture of what is happening. as ever, we are indebted to you for the descriptive words you are using for us and really summing up the feeling of what is going on here. it is an amazing moment. queen elizabeth ii has had a remarkable front seat as the big issues of the world have unfolded over her 70 years on the throne. it is a remarkable thing. i'm wondering as this period of mourning begins, people will be taking stock, thinking about exactly what the queen means to them. >> es, and the words that come back again and again is that she was such a source of stability. people who were not necessarily ardent royalist have such a deep respect, particularly for the person, the way that she discharged her duty throughout her life, not just the last 40
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hours, but that was so typical for her. hard to believe she was not in discomfort or pain. but i think i need to bring another element in here, and that is the element of soft power. make no mistake, successive prime ministers and governments were very aware of the charm offensive that the royal family, that the queen for so many of her 70-your rain -- 70-year reign, along with her husband prince philip. there were two state it is a year. she sometimes had to hold visits for heads of state. i will briefly and i go home for a few hours google speeches -- i think there were 2 -- that the queen made at the united
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nations. an extraordinary experience, and woman who had not just sense of duty that comes back again and again, but let's remember when she was seen with daniel craig, james bond, and the corgis walking in corridors of buckingham palace and seemed to jump out of a helicopter for the london 2012 olympics, let's remember the emergency jam sandwich we saw that went viral around the world when we were here a few months ago for the platinum jubilee when millions gather here up and around the united kingdom with street parties and of course, here, in st. james's park for four days to celebrate and honor, and we knew -- we thought we knew this is probably the last time we would see her with such a celebration of her, and what a celebration it was. tonight, we will pore over in the coming days her legacy, if it's geopolitical, the influence she has probably had that we don't even know about on her
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various prime ministers, but it is as a grandmother, great-grandmother -- i'm hearing spontaneous singing in the rain. yes, there are a few umbrellas up, but it is an extraordinary place to gather and in a sense, live through the end of an era and begin the next one, and there will be many people who will stay here overnight and who will be here, diehard fans. i'm sure there will be people who will fly into the united kingdom. we are about to enter an extraordinary 10 days, and it is definitely a momentous day and the beginning of a new era. >> thank you very much indeed. you have brought back many memories. for me personally, i just think of the many things you talk about over the years that the queen has been involved in. as you said, for so many people, the only queen that we as the british people have known. certainly, her reputation, her work, her presence has served
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us. the british royal family in morning of the loss of its mother, it's. the family is set to change from now on. charles becomes king charles iii. fewer royals will be working on the sovereign grant payroll. king charles and his air william -- his heir william will be the figureheads. ♪ her reign saw the advent of live television, ubiquitous cameras, and the internet as public figures came under increasing public scrutiny. in 1992, when a huge fire swept through windsor castle, there was an outcry over who would for the repair bill. >> 1992 is not a year on which i shall look back with undiluted
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pleasure. >> the queen took a drastic step . the following year, she became the first monarch in history to open buckingham palace to the public, hoping to use the money raised from entry tickets to restore windsor castle. the next few years put the queen to the test. princess diana's marriage to prince charles fell apart as tablets track her every move amid rumors of affairs. >> it is announce from buckingham palace that with regret, the prince and princess of wales have decided to separate. >> but public sympathy was on diana's side. a turning point came in 1997 when the queen remained silent in the wake of princess diana's death. the backlash forced buckingham palace to take stock of public sentiment and overhaul its image.
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weddings became a chance for the royal family to reinvent itself under the gaze of the nation. in 2011, the unit's grandson -- the queen's grandson is william married a woman without an aristocratic background. it showcased a new generation of royals, free to choose partners from outside the nobility and to follow true love in a way ordinary people could relate to. >> she is absolutely stunning. it was great. >> seven years later, prince harry married american actress meghan markle, a divorcee with a mixed ethnic heritage, offering up another modern-day fairytale for the cameras. at times, queen elizabeth even let the cameras capture her playful side. at the opening ceremony for the
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2012 london olympic games, she took in a clip with daniel craig , playing james bond, in front of a television audience of billions. the queen and double 07 stun viewers by appearing to leap from a helicopter into the olympic stadium where she took her seat in the royal box. the royal emily even created its own twitter account, bringing the monarchy's pump and ceremony to a new generation of internet-savvy youngsters. mark: we will be picking up on some of the things benedict was talking about, the great moments, the many popular moments of people around elizabeth getting involved in various projects. our international affairs editor . the role of elizabeth over the
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past 70 years has been significant. her love of friends is something many people may not be aware of. she visited all the french presidents from de gaulle right up to macron. >> she also spoke excellent french. i have watched some of her speeches to the combined houses of parliament. everyone was clearly delighted that she was flattering them by speaking french so well. it is true she was from a generation of brits that did have a pretty high level of french. not surprising for somebody of her generation, but surprising for somebody now, if you listen to her speeches in wrench, really very impressive. she definitely loved france. she visited france more than any other european country. she had made five state visits to france but quite a few other ones on top of that, stretching back to the late 1950's, but
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actually, she had even met french leaders before she became queen in the late 19 -- the late 1940's. the other thing is that being part of this wartime generation herself, she, i think, invested a lot of symbolism in the several trips she made to the d-day beaches in normandy. she came three times to france to pay tribute to all the fallen soldiers and really give an extra layer, i suppose, in a way, to the residence -- resonance at the franco-british
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effort in world war ii. very much a franco file, and i think it's fair to say, it was reciprocated. all the french tv channels are doing wall-to-wall coverage, gushing effusive praise, commentators saying it is the only monarch they knew, someone that they sort of looked up to. her face is already on pictures on the front covers of all the french newspapers for tomorrow morning, and her platinum jubilee was quite a big deal in paris. there was a ceremony down by the triumphal arch. president macron gave her a horse, i think, to remember because she loves horses. it was quite a big deal in france as well, this jubilee, or in paris, we should say. >> big reaction here in france.
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how about other international reaction? i understand vladimir putin of russia has made a statement. >> his reaction came a bit after the initial flurry of what world leaders were saying, but he said the queen earned the love, respect, and authority on the world stage, and he addressed his condolences to prince charles, now king charles, of course, asking him to convey his condolences to all the family and to the british people. putin in that statement putting these dire political relations between britain and russia to one side, rising above all that in this statement, and it is interesting, in another part of the statement, he talks about the irreparable loss -- irrevocable loss, i think, was
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the word, queen elizabeth, almost exact echo of what president zelenskyy had said of ukraine. zelenskyy talking about and irreparable loss. it is interesting that two men who would not be seen together in the same room have equally warm and very supportive message to the british people and the royal family at this point. mark: please stay with us. we want more from you and we know there's more you have to tell us. our international affairs editor. queen elizabeth, when things of her as queen of the united kingdom, but also the british commonwealth, and intergovernmental organization, queen elizabeth was the monarch who presided over its evolution throughout her reign. the change from colony to independence required delicate
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diplomacy and understanding of the changing world. those close to the project say queen elizabeth was key to that whole process. >> if one thing was to mark queen elisabeth's reign as british monarch, it was a sense of duty, a spark that ignited even as the british empir began to crumble in the aftermath of world war ii. >> i declare before you a actually devoted to the service of the great royal family which we all belong. >> that came in the year of india's independence. all too soon, and young elizabeth would find herself thrust into ruling more rapidly than anyone could have known. her father had died prematurely at 57 after just 15 years on the
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throne. it left the new queen to navigate a hard path much earlier than expected. she would see the numbers of those under british rule love it -- plummet from 700 million to just 5 million over the next decade and a half as colonies once part of the british empire sought self-determination. the colony of nations, a group once found by the cwn but now by common history, values, and democracy, it bring of which queen elizabeth would remain the symbol chief and on which she would forge her royal identity. >> nowhere else is parliamentary democracy demonstrated more effectively. >> it was not all smooth sailing. the 20th century's social and political changes were pilinup and it had long been clear the commonwealth was not going to replace the british empire.
3:52 pm
members had no obligation to one another, short of respect for queen elizabeth who devoted herself to the organization. politics, though, would play a role as nations left and rejoined and governments pounding them down to favor. as the years moved on, the queen's massive accumulation of experience on the international stage stood her in better stead. >> in tomorrow's world, we must all work together as hard as ever if we are truly to be united nations. >> a trickle of nations removed her as head of state over the years, the relations remained warm as she continued to head up the commonwealth. nevertheless, some member states wished to step further out of the shadow of empire with barbados becoming the latest
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choose to sever ties with the monarchy in 2021 and periodic calls from elsewhere for nations choosing to her, just choosing to become republics. just how the association will cope without the extraordinary relationship with the woman who helped to create it and which direction it will take. mark: we will talk about the commonwealth and the british monarch in a moment's time. kate moody our business editor has joined us for more angles on the developing story we have two the queen of the united kingdom and the commonwealth, queen elizabeth ii has passed away at the age of 96. we are talking about her relationship with the commonwealth and how her presence and delicate diplomacy in many ways helped the two develop. let's bring in our correspondent from nairobi, capital of kenya.
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good evening to you. tell us about th reaction where you are to the passing of queen elizabeth. >> well, it is very sa evening in kenya, given that kenya was a british colony, and the countries have maintained a good relationship ever since kenya gained independence from the united kingdom. the queen last visited kenya in 1983, shortly after there was a state emergency following they could at top in 1982 -- following a coup d'etat in 1982. they enjoyed a good relationship with the united kingdom being kenya's biggest investor and contributor.
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kenya has sent messages of condolences to the family of the queen and wished them condolences, but also canyons have called for the injustices committed against the country and different communities during colonial times and have also called for different generations to be tan care of and all eyes are on britain. mark: those things you talk about, the atrocities of colonial times, i'm thinking specifically of the atrocities committed by colonial rulers at that time, quite shocking things
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which i don't think we can go into. trying to heal those wounds, it is not just about compensation, is it? it is aboua real admission of what was done wrong. >> yes, it is. there have been calls as does most recently as early as august , [indiscernible] what they are actually looking for is the recognitionnd an apology and for the british government to take responsibility for what happened and said that it should not have happened. this is what people are struggling to deal with right now.
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we understand and we are with the people of the united kingdom but also saying that great injustices were committed against our country and we need for these things to be taken care of and for the united kingdom government to acknowledge this. mark: overall, the message i'm getting is respect for queen elizabeth, in that sense, recognizing her status, her talent, if you like, her service as a leader, but the feeling that there is a real need for truth, reconciliation, and some kind of basic apology? >> yes. it is not just a basic apolo, but also there are people who are still suffering. remember kenya is a country still struggling with land issues. there are so many people that work displaced -- that were
3:58 pm
displaced. the united kingdom government colonist kenya for many years up until 1963. we also want these things to be recognized. some families are still fighting for remunerations and some are still trying to find out where their loved ones work buried and are still trying to find justice and for them to be truly compensated for the atrocities that were committed against them. mark: that legacy of colonial times really does need to be investigated and sorted out. thank you very much for giving us a sense of how people in kenya are viewing queen elizabeth, her passing, and of course, the legacy, from búú
3:59 pm
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09/08/22 09/08/22 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> tells it like it is. any damage, whether intentional or not, europe's largest nuclear power plant zaporizhzhia or to any other nuclear facility in ukraine, catastrophe not only for the immediate but the region. amy: the united nations is


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