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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  November 28, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> i have a police presence on the streets of beijing and shanghai after rare street protesters -- erupt into violence in protest of the strict covid policy. ♪ >> this is al jazeera, live from doha. also cominup. security forces in somalia storm hotel in mogadishu to into siege by al-shabaab fighters. nieople are killed. returning what was stolen, a london museum gives a collection back to the nigerian government.
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we have all the latest world cup action on and off the pitch. both portugal and brazil secured their place. ♪ china has stepped up security in its largest city shanghai following days of rare protests against president she's zero covid policy. there were protest across several major cities over the weekend. the police are out in full force in the capital beijing as well after peaceful protest there. making unprecedented demands for the president to resign. he recently took on a historic third term in office. there were demonstrations on the mainland. >> with more of china going into lockdown, frustration is building. we can demonstrations in
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shanghai and other major cities reach a scale railroad -- rarely seen on >> the mainland. we want covid-19 measures based on science. >> i think we should go back to normal life. >> protests were sparked by the deaths of at least two people in apartment fire. report suggests covid-19 restrictions may have hampered rescue efforts. authorities deny that is the case. in hong kong on monday, an expression of sympathy and a sign of discontent. in this activism minded city, there's a feeling of affinity. >> this is something that has connected us. before or during the 2019 protest, many people on the mainland saw us as aggressors and his people who solved problems through violence. today i think they've seen that it is normal for people to come out and say what they want and do what they want. protests on the mainland have brought back a lot of memories
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of demonstrations that took place here in hong kong in 2019, and that is why has struck a cord for many people. it is hard to say how many people have turned out for this vigil, but a lot of people have been leaving behind candle lights as a mark of respect for those who died, and also leaving many messages of support for protesters as well. >> the demonstrations are putting unprecedented pressure on china covid-19 policies. they are among the toughest in the world tens of millions of people currently under some form of restriction. there has been some softening of the rules in certain areas but overall the government has bound to stick to its approach. >> they have been making adjustments based on the reality on the ground. we believe that with the leadership of the common part of china and the cooperation of the chinese people, or fight against covid-19 will be successful. mark: however, willingness to
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cooperate may be waning. the crackdown has been swift and decisive. after three years of zero covid, this could be the policies biggest test yet. patrick faulk, al jazeera, hong kong. >> china's ambassador to the you and has defended his governors covid-19 policy. reporter: on the sidelines of the un security council i had the rare opportunity to ask a chinese official about the countries covid policies and the protest they've inspired. the chinese ambassador to the united nations defended his country's policies and angrily denied that they were responsible for the deaths of 10 people who were trapped in an apartment fire. >> we see other countries have moved on. is it time for china to move on? >> the fundamental thing is that other countries are moving along
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some sort of different direction . that is at the sacrifice of the people. they have so many people dying, but that is not the situation we want to see. you have to understand that fundamentally. do you want people to die, or do you want people to live? you may say you prefer more liberty, you prefer more freedom, but then you have to be prepared to die. >> the 10 people who died in the fire, they were locked down and they couldn't get out. >> that is a different situation. >> it is not a different situation. >> it is a different situation. it is based on this information. you have to carry the right message, instead of making judgments based on those fabrications. >> how is it different?
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they weren't trapped? >> in a fire situation, you have a different variety of situations. you cannot simply attribute the fire to what you have fabricated in your online before you draw the right conclusion. thank you. reporter: a you and spokesperson would not comment on china's covid policy but did reaffirm that the chinese people have the right to peaceful assembly and protest. >> at least nine people, mostly civilians, have been killed by al-shabaab fighters in the capital of mogadishu. the armed group had laid siege on the hotel for nearly a day. somali forces say 60 people were arrested when they stormed the building to end the siege. fighters attacked the hotel near the presidential palace on sunday.
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this report from mogadishu. reporter: the attack targeted the hotel which is located in a secure, fortified area close to the presidential palace. security officials, parliamentarians and other prominent figures work present in the hotel. the attack started with explosions outside the main gate , then gunmen affiliated with al-shabaab entered the hotel and stayed inside. after that, extensive security operations began by the security forces of all kinds and there were direct armed confrontations over a period of more than 12 hours. >> a general has acknowledge it more than 300 people have been killed in unrest across the country. is the first official word on casualties and more than two months. >> i don't have the new statistics, but maybe over 300 people have died or have been martyred so far.
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some were among the best young people in society. why? because we fail to distinguish the enemy. >> rn says it will not cooperate with a fact-finding mission into alleged human rights violations during the crackdown on protesters. he said they are empty accusations. turkiye's president said he will create a security corridor along the border with syria. airstrikes on areas in northern syria resumed over the we can, killing at least five people. the -- escalation comes week after -- weeks after a bomb attack. >> our determination to protect our borders with a 30 kilometer security strip is getting stronger with every instance we experience. those who come from thousands of kilometers away for their own safety and well-being and cause destruction without
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discriminating as terrorists are innocents have to respect turkiye's sensitivities in this matter. >> nobody should be disturbed by turkiye's military operations aimed at expanding its circle of security and peace. there is no history of colonization, no brutality, no selfishness, no cruelty. >> the third round of talks has begun in the kenyan capital of nairobi. the rwandan president said he fully supports efforts to stem the violence. a rebel group widely back to be -- believed to be backed by rwanda is not attending the meeting. they have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee. >> it has received a lot of attention globally.
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there are security and political challenges. we therefore welcome the regions swift response and the mechanisms being established. >> time for a short break, when we come back we speak to frustrated residents in the nigerian capital as petrol pumps run dry. and brazil secure their place in the knockout stages of the world cup with a 1-0 win against switzerland. more on that. stay with us. ♪ >> anticipation is rising, and so is the atmosphere. >> we've got a taste of winter making its way right across china over the next couple of days. not too bad at the moment for
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southern areas but the temperatures falling away sharply as we go through the next day or two. behind this blue line, this cold front. we will see cold air really digging in, northerly winds there, subzero in beijing, honest 24 guitar. ullan battar. running up into a good part of japan, temperatures, woo hand 10, -- wuhan 10. there something like a 10 degrees drop in temperatures as we go into wednesday. a cold blast will make its way across a good part of the region. it should be a little drive-by that stage. dry weather into a good part of southeast asia but afternoon showers are brewing up boiling over into some mantra.
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we could see some showers once again across southern parts of india, central and northern parts are largely staying dry with a good deal of fog all the way to the punjab. >> two boxes from the streets of chicago on different paths, with the same ambition, fighting their way to a better life for themselves and their families. but turning pro in the volatile world of chicago southside is no easy task. witness, ringside, on al jazeera.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of our top stories, china has stepped up security and shanghai and other cities, demonstrators have been calling for political freedom and an end to lockdowns. at least nine people have been killed by al-shabaab fighters during an attack on a hotel in somalia capital of mogadishu. an iranian general has acknowledged more than 300 people have been killed in a protest across the country, the first official word on casualties in two months. meanwhile iran says it will not cooperate with that you and fact-finding mission. i >> prime minister visit tehran on tuesday. they will discuss several regional issues. here is more from tehran.
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reporter: the iraqi prime minister will be traveling to tehran on tuesday at the invitation of the reigning president. this will be the first visit by the newly appointed iraqi prime minister since he took office at the end of october. at the top of the agenda will certainly be increasing the cooperation between the two countries and also border security will be significant and part of the discussion because iran shares roughly 1500 kilometers border with iraq. there's also the issue of kurdish separatist groups operating in the kurdish region of northern iraq. according to the iranian foreign minister, iranian officials have identified at least 76 what they believe to be anti-revolutionary centers that they claim or smuggling weapons into iran. the revolutionary guard has carried out at least two drone strikes in that region of a rack over the past few weeks and they have warned the iraqi government
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that they need to disarm these groups. we believe this will be a significant part of the discussion when the iraqi prime minister meets his iranian counterparts here in the capital on tuesday. >> the presence of kurdish armed groups near the iranian border could also be on the agenda. >> iraq's national security council has decided to deploy more troops to the iranian border to prevent further violations of its sovereignty. iran has recently increased its military campaign in the semiautonomous kurdish region. drone and missile attacks targeting the locations of iranian opposition militant groups in the semiautonomous kurdish region. now iran accuses those militant groups of fueling the ongoing unrest inside iran. that also came after a threat made by the iranian
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revolutionary guard commander who threatened to conduct ground operations inside the semiautonomous kurdish region in northern iraq if iraq is not able to push those militant groups out of its territories. apparently iran blames iraq for not doing enough to push those militant groups out of its territories. >> the you and special coordinator for the israel palestine peace process say the confrontation has reached a boiling point. 2022 has been the deadliest year of against palestinians in the opera nash occupied territory in decades. >> mr. president, after decades of persistent violence, norman negotiation and deepening occupation, the conflict is again reaching a boiling point. i high-level of violence in the
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occupied west bank and israel in recent months including attacks against the israeli and palestinian civilians increased use of arms and violence have crude -- have caused grave human suffering. >> anger over petrol shortages is growing in nigeria. saying they cannot meet the government regulated price because import costs are high. despite being a major oil producer, the country is the only opec member that has two import most of its refined oil because it doesn't have any refining facilities. >> people have been queuing for hours for what has become a scarce commodity, petrol. they can't seem to get their hands on any and the shortage has been worsening over recent days. cities like the commercial capital legos or even worse off among other cities as well. the government is meant to provide a subsidy for the price
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of petrol so that people can afford it. importers are saying that hasn't happened for months now and there is no word from the government around when that will happen and what exactly the problem is, but for people queuing up, it simply means the cost of petrol has gone up. those resorting to the black market because they can't spend time in cues like this are having to pay double the price normally pay. this is a massive inconvenience for people in major cities or they have difficulty getting to work, getting to school, and also running things like generators, especially in a country like nigeria where there is an unstable electricity supply. >> it's unfortunate what we are experiencing, very unfortunate. how come we are producing oil in this country and the citizens are suffering like this?
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>> it's got me highly frustrated. i cannot even explain how it is compared to what it is in other countries. >> other fuel stations like this one are close. there simply isn't any petrol to sell. there are complaints at suppliers or providing petrol for some fuel stations that allow for a cheaper transportation costs and others are simply ignored. this is also contribute into the shortage and the hike in prices. nigerians normally pay less than the equivalent of $.50 for a leader of petrol. that has now gone up to almost a dollar an even higher on the black market. there is simply no word on when the situation will be resolved, and for now, many people struggle to get their hands on fuel. >> the mauna loa volcano in hawaii is erupting for the first
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time in decades, spewing ash and debris. if conditions change, the eruption could pose a threat to nearby residents. mauna loa is the world's largest active volcano and takes up more than half of hawaii's big island. it has erupted 33 times since 1843. museum in london has returned its entire collection of many bronzes to the nigerian government. 72 items were returned, making it the biggest such repatriation of stolen artifacts by the u.k. reporter: a major moment in a long campaign. in 1897, british soldiers stole thousands of finally wrought artifacts like these and then kept them in modern-day nigeria. now the museum is returning these six pieces and signing over the ownership of 66 other so-called benin bronzes.
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>> for people from outside the country to come and see in the context of where they're located . this is a big moment for us. >> there are six delivered gaps in the museums display cases. there are plans for a significant number of artifacts to remain on extended loan from the nigerian government. >> after the resurgence of the black lives matter movement in 2020 leading to more concerns about how we accounted for the provenance of objects, it was a kind of natural outgrowth into a tipping point. it's here at the british museum in london where the largest single collection of items taken in the 19th century remains. more than 900 individual objects. the museum says it wants to ensure the collection is shared as widely as possible. but it isn't talking about returning them. one major stumbling block is
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written into british law. an act of parliament for bidding the museum from disposing of its exhibits with just a few clearly defined exceptions. the museum emphasized its collaborative work in nigeria, saying we actively engage with partners through the initiative while research and cultural exchange initiatives are also key priorities. in recent years, other institutions in scotland, france, germany, and elsewhere have been returning items from their bronze collections, something lorna bleak -- barnaby -- something barnaby phillips says has left the british museum increasingly isolated. >> there also under pressure from other areas. there are other significant national museums in this country like the victoria and albert museum, the royal collection, all of which might be more conservatively inclined. they, too, can exert their pressure and influence on the british museum. >> over the years, the debate
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has taken and concerns over security and conservation in nigeria but in -- increasingly has become about restoration. the set is time to write a historical wrong. ♪ >> time for round up of all the action from qatar 2022. >> every team has now played two games here, but just three of them have got their places in the last 16. portugal are one of them. the portuguese -- the south americans have the best chance at the first have. a brilliant run, portugal made the save. bruno fernandes with the delivery, his teammate cristiano
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ronaldo might've got the final touch but the goal was credited to fernandez. maxie gomez hit the post just a couple minutes after coming on as a substitute. shot into the side netting at the stadium, in the final minute of the night, portugal handed a penalty. fernandez stepped up to score his second and seal the 2-0 win. uruguay will need to beat ghana to have any chance of joining them in the knockout stage. in that same group, ghana -- the winning goal for the black stars came from mohammed, both teams can still qualify but south korea must beat portugal and -- in their last names to have any chance of getting through. brazil were the other team to book their place in the knockout phase of the world cup.
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they beat switzerland 1-0 to secure their spot. much of the talk before this one was how brazil would perform without the injured star. his effort was saved, switzerland won their opener and wynwood of guaranteed their progress with the game to spare. the swiss play their part but couldn't get a target here on delhi's waterfront. brazil had the ball in the back of the net in the first half with a smart finish, but the effort was disallowed for offside in the buildup. they did eventually break the deadlock and it proved to be enough, 1-0 the final score. it takes brazil through to the final 16. >> no problems for brazil, the five-time champions have managed to get the job done tonight. they beat switzerland 1-0 to
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cement their place in the last 16. some brazilian fans here look very happy. >> i love it. i'm very happy. it was good. the guys came together in the end. >> it was good, but not great. i thought the second half was much better. the first half they missed the mark. >> the team has improved. >> the wind takes the pressure off brazil is a face cameroon, the team they played in the last two world cups. now they can focus on the knockout stages. >> in the same group, both
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cameroon and serbia can still qualify after they shared the points at the stadium. serbia took the lead in the match but cameroon fought back to earn a draw. eric with the goal that made the final score 3-3. let's bring in our football analyst, portugal and brazil getting the job done inside two games, very impressive. >> impressive especially for portugal, looking at both their games at a been very clinical but in terms of the attitude that came with, they wanted to seal everything so they got into their last fixture against south korea knowing that they are all clear. now they need to fight for that top position in that group. talking about brazil, they struggled a little bit without the poster boy of the team. you have reggie go coming on, and the entire front line.
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that's what differentiates them between who they are as brazil is five-time world champions, and all that matters at this point is whether they win nicely are just collected three points, it doesn't matter, they are in the run of 16. >> it could all be about to change. >> it was a very low moment for african football. looking at round to, you have the feeling that now there is hope, now there's a feeling the teams can do it. it's all about the attitude, looking at morocco going into the game, they have top class world players, playing at the highest level in the world but also the coaches understood how to get the very best from that particular group of players. it has worked for them. looking at tunisia, they've been very disappointing. they got to the final slasher in
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december here in qatar but they've not r
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