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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 10, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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daley and gene sperling. obviously this is a very tense time right now. we've seen the markets go down again today. there's been a lot of volatility, so they will be discussing all of this. the white house saying trying to come up with solutions here. as you know, some democrats have come out and said they don't think the president is showing enough leadership right now in terms of getting the economy back on track. so president obama has said that he's working on this. he also has said that he will be presenting his own set of ideas for that super committee that you just mentioned. he'll be presenting his own set of ideas about how they can achieve deficit reductions. tomorrow ron? >> and we do have a list, as i mentioned, kristen, of the some of the members of the super committee. senator harry reid's appointments, senator patty murray, max baucus and as senate foreign relations committee chairman john kerry, of course, of massachusetts and senator mitch mcconnell, republican senator jon kyl of arizona, republican senator pat toomey of
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pennsylvania and senator rob portman. john boehner's appointment, jeb hensarling, dave camp of michigan as well as chairman upton of michigan. republicans have come out, angry about patty murray's selection, and as you pointed out the president was involved, according to jay carney, with the collection from the democrats. >> well, one of the reasons why republicans are upset about the patty murray appointment is because she's also on the democratic senatorial campaign committee. a lot of people saying, look, that looks bad. she shouldn't be doing both. it's a conflict of interest. she should stop financing and raising money. jay carney today this is a little issue. she's sitting on a committee being charged with dealing with the massive deficit that we have here in the united states. he says it's a non-issue, that the president will not be
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calling for her to stop raising money or to step down from that committee. so that certainly is getting a lot of attention right now. pat toomey over on the republican side also getting some criticism, tamron. people saying that he's a tea party guy, that he won't be serious about tax reform here, but one more interesting note. dave camp who is on the house ways and means committee has been focused on tax reform, so a lot of people are wondering if this is a subtle sign that the republicans understand that tax reform does in fact need to be a part of the final product. we'll have to wait and see because all of the republicans who were chosen on the committee, tamron, have signed that pledge by grover norquist not to increase taxes. >> which will make it an interesting dynamic in itself. >> reporter: absolutely. >> kristen, thank you very much for your live report from the white house. we'll see and hear more about the meetings the president is holding. the dow is down 288 points, 292. joining us is sue herrera,
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co-anchor of cnbc's "power lunch." speaking with you this time yesterday when the day was interesting. we were waiting on that announcement or statement from the fed. >> yes. >> now we're down 290 points. what's going on here? >> it sounds funny to say this, but it's better than we were earlier this morning, down better than 400 points at one point in today's trading session so things have gotten a little bit better. one of the reasons why is because the european banks, societe general came out and reaffirmed the fact that it is solvent. it is having no lending problems. it is having no funding problems, and that reassured the market a little bit. wall street has been whipsawed by rumors the last couple of days and the big rumor this morning was that either sovgen as it's called on the street and visions of the 2008 crisis. they have come out and said that's not the case. we're fine, and it did turn the market around a little bit. i don't know that it will hold,
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but it's better than it was. >> yeah, it is, but, you know, obviously people are tuning in, and they look at their portfolios, or in they don't even have money invested in the stock market or whatever they see this, i think one side said the jaggedness, day to day, the upside, the fed gives a little confidence and today it's what you've explained. it's unsettling to see the jarring trend here from day to day. >> yeah, it really is, you're absolutely right, and i think it is undermining confidence. whether you're in the stock market or not, seeing this kind of action is not good. it undermines the confidence of main street. we just talked to a local community banker here on "power lunch" a few moments ago who said for the first time he is getting calls from people saying should i really complete that housing contract? >> right. >> i'm in a contract to buy a company, should i complete that or not? and that goes to the fundamental lack of confidence in the economic recovery. it's the jobs picture which is not improving very much at all,
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and the fact that the fed lowered rates and will keep rates low for two years indicates that this economy's economic recovery has stalled. >> all right. sue herrera live with us again. co-anchor of cnbc's "power lunch." thank you very much again, sue. dow down 278. breaking developments in the nationwide search for three siblings accused in what's being called a multi-state crime spree. new video in that led to the crash that led to the capture of the siblings hours ago in colorado. ryan dougherty, stanley and lee grace dougherty are all in custody at a local hospital after a high-speed chase. fbi agents in colorado have been on high alert after getting a report that they were spotted yesterday in the area. joining me now by phone is nbc's miguel almageur.
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this came about because they were spotted buying camping supplies. >> reporter: several tips were followed by investigators not far from where the accident happened. it was described as a spectacular crash that ended this entire cross-country chase by police. they have confirmed that the three fugitives, the so-called dougherty gang, has been arrested after not only a high speed pursuit but a shootout and, of course, that reckless and dangerous crash. now the three were seen in colorado springs on tuesday. then their car was spotted on a local highway a short time later. that led officers to a campsite where they believe the dougherty gang had been apparently camping overnight, and they said that they had abandoned that site. officers were along i-25 when they say one of their cruisers spotted the suspects' vehicle. they tried to pull that car over. there was a high speed chase and then that shootout. one of the suspects was somehow shot in the leg. another one of the suspects actually ran from the car. all three of those people were
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arrested. none are suffering critical injuries. now they say the dougherty gang is responsible for a series of crimes, ones that span all the way from colorado to florida. there were, of course, two officers shot at, one here in colorado and one in florida, and the dougherty gang is also accused of robbing a paining in georgia. they were said to have an arsenal of high-powered weapons, machine guns, machine pistol as well as an ak-47. officers say that they are still actively at the crime scene where the car was recovered. it's unclear if they found any weapons at this time, but they did say that those three suspects were not taken down easily. there was a shootout. no officers were hurt. one of the suspects was shot in the leg and all three of the suspects have been taken to a local hospital where they are being treated for their non-life-threatening injuries. tamron? >> all right, miguel, thank you very much. british prime minister david cameron is threatening to turn water cannons on rioters in an effort to stop a violent outbreak that started four
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nights ago. with 16,000 police officers now on the streets of london, the city is relatively quiet today. but the rioting is now spreading to other cities, like manchester and liverpool. this morning prime minister cam r cameron declared water cannons will be used. they will do anything to bring peace including using rubber bullets on the rioters. joining me now is the "new york times" london bureau chief. thanks for joining us. >> a pleasure. >> it's in the 7:00 hour there. the rioting could pick up again as nightfall is upon us, and you have so many people here wondering what is happening here and what is truly fueling the fire. some are saying these are thugs who are trying to take advantage of the situation. what do you know is at the heart of what we're seeing? >> this is a debate that is
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already raging in the communities affected by the rioting with people sympathetic to -- to the looters and rioters facing off with others in the communities who are not, and that debate will tomorrow be carried all the way to parliament which has been resummoned by david cameron in emergency session to discuss this, and we'll no doubt continue for months if not years. is it primarily people ask a question of ruthlessness, joblessness and despair in underclass communities, or is it, as david cameron and others are arguing, a question of criminality and thuggery and a result of decades and lack of responsibility and poor parenting. >> david cameron's words are there are pockets of our society that are not just broken but are frankly sick. can you elaborate even more on
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his choice of words there, john, even what he was referring to? >> well, that's very powerful language and, of course, will upset quite a lot of people, but he is referring to -- and he elaborated a little bit on this today. he is referring to this notion very strongly believed in certainly the conservative party and i think in wider sections of this country that laxity in the courts and laxity in the schools and in parenting has led to a generation, and this is not really race defined. it applies in the perception of these people just as much to young white youths and girls as it does to ethnic minorities who have been largely involved in this rioting, who simply have no sense of their place in society and no responsibility. you only have to go to youtube
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to take a look at some of the confrontations taking place to see how the debate on this is not simply restricted to the salons in places like our upper east side manhattan but is continuing right there on the streets amongst the communities affected. >> john burns, thank you very much, "new york times" london bauero chief. us a pointed out, we'll see what happens with parliament and how this is handled by the prime minister as well. thank you. coming up, coalition forces say they have attacked and killed the taliban militant involved in that deadly helicopter strike that killed 30 american service members. we'll get an update from information for you. and congresswoman michele bachmann has harshly criticized president obama's stimulus package but a new report shows she asked the federal government for financial aid 16 different times. plus -- >> they are saying you've got to help us. you've got to get us to the third precinct.
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we're police officers. >> a school bus driver helps to stop police officers stranded in a hail storm. he thought he was doing the right thing, but he ended up getting fired from his job. it's today's "newsnation" gut check. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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welcome back to "newsnation." major news out of afghanistan. the top american commander there says a u.s. air strike killed the taliban fighters believed to be responsible for shooting down that u.s. helicopter last weekend. that attack left 30 americans dead, including 22 navy s.e.a.l.s along with eight afghans. the remains of the fallen were brought home. general john allen gave details on this operation, said they were tracking these taliban
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fighters for several days after that saturday attack. >> reporter: that's exactly right, tamron. they were going after insurgents that fired upon the chinook helicopter and they found the insurgent leader and his men in a district north of the district where the attack happened. they cordoned him in the wooded area. fraught the f-16s who dropped the bombs on them and killed the insurgent leader and his men. we should remember what general john allen said these were the insurgents that fired on the health. there's a completely different force that operation forces were trying to go after and they haven't found that insurgent leader and his talibs. >> thank you very much, atia. and a frantic search for a missing 3-year-old girl in a small town in missouri has prompted authorities to offer a reward for information on that child's whereabouts. at least 200 people are joining
11:17 am
police from several agencies in the search for breeann rodriguez who was last seen riding her bike in front of the family home saturday afternoon. neighbors say they did not see anyone suspicious nearby. >> not going to give up looking for her. when i find her, she's coming right here, and she's never leaving my sight again. >> nbc's janet shamlian has more from that small town in missouri where the fbi says they are working around the clock to find that child. >> reporter: hi, tamron, good afternoon. yeah, this one has baffled this community and frightened people around here. it's a small town in southeastern missouri. this is a dead end street. this is where breeann rodriguez went missing from. that's her home behind me. she was riding her little bicycle with training wheels with her 5-year-old brother. her brother goes inside the house for a drink of water and the mom comes out looking for breeann saying it's lunchtime and the little girl is nowhere
11:18 am
to be found. she was only out here for a short time and this is a neighborhood filled with elderly and children, people around all day, and no one was seen anything. there is a $45,000 reward for information leading to her safe return, but there is no amber alert at this point which is confusing some people. they say why not? well, authorities have said the response is not diminished but because there's no indication of foul play at this time rather that that amber alert has not been issued. this community of about 2,000 people has rallied. they have been having vigils. the neighborhoods are blanketed in pink ribbons. they have been searching, and the police chief says they have not found one clue, not the bike, not an article of clothing, no witnesses, so everyone here is completely beside themselves, as are the mother and father. they have three other children. they are trying to keep it together right now, but how can you when your little child is missing? so the search effort is extending beyond this community,
11:19 am
but right now, tamron, they still have no leads in the search for this little 3-year-old girl. back to you. >> all right, janet. thank you very much. and up next, four years after deportation pulled a family apart, a mother and her child with an emotional homecoming to her husband in the united states. the family joins me live next. plus -- >> i'm actually going to stay with the fans the first two, three weeks of the season. >> would you want to stay with chad ochocinco, be his roommate, buddy up? chad is looking to move in with a fan. plus, what ochocinco says he needs in the fan's home that he chooses. [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions?
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welcome back to "newsnation." a husband, wife and their young son are finally back together in chicago after an agonizing
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ordeal. tony welcomed his wife and their son brian back from poland monday. their joyous reunion at o'hare airport was four years in the making. janinea had been deported in 2007 after failing in her 18-year attempt to become a u.s. citizen. she was warred from returning to the u.s. for ten years and took her 6-year-old son back to poland with her, leaving her husband behind. the heartbreaking separation was the focus of a documentary called "tony and janina's american wedding." >> march 8, 2007, my wife received a letter saying she had to appear at the immigration office ready for deportation, and was limited to 44 pounds of baggage. >> tony and janinia join us now from chicago along with the filmmaker ruth lightman. thank you all for joining us. first tony and janina, how does it feel to have your wife back
11:24 am
together and back beside you after all these years? >> hello. yes, i'm just very happy that my wife come back here on monday to the united states. i'm very happy, very lucky man. >> janina, this was a long battle, a decade. did you -- how did you, i guess, you had your son there and maybe in your heart you felt it would all work out, but how are you able to just deal with the day in and day out struggle of trying to get back home to your husband? >> very hard just for my wife. this was very -- four years was very hard for my wife just knowing she can't answer this question, how hard, just every day, the struggle. >> ruth, part of i think and what by all accounts the articles out there, part of the reason that tony and janina ended up getting so much support was your documentary, you really told the story here, and i
11:25 am
should point out that their son was born in the united states, and to have to take this child back to poland, a united states citizen, all because of this process that many still believe is unfair to those who want to live the american dream and who try to go by the rawls ules to the right way. >> tony and janina did try to do everything the right way by the book. they were basically trying to remedy a situation that wasn't able to be did ied remedied in immigration system right now. the whole idea that children is not even included in the hardship is to me wrong, to be able to tell their story and bring it to everyday americans in, church basements and community centers everywhere and finally we showed it to members of congress, and we showed it on
11:26 am
capitol hill. it was really important to show this to everyday americans because most people don't understand how -- how fractured our system is. >> let me ask you. with that said, ruth, how did the system in short term here, how did it fail tony and janina and their child? >> well, there were several things along the way, and one of the most important things that we're really trying to highlight right now, especially with their case and while it looks like there's no meaningful reform that's going to happen soon, one of the things that we're trying to highlight now is to define what extreme hardship is. tony and janina and brian experienced extreme hardship, all of them, during this process, and one of the things that congressman gutierrez is trying to highlight right now is to -- is to inform our president that we need to define that, and if that were to be defined we would understand that this is what families like tony and janina are going through every day.
11:27 am
>> how is extreme hardship defined right now, and how would it apply to their situation? >> well, it's not defined, and that's the problem. it's very -- it's -- you know, there's sort of very nefarious definitions of what it is, it's not defined, so we're real calling upon the president to define it. it is -- it is very vague. >> well, we are -- >> usually -- >> we're happy that this family is back together. the story in the documentary is incredible. you capture the story from top to bottom and people can see it entirely in your documentary. thank you tony and janina and route as well. >> thank you very much. >> tamron, thanks for having us. >> coming up on "newsnation" -- >> they expected him to die. >> so anything at this point is bonus. >> a bonus indeed. some even call that bonus a miracle. a 12-year-old boy dragged out to sea and declared dead by
11:28 am
rescuers only to be brought back to life. plus, what alec baldwin says he needs to learn before running for mayor of new york city. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas. welcome back to "newsnation." crime of hate, that is what a mississippi district attorney is calling it after police say a group of white teenagers viciously attacked and murdered a mississippi man because he was black and then bragged about the heinous crime to friends. dangerous encounter. an alaskan cruise takes a frightening turn when a glacier breaks apart. too close for comfort. i'll talk with the tourist who shot this stunning video. cancelled. why george lopez's show "lopez tonight" won't be returning to tbs. and -- >> it's sad when we hear that his good deed cost him his job. >> it is today's "newsnation"
11:32 am
gut check. two stranded police officers ask a school bus driver for a ride and the driver loses his job for giving them a lift. and to the story that we've been talking about. the senseless attack and brutal murder of a black man in mississippi has sparked national outrage today. late they are month a grand jury will decide whether two white teenagers in custody for the attack will be charged with a hate crime. this motel was the scene of the crime. police say a group of white teenagers reportedly drove around the neighborhood near jackson with the sole purpose of finding a black person to, quote, mess with, and after spotting 49-year-old craig anderson in the hotel parking lot, police say the teenagers viciously beat him before running him over. two suspects were charged with murder, but a judge reduced one of the teen's charges to simple assault. winston thomas is the anderson family attorney and joins me by phone. winston, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> first, your reaction to the judge's decision to reduce one of the charges from simple assault to murderer. >> we were all shocked.
11:33 am
we -- the judge at that particular juncture it was a preliminary hearing, and the police department detective got on the stand and testified as to the evidence that he had against this particular defendant which i think his name is john aaron rice, and after hearing the evidence, because he was charged with murder after hearing the evidence presented by the jackson police department detective. the judge reduced the charge from murder to simple assault and gave him a $5,000 bond. >> the other suspect is deryl dedmon accused of driving the truck. his attorney said that there was no proof of these racial allegations, and the other suspect aaron rice, a woman who identified herself as her mother, said that he didn't have anything to do with this. with that said, you have witnesses who claim to have
11:34 am
heard them yell things out like white power, and we have the information from the police saying that from their investigation they found evidence that these people were driving around just looking for someone, someone who was black to, quote, mess with. i would imagine the family of mr. anderson, they have to be heartbroken in that they are dealing with the loss of this man who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> mr. anderson was, it was certainly unexpected and then to find out the manner which he was killed, you know, run over and then to later find out that this was a hate crime where these young people came in from a suburb of jackson, brandon, mississippi, specifically to
11:35 am
mess with, i was putting it not nicely, a black person, and -- and that's exactly what they did, and so they go from, you know, shock, disbelief to -- to just -- i mean, they are just devastated right now, and -- and trying to cope with, like i said, the loss of the family member and going through the burial process and then to know that, you know, he was essentially in the wrong place at the wrong time. he was an easy target. he was -- was vulnerable, and they picked him out. >> well, we know that later this month a grand jury will decide whether these two will be charged with a hate crime. we'll see what the grand jury desides and what moves ahead, but you can bet this story is not going away. thank you very much. we greatly appreciate you joining us, winston. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> new demands from president obama to remove syrian president bashar assad. that tops our look at the news
11:36 am
from around the nation. assad recently cracked down against pro-reform demonstrators sending in tanks into opposition hotbeds. u.s. officials also say it will be touch to impose sanctions against assad's regime, or they will as early as tomorrow. as many as 2,000 people reportedly have been killed as a result of the protests, and the two men accuses of beating a san francisco giants man are being arraigned in los angeles today. louis sanchez and marvin norwood face assault and battery charges. bryan stow is still in a coma after sustaining brain injuries during that attack on march 31st. and a amazing story of survival from washington state. a 12-year-old boy is alive after being swept up by the pacific ocean during a trip, a youth trip. his friends prayed on the beach as rescuers searched for 20 minutes before they found him unconscious underwater. the boy shocked doctors by waking up from his medically induced coma. >> we were trying to get him to
11:37 am
cough, and come on, dale, cough, cough, you need to cough once. you need to do it again, do it more. i don't need to, he said. oh, my goodness, he spoke, a full sentence. >> doctors say dale ostrander has a ways to go but the fact that he's still alive is a miracle. days away from the critical iowa straw poll and almost all of the candidates are stumping in iowa today and almost preparing for tomorrow night's big debate, but congresswoman michele bachmann certainly may have some explaining to do, you might say. a new report says she took government money, including stimulus money, even while railing against it. joining me live is alex barnes from politico. alex, you have "the huffington post" and others reporting on this that congresswoman bachmann or at least 16 separate occasions tried to receive federal funding, including the stimulus, that as i pointed out that she has fought against and disagrees with greatly. what can you tell us about
11:38 am
what's going on here? >> well, tamron, this is one of these stories that it's almost predictable that you have your small government conservative candidate, relative political newcomer getting hit with this kind of research file. michele bachmann obviously has voted no on virtually every expansion of government under the obama administration, "the huffington post" saying she asked for government funds, remains to be seen whether this is the kind of thing republican primary voters will be concerned about. she was a tax collector for the irs and that didn't really seem to put a dent in her popularity, just the strength of her message. >> this could be different. three separate federal agencies saying that 16 separate times she petitions for federal government for direct financial help or aid. i mean, that doesn't seem, alex, like something she can sweep away, may be one of the tougher questions that she needs to answer here. >> well, i think you're absol e
11:39 am
absolutely right. it's a question that she will have to answer. one thing can you say about michele bachmann she's been very, very capable so far in this campaign as deflecting the kind of stories that would be much more damaging to a more conventional candidate. the stories about her sort of chronic intense migraines, apparently that made her miss votes in the house of representatives. that didn't slow her down at all, so if this is a story that slows that momentum, it will be the first one. >> as i mentioned obviously her sights and those of the other candidates in iowa. in wisconsin, democrats were not able to get the seats they needed there. what message overall do you believe was sent? >> well, republicans are certainly very, very happy today that if democrats, if labor unions had been able to take control of that wisconsin state senate, it would have been seen as a repudiation of governor scott walker and the austerity platform that republicans adat' democrats can carry today.
11:40 am
they are takinsome heart from the fact that they picked up two seats, but we're talking tens of millions of dollars spent in an election that for national purposes was largely symbolic, and the symbolic victory democrats were looking for they did not get. >> all right, alex. great job and great to see you as well. >> thank you. >> be sure to watch presidential candidate michele bachmann this sunday on "meet the press" on msnbc. >> all right. i'm going to do it. but i need to make sure she understands this ain't no game we playing here. >> the best selling novel "the help" hits theaters today. what's behind this mid-week release? courtney's got the scoop coming up. first, there's a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. america's first african-american secret service agent has died at 82. his obituary in "the herald sun" newspaper says he joined the secret service in 1956 in the charlotte, north carolina office. arizona governor jan brewer has until the end of this day to
11:41 am
ask the u.s. supreme court to consider her appeal of a lower court's ruling that put part of the state's controversial immigration law on hold. among the provision, brewer hopes to get reinstated requiring police officers to check immigration status of people they think are in the country illegally. the federal government says the law intruds es on the federal government's exclusive right to deal with immigration. >> alec baldwin plans to establish a permanent city residence in new york city before running for mayor. those are some things we think you ought to know. l healthy fie. l healthy fie. made with wholesome grains, real chicken, even accents of tomato and avocado. yeah! come on! [ barking ]
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11:45 am
achieve meaningful change? plus, a pl"playboy" palin tell all. plus are those wedding bells we hear on sesame street. a close call for passengers on tour. one minute they are sight-seeing and then this. >> oh, my god. >> insane. big chunks of ice start breaking off and falling into the water nearly taking out the people on the ship. a 60-year-old woman broke her leg during this ordeal because she fell down after the wave rocked the boat. kevin cohen videotaped the glacier crash and joins me now from los angeles. thanks for joining us. >> how you doing? >> i should call you steady hands. i don't know how you were able to keep that together, man. getting that video. when did you know you were in trouble? >> well, i was actually more afraid of the wave after that big tower of ice fell down, but, you know, i never really felt in
11:46 am
trouble until i really started seeing the big chunks flying at us, but, you know, the adrenaline got pumping, and it was -- it was pretty insane. >> it has to be. i mean, you're looking at the video and you start to see the movement there of the glacier, and i'm sure you thought oh, that's pretty cool and then the wave, us a pointed out, start coming your direction. just how far away was that boat from the glacier itself? >> i thought we were about a quarter mile to half a mile away. i always felt we were at a safe distance. i was never afraid, but, yeah, just about around there. >> that's incredible. what's been the reaction to your video when people see it? >> there's been a lot of reaction actually. i've been very surprised. a lot of people have been in you a -- in awe of it. >> we're smiling now and thankfully everyone is a-okay. one woman probing her leg. this could have turned into something far more tragic than
11:47 am
what we're seeing here. at any point did you worry that, again, that this could turn into something pretty bad? >> yeah. you know, i was -- i'm really thankful that no one was hurt worse, but, yeah, i mean, i knew it was bad when i turned around and saw the lady on her back, and i immediately ran in to get help or get anything that, you know, to keep her warm outside, but, yeah, i mean, it was very scary, and i knew it was bad right when she let out that scream and she was on the ground. >> that's so scary. again, everyone is okay at this point. do you think you'll go on another sight-seeing tour of glaciers you? ready to get back out there? >> definitely. it was the thrill of a lifetime, i'll tell that you. >> it was. that's one way to describe it. thank you very much. amazing you were able to catch that video, thank you. and a best selling novel makes its big screen debut and an nfl star wants to live with you, maybe, if you're a fan, and tbs bids farewell to a popular talk show host. some encouraging news also from
11:48 am
gavin degraw after he says he was assaulted in new york. let's get the scoop from pop columnist courtney hazlett. "the help" opens in theaters and you ask why on a wednesday? a little unusual for a movie to open on thursday, hear a lot about thursday night midnight releases with movies like harry potter, and the big scoop is this is the first unofficial oscar event. it opened last night at a theater in los angeles at the academy of motion pictures and arts and sciences theater, and the whole point here is to get it out in front of those academy viewers. some of the performances that are ellie being lauded in this film are those of avila davis and octavia spencer. >> i said this weekend i'm sitting next to two oscar winners and people really enjoyed their performances.
11:49 am
>> you're probably right. >> and this is a fan one. chad ochocinco has gone to the patriots, and when you get a new job and have you to move, one of the questions people ask, well, where are you going to live? well, he announced he doesn't have a place to live yet and he's actually going to stay with a fan. >> he's a millionaire. he can find a place. he wants to stay with a fan. >> this is a guy who loves a stunt, and if it's approved, they can't say like go live with a fan. >> why not. >> you can live with whoever you want to live with. >> take a listen right here. >> i'm not sure how many boston fans i'll have, but i'll just pick somebody out of the blue. i'm not sure how it works. they have to have internet. they have to have xbox, and -- and, man, that's about it. >> you're serious? >> have i ever lied to you before? >> there could be crazy people. >> i rode a bull. i'm crazy. >> going to pay rent? >> like you saw, the details aren't entirely ironed out. he says he doesn't even know how he'll pick the fan.
11:50 am
>> i love it. >> that's what he's up for doing. >> that's our next stunt. going to move in with a fan. >> courtney and tamron, pack your bags and tbs announced it is cancelling "lopez tonight," and the last show is going to be thursday night. "lopez tonight" was getting 400,000 viewers in primetime right now, even less than that in the demo, which is that important demographic we're always talking about. it isn't all bad news for george lopes though. you and i were talking about this. his show at nick at night gets 2 million viewers. and then a quick followup to one of the stories we were talking about yesterday, gavin mcgraw. he has been released from the hospital. curiously he did tweet out afterwards saying he didn't have much memory of the attack or what happened and he's just going to, quote, recover from here.
11:51 am
>> okay. he says he was attacked on the streets of new york and got hit by a cab. >> details are still murky. >> all right. we'll see what happens with him. thank you very much, courtney. for the very latest entertainment news logon to just thought of us living with a fan. don't know why that came to my mind. we'll make a list of things required, xbox. we'll be right back. i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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time for the "newsnation" gut check. a long island, new york, bus driver is fighting to regain his job. he was actually fired for violating company policy while helping three police officers during a hail storm. reporter greg sergol from wnbc, our sister station, explains what happened. >> reporter: george dole lost his job last week, and the reason why he's cleaning his pool rather than driving a school bus is difficult for him to accept. it happened last monday as a vicious hail and rainstorm pelted nassau county. as the photos show the streets
11:55 am
were flooding quickly. he was in a mini bus with a teen and matron on board when he spotted an unmarked police cruiser like this filling with water with three detectives inside. >> and they are saying you've got to help us, you've got to help us. you've got to get us to the third precincts. we're police officers. >> reporter: he made the decision to push through the floodwater, picked up detectives and delivered them to the nassau precinct. >> it's sad to hear when his good deed cost him his job. >> reporter: after dawe filed a report about what happened, he was fired. according to papers supplied by dawe, he violated bus company policy about picking up passengers. >> i felt they were in danger, and i felt it was something anyone would do under the circumstances. >> reporter: a vice president for educational bus transport responded with the statement this particular employee was not terminated solely because of the pickup of unscheduled passengers, but tim floyd would not elaborate further.
11:56 am
if he had to do it all over again, dawe says he would have reacted exactly the same way, but he's still at a loss to understand what he did wrong. >> and i felt i made the right decision. >> reporter: dawe would like his job back, and police say this good samaritan deserves it. >> and that was wnbc greg sergol reporting. what does your gut tell you? should the bus driver be fired for rescuing police officers during the hail storm? go to to vote. yesterday's question, should michigan bar most college students from being eligible for food stamps? 31% say yes and 69% say no. thank you so much for joining us. that does it for this edition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall. jonathan capehart is in for martin bashir, and he's up next. ♪ gone, gone away ♪ gone, like my landlord's smile ♪ ♪ gone, gone away
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good afternoon, everyone. i'm jonathan capehart in for martin bashir on this wednesday, august 10th, and here's what's happening.


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