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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 18, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> welcome to "live from paris," world news editor analysis from france 24. protests in paris and across france as thousands strike and take to the streets demanding higher wages. this adds to the existing disruption caused by the strikes that have caused petrol shortages across the country. nato decides it will supply air defense systems to ukraine, news that comes in the wake of russia's deadly terror attacks on civilian targets. australia no longer recognizes
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jerusalem as the capital of israel. canberra saying that the issue should be resolved as part of peace talks between israel and the palestinians. reaction coming up. this is live from paris. thank you very much for being with us. up to 100,000 people turn out on the streets to demand higher wages here in france. a day of action declared this tuesday across the country. in paris, 13,000 strong demonstration took place. tuesdays march condemned the french government's strong-arming strikers back to work to ensure fuel supply for emergency vehicles.
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agile stations across france this tuesday reported shortages. >> frustrated with the rising cost of living and stagnant salaries, thousands took to the streets of paris on thursday demanding action from both employers and government. >> when we go from working into retirement, we have half of our salary, but everything else is going up. we are very concerned about the cost of living. we have not gone on holiday in three years. >> that has been 12 years since the nicolas sarkozy regime, and the index point that determines civil service salaries has not moved. >> the protests, which also hit other french cities, come after weeks of walkouts and oil refineries over salary increases. the industrial action has sparked fuel shortages, particularly in northern france, and the government ordered some employees back to work. the move angered the hard left
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union, which urged other sectors around france to strike on tuesday, a call heated by some high school teachers, public transport workers., and >> wages starting at the transport authority is a bit above the minimum wage and largely insufficient. we need to seize this incredible opportunity. >> the strikes represent macron's biggest challenge since he won a second term in april. demonstrations are only expected to continue as he seeks to implement his flagship domestic policy of raising the retirement age. mark: industrial action this tuesday here in france. next, ukraine airstrikes cut power and water supply to hundreds of thousands of ukrainians this tuesday.
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president zelenskyy said nearly 1/3 of ukraine power stations have been destroyed in the past week, causing massive blackouts across the country. left, he says, for negotiations with putin's regime. depriving people of electricity and water and heat as winter begins to bite marking a new phase in russian president vladimir putin's war. our correspondent in kyiv. >> electricity supply in one large area in the northeast of the city. otheparts of t country were not soucky. this area still without electricity on tuesday evening. authoritiesaid technicians
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would be working throughout the night to try to get power back connecte what you have to realize is that when these power stations are hit and the electricity is back on, seemingly quite quickly afterwards, it is not because the power stations have repaired. it is just because these places have connected to the grid via reserve lines. with every power station and part of the electric grid that gets damaged, the grid is more and more stretched. experts say it is only holding out because consumption is so much lower than usual, partly because many people have left the country, because of the war the economy is not exactly functioning to its full capacity, but also because there's been relatively warm weather recently, and that is not expected to last. ukrainians are being told to prepare for a very difficult winter indeed with power cuts around the country very likely, especially if these russian strikes targeting power stations continue.
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mark: germany's cybersecurity chief has been sacked this tuesday after a tv satire show accuse him of having ties to russian intelligence services. the head of the cyber federal 30 -- cyber federal security auority was accused of having contacts with russia. he has been relieved of his duties. the interior ministry has cited the allegations revealed and highly discussed in the media as one of the rsons behind the move with germany on high alert of potential sabotage activities by moscow. our correspondent has this from berlin. >> the rumor started a few days ago when revelations came from the media about those ties with russian officials through cybersecurity group he created 10 yearsgo, so he is the head
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-- he was until today, until being dismissed by the interior ministry, he was the hd of germany's cybersecurity agency, so obviously, because of the context of russia's war against ukraine, this has caused serious issues at the highest level with he himself saying he was ready clary the matter.d, so as to what is he accused of? he undid this group 10 years ago, but now it's a new president has deepened the ties with russia. he was invited by the russian parliament. he also signed a cooperation agreement with his russian counterpart, the russian counterpart, at used be a member of the kgb. for germany, and for thatod news
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reason, even if there is the presumption of innocence, he is being investigated and has been dismissed from his position. mark: next, australia reversing the decision on recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. the prime minister revealed this news, saying the issue should only be resolved in peace talks between israel and the palestinians. the previous right wing administration of israel backed their claim to the city. this predictably has been hailed by the palestinians and slammed by israel. >> bringing it back in line with international consensus, australia on tuesday said it
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would no longer recognize wt jerusalem as israel's capital, saying it remained committed to a two-state solution. >> today, the governor has reaffirmed australia's previous and long-standing position that jerusalem is a final stas issue that should be resolved a part of these negotiations between israel and the palestinian peoples. >> australia's previous government had recognized west jerusalem is israel's capital in 2018, which followed a move by then president trump to relocate the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. australia's, though, has remained in tel aviv. the decision was criticized as hasty. >> needed the australians nor anyone else will decide with the capital of australia -- with the capital of israel is. jerusalem has always been israel's capital and will
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continue to be so. >> palesnians, meanwhile, have praised the announcement. >> this new decision is perfectly in line with the united nations decision that supports international efforts to revive the peace process. >> in the 1967 six-day war israel captured east jerusalem, home to the holy site of three fates, and declared the entire city it's internal and indefensible capital, but palestinians claim it as the capital of a future state. mark: it is, of course, a very sensitive issue. we bring in a journalist with an israeli newspaper. give us a sense of how this news is going down in israel. >> obviously, its not a very popular decision. israel considers jerusalem dire capital, and as your report reflected, this goes back to 2018 when president trump moved
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the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, and australia, which was then led by a conservative government, along with another handful of countries, did not actually move their embassies to jerusam, but they made statements recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital, and the australian prime ministe at the time said he would leave the door open to possibly moving it back there, so this decision to reverse e tide b by the new more left-wing administration is viewed as a blow by the israelis. mark: clearly israel on all sides, i imagine, not happy with what australia is saying. >> no. they're involved in a very intense election campaign at the moment, and part of the way he is competing with benjamin netanyahu is on the diplomacy front, who will be the stronger leader, who will be able to help
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israel further its diplomatic goals and relations with the rest of the world, so this is going to be used by the netanyahcamp as a stick to say the israeli government is weaker now. australia took this step becae they felt like his opponent would not be as tough on them. mark: indeed, as you point out, another election coming up. the situation extremely finely balanced any word out of leis could really influence what happens next. may i ask you about the palestinian perspective? perhaps this represents in some ways a victory the palestinian calls, but how significant is this? >> it is significant for the palestinians, especially since the tide has not been moving in that direction lately.
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the arab parties are in week and troubled positions. there's a lot of unrest in the west bank with the various factions competing with each other. any kind of diplomatic victory, as symbolic and small as it might be, as this australian step is, is viewed as an important victory for the palestinian cause, and they are doing as much as they can to praise it publicly and protect the sense that they have accomplished something. mark: in terms of what this means going forward, is it likely to compromise the relationship between israel and australia? >> the australian ambassador has been called in for a reprimand or for a serious conversation, and there's talks of steps to take against the australian government. the countries have a very close and warm relationship, and australia is framing its decision as jning or returning to international consensus. again, it was part of a small
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number of countries that followed in donald trump's path and decided to give some form of recognition to jerusalem, so reversing its decision is doing no more than returning to the position of the vast number of countries in europe that are very friendly with israel, so i don't think it will be a major crisis between the two countries. definitely an unpleasant point, but i think israelis understand that their -- that there are internal domesc all tix at play here in australiand this was a step taken by the new australian government that took over and maybe sort of distinguished itself and foreign policy from the previous government. mark: thank you very much for giving us your analysis here on france 24. we appreciated. >> thank you. >> the iranian athlete who made
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headlines for competing without a headscarf has left south korea where she won her event. there are concerns about her safety when she lands in tehran. the decision to forgo the headscarf came as protest sparked by a 22-year-old woman in the custody of police have entered a fifth week. >> an image seen the world over. an iranian climber competing without her headscarf. the 33-year-old finished fourth in south korea sunday, but the result was secondary to an act of bravery applauded by many around the globe. it was a clear breach of iranian law. the country's female citizens must wear a head job -- must wear a hijab even abroad.
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>> during the finals of the championship, there was a scheduling mistake. they called me at the last minute to get to the climbing wall. it was an accidental error in the way address. i'm coming back to iran as planned. >> a statement that has not done much to ease fears surrounding the athlete's safety, with many not believing the statement comes from the athlete herself. according to the bbc persian service, her passport and mobile on have been confiscated, something the iranian embassy in south korea has called news. >> the embassy of the islamic republic of iran in south korea strongly decries the big, false news and disinformation. >> she's the first iranian female athlete since the 1979 revolution, to have appeared in an official sports competition without her head covered, and
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her appearance without a veil is a gesture heavy with symbolism. it came and month after the death of mahsa amini, who died in custody after having been arrested herself for not wearing a head veil. mark: we will be watching closely to see how that story develops. china continues its communist party congress with questions about just how strong its economy actually is. >> the official messaging from beijing is the same -- economic activity remains robust, but officials have delayed the publication of third-quarter gdp figures, originally scheduled for this tuesday. trade figures that were set to be released friday were also pushed back indefinitely. many analysts say it is assigned the world's second-largest economy is falling fall short of its own lofty expectations. >> in beijing this week, the official party line on the chinese economy is "everything
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is fine." >> overall, the chinese economy continues to excel. we can also see that prices remain stable, unlike inflation, which is rising elsewhere in the world. >> but that upbeat message was immediately called into dbt tuesday when party officials delayed the release of new growth figures. in fact, there are signs the world's second-largest economy is faltering after growing 8.1 percent in 2021. beijing said it expects gdp growth to be about 5.5% this ar, but many economists doubt at. they cite the country's ongoing lockdowns and its strict zero covid policy. >> naturally in that circumstance, there will be some downside risk to activity, especially the service sector, but also on the investment front
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sentiment remaining so weak. >> as a result, the workforce has suffered. youth unemployment soared to almost 21% in july, and there has also been a crisis in the property sector since a default in december by real estate giant evergrande, other developers have followed with defaults and bankruptcies. crises on several fronts, standing in the way of china's goal to become the world's largest economy by 2030. >> eu member states are still divided over how best to deal with the energy crisis, which has sent bills soaring. on tuesday, the european commission outlined his latest proposals which will be discussed by eu leaders at a summit thursday. the measures pave the way for member states to buy natural gas together at better prices and a cap on excessive and volatile gas prices. th could be triggered if needed. the details of how it would be put into practice remain
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unclear. last month, the eu agreed to impose a windfall tax on energy giants, which could raise some 340 billion euros. members of the european parliament debated some of the plans this tuesday, all agreeing that more needs to be done to address soaring energy bills. >> we need a solidarity package from the european union. this should include transfers in order to offset the rising energy prices. we cannot wait any longer because we cannot let the people have to choose between heating and eating. >> the european union will be putting in place a windfall tax, about $140 billion that will allow governments to support those who need it most, but let's not stop at that. we need to limit as prices. we need to ensure that we can carry out purchasing at european level. >> italy is among the european states facing its highest
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inflation in decades. prices were near 9% higher in september than a year earlier with energy prices up 45%. that is weighing on households and businesses and in particular, italy's storied fashion and textile industry. >> for over 50 years, this factory in tuscany has been processing textiles. they dye, transform, and cut the fabric. >> this machine is used to dye the textiles, and it's one of the highest energy consuming machines we have in our factory. >> this business applies fabrics to luxury italian fashion brands. the fuel for most of the machines here is methane gas. >> we use over 3 million cubic meters of methane gas per year. all of these machines you can see here are fuel guzzlers because they need the steam
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produced. >> the price of this energy source has exploded in the last few months, which is bad news for factory employees. >> this is the gas bill from last year. it was 87,000 euros. this year, it is 700,000 euros. >> this dramatic increase in price has a particularly serious impact on the region of tuscany, the most important textile manufacturing region in europe, an industry that employs nearly 8000 people in italy. representatives from companies and unions recently organized a crisis campaign. >> our company has decided to reduce production. we had to make this decision because otherwise, it is simply not tenable with the energy costs we have to conquer.
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>> we are going through a serious and structural crisis that can only be solved at a european level. if we don't help companies today, we will be paying a very high social cost tomorrow with redundancies on unemployment benefit for the workers who will have been left high and dry. >> many textile businesses are affected by this energy crisis, and many will be forced to close down this winter if energy prices continue to rise in italy. >> let's check in on the day's trading action. wall street has risen for the second session in a row. a little bit more for the s&p 500. shares of goldman sachs were up around 2% as the investment bank followed the likes of anka of america with stronger-than-expected quarterly earnings. earlier, the major european indices close higher as well. the dax outperforming, up about
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.9% in frankfurt. the pound sterling mark holding relatively steady after that big rally from monday's fiscal year turn. mark: indeed, many, many more hurdles if not you turns to come, one suspect, in the u.k. thank you very much indeed. always appreciate it. kate moody there, always on the money. time now for truth or fake. today, it is a cautionary tale featuring the ugandan president's son and a social media platform. tell us more. >> the ugandan president's son is a senior military officer in the country and sent out a series of tweets to his more than 600,000 lowers on twitter. some were serious and some were joking. he threatened to invade neighboring kenya, right here, for example, saying after our
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army captures nairobi, where should i live? notably, it was this tweet that caused the uproar, saying it would not take my army and me two weeks to capture nairobi, so there were up usually many reactions, many saying he was childish and that this was careless talk, which is now trademark and getting out of hand. all we a string of controversial tweets, uganda's president has said that his son will now stay off twitter when it comes to affairs of state. mark: interesting stuff. following this then, many canyons, as one might imagine, kind of took two social media to kind of lampoon in many ways those comments. >> we saw this video circulating widely on his slow, twitter, and tiktok following the
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controversial tweets. in this video, we see users claiming this is a scene filmed during uganda's 60th independence day ceremony, where we see military paratroopers allegedly failed to land. this one falls into the bleachers while another one right there falls into the toilets of the ceremonies, so right here, this video that many claim happened in uganda actually happened in honduras. we found the original video right here from september 16, and this happened in honduras' 201st independence day ceremony. mark: we need to leave it there. thank you very much. most of all, thanks to you for watching because without you,
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there would not be us as well. more to come "live from paris." >> somalia is facing a dramatic climate emergency and is calling for help. thougho strangero droughts, the country is agonized. scorched, ever farmland, herds depleted, and increasingly scarce food supplies, the threat of famine has never been so close. with hardly any help from the government, ngo's are struggling to rescue those affected. don't miss "reporters in somalia" on france 24 and
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