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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 9, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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ensure that they have identified everybody appropriately, and the families get the remains. appropriately, and in a dignified and respectful manner. we expect that the president will be here until 4:30 or so, and then the painstaking identification process will begin, tamron, and na wi nnd th take some time. >> and tom, some people are wondering why no photographs are released or the media is kept out, can you explain why. >> and you know, under president obama, the policy changed. if the family consent they allow photographs of the dignified process, however, they do need family consent, and in this case because they have not been able to ensure that one of the remains belongs to a particular casket and for everybody involved, they were unable to get family consent for all 30 people or 38 people, because you have to include also the afghans and because they don't have
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family consent and because they are still in the process of identifying the bodies, they felt that it was in the interest of privacy and respect. >> thank you, tom. again, the dignified transfer begins at 2:15. now, over to afghan where the investigation includes the chinook chopper, and atia is joining us with answers to the questions, because we know the chinook and it has been a reliable helicopter, and there are questions about the chinook in this type of mission? >> well, absolutely, tamron. when you see such casualties, and the numbers we saw on saturday, many people will be questioning why they were using a chinook helicopter to go into this area, but a majority of the
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area of afghanistan is remote and rugged and terrain is necessary for the forces and the afghanistan terrain is different to get into the areas where tangi valley operation forces were going to land, but the problem is with any helicopter and as they are landing and taking off, they are an easy target, but without the helicopters there is no way to get into many of the areas. tamron? >> we know there are questions about the mission, itself, and we are waiting for new details to come forward and we thank nbc's atia abawi for that report. we are awaiting a important announcement from the u.s. federal policy makers.
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you see the dow is up 130 points after plunging 635 points yesterday in wake of the first-ever downgrade of american credit rating friday by s&p and in ten minutes we will get a statement from the fed which is wrapping up one of the regularly scheduled meetings on interest rates, and while the fed is expected to keep the rates at record low, wall street will look for some action that might invest consumer confidence and chief washington correspondent john harwood is joining us live. john, we heard from the president, and the tone is certainly positive and not received well by everyone, but what can we expect from the fed as we watch that the dow is up and maybe you can explain why we are seeing a better hour now on the, mas. >> well, wall street is not the only one hoping for action from the fed. you can bet that the white house would be quite pleased if the federal reserve decides to take some steps to firm up support for the economy and perhaps expand monetary policies as they have done in the past. when i talked to tim geithner over the weekend he said still
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room for governments and central banks to act, and today is the time for the central banks to do that and today is a better day for the white house than yesterday, because instead of a 600-point drop, you have the market up couple hundreds of points so that means the rockiness of yesterday is eased. >> what could make those on wall street feel better today? >> some variant of a new approach to pump new money into the economy. the federal reserve has had a greater effect on the economy since president obama has been in office than the president's own policies have, quantitative easing and rounds one and two, a lot of criticism of that and critics warning it could result in inflation and especially now that we have seen the commodity prices coming down, there is some argument that the democratic economists are making and we heard diane swonk make this argument with andrea mitchell in the last hour that
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there is room for the federal reserve action and if they take it, it could provide a lift to the markets and the economy. >> but would that be a new bond buying program na we sa that we end of in june? >> yes, ben bernanke has been creative in the tenure as federal reserve chairman and you could buy more and hold the ones that you have longer and other steps to take as well requirements for bank could be adjusted in ways that put more money into the economy. it is all a different way of pumping money into the economy and their willingness to do that depends in large measure on the risk of inflation, because of course, the fed has a dual mandate, one, to keep the economy growing and secondly to prevent inflation which does not seem to be a problem. >> thank you, john harwood, and we will keep an eye on the fed statement. and now the domino effects of the downgrade of the aaa credit rating on state and local government.
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standard & poor's said it will decide shortly if it will cut the states and cities an counties and even some school districts. moody's has placed five states on a possible downgrade of the aaa grading. and on the list is maryland, virginia, south carolina, tennessee and new mexico, and joining me now is maryland governor martin o'malley and you got good news from the s&p and what is the news? >> well, today, they don't have an intention to downgrade us. our state has had a aaa bond rating as our neighbors in virginia, but when you see the extremism in congress, and a desire to dismantle the federal government, i think that can make anybody a little wit pessimistic about the future to say the least. >> but to day, you have good news, but part of the announcement friday from the s&p and even wall street yesterday what we saw is psyche. when you have that uncertainty, and people who live in your
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state, they wonder, yeah, today, they say we are okay, but what about tomorrow? what is the worst-case scenario that you are looking at here? >> well, that is -- that's really the crisis that we have right now. i mean, if you look at the economy for the last 17 months, private sector has been adding jobs. is it as fast as we'd like? no, we would not. but this is a crisis of confidence that comes about when the more reasonable members of the republican party allow their party to be taken over by extremists. so for maryland's case with the aaa bond rating we have made the tough decisions time and time again and unpopular things, and cuts, and increasing our sales tax by a penny by we went out into the market ten days before that deal in congress and we actually got a very good price in the markets and fortunately don't have to go back out until february. in the meantime, we will be able to invest in the roads, create jobs building new schools and make the investments in the infrastructure that the aaa bond
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rating is designed to support. >> much of the state, you have a high number of federal employees in maryland, and how are you affected be i the deal that was brokered and you mentioned the republicans and as you believe unwilling to work right after the president's remarks yesterday and as we were watching the dow continue to plunge that eric cantor come back to tell his party, the caucus to stand strong in fighting any tax revenue. >> these guys are too much. 50% of registered republican voters understand that we need a balanced approach. it is not going to hurt any millionaires or billionaires to go back to paying the same fair share of taxes they were paying under president clinton and that could be and should be part of the balanced approach. here is the danger. there's two ways to drive our country into a double-dip, either by telling those extremists to plunge us into a needless default or by massive public sector cuts to the very things that our federal
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government does that we need for them to do in terms of the science and the security and the healing and all of those institutions happen in this baltimore/virginia area, so we are more vulnerable to that sort of extremism when it starts dismantling the federal government, but i have confidence that there are good and moderate people in the republican party who want what is best for the country, and we can move forward together. >> thank you, governor, for the time, and we appreciate it. we are a few minutes away from the federal reserve statements on the economy, and what impact will that have for us? h. and british police call it the worst violence in living memory. and hundreds of people are arrested and parliamentt called back early to deal with this unprecedented crisis. >> on the run, a nationwide manhunt is on the way for three
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welcome back to "newsnation," and we go live to london, with the fourth night since the violence broke out and it is relative calm at this location, and the police say that the rioting though could erupt later tonight. london has triple the number of police, and 16,000 police officers now swarming the city.
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560 protesters have been arrested since saturday and one person has been shot in south london, but thankfully at this moment, this vantage point we are seeing calm that we have not seen in three nights in a row, and joining me now is michelle kosinski, and what we are seeing is calm, but what are you seeing from the city tonight? >> well, it is worrisome because you are seeing the buzz on the social media and some people coming up with times and places to meet for more rioting, but police and the prime minister were trying to get it across today in multiple ways and repeatedly that there is going to be a big show of police force tonight and you mentioned 16,000 officers on the streets, and they are going to be able to use plastic bullets and armored vehicles and tactics they have not used in the last couple of days and hoping that is a deterrent and they have been sort of threatening the rioters
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saying you will feel the full force of the law and make no mistake about it. they will put pictures of the closed-circuit tvs on the internet so people would identify them, so it is possible that over three nights all of this is finally sinking in as a deterrent, and that maybe it won't happen tonight. i mean, even though there was someout there, they were hoping tonight would be the breaking point that police were going to outnumber the rioters for the first time. >> and michelle, you have people still wondering how this all started. we know that now authorities say that it has turned into melee and criminal behavior, but several articles are out addressing long tensions within and the communities regarding race and economic disparity as some might see it, and what else beyond obviously this deplorable behavior in somecations where the people are taking advantage
11:16 am
are people concerned about there. >> t has been the question for days, because even if it was triggered by anger by police, and people felt that the police used too much force in the past, and harassed by police, and even some of of the looters said it was about. they can't believe though that this would be the extent of it breaking out in pockets all over london. and some of these kids are really young. the youngest one arrested was 11. yeah, talk about it being linked to high unemployment in system of these areas, which it might be to some extent, but when you see the teenagers who are 14 years old armed with pipes, they are too young to have jobs to begin with. maybe the problem is more young people with not enough to do and feeling like they have nothing to lose. that is a problem in and of itself, sure, but when you talk
11:17 am
to people within those communities and you speak from the heart and ask what are the problems in the community and are these disenfranchised young people with few opportunities, and we expect them to elaborate on it, but they say no, that is not it, and kids who just want a new pair of sneakers and the fun of stealing a new tv and they have a low view of these kids of being lazy and angry about something, but they are seeing it on tv happening, and they are take now the opportunity themselves, and when we talked earlier, they said the same thing did the prime minister. >> and the update on the shooting of the 29-year-old man and at least how the, and dare i say more legitimate concerns came out when this man was shot and killed by police and this is still under investigation. any update on the investigation that set off the initial
11:18 am
peaceful protest, michele? >> no, not that we have heard today. there are rumors around and people taking about how i read this and read that he had a fake gun and it was not real. police have been quiet about it, and i'm sure if there is something that didn't go the way that police had planned, maybe if he was not armed as they initially said, i don't believe they want to publicize that right now and not to say that there is a conspiracy to keep information away from the public, but they have not released information. it is strange. they said it is under investigation and asking the public, if you saw anything that night come forward and talk about it. it is going to be interesting to see what happens. but the consensus seems to be whether you talk to the government or the police or people in the communities that it is seeming to not have any link anymore to that incident. it just seems to be criminality. >> all right. michele, stay safe, because i know that there is a great concern for everyone as we enter the fourth night, and hopefully
11:19 am
not a violent night as we have seen in the last three days. thank you so much. the "newsnation" is also following breaking news on wall street and the dow is rebounding as we await the important announcement by the federal reserve policy makers and joining me now is the co-anchor of cnbc's power lunch sue herera, and sue , the dow is up 100 points and we have a statement from the fed, is that the case? >> we do. the fed has left rates unchanged and decided to keep the rates exceptionally low through mid-2013 and say that the labor market has deteriorated in recent months which is one of the reasons they are keeping the rates unchange and will for a long time mid-2013, and they say that economic factors have
11:20 am
influenced it as well as the situation in europe, and energy and commodity prices have dropped and the oil market is off dramatically in the last week or so, and so with that interest rates are going to remain at the current levels which are unchanged exceptionally low levels for some period of time to come. there was a kind of interesting fed decision in that it was not unanimous. we had three federal reserve officials dissenting against taking any action and that's an interesting development, because given the sell-off that we saw on wall street, a lot of people thought we would see a unanimous fed decision today, and it was not. it is just an indication of the tension that is ongoing and the debate that is ongoing about how much stimulus this economy needs and whether we should let the market find its own bottom and the economy find its own bottom and so interest rates left
11:21 am
unchanged. >> that is expected, sue, as we keep the dow updated up 71 points and you are the expert here and help us to understand if we would see immediate impact on the news that we were ek expecting to hear? >> well, we were expecting to hear it, but some people in the market wanted to hear something more specific from the fed about more accommodation, more stimulus being put into the market. there was that expectation in the market to a certain extent by some factions of the market. so keep in mind before we went into the fed decision when i was on the air with power lunch, we were up 181 points, and now after the fed decision, we have actually moved considerably lower. the dow is now up only 19 points. so i would say that the knee-jerk reaction in the market is little bit of disappointment, but there are those who feel that this market, and this economy needs to learn to function on its own without support from washington.
11:22 am
>> we are down now, and this is the first time today we have seen the dow down and we are down 16 points at 21 as well and you said at one point, what, 187 or 167 here? >> yes. >> and does this prove or clarify or bring proof to the point that you were saying that people wanted something more specific? that was actually the response when we heard from the president yesterday, sue, the critics saying they would have liked to have heard something more specific or stronger language from the president. >> yes, you are spot-on about that. we are also seeing the u.s. dollar sell off a little bit now, because the longer that interest rates stay low, the weaker it makes the currency, but i would say that the market is disappointed by this and we are trending down 39 points on the dow jones industrial average. so it may be a little bit rougher afternoon session than many thought, and the nasdaq is holding up pretty well, and that is good. tech stocks are a safe haven when you get into the market
11:23 am
volatility and yesterday of course notwithstanding. thank you for bringing us the breaking news sue herera. >> and high stakes recall in wisconsin. state democrats are trying to take back the senate race which could have national implications, and this is a big one. sgloot a >> and a 61-year-old woman who tried to swim the atlanta and what caused diane nyad's journey to be ended. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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>> right now, wisconsin voters are a few more hours, and they have a few more hours to cast their vote in six recall elections that could have implications for republicans all over the country and it is all a result of the state decision to strip the workers of collective bargaining rights this last march. they are challenging political incumbents and if the democrats win three seats they will take over the senate majority, and two more face re-elections two weeks from today. and we are told by ed schultz that the outpouring of candidates makes them feel confident that the state can take back control. >> i have never seen the energy this campaign has, and that is why we are going to win. >> and joining me live from wisconsin is j.r. ross who is
11:31 am
from politic, and j.r., thanks for calling me. i was watching ed's program last night and i heard everyone talk about the enthusiasm on both sides and it ends up who shows up in the largest numbers today to vote. >> yeah, we are calling the clerks all morning to find out what is going on around wisconsin in the districts, and people had no idea of the turnout might be, but the clerks said for the supreme court race in the spring, and some contentious gubernatorial race, and this could be amazing for the state of wisconsin to have this turnout for recall elections. >> and days upon days of people protesting outside of the state capitol and wisconsin wants to, at least the democrats in the state want to send a message nationally when it comes to unions and collective bargaining, because i am stunned
11:32 am
at the incredible amount of money spent here, and $30 million has been spent to get out the vote effort and the candidates have spent around $5 million, and that is a lot of many kne money, because a lot is at stake? >> well, we expect look at the numbers l s it will hit $40 mil by the time it is all said and done and the governor race was $37 million and the wisconsin most expensive race was $3 million before that and 5 of the 9 races have exceeded that mark and six should at some point, and you are talking about a small number of people to come out to vote for a large amount of money to be spent. >> j.r., thank you. and ed schultz will be hosting his program live from madison, wisconsin, tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. and to decision 2012, a new poll puts rick perry, governor
11:33 am
of texas, at the second top of the poll behind mitt romney. he hasn't even announced. but governor perry will make a major speech saturday, the same day as the ames straw poll, and mark murray joins me live, and mark, we have often heard when governor palin would show up at events people would say, is she trying to upstage mitt romney in new hampshire, so is rick perry's announcement an attempt to upstage congresswoman bachmann and others looking at the ames straw poll? >> well, it is clear that he did steal some of that spotlight and saturday is going to bring us a split screen day which is rare, and we will see all of the republicans in iowa including michele bachmann, and tim pawlenty, and her maiman cain a even newt gingrich, and rick
11:34 am
perry will be giving a speech in south carolina trying to get that spotlight. and then he will head to iowa the next day. so after the ames straw poll, he will head to the hawkeye state. >> and people are scrutinizing that part of his record, because he claims to have had a great influence in the jobs situation and the growth in texas even in the recession, but with that said, mark, he is getting really a lot of attention on his stance on immigration, especially a speech that he gave and the support he gave to allowing to children who are illegal immigrants to attend texas colleges and some of the help he was willing to extend to a major portion of that state. >> well, since then, rick perry has been a hardliner on against comprehensive immigration reform. this is a key story in the entire republican field where some of these republicans are maybe actually a little more
11:35 am
liberal than in 2009, 2010, 20 11 with health care reform, and tim pawlenty on climate change and energy and not surprising here, but on the immigration front, particularly rick perry's last several years as governor of texas, he has been a hardliner in immigration reform and if he gets the republican nomination, it is an open question how well he will do among the latinos in the southwestern states who are battleground states. >> thank you, mark. appreciate it. and we are watching the wall street react after the fed's announcement 15 minutes ago it would keep interest rates record lows through 2013 and it expects a slower pace of economic recovery and the dow is up one point, and before the fed's announcement the dow was up over 90 points and this is in the wake of the first-ever downgrade by the country's credit rating s&p, and joining me is the
11:36 am
country's foremost professor of economics leonard berman, and now you say that we heard the president allude to this might be a blessing in the disguise and put some urgency behind lawmakers in an effort to do something about the economy and come to a compromise and why do you believe it is a blessing in disguise? >> well, it is a wake-up call. we are not at the point at which we are going to have a debt crisis, and we clearly could repay the debt, and even if it got larger, but if we continue the current policies, 5 or 10 or 15 years down the road, we could be in a situation where a downgrade could cause upward spiral in interest rates that would sink the economy. the blessing in disguise is that this is showing us and giving a harbinger of what is to come and suggesting to the president that it is time to take charge. and take the hard decisions that
11:37 am
will be necessary to get the debt under control and also to do the things to get the economy out of the recession in the short term. it is not easy, but it is creating urgency for it. >> it is not easy, because it is not being done so says the market and the s&p and with that you wrote, what will save us is the fact that europe is more of a basket case than we are, and we may be perceived as less safe than we were last week, but we are still safer than the alternatives and so go on to explain your thought process there? >> well, look at what happened when after the downgrade. yesterday, there was a flight to safety which basically pushed down the treasury yields and more people wanted to buy bonds. right now, we are, you know, the u.s. government is still a completely safe investment, and in europe they have problems and greece, and italy and portugal and spain and all over the place, and there is no place
11:38 am
else for people to park the money, and when things are uncertain we know that the funds basically fund into the u.s. treasury bonds. >> all right. professor, thank you very much, we greatly appreciate your coming on to give us your perspective on what is happening there. and other news, florida police have released new video of three sibling fugitives robbing a bank at gunpoint. a national manhunt is underway to find ryan, lee, grace doughtery. >> well, they have a flat tire, and it seems i won't be able to keep up, and go any farther. >> well, clint, you have ryan, lee, grace, and all in their 20s, and the oldest person is 29, because you are not a kid at
11:39 am
29. but nonetheless, you have siblings, and have you heard anything like this? i told my team today it sounds like ma barker and the boys. >> well, it does. this is a dangerous combination, too, because if you get three unrelated individuals, they may sell each other out or give up or something like that, but here are three siblings very tight, and recently living together. so this is a tough glue that the authorities are going to have to crack when they eventually find them and give them a choice, and the bottom line, tamron, is going to be surrender or die, and hopefully they choose the former. >> the mother of the kids has been on television pleading for them to turn themselves in and ryan texted his mother and said at one point "we all have to die." and that is scary language, clint, because you worry that people want to go out in the blaze of glory and youtube famous society that we live in. >> well, you do, and ryan's
11:40 am
attorney has described him of having a mentality of 15-year-old living in a fantasy world, and so my hope in this case is that lee grace even though some describe her as a stripper with a machine gun based on the last employment, she is the driving force and she is 29 and hopefully to convince the other two to live for another day. >> but they have troubled pasts here. ryan is a convicted sex offender and he had lewd photographs of an 11-year-old girl, and dylan arrested for marijuana here, and you are a criminal profiler and what could get these individuals who have been in trouble before to turn themselves in. could their mother persuade them, clint? >> well, the mother will help, but it depends how much force she has on them, and the law enforcement will find them and then fall down on the negotiator to say, you have fired shots burk not hit anybody, and you have robbed a bank and nobody has hurt so far, and you have a
11:41 am
chance, go to court, and fight this out in court and not at the tip of a machine gun, and hopefully they will listen. it depends,tamron, if there is a death wish, and hopefully if lee grace provides the stability and says to her brothers, you know, this is a tough situation, but i'd like to see 30, this is the time for her to step forward and take that leadership. >> thank you, clint. and still ahead on "newsnation" -- >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> it is an iconic movie and now plans in the works to remake, and can you guess that film? do you know what it is? "dirty dancing" and the big question is who will fill the shoes of patrick swayze. courtney hazlett has details in the scoop, but today, there are a lot going on. after more than a century the house of representatives ending the page program and the initiative brought teens to work
11:42 am
at capitol hill as leader pelosi and speaker boehner said that the program costs to much, and plus cell phones have made them obsolete. and al gore is raising eyebrows for losing his cool at climate change skeptics happening at an event hosted by the aspen institute. >> they pay pseudo scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message, this climate thing is nonsense, and manmade co2 does not trap heat. it may be volcanoes. [ bleep ]. it may be sun spots. [ bleep ] it's not getting hotter bull p[ bleep ]. and michele bachmann campaign says that the picture was part of a lighting test and not the one that the campaign had preferred, and someporters
11:43 am
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i'm jonathan capehart in for martin bashir. coming up to the top of the hour as we count down to the closing bell, wall street trying to hold on to the positive gains. the president honors the fallen. and trying to get a handle on the rioters in london. no peace around the globe this hour. and the first swimmer to try to swim to cuba without a shark cage ended today. diane nyad had to end the quest after 29 hours. rough seas and winds made it impossible for her to safely reach the goal. but in an interview, she said, i did my best. well, the album music fans have been waiting for months is finally out.
11:47 am
singer gavin degras is attacked and hit in a cab in new york city, and we have a lot to get to here courtney hazlett from the scoop. >> well, kayne west and j.z.'s album is "watch the throne" is already number one without anyone hearing the songs prior to the release. it is on eyetune itunes right n hits best buy friday. we have am sample to play on tv without issues. take a listen to otis. >> got proof, got proof. >> i got my swagger back. >> i think it is a clever sampling there. >> otis redding, you can't go wrong. >> the album is getting mixed reviews and when you are both so
11:48 am
fantastic do you need to collaborate to be great, and the answer is no, but why not try? it is fantastic and love it. a lot of fun. gavin mcgraw was attacked in the wee hours of the morning and the investigators are opening up the detalts because it is murky, he was in the east village and attacked by people and then hit by a cab and then taken to the hospital after somebody else called 911. he has a broken nose and some other injure is are. ht se going to be fine. but still -- >> he released a statement that this is the strangest story. >> strangest story ever and there has to be more police investigation to get something more definitive. >> nothing on twiter? >> no. >> okay. we will keep you up to date on that. and then a topic getting a lot of traction especially online, my scoop readers are all up in arms about this, the possible remake of "dirty dancing." kenny ortega was the original choreograph choreographer, and he made up
11:49 am
the dirty dance and all of the grinding you see, and not dirty by today's standards, but i asked online, who should play patrick swayze, and here are the results. justin timberlake narrowly leading the pack and zac efron, and mark saling, and the biggest vote of all, no one can replace patrick swayze. >> so, you should not say replace him at all. >> they have to have someone in that role if they re-do that movie. >> and channing -- what is that? i like his body. all right. >> well, okay. >> thank you, courtney. and great list there, and for the latest in entertainment news, logon to, and we will be right backment every day, all around the world,
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welcome back and time for the "newsnation" gut check. michigan is dropping 30,000 college students from the food stamp program and the state was one of the few in the nation that created its own laws to bypass federal rules that don't allow most college students to collect food stamps, and officials say that the move would save the state $75,000 a year. and the human services director said, quote, maybe the students could go get a part-time job and that is what i did. we want to encourage people to be self-sufficient and not dependent on the government. and joining me is the executive director of corrigan brian rooney and is the answer as simple as going out to get a part time job? sdwlel w th >> well, that is one tof the answers that we want to teach the college students to be self-reliant and not reliant on the state especially going to school and college, and the rule was simple, if you are a college student, you are not eligible for food stamps and there were several exceptions, and michigan got around it by creating one of
11:54 am
the rules. >> brian, what is unemployment rate in michigan? >> 10.1%, i believe. >> so it is higher than the national average, so, again, is it as simple as going out to get a job? >> well, when you look at the finite amount of funds for the different welfare programs, michigan has 20% of the population on food assists and the, and so we have to be good stewards of the taxpayer money whether it is federal or state money, and we want to serve those who are truly needy and the decision was made it is bad public poll city to have full-time college students on food assistance. >> one of the people who wrote about this in the newspaper said that food stamps has made all of the difference and it is tough to find a job in michigan and particularly with students with little experience, and she is saying this has made all of the difference in the world for her as it would for anyone who's in need there. >> well, you have to look at the whole population of folks we
11:55 am
have in michigan, and we have been hit hard in this economy and been in recession longer than the rest of the country. when you look at the population, those who are on food assistance are the ones who truly have to go after to serve to get through the toughch patch. it is not the college students. if you are a part-time or single parent, you would qualify, but the students who were using the system inappropriately that we changed. >> if that is the case, why would michigan be one of the few states to offer food stamps assistance to college students under the theory if you could have gotten a part time job, they woucould have done that to forego the law and allow them to get the food stam independence t -- stamps? >> well, we were generous, and when we looked at the policy, we found out beawe are out of
11:56 am
compliance with the federal rule. incrafted a rule that said if you are in a training program, and we identified that is going to college, and we have a perverse rule that you are not eligible unless you are in michigan and going to college. >> thank you, brian, for coming on to give us your state's verg, and what does the gut tell you, should they bar most college students to be barred from food stamps or food debit cards? thank you much for joining us, i'm tamron hall for this edition of "newsnation." jonathan capehart is up next. [ kurt ] we were having too much fun we weren't thinking about a will at that time. we have responsibilities to the kids and ourselves. we're the vargos and we created our wills on legalzoom. finally. [ laughter ] [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom
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