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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now on msnbc saturday, a mu scramble for a debt deal at the white house this morning that comes affect latest round of talks broke down with both sides pointing fingers of blame. why can't washington make a deal happen? more than 90 people dead in a killing spree. new information about the suspect and what may have fueled these attacks. dangerous heat once again gripping much of the country xshgs if you are sick of sweating the second you step out your door, there is some relief coming. we'll tell you when. later, can you really trust the calorie counts at your favorite restaurants? a new study says, nope, not always.
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good morning. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc saturday where it's 8:00 a.m. here on the east coast, 5:00 a.m. out west. we have a dramatic twist in the race to lift the debt ceiling. last night republicans walked away from the latest deal. today at the white house both parties will scramble to put together a new proposal. president obama called the 11:00 a.m. meeting with democratic and republican leaders of congress and joining me now nbc white house correspondent mike vicara. mike, good morning. >> well, finger-pointing, abbing moneyy, and collapse. that's where things stabbed between debt talks and president obama and house speaker john boehner fell apart last night. the question now is ten days out from the deadline, can anything be salvage from those talks in time to avoid a potential financial disaster. >> reporter: after days of mounting hope for a breakthrough, last night a public breakdown in the debt talks, leaving president obama visibly frustrated. >> i have been left at the altar now a couple of times. >> reporter: the president chided house speaker john
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boehner in unusually personal terms, suggesting that boehner looks the power to sell a compromise on taxes to his own gop rank and file. >> up until sometime early today when i couldn't get a phone call returned, my expectation was that speaker boehner was going to be willing to go to his caucus and ask them to do the tough thing but the right thing. i think it has proven difficult for speaker boehner to do that. >> appearing minutes later, boehner fired back. >> dealing with the white house is like dealing with a bowl of jell-o. >> reporter: at issue, an additional $400 billion in tax revenue the president asked for late thursday. on top of the $800 billion already being negotiated. >> the white house moved the goal post. there was an agreement on some additional revenues until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more. it's the president pulling away
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from his agreement and demandsing more money. >> reporter: in the aftermath of last night's blow-up, both sides revealed details of what would have been a massive deal, including politically volatile changes to social security, medicare, and medicaid, and a dramatic overhaul of the tax code, making it simpler with fewer brackets and lower rates. now, both sides agree that default must be avoided, but with 11 days left before potential disaster, the path forward is unclear. >> we have run out of time, and they are going to have to explain to me how it is that we are going to avoid default. >> and, alex, the president has summoned the congressional leaders back here to the white house. it is a saturday. 11:00 this morning. they're going to be around the table yet again. he wants them to bring a plan to try to find some way out of this impasse. perhaps something can be saved from what boehner and the president were negotiating. nobody really knows whether we're back to square one or whether this is just a stumbling block along the way to a potential big agreement. they've been negotiating all
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along behind closed doors. alex wrshs. >> okay. thank you very much, mike. see you next hour. well, this week's nbc news-wall street journal poll found a majority of americans are worried about the effects of not striking a deal soon. 55% of voters say it is a real and serious problem if they fail to raise the debt limit. 18% say it would not be a problem. i'm joined now about nbc's deputy political director mark murray. good morning to you, mark. >> good morning, alex. >> as we look at that poll, most americans want to see something get done. why can't washington make this happen? >> well, according to our poll, alex, almost all americans want some type of compromise, but not everyone does. overwhelming majorities of democrats and independents say they want democratic leaders to compromise. also, an overwhelming majority of political independents want republican leaders to comp midz. the exception? a majority of republican respondents want their republican leaders to hold their ground and stick their ground, and that really sums up the
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impasse right now. >> okay. can you tell me, though, what is really going on here? did the president move the goal post, or did the gop and boehner -- were they the ones that reneged at the 11th hour? >> we're right now in the midst of a big spin war, and in mike's piece right now, republicans have made the charge that they said that they had agreed to $800 billion in additional revenue. the white house wanted $400 billion more. the white house contends, look, republicans have now walked away three times. first by house majority leader eric cantor, and then john boehner a couple of weeks ago and john boehner a second time last night. that's where things are right now. the president made also an argument saying, look, we're actually playing at the republican party's 30 yard line. basically we've given up 70%. the deal is pretty much in the republicans' favor almost 70% to 30%. right now this is a spin war.
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it's clear the republicans were the ones who walked away. >> what are the expectations, though, there in washington in terms of how this plays out, how this is going to end? >> well, the one thing is pretty clear that the grand bargain, this very big deal, is the thinking that's dead. right now it all becomes about trying to raise the debt limit and how that gets done. it could be a couple of ways. one, the white house and congressional republicans could just almost agree to a type of just spending cuts only just to be able to get the debt ceiling raised through the 2012 elections. of course, there's also that mitch mcconnell-harry reid gambet to put all the debt ceiling power in the president's hands for him to be able to raise it by himself, so those are going to be the options at this morning's meeting. i can tell you that with wall street and everyone else looking, they're hoping for some progress this weekend. >> okay. mark murray, we'll have you back in a couple of hours talking about the gop, presidential candidates and the like. thank you so much. for the latest from mark and
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the rest of the northbound news political unit, head to first developing now. at least 91 people killed in two separate attacks in norway. apparently carried out by one man. police say the gunman opened fire on teens at a youth camp outside oslo, killing 84 people there. that was after a bomb floweded in downtown oslo, killing seven people in that incident. authorities have one man in custody, and they say he is suspected of carrying out both attacks. norway's news agency also says police are investigating if a second suspect may have taken part in the shooting spree. we'll have a live report from martin fletcher in oslo in just a few minutes from now. it is not just about discomfort. one health official says it's all about survival. the sweltering heat wave bringing much of the country to a boil has claimed at least two dozen lives. that would include a west point cadet. at least 60 cities across the northeast alone have been issued poor air quality warnings. the national weather service is warning that temperatures will keep the mercury skyrocketing
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well into the 90s, even triple digits in several states, including parts of indiana, new jersey, and new york. let's go live now to atlanta and nbc's tom trong who has this report. tom, good morning. >> reporter: the horrible heat. >> very hot. we've been up aught all night. >> reporter: in new york city highs will be around 100, but if are you working off the heat index, which combines the air temperature and relative humidity, it will feel like 104. yesterday records broke. 104 in the big apple. 10 newark, emergency new jersey. >> just trying to stay cool. i usually don't come outside much, but i had to. i stay inside usually. rirchlgt in the nation's capital, the heat index topped 112. something that hasn't happened there in more than a decade. >> it's too much. it's too hot, you know, so what are you going to do? you just have to deal with it. >> reporter: nearly 132 million people are under some kind of heat alert. the actual temperatures on this map may seem hot, but look at the index numbers. 106 in kansas city, 108 in
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columbia, south carolina, and 111 in d.c. even those accustomed to working under scorching conditions are taking extra precautions. they are using wet towels to try to stay cool, but they needed much more than that. >> these clothes are a double-edged sword. they're designed protect us from thermal burns, but it doesn't allow our body heat to dissipate. >> reporter: it's not just uncomfortable, it's prooun tosh deadly. across the country more than two dozen heat related deaths have been reported. crop losses are mounting across the drought stricken south. in texas the first six months of this year have been the driest in more than a century. this wildfire rescue center in lubbock is taking a deer, birds, and animals of all kinds, many dehydrated and starving. >> i'm trying my best to beat the heat, man, but it's -- yeah, it's outrageous right now. >> reporter: both man and beast looking for relief.
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>> that looks pretty good there. thank you to tom trong in atlanta. how long will this heat spell last? the weather channel's mike bettis is here to help give us an idea. good morning, mike. >> you've got it. one more day of a heat wave across the country. especially in the northeast. we had record setting numbers yesterday. we are just baking out there. high pressure not our friend this time of year, and that means warm southerly air that's pulled north. look at all of these states under excessive heat advisories or warnings. spanning from the plains into the midwest into the eastern seaboard, and it's not just the heat, it's that oppressive humidity. dewpoints are up once again, and we're going to be sweat it out. it's air you can wear. temperatures are already well above average across much of the east, and look at the highs again. we're talking triple digits in new york and washington d.c. 95 in boston. heat extends all the way back into the central plains where we're working on three straight weeks of 100 plus degree weather. sunday, literally a break in the northeast. in fact, temperatures should drop a good ten degrees as a cold front comes on through, but the record setting heat
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yesterday was remarkable. 104 in new york. 102 in washington. new, ark an all-time record high at 10 degrees. look at the heat indexes we'll see today. it will feel like 102 in new york and 112 in washington. a few storms out there and some rain that may cool you off as some systems in the midwest work across the great lakes. we'll be watching from warm, sunny conditions today, and you fwot it. a little bit of rain relief tomorrow across the eastern half of the country. hot and dry in the middle. one more day, alex, and i think we'll be good to go once we hit the middle of next week. >> we are so holding you to it. thank you, mike. a day of horror in norway. police say a gunman dresses up as a police officer and opens fire at a retreat. they say the same man is to blame for a deadly bombing. a live report from oslo. the investigation next. their daughter has yet to be seen since her release from jail, but that's not the case for george and cindy anthony. they were spotted getting on a plane. where they were headed coming up. and there's a silly way a lot of people are losing their smartphone contacts. it's kind of embarrassing, and it's pretty easy to avoid.
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zarchlgts developing now. police in norway say they don't know yet if political views played the part in the killing of at least 91 people in two separate attacks. authorities say they have arrested one man suspected in a shooting rampage of a summer camp and an explosion in downtown oslo. nbc news has not confirmed his identity, but norwegian state tv has identified him as 32-year-old anneders bravek. just the last hour norway's news agency says they are investigate if anything a second suspect took part in the shooting spree. witnesses at the summer camp describe a scene of sheer
5:16 am
terror. >> there are many people, so i tried to save those i could, but there were people that i could not do anything for. >> martin fletcher is live for us in oslo. good morning to you. first of all, let's talk about what police are satisfying about this man in custody. >> reporter: i'm sorry, alex. i can't hear you. >> can you hear me now? >> i can. clearly we're having some problems, but what are police saying about the man in custody. what do you know? >> well, 32 years old. he is a norwegian, which, of course, was a surprise. apparently he acted alone. he is still a suspect, of course. we have to express that. on his facebook page, this guy said -- called himself a
5:17 am
conservative -- a conservative and he also said that he felt that a man who believed -- one man who believed was more important than half a million people whom did not believe. he was clearly on a mission. he described himself as awe conservative, chris. >> you know, martin, in this past hour we were reporting that norway's news agency says they're looking at a second potential suspect there. for the island shooting spree. now, this man's accused -- or whom ever, is accused of potentially killing 84 people. that may not even be the final death toll. is it the sheer enormity of what -- i mean, what happened that it must have been somebody else as well? >> well, the guy that was detained by the police, he told reporters that this isn't clear at all, that he was arrested because -- he was detained because he had a knife, and he was near the hotel of the prime minister while he was visiting the hotels while the survivors
5:18 am
of the attack of the massacre are waiting to be picked up by their parents. it's not clear at this stage whether he was detained in relation to the guy who killed the children. those children were ages 12 to 13 to 19 years old. this was a real massacre of norway's youth. the nation really in shock. can you imagine? they cent e went to bed last night believing or being told that ten children had been killed, bad enough. they were already calling it then the worst attack on norway since the world war. the ten dead children and the seven killed here. the bomb attack in oslo. woke up this morning being told 84 children had died. this is a nation in shock. >> i just could not get over that jump in the numbers. those folks in oslo, how are people handing all this? is everybody in shock?
5:19 am
>> absolutely. people have got no understanding of -- over how this could possibly happen. the original speculation was, oh, maybe this was to do with al qaeda, revenge on norway's role in afghanistan and libya, but then it turned out it was a tall, tall blonde norwegian who has been arrested as we must stress, again, as the suspect, although apparently this man was shooting throughout 20 minutes on the island and was picked up and was stopped by the norwegian swat team. it seems pretty convincing. he is at this stage still just a suspect. yeah, a nation -- absolutely a nation in shock. they can't believe it. everyone is saying this is such a peaceful country. the land of the nobel peace prize and all that stuff. now they're looking at themselves again and wondering what happened to their country. >> okay. martin fletcher, we will be speaking with you again. many thanks for the report. the brutal heat wave continues to grip much of the country. how people are coping next. ♪
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this is cell phone video of george and cindy anthony waiting to board a private jet in orlando. the couple left for the bahamas with private time, and they won't be meeting up with casey. the 25-year-old was released from jail last weekend after she was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, in 2008. whether young or old, no one is safe from the oppressive temperatures bringing cities across the country to a boil. the dangerously high temperatures are back with forecasts in the 90s, anne the 100s, and you add in the humidity, and entire cities are turning into giant saunas. >> this is the hottest yet. the humidity is just too bad,
5:24 am
and you can see, i'm drenched and soaked in ten minutes of walking. yeah. >>ure as close to hell as you could be, so pray that you go to heaven because if it's like this, forget it. >> drip, drip, drip. >> it's sticky. it's gross. it's really, really hot. something i've never, like, in my life i don't think i've ever experienced heat like this until now. >> this one seems like it's the hottest. i opened p my bedroom door, and i fell like i'm walk intoing hell. >> it's brutal. >> it's really hot. i'm just soaking wet. >> yeah. >> completely. >> we're soaked. >> i could ring my shirt out right now. >> it takes your breath away. step outside, and it's just leak, oh, my god. >> it's like melting away like ice cream in the sunshine. >> it feels like a steam bath, but i'm staying hydrated and staying indoors. >> i'm just drenched in sweat.
5:25 am
>> one of my daughters says she went to the beach and got sick it was so hot, and she got a headache, and she's laying down at home now. >> did you notice all those references to hell in there. i guess people have an idea that's what it must be like. i want to thank josh and larry. they're our two writers who went out and did all this yesterday in the heat. boys, thanks for bringing that home. >> well, the oppressive heat may be getting to people's heads. it is just one of the stories that you may have missed this week. in fact, a pennsylvania man is to desperate to stay cool, he put up his christmas lights. can wait to see those here, but he is praying to let it snow and that the sign wards off the worst of the heat. >> and in case you were wondering, here's the number one way to lose your smartphone. the toilet. i don't know. i'm hoping we're going see pictures of that, but maybe not. one in three people who responded to an on-line survey say they lost their contacts because of the bathroom. 19% of us admitted to dropping their phones in the toilet. let's get with the right video, everybody. we've altdz heard that a full
5:26 am
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your finances can't manage themselves. but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can. a certified financial planner professional. cfp. let's make a plan. welcome back to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. we have major developments right now in washington as another
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debt deal falls apart, putting lawmakers in a sprint to try to pull together a new one. in dualing press conferences last night, president obama and house speaker boehner both pointed finger bz why the latest deal failed. >> all the talk about responsibility, all the talk about the next generation, all the talk about making sacrifices that when it comes to actually doing something difficult, folks walk away. >> they refuse to get serious about cutting spending and making the tough choices that are facing our country on entitlement reform. that's the bottom line. >> holly baly is a senior political reporter for yahoo news. good morning, holly. >> good morning. >> now, both sides are saying defaulting is not an option here, although we did hear the president say that he was talking to secretary geithner about what if. is that a tactic as kind of a scare tactic, like, hey, we're going to have to investigate
5:31 am
now, even though no one really intends to go there? >> i think no one wants to go there, but let's look at what's happened over the last week. i don't think anybody really knows what's going to happen. i mean, yesterday morning the headlines were that a deal was in the works, and then yesterday afternoon it all fell apart. it's just, you know, very, very much up in the air. a lot of finger-pointing. i don't think anybody can say for certain what's going to happen, even though everybody does say we don't want to default. that would be a disaster for the country. >> over the past few weeks we've seen house speaker boehner and the president come together, and there was a sense that the two of them were really trying to work together. you remember that whole golfing outing that they had on a saturday a few weeks back and we go, okay, that's what is going to be talked about, and they were forging something. let's listen to the two of themmen fr last night in the separate news conferences. maybe not so much love between them at this point. let's take a listen. >> i've been let at the altar now a couple of times, and i think that, you know, one of the questions that the republican party is going to have to ask
5:32 am
itself is can they say yes to anything? >> dealing with the white house is like dealing with a bowl of jell-o. i'm not going to get into the partisan sniping that we heard earlier. >> so has this gotten personal? if so, how much can get done? >> i think it is personal a little bit. this is more than the relationship between the president and john boehner. this is all going on the staff levels. it's going on, you know, in between, you know, the question of whether boehner can control his own caucus versus, you know, even yesterday democrats were starting to criticize the suggestions of what boem obama was giving up on their side. you know, at the same time -- i think both sides, you know, boehner went out of his way yesterday to say that he thinks that he can still negotiate in good faith with the president, but, i mean, this is just a lot of drama with a lot of people. >> well, there have been suggestions that john boehner, the individual, would like to get a deal done. that he himself as an individual
5:33 am
came, you know, with all good intentions, but that he is almost being held hostage to the extreme right in his party that say no way, you do this basically and you're out as speaker of the house. >> that's certainly what the president was hinting at yesterday saying that, you know, there was questions about whether bean boehner could cont his own caucus. that's a factor for john boehner. you saw it in the negotiations coming up to this. tensions even between him and eric cantor, his deputy, but, you know, the bigger question for all of these people is that every poll, you know, no matter what you look at, you know, whether it's democrats or republicans, everybody is disgusted with washington, with what's going on, how things are being run, and so there's huge political danger for both sides. i think both john boehner and the president see that. >> okay. as always from yahoo news, holly billy, good to see you. a big fight in washington
5:34 am
could mean safety for air travelers wrer which airlines cannot collect federal taxes on tickets? lawmakers fail to agree on the measure yesterday to fund the agency. they're fighting now over plans to extend the faa's operating authority as well as over funding for the rural airports in this country. air traffic controllers and other critical personnel, though, are not affected by this dispute. a tragedy unfolding halfway around the world in the horn of africa. the massive drought that has kept and swept across kenya, somalia, and ethiopia is a crisis caused entirely by nature, but the resulting famine and refugee crisis is in large part manmade. we're going warn you in this story it images are hard to watch. more from the nairobi-kenya border. >> reporter: his name is ahmed, 8 months old and desperately ill at a camp near mogadishu. not far behind him, 1-year-old twins arrive. they're seriously malnourished. here it is the children who are most at risk.
5:35 am
>> the mothers and the children, i'm not sure many of them will be alive in the next week or two. >> reporter: yes, in somalia a crisis made by nature is being made worse by men. the islamist militant group which controls many of the worst affected areas saying it will continue to block foreign aid, claiming there is no famine and calling the united nations declaration to the country "pure propaganda." the wrenching images now being seen around the world have a very different story. the u.n.'s world food program says that despite the danger, it will airlift food to the area in the next few days. >> it's the most dangerous and risky environment in the world. the world food program has lost 14 people since 2008, 14 of our relief workers in somalia simply trying to get food to a child.
5:36 am
>> reporter: people are fleeing somalia by the hundreds of thousands. many to makeshift camps in kenya. she tells me that to get here she walked for an entire month from northern somalia with her children. along the way she took in another child. she found him alone. his mother had died from hunger as they traveled south. concern is greater for those they left behind. those who can't find aid and haven't yet been found by the relief agencies. >> okay. we're going to be continuing to follow this tragic story in the coming days. in the meantime, for any of you viewers that want to help, we have a list of ways that you can do that, including going to and there you will find the information. nato air strikes hit the tripoli headquarters of libyan leader muammar qadhafi. that attack came hours after pro-qadhafi draertsz demonstrated in one of the city's main squares. tripoli is said to be ready for more talks with senior u.s. officials.
5:37 am
a health alert in mexico city. this after a french baby girl who recently flew in from paris became the country's first case of measles in four years. the little girl is under quarantine. airport workers are now getting vaccinated. in havana, president hugo chavez received visitors after his first round of chemotherapy. chavez spoke with raul castro, former leader, fidel castro, and rafael carrea. he underwent surgery last month. it's being called hell on earth. over 141 million americans are trapped under a deadly heat wave spanning more than one million square miles. eric fisher is under it as well. he is live from jones beach, new york, with a buiit more for us. the beach would be a place to cool off, but how is it out there? >> it's cooler than back in the city, and you know just as well as i do, when you are in a place like new york city, the canyons between the skyscrapers, that
5:38 am
hotary hits you, it is more than uncomfortable, and it's what everyone was talking about yesterday. some strain on the power grids in the city, but this morning only about 14,000 without power where a consideringed to con edison, and we compare that to the actual population of greater new york. it's a manageable number for sure. we're expecting another dangerous hot day. heat indexes around 115 in new york. we could set another record high. yesterday for a time we were counting all-time record highs that were set in places at newark at 108 and away, washington dulles in d.c. and windsor locke connecticut, the hottest day on record that they have ever seen. incredible weather. you take a look at the beach, and it's slowly starting to fill up here. some folks have been trickling in this morning. i guarantee you, by late this morning into the afternoon, thousands out to jones beach and other shorelines to try to find a way to cool off that water in the 70s. that's refreshing news. he'll leave you with this, alex. consider what new york city has seen since the beginning of 2010, they've seen their fourth, sixth, and eighth biggest snowstorms. they've seen their snowiest
5:39 am
january, february, hottest spring and two tornadoes. that's just since the start much 2010. >> you know, we got to talk about that off camera in terms of what's going on, but before i let you go, when we saw you last hour, erik, nobody was on the beach behind you. looks like people are coming out. we have to remind people, it's only, leak, 8:30 in the morning here. what are people saying to you as they see you there with your weather channel mike? are they complaining to you or asking you when it's going to end or what are they saying? >> well, you know, it's the bean of the weather channel existence. they ask you for change. hey, can you do something about this heat, and, unfortunately, if i knew how to do that, i preebl wouldn't be here reporting. >> hey, hey, we love having you here. thank you very much, eric fish frer the weather channel. i know what you are saying. >> yes. >> for more on the heat wave and whether weather where you are, go to >> the doors of buckingham palace opened today, and they're coming for a royal exhibition, and most of them are drawn by the chance to get a look at the royal wedding dress of the
5:40 am
duchess of cambridge, the former kate middleton. tazine has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, alex. it's a big day. catharine's wedding dress goes on display, and it's expected to draw in crowds of half a million over the next couple of months. it was a royal fashion feast for the eyes the first time around. now we get another taste. the queen joined kate to see it on display in its full glory. it should have been bonding team for the monarch and her grandson's new wife, but her magesty wasn't impressed. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: the ghostly display rather than the dress itself, kate will be hoping. with or without her in it, the alexander mcqueen dress is a sight to behold. for $28 entrance fee, you can
5:41 am
get an up close look at the lace floral detail, ivory and white satin, and a skirt that resembles an opening flower. >> the beauty really is in the detail. >> reporter: record numbers are expected. fans just aren't royaled out yet. >> we come to see the dress, of course. >> like so many people watched it and to actually see it, that's -- that would be pretty cool. >> well, it is really, really fan toss ebbing, and i really want to wear it. >> reporter: kate is sharing her most prized possessions with the world. the veil made of ivory silk tulle, her tiara with almost 1,000 diamonds loaned by the queen, a replica bouquet, earrings from her parents, and the handmade shoes hidden from the world's gaze on the beg day make their first public appearance. >> it's the closest to the role wedding that you're ever going to be without actually having been invited. >> reporter: how about that
5:42 am
cake? >> some of it preserved at the wedding, and the top two tiers have been kept by the duke and duchess. >> reporter: and this duchess certainly knows how to turn tradition into gold dis. she rocked the star radar during her trip to canada and the states, establishing herself as reigning fashion queen supreme. >> kate is considered the ultimate a-lister and the ultimate clothes horse and anything she wears, people want to copy, so she certainly is a starlight. >> reporter: with her unique ability to win both hearts and headlines, kate is single handedly reviving the fortunes of the royals. her wedding exhibit will raise millions for the palace. >> reporter: alex, the royals can't help but be impressed by their latest action. less than three months after the wedding, had he is officially the hottest ticket in town. back to you. >> yeah. she certainly is.
5:43 am
do you whan they're going to do with the money? i had heard maybe refurbishment? is the queen going to appreciate the money coming in if she doesn't appreciate the actual display? >> well, the thing is i'm no mathematical genius, but if you work out $28 a head, and half a million visitors, what is that, $15 million. the plan is to use that money to refush esh the inside, the outside, the gardens that, kind of thing. $15 million is going to go a very long way for them. >> thank you so much. thank you. restaurant calorie counts, are they fact or fiction? a new study says it's a little of both. what's behind the discrepancies next on msnbc saturday. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full.
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concerns about water safety in albuquerque, new mexico. the u.s. forest service says rain water washed ash made forest fire into the rio grande. residents were worried that the dark colored water might affect their crop animals. for now the water authority will stop pumping water for the river
5:47 am
and begin using ground water instead. officials don't believe the situation, though, poses a health risk. sfwlifshlgts a new study finds that the calorie counts at chain restaurants are often wrong and even more disturbing, soups and salads are most often the ones packing more calories. researchers found one in five items from 42 outlets with at least 100 calories over their published counts. gideon gills, the health and science editor of the boston globe. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> how damaging, how problematic is this for people who think they're ordering something healthy when, in fact, they may be ortding something that is way off of their calorie count? >> yes, well, it's particularly the fact that one in five of the food items were over by more than 100 calories, and interestingly, the lower calorie items were most lij to be the ones that were over the stated calorie counts. these were things like salads, soups, and also
5:48 am
carbohydrate-rich foods like rice and potatoes. >> does it mean they don't know what's going in their food or is it about portion sizes or i always worry about sals because they sound great, but can you put so much stuff into them, they can be way worse than a regular entree. >> right. well, the researchers from tufts university said that they felt one of the key issues here was portion control and the reason they say that is they found that at fast food restaurants theshgs actually did better than the sitdown chain restaurants they looked at because at fast food restaurants, the portions are put together in a factory, whereas at the sitdown restaurants they're not. so that seems to be a big issue. the other thing with salads they speculated that the dressing is the issue, so you should get it on the side. >> that's good advice there. were there any restaurants that stood out for accuracy in terms
5:49 am
of the sitdowns? were there any? you mentioned the fast food outlets. okay. we get that. they are better portion control, blt any good restaurant chains in. >> they didn't look at enough dishes from each restaurant chain to be able to pick one out from the other, so no, they didn't draw that conclusion. >> okay. do you think that the american public wants to have calories in their face when they go look at a menu or look up on the board when you are standing behind a counter ready to order? >> well, public health officials think they do, and the affordable care act, the national health care law, will begin to require that for chain restaurants with more than 20 outlets starting, it seems, as early as next year. the authors of the study are concerned that that's going to lead even more people to start using these calorie counts to make their choices and that they'll then be going and picking foods that may have more
5:50 am
calories than they actually think. >> so what is the take-away message you're getting at this point until they get it right, if they do? do we all have to brown bag it to make sure we know what we're eating? sfwroo if are you going to eat out, actually the fast food restaurants, while, were the most accurate now. i'm not recommending gu eat at those places, however. >> well, i think you know one fwood thing at restaurants, share entrees, share salads. it will save on the budget as well. that's an idea. gideon gill, thank you so much. >> get ready for another day of oppressive heat. when will you finally see some relief? we'll talk about that at the top of the hour.
5:51 am
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same-sex couples have been notified by new york city that they can have they are marriages performed. michael bloomberg will perform one wedding in person for two members of his administration. joining me now javier hernandez, reporter for "the "new york times"." good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> how many same-sex couples are getting married tomorrow? >> the city is expecting more than 800. there's so much interest in this on this very first day. people wanted to come outs. they decided hold the lottery, and luckily for them, everybody will be able tobacco dated wrrn. >> they had a few more than anticipated. the lottery was for a certain number, but it was just barely over that number, and they said you can all get it? is. >> especially in manhattan, which is the iconic city. they're offering some couples to go to brook len or staten
5:55 am
island. >> when do they find out, or have they? >> they found out so they can make plans with their families. >> okay. was that a surprise the number of couples who applied for it that they would fill up the lottery and some were saying, oh, my gosh, this is going to be thousands and thousands that will come in just for this iconic note of having this done on the first day. >> i think they expected more, but after people got wind of all the lines and everything, i think some people -- you can get married or do we wait and just hang out as partners still. >> they're going to have to have the talk. it's not just kind of like hypothetical. >> pressure for parents as well. >> just like any heterosexual couple getting married. do you expect many more marriages in the following days? is there an indication of people keeping on filling out these applications for marriage licenses? >> i think so. you know, they have a sense that there will probably be thousands more this week, but at the same
5:56 am
time sunday is probably exclusive i feel going to be same-sex. on monday you're going to start seeing opposite couples. >> talk about the business boom for new york city. >> yeah. well, it's not only marriage applications. you know, those cost $35, but the city is going all out with tourism, and they're trying to get people -- trying to make new york city the same-sex hub of the nation. >> i was reading about a wedding planner who lives in rhode island, i believe whoshg has decided to relocate now to new york because there's going to be a lot of business here. i mean, like florists, caterers, reception halls. i mean, this is big business. >> right. it's a whole untapped industry. there's tons of -- i was down at the marriage bureau the other day, and people are just handing out business cards for photography, florists, everything in between. >> yeah. as weave seen happen in other states, is there anything you think that is potentially lurking that could turn all of this around? >> i think people are sort of waiting for the national question to be resolved. you know, president obama hasn't
5:57 am
really said yet whether he right now there sent a lot of the talk about some sort of constitutional challenge. right now it's mainly political. >> okay. javier hernandez at the "new york times". thanks so much. >> thank you. >> the tragedy in norway. if you are just waking up, the news may be even more shocking than when you went to bed last night. we have the latest in our live report. deadly heat. no relief in sight today for much of the south and northeast, but when might we get a break? >> and blame it on the heat. well, maybe. a number of shark attacks and the jump in those numbers near shore raises serious questions. we have an expert weighing in ahead on msnbc saturday.
5:58 am
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