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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 9, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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and justifies the total sacrifice these patotic americans stand ready to make. i have to believe that if we had a draft right now in this country, which made every young person vulnerable to being sent over to afghanistan and thrown into this fight, we would have been out of there a long time ago. there's something wrong with a country fighting a war that most of the country has come to pay so many attention to. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with al sharpton. repeal in wisconsin. could it lead to rejection fever for republican policies all over the country? tonight the big election in wisconsin. why it's so important to workers' rights, and why boehner and his crowd may have the most to lose. and another wave election. why new poll numbers suggest the tea party is in danger of being
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swept away in the next election. plus, texas governor rick perry is so against government handouts, that he took a load of money for his own farm. that's our ethic con job of the day. welcome to the show. i'm al sharpton. tonight's lead -- the big night in wisconsin is also a major moment for the progressive movement. we're just three hours away from the polls closing on an unprecedented recall election. six republican state senators are facing recall, if democrats can flip three seats, they win control. seven months ago, governor scott walker with the support of a gop state senate majority cut collective bargaining rights for public employees. [ chanting ]
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>> this recall election tonight is not just about wisconsin. it's about an assault on workers and the middle class that has gone nationwide. similar laws have now popped up across the country in maine, michigan, ohio, florida, wisconsin. so tonight in wisconsin, they're expecting a massive turnout. whatever the outcome, it would be a defining moment for the progressive movement. i know, because i've traveled through ohio. i've traveled through indiana and others. in the wake of the midterm elections, as these new governors and state legislators really declared war on collective bargaining and working people. tonight is the measure of
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whether the country begins in the state of wisconsin is a national drive to push back, or whether we have more to go to build a movement of resistance. but resist we must. and we will about that be committed. joining me now for madison, wisconsin, is ed shultz, host of "the ed show" here on msnbc. he's been the leading voice, not a leading voice, but to me the leading voice on this story to the start. welcome back to the 6:00 hour. i feel like i'm in your seat. what is at stake here tonight, ed? >> reverend, everything is at stake in the middle class for this country. ground zero for the middle class and organized labor. let mets put it in a nut shol. the democrats have the ground
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game, the republicans have the money. who will win tonight? this is not only a referendum on scott walker and his radical agenda, but the first big test how progressives will fight back against the supreme court ruling. al, you wouldn't believe how much money has been poured into some of these districts. we're talking about close to $40 million in six state races in this state of wisconsin. the turnout today has been at presidential levels in some of these districts. i think one to watch will be in suburban milwaukee, where roberta darling, a close associate to the governor and helped write that antiunion bill is getting a strong push on the ground from the democrats and strong push from sandy pasch. i think she has an outside shot there. i think the democrats will pick up three, i think they'll get the majority back, they might get four, but this race is the crown jewel. if they with defeat alberta
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darlgts, if they can win in that district, that will be very good for the democrats, so enthusiasm here is high, but the fact is no one anticipated this kind of turnout, so what does it mean on a tuesday in august that has no record of this happening before. >> the race that you called the crown jewel, the legislator darling, senator darling, is very close to scott walker? she is very close. she has been instrumental in pushing forward the radical agenda. she has had $8 million poured in to support her from out of state. the comment was made earlier on this network about the democrats have outraised the republicans, that is not true. the republicans have far more money in all six of these districts. some of the democrats locally
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have outraised the local opponents, but the money that's been poured into here is absolutely astounding. very interesting dynamic. president obama won every one of these six districts. scott walker won every one of these six districts, so what does this turnout mean? have we really seen a sea change in rural wisconsin, because the rural vote is very active. >> i think that's why it's so important, ed. when you look at the fact that these races were, what, maybe 3 million last year, now you're dealing with almost 40 million. one of the things that i think people need to know around the country, this is not a wisconsin story. the right wing knows what's at stake when they pour in this kind of money. let me show you this company. wellpoint insurance, put huge sums of money in here for the republicans, and this is the insurance company that raised premiums in california, canceled coverage for breast cancer
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patients, anti-health care reform, and they put in big money here. so the country is looking at this, the right wing will use this to hammer down the progressive movement if we're not successful tonight. a lot is depending on what goes on tonight on whether we have really built to where we need to build a resistance movement. >> well, the democrats feel very good about the fact there is heavy voting where they need it. so it depends on what turns out from the standpoint of just what kind of ground game the republicans really didn't have, how much money is going to affect the republican turnout, because it has been negative ad after negative ad. you wouldn't believe it. you would think that barack obama was on the ballot right now and the tea partiers were hellbent for an election to make it happen. that's the intensity we have seen here in wisconsin.
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>> in many ways, barack obama and those that support the are on the ballot. if they got away with it, it would spread to ohio and across the country, then they have began the breaking of the infrastructure toward a real maintaining of some kind of coalition and unity in 2012. you know, i traveled in ohio with some of those, and look at what they did in ohio. in ohio you can't recall the elected officials, but you can recall the legislation. they needed 231,000 signatures to put the antiunion bill on the ballot for repeal. they got 1.3 million signatures in ohio to put that on the ballot for this fall, and i know when i was traveling around those rallies dealing with that, so this is a national movement. this is the first battle in the
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war to preserve our country for our working class people's right to organize. the first battle is wisconsin tonight. >> no question about it, and i think this is going to be a real template that's being presented to progressives in all of those states that you mentioned -- new jersey, ohio, indiana, michigan and florida, and anywhere where there's a recall. if the democrats, al, are not successful tonight, it is going to be time for the democrats nationally to take a step back, regroup and figure out a strategy on how to fight this kind of money that has poured into wisconsin. >> right. >> and if the democrats are successful tonight, it is really the template on how to get it done. i think the progressives in this state, as profound as it is, they have been brilliant to the basics. they have gone door to door. they have talked to their neighbors. they have taken people by the hand to do what they've got to do. they made the countless hours of
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phone calls. they have done all the things, you know, that -- it's the old saying, al, you can't take my heart, you can't take my soul, and you're not going to take my vote. that really has been the attitude against this big money that's come into this state. >> well, we'll be watching, and we're going to clearly watch -- wait a minute, i hear people cheering, but i hear somebody singing. >> they're over here. >> it sounds like scott walker, scott walker singing in my hear. ♪ o my darling ♪ o my darling -- that's the race you told me to watch with senator darling. >> thank you, al. >> ed show, 10:00 eastern time, right here on msnbc. joining me now, two of wisconsin's 14 state senators who fled wisconsin in an effort to stall the gop attack on their constituents. senator leena taylor and senator
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chris lawson. thank you for being here on this important night. >> thank you. >> well, i hear the people cheering, and does that mean that people have been out there pulling out -- has voter turnout been in your area, senator taylor? >> they definitely have. as a matter of fact, in some of the wards that i've been in -- because there are ten milwaukee wards in particular, one ward had 56 votes? our last supreme court race. and in this particular time right now, my last check it was at 700. 700 plus votes. >> wow. >> yes. so people are coming out. we are getting people who have not voted, getting people who have voted normally only in presidential election and we get people who voted all the time. we're going to do this. we're going to send darling walking. i'm loving it. >> you along with senator taylor and 12 others fled the state. you made the ultimate sacrifice
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in terms of staying out of the state, trying to block this vote, at your own expense, you did this out of your own pockets. >> that's right. >> today is the day that you may be able to score a real victory. how do you feel? and what are you hearing? >> we're really excited. this was a long time in the making, i think from the very beginning, republicans tried to duck accountability, you know? we stepped away to make sure that the people of wisconsin could be heard. every step of the way, republicans tried to shut them down, tried to run away from their constituents from wisconsin, but today's the day we take our state back. that's exactly what democracy looks like. so we're excited about what's going to happen tonight. >> senator taylor, let me ask you this. if we are successful in turning back the tide of those that want to stop the right of collective bargaining. if you flip three seats tonight,
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does this begin the walk toward recalling governor walker? >> there's no question that it does, but i want to refer to something you said. as a reverend, you know what you confess out your mouth is important. if not if we do it -- we're going to do it tonight. >> i stand corrected. >> i appreciate that, reverend. then we are going to come back on january 3rd. i'm going to carry the first clipboard. i'm going to write the first signature. we're going to go for our governor and make sure he does what his name says, we're going to make sure he's a walker. we're going to walk him out. >> i think you have a bit of preacher in you. i know that about you, leena. >> i heard that before. >> let me say this. to people around the country that don't live in wisconsin, the thing i've been trying to
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stress, this isn't just about wisconsin. this is about all over the country. >> correct. >> they used wisconsin, then ohio, indiana, and on and on. >> that's correct. >> as ground zero to begin to gin in the states' rights movement against collective bargaining, so every working class, every middle-class american needs to look at what's going on tonight, chris, in wisconsin, and know this is about us. wouldn't you agree with that, senator larsen? >> i think absolutely. it's going to show the rest of the country, with the states you mentioned, we're going to show tonight that when we stand up for the middle class and stand up on progressive values, we win. they can't buy their way out of
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accountability. we're going to show america what true progressive values should be like. >> i thank you both for your times. polls are still about two hours there. i can't tell you who to vote for, but i can tell you in wisconsin. in those districts, you should by voting. ahead, should president obama bring congress back from their recess? the calls are growing. we'll discuss. texas governor rick perry loves slamming government handouts, but that wasn't always the case. and eric cantor shows us again wile it's called the tea party downgrade. you won't believe what he's telling republicans. that's next. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahead of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills.
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the markets finally broke the losing streak today, bouncing back 429 points, but despite that good news, the tea party is threatening to strike again. house majority leader eric cantor is sticking to his antitax guns saying, quote -- there will be pressure to compromise on tax increases. we will be told that there's no other way forward. i respectfully disagree. apparently republicans will protect tax breaks for the rich
3:20 pm
no matter what it does for the country. of course, sarah palin tries to blame the president, writing, quote -- be wary of efforts president obama makes to fix the debt problem. the more he tries to fix things, the worse they get, because his solutions always involve spending more, taxing more, growing government, and increasing the debt. sarah, in case you didn't bother to read the details of the downgrade, it's not the spending. it's the brinksmanship. besides, check out this tea party rally over the weekend, sarah. >> this week, and i wrote it down, they are blaming the credit downgrade on the tea party movement. >> the tea party not just pushing the economy to the brink, but bragging about it,
3:21 pm
too. no matter what it does to the joining me now, former senator and republican congressman earnest istuch. thank you for joining me took. >> good to be with you, reverend. >> let me ask you, congressman, don't you feel a little shudder when you see the tea party people at that rally celebrating the downgrading of the aaa rating of this country? >> well, what i saw on that footage did not look to me look somebody was celebrating, but nobody should be celebrating that downgrade. when you see what it does to people's savings, retirement plans, what it does to economic growth. the downgrade is a bad thing. nobody should be cheering over it. i don't think that you can say that one person or one group is totally responsible for it, but there's sure plenty of people hashed be sharing the blame. >> but i think clearly that the
3:22 pm
lady is saying they're blaming the tea partiers, and they started cheering. i don't know how you define celebrating, but where i come from, cheering means that you are absolutely happy about being identified as having done that, and i couldn't think of anything worse, given that you just said yourself what the downgrading does. >> nobody should be cheering. sure. again, that was a quick footage, but i think it's talking about somebody that's kind of talking about the fact that the tea party gets blamed by the left for everything that happened, and i think it was talking about the mockery that people try to aim toward the tea party, which is a serious movement of millions of americans. >> we can disagree. >> sure. >> i think if they felt they were being mocked, they would have been booing, not cheering. paul ryan believes that revenue
3:23 pm
should be on a table. listen to this. >> would you be open-minded to including some of that revenue? >> if we're convincingly restructuring the entitlement programs and getting that spending line down to meet that revenue line, then can you have higher revenue growth through more economy growth, the answer is yes. >> now, who's right, paul ryan or eric cantor? >> well, there's a difference between talking about tax increases and revenue increases. increasing tack rates, you know, i remember the speech that john f. kennedy gave when he was president, saying that actually reducing tax rates was going to produce economic growth and produce extra revenue. so i think there's a lot of confusion, because sometimes people are asked about revenue increases, sometimes they're asked about tax rate increases, and the best way that you can increase revenue right now is to get the economy healthy again. that will bring in a lot more revenue for the federal government than any sort of tax
3:24 pm
increase could ever bring in. >> that's like saying the best way to get things we had is to bring in water. the question is, how do you bring in the water? >> good question. >> how do you do that without reforming the tax the way that we have taxing in this country, dealing with the tax breaks that were given by former president bush. >> there were interesting numbers that came out this summer. it you took all the of the money, the taxable income of every american that makes more than $100,000 a year, their total income would be insufficient to cover the deficit of one years. >> but it would be a significant amount of money. just take those that wood to pay. >> but that's a ten-year figure. let's not confuse them -- >> with all due respect, congressman, what i have a
3:25 pm
problem with, with all due respect, is when it comes to take money from entitlement, and even messing with social security, which has nothing to do with the deficit, a lot of tea party eiers and people have problems going step by step to get there, but when we talk about step reform, it's all or none. >> let's not quu the ten-year figure with a one-year figure. >> that would be over a trillion, you're absolutely right. >> again you won't get $400 by ona year by increasing the taxes on the rich. i think you'll find that you're talking about a ten-year figure there, but again, if you don't start recognizing what is causing businesses to hold back -- for example, apple computer has over $80 billion that it's holding in offshore banks because of the tax bill that it gets if it rebatery
3:26 pm
yates the money. one way to bring more money back and to get it invested is to let them bring money back without facing the highest corporate tax rate we have anywhere in the world. that's part of tax reform. even president obama -- >> okay. i got it now. >> president obama said he wouldn't bring down corporate tax rates. >> in order to get some people that outsource jobs, took advantage of loopholes at the expense of americans that were working. >> what loopholes? >> we need to lure them, bribe them back into bringing back money they made from us in the first place and that's good government? >> no, this is money they made overseas that we would like them to bring to the u.s. >> but they're american companies that should have -- >> they're global companies. >> in many cases should never have had the right to go overseas, using loop holes and enjoy what they do in america.
3:27 pm
we need to bring them back, but at the same rate that other americans have to here. congressman istook, we have to go. >> and paying international taxes on international income. >> they should pay the same rate as everyone else. >> that's right, on their income that's made here. >> well, we can go into a whole other segment. i'm outtime. but we can talk about the corporations paying no taxes, and those that are paying estate taxes. there's a wholeñkç lot of loop holes that is in your tea bag. >> which is not the same as raising the tax rates. >> thanks i thank you for being with me. >> you bet. take care. >> is this a sign of things to complain come? and gop savior rick perry wants the federal government out of people's lives, unless it's helping him out. that con job is revealed next. ♪
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rick perry wants the federal government to get out of people's lives. he didn't say no -- that's our con job of the day. one of the texas governor rick perry ace favorite lines is slamming the size of the federal government. >> the federal government continues to grow and intrude,
3:32 pm
and constrict around our liberties. >> is the federal government is trying to come in the back door and force texas to expand government. >> the federal government's efforts to accumulate moor power,ably bribing us with our own tax dollars are simply unacceptable so. but he didn't think it was unacceptable for the government to offer money to citizens. the austin statesman reports that perry got more than $9,000 from the federal government to leave some land fallow in the 1990s. and from 1987 to 1989, perfectly got more than $70,000 in agricultural payments. according to the national review, perry defended those payments when he ran for texas agricultural commissioner in 1990. he said, quote, i participated in the program as a producer. my neighbors participate. i know what would happened to rural areas in texas if these
3:33 pm
programs were dispin continued. so back when he was getting federal money, rick perry knew that sometimes people need assistance to get by. but now that perry is not getting the cash, federal programs like stimulus are just no good. rick perry's about-face on federal assistance is our con job of the day. it helps to have the quality and craftsmanship of your leather interior test better than the lexus rx 350. it's also helpful to set your "select terrain" dial to "sand." ♪ i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i almost lost my life. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin. and i do.
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with the economy in a tailspin, the american people are increasingly looking for a sense of direction. there's one group of people who americans clearly don't have faith in -- congress. according to a new poll, only 24% say most members of congress deserve reelection. while the president's poll numbers have dropped following the debt deal, he's still polls above 50% in -- in lockstep with
3:37 pm
him. joining mess is bill press, host of the bill press show on sirius, and jonathan capehart, editorial writer for "the washington post" and msnbc contributor. gentlemen, the polls is not very promises for members of congress. are we going to see, bill, a wave come and drown out is the political careers of some of the freshmen that rode a wave in in 2010? >> first, you set the bar pretty low when you say that president obama is -- got a score above a member of congress. we could, you know, that's one thing. i think the president is actually in pretty good shape for reelection, but you can't take anything for granted these days. people are so fickle.
3:38 pm
we've had three change elections in a row. 2006 democrats took the congress, 2008 democrats take the white house, 2010 people give republicans back the congress. so they might want, you know, another change, but i'll tell you one thing, and jonathan knows this, too. the president is not taking anything for granted. i've been told this is going to be the best-run presidential campaign ever. he'll have more money than anybody has ever had. >> when you say he's working, jonathan, do you think some are saying to calling the congress back for work from vacation? >> to what end? for what you purpose? the president says, congress, come back. what happens if most of them don't come back? let's say they do. >> he can't require them to come back? >> no, this is a democracy. he's not a king. >> and separation of powers. >> and separation of powers, but let's say they honor the request and they come here.
3:39 pm
well, what happens then if they don't actually do anything? so, you know -- >> let me show you what the press secretary karney said in an exchange about that. >> the american public seems to be in a panic and washington is like, well, we're going to stand back and wait until school starts. >> we do not and cannot react precipitously in reaction to how the markets behave on a given day or week. >> reporter: why not call congress back to work? >> well -- >> i mean the dow dropped below 11,000. where's the sense of urgency? >> i think there's a great sense of urgency here. >> it's interesting, bill, that i'm hearing some reporters asking the white house that. why aren't they asking speaker boehner? he's the speaker of the house. why aren't they asking him, are you going to call your people back since you've had these huge
3:40 pm
dips in the dow? even though we got a little bump today. >> i think because they know that boehner is a loser, not a leader, that would by my view. i disagree a bit with jonathan. i reason i think president should call congress back is to show some leadership, take control and leadership of this situation. i would call them back, give a speech to a joint session of congress and lay out an agenda and say here's what we've got to do and make that agenda on jobs. he as to get out of this debt reduction trap, and start putting people back to work. >> i would agree with you, but as long as that joint sell eggs is in september. as showed in that clip with jay carney, he said we shouldn't be reacting to every dip. that was after the market dropped 600 points. today the market is up 400 points. that's a good point. >> but something else that i think bill said.
3:41 pm
bill said you think the president is in pretty good shape. a lot of people are running around saying he's in trouble, but when you look at the facts, ronald reagan, when he was approaching reelection in his first term, right where president obama is now, look at where unemployment was, and look at where his job approval was. his job approval -- this is reagan, in august of '83, was at 43%. president obama is at 42, about the same. the unemployment rate in july of '83, ronald reagan, was 9.4%. in july of 2011, under president obama, it's 9.1%. so unemployment was higher under ronald reagan at this point in his first term than it is under president obama. so why are people acting as though president obama cannot get reelected when you had a
3:42 pm
high unemployment rate until ronald reagan, who has been the hero of the right? >> i think it's because we live in this age of 24/7 information and news. >> absolutely. >> so we're all hyper-aware of this. gallup has a very interesting tool on its site, where you can track the approval ratings of presidents, compare them, when you look at reagan's and obama'sist eerily -- they mirror each other. it's incredible. i agree with you, i do think that the president is doing very well going back to likes congress, but congress has the highest disapproval ratings it's ever had, 82%, president obama has -- >> it's the approval they had in the history of taking polls. >> the president is at 48%. >> i've heard of breaking a
3:43 pm
ceiling, but never heard of breaking a basement. >> in addition to the fact that i think he's working hard, he does have that approval rating. you can't beat somebody with nobody. and let's face it. right now, they've got a lot of people out there, but there's a bunch of clowns. there's no real leader there, i think, that can take on -- >> is this going to be a change election in terms of the congress -- >> i would say more likely the congress than meaning the house could flip than the white house. >> all right. >> i'm inclined to agree with bill, but as we've seen through '06, '08, '10, the special elections of '09. anyone who makes a definitive prediction might be setting themselves up for heartbreak, so i'm hanging back. >> as a new -- i knew you a long time, the only thing predictable about you is you won't be predictable. bill press, and jonathan capehart, thank you for joining me this evening. >> thank you. the white house and the
3:44 pm
romney campaign went at each other today. the white house says romney is shedding crocodile tears. rick perry is hitting the road this week, but to visit big primary states. the wave is um canning, next. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is kate. [ kate ] can't believe i have high blood pressure. what's that thing? another medication. ♪ i really should have taken my shoes off before i got weighed. [ female announcer ] you've got a lot on your mind. that's why every walgreens prescription goes through a 10 point safeguard check that reviews your current walgreens health record for allergies and potentially harmful drug interactions. [ kate ] i can do this. [ female announcer ] the 10 point safeguard check from walgreens. there's a way to stay well. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources
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welcome back to the show. president obama and mitt romney threw some punches, and rick perry wave is coming. let's bring in our pan to talk about it. and john feehery, who is a republican strategist. okay. it's game on for president obama and mitt romney. this morning, politico reported the obama administration is planning an all-out personal assault on mitt romney that will portray him as, quote, inauthentic, impersonable and weird. romney's camp fired back, calling the alleged plan disgraceful saying, quote -- president obama will say and do desperate things to hold on to power, because he knows he has
3:49 pm
failed. neither depick at threats. or restored their hopes on november 6, 2012, this will change. nia malika, why do you think this is all coming out now? is there something in the timing here? >> in many ways we've seen the outlines of this campaign for a long time. the dnc has been releasing talking points and clips that purport to show romney acting weird or articles that have highlighted some of the maybe jokes that romney has told that some people dub as weird. also, i think it has been very much a narrative that has formed around romney since he's been running for public office, that he's something of a flip-flopper, inall thennic, so it isn't surprising this is coming out now. again, there is obviously this sense that the field is really settling i think we've known all
3:50 pm
along what kind of campaign this administration, the dnc and super-pacs that will pour in. we've known what kind of campaign they'll run. he put the dog on the roof on a crate. seasonal that weird, john? >> al, that's old news. the reason the obama -- >> old weird news,down. it's still weird. >> the reason they're going after romney is they're scared. obama lost the aaa rating of the united states, and now they know romney is a proven executive, and they're scared of him, so
3:51 pm
they want to go the worst type of atax. and i think it's pathetic. i wish they would spend more time running the country. >> let me ask you something -- i wouldn't want to talk about a dog on the crate, either, old or new. john, you are talking about the romney that didn't even take a position on the debt ceiling fight until almost it was over. that's the guy that could deal with the debt ceiling. >> he's not the president. he was the guy who would shoot up or aaa rating, and -- you know, the last panel was crazy. president obama is in big trouble, and he's got to do the personal attacks. >> hey, hey, guys -- >> joe madison, first of all, just for the record, the obama
3:52 pm
campaign said they're not doing these attacks, and they don't know where these came from, but second of all, joe, i mean, we are talking about mitt romney who was in this huge home, looking at the lake while we're dealing with the debt ceiling. let's point out something. you damn right it's weird putting your dog on top of a roof. tomorrow is old news, so i mean, the reality is politics is a contact sport, and you have on the other side they swiftboated one candidate. look, these guys -- this is
3:53 pm
amazing. this is a party that showed obama with a bone through his nose. this is a party that referred to him as -- >> that's not true. the party didn't do that? >> i think they called it the tea party, which is now part of the republican party. >> they didn't do that. they wouldn't say that. the republican party certainly didn't do that. >> well, hey, america, don't be fooled. >> john, we're talking about -- you really don't want to talk about old news and going back to how some people in the republican party went back to the president's birs certificate that's 50 years old as of last week. >> let me tell you what the chairman on the republican -- >> could this have also come up the easiest guy to beat is mitt romney, when everybody talks about mitt romney coming out this weekend, you've got the straw poll this weekend.
3:54 pm
maybe this gives romney a little more prominence, because they do think he may be the one beatable. is the timing possibly they want to identify the opposition? ross perot was helpful that time, and i think personally you've got people in the republican primaries that may be helpful this time, just keep the
3:55 pm
mikes on. >> al, i did want to -- >> and just keeps giving. thank all of you. i've got to go. thank all of you for a great panel tonight. we'll be right back. what's up, smart? oh, just booked a summer vaycay. ooo. sounds pricey? nah, with the summer sale, you can find awesome deals for places nearby. interesting... wow, i'm blown away. you look great.
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explosions, police clashes and riots continued in london for the fourth day, as england's bad economy is fanning the flames of discontent. the riots began as a peaceful protest against police, led to violence, with people torching buildings, and raiding stores, mainly in poor neighborhoods. >> i don't know why people -- oh, my god. i don't know why people do this. >> london isn't the only city that's been affected. riots have sprung up in birmingham, liverpool and other
3:59 pm
cities, but the british government is just getting its act together. today prime minister david cameron deployed 16,000 extra police officers, but just yesterday, only 1,700 extra officers were on the street. that's 3,300 fewer than on duty for the royal wedding. the conduct is wrong, no one has protested harder than i have, and yes, economic conditions must be addressed, but we must address them in a way that we want the world to understand. nonviolence, martin luther king taught we're getting ready to salute him in this country. he marched nonviolently, and all of us must remember that. as it is effective way. in my life, i've had to try and remain faithful to that, and even the words i choose, i've never, ever, ever tried to incite


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