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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 3, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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report out on friday. today's adp report saw over 100,000 private sector jobs. hopefully that's a positive sign what to expect by the end of this week. there won't be any new jobs legislation. house and senate are in recess until early september, roughly five weeks aufplt lawmakers are taking their job creation message back home to their constituents. and senator robert menendez joins me. nice to see you this morning. you are very familiar with these numbers. after this latest debate what is the message you think you will bring back home to your state when it comes to the jobs question? >> well, clearly that it's the number one priority. it's one of the reasons i didn't vote for the debt ceiling question yesterday. because, you know, we saw in june about 57,000 jobs created. but we saw 40,000 government sector jobs lost, which
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basically meant that, you know, we had an anemic growth. and all we're going to do in the short-term on the backs of soldiers, students and seniors is see further cuts that could destabilize the economy. the number one thing that needs to happen right after labor day is to do some of the things that we can do to make these -- this economy grow and create jobs. raise private activity bonds that will bring private sector capital to create construction jobs. let's get the transportation bill moving again and put america to work. let's make sure that, you know, we are able to look at some of the other elements like the faa reauthorization that really should go through, create a whole new sector of jobs and put people who are presently unemployed because of that inaction back to work. let's have the patent reform bill finally pass through and create a whole new sector of jobs and a new advancements in areas where there are ideas that need the patent to be able to
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start growing the companies. so there's a lot to be done. >> sounds like there are a lot of options. you mentioned the bill for the faa. to point out, roughly 4,000 workers were furloughed. you said you were a no on the vote. the bill will raise the debt limit. and senator harkin a few days ago said about the president, quote, i'm upset that obama doesn't seize the moment. that's what great presidents do in times of crisis. they exert executive leadership. he went wobbly in the knees. >> i know the president faced a tea party opposition in the house that was willing to, one, contrive a crisis because we had never had for raising the debt ceiling any conditions. this was the first time in american history that has happened. secondly, they were willing to bring the american economy to the brink of disaster. faced with that i understand some of the president's choices. but the reality is i wish that we had made the case a couple of
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months ago. i wish the president created a line in the sand then. i wish those of us who raiseded question of raising the debt ceiling was a moment we had the congress, both democrats in the house and senate would have raised as republicans were frothing for the top tier race to continue. that didn't happen. so we're faced with what we are now. the question is how do we get america back to work, new jerseyans back to work. let's find the offsets and challenge our republican colleagues to say, no, i don't want to put america back to work. >> senator menendez, nice to see you this morning. thanks for your time. thank you. >> fears of new economic down turn are dominating after stock price in the u.s. and europe plummeted on tuesday to their lowest level since march. despite the u.s. marrowly credit agencies are still very guarded.
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we have more details of what we're watching. sue, yesterday the dow jones was down 265 points. how are the markets reacting today? >> it's been extremely volatile. at one point we are down 150 points. we have come well off that level. but it really does give you an indication how nervous and jittery investors are today. it was primarily because we got another economic data point on manufacturing which was weaker than expected. and that's adding a lot of fuel to the fire and the theory perhaps that we may be on the verge of a double dip back into recession. the jury is still out, of course. but there are a lot of nervous investors taking profits where they can find it. and it is leading to big whip saws in the market today. >> sue, thank you. president obama will turn his attention to another big priority, raising campaign cash
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for his 2012 reelection bid. now, he had his first fund-raiser in more than a month in chicago. it will be tonight. it's an early celebration of his 50th birthday tomorrow. casey, as anticipated or as expected, roughly 1,000 guests paying between 50 and over $35,000. he's really rallying grassroots supporters with a teleconference that's taking place today. how important is it for him to get back out there on the campaign trail and raise some cash? >> it's pretty important. i mean, president obama has lost a lot of time. this debt ceiling thing caused him to have to cancel a series of fund-raisers he was supposed to be doing in california, new york and elsewhere. now they're out there saying he's going to raise less money than he did in the spring. >> we have seen his numbers drop in key states like pennsylvania. in your estimation, how can he retool the message going forward? >> well, you have already seen
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them pivot to jobs, jobs, jobs. that was the message as soon as the compromise went through. that's all he was talking about. >> as we're watching people on the right gather up, mitt romney waited until the 11th hour to actually give an opinion on the debt debate. sarah palin is not letting him off the hook. take a listen to this. >> bless his heart. i have respect for mitt romney but i do not have respect for what he did during this debt increase debate. he waited until it was a done deal and he came out and made a statement that, oh, he didn't like the deal after all. >> i lived in the south for a long time and i know what it means when you say bless their heart. that means you have legitimacy to slash their throat next. what was their objective here in slamming the front-runner? >> well, she's hitting him where he is weakest. this accusation that he's a flip-flopper that only makes a
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decision when it's politically advantageous. someone who doesn't stand on principal. that's left over from 2008. he tried to shake that. clearly sarah palin recognizes that and uses it as an opportunity to knock it down. >> they're not mincing words when it comes to perry and michele bachmann. rick perry, another potential candidate on the sidelines. governor perry would be a very credible candidate. at t he's got a great record. is perry michele bachmann's compete now? >> her life would be easy if rick perry decides to stay in texas. he brings the tea party fire that energizes here and he has huge fund-raising cash base in texas and support from some members of the establishment of the republican party. he brings things she doesn't have but he also threatens her. >> it all boils up. great to see you, casey. thanks. >> thank you. >> so is casey anthony headed
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for more legal trouble. it's a big question being raised. an orlando judge is ordering anthony to report for probation on check forgery by 5:00 p.m. today. her lawyer, however, said she served her time. >> it's a bad situation. this thing is over and done. and for some reason things seem to keep coming up again for no apparent reason. for absolutely no apparent reason other than let's just keep this thing going. let's just keep this madness going and engage in the circus-like atmosphere so-called the casey anthony case. >> the 25-year-old was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter. so, will casey come back or not? nbc's kerry sanders is in orlando with the latest on this. kerry, we are hearing that casey's case has been transferred now to another judge, which was a motion filed just the other day, correct?
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>> yeah. we have all sorts of developments. first of all, i'm standing in front of the department of corrections in orlando where if casey anthony follows the current schedule that she's been ordered to do she will have to show up before 5:00. but at the same time remember this is an order that came from judge stan strickland. he was the judge who handled the case on the check fraud casey anthony pled guilty. and he said that he sentenced her to a year's probation. the confusion here is did she serve that year's probation as she was sitting in the orange county jail here in orlando awaiting the murder trial, or does that probation begin when she left the jail? so her attorneys argue, and there is some paperwork from the department of corrections, that suggests she served that probation as she sat in her jail cell. so the attorneys are arguing now, within the last 20 minutes, judge stan strickland, who has received the file from jose baez
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and the defense attorneys has been recused from even handling this part of the probation. and now that part of the case is going to go to judge perry. perry, of course, is the judge who handled the murder trial. she was acquitted on charges of murdering her 2-year-old caylee. we're standing here and expect anything a short time a representative from the department of corrections is going to hold a news conference to tell us what the developments are. when i last spoke to them they said they are set up and anticipating an arrival from casey anthony who will come here, meet, check in with her probation officer, provide certain information, including an address where she will remain here in orlando for the next year, and then check in every two or three weeks as she fulfills that probation. we'll see how it all develops and possibility of court action even later today. >> recently she was seen in ohio. it remains to be seen if she will be there by 5:00 today.
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kerry, keep us posted. kerry sanders in orlando, thank you. sure. the debt crisis may be over but the fallout from how lawmakers behaved is far from over. and a new hampshire town searching for answers to keep waiting this after an autopsy to find out what happened to celina cass was inconclusive. in his first public appearance, ousted egyptian presses hosni mubarak on a stretcher and look at that, behind a cage. ♪ let me make you smile ♪ let me do a few tricks ♪ some old and then some new tricks ♪ ♪ i'm very versatile ♪ so let me entertain you ♪ and we'll have a real good time ♪ [ male announcer ] with beats audio and flash, you can experience richer music and download movies straight to the new hp touchpad with webos.
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so the nation will avert a default with a last minute compromise. we're starting to learn how how fed up the american people with all the d.c. grid lock. 77% believe lawmakers acted like
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spoiled children during this debate. and how sick people are with business as usual in washington. it's great to see both of you this morning. john, we'll start with you. there's blame to go around on all sides. i think everyone can agree on that. let's look at these numbers because they are very telling as a whole about what america thinks. congress has an 84% disapproval rating. i think we saw why over the last few weeks in washington, d.c. it was the worst of the worst. >> well, the legislative process is never a pretty process. out of bismarck, you never watch sausages or laws being made. that's obviously the case here. there's not any good results. people back home are hurting.
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the job rates. jobless rate is very high. people don't see how we are going to get out of this. >> maria, the president is at the center of all of this. he campaign odd ending a lot of the business as usual tactics inside the beltway. but it seems like the bipartisan ship has never been worse. so how does he make things better and still get some of the legislative goals accomplished? >> i think the issue here is, yes, the president campaigned on changing things in washington and changing the tone. he can't do it alone. he has said many times he needs a dancing partner in his efforts here in washington both to continue the recovery for the middleclass to try to create more jobs. but also to change the tone, which is what americans desperately want.
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they voted in november and the president has said this, too, for divided government not dysfunctional government. while neither party comes out smelling like roses in this what we have seen from this poll and many other polls is that the majority of americans, including inside and lots of republicans too believe that it was this president and democrats, the ones who were negotiating in good faith from the beginning and the gop and especially the tea party caucus who were the ones acting like spoiled children. the common feeling is the tea party, supported members are winning this fight when it comes to debt. do you think they see themselves as fighting against themselves. >> i think they see themselves fighting against status quo, making certain we don't continue to salesperson ourselves into
8:18 am
oblivion. they want to keep on fighting. now, republicans and democrats and leadership on both sides came together and hammered out an agreement. it wasn't a pretty process. it wasn't a great agreement on either side. but it wasn't an honorable compromise and it got us through this crisis. hopefully we can continue on this path and start getting process on the economic growth which is the big issue for everybody out there. >> maria, the only way to get economic growth through revenues? >> i think that is one very critical, important way to get to where we need to go. every economist from left to right will tell you that we can't get where we need to go by just cutting programs. and this is something that the gop does not understand and they don't understand it at their peril. the majority of americans, including the majority of republicans, believe that any teal that is going to get us out of the hole that we're in has got to include shared sacrifice and increased revenue. the president and the democrats will put their priorities up against republicans any day because they are not protecting
8:19 am
corporate jet setters. they're not protecting hedge fund managers paying taxes at a lower rate than their secretaries. they're not attacking the big oil companies that enjoyed the tax cuts that middle class families to the floor. that is shared sacrifice. it's the only way we're going to get to where we need to go. >> thanks for coming up. appreciate your time. >> thanks so much. >> i want to show you this is something you don't see in new york city or elsewhere. this peacock was perched on the windowsill of a new york apartment building after it escaped the zoo. very active twitter following. he opened up a couple twitter accounts. including central park peacock which reads i'm moving up to, to the east side. >> and can someone get me in item with @nbc. they've been using my image without permission for too long
8:20 am
now. the peacock has gone back to his home in central park safely and all on his own.
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new video evidence of just how far sexual predators went to target young kids is now being made public. we want to warn you these videos are very disturbing. they filmed unsuspecting young children and in some cases lured them into their van. the videos are evidence in an ongoing investigation into the criminal justice system and why it failed to protect jaycee dugard who was abduct skptd raped by phillip garrido. michelle, good to have you on. i want to get straight to this. the fact that nancy garrido shot this video is horrifying to anybody learning this.
8:24 am
as an investigator, what's your reaction to seeing this? does it help paint the evil picture that these two represent even more so? >> it just continues to show how phillip and nancy both continued to manipulate the system and to really kind of take advantage of other victims and to show the extent this goes well past taking the life of a child for 18 years and sort of bringing two other children into this mix just to show the array of all the other lives they may have touched. so unfortunately this just continues to just go a little bit deeper into this case and to continue to show the public exactly what their actions were during that time. >> this is sexual predator behavior at its worse on display here. >> it sure is. >> what should parents take away from this? >> parents should, when they're out with their children, just monitor them constantly. know exactly what they're doing,
8:25 am
where they're going. i always kind of -- whenever i do speeches or presentations and things of that nature i say be a space invader. it's okay to invade your child's space and to stay on top of them and be aware of your surroundings. in this particular skaeus this is horrific. i've been to the house where jaycee dugard was held captive and spoken to the neighbors and been out there and sort of seen the area where her and her family were just held for so long. it was just in close proximity to so many others. it's hard to swallow and to know this just went under the radar for so long. >> michelle, i want to change topics. we have new information about the death of celina cass. that is that the results of her autopsy were inconclusive. >> that's right. >> so what does that indicate? does that say there was no trauma or injury to the body? >> well, i think at this point investigators are still moving forward as if a crime had taken
8:26 am
place but they don't have evidence to say this was homicide or accidental. so they will wait for the toxicology reports to come back. it takes four to six weeks. it's a process that takes a little bit longer to be able to say this is exactly how she died and this is what they're looking for. of course the investigation continues. they'll continue to collect evidence, conduct interviews, figure out exactly those final moments right before she died and how she got to that point a quarter mile from her house away from her family and friends. the fortunately today she goes on in our hearts and minds as we remember celina. >> michelle siona, thanks for your time. >> have a good day. >> you too. a girl rescued from a dire situation. police and the bomb squad secured a teen's safe release from an explosive device reportedly fastened to her neck. the teen was wired to the device and threatening to detonate it but it appears she may have been
8:27 am
the target of an extortion attempt.
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ousted aoe skwreupgsz president hosni mubarak was wheeled into court in a hospital bed. just look at this. this was all to begin his trial on corruption and other charges. and the court guarded by some 5,000 officers and 50 tanks. nbc's martin tphrefp ser in cairo with more on this. martin, mubarak coming in on a stretcher and caged is such a bizarre scene for so many around the world to see. >> especially for egyptians, thomas. the people here just couldn't believe this actually happened. there was skepticism where they would produce hosni phau bar act in the court today. when he did come in wheeled in, helpless, locked inside a metal cage, with his two sons also charged with corruption, it was hard for the cameraman to get a
8:31 am
good shot of mubarak lying down because the two sons in white prison uniforms were physically blocking the view of their father. obviously a humiliating moment for the family. this man, who so many here felt had abused them for as long, for 30 years, here he is getting his due. so there was a lot of sense of vindication. one person said that the real message from this is to the future leader of egypt, the man who replaces monthsly mu bar ebg, you will be held for what you do. so treat us correctly. that's a very powerful message. true revolution in this part of the world. >> we will continue to watch how it moves forward. martin, thank you. we want to take you back to orlando, florida where we had a report from kerry sanders filling us in they are now talking about whether or not casey anthony shows us. if she doesn't show up by 10:00
8:32 am
a.m. tomorrow, the courts will intercede. >> if information comes to our knowledge we will look at it at that time and work with local law enforcement. >> is it often that someone serves their entire probation in jail start to finish? how often does that happen? >> i'm not sure. what did happen in this case was she served 412 days in jail on fraud charge. on day 413 her probation began but she didn't have a conviction at that point. >> i understand that. but how often does it happen that someone serves their entire probation -- >> i don't know. i'll have to ask. i know it's not uncommon for offenders to serve at least part of their probation in jail awaiting a conviction. >> i think a lot of us figure probation is something that happens after a period of jail or incarceration.
8:33 am
can you explain how they can run together simultaneously at the same time? >> we have offenders who come on to probation. they get arrested. if they're arrested but they are -- just because they're charged doesn't mean they have a conviction. so what generally happens is that an offender will spend a certain period of time in jail. if charges are dropped, they don't receive a conviction their probation will generally count during that jail time. >> you're listening to what they're saying in reference to casey anthony, who is due back in court to appear for probation issues regarding the fact that she pled guilty to check fraud charges. she was supposed to serve one year of probation. and the judge said it must happen within the confines of the state of orange county, florida. we're waiting to see whether or not casey anthony will show up today. the court is saying she needs to show up by 10:00 tomorrow.
8:34 am
recently photos were taken of her at an old navy store in ohio. on the heels of the debt crisis, white house is in damage control mode when it comes to public perception. according to a recent pugh study, one-third of americans believe president obama's policies are hurting the economy. what might be more troubling for 2012, the president is rapidly losing some of his base support. a staggering 96% of african-american voters supported president obama in 2008 but that number slipped to 77 periods of time in 2010 and 50% to 2011. this information coming from a "washington post"/abc poll. how does the president go about getting back his key support senators president of rainbow push coalition jesse jackson joins me. reverend, nice to see you this morning. as we look at the numbers of the loss of ground, in your estimation, how do you think that the president lost so much ground in his own constituency
8:35 am
in such a short period of time? >> first, there is enormous pain in black america. we're the first to vote and the last to benefit. number one in infant mortality. number one in unemployment. number one in the victims of home foreclosures. there's a lot of pain here. if he addresses it more directly he will get the support back. >> everybody in washington, d.c. and the president especially talking about jobs, winning back american support. because as we look at the national average right now, the national unemployment levels stand at 9.2% overall. however, in the black community, it's a whopping 16.2%. when we look at hispanic community, 11.6%. how does the president target those groups specific throeu try to make things a little more equal when it comes to job and equality? >> the operative word may be
8:36 am
"target." because the ceiling is being raised, the floor has been lowered. those on the bottom were the first to vote. the most enthusiastic. so the enthusiasm must have a reciprocal response. we need help now. the target home foreclosure, the growing wealth gap here in chicago will be coming today. disparities must be displayed. we must lift the floor not just the ceiling. that is the key to putting the air back in the ball. >> when we look at the way americans feel, though, about congress, there are negative feelings to go around. 65% of americans are disapprovaling of the gop's handling of jobs, compared to 52% for the president. refer ender, i think it was einstein who said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same
8:37 am
result. do you think if we don't have tax revenues, if we don't raise taxes in this economy, the economy is never going to get back on track and we're never going to have positive job growth. >> we have shielded the wealthy to protect their wealth and let the most vulnerable people exposed. when you throw away trillion dollars plus into iraq, 10 million a week, a day in libya and 2 billion a week in afghanistan, you bail out the banks and home foreclosures continue to rise. without the public option you have insurance companies charging bigger fees and more uninsured people. the bush tabs cut extension thrown in with that, the fact that more is involved in that deal, so the wealthy have gotten much too much expense in the most vulnerable people. you're asking the most
8:38 am
vulnerable to pay for the rich. that policy must change. he wants to change it now, he says. i think it should have been changed before the deal was signed. >> i know you said, and i want i want to paraphrase, they are the first to line up the vote and last to reap the benefits. voter i.d. requirements and show everybody what's going on around the country. everybody take a look at this. the states in green are the ones that have to to -- must have photo i.d.s to vote right now. states in yellow have a rule. if you don't have you can still vote it if you meet other criteria. and states in blue say you must have i.d. but it can be a utility bill to bank statement. reverend, do you think the voter i.d. laws will be significant roadblock to the black community in 2012? >> well, we call it the map of shane. some way to shape the vote.
8:39 am
blacks are simply the canary in the mine. they don't have birth certificates. student i.d. there are more white students than black students. so the whole body of the seniors, the students, black and brown, we see panels of disparate. the department of justice must serve the president well by acting in an aggressive way to protect the integrity of the voting rights. see, what's happening there, some combination of president barack obama mania and state's rights. states rights suppress workers rights, voting rights that's what the whole fight was about. the anniversary of the civil war. what most of them do not realize as they move on the federal government, the federal government protects the union.
8:40 am
once these states have 30% to 40% federal government support. states will face bankruptcy. >> reverend jesse jackson we will continue to watch this story. again, what did you refer to that map? the map of shame. >> the map of shame. because here you have 34 states with some type of voter i.d. it is aimed at 25 million americans have no photo i.d. they could use utility bills, for example. but seniors are being targeted. and students and blacks and browns and the physically disabled. this is a wholesale assault from the voting rights act of '65. they must resist on the mind, and its intent since 1965. we encourage everybody to go online and check that out. reverend, great to see you this morning. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. so developing now u.s. is announce the results of a year
8:41 am
hpbg long investigation into a child porn ring involving 600 people. let's listen in. >>. traded graphic images of adults molesting young children often violently. the role of -- the rules of dream board were clear. to incentivize the creation of child pornography. according to our indictments, in order to become part of the dream board community, prospective members up loaded children under 12 years of age or younger. once given access, participants had to continually upload images of child sexual abuse to maintain. members who created and shared
8:42 am
images. >> u.s. attorney general eric holder making this announcement, the results of a year-long. 62 arrested just in the past year alone. >> tropical storm emily is expected to dump heavy rain in the dominican republic and haiti. the threat of flooding has prompted some people to be evacuated. more than 600,000 people are still without shelter in haiti. emily, fifth named storm of the season is on a path to affect the u.s. east coast this weekend, possibly during into a hurricane off south carolina by monday. we'll be keeping our eyes on it for you. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight. but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did.
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[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] congress can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken the clean air act.
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so if the debt deal is signed, we turn to the super committee making spending cuts in washington, d.c. chris van holland joins me to
8:46 am
talk about that. if there optimism for this super committee to be squashed before the members are picked, six from each side? >> well, i can't say whether there's optimism or not. the super committee will only function if members come to it from both sides with an open mind. we have heard from republican colleagues that revenue is not on the table. and clearly that's going to make it impossible for the super committee to function. but they will have to face this choice. are they more interested in protecting special interest tax breaks like those for big oil companies, or the defense of the united states and national security? because if this super committee does not come up with a way to reduce the deficit there will be very big, big cuts in the area of defense. and so hopefully we can all come to the table and sanity and balance will prevail. >> i want to get your thoughts on the faa furloughs. it's been a big talk throughout the day.
8:47 am
and the fact that congress is leaving for the next five weeks to talk jobs when they go back to their constituents. thousands were trying to financially survive through what they are looking for. was there a way to get this done before everyone left the hill? >> i think there was a scandal that the congress left before resolving this issue. everyone is talking about jobs and the economy and yet by heading out of here before we resolve this issue, as you pointed out, there are a lot of people who are out of work. in addition to losses throughout the construction industry is which is which is facing 20% unemployment. it's unacceptable. and i share everyone's anger that this was left unresolved on the table. >> how does everyone walk bisect ray lahood and look him in the face. >> i don't think they can. >> this is an example of where congress totally failed.
8:48 am
as with respect to the big bargain, the bargain that helped avoid default, you can like it or not like it. but the fact of the matter is congress got its work done. but the faa is exhibit a of how how dysfunctional and that is a terrible blight on the congress. >> nice to see you this morning. thank you. >> good to see you. much more coming up in a moment right here. don't forget, 1:00 p.m., andrea mitchell reports will have nancy pelosi joining her in an exclusive interview. the tea party, the the debt deal and the dysfunctional state of politics in washington. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled,
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welcome back, everybody. right mow senate democratic leaders are holding a press conference to address the stalemate over the faas budget. the legislative logjam has left 4,000 agency employees and 70,000 construction workers islanding without a job to do or a paycheck to collect.
8:52 am
and dozens of airport inspectors are being asked to work for free. i'm joined by former investigator at the national transportation safety board. greg, this stalemate could continue all the way through labor day, which means the government would lose roughly about a billion dollars on tax revenues on airline ticket sales. explain to everybody out there that's just getting hooked in on this, how catastrophic is this scenario to the faa's future and airline travel for the country as a whole? >> well i think when you look at the 4,000 quote noninitial employees at the faa what don't have a job, they are nonessential it may be administrative people, when it affects the projects of improving airports, building new generation towers and of course the air traffic control system, that affects air travel, those improvements are designed for not only fishsy, but safety. it will have a long-term effect the longer this goes on because of the scheduling. >> let's talk about security. can airports still operate safely with the faa in such
8:53 am
budgetary disarray? >> yes, the flight safety, the function of flight safety has not been affected. they have been budgeted. the inspectors are still on the job doing their oversight roles for the airline and charter and commercial aviation industry. that has not been affected. it's these ground programs. it is these airport improvements and of course the new generation air traffic control system that congress really wanted the faa to start pushing forward to improve safety in the skies. >> in your estimation do you think if these 4,000 furloughed workers and more than 70,000 within the construction arm are really just caught in a political tangle right now? they're collateral damage in the fact that bewnt get things done in washington, d.c.? >> i think that's a very good way to put it. they are collateral damage. they have an essential function. unfortunately they've been declared nonessential. and so without the funding to
8:54 am
continue these projects, it's essential for them to get back to work because the more time they spend dormant of course it affects their personal life with a paycheck, it also affects the national air trpt transportation safety system not only from an efficiency standpoint with airports. you're talking runway construction, you're talking airport improvements. those are essential functions for the airlines to operate officialsy as well as safely. so we need to have these programs get back underway before too much longer. >> greg, so everybody understands since 2007 there hasn't been an overall budget, these are bursts of financial support that have to be passed through i think roughly 20 different type of financial budgetary bursts that have gone to the transportation secretary. >> it's unfair to the transportation public, if you will. not only aviation, but across the board only because continuing resolutions keep the federal aviation administration at a funding level of several
8:55 am
years ago. right now with the cost of living and the cost of construction, those numbers keep going up and up and up. so right now, somebody really needs to sit down in congress and give the faa a brand new budget to complete these projects and enhance transportation efficiency and safety. >> greg fife, nice to see you this morning greg. thank you. >> thank you, thomas. since we're talking about frustration in washington, d.c., you need to take a look at this. i don't know if you'd see any of our politicians try this here in the u.s. a mayor in lithuania going to extreme measures on illegal parking. taking a soviet tank and running over a mercedes in a bike lane. this sends a message that the mayor will do anything to keep cyclists riding freely. >> you bet some politicians would like to do that in waerkds. that's going to do it for me today. i'm going to see you back here at 11:00 eastern time tomorrow.
8:56 am
until then you can follow me on twitter. contessa brewer is picking things up next. >> why are you leaving me over here by myself? what happened to us being friends and standing together? you leave me standing on this box, oh, wait, okay. it's about time somebody did something right over here. >> contessa brewer has things in the next hour. another watch in the casey anthony front. >> this is much better with him standing here. i don't feel so alone. >> this proves i didn't wear shorts today. >> is she going to go back to court. and breaking news on the judge handling her check fraud case. she's supposed to be back by 5:00 p.m. today. also what the debt deal means for job creation and itsz affect on some cities across the country. the mayor of washington, d.c. joins me live. and new clues in one of the oldest fbi cold cases. d.b. cooper's 1971 hijacking mystery. we've got the family who now claim it was their relative who did it. we'll tell you all about the
8:57 am
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