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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  July 28, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm chris jansing, but maybe not such a great morning in washington because they are in crisis mode. a big vote coming this afternoon in the house. members will consider speaker john boehner's debt bill. but even if he can rein in tea party members to get it passed, 51 democratic senators vowed to block it. >> if this debate continues to be driven by the extremes, well, whether we go off the cliff august 2nd or go off the cliff at the end of the year, we'll be at the same place. >> i've got a little rebellion on my hands every day. it comes with the territory. >> you're not worried. >> never let them see you sweat. >> i think we'll end up in a stalemate. i anticipate that the boehner bill will get through the house today after he's pushed his folks kind of hard, and then it will be dead on arrival once it gets to the senate. >> of course, time is running out. default just five days away and things are getting so bad the
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u.s. treasury is now weighing which bills to pay if the country defaults. michael the correspondent for "washington post," and louise story, according to politico republican leaders are very prepared to say to the president take it or leave it. and if he leaves it, they'll stick him with default. is the pressure working? does boehner have the votes today? >> he probably will have the votes today and if he doesn't it changes the entire equation. i don't think the position take it or leave it will withstand the weekend. mitch mcconnell and other republicans are already saying we have to come to a deal. this is the legislative branch of the government. the houses know how to work with each other. we'll probably have some sort of a compromise, and if it needs to be and go back to the house and nancy pelosi has the number of votes that she could give speaker boehner and he'll have another difficult vote before august 2nd. >> if you listen to members of congress, they've been using a lot of hostage metaphors.
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let me play them for you. >> that's why we shouldn't be playing russian roulette in this way. >> they want to shoot every bullet they can at the president. >> for people who were totally set up with this brinksmanship and holding this country hostage. >> and many of these gloom-and-doom metaphors, louise, have to do with what happens when we default. what does happen? >> if we get past next week on tuesday and if we don't have the debt limit increased, the treasury department literally will not have enough money to pay all of its bills, so every day they have money coming in, you know, on wednesday they'll have, like, $10 billion coming in, but they're supposed to pay out over $30 billion on wednesday. >> how bad could it get? >> you know, there are a lot of different ways it could get bad. one of the ways people at least on wall street are the most concerned about is if you have an all-out panic, the kind we had in '08. if you have, for instance, some of the short-term funding markets lock up and everyone
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pulling their cash out, and one of the reasons it could happen is because, you know, treasury bills are considered so safe in general they're considered so safe they're used like currency on wall street, and so people put them up to back their other investments and suddenly if they're not considered so safe, you know, banks may ask traders and investors to put something else up or to put a lot more treasuries up for every deal. >> you know, michael, we've seen with all the calls and e-mails coming in to congress, people are really worried about this, and you mentioned the possibility of maybe the minority leader getting involved, nancy pelosi, but where's the president in all this? >> the president and his staff are constantly talking both on the senate side and they've kept lines open with the house. it is a hostage situation, but it's important to remember that all the players, save maybe a couple dozen members of the house gop, have said they are not going to shoot the hostage, so it's a hostage standoff, but the hostage, everybody involved is saying, is not going to die. they'll push it all the way to
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the limit and the markets will continue to be destabilized, but if it goes over the limit and the hostage dies, it will be bad for the country. >> and you said not having enough money to pay the bills, how do they decide which bills to pay and which not? >> there's no precedent for this, in 1979 there was a short-term period where the government didn't pay all of its notes but they didn't have to sort through this kind of do we pay social security, do we send money to states. you've got a lot of states right now, california just borrowed a bunch of money from banks that are preparing in case they don't get money from the government. states get about a third of their budget that they spend from the federal government, for things like medicaid and unemployment. so, you know, the question is, will the federal government say, okay, massachusetts, you've got some cash on hand, so we're not going to give you as much as kentucky. how will they make the trade-offs? there's no precedent. we're hearing the treasury department is putting together some sort of plan and it may
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even come out ahead of time what this order of payments would be. >> well, that would be interesting to see, too, because that certainly would get some reaction. michael scherer and louise story, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. assistant democratic leader james clyburn joins me from south carolina. good to see you. >> thanks very much for having me. >> we've got the vote coming, will you give john boehner any democratic votes? >> i don't think so. and i don't believe there will be any democratic votes over in the senate for this bill. i saw this morning that 51 democrats, 2 independents signed a letter to speaker boehner, letting him know none of them are going to vote for this bill. our constituents are not interested in any of us voting to cut social security or cap it, to cut medicare, to get -- balance this budget on the backs of medicaid recipients.
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that's what's in the boehner bill. and on top of all that, a six-month extension. what does that do to calm the markets? what does that do for state governments around the country that are looking for to go through this again six months from now? >> so, do you feel confident, congressman, if john boehner finds himself back against the wall and we're facing default that nancy pelosi won't give him the votes that he needs? >> that's not the question at this point. the question at this point is what will the senate do. he has to pass a bill today, and i suspect that he will. he sends it over to the senate. the senate would then decide what to do with it. if the senate sends the bill back here, then that's the time where nancy pelosi and others to sit down and see whether or not that product is worthy of any democratic votes. that could happen.
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between the senate deliberations and consultations hopefully in a bipartisan way with people like senator mcconnell and to even discuss it in sort of a fashion with speaker boehner. we could come up with a document like extending this thing through 2012 rather than six months. getting rid of these big cuts to medicare and medicaid. doing that, then sending it back. that i suspect we could sit down and talk about. >> we have been watching, as you've been speaking with us, over on the senate side, harry reid has been talking, and he just this second said, congressman clyburn, that he believes the tea party republicans are tanking our economy. how worried are you that you will not reach a deal in time? >> well, i do believe that we will. but if we don't, i've said time and time again, if the president gets up to august 2nd, without a
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piece of legislation, he should not allow this country to go into default. he should sign an executive order invoking the 14th amendment and send that to all the governmental agencies for us to continue to pay our bills. he could do that with a stroke of a pen. we've seen many big things done in history that way. i joked with my staff the other day, tell me what was the bill number of the emancipation proclamation, it was an executive order. we integrated the armed services by executive order. we integrated public schools by executive order. sometimes executives must order that things get done. >> well, let me ask you about the president, and maybe coming back to today a little bit, because there are reports republicans may have unified overnight, and some of them may have been strong-armed, but it looks as you said they may have the votes. let me play to you what david
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plouffe said on "the daily rundown" about democrats. >> right now you see a great amount of unity in the democratic party. every democratic senator and two independents and as i mentioned even a few republicans in the senate said they're not going to support boehner. >> there are reports that the republicans are unified, and the democrats are unified. but if politico is right that the message from republicans to the president is going to be take it or leave it, will he take it? >> i don't think he will. i know that this president knows recipients to maintain the safety net, for medicare recipients to get the health care that they need, for seniors to get their medicaid that they need in order to stay in nursing homes. he is not going to see those people thrown out on the streets. and i d)>@i think he is going o allow us to go into default. so, what i think he will do, he will sit there and take the options that's available to him. and for all my tea party friends
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who are talking about impeaching the president if he were to do this, i want to see that speech on the floor of the house, that i want you to vote for impeachment of this president because he refused to let this country go into default. i would sure love to see that speech. >> congressman jim clyburn, always good to see you. thank you for coming on. >> th:,nayou. house speaker john boehner is expected to hold a news conference along with other gop leaders at 1:30 eastern time and msnbc will bring you his comments live. the risks of not getting a deal to raise the debt ceiling, what default would mean for business? we're going to hear from b.e.t. founder and billionaire robert johnson in just about ten minutes. game show host alex trebek found himself in serious jeopardy when police say an intruder broke into his san francisco hotel room tuesday evening. adidi roy joins us from los angeles with the story. the bad puns aside, what exactly
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happened here? >> reporter: it is a terrifying thought for anyone to wake up and find someone &3 rummaging belong case the victim was alex trebek and he did manage to outsmart, though not outrun, his opponent. bolivia? >> we think it's chile. >> i'm sorry, it's peru. >> reporter: alex trebek had all the answers wednesday as he hosted the national geographic bee at google's headquarters, but earlier in the middle of the night in a san francisco hotel room, the game show host found himself in a bit of jeopardy. >> i woke up and saw a figure in our hotel bedroom, and i thought i was dreaming, and i realized immediately that someone had been in the room, and i put on my underwear and ran down the hall to see if i could find her. >> reporter: trebek says he did find her. and when he caught up to her, he, well, quizzed her.
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>> she came out of the little room where the ice machine is. and i said, what were you doing in our room? there? i was visiting friends. i said, no, you weren't. >> reporter: he was quick on crutches alleged culprit. >> i crashed to the ground, but i managed to hobble back to the phone and inform security. >> reporter: police arrested lucinda moyers and charged her with burglary. trebek said he got most of his belongings back except for cash and a piece of jewelry. trebek has hosted "jeopardy!" since 1984, just received an emmy award for lifetime achievement, and now from game show host turned crime fighter, the correct response is -- who is alex trebek. >> there will be eight rounds in this world championships.
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>> reporter: and true to his reputation, the unflappable host fought through the pain, using the podium to hide his injuries and his wit to warm the students. >> you're going to be tempted to blurt out responses. if you do, i will have to chase you"au >> reporter: lucinda moyers told a television station last night that she believes she was arrested because of her record and because trebek is a celebrity. she remains in jail. as for trebek, the 71-year-old says that he is expected to have surgery tomorrow and be in a cast for six weeks. chris? >>[$v you go, alex. thank you so much. a movie premiere in hollywood turned into a riot outside grauman's chinese theater last night. several hundred people were angry about not being let into a screening of a documentary. they started throwing rocks and bottles and refused to leave, thew hollywood boulevard was t down and tourists were locked in local shops for a while. naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients
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texas governor rick perry isn't lettingwznx surgery slow down. he's in colorado today talking)8 to conservatives less than a month after spinal fusion surgery. he is still undeclared for president in 2012, but a new gallup poll shows him coming in second among republicans behind mitt romney with 17% and 15%. perry leads bothul0y sarah palid rudy giuliani, and there you see michele bachmann in fifth as well with rudy. tea party backsed congressman joe walsh filing a lawsuit for back child support. "the chicago sun-times" reports his ex-wife is suing him for⌝ú more than $100,000. she claims hew6ñp went on forei vacations with his girlfriend and didn't pay child support for his three kids. walsh's attorney said he doesn't owe anything. andyssúp congressman walsh will one of my special guests on friday's "jansing & co."
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be sure to set your dvrs. the house is an hour away from one of the pivotal votes on the debt bills. and this week i've been talking with the country's most influential business leaders getting their take on washington. this is business mogul steve forbes yesterday. >> i think the people want to get this thing eventually done right, so if you get short-term solutions and short-term cuts and revisit it in six months, fine, instead of doing something that won't work today. >> i'm joined by robert johnson founder and chairman of the rlj companies and the founder of b.e.t., "usa today" calls him one of the 25 most influential leaders in the past 25 years. thanks for coming in. you're connected toluaevery aspt of our economy, media, finance, real estate, gambling, you own a part of the charlotte bobcats, you were telling me, you're the largest minority-owned chain of car shops in the country. so, whatóñk worries you the mo about the potential for a default?
7:19 am
>> i think what worries me the same thing that worries every businessperson is the absolute absurdity and uncertainty of this process. in any kind of business negotiation if you don't seem like you're going to get a deal on the day you want to get a deal, you extend the negotiations, because you believe there are rational people in the room. evidently in washington there are no rational people. >> you think that folks there are now acting irrationally? >> absolutely they are acting irrationally, because they?fmy consequences of mutually assured destruction for the economy if two people -- it's almost like two soldiers in a foxhole and they both got grenades. they can't get out without either one of them pulling theiç grenades, so they sit there ticking with the grenade in their hand waiting to see what happens. well, they'll kill each other if they don't solve the problem, but more importantly, they'll kill the economy, and this is something that i can't imagine a rational elected official, whether they're in the white house or the house or the senate could contemplate going down to
7:20 am
this level. >> are you meaning to say you think there will be a deal, this will get done? >> i'm convignced that they'll e a deal, because at any point in the negotiations, people say we can't get the deal done by august 2nd, let's continue the negotiations. >> you know a lot of these people and your companies are based outside of washington, d.c., who will blink first? >> i don't think it really matters who blinks first. i think the fact is that somebody is going to say that guy is crazy. i'm not going to be as crazy as he is and i'll sign a deal to it. and if they don't, then they're both crazy, so somebody's going to stand up and say, it may not be what i want, but i'm going to take what is reasonable, rational, and in the best interests of the nation. that party, that person will be a statesman. huh? >> well, that's a good point, too. but what does seem reasonable and rational to you in settling this? how would you go about it? >> well, first of all, you assume everybody is acting in good faith, that the republicans clearly want to have no taxes,
7:21 am
that democrats clearly want to limit the impact of voyentitlem cuts. if you assume that's a good rational behavior on both parties, the thing to do is sayr guys, we can't get it done by august 2, let's extend for six months or six weeks or however many weeks and let's go at it -- >> but you understand the president's concern about that which is simply that we've caused all the uncertainty, made the markets nervous, had a bad day yesterday, a lot of the american people are nervous, what will it do to the interest rates, do we really want to do it six months down the road? >> what are his options? if his options are -- if his options are to veto something that willhvá÷lut me six months d i put the country into this kind of economic turmoil, maybe global turmoil, no rational person would do that. so, just because the other guy's acting crazy doesn't mean you have to. so, somebody's got to stand up and say, i'm not going to do the stupid thing and say i'm going to be so focused on my own point
7:22 am
and principle that i will send this country down a rapid decline into another recession. >> there's an argument to be made that on all the major points the president has conceded or compromised. time and time again. this is really the last point he's holding firm on. does it weaken him for future negotiations if he says, okay, as long as you hold my feet to the fire, i'm going to give in? >> no, i don't think it weakens him, because i think if you believe, as most people do, that this country is saying, we need to solve this debt crisis and we need to solve it as quickly as possible or else we're all going to face some economic i'm extending for more time to bring some rationality to this get the support of the american people. but if both parties say, hey, we couldn't reach a deal, too bad for people who have homes, too
7:23 am
bad for people who don't have jobs, too bad for this nation because i want to go to 2013, the other guy's insisting on a two-vote trigger, therefore, let's let the whole country go to hell in a hand basket,ebúz ts not rational. they'd both be branded as irrational, and in any economy i know of, in any business that i know, if a ceo acted that way, the shareholders would fire him. >> robert johnson, it's good to see you. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. republican michael grimm has signaled he'll vote for the boehner bill, but will his tea party comrades get in line? i'll ask him. that's coming up. prosecutors in illinois? suffered a major setback in the drew peterson case after an appellate court refused to allow in come crsome critical evidenc. prosecutors say it's important for peterson in the drowning death of his third wife, kathleen savio, she was found dead in a bathtub in 2009. of course, peterson gained national notoriety when his
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fourth wife stacy vanished in october of 2007. he does remain a suspect in her disappearance but has not been charged. john crawly and bill hunter set out to streamline the bathroom remodeling business. they created bath simple, a bath in a box concept treating the whole bathroom.'"mr as a single product. they put the bathtub, toilet, tiles, and even the tiniest screws and nails all inside one box. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on t
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no more flu shots every year? the national institutes of health say a universal vaccine strains of the flu may become a reality within the next five years. that would replace those annual shots developed for specific flu viruses. dr. tannian beninson is the chief medical officer right here at nbc universal. good to see you. thank you for coming in. >> nice to be here. >> 200,000 people are hospitalized every year because of the flu, i'm just talking about the united states, so how big a big game changer could this vaccine be? >> it could be huge. because as you mentioned we have to change the vaccine every single year to keep up with the changing strains, which means the population has to get a new vaccine every single year. this would eliminate all that. you could have one vaccine you could technically get it once and it would last several years.
7:28 am
so it would increase compliance and decrease costs which is a big game changer. >> the director of the national institutes for health said it seemed like this was out of reach only a few years ago, so what changed? just great research? >> it is great research. they were able to isolate a protein, so basically the virus has proteins on the surface of it. they were using the small piece that changed year to year to make the vaccine. now they found a piece that doesn't change year to year and is the same with all the different flu strains they can target the stable protein and make the vaccine off of that, that's why they can make a universal vaccine. >> let me ask you about a new study from the national cancer institute. they say it's not a risk for your kids to use cell phones, there's no link between cell phones and cancer and brain tumors. if i hand my kid a cell phone, is it safe? >> it's certainly encouraging. it's always nice to have studies show that there isn't a link. i don't think this is the last study we'll ever see. we're not sure how long do you
7:29 am
need to use a cell phone for it to increase your risk of cancers and how long do you have to wait for it to manifest itself in cancer. i think we need to worry more about childhood obesity than cell phones, so i don't think we need to panic. if you're worried about it, use a headset. >> dr. tanya beninson, good to see you. two men on a flight bound for san francisco were arrested after attacking a pilot and a flight attendant. the incident began when a flight attendant asked jonathan baes to buckle his seat belt. according to witnesses he seemed intoxicated or drugged. when asked to exit the flight, he and his brother luis began to attack the pilot hitting him in the eye and the flight attendant, striking her in the shoulder allegedly. the brothers are being held on charges of aggravated battery and simple battery. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished.
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this by the way is a challenge for boehner in the house. he must and he knows it pass a debt ceiling increase in his republican house of representatives. elections are all about politics. but then the winners actually
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have to govern and i could see on election night that some of these new members of congress were going to hold the debt ceiling hostage because they wouldn't understand when the politics ends and the governing begins. somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. right now house gop freshmen are holding a news conference. you see it there. they say they will support john boehner's plan, even though it's not perfect because they want to avoid default.
7:33 am
they believe this plan can pass in the senate, and they say it's a bipartisan effort, even though 53 democrats in the senate have already said they would block the plan. they called the senate plan put forth by harry reid full of gimmicks. here's a look at other stories that people are talking about right now. authorities have found no chemical leaks after a freight train carrying hazardous materials toppled off the tracks north of los angeles yesterday. but residents in the 250 homes near the crash site are still under an evacuation order. the 63-car train was carrying two people. neither was injured. police in a suburb of portland arrested a licensed day care provider after she allegedly put a 15-month-old into a time-out by locking the toddler ought of the buit of th. police got a 911 call from the neighbor who said the child had been outside crying for an hour. still ahead, the domino effect that could happen if the government's credit rating is downgraded for the first time in history. those details in ten minutes. the stock market, let's take
7:34 am
a look at what it's doing today. up, down, indifferent? where do we have it? it's holding steady. there it is. up about 24 points. but it had four tough days in a row, yesterday losing, of course, nearly 200 points. cnbc's nicole lapin is here to tell us what's moving your money. we're four business days away from the august 2 deadline. what are we expecting in the market? >> i don't think it will be that bad. the markets were jittery yesterday and the dow was off 200 point and the last four trading sessions we've been off 4%. we're still higher for the year and i promise you if markets were necessarily pricing in a default, we wouldn't see it in the stock market. we would see it in the bondj:hv market and we would see it in currency, we'd see it in the dollar and we're not seeing it, the bond yields would be spiking and the major -- >> they think a deal will get done. >> they do. they are absolutely pricing it
7:35 am
in. >> we were talking to the head of b.e.t., robert johnson, and he worried about the consequences of default, but he's in the alone of the ceos, is he? >> no, we got a letter in from major bank ceos saying they would like a deal to get done and they are warning of grave consequences if that doesn't happen, and specifically in interest rates that i just mentioned, they specifically quote that it would bash consumer confidence for everyone who borrow borrows, undermining value of the dollar and worrying the stock and bond markets, but we're not seeing the armageddon, the smart money is not buying it, that's what we're seeing from the more leading indicators. and even the bank ceos really quickly and the politicians have a vested interest in having the sound bites come out and people take the money out of the banks and put it under the mattress, they are obviously going to be hurt. >> i want to switch gears and ask you about the big story last week, the hacking scandal and james murdoch, his testimony
7:36 am
last week is under scrutiny and being reviewed, could his days be numbered? >> no, a lot are saying he's safe, but it's messy, he's got the head of bskyb, and the head of news corp. and news corp. dropped its bid for bskyb, we'll wait and see but a lot of sources are saying he should be safe for right now. >> thank you, nicole lapin, always great to see you. let's take a look at breaking news. the fbi reportedly investigating a possible plot to attack ft. hood, texas, that's the army post that was the site of the deadly attack in 2009. nbc's pete williams has more for us from washington. what can you tell us, pete? >> chris, right now this is an army -- private first class who is in custody by local police in texas. what we're told is that he was actually assigned to ft. campbell, kentucky, he had been charged by the army there with possessing child pornography, and after his initial hearing, he went awol, then showed up in texas where he was overheard making statements about wanting
7:37 am
to attack ft. hood, texas, which was the scene of that deadly shooting by major nidal hasan, a search of his hotel room, we're told, turned up explosives. right now he's in the custody of local police in killeen, texas, where he's being questioned. one official said he continued to make statements about wanting to attack ft. hood even after he was arrested, so this case is very much under investigation right now. the local charges now, but that may change as the day goes along. he may face more serious federal charges. we're told that by military officials that he'd never been deployed to either iraq or afghanistan, and, in fact, had applied for conscience shs objective status, saying he was a muslim. >> thank you very much, pete williams, i know you'll keep us updated. a lot going on in washington, d.c., clearly, including the ongoing news conference with the gop freshmen. we have the senators also taking to the floor, and there you have
7:38 am
the chamber, where we are going to be seeing a vote a little later on today, and we're going to be hearing from john boehner early in the afternoon, so this could be an extremely consequential day in this debt fight in washington. keep it here on msnbc. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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[ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. a new harvard study suggests another risk from secondhand smoke, children exposed to secondhand smoke are 50% more likely to develop a neurobehavioral disorder like adhd, the study does not prove smoking causes behavior problems, but shows an association is likely. even if lawmakers reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling, there's still a real possibility that the government's credit rating could be downgraded for the first time in history, and then there could be a domino
7:42 am
effect. msnbc's richard liu is here with more on how a dinged uncle sam credit report could hurt states and thousands of cities recovering from the recession. >> that's right, chris. it's an incorrect link the u.s. government to city hall, but an important one that affects building roads, schools, paying unemployment and medicaid. a third of those funds come from uncle sam according to the national association of state and budget offices. that means a credit downgrade according to rating agency moody's would domino to hurt states across the country, lowering their top-rated credit as well. now, it doesn't stop there. everyday services from our cities would be knocked over as well. top rating right now, these five would automatically get their credit axed as soon as uncle sam's gets cut. that's maryland, new mexico, south carolina, tennessee, and virginia. in addition, these ten states would be put on watch as well from vermont to georgia to alaska, most likely affected if
7:43 am
the u.s. government gets two or more downgrades. at issue, $24 billion of obligations and debt. that's the same amount as some top 100 world economies. but back to city hall. it's not one city hall or a dozen. but 7,000 city halls that could feel the hurt, says "usa today." states wanting to avoid credit downgrade here, chris? watch these factors says moody's, or lack therefore. you can watch employment, fed contracts and medicaid's another issue, debt as well as money in the bank. that's the way they're going to be ranking these states. now, some states are ready to take a rating downgrade on the chin, though, stashing away cash or holding down borrowing right now, but, chris, there is some time to maneuver. any state downgrade would happen seven to ten days after the debt dominos start to fall. >> all right, important stuff, thank you so much, richard. of course, even though there's a lot going on in washington this morning, we still don't know how this debt showdown will end, it will, of course, have to be some kind of
7:44 am
compromise. here's senator harry reid this morning. >> compromise is not a bad word. legislation, mr. president, is the art of compromise. and they need to learn that. nearly three-quarters of americans want congress to compromise. >> i want to bring in congressman michael grimm, new york republican with tea party support and congressman bobby scott, a democrat from virginia. good morning to both of you. and congressman grimm, let me start with you, because we saw freshmen colleagues of yours at a news conference saying they will support the plan. are you convinced you have enough votes? >> yes, we're pretty certain we have the votes and i think that, you know, it's amazing that the senator's talking about compromise. let me tell you, this bill in my opinion, in most of my conference's opinion, is not perfect. it's not even close to perfect. there's a lot more we should have done. but being only one half of one-third of this government, we have no choice but to compromise, and this is certainly much more of a compromise than a lot of us
7:45 am
wanted so compromise is a good word. >> are you comfortable? were you pressured into giving your support for it? >> i wasn't pressured at all, i took my time, no, i'm not happy, again, it's not even close to what i wanted. but you have to recognize your limitations. we only control right now the house of representatives. we don't -- we cannot impose our will on the senate or this president and this is the best we can do, and at least it stops this spending spree to some extent. it puts in some caps. so, it's not everything i wanted, but it's the start, and for the first seven months to start to change the trajectory of this increasing debt, at least that's something. and we'll take the small victories and we'll continue to fight in the future because as you said before in the lead-up, we're looking at a downgrade of our aaa rating. that is reprehensible. >> congressman scott, i am guessing there are things in this bill that you're not happy with either, it would be different. but do you think it's a good place to start as a compromise? >> first of all, i think you have to start off with the idea,
7:46 am
the reality, that this is a manufactured crisis. the debt ceiling should be increased as a separate issue from the negotiations on the budget, which is a normal process fiscally in september 30th. about every year we raise the debt ceiling and to suggest that it's never been suggested that the failure to come up with a budget deal would result in a default, you have virginia on my home state on the list of downgrades. we should get the debt ceiling issue behind us as we continue to negotiate. one of the problems that we're -- with the negotiations is that many people recognize that all of these cuts, only partially offset the $400 billion a year tax cuts that we passed last december. there's $4 trillion over a 10-year period. now we're looking for $400 billion now in cuts -- >> there's no way you could support this bill or something close to it? >> first of all, you say "this
7:47 am
bill," this thing has been putted together, slapped together in the back room and it's strung out and it's going to be put on the floor with nobody reading it. nobody knows what's in it, and we're going to vote on it up or down, no amendments, no legislative process. we should have some process, and if we go through the normal process where we have amendments and you actually consider some -- the legislative process, we might come up with -- with some understanding, but these caps -- >> congressman, he sounds a lot like many of the tea partiers who came in one of their big complaints was that all these deals got made in back rooms by leadership, that people were passing bills that they never had a chance to read. is that's what's going on here? >> that absolutely could not be further from the truth. first of all, i had time to read the bill. it went online, the cbo scored it one way, we had to go back and make a few+yñ slight changeo get the numbers where they needed to be. but let's be honest, you want to really have a discussion here. when didb/ñsq$ñ we pass paul ry
7:48 am
budget? we put something in writing that everyone voted on and we passed it. if the democratic party didn't like it,eblp why did y:xl not the last severalbraq monthsk=& their plan on the table and have it scored by the cbo, go through the regular order and have amendments? it's disingenuous to say it's a backroom deal when they've been sitting on their hands and haven't been put anything on the table to be scored by the cbo. you want to have an honest discussion? it scored by the cbo? >> we did have a plan, when we had a normal budget with amendments, we did havexkykydq amendments and we did have a plan. that's what we're talking about. this is a backroom deal strung hc)j @&hc% to vote it up orrkv down, but fact is we're only offsetting tax cuts from december, $400 billion a year tax cuts and now we're having about a -- that's $4 c4qñtrillion, we're having a trillion dollars in cuts out in tax cuts. many went to millionaires, oid what we're doing --
7:49 am
>> jet owners. the jet owners. which the president put in the caps ifto2s& read and noticed the caps, these are not cuts. these are cuts to these. will actually be cut, and if you fall for a cap, when you get down later a couple of months down the line and find out that k"ñ grantskd&94 inspectors and fbi agents and community health centers, then you'll find out later on what's going to get cut. you just put a cap, everybody ! dtqi ut need to getqht debt ce out of the way. there's never been an obligation to come to a deal before you dealt with the -- >> and that's been the problem, if i may. country is add spending. this president has been on a spending spree and has spent more money than in the history of the united states -- >> we got do leave it there. >> if we,uñ raise the debt,+pm without the capsyvvyr the measus then we'll continue on path of insolvency and bankruptcy. >> congressman
7:50 am
congressman bobby scott, we dit. mostly we're="v debating whether obama or@)pcz boehner g one of the -- gets one last round of egg on his face. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today. ♪ ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪
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$k$hi, ev4lxdy,uirrz thoma roberts in the next hour on msnbc, five days untild and no deal? is theo country'skt)sq recovery being dragged to the reason? republican congressman james langford will join me and is president obama alienating his grass roots base? and which game show host who likes to sleep in the nude was able to thwart a robber in his hotel room? 93g->zcb÷d the loop. and the fat math, let's go down to wire. pr
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had fun in the dugout. pr the bug crawled down one player's neck and leaped down another player's uniform and they jump and squirm around, and the mantis moved on. a crocodile crawled out of a storm drain and went for a stroll down the street. workers and police try to capture him with large brooms, but it took a wildlife ranger to save the day. du5uz when you can buy a town instead? phoenix, south dakota,mnv is one market for less than $8 had b00 the current population is just7 nine, the owner hopes whoever buys it can revive the once thriving town. we say farewell to an old family favorite. >> please don't squeeze the charmin. >> but, mr. whipple, the0izlr(rn bathroom tissue is so soft. slogan for charmin in 1964.
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