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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  August 5, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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we start with breaking news from wall street and main street, after the worst day in nearly three years, stocks are trying to recover add today's much better than expected jobs report. the labor department saying 117,000 jobs were added last month, beating expectations of about 75,000. an encouraging sign the jobless rate ticking down from 9.2% to 9.1%. african-americans and hispanics are doing better than before, but they're still much higher than the national average, as you can see right here. for asians it got worst by one full percentage point. from wall street to washington, we have mandy drury and john howard. mandy, we'll start with you, taking a look at the market, looked a little positive this morning. seeing a turn. >> we have indeed. stocks cause an initial bounce, but if you look at the numbers
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now, they've actually gone into the red. the payrolls essentially relieved some of the anxiety by the u.s. economy, but considering the heavy sentiments of late, the jury is still out as to how we will close out the day. your viewers like to watch this, but despite the lingering uncertainty of the economic growth, partly because of the stock market losses have meant there's a big demand in liquidity for gold. remember, guys, yesterday more than $2 trillion in wealth was erased in that crash. >> that's a big number. mandy, also i'm going to take a look at this, what are some of the good sectors? >> you've got construction, retail, leisure, education and health care, those were areas that saw gains. retail, 26,000, manufacturing, 24,000. as expected, richard, state and local government, which are really hurting at the moment, they share jobs and the financial sector lost jobs. temporary jobs were unchanged.
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>> construction, that's good news since we've seen a down tick within the recent years. thank you mandy. let's bring in cnbc chief washington correspondent, john harwood. when we take a look at the numbers right now, we're getting a reaction to those. house majority leader eric cantor saying the report is still ailing. pawlenty calls the numbers dismal. despite the improvement we've seen, is there still a threat of a double dip recession or are we already in it? >> there is a threat of a double dip recession. i think on balance, that still remains unlikely. i think the view of the obama administration is that it's unlikely. but it's going to be, even in an optimal situation, we've got a weak economy, a slow recovery, and unemployment is going to be way too high for the comfort of people in washington for a long time. >> as we see budgets getting cut both on the national as well as state level, for that matter on a local level, we're seeing public job numbers go down
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consistently, private numbers are growing, that's positive, but slowly. the question that's been put out there is do we need more stimulus? >> certainly democrats believe we need more stimulus. they believe the stimulus that we passed in 2009 was successful. the problem is much of the country doesn't believe that argument as much as the administration and democrats do. the appetite for additional stimulus spending, given what we've just went through on debt and deficits is minimal. you've got to look at the other side. one of the goals of republicans aside from economic recovery is shrinking government. if jobs are lost in the public sector, until they get more heat from voters, they're going to be fine with that. >> for all practical intents and purposes here, it's off the table in terms of adding more stimulus. kline writing an interesting piece yesterday, asking the question can government do anything. if it's not stimulus, what are some of the other ideas, energy or what have you? >> well, the things the obama
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administration believes in are longer term things, building up human capital, education, training, alternative energy. in the near term, the only thing that appears to have some potential in this bitterly divided congress is extending payroll tax cuts. tax cuts as a means of stimulus is a language republicans can understand. direct spending is not. >> john, thank you for that. we watch the reaction to the stock numbers. down 32 at the moment. let's go to mike mccares. what are we expecting to hear from the president zblrchlts it's almost like you can rerack the tape from the first friday of every month. they're going to accentuate the positive, positive report, private sector jobs more than 150,000 last month. there are bumps in the road. they're going to point out that they took on a economy that was tanking, losing 800,000 jobs a
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month. it's been a long road back. republicans can criticize the stimulus as falling short of its goals which speaker boehner has done today. we're going to see the president later today in about an hour, at 11:00 eastern time. jobs for vets program that the president is going to be announcing in washington's navy yard. we expect him to address the jobs numbers. we can also expect him to push for the policy initiatives that john harwood was just talking about, including extending the payroll tax cut. part of extending those bush tax cuts, the payroll tax cuts last through this year, they want to extend it another year. free trade agreement, there's some headway on pending free trade agreements, infrastructure bank to build up this nation's highways and infrastructure. those are the sorts of things we can hear from the president. a lot of policy initiatives and prescriptions and solutions are around the margins, admittedly all the way around.
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a lot of this is out of our control. we talked about the situation in europe, the debt crisis there and the way that's being approached. it's precipitated the gloom and doom in the market. >> vic, some are asking. two years in the presidency, is it his pony to ride right now? >> that's a political question more than an economic question. a question of perception. that's something republicans have encouraged all along. perhaps they're seeing action on that. 9.1%, even though it ticked down a tenth of a percent from july over june, still unacceptably high. we're familiar with the statistics, no president has ever been re-elected with an unemployment rate anywhere near that level. >> we'll have president obama's remarks live coming up at 11:00 a.m. eastern on msnbc. stick around for that. we're waiting for a decision out of orlando on whether casey anthony will have to return to orlando. more on that in 15 minutes.
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a few minutes ago, the senate passing a bill to get 74,000 people back to work after a bipartisan compromise was reached to end the partial faa shutdown. 200 airport construction projects are on hold. things can resume on monday if the president signs the bill. the senate gave in and passed the bill. democrats were against. senator harry reid cautioned even though there's a deal, differences still remain. well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables
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he's back. the governor got an award. he's not done with politics, he joked. >> i want you to know that this is actually also a fundraiser.
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because i'm going to run in 2012. i'm going to run for president of the national body building association. >> all right. one of the attendees admitted some people did not show up at the conference because they were upset about his behavior. he admitted to fathering a child with his housekeeper. remember jimmy mcmillan, the rent is too damn high guy who ran for new york state governor is getting kicked out of his apartment because the landlord wants to hike the rent. mcmillan only pays about $870 a month in new york city's east village, a steal by manhattan standards. his landlords want him out because his rent is too damn low. the l.a. lawyer agreed to plea guilty, pierce o'donnell admitted to giving his family
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money to give to edwards in 2003 for him. this case doesn't have anything to do with john edwards own legal problems. the former presidential candidate faces a handful of federal campaign finance charges. searing temperatures topping 110 degrees. they are cooking states in the south including oklahoma and texas, rolling power outages may begin. taun trong is live in atlanta. some folks are doing something about that weather, aren't they? >> well, it looks fun, but it's also a precaution, richard. you know here at centennial park, a lot of kids come here. a lot of parents and schools, especially on field trips right now, are anticipating that this heat's going to stick around for quite some time. they're trying to do what they can to keep kids cool and hydrated. this heat wave isn't just causing discomfort, it's down right deadly. listen to some of the numbers of some of the affects states.
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in maryland, 21 heat related deaths, in oklahoma 15 people died. ten cases are pending. texas, 11 people have died. all around the country, these records for the high temperatures are being shattered. in one month alone, from july until august right now, more than 3,000 high temperature records have been broken. it's not just the brutal heat. it's persistent heat like in texas, one of the hottest places in the country. in places like san angelo, they've had more than 60 consecutive days of 100 plus degree heat. in wichita falls, they've had more than 40 days of consecutive heat. that's going to cause a lost situations. because of kids coming back to school and getting ready to go back to school, high school football practice and band practice, after three deaths here, two locally in georgia, they've changed the practice schedules. they're practicing either really early in the morning or late in the evening. >> good call. those cooling stations, those
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that are officially cooling stations, the ones behind you, the unofficial cooling stations work out well. thank you so much. will the weekend weather continue to wilt or go by the wayside. for that mike seidel. a lot of folks ask this question, when will we see the relief? >> texas and oklahoma, no relief in sight. the big ridge is stable. excessive warnings every day. it's continued. in 11 states, we have cut the heat back a little bit across the midwest. it won't be quite as hot in the southeast. advisories for columbia, south carolina, augusta, georgia where temperatures cracked the century mark. this the the 5th of august, 35 in a row in dallas above 100. 10 there. little rock, cooler, couple days ago, 105. look at san antonio, 105, wichita false, texas has been at 100 or better every day but one
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since june 2nd. >> here's your national forecast. better in kc. nice day in chicago, you may get a late day storm in new york city. texas and oklahoma will stay hot. for the weekend, if you're in the west coast, beautiful weather, portland, seattle, l.a., san francisco, 70s and 80s. no change there. down south and along the gulf coast, it will be hot an sticky. an increasing threat of thunderstorms along the eastern seaboard saturday and sunday. 90 degree weather for philadelphia, new york and boston. not on the docket for at least the next five days. at least some areas have been very hot this summer get a break, but for the poor folks in dallas and oklahoma city, it goes on and on. by this time next week, more than likely, dallas will tie their record streak of 42 consecutive triple digit days setback during that torrid summer of 1980. richard, back to you. >> the cooler inside areas in
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atlanta. >> you need it. the takeaway from your report is that it's cooler. >> i don't know if anybody notices the difference. 110, 105, i don't know if people notice the difference. it's august, we still have another four to six weeks where it can hit 100 in dallas. >> thanks for saying that. you have a good weekend. >> upping the number of named storms to between 14 and 19. out of those ten could become hurricanes. between three to five could become major hurricanes. designer lolita healy copy writed her first cartoon character when she was 12. she did the same 12 years later with hand painted martini glasses. she licensed the brand for everything from pajamas to
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it's round two. casey anthony's lawyers, jose baez and cheney mason defending her. judge belvin perry deciding whether anthony should serve one year probation for check fraud. we're looking at live pictures. the defense team said the 25-year-old served her probation while in jail during the murder trial where she was acquitted of
7:20 am
killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. you can see anthony's lawyers on the left hand side. judge perry says it's not clear-cut. he's been reading other cases to check for a precedent in this case. let's listen for just a second. >> someone to serve probation while in custody. it undermines the purpose of community supervision. the point of probation is to assist probationers reassimilate back into the community while being properly supervised and monitored. this supervision was supervision in name only. ms. anthony was required to do nothing since she was in pc at the time, other than seeing her attorneys from time to time. her only obligation was not to attack anybody or try to escape, and she would have successfully completed this probation. the state does, however, acknowledge and recognize that another -- >> let's bring in thomas mesirose.
7:21 am
they're talking about supervision here. is this with regard to how to understand what is probation and what isn't? >> well, first of all, you know, the terms and conditions of probation can vary depending on what the agreement was. certainly, when one is in jail or one is in prison, you can commit crimes. people are charged and convicted of criminal conduct while they are incarcerated. if she was not technically on probation while she was in jail, she could have engaged in improper behavior in jail and it would not have violated the conditions. it's a somewhat confusing situation. i have to assume that the judge is going to look at what the probation department believes and wanted and i'm told they sent a formal letter saying she had completed her probation successfully while she was in jail. >> an experienced judge, judge belvin perry is. he was saying how he had to look at precedents before, he had to
7:22 am
read in on this. how common is it to understand and debate and make a decision whether or not probation was served based on time already served? >> i practice in california. it's not very common, because usually, the terms and conditions are spelled out very clearly when the agreement is entered into. you know, i know in california, you can be on probation while you're incarcerated. i don't know what happened. >> in this case. what happens if judge belvin perry denies the request here of the defense? >> well, then -- well, she probably will have to return to florida to straighten out when her probationary period begins. one thing i've been able to do in some cases in california is i've had clients enter into plea agreements and move out of state and they were allowed to do their probation in another state. i have to assume, based on what i've heard, if she's asked to return, she probably will try and do her probation somewhere
7:23 am
else. >> thomas, what do you think of this? the judge who sentenced her to her probation in the court proceedings did not use the words upon release. why does that have any bearing to what might be debated today, that "upon release," what's the difference? >> i think the question is when did probation begin? when was she actually being supervised in a probationary setting. those words are critical. >> would it be any different, if you said outside of the proceedings or within the proceedings? >> no. i think when the deal was done, those were the terms and conditions. that's why the defense is saying it's double jeopardy. you can't change the deal somewhere down the line. >> he was saying upon release, that's when it would start. what is casey you think doing right now? you mentioned previous cases you've been involved in probably out of state she might be able to serve in the other state she's in. what do you think she's probably doing at the moment?
7:24 am
>> well, obviously, she's laying low. my understanding is nobody's really seen her. they've tried to sight her in various states. i don't think any of it has been successful. i think she's trying to let time pass, let public attention simmer down before she makes her next move. >> we're looking at round two right now. live proceedings on the left hand side of your screen. jose baez, cheney mason, lawyers for casey anthony fighting for her. we might see her or we may not. thank you, thomas. air strikes hitting close to him for gadhafi and a beetle is hacked as well. next. of revolutionary mobile apps to trade wherever. whenever. life isn't fully experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. [ birds chirping ] so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later?
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7:28 am
have at home in between deployments. one of moammar gadhafi's sons is dead after a nato air strike. rebels say gadhafi was among 32 people killed on a strike on a government operation center. polygamist leader warren jeffs was found guilty of sexually assaulting two child brides. jefs fathered a child with a 15-year-old girl and an audio recording of jefs having sex with a 12-year-old girl. former beatle paul mccartney says he plans to contact police following his ex-wife's claims they were spied on. heather mills accusing the trinity mirror group of hacking into her voice mail messages. in just about an hour, nasa will launch a spacecraft to jupiter. juno has a long commute, five years to reach the solar
7:29 am
system's largest planet. juno's mission, to figure out the ingredients of the gas planet which will take at least a year. we have live pictures of it getting fueled up and taking off. we all want to eat as healthy as possible. eating healthy costs money. wait until you hear just how much. don't pop the champagne cork yet, but today's jobs report is showing a little bit of sign of improvement. 117,000 jobs were added in july, and the unemployment rate dipped down to 9.1%, better than what the experts were thinking. that number jumps up to 16.1% when you factor in people who have given up on their job search or settled for part time work. that's where our next guest comes in. gary swart is the ceo of o, matching freelancers with companies across the world.
7:30 am
i know you got up early for us. we appreciate that. your website has seen a huge jump in the number of freelancers in the past year. we were looking at some of the numbers and expressing those a moment ago. do you expect this trend will continue given the economic environment? do you expect to see jobs getting better? >> we do indeed, richard. we're seeing a internet as a wao get work done. our platform enables companies to hire, manage and pay remote talent from all over the world. year on year, we've seen it double in the number of jobs posted. up to 93,000 jobs in the month of july alone. >> you're up 71%, a staggering number there. what's auer thought on this? are these freelance jobs that are out there right now, do you see them converting to long term jobs? >> we do indeed. what happens is a lot of people turn to the internet, companies are looking for a way to get work done. they typically start small and
7:31 am
once they see the benefits of this way of working, they turn it into longer term assignments. so we are seeing the average job right now in excess of four months. >> four months. so what are the good sectors for these freelance jobs that convert to full time. >> we're seeing a lot of technical work, things done in front of a computer, programming and web design and the like, but we're also seeing a lot of jobs in marketing, in content creation, think writing, think content moderation, even finance and legal jobs as well. really any job that can be done in front of a computer, we're seeing massive year on year growth. >> do you see people saying this is the new reality? i'm always going to be doing freelance work? you should get used to this having short term jobs one after another? >> we do think that this is a new trend that's becoming the new reality. when contractors figure out that they can work from home, they can work on the jobs they want at the time frame they want,
7:32 am
they have the flexibility and balance. they realize they can make good money by working remotely for clients, they tend to like it instead. we've seen significant number, we have over 12,000 full time equivalents working every month now. we're adding 300 net new workers every single week. that number grows at about 2% a week. >> as that number grows, the number of clients ufr looking for jobs must be in the hundreds or thousands. do you have that certainty with the deal, that debt deal, do we have more understanding of the companies that can spend that $2.5 trillion it's estimated they have in cash, with all that out there, will they start spending it to hire more workers? >> i believe they will. and i believe they're going to hire contract workers for many of the reasons that we already talked about. one, its access to talent not available in their local geography. two, the cost reduction.
7:33 am
>> we want full time jobs out there, that's what we want is full time jobs? >> we do want full time jobs, but just because somebody is remote doesn't mean they're not full time. you end up with these long term contractors, once they start working hourly, remotely, companies like this model. they like this blended workforce of on-premise and remote. we think the contract jobs will continue. it's a leading indicator of what's to come. >> i guess beggars can't be choosers. we'll take every job we can get, whether it's freelance or part time. thank you, gary. >> have a great day. >> if you're looking for work, the latest unemployment numbers are probably not giving you a lot of hope. mark johnson has been unemployed for seven months. he was laid off from his job as a capitol hill staffer. thank you for your time today. >> good morning. >> you're successful by many measures. well educated. you worked for congress as a staffer. you were steadily employed for
7:34 am
the better part of a decade. you've been unemployed for seven months. why can't you find work? what's the biggest obstacle for you? >> i get a lot of reasons. i hear overqualified rather often. which is funny to me, because i mean, if i'm qualified to do the job and i'm willing to take a pay decrease for it, i'm willing to do that. i get overqualified quite often. the other reasons, i honestly couldn't tell you. you know, a lot of jobs in the industries i look for are asking for capitol hill experience. well, i have it. i just couldn't really tell you, because it's the economy -- the economy is not affecting what i do, per se. >> what are you doing to look for a job? you have had access to capitol hill. you know all of the people that are in that network. i can imagine a lot of fortune 500 businesses wanting access? >> i stay on the internet, going
7:35 am
on various websites, you know, applying daily. that's pretty much my job as of late is applying for jobs. for whatever reason, the phone hasn't been ringing. >> you know, you worked for the government ten years. do you think they can help with this job situation? you know all the people, you know all of the lawmakers. >> they certainly can. you know, in lieu of the recent reports and everything like that, you know, we hear talk about, you know cutting back government spending and things of that nature, if you cut back government spending, they're flesh and bone people who work for these programs in which the programs are going to be slashed. you know, you may increase things in the private sector but you may hurt people in the public sector. >> mark, you have had some tough times. i understand that you got laid off, a month later, you had a new addition to your family. how are you handling all of this financially and emotionally? >> i have a fantastic support system between you know, family,
7:36 am
friends, you know, my church has been essential. that is key in getting through this hard time. you know, you think about others who may not have that kind of support system. i couldn't imagine what they may be dealing with. but i have a fantastic support system. they are helping me out in all ways possible. >> maybe somebody who is watching today will help you too. mark johnson, thank you. >> thanks, richard. >> the situation is so dire in somalia right now, the u.s. estimates that the drought and famine there have killed more than 29,000 children are under the age of 5 in just the last 90 days alone. meanwhile, vice president's wife, jill biden, is going to be leading a fact finding mission to east africa this weekend to see what more the u.s. can do to help victims of the famine that's devastating the region. joining me live now is nbc's kate snow in kenya, near the somalia border. hi, kate. >> hi, richard, how are you.
7:37 am
there are relief efforts starting to get in here, a lot of fact finding missions. that's a start. we caught up yesterday with one woman who decided to lead an aid convoy into somalia itself. the thing that is so unique about this is the history of amanda. >> i want to go in five minutes. this has been going on too long already. >> reporter: organizing a food convoy into southern somalia is a logistical nightmare. not many small aid organizations are even attempting it. >> these are trucks. >> i'm so excited to be bringing these trucks into somalia all right 30-year-old amanda's challenge is more impressive considering the last time she spoke from inside somalia. >> i don't know how much longer i can bear this. >> reporter: she had been working as a freelance journalist when she was kidnapped in mogadishu, held for
7:38 am
15 and a half months. >> take care. i don't want to die here. >> they didn't treat you well at all? >> no. it was about as bad as you can imagine. i was kidnapped by a handful of teenage boys. you can only begin to imagine the types of abuse i endured. it probably surpasses where your imagination can go. >> daily? >> daily. >> chained alone in a pitch black room, she began to dream about what she would do if she ever made it out alive. >> i found that the most positive way to spend the time was really to think about programs that i could create that would one day transform somalia into a better place. >> reporter: after amanda's family paid for her release, she returned to her native canada. thursday morning, she set off for the very country she once begged to leave. >> i was really tossing and turning. i think maybe questioning right up until the end if i could actually go through with it. here i am now, and i feel ready.
7:39 am
>> permission from the transitional government. >> yes, i was welcomed in. welcome to somalia, he said. >> you just stepped into smallia. >> they unloaded enough food for 14,000 people. >> the last time i was here was not so good. at the moment i'm feeling better. there's a lot of security around and you look at the little kids here. and that's the whole reason. >> reporter: feeding the hungry was the reason for doing the convoy. amanda says it was about reclaiming a piece of herself and facing her fears, richard, and knowing she could let those fears go. interesting to note she's called her parents and told them she's okay and told them she's planning on doing another convoy. her website is global enrichment
7:40 am there's also information on our website for how to help any victims of the famine. >> kate snow in kenya for us. we're looking at the dow right now. will it sink or will it buoy. as you can see right there, it went from plus 1 to plus 5. we are reacting to the jobs report. up 117,000. how will the rest of the day react after getting battered by 500 yesterday? 6
7:41 am
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fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. >> obesety and high blood pressure are partly to blame in gout cases in the u.s. over the last 20 years. boston university school of medicine looked at 6,000 adults over two decades and the prevalence of gout rose slightly. gout is a type of inflammatory
7:44 am
arthritis and affects 4% of americans. good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. president obama's first live comments on the july's job report. despite the good numbers, are we already in a double dip recession? this after yesterday's massive stock market bleed. are the recent washington sh shenanigans to blame? three of the gop candidates signed a controversial pledge to federally abolish same-sex marriage. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> looking forward to that. thank you, thomas. we just heard that judge belvin perry in orlando, florida, making a decision on whether or not the time served by casey anthony, when she was being held before that trial would serve as time served for her probation. he has decided, he has just announced, as you see lawyers,
7:45 am
you see them as lawyers come to his desk there, that no decision will be made today. he has also said that there's no time line. that was what we're waiting for. he's not making a decision today. we're speaking with thomas mesareau who said there's a lot to watch in this decision. he's a current defense attorney who gave us perspective on what could happen. we'll continue to watch this of course for you. too expensive to eat healthy. it could cost you almost $400 more a year to eat healthy according to a new study by the journal of health affairs. during tough times that means eating well to meet the new u.s. nutritional guidelines. the people who spend the most on food tend to meet the four recommended newtriennewtrients. those who spent less did not and had a higher consumption of
7:46 am
sugar. joining me is a registered diet igs, kerry glassman. what do you think of the study? >> i think it was one study. there have been other studies that have shown when people increase their diets, they spent less money. it comes down to being better educated in where you spend your dollars. you can buy frozen, canned, seasonal and buy in bulk. you can reduce costs if you take out high costs food such as bags of chips. this was one study that looked at a specifically potassium in general. >> which brings up the question what are people doing? what are the tradeoffs that families that are on the poverty line that would like to eat healthy but maybe can't have to make this choice of spending up to 10% more per year? >> what happens is people go into the grocery store and they're looking at the foods.
7:47 am
maybe they have their kids with them and they go towards the cereals and the bags of chips and not making a plan. parents and families need to do is make a plan for the week and make sure there isn't waste, they're planning ahead, looking at coupons ahead of time. really getting the most for their money. as far as nutrients, you can spend less and get more nutrition. >> give us ideas. >> for example, looking at coupons, looking at what is on sale, what is on sale at that moment. sometimes they are doing two for one. you can buy one on sale that week. buying seasonally, foods seasonally are less expensivexp. buying frozen, dried milk, rice in bulk and making leftovers and freezing items. >> bananas are cheaper than other foods. >> exactly. it's looking ahead. for the government, people need to be more educated in sense of
7:48 am
how to plan and how to eat more appropriately. another example would be even choosing less expensive protein items like eggs and beans are less expensive. often people don't know to make those choices. we need more education -- >> should the government get on that? >> there should be more education. we know the government is trying to educate us, educating in terms of planning and in terms of saving money, but also there should be more nutrition programs to help people actually meet their nutrition needs. >> what's most effective. >> things like vouchers, financial incentives. >> healthy vouchers. >> yes, healthy incentives, buying fresh produce. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> today's tweet of the day, before you do anything in stocks or biz, remember this, first there are the innovators, then the imitators, then you got the idiots. that's what he said. know what you are, he says. [ groans ] you okay?
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we're waiting to hear from president obama on the heels of those job numbers which just came out. in just a few moments he'll be speaking at the washington navy yard. he's expected to unveil his plan to help unemployed veterans find jobs. president obama wanting here to extend tax credits to businesses who train and hire veterans. the measure would have to be approved by congress. we'll have it for you on msnbc. i want to bring in kelly gauf, contributinget to ee ee e. does he risk overpromising what the government can do when it comes to jobs? >> every politician risks
7:53 am
overpromising what the government can do when it comes to jobs and the economy. you listen to any economist on your show, richard, what they often tell you is so much of it is beyond the control of any legislative body. that's the reality. in terms of timing, i have to say, talk about a decent belated birthday gift in terms of the jobs numbers, especially with what happened on wall street yesterday and especially with what we saw happened in may or june. >> it looked like a perfect storm brewing there. >> for republicans, yes. >> for the economy, it looked really bad. >> in terms of it being a political benefit for republicans, it would have capped off a not particularly great week for him in terms with the debt ceiling debate. there's a "new york times" cbs poll that shows the overwhelming majority of americans seem to actually blame republicans, particularly congress for this debacle. if you look at those numbers,
7:54 am
what you're seeing is 82% disapprove the job congress did. 72% disapprove of republican members of congress handling the situation, whereas the president's disapproval numbers have held steady. they're at 47%. >> do you think physical get worse? goes with the jobs and economy? >> that's going to fluctuate with the jobs and economy. this will fluctuate with what the gop does. john boehner had a decent favorability number. after this debacle his disapproval rating has shot up 15 points. look. it's one of those things, where someone once said to me politics doesn't give you a better choice. it gives you a bad choice and better choice. that's what we're seeing with americans in the poll. >> that is, is this now the president's pony to ride? he has often said the administration has said we inherited a lot of this. how does he juggle this? >> i think again, it's going to depend on who his adversaries, i hate to use that term, because
7:55 am
everybody should be working together, if the gop keeps its perception going, they are the ones who are not compromising which is what this poll showed. americans blame them for not compromising enough, not him, it perhaps becomes less about him. if he gets good news like this, not enough job growth, but more than we've seen, that's not bad to head into 2012 with. >> great way to kick us off into the next hour. >> i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. president obama coming up next. stick around. [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer?
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breaking news at this hour as we are waiting for president obama's first remarks on today's better than expected jobs report for july. finally, some good news on the economy after the dow's worst day in three months yesterday. will it be enough to stop the global fear factor rocking markets around the world? hi, everybody, great to have you
7:59 am
with me on this friday morning, i'm thomas roberts. as i mentioned in just a few moments, president obama will unveil his push to help the nation's vets find private sector jobs. he's speaking live at the washington navy yard any minute. he is expected to speak about today's jobs report at the top of his remarks. among the possibility or proposals that he's unveiling to help veterans is a returning heroes tax credit which would give businesses that hire vets a tax break. he's announcing a new department of defense task force to put in place new programs to help train vets for private sector jobs. there it is, the podium all set up. everybody in place. we're going to bring you the president's remarks live as soon as they happen. as i mentioned, the first investors are breathing a sigh of relief about today's market report. the jobs numbers, unemployment ticked down slightly to 9.1% with the economy adding 177,000 jobs. the other big number comes from the private


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