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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 8, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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. high anxiety. world markets react to the first ever downgrade of u.s. debt. family feud. why a new york city man purposely drove his father's minivan into a central park pond. hot air scare. a chinese daredevil loses his balance during a death defying stunt. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin with a historic
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downgrade. around the world financial markets are on edge after the united states credit rating was knocked down a notch friday. this morning, u.s. futures are already taking a hit as are asian markets. nbc's brian mooar as the latest. >> reporter: president obama didn't show the heat as he returned from a weekend at camp david despite the u.s. credit downgrade by standard & poor's. but now his administration has to convince the world that s&p got it wrong. s&p stripped our aaa rating dropping us into a league with new zealand and belgium. >> it's about the difficulty in all sides finding a kong census around policy choices now and in the future. >> if the fiscal position of the united states deteriorates further or political gridlock becomes more entrenched it could
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le lead to a downgrade. >> it is a tea party downgrade. it brought us to the brink of a default. >> if we listen to the tea party we'd have $4 trillion reductions in debt over time and not been downgraded. >> reporter: the financial fallout starts as the world markets open for monday business. >> the mutual reaction in my judgment is going to being negative. >> reporter: they expect an increase in rates and the whole world is watching to see what happens next. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> treasury secretary timothy geithner was quick to take aim at standard & poor's. >> i think s&p has shown really terrible judgment and handled it so pooring and shown a stunning lack of knowledge about fiscal budget math and drew the wrong
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conclusion about this agreement. >> he has told president obama he is staying put. geithner is now the last remaining member of the original economic team. across the nation people are mourning the 30 american service members killed in an attack this weekend in afghanistan. nbc's francis coe has more. >> reporter: the close-knit community prayed for the 30 service members killed over the weekend. >> i know the boys were doing what they love and they live for that. but to lose them is tough. >> reporter: navy s.e.a.l. aaron vaughn was based in virginia beach, 1 of 22 killed in the attack. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. >> it just felt like what he was
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doing was his duty and we were very proud of him. >> reporter: eight other u.s. service members died in the crash. among them 30-year-old patrick ham pittsburgher who was a sergeant in the air national guard survived by his fiancee. air force tech sergeant john brown, the mother of the special forces medic never knew anyone more patriotic, she said. >> if there is a comfort in it, i am so proud of my son. >> reporter: in afghanistan they had just completed a rescue mission that helped a ranger unit that came under fire. u.s. troops are working to remove the debris from the crash site. even as fighting continues in the area. while back home military communities across the country continue to deal with the overwhelming loss of 30 american heroes.
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franc franciscoe, nbc news. to london where extra police were on the streets sunday after clashes saturday sdpashged by the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old by a police officer. over the weekend a total of 160 were arrested. jillian kelly from itn has more. >> reporter: flames leap into the night from a double decker bus. more than 300 rioters through petrol bombs and fireworks. several homes and shops were also set on fire. police cars were attacked and three were set alight. more than 100 riot police battled for hours to control the situation. 36 police officers were injured, two are still in hospital. the violence broke out after 120 people protested at the police
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station about the fatal shooting of a local man by armed officers thursday. the independent police complaints commission is investigating the shooting. >> the looting, the damage, the concern that it's now cost people to their businesses is absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: this area of london has a history of tension with the police and there were terrible riots here in 1985 when a police officer was killed. the local mp was called for calm. >> we don't know if there are fatalities within their homes and houses and shots about the shops that are burnt out. we have officers in hospital. some of whom are seriously injured. this is a disgrace. >> reporter: many buildings have been looted or totally destroyed. the next job is to check them for fatalities inside. jillian kelly, itv news. your first look at some of
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the other news. a serene saturday in new york central park was interrupted by a family feud. park dwellers scattered to avoid a speeding mini vin driven by a son looking to hit his dad where it hurt. he drove the van into a pond, payback to his father, he told onlookers for loving the vehicle pore than him. no one hurt and the driefsh arrested. the king and queen as waves were crowned wiping out the competition on their way taking top spots at the u.s. open of surfing. they took top crash prizes in the rifrning surfing event of the year. finally, would have loved to reel this in. a fisherman has a story to tell. using live eel bait, greg managed to pull an 81-pound striped bass from a connecticut
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waterway. he's waiting for his catch and new record to be officially confirmed. i can almost see my father drooling over that picture. don't worry, dad. next time we'll get them. your national weather and we turn to bill karins. it's the live eel bait. >> i've used herring before. that's usually a typical live bait. >> 81 pounds. >> sat across from another anchor who went bass fishing before. >> we're out there and rugged like that. >> good to see lynn on the deck with her feet up. well, good morning, everyone. let's talk about this forecast. around the country it was a hot, humid weekend. especially anywhere east of the appalachians. humidity was cranked up. a lot of people were dodging showers and thunderstorms on saturday and on sunday afternoon but there's really no relief as far as the heat goes. still going to watch the hot conditions throughout the southern half of the country. heat advisories through much of
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texas, arkansas, northern louisiana, mississippi, western portions of tennessee and also some heat advisories for the carolinas including the five boroughs of new york city today too. dallas, you continue on this amazing streak of all the way back in june you had your last day not in the 100s. now 37 days in a row with eachary every afternoon above 100 degrees. the record is 42 back in the hottest summer ever recorded 1980 for you. so we have a chance of beating this. only five more days to tie it. we should tie it friday because it's going to be about 106 today, 109 tuesday. close to what happens wednesday and thursday. if we keep this up on saturday we should break the all-time record. not a record we want to break but almost there. rain, a lot ended. a lot of heavy rain outside new york city. some showers are going through northern new england but mostly a dry morning. the exception is for areas in the middle of the country, traveling in missouri near
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omaha, kansas city, st. louis, definitely springfield, numerous thunderstorms. here's how it looks this monday. the record heat continues, 106 in dallas, 101 in san antonio. houston and wichita falls, austin, oklahoma city, sh reef sport, little rock, that same area will brake bake. it's amazing, many are starting school so i'm sure there's more than one teacher up this morning that is not thrilled. 91 and the humid air. >> the poor kids. it's like august -- >> it's that hot and humid. >> come on, not fair. give the kids a break. the downgrade won't just affect stocks. other ripples to expect.
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welcome back to "first look." top stories making news. fresh fire is being reported in syria one day after claiming of at least 42 people killed in a government crackdown on protesters. for the first time syria's arab neighbors have condemned the regime. authorities say a northeast ohio man went on a neighborhood shooting rampage killing seven including his girlfriend before being shot and killed by police. no word on a possible motive. startling new revelations about the private life of jacqueline kennedy. england's "sunday express" claims secret audiotapes being released to abc by caroline revealed she believed her
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husband's assassination was part of a conspiracy involving then vice president lyndon b. johnson and a group of texas tycoons. the paper claims mrs. kennedy had her own affairs with hollywood star william holden and fiat car mogul johnny iynelli. no buyers at an auction of a 1940s stag film that an event promoter claims monroe had sex. they called the film a fraud. scary moments for a tight rope walker in china when high winds caused him to fall during a stunt between two hot air balloons. fortunately he managed to catch the fire and pull himself to safety and do a backflip there. how wall street will kick
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off the day, it gained 60 points friday, the s&p down a fraction and the nasdaq lost 23. overseas trading. this is where it gets rough. in tokyo, the nikkei skid 202 and the hang seng dropped 455. as we reported, wall street will have its first reaction to the first ever downgrade by standard & poor's. after a weekend to digest it analysts have fingers crossed today's stock impact will be relatively modest. asian markets across the pacific were heavily down. also in asia oil continued its sharp fall. now below $84 a barrel. the downgrade may have other immediate effects. a number of key american components including fannie mae and freddie mac are likely to be downgraded themselves later
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today. that could make mortgages more expensive adding stress to an already unstable housing market. today investors will also focus on europe's ongoing debt crisis. officials there worked throughout the weekend to try help italy avoid a bailout and halt fears of a debt default. on both europe and america's downgrade the group of seven industrial countries issued a statement late last night saying they were taking all necessary measures to support financial stability and growth. well, tomorrow the fed meets, expect to hold interest rates at their current low. some still hold out hope for another round of billions in bond buying stimulus. elsewhere, 45,000 verizon workers went on strike sunday unable to agree on a new contract. finally, sunday warren buffett's berkshire hathaway made a buy-out for transatlantic
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the red sox and yankees battling head to head for first place. here's nbc's bill seward. >> hi, everybody. if you're a baseball fan it doesn't get much better than the yankees and red sox with first place on the line at fenway. ninth inning, sox down one, man on third. all pedroia has to do is hit it deep. he does that. sac fly to left. we're off to extra innings. completed it in the tenth. reddick with an rbi single and red sox walk off with a 3-2 win and take over first place in the a.l. east. to texas, the rangers hung a five spot, elle just andrews scored a pair. they beat the tribe, 5-3. rays and a's, that rhymes and so does this, wham, bam, thank you willingham. tough for the mets. reyes left with a strained
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hamstring and an acl was torn on 28. chipper jones singling the go-ahead run and mets lose in more ways than one. nascar, despite breaking his ankle, brad keselowski won his second race of the year at pocono. the big story in golf was supposed to be tiger woods' return. instead his recently fired caddie stole the spotlight. woods struggled for the third straight day. bogey and tied for 37. tiger's old caddie scott dominated and won, 145 wins as a caddie. 72 of them with tiger, but stevie said this one thumps them all. was that at a shot at his old boss? to be continued. that's your first look at sports. i'm bill seward. >> now for another quick look at
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the weather, bill karins. >> i don't know if i welcomed you back officially. >> you have the scam going on. the same forecast while i was away. >> hot still. >> i hope you enjoyed your two weeks of helping the kids volunteering all the time. that's how you got the nice tan. >> good morning. showers and thunderstorms widespread have dried up. we'll do it again this afternoon. if you're in northern new england, you have showers this morning but from boston to hartford, providence, to albany. have the umbrella. new york city southward, not a lot of humid weather. won't take much to get one of them to pop up. temperatures warm. when you walk outside you'll feel it. temperature right now, 79 to start your morning in philly, so that means we're going into the 90s in most locations. those are the showers and storms that will affect all of new england northward during the day.
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by syracuse and buffalo. in the southeast today, we are going to see wet weather once again from atlanta to orlando, everybody will be ducking in from the showers and storms. heat in the middle of the country probably won't end until september. >> thanks so much. coming up in the year of "r" rated comedies how did the one that opened this weekend do? a apes found themselves at the top. first look on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry.
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time for entertainment news. the big surprise at the box office wasn't who won but by how much. "rise of the planet of the apes" took in $54 million taking in 15 to $20 million more than analysts expected. the family film "the smurfs" had a strong second weekend taking second place with an impressive $21 million. don't shake your head. that's a classic. the star-packed sci-fi western "cowboys and aliens" fell to third. disappointing with under 16 million. and finally what's going on here. the weekend's big bust, ryan reynolds and jason bateman's r-rated comedy "the change-up" had just $13.5 million. >> ryan reynolds hasn't had a hit. just stick his face in front of the screen. >> maybe his shirt was on for
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most of the movie. >> it wasn't the whole twilight. they did master that. just don't wear a shirt. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early with willie geist" starts right now. the white house spent the weekend attacking the credibility of standard & poor's after the united states receives a stunning downgrade to its long held aaa credit rating friday. this morning we'll see what that move does to the already struggling markets. the question is, should we be more focused on fixing the root of our economic problems than on shooting the standard & poor's messenger. meanwhile, a devastating weekend in afghanistan where a helicopter shot down 38 people dead. 30 american service members, 22 of those navy s.e.a.l.s. the question is how did it happen and what does it peen for the war? a live report from richard engel. a bad night to be a yankee fan as


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