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tv   Quadriga - The International Talk Show  LINKTV  September 17, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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whatre you sing? it all a ms here! if we n't obeyhe rules no, noay! they're serious! it's goofor us ty're a involv th thesehit etscans! everyone asking where e etruans. y don't anyo ask ere the lanesi are fm? he angelic how abt going milan? at? i'fineight her leavme ane.? d you, gsomina? yes. yes? reay?.?
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carefu thisi know..wl - it fine, aian. i rememb you as child. you alys had tbe last for t, and you,nly wi him... u've bece a won. shut up,diot, shs stila chd. fuckadrian! shut up,diot, shs stila chgo who are u? - 's... he's a gat whistr. really?- well..
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t me heayou, while! - istle! - is hdeaf? s, if wead more me itould bbetter we don'tbut weave coco helpsou thoug right? notoo much i n't knowhat to dwith m.
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don't trt him anore, you e enemieeverywhe. - ! - s, youo. u know, could sl the sheep. - are yolistenin - ye mo swtheart! i ha to ll you sething i did. tell me. you ca to chec lookthere's one! ist an exce? sweetie,hat is i thing.
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it'sot filleout. u can'collecthe mone ifhe documts aren't compte. chnical ilities and learng skill go. u said hcouldn'to he learned engagent. - good - suicient. engagent. therwere somproblems he dn't list, but ok. wel fini it the car. coco, wi you take re of th food takeesterday leftove. when i g back, the honehas to ball tracted. we'll back toght. car. coco, wi you take re of th food takeesterday leftove.
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gelsomin it's our song!ome! me!
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st it! put the ames in.
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what areou doing thing! mo 's nothi! n't geupset! the buck, did yochange i the buck? and u?
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d you chge the bket? marill. t hereplease we have know hoshe hurtherself. they we playin we live the coury, yo know. as she haa tetanushot?coco, t! we dn't chan it. gofast!
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oh, ! gelsina, da! - detand? yeah, hel kill u you kno mkidsweave to can up.h. c'n! luna,on't pla we havto clgeomina? up - gelsomin - a ma - a mas here you go - i'll go. who'this man?
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the one om "counyside woers". dot worry, ion't dnk lso, h do wcoee.coee? lookt his ey. mai introde gelsina, e beekeer of thifamily siness. - hello.- hello.elsina, you can lk to us, we wor may i ta there oer? have to spect ere you ke the hey, the bory for at counyside woers it fundament to verifthe actu productionof t,
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that is,ow. ove all,f you're sected, have to e the laratory of cours t first yocan tast someing. no, n't both! no, 's very portant. - 'am, plee don't en... no, - miss!h! no, 's verry.ortant. - lotsf vitami in here - wh is it?
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's all uto code re, righ yes, wre having me work done the washle wmay i? the - of coue.
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u're he! i'm leing him! enoughhe. girl if i lee him, it's forour goodoo. lm down! - we hava surpri. - what surpre! withll whaveo put in order, the ba rent, t debts, e la i ied, t with h it's imssible. the ba rent, t debts, e - ok. darliwhatid you d do? where's lsomina? whe are myrincesse
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whe's gelsina? dad, we have aurpris meoo, have a gt. ow what e gift is? i'm leav. you' wearings out, g beat it! gels i ve a beaiful gif whats it? - yotell me first. - , you fit! - nofirst you.- no, yof! fit you. manella t her fing- no, yof! inhe centruge, but wh we got ck from the hostal the man om t- whats here who s- ye won. - alour probms are resolved.. why? becae we wilwin the competion the man om t- whats here ofo.wonders... - the ofci selectosaid so. - e hand with theentrifug
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i put hand innd lsomin.. gelsomina d it on rpose. - no! theyere extrting, ewhy d that man come? didn'say anytng about thlaborato. nothg, he just taste.. he said,what delious hon! "iant someore! th a hon like is, you ould w the competiti!" th's what said. who e fuck h him com when we t back fm the hospit.. - the spital - ye for... when we t back fm the hospit.. ye we got ck anhe was he for e section. was her at hanwho d him co?n..
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canyou didn no. theye been tthe hospal. did ey hurt you? yes. you'reullshitting me? did ey hurt you? dad!. he alwaygoes oveoard! - foet him you knowll the mey? we win,e can ha a luxur la i dot care, ll me what theospital id. did she ve a tetus shot? do give he- s.tibiics? whers the gi, dad? whe? it's just forelsomina?
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r who? gelsoma. d?
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ank you,ad!
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dad? d?
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- ould i danything - no - cai do somhing? - no. dad?
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yo attenti once agn, ease. we'll soon reachhe islan dot get lo, foow the sns to rea the necpolis. i st withank yolorroup.tes, rn towds us. wave to e viewers.
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thenhe reds,he cattl farmer the es with e singinold then thereenlady.e hters,sthe be the oup ofurors, you me witme to thred t here, erea,at y. the ttle farrs area. you'll s your moer, your ster, yr cousin. - d grandm - anyour gndma. 'am do y feel ke singi? no. 're hereo rehese, u shoulding. - no - si, it'smpornt. - andm sing! - no you haveo sing! - i sa ! then y sing!
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wonderl, applae! did u hear tt, jurmember we d and i c say they werexceptiol. plea, our exrt. go eveni to you l, d to theiewers ahome. one qution: why arthe painngs of fous inters oexhibit museums t not maerpieces like t? one qution: right. we're inhe tomof the be whe ong the scendant wenow litt abo them,e e writinis almt illegie, buwe can uerstand lot om theirrawings. for exple, theraised amals like the s of thatady. no, her neph.
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produc of sause, ham d other licacies that's rht. do everhing ourlves, ey're homade. we've be in porkroductio for a ng time. and 've alwa watchedou ways, alys, annever missed aompetiti anfor mewinning has en my seet dre for ages. may i sasomething? mill you'rbeautifu - thank u, iyour we knew... - i'm sile. unfth're usedo luxuryndme livecoodities.y. you winhe prizewould yo trav with ur gndmother if iin, i'd e the pre tourn my fm in to country b&b, so tt people c admi our natal beauts. so tousts woulcome, especial women trists!
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i'll wcome thewith ope veryood. this fun man com from fa now t's chanawayteants, let'swithis familand his - yochdren,e. and prodes delicus honey can you exain how works? and prit'soney thas...ey ...nural... ...vgin... .and natal...
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wenothe flows to theees?s. no, it's t opposit is there anyther scial ing, secret wshould kw about this lely tradion? yes. i'd ke to sa.. certain ings can be boug. was ying... - talko the viers. yes. when we work this honey...
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.it is cpletely. the wod is abo to d... that's right. there e thingshat cat be ught d this mes me thk of t work ofhese twobrothers they dre differely, ey have fferenweapons d this mes me thk of t work ofhese twobrothers but ju one pason. e etruans usedances, rows... but he... od eveni, what a your names? excusee! haven'tinhed. wh's tha darling we wanted too a litt show. a ttle sho les go witthe litt show!
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wonderl. d now, l's go on. the nce! mus!


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