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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 28, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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world news and analysis from france 24. these are the headlines. russia is to withhold passports of military age men in a bid to stop the mass exodus. the executive proposes an eighth batch of sanctions against russia, the 27 member countries are split on an oil price cap. ukraine says it is needed to stop blood money flowing from russia. iran's president says security
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forces are sacrificing their lives to save the country but the anger on the 13th consecutive night stems from the death in police custody of a young woman for how she wore her headscarf. this is live from paris. ♪ >> thank you very much for being with us. marc: russia is acting to stop the exodus of military age men. since vladimir putin announced a partial mobilization, there has been a steady stream of russians leaving. moscow is taking passports of men who fall in the mandates of the call appeared it's been an unprecedented step with russia setting military posts at the border to catch and sign up draft dodgers. james mulholland with this. james caan accused just keep
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getting longer. as russians try to flee their country, to cross into georgia. satellite images show lines of vehicles stretching as far as 16 kilometers at checkpoints with georgia and also mongolia. by almost exclusively young men who want to escape war and the kremlin's partial military mobilization. those who across the border expressed their relief. this man finished his journey by bike to avoid the bottleneck. >> there were massive traffic jams on the russi side of the border. you have to wait 24 hours before you can get through. there are many young men. i'm 43, not young anymore, but not taking any risks. >> i'm 26. i do not want to return home in a coffin or with blood on my hands. all of that for the war of a single man who wants to rebuild an empire? georgia, a former soviet state is one of several countries that did not require a visa for russian citizens. it is the same story in cause
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extend. here in the border city, the cues grow longer by the day at the interior ministry's office, with young men trying to get their documents in order. >> the people here are worried that moscow will announce a full mobilization. if that happens, no one will be able to cross the border anymore. >> according to official figures, nearly 200,000 russians have fled to georgia, cause extend, finland and estonia since vladimir putin put out the call for 300,000 military reservists last week. in ukraine, many in occupied territories have also begun to flee. moscow appears set to announce new annexations after last weekend's referendums, widely denounced as a sham. but it would, for russia, make inhabitants in those areas also subject to mobilization. marc: james with that report
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here at france 24. let's go to georgia where our correspondent is waiting for us. good evening to you. we have seen in the report just now the images of people at the border in georgia. it is a remarkable site. what is the latest you can tell us about the situation? >> indeed, the situation is continuing as yesterday. the exit seems to be very imrtant. the flow is important. since yesterday, we have the impression that it will be stopped, bause we have information that the russian authorities from moscow are preventing people from leaving the country. after this referendum, they would close the border at least for the people who are fully mobilized. today in this border between georgia and russia, it seems the flow has been diminished, despite the fact that russian authorities dispatched some soldiers.
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and were checking, as you said in the report, the documents. and there was oneroblem. they could not cross the border. people are crossing with their cows, bicycle, by foot, just carrying their suitcase. marc: we understand the russians have set up on the border. at actual posts where they can catch draft dodgers and get them signed up into the russian army. yes. they are checking the documents to decide and to check if they are on the list of the people who should be mobilized or not and if theyan escape, according to some articles. for example, there are some problems. or if they are working in ch professions that they are empted from the military services. so indeed, this is what is happened. we do not have much information. the russian sector, we do not know exactly what happened. it seems that this process started yesterday.
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and we have the feeling that the russian authorities are quite cautious. they do not want to block the border and they try to go slowly , buwe feethat every day, the roads are a bimore difficult. within a few days, we can expect it to be impossible for someone who should be mobilized to leave the country. marc: capital of georgia, i'm wondering what georgian people think about this and what the actual government position is about the situation? let's remi people it was 2008 went russia, under vladimir putin, mounted a similar kind of operation to take land fro georgia. >> absolutely. theeeling since the 24th of february, the beginning of the war in ukraine is that iussia would win in ukrainegeorgia would be next on the list. becaus the fe of georgia and ukraine are very similar. but this kind of migration, this massive migration thate fac inne week especially, the
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population is quite divided. part of it says it is not bad. we have to hide these people and we benefit from that. make some business, especially wh half the population -- i don't know if it is exactly 50, but half of the population said that they should stay in russia, they should fight ainst not absolutely sur that theyre are against vladimir putin. they are against risking their lives, but we did not see them rising against the decision of vladimir putin to make war. and you have lot of graphics reminding russians that georgia is occupied 20% of separatist regimes when in fact, occupation is from russia. marc: it is a delicate situation. thank you for that insight from georgia. our correspondent there, thank you sir. we're watching full development's are not aspect of
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the story. now to a another part. the eu bidding in eighth round of sanctions against russia in the wake of the so-called referendums in four regions of ukraine occupied by russian soldiers. votes quickly set up by moscow, carried out at gunpoint. regions according to the results announced by moscow are voted to be annexed byussia. the eu including france and the united states and all western allies have united to condemn what they are calling russia's sham referendums. >> it is a response to what the eu considers an illegalttempt to gb land and change international borders. on wednesday, european commission president proposed a new route of sanctions against russia. >> we do not accept the sham referendum. and any kind of annexation in ukraine. and we are determined to make the kremlin pay for this further
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escalation. so we propose sweeping, new import bans on russia products. this will keep russian products out of the european market and deprive russia of an additional 7 billion euros in revenue. >> under the new trade restrictions, certain eu technologies that could help russia's war machine will no longer be exported. and there would also be additional bans on providing european services. the new sanctions proposed to blacklist more russian individuals and entities and provide a legal basis for an oil cap. the g7, which includes italy, france and germany, has already agreed in principle to impose a price cap on russian oil for third countries. this means that participating countries would deny western services, such as insurance, two oil cargoes priced above the cap. the marine insurance industry is
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dominated by western countries. in may, the eu agreed to stop importing russian oil by sea by the end of this year. but other countries, such as india and china have no such plans currently. >> we also know that certain developing countries still need some russian oil supplies. low prices. this oil price cap will help reduce russia's revenues on one hand and it will keep the global market for energy at stable on the other hand. >> it took the eu four weeks to prove its last rounds -- approve its last round of sanctions. they are due to discuss the latest proposals on friday. marc: iran's president has been forced to address the nation after a 12th night of violence and demonstrations in some 80 cities. it began with the death in police custody of a 2year-old woman arrested over a headscarf. they died on september 13. iran's morality paris's --
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morality police arrested her for loosely contravening strict rules imposed by male leaders. iran's president has spoken on state television. let's bring in for analysis the u.n. special reporter on human rights in iran. thank you very much for joining us. can i start by asking what is your understanding of the situation in iran right now. >> thank you for inviting me. to speak on your station. i am telling you that the armed forces -- the death of the 22-year-old is a glaring example of iranian state brutality and state oppression. this young person was killed by the state and in my capacity as the u.n. representative in iran i have called for a transparent
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inquiry and the findings to be made public. and i have called for accountability for this very serious criminal offense. and i am calling upon international committees to condemn violence against women. violence that is perpetuated by the morality police. and there must be accountability for all of those individuals who have been involved in this incident. and on previous occasions. thank you. marc: the targeting of women, as you pointed out, by this kind of law, by the existence of the morality police, is clearly i think flagrant. the death triggered this whole situation that we are seeing now unfold across iran. do you know anymore more about the circumstances of the tragic death? >> it is quite clear from the evidence that we have that there
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was state brutality and state oppression. unless we have evidence otherwise, all the evidence points to a deliberate action on the start of the -- the part of the morality police. they have used unacceptable violence against a woman. and this 22-year-old girls father, very clearly before us, all of the evidence points to the deliberate staged oppression -- state oppression and killing of this young woman. that is why we are calling for accountability and if i can just emphasize that this law, this job law -- this hijab law violates morality. i'm calling on the international
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community to immediately repeal this law. which carries fines, imprisonment, and in some cases national security and morality offenses. to intimidate women in iran. marc: what you have just listed there are some extremely serious things that a woman could be accused of, for wearing a headscarf loosely. what does this say about iran? >> it reflects the authoritarian nature of the state, which is unwilling to even allow fundamental human rights to its citizens. this law is compulsory. it is enforced upon them, regardless of the religion or the tradition. and women have for decades been
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pleading that there must not be subjection to this humiliation. and yet as i said, the conjugation of the law violates their dignity. so, you know, it is a very sad reflection on the authoritarian and oppressive regime which we currently see in iran. marc: special reporter on human rights in iran, thank you so very much for joining us here. we appreciate the time and we will of course continue to follow every aspect of this story. thank you. hurricane ian's most damaging winds begin heading toward us southwest coast this wednesday. the state is being hit with heavy rain and pushing a devastating storm surge after strengthening to the threshold. the most dangerous category 5 status fueled by more waters in the gulf of mexico -- warm waters in the gulf of mexico and growing to eight category four
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hurricane overnight. -- eight category four hurricane overnight. this according to the national hurricane center. more on what is happening in florida later in the program. cuba was where the force was first felt. winds are some 200 kilometers per hour. driving rain and a title search. in western cuba, there is widespread damage. the storm bringing down the country's electrical grid. more on hurricane ian at later in this program. time for business. kate moody has joined us on u.k. bond markets as the central bank steps in with unprecedented action and unprecedented is an overused word, but in this case, i think it is very aqua secured kate: everyone i have spoken to today has described it as unprecedented, but possibly no other choice for the bank of england. given what has been happening this week, we have seen at the pound sterling plunge to record lows against the dollar, bond yields have spikes to their highest level in 15 years.
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the government doubles down on a pledge to cut taxes and tackle inflation, a plan that has sparked sharp criticism from the international monetary fund. the bank of england made an emergency intervention in the market, saying it would buy 5 billion pounds worth of long-term government bonds. for an initial time of 13 days, 65 billion pounds total. that is around 72 billion euros. you take a look at how the yield will return on a 10 year bond. it has evolved over the past decade. we have a graph to show you there. today, it is soaring to its highest level since 2007. that is because investors are less confident in the economy's future. the action by the central bank trying to calm those concerns. the statement from the central bank said gorgeous function in this market will continue or worsen, it would be immaterial risk to u.k. financial stability. the purpose of these purchases will be to restore orderly market conditions. went on to say it would continue
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that action for as long as is necessary. the bank was forced to act. >> a bit of panic and frustration, that the government is not doing more. to retreat away from these promises of tax cuts. it is clearly worried about the rapid shooting up of interest rates payable on government bonds. which are used to set financial instrunts, n least it governs rates, banks and land to homeowners. kate: this latest round of market panic was sparked in part by an unusually direct statement from the international monetary fund, which criticized the recent plan to slash taxes. the imf said given elevated inflation pressures in many countries, including the u.k., we do not recommend large and
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untargeted physical packages at this juncture. it is important that fiscal policy does not work at cross purposes to monetary policy. the imf suggesting that the central bank's efforts to keep inflation in check by raising interest rates will clash with the government's plans, which require a government borrowing. checking in on today's trading action, wall street closed higher, dow jones and s&p 500 snapping a six-day losing streak. we saw shares of apple bucking the positive trend. they were down by as much as 3% in the session following a bloomberg report that the tech giant is backing off plans to increase production of a new iphone, because of weak demand. earlier, we saw the major european indices closing slightly higher, the pound of sterling stabilizing around one dollar seven cents. currency markets. the eu's latest round of sanctions against russia are likely to further weigh on the russian economy. the european bank for
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reconstruction and development forecasts gdp will contract around 5% this year. i have been speaking to the chief economist. >> so we are projecting a 5% decline in russian gdp this year. this may seem optimistic, nevertheless, we already see sanctions having an impact on the russian economy. imports are down. and manufacturing sector, particularly in the places that rely on intermediate inputs that come from abroad have registered much worse performance. so, so far, russia has been doing better than expected, thanks to huge revenues from exports of oil and gas. but the longer the sanctions continue, the greater divide they will have and they will slow down productivity growth and economic growth in the years to come.
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cates: in a policy u-turn germany has announced it is keeping two nuclear reactors open for the winter as households and businesses deal with an ever-growing energy crisis. we have more. >> john is set to keep the switch on at the nuclear power plant two of the country's last reactors were supposed to be shut at the end of the year but the economy minister said they would only be reactivated as a last resort. tuesday he made a u-turn. >> we will probably remain on the grid in the first quarter of 2023. the developments in france in recent weeks has been significantly worse than forecast. in this respect, this is the scenario we have to deal with at the moment. >> 26 of france's 56 nuclear reactors are closed for maintenance. the decision to extend the
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lifespan of the german plants was not an easy one for the economy minister, who by keeping on his back checking on a key principle of his new party. germany had originally wanted to phase out nuclear power in the aftermath of japan's fukushima disaster 11 years ago. the energy crisis has forced the country to change its plans. berlin is adamant though that operations will not be extended beyond this winter. germany is now one of several countries turning back to nuclear power. a few months ago, emmanuel macron announced the new second-generation epr reactors will be built in france by 2050. kate: that is all for now. marc: thank you very much indeed. catalina is revved up and ready to go by the big board. this is of course are fact checking segment. catalina has a photo that shows apparently the destruction of ukrainian military building in odessa. so catalina, truth or fake.
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catalina: many pro-russian accounts based in west africa have been sharing this photo right here on social media. allegedly showing the destruction of the military headquarters of the ukrainian army in odessa. provided drones. these posts posted on sunday, september 25 with over 2000 likes on facebook. posted by a pro-russian account based in africa. claims and explosion is visible and this image right here caused by the drones identified as the, causey 136 drones. this post on twitter that claims the same claim that the military headquarters of the ukrainian army in odessa was attacked by russia. supplied by iranian drones. claiming once again that these
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drones were even provided. what can we confirm from these posts that we found on social media, two things. the first thing we can confirm is that russia did conduct to attacks in the port of odessa. with these iranian provided, causey drones. the first attack took place on september 23 and an administrative building according to the washington post. several drones struck the port of odessa on friday, destroying an administrative building and killing one civilian. so that is number one. and this attack on this administered a building was also confirmed by ukraine's operational command in the south military, confirmed by the military, claiming that odessa was again attacked by enemy drones three times the enemy had this administrative building downtown.
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this attack on september 23. then, the second attack is the one that was mentioned in this tweet right here. and confirmed by this independent journalist. claiming that two drones hit the ukrainian army's operational command in the south headquartered in odessa. and what it claims to be, this iranian russian terror. so regarding the use of these iranian provided drones, the defense of ukraine amid -- without this statement on social media, on twitter, claiming and confirming that they destroyed six russian drones, provided by iran. this was posted on september 23. and the use of these drones by russia has also been confirmed by official sources in use by russia since the beginning of the war in ukraine. so we can indeed confirm that
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russia conducted two different attacks in the port of odessa last week using iranian provided drones. marc: good to see france 24 as the voice of reason. what in terms of finding the fake and identifying be fake and what we have been talking about, what have you been able to identify as we fixed aspect of these host russian mark catalina: so the images used on this post, the photo that we see has nothing to do with ukraine and it is this photo of this explosion right here. indeed, in fact, this picture is from a fire that took place on the outskirts of paris in september 25 in the international produce market as reported here by the associated press. this fire took place in a market warehouse near paris on sunday, september 25. so these are pro-russian users on line that created a piece of misinformation by using the images of this blaze in the
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produce market that corresponded with the date of these russian attacks on odessa on september 25. marc: thank you very much indeed. reliable source via news, i think that is the message from today's truth or fake. thank you to catalina. thank you to kate for the business, as ever and of course thanks to you all for watching. more to come, live from paris. ♪ >> they observe. they contact us. they report, film, photograph. they are the voice of the voiceless. your eyes in the far-flung reaches of the world. the observers, and network of 5000 committed citizens working with france 24. >> one of our observers. >> footage and testimonials checked by our journalists and broadcast weekly on the observers on france 24 and observers. france
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♪ >> france 24, your window on the world. liberte, egalite, actualite.
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