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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 31, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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p.m. eastern. lu luke russert life on capitol hill. another good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> so they sound like they are close. what's the holdup? >> well, we can report now according to chuck todd and mike viqueira at the white house, they are inching towards a deal. it looks like what the mcconnell deal will be about $3 trillion in spending cuts in exchange for extending the debt limit to $2.4 trillion and other things we had mentioned. a bipartisan commission which by around christmas time will have to come up with a recommendation for future cuts to reign in the deficit, and any extension would be a vote of disapproval meaning republicans could say they disapproval of president obama raising the date, what's interesting now, alex, there is, in fact, this compromise on the table that's being rumored on the hill at the white house. can -- it will most likely go
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through the senate. can it get through the united states house of representatives? we don't like to get too far afterward ourselves. there is no ink that's dry on paper. but under this type of deal it seems that the group i was talking to last night who is very fearful when house republicans and senate republicans talking one-on-one to the white house, liberal democrats thought they would be sold short, i'm hearing they are worried about the deal on its face, $3 trillion in cuts, $4.2 trillion increase in the debt ceiling, a lot of folks on the democratic side feel that could be too much given away from the obama white house, and it's going to be interesting to see whether or not they have the votes shored up in the united states house of representatives or any debt limit extension deal, can they get to the magic 2 216? that looks like why the discussion is going. >> when you say no revenue,
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that's political speak for no tax increase, right? >> republicans won't take a deal with a tax increase. there is not enough time for comprehensive tax reform, because there is not enough time to do it. one thing in there, the trigger option which says they don't have a sizable deficit reduction by christmastime it will be an cross the board cuts, republicans say well, you'll take cuts from the pentagon and cut medicare from democrats. democrats don't -- that don't like that to begin with, they think the number is too high. look, you'll have $3 trillion in cuts, or $2.4 extension. that's what john boehner wants all along. the number in cuts that's larger than the extension of the debt limit. as of right now, this debate has been defined by republicans, and if this is, in fact, the deal, they have objectively, you could say have done pretty well for -- for governing one-half of
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one-third of the united states government. >> wow. okay. get back to your sources. i'm betting there will be an amendment to what you are reporting next hour. >> always changing. >> thank you. >> take care. a bit earlier this morning, i talked to bob mccuen, former republican congressman from ohio. and i asked him who he thought would come out looking best. >> i tell you something that's really been spectacular, and how the speaker of the house was able to corral all of those cats and remember, he has no tools. in the history, it's always been you could promise members of congress something, or you could cut a deal, and he said there's no more pork barrel, so merely on the force of his personality to bring it to the point where it is today is really spectacular, but -- and the question internationally, america has made a tremendous, tremendous error by this lack of leadership and this rambling around on this critical issue. >> however, it looks like there
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could be action in the senate sometime today, joining me now from washington, democratic congressman john yarmouth. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, alex. >> you are at the same camera where luke was moments ago. he's given us up to the minute changes and amendments and little tiny pieces of moving the needle in either direction. if that's what's going on right now? what are you hearing? >> well, we're pretty much as much in the dark as most everybody, and that's one of the astounding things about this whole process is that very few people know what's going on. two and three person negotiation and it makes it hard to kind of assess the possibility for any outcome. i do know that's what's been reported this morning, causes a great deal of problems for the democratic caucus in the house if there's a process established which could result in across the board cuts to medicare, medicaid and social security, with no cost, no shared sacrifice for
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millionaires, billionaires and oil companies, it's very difficult for democrats to swallow and quite frankly, the polls show 75% of american people don't want that kind of solution. so that will make it tough, if, that's, in fact, what they'll present to us. >> given the fact that we don't have yet anything definitive in place, representative yarmouth, there enough time? that's one thing we can agree on, the clock is ticking and a finite point it will stop. is there enough time which it will pass with both the senate and the house? >> well, barely enough time, and that's why i'm one of those who believes that the president ought to invoke the 14th amend and raise the debt ceiling himself. the phony thing about this entire argument is that virtually every republican, all but six in the house of representatives voted for a budge that's adds over $6 trillion to the national debt. we have a budget process. they could have imposed these cuts in their budget. they didn't try to do that, and they all voted to raise the
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national debt, the debt ceiling just like we've done 74 times in the last 40 years, so this is a politically manufactured crisis. we don't need to be here, and i'm one of those who believes that the president can solve it very quickly. >> okay. but and you independent in vermont, bernie sanders believe the implications of the 14th amendment should be used here. if that would be done, what is the effect, or not, on the 2012 election in the house? >> if the president used the 14th amendment it would be long forgotten by the presidential campaign rolls around. the american people want stability, so do the markets so do american businessmen and women. that would resolve it very quickly, and, again, i think the president probably would win a a claim for being decisive. what he's doing now to me is just basically trying to find the path of least resistance and there is considerable resistance to almost anything that would
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come to the congress. >> representative yarmuth from kentucky, thank you very much, and put your track shoes on. >> thank you, alex. next, an interview from ann marie buerkle, at 11:30 eastern. with more on the debt crisis, nbc news political reporter, domenica montarinaro. >> good morning, alex. >> what do you know about the latest on this compromise bill. what it might include in terms of cuts and the debt ceiling compromises. >> one source told me they are very close to a deal, and the reason for that the white house essentially wanted an escape hatch from the boehner beal, il wading through all of that, that means would you have a two-step process.
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the debt ceiling would have to be raised again in six or seven months, what the white house didn't want, the committee was set up and the committee couldn't find something, which, is, of course, known to happen, it wanted a way to then raise the debt ceiling without needing the joint committee's approval. so there were three things essentially that -- that they've laid out as potential possibilities. one, send a balanced budget amendment to the states which is not going to happen this source says and the white house definitely doesn't want that as well and then what the congressman was just talking about, saying that there is some reporting that there could bes cuts to medicare or social security on the table. social security wouldn't be on the table. medicare would be to some limited extent as would sizable defense cuts. now, that is supposed to be a carrot or perhaps a stick to get the committee to find something that would actually work so that it could -- it could find the
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actual solution. nobody wants major cuts to defense on republican side and nobody wants major cuts to medicare this is a stick to the committee saying getting done, find something. that would trigger the -- that would trigger then the mcconnell disapproval process. and this is complicated, but essentially what it means, the president would send his spending cuts to congress and then 2/3 would have to disapprove of that after this whole process happens and the debt ceiling is raised. all that is because the white house wants to make sure they don't want have to go through this process all over again. alex. >> one thing, to men domenco, a see the major sticking pointed? a while we talked about the balanced budget amendment, the tea party putting that in as part of the package. is that still it, or is it beyond that? >> the balanced budget amendment doesn't look like it will happen, but you could have a separate vote so there is a
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carrot to them to say, well, we'll vote on it, we'll see if that can pass, they don't want to mess around with the debt ceiling in six or seven months, the sticking point is working out the final details on just how those medicare cuts could work. just how the defense cuts could work. so that you would -- there would be automatic cuts triggered if the joint committee can't come up with something. the devil is in the details and joe biden likes to say nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. and this is what they are talking about, the outlines of a final deal. this could pass the house. luke was talking about earlier, the house had a tough time passing the boehner plan originally, why? because democrats worked very hard against this. and a ton of democratsan don't want anything to do with this. but boehner came up a couple votes short. they were reported to maybe have two or three votes short if that were the case, you get some democrats who the white house says we need you to vote for this, then you have a bipartisan
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plan that passes and the president signs by tuesday. >> okay. a walking encliyclopedia on the debt ceiling. we have a cloiture vote set for 1:00 p.m. and we'll follow it extremely closely. july will go down as the hottest month on record in the u.s. the heat will continue for the central part of the country. here with the sunday forecast is the weather channel's ray stagic. the picture of the man floating on a rft in the water sounds about right. >> texas is taking it on the chin. the heat will continue. speaking of heating up, though, heating up in the tropics, don a memory, but we're expecting emily to form early in the week. something of interest, something to keep an eye on in the tropics as we head through the next couple of days. here is the heat. this is the big story. high pressure continuing, it's been locked in all summer.
7:12 am
sunshine, temperatures in the 100s. upper 90s around baltimore. monday, even on into tuesday. watch the numbers. 92, new york city on tuesday. and 110 in dallas. by tuesday afternoon that would make like day 32 in a row of 100-degree plus heat. and we'll continue to see the heat through the week. showers, thundershowers on radar through parts of new york state. and bigger clusters down through parts of carolinas. they'll continue to roll east. quiet weather basically in the northern tier of the u.s. and some showers and thundershowers across parts of the southeast today, once we get daytime heating. we keep the heat where it's been. >> okay, thank you so much. miracle landing. a jet from new york crashes just short of a deep ravine, and everyone on board survives. jew you'll hear from a passenger. will iran free the two american hikers held in tehran? they heed to their final trial
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today. and the behind the scene negotiations on capitol hill. why are we seeing so much rhetoric so late in the game? this was all just theater. more next on msnbc, the place for politics. (telephone ring. pick up) usa prime credit. my name ...peggy. you got problem? ggy? third time i've called, 's time i speak with a supervisor. supervisor is genius...i transfer. transfer! transfer! transfer! transfer! transfer! name is... peggy? come on!!! hello? want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane.
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back to the news. we're following on capitol hill. the behind the scenes drama as lawmakers work to avoid a financial disaster. this morning, white house and republicans say they are incredibly close to a deal and the senate is scheduled to cast a key test vote in less than three hours from now. i'm joined by amy starter. >> good morning, alex.
7:17 am
>> gee, think it's taken a long time to reach a compromise here. but from what you're hearing who is getting the better end of the bargain? >> the republicans are, alex. they changed the entire nature of the debate. we won't see a debt ceiling increase again without deep cuts. democrats are concerned about the cuts that will be passed out this week in order to extend our debt ceiling but also in the months to come as committees come together and try to find more savings out of entitlement programs and mandatory spending. they were hoping that in exchange for any look in entitlement programs like medicare and social security medicaid, there would be -- it would be triggered, failure to act would trigger trepidation along with cuts to entitlement spending. now it will be defense spending cuts and cuts to those programs.
7:18 am
so at every turn, democrats were hoping they would see some increase in revenues, which you and i both know means increase in taxes. in exchange for cuts, they did not get that. the republicans have won the day on that argument. and as we see the framework on a deal in the hours to come, it's one that disappoints democrats more than republicans. that doesn't mean that democrats won't have a rebellion in the house. democrats are very disappointed. >> the democrat and senate leader reid, and mitch mcconn l mcconnell, who gets the high marks for leadership here? >> senate majority leader harry reid in the senate, mitch mcconnell, republican leader in the senate will be given high marks by their parties for their tough tactics and their shrewd strategy. i think president obama only wins the day if a deal comes out and we see some stability in this debate and real promise of
7:19 am
real reforms to come and stability in the bond market in the weeks and months to come, if this continues to remain volatile, i think he loses, because the economy is in a slow to no growth peril right now. in a bad time for any type of downgrade for the ratings agency. john boehner the house speaker, i think he has won the day. won the respect of independent voters and democrats who feel sorry for him. we just don't know yet. if the establishment wing of the republican party will be joined by hard-core conservatives after they have to vote on a final deal. we style might have people disappointed in john boehner at the end of the day. he doesn't have the votes to pass through what theyment him to pass through. >> indeed. amy stoddard, don't go too far. we'll see you next hour. dna evidence disputed in court as they fight her murder conviction italy. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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the fbi is now offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to a young girl from new hampshire who has been missing for nearly a week now. 11-year-old sell celina cass last seen at the home computer. police searched the property. police say there is no indication that celina ran away or someone tuqook her. >> this should not be read into that we are transitioning in the investigation. the recent successful cases of missing children is that have been recovered as a result of that vigilance from the public. >> investigators have already knocked on about 300 doors or so in the area for any clues in celina's disappearance. >> a verdict on the two jailed american hikers will be announced in coming days. shane bauer and josh fatal wetae
7:24 am
in court. they are charged with trespassing and spying for the u.s. we'll hear their fate probably sometime this week. an iranian woman, the victim of an acid attack, pardoned her attacker. the man was to be blinded today by doctors after a tehran court in 2008 awarded the victim an eye for an eye sentence, but she decided to forego her right and said "i did right for my country." the attacker will serve the reminder of his 12 year jail sentence. there is a crackdown in syria on protesters. syrian troops storm ee eed hama tanks today killing at least 45 people. hama has seen some of the largest anti government protests in recent weeks as the uprising gains momentum.
7:25 am
let's get back to iran in the cases of american hiksers. with me live with tehran, we have ali arusi has the latest. any chance these two shane and josh, will be freed this week? >> well, hopefully they will be. i spoke to their lawyer and they says even if they are convicted of espionage and entering the country illegally, they should be let go because of the time they have spent. he said a foreigner in this country would be charged with six years for he is be pe espio. he thinks they will be let off. it wasn't a good indication that everything was wrapped up today. everybody in tehran thought we would reach a verdict today and these guys would be home today. that didn't happen. people are still confident they will be let go.
7:26 am
two things working in their favor. one, they put the court day on the anniversary on date they were arrested, and, secondly, tomorrow is the holy day of ramadan, and usually prisoners are pardon ownwned during that month things are predictably unpredictable, alex and we have to see what will happen over the course of the next few days. >> predictably unpredictable. ali arouzi in tehran, thank you so much. there appears to be a solution in sight. but there are sticking points. a live report from the white house, next on "msnbc sunday." l . it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. that's me with the blow dryer and the flat iron until i see smoke. so pantene said, "breakage and split ends? no problem."
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we don't have a deal. there is general agreement we'll have deficit reduction on tuesday. the first will be something that the parties largely agree on, about atrillion in deficit reduction. the second element is entitlement reform and tax reform which this supercommittee
7:30 am
is charged with. >> white house senior adviser david plouffe speaking on "meet the press." we are hearing from a republican source that a deal on extending the deficit ceiling is close. here is mitch mcconnell early this morning. >> we're still working on the parameters of it, very close of being able -- i am, to my members, that this is something they ought to be able to support. >> joining me now is msnbc white house correspondent mike viqueira. >> good morning. >> are these just fine-tuning details? >> it appears with each passing minute they are very, very close. i think democrats for whatever reason, their motivation are a little bit not quite out over the ski tips as mcconnell and republicans are, david plouffe today on "meet the press," saying there is no agreement yet, but clearly the framework for an agreement is in place and here are basic details. they would increase the debt ceiling by $2.8 trillion,
7:31 am
according to what's on the table. that meets the president's demand of raising it high enough that congress wouldn't have to vote again specifically on raising the debt ceiling. right off the top work $1 trillion in discretionary spending cuts, there would be a clean vote on the balanced budget amendment in the senate. remember, they have not yet done so, no requirement or it doesn't guarantee that's going to be passed in any way, shape, or form. there would be a special committee form to recommend up to $1.8 trillion in cuts by thanksgiving of this year and if they could not come to an agreement and vote by the end of this year on the measures, these very sensitive measures on the table this year, tax code overhauls, entitlement spending, including medicare, social security, what have you, then there would be automatic, across the board cuts that would go into effect. and that would be mote both mandatory, i.e., medicare
7:32 am
spending and discretionary spending, including defense. defense is part of discretionary funding as far as the government categorizes it. after all of the back and forth and up and down and waxing and waning and involvement of the president, uninvolvement of the president, the vice president, now the president on center stage, let's not put -- let's not say it's a done deal just yet. today is a very big day, alex. >> trust me, i'm not saying it's done at all. many more hours on the air covering this thing and i expect it to be filled with ranglings. thank you, we'll see you next hour. that's for sure. joining me from washington is eleanor cliff, contributing editor for "the daily beast." >> hi, alex. >> how close do you believe they are to an agreement? >> i think they are close enough to an agreement that we're not
7:33 am
going to default, that's as far as i go. it looks like they'll pull it off this afternoon, but i wouldn't put that in writing. because i'm -- you know, they have backed away, and it's posturing at this point. the republicans are sounding more optimistic, because they have been looking like they are the obstructionists, so they don't want to look like they are the bad guys, so they are all cheery about the prospects for a deal. and the democrats are saying, we're not so sure, because the -- the background noise for democrats is the president is giving away too much, so they can't look like they are capitulating easily. more posturing to go before this is wrapped up. >> you hit the nail on the head in terms of where we are right now. after all of this wrangling and everybody exhausted, hearing the back and forth about the debt ceiling, you're right. republicans do have a bit of pep in their step. sounding more cheery and democrats are a little bit
7:34 am
putting on the brakes. from a p.r. standpoint, does that give republicans an advantage right now in the eyes of their constituents and the american people. like these guys want to get something done already? >> the republicans are trying to undo some of the damage of the last week or so, where it looks like they were totally childish, holding their breath, stamping their feet, refusing to compromise and willing to take down the economy, and i think senator mcconnell had to convince his members and this is really a good deal. maybe he can't get them to go along, and the democrats, i think -- if the democrats have not gone as far off the deep end on the left as the republicans have gone on the right. so i think the democrats will be there regardless, but the white house and the senator reid can't
7:35 am
just take them for granted. they have to act a little dismayed by what's going on. >> give me a picture of just an overview of how this plays out in the 2012 elections? >> i think that the president has done a good job. and the rift within the republican party has just ripped open for everybody to see, and i think that's going to cost them. i think they'll be seen as overreaching. the president in the end will be judged not so much on his demeanor, but the state of the economy, so the president wins this politically, but substantively, he's lost some ground in terms of i think of reviving of economy. there are no prospects for more government spending, for infrastructure projects or jobs programs. >> jobs. >> it's all about containing the debt, and i don't think that is
7:36 am
a very good card to go into the 2012 election with if it's your only card. >> many thanks, great to see you. >> keeping it here on msnbc, live coverage of the negotiations under way in washington. we'll bring you developments as they happen. meantime, officials in the south american country of guyana are calling a plane crash there a miracle after a passenger jet overshot the runway in the city of georgetown. let's get the incredible details from jeff rossen. rossen, listen, a plane crash being a miracle, how is that? >> yeah, you don't usually hear when a plane crashes it's a merkel. the reason people were saying that, you were showing moments ago this say flight that started in new york, stopped in trinidad and crashed in georgetown. here is the miracle part. no one was that seriously injured. no deaths at all. everyone survived. and especially when you see images, it is incredible. it looked like another airline
7:37 am
tragedy. >> this is one of the worst aviation mishaps in recorded memory. >> but soon passengers would emerge, all of them alive. >> we had to jump out of the plane. and my children at my side. >> after departing new york, the caribbean airlines stopped in trinidad and crashed in guy anna. the boeing 737 touched down and skidded off the runway, stopping just 200 feet short of a ravine. thinking it was over, passengers say they clapped. that's when the cabin broke in half. >> when the plane landed, i told my friend, we're going to die, we're going to dishg te, the pl didn't have enough runway to stop. >> everybody was hysterical. >> reporter: 163 people on board. dozens were injured. most of them have already been leased from the hospital. >> it's amazing to leave an aircraft in that shape with a handful of very small injuries.
7:38 am
>> reporter: while it's rare, planes have broken apart before with no deaths. two years ago, this american airlines 737 slammed into the runway in jamaica, finally coming to a halt and breaking apart. all 154 people survived. >> the seats have been increased in strength, so that they will now withstand 16 times the force of gravity before they break. >> reporter: the ntsb is sending a team to the crash site in guy ana looking not only for what went wrong, but what went right. and plenty went right. 100 people received medical treatment. four taken to the hospital with semi serious injuries, but the fact is, everyone will be okay, and when you look at those images, that is amazing. >> it absolutely is. thank you for bringing us the story. it's official. princess anne's daughter zara phillips has tied the knot.
7:39 am
mike tindal is the groom. william and kate attended the wedding. a very private event. no cameras inside the church. low key certainly compared to the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. we wish princess zara the best. after weeks of bitter negotiations, the white house and congressional republicans appear closer to a new solution in the debt limit showdown. appear to be. watching it very closely on msnbc. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans.
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that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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a crucial weekend for amanda knox as she appeals her murder conviction italy. forensic experts said the evidence used against knox and her boyfriend was badly flawed and possibly contaminated by investigators. the two were convicted of the
7:43 am
murder of knox's british roommate. how did things go for knox in court today? >> well, she wasn't in court today, but the last session which was yesterday, it was a banter day for her, despite the fact that the prosecution really tried to take apart the dna evidence and the experts who delivered it, so much so, that the local newspaper called it a dismantling job, but nothing can deny the dna presented showed there was no dna on the murder weapon. almost like launching a torpedo through the courtroom. the prosecution lashed out at the findings of an independent panel of forensic scientist who's called the dna evidence used to convict knox unreliable. the judge defending the professionalism of his officers. the finding of the court-appointed experts is a national embarrassment of the national police. there were more than 50 breaches
7:44 am
of protocol. dna is at the center of the case and is used to convict amanda knox and her boyfriend of murdering meredith concern kers. the new finding from a leading criminal attorney in rome seems to seriously undermine the prosecution's case. >> if i were reviewing this from an american point of view, i would say most definitely it looked like a slam dunk. >> the knox family remains optimistic, but upset judicial delays in the appeal means knox will spend another summer behind bars. >> it's unfortunate now there will be spldelays again and the will have to sit another summer in the heat in jail while everybody else goes on vacation. >> reporter: the judge adjourns the trial until september 5th there will be a half dozen
7:45 am
sessions going over the dna evidence. the judge will then retire to his chambers and come back with three options, acquit knox and set her free. give her a harsher sentence if further evidence emerges or reduce her sentence. clearly, the knox family says they would prefer option number one. >> i can bet. keith miller in perguia, thank you so much. a top adviser to president obama says al qaeda is at a vulnerable stage right now and the u.s. has six months to deliver a knockout throw to the terror organization. those comments were made in a meeting in aspen, colorado. the u.s. needs to take advantage of al qaeda's disarray following the death of osama bin laden in may. joining me live, terrorism analyst evan coleman. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> these comments come following "the washington post's" report
7:46 am
saying u.s. counterterrorism officials are convinced that al qaeda is on the brink of collapse. do you agree? >> we have to be very careful. al qaeda is under a tremendous amount of stress. a combination of efforts of strikes and special forces activities and diplomatic activities, we put a tremendous amount of pressure on these folks. we know this, from al qaeda's own mouth, senior leadership has said we're short of money, we need recruits. we don't have enough money to pay for the suicide bombings we carry out. they are under pressure and the death of bin laden emphasises that, but al qaeda is decent tralized, an ideology as well as a physical organization. trying to stamp out al qaeda's going to be very difficult. and i don't want to declare victory prematurely. >> what is meant by the deputy national security adviser when he says we need to cresco
7:47 am
verdict action in pakistan? >> i think what's clear, pakistanis not doing everything they can to crack down on al qaeda. they have certain limitations they can't live up to. but for whatever reason, they are not doing everything they can. and what the raid that killed bin laden proved, there are things the u.s. can do, perhaps without the consent of the pakistani government that can accelerate the process, this is brought up by dennis blair the other day. drone strikes, violations of sovereignty. are we creating more problems than we solve? are we threatening diplomatic relationships with key relationships with pakistan and yemen without consulting the governments. >> given you say it's become amorphed into an ideological princip principle, does that mean we can never stamp it out entirely?
7:48 am
>> i won't say ever, but they have their own leadership structures in each country. even if we get rid of al qaeda in afghanistan or pakistan, we won't simply wipe it out in every country this is an organization that will be with us for decades, one way or another. what we have to do is try to minimize the threat as much as possible and there are positive signs that we're moving in that direction. >> okay. evan kohlman, always sobering, thank you for bring to us. and lawmakers very close to an agreement. but a white house senior adviser says no deal yet. more twists in the road ahead, and we'll tell you why. overhe south pific in 1943 vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families
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right now, reports of republicans and the white house are nearing a compromise on the debt ceiling. a bet earlier today, i spoke with dnc chairman howard dean who said both sides need to get something out of deal.
7:52 am
>> a definition of compromise is everybody gets something as a democrat, i'm willing to get something in order to get stability. but i'd like to see the republicans put their billionaire friends on the line too. i think everybody ought to be able to put something in. and if you ask for compromises, you have to ask sacrifices from the bill on airs that the republicans represent. now we have karen finney and robert trane. good morning you two. >> good morning. >> get any sleep? just kidding. what a long weekend, right? but a source close to the house congressive caucus tells us that many members are suspiciously spooked between a deal between the gop and house. are democrats giving up too much? >> there is the concern they are giving up too much.
7:53 am
as was said in one of the last segments, the devil will be in the details. over the last couple of weeks, bits and pieces leaking out, but not a real picture of what the deal is, we saw something kind of interesting, which is part of why you're hearing democrats sound their concern, which is yet you have mcconnell saying i feel good about a deal, after he talks to the white house and reid saying there's no deal. so clearly somebody didn't talk to somebody, and i think that is part of why we're -- there's an alarm being sounded by democrats today. >> robert, one of the biggest sticking points is the committee to recommend a second round of spending cuts this is white house senior adviser david plouffe on "meet the press". >> this economy has to come up with additional debt reduction, no way to do it without smart entitlement refoorm and tax reforms. >> robert, will republican as free to possible tax increases
7:54 am
being part of the second round of budget cuts? >> probably not. look this bipartisan commission will come back with two things. they'll say we have to reduce our expenditures or have to raise revenue. as we know, the tea party pretty much has said no new taxes. however, the republican party may wiggle a little bit on loopholes and on enhancement fees. that's where you'll see republicans give a little bit. we want to close loopholes. >> i was going to say, closing on whom? the ones the democrats want them to be closed on? >> maybe corporations, perhaps big oil and oil and so forth, but secondly, also on high-income individuals that perhaps may -- i wouldn't say abuse the tax system, but use loopholes to tax advantage. republicans will probably give on that a little bit. >> is that enough, karen? >> i don't know that it is. there is such a lack of trust within the gop caucus, democrat
7:55 am
to democrat, white house to democrats, white house to the gop, you know, don't forget in september we still have a budget to approve. so in order, we may get to go through all of this in september, and by that i mean, let's say we do the deal and some kind of trigger process that has to be approved by november. what happens in september if the tea party folks think they won't get what they want? that means they can hold us hostage all over again. it's so tricky and the back and forth is such, there is so little trust, that's part of why they have to put all of this in writing essentially to try to get people to do what they are supposed to do in the first place. >> if the compromise makes it through the house, doesn't speaker boehner have the same problem as before? the tea party members don't want to give up anything. >> the dance partner is probably nancy pelosi. what they have to do is second round is bring around a
7:56 am
bipartisan coalition, and that means minority leader pelosi has to bring troops to the table and speaker boehner has to do the same exact thing. in some ways, the tea party may not be relevant. blue dog democrats, moderate republic republicans, mainstream democrats that may put this over the top. >> a bipartisan copyright for you two. more on the behind the scenscene s wrangling. we'll hear from ann marie buerkle of new york in the next hour. [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote,
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