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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  September 15, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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marclo, what wrong? the's a hoe over tre.
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e it n? iere are he.oing?e are you ing to m? can't he you! i have tpee. - then g aryou done i have tpoo. les see. go to bed, ian't ccentrate
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at's goi on? m, go toed, marilla s to pooit's true, right - at? let me b wa to get bed witme, swtie? whdid you y u nyou n both ce!? - mom, i'm starvg to dea. - know.. i'm ngry! gelica, i thinwe nr - momm let's me crepes - no - i want to!- don't u? quiet. is tt all? good gir now bacto bed all of y to be we get what's t matter?
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at's gng on? nothg, dad. n't watno, let'! - thhu? the cket haso be chaed.
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the wonders fucking hunters! shoot yo peckersff! knock off! enoughlready! fu you!
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wherare you l? gelsoma, let'so! marinea? gelsorinella?so! we'vbeen waing fotwo hours!
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u have ttake theittle yeones.u! - i di't h! no, i'busy, i can't wae ti. - i'doing e tomatoes - ascoco thelp, ifhe wantso stay, e works, righ co! move yr ass ifou want to stay th us! ke them th you, ease. you st startaking em.
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ho on ght. change t bucket! smoke,elsomina at is it
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mask haa hole thbees wilsting me get the carmarilla, po thing, ey'll stg her! we're beer alonearen't where'nos you d me? oke! ere ar't very ny, they swaed off, mn it! wherdid theyo? that y? no...
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are yoready? okay move t box thiway. to the rht. heree go! caful! hier, dad!
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rinella! - whatre you doing? - look! - what - blkberri. ey won'tet us in - what? - ey won't let us . open up! - we won let youn! - en up! - no! - yes. open u damnit l! - no - en!
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gelsomin come he. take my stgers out gok... co in, gelmina! mp in! no, lgelsoma!et my feet. me on inc'mon!
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i'llmash younto piec. y, excusme. cod you k them to make ss racke please? uld theyeep the ise wn? i dot undersnd. excuse m cod at dyou wanter? maybyou shou move do ther go away, my daughters are fe. no, ally, plse... but telle why. now beuiet andtill, ay righthere. it's okasince, plee.em. takeou.
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move awafrom theock. mill move aw from throck. slow... come forrd like th... "why ai here?" why i here? "why ai here?" was aecret but now can be vealed. ougreat return. countride wonds will bhere amg the riches the etrcan reon. among e familiho live like . - stop - it not prestoric times! i kn! ong the milies w still like . ve here ke once-on-a-tim wel have aong,plendi eveng inhe mysrious necropol at t center the le. anin this ilight between fe andeath, we'ltalk aut sauge, ham,
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chee and my delicaes! this h is heav should wdo another take? littlenes, come . wolfga when wl you gea boy? on. gelsina, call them. gels.. c'mon
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lucate, ou out! at littlfairies. come here! theye so cut wh agelsominmes? - cate. how'that? caterina - lsomina. na. ma'am, y're beauful. your hr . thank u.
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ig, wtakehese.u? - thank u. - ank you. this ifor you. ig, wtakehese.u? bye! e. get d of thathg! don't beeve it! it's ao. gonothing your he?
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help me. how ma beehiveare ther rttwo. we'll tract thhoney ght awayokay? ay? - yes. - coco - 're vei thght...ang! we workell and rd, 'll get rselves gift. what? wel buy, f example camel. wh did daday? a cal? you ce led them,idn't yo ye when i s little
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e law? who's goa find o here?. drin it's goodor you. e law? who's goa fidrin here?.
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drin luisa, s this? - yes. yes, i talkingo you. ifou hava familyarm, you proce localroducts, you n ountrysi wonders wel selectust seve mili, the one at reprents our aditionavalues bt willeceive aag of moy d will w a cise... what's t- nice!? - aryou wa? they camto theown hall i shed them e necropis to fm in the.
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the mayowas glad when hs! "now you'll e the urts... - wa anothernack? - no, m! u - no, ank you. - are u being y? - u want ather sna? yes, - .re! ok at me
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gelsoma! come here! co on! good gir! - you' not on cation! - yes. come hp us. it'sot a gootime, me bad news. are u guys ? ll you g me someing? a othpk works st. theyant us o, i'm su of .
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okay, buthere mu be a - wi this wo? i say- s, thas. - dad?ll- w? can we take pa? in wt? e countride wonds. don't nd that cp! - dad,rust us!om... - your mher thin like i do. i don'even kw what y me. - thing. i' tell yo it's a progm, yogo to thisland a... you're lected, you gondr it seemsice. why aryou alwa against eve? swtie, wai does it st anythg? - , but yocan win ts of money. at's enough, fucit! whneeds ts of ney? it w't do usny good! mom?
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what en i'm sty, willou be dead? yes...'mon, pe the tomoes. lots omoney, mbe not,but so. - you ve to si with me - i'm tting a t tired. right,ow she'sired! lots omoney, mbe not,but so. wh i'm six, w old wi gelsona be? sixty-fo, why? it n fair, s'll beith u fo years lger. manella, gsomina w born ur yearsarlier, 's naral. looki'lleavend you'l catch . go, gelso, we'll bo leave. what theuck does that me? "fuck" i't a mantory justo yourob, you. i'not scar of you. what theuck does that me? i wajust thiing wh's in t future r youraughter. shasked yosomethinnice, shdidn'tsk to to a dio, but take pa in a compition
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fofarmers rigging nders! and yo nothing nothinat all fm you! think shwants be a farmer - whnot? want tbuild a ll arounher? a hi wall? is that what youant? let'see... "...hyene regutions for foodervice for coumer safy." go to thimportant part - ok "commercl honey oducti: laboratoes having a generasurface division." it'sot cle! it mns this ace "two washabltractionrtof t, disiectable ite wall upo two mers high. it mns this ace "two washabltractionrtof t, dislighcolor ooring, inined towds a draage at's thamean? there ould be hole at we n't have
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or businses not mplying with d d activies block." at's eugh! - thanks - mo girl come he. yoneed a sve, wolfng, t four dghters le them. n't eat em, pickhem! what? - comon,et picki! lsomina,ill you he us, ease? why so sggish? me and help us
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brinat a lonface! huy, it's out to rn. llo. pleasureilde, fr germany withhe proje "new li",


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