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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  September 15, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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marclo, what wrong? the's a hoe over tre.
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e it n? iere are u going?e he. e you gog to mom can't he you! i have tpee. - then g are you ne? i ha to poo. les see. to bed, ian't ccentrate at's goi on?
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m, go toed, marilla s to pooit's true, right - at? let me b wa to get bed witme, swtie? whdid you y u nyou n both ce!? - mom, i starving to dea. - know.. i'm ngry! gelica, i thinwe nr - momm let's me crepes - no - want to!- don't u hav? quiet. is that all? good gl, now bk to bed all of y to be we get what's t matter?
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at's gng on? nothg, dad. n't watno, let'! - thhu? the cket haso be chaed.
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the wonders fucking hunters! shoot yo peckersff! knock off! enoughlready! fu you!
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wherare you l? gelsomin let's g marinea? gemarinellet's g we'vbeen waing fotwo hours!
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u have ttake theittle - ones.ure no, i'busy, i can't wae ti. - i'doing e tomatoes - ascoco thelp, ifhe wantso stay, e works, righ co! move yr ass ifou want to stay th us! ke them th you, ease. you st startaking th.
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ho on ght. change t bucket! smoke,elsomina da at is it
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mask haa hole the es will ing me. get the carmarinella, n't be aain. po thing, ey'll stg her! we're beer alonearen't where'nos you d me? oke! ere ar't very ny, they swaed off, mn it! wherdid theyo? that y? no...
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are yoready? okay move t box thiway. to the rht. heree go! caful! hier, dad!
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likrinella! - whatre you doing? - look! - what - blkberri. ey won'tet us in - what? - ey won't let us . open up! - we w't let y in! open up! - no! - yes. open u damnit l! - no - en!
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gelsomin come he. ke my stgers out gok... co in, gelmina! mp in! no, igelsominet my feet. co on in, mon!
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i'llmash younto piec. y, excusme. cod you asthem make le racket,lease? uld theyeep the isdown? i don'understa. excusee, cod you albe quiet? at dyou want maybyou shou move do ther go away, my daughters are fe. noreally, ease... but telle why.are fe. now beuiet andtill, ay righthere. it's okanow, it s them. ntakeour plac... goigor. lence, pase.. ve away om theock.
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mill move aw from throck. slly... come fward likth... "why ai here?" wham i her was aecret but now r great turn.d. countride wonds will bhere amg the ries the etrcan reon. among e famili who live lik. - stop - it not prestoric times! among e famili who live lik. i know ong the milies w still ve here ke once-on-a-tim wel have aong,plendi eveng inhe mysteous cropolis at t. anin this ilight betweelife and death, we'lt,
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chee and my delicaes! this hats heavy! should wdo another take? littlenes, come . wolfga!when wilyou ? on. gelsina, cl them. gels.. c'mon
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lucate, ou out! at littlfairies. come here! theye so cut at agelsominmes? - cate. how'that? caterina - lsomina. na. ma'am, y're beauful. your hr . thank u.
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ig, wtakehese.u? thank yo - thk you. this ifor you. bye! e. get d of thathg! don't beeve it! it's ao. gonothing your he?
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help m how ma beehiveare ther rttwo. we'll tract thhoney ght awayokay? - okay? - yes. - coco - 're vei thght...ang! we workell and rd, 'll get rseat?s gift. wel buy, f example camel. wh did daday? a came you oye when i s little yo
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t it's ainst theaw.the law?? drin it's good f you. drin
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drin luisa, s this? - yes. yes, i talking to you. ifou hava familyarm, you proce localroducts, you n ountrysi wonders wel selectust seve milies, the one at reprents our aditionavalues bt willeceive aag of moy and willin a cise... - aryou watcng? what's t- nice!? they camtoilm in tre.l i owed s
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the mayowas so glad when ! "now you'll e the urts... - wa anothernack? - no, m! do you - nothank yo - aryou beinshy? - u want ather sna? - yes- .oure! ok at !
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gelsoma! come here! co on! od girls - you' not on cation! - yes. come hp us. it'sot a gootime, me bad news. are yoguys ? ll you g me someing? a othpk works st. they wt us outi'm suref it
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okay, buthere mu be a - wi- dad?wo? i sa- what iit? er.we'll fi. can we take pa? in wt? e countride wonds. don't nd that cp! - da trust u mom... - your. i dot even kw what y me. - thing. i' tell yo it's a progm, yogo to thisland a... you're lected, you gondr it seemsice. why aryou alwa against eve? swtie, wai does it st anythg? - , but yocan win ts of money. at's enough, fucit! whneedlots of ney? it w't do usny good! mom?
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what en i'm sty, willou be dead? yes...'mon, pe the tomoes. lots omoney, mbe not,but so. - you ve to si with me - i'm tting a t tired. right! wh i'm sixty, how old ll gelmina be? sixty-fo, why? it n fair, s'll beith u fo years lger. manella, gsomina w born ur yearsarlier, 's naral. lo, i'lleavend you'l go, gelso, we'll bo leave. - what t fuck do that an? "fuck" i't a mantory justo yourob, you. i'not scar of you. - what t fuck do that an? i wajust thiing wh's in t future r youraughter. shasked yosomethinnice, but take pa in a shdidn'tcompetion a disc
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fofarmers frigginwonders! bud you?othing!nothing a! shdidn'tcompetion a disc think shwants be a farmer - whnot? want tbuild a ll arounher? a hi wall? is that what youant? let'see... "...hyene regutions for fo s, for conser safet" - to the importt part. - ok "commercl honey oducti: laboratoesaving a generasurface division." it's n clear it mea this spe shld be dided in fr pas... "two washabltraction of t, disiectable ite wall up ttwo mete high. lighcolor flring, inined towds a draage at's thamean? there ould be hole at we n't have
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or businses not mplying with 1 workspac will beeized d activies block." at's eugh! - than. - m! girl come he. yoneed a sve, wolfng, t four dghters le them. n't eat em, pickhem! what? - comon,et picki! lsomina,ill you lp us, please? why so sggish? me and help us
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bring that thg.what a lg fac! huy, it's out to rn. pleasureilde, fr germany wi the proct "new fe",


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