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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  August 12, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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governor tim pawlenty and michele bachmann sparred greatly, hoping it will translate to tomorrow ames straw poll. >> her record of accomplishment and results is nonexistent. >> i introduced the light bulb freedom of choice act. >> she's got a record of misstating and making false statements. >> you said the era of making small government is over. that sounds like barack obama if you ask me. >> reporter: pawlenty decided not to pass up a chance at criticizing front-runner mitt romney by comparing romney's massachusetts health care plan to the president's. o obanney care. >> for saying they're not essentially the same plan it's incredible. >> reporter: romney brushed off the attack and tried to stay focused on president oobama. >> our president doesn't understand how to lead and grow
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an economy. >> reporter: all candidates agreed on one thing, no new taxes. when asked if they'd walk away from a plan that would raise taxes and cut ten times more in spending, every hand went up. former speaker newt gingrich seemed more intent on taxing former fox news colleagues, there's not enough attention paid by the press corps to distinguish us from ideas expressed by barack obama. >> i'm joined by nia malika henderson and ben smith. minnesota nice certainly fell by the wayside last night. there have been a lot of talk, nia malika, before the debate that tim pawlenty had to have a strong showing. how did he do? >> he did have a strong showing going after bachmann. those were some of the most exciting and engaging parts of the debate, came near the middle
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and he did have a chance again to go after mitt romney. in some ways i think he backed off a little bit going after romney. it wasn't with the aggression that he went after bachmann. one of the questions for pawlenty who entered this race thinking that he was going to position himself being the alternative to romney, now he finds himself in the position where he's trying to argue for a position where he's the alternative to bachmann. the question there is if he's diminishing himself by going toe-to-toe with a woman who he has dismissed as someone who doesn't have a long record of legislative accomplishments other than the light bulb bill she proposed in congress. >> which some folks have certainly mocked. you know, ben, there are a number of fact checks and bachmann was wrong on several things saying tim pawlenty implemented cap and trade in minnesota when he didn't, she said standard & poor he's dropped the u.s.'s credit rating because we don't have the ability to repay our debt, this
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he never said that. do the facts matter? >> you know, i think she was imprecise. she's done worse in her career. pawlenty is clearly trying to paint the picture of her as somebody who can't be trusted among the many other attacks he hurled at her but i think nia is right. there was this sort of scrap for third place between pawlenty and bachmann with romney really to the extent he was going after anybody was positioning himself against rick perry with everybody else fighting for the scraps of what's left of the race. >> would you say mitt romney won because as the front-runner he didn't make any major gaffes? >> i think so. >> he was able to lay out the argument against rick perry. >> nia maliki the gloves were off ronald reagan, do not speak against fellow republicans were off time and time again, were you surprised at the what were
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at times animosity and criticism? >> i was described at the animosity, the newt gingrich/chris wallace argument back and forth. >> you wonder what he gets out of that. >> yeah, he was definitely back to his old self, back to cantankerous newt gingrich we all know but again it is hard to say what he gets going after chris wallace, who is big fox news but if you saw the crowd they were very much in his corner as he was going after chris wallace who in that position was very much the symbol of the press so i think he gained some points in that, and kind of got his stride back, but again, i think a lot of these folks obviously have to channel a lot of the anger that voters are really feeling in frustration and so i think you saw that really on display last night. >> it's interesting because for me, ben, the moment of the day was when all of them were asked who would reject a budget deal that was $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases and every single candidate said
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they'd reject it. you got to wonder what does that say about the chances for the super committee winning any republican support? >> right, i think it tells you where the party is right now and that sends a signal to those guys on the super committee that compromise is just not on the table right now. you got to think obama was thinking i'm not going to offer them $1 in tax hikes for $10 in cuts. that's never going to happen. that's an outrageously good offer from the democratic interspective. the gaps are wide. >> ben smith and nia malika henderson, thanks very much. texas governor rick perry is about to make it official. the conservative republican will announce his candidacy, in south carolina, tomorrow. nbc news deputy political director mark murray is in iowa for us. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, chris. >> how does perry's entrance change things for the
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republicans? >> reporter: to me, it will force mitt romney to take a big part in the primary. last night he stayed above the fray, using his criticisms and attacks at president obama. rick perry getting into the race represents the fact you'd have a tea party candidate like michele bachmann but with a governor's record, an executive like perry has and that has the potential to force perry to have to interact, to engage with mitt romney and vice versa, so we really might end up seeing the beginning of the primary campaign for mitt romney, with perry's entrance into the race. >> but they're so different, obviously, mitt romney and rick perry at least initially, who does he pose the greatest challenge to? would it be michelle backman? >> early on he posed the challenge to michele bachmann, but if the establishment, the tea party establishment gets behind rick perry, he has the potential and we'll see what happens in the ames straw poll,
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a lot of pressure on michele bachmann to win and retain her front-runner status in iowa, but early on, perry could be a challenge to michele bachmann but i think the longer term would be to mitt romney. perry, unlike romney, has the ability to be the anti-obama. there are a lot of things in mitt romney's record, whether it's his health care law or other things that republicans and conservatives can say this person isn't a purist, this person isn't the conservative candidate we need, the nominee we need. that's the dynamic at play. >> let's talk about the timing of all of this. here he comes rolling into south carolina, just happens to be on the same day as the rest of the candidates are all pretty much in iowa, kind of taking a page out of sarah palin's playbook, her bus tour is rolling into iowa this weekend, what's that all about? >> reporter: sarah palin is back in the spotlight as we were talking about earlier, just as soon as you think you can get away, she keeps pulling us back in, but it's just unclear just
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the staying power that she normally has. we saw last night's debate, the fact that she wasn't on the stage leads a lot of people to believe she probably won't be running for president and as soon as she sets that exploratory committee i think she'll end up getting more and more attention. it's interesting to me she fires up the bus tour for a second time now. the attention she's getting is less and less, because people just don't think she's likely to get in. she has the power to be able to change that but until she does, we're going to see the michele bachmanns, the tim pawlentys and the rick perrys and the mitt romneys get a lot more attention than sarah palin. >> mark murray, thanks, mark. msnbc will have complete coverage of saturday's iowa straw poll throughout the day, starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. the fbi is looking into 90 incidents of verizon phone wires that have been sabotaged since the company's union workers went on strike last weekend. the head of the 45,000-member union will join me in a few minutes to talk about that.
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also the future of unions in america. and what may be a new clue this morning in the desperate search for 3-year-old brianne rodriguez in rural missouri. authorities say they found training wheels near the site where she was last seen riding her bike. she disappeared while playing outside her home. >> reporter: this morning, good morning, they're saying very little about this case, actually. they're trying to get dna from those training wheels and also they're investigating if someone could have planted, could have placed those training wheels in the field in order to mislead authorities. the father of brianne, i spoke to him this morning, he told me he identified those wheels belonging to her daughter's bicycle but of course the fbi is not ready to confirm that. >> all right, we're going to keep our eye on this, telemund
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the final members have now been named to the congressional super committee on deficit reduction. nancy pelosi tapped james clyburn and james van holen to slash $1.5 trillion from the
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federal budget. remember this? >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >> come on, you've missed that. former delaware republican senate candidate christine o'donnell says that was the lowest moment of last year's campaign. she's got a memoir called "troublemaker." she never wanted to make that ad blaming her own inability to put her foot down. after sparring between minnesotans michele bachmann and tim pawlenty talk is turning to how all of the candidates including rick perry will enter the race tomorrow. >> we need a president who has been a fighter and a champion on the issues that people want us to turn away from. they want us to turn away from spending. i've been there, and i've also stood up against my own party. i've stood on principal, rather
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than party, and i think that's what people are looking for. >> with me now are nbc news campaign jamie novagranto and kerry dan with rick perry. jamie, let me start with you. congresswoman bachmann said last night during the debate there's room for rick perry in the debate. how much, given their being so far to the night? >> reporter: the campaign said they're not worried. her spokesman has said she welcomes anyone and everyone into the race. she herself is focused on meeting the voters of iowa, and they think that they made a great showing at the debate last night. >> obviously they are going after many of the same voters, they're going to be together tonight as i understand at the same gop fund-raiser in waterloo, i guess that's actually on sunday?
7:16 am
>> right. right. that's right, chris. and the important thing to note here is that this is michele bachmann's home city, waterloo, iowa, and it's important for her to be there. she was invited before governor perry was, invited about six weeks ago but she only just accepted two days ago but the campaign says it's important for her to be there. it's her home city, and she's looking forward to the event. >> you know, kerry, perry has been taking a page out of sarah palin's playbook, decided he's going to announce tomorrow, diverting attention from the other guys there in iowa. what is his campaign saying officially about the timing of his announcement? >> reporter: it's remarkable if you look at this week, this past week. it was the week leading up to the ames straw poll in which rick perry was not participating and a republican debate in which rick perry was not participating and yet there were national
7:17 am
headlines every single day about exactly how and when and how and rick perry was going to make this announcement in south carolina tomorrow. on monday we were chasing reports that this speech that he had already scheduled to give in south carolina tomorrow he was going to make his intentions clear but wasn't sure whether he was going to fully announce and during the week learning he's going to be in new hampshire, he's going to be in iowa, sound like the makings of a campaign rollout tour and finally yesterday, hours before all of his other or many other competitors at the stage in ames for that debate, news broke he is going to make his full announcement so every other candidate walked on to the stage knowing rick perry was going to dominate a lot of headlines today by making that announcement in charleston, and he was a presence in the debate regardless of the fact he wasn't on stage last night. >> that's true without a doubt. carrie, jamie, thanks so much. this afternoon president obama will welcome the super bowl champion green bay packers
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to the white house. last night the long wait ended for football fans, five preseason nfl games were played. the winners, arizona, dallas, seattle, new england and philadelphia and more games to come, tonight and tomorrow. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates.
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couple of big developments today involving casey anthony. florida's child welfare agency issued a new report on the 25-year-old who was acquitted of course of murdering her 2-year-old daughter and the judge is expected to rule on anthony's probation status for a check fraud conviction. lilia luciano, what does this report say? >> chris the report released yesterday states and i quote, "casey anthony failed to protect her child from harm either through her actions or lack of actions, which ultimately
7:22 am
resulted in the child's untimely death." not an extremely surprising report, we have to say but it is the first legal or official document that places some type of blame on casey anthony. if you want to look at it as that it has that relevance. they don't have the authority to prosecute casey apt know. the report has been released and ends there, released after a series of media outlets requested it, using a free coming of information act request. it ends there, places the blame on casey anthony but there's no further prosecution to follow. >> she still is in legal hot water. judge perry expected to rule on her probation status any time now. what is the latest you can tell us about that? >> at this point, chris, we're waiting to hear on that from judge perry. the ruling will come in the form of an e-mail as usually happens when something that's determined outside of an actual court hearing. we expect to hear from the orange county spokesperson, send
7:23 am
an e-mail to the media and say what judge perry determined. i know that her legal team, her defense team asked for him to be secure and private in terms of what he decides, obviously citing their concern for her safety. they said the ruling would be determined this week, so at any point today considering that it's friday we expect to hear what casey anthony's fate holds. >> lilia luciano thank you so much. 45,000 verizon workers have been on strike. new york state police are investigating damage to a fiber optic circuit box that cut service, including 911 calls to almost 260,000 people near utica. there are also reports out this morning that strikers on the picket lines are being hit or threatened by company vehicles. joining me now is larry cohen, president of the communications workers of america which represents most of the strikers. good morning. >> good morning, chris, great to be with you. >> we've been hearing about this
7:24 am
vandalism and can you at least first comment on this, because the reports just keep coming in. >> sure, i started the day in buck's county, pa, at 7:00 with about 100 of our members who are on strike and 25 of their kids, and the reporters who are out there, anybody seeing them, knows that there's nothing in their heart except how to defend our kids and way of life, how to defend the rights we've had for years. >> you don't think this is necwa workers responsible for this? >> i'm hoping we're not, we have a clear statement opposing all violence, this is about rights and the middle class and the last thing we need is management able to divert the story away from what it is, the story about rights and the middle class way of life and trying to argue it's about cable cutting. >> the cwa contract expired the 6th of august. verizon wants employees to contribute up to $100 a month for health care costs because
7:25 am
its land line business has gone way down. i think honestly a lot of people sitting back who have been paying a lot more than $100 a month for health care will shrug their shoulders and say what's that all about? what would you say to them? >> that our members already pay 7% of the health care costs, this is again verizon gimmickery, they pay it in high deductibles. >> verizon says in terms of actually paying for the coverage, verizon workers pay nothing, is that right? >> they pay every time they use the care, and anybody who does health care policy knows that's, if the goal is to manage health care costs, that's the way you do it, you don't do it by incenting people not to sign up in the first place. yes it's true there's no premium but the average member spending $2,500 a year on health care and verizon knows it. >> the cwa and verizon are asking congress for support now and in light of the recent events with the debt ceiling what would it take, do you think, to get verizon and your
7:26 am
union back to the table? >> this is a list of 100 demands, all give-back demands from the company. we've said to the company before there was a strike work together with us, let's pare down the demands to a reasonable number and right now our members are ready to go back to work and bargain from inside. we said that from day one. we've been doing bargaining with verizon for 50 years, and we've never had an approach like this. verizon management thinks it's all about give-backs while the top management get extraordinary excessive raises every single year, just last week they gave vodaphone their wireless partner unprecedented $400 billion dividend to the uk shipping the money out the same way they shipped out 20,000 customer tech jobs to the philippines and bangladesh. this is the time of patriotism in this country, supporting jobs in america, supporting a middle class standard of living from a
7:27 am
company among the ten wealthiest companies in this country. we'll never turn this recession around if every company comes and says cut, cut, cut, while they reward those on top. that's what this is about. >> i want, to be fair to read a statement verizon sent out and in part in response to these suggestions that they've been driving at the picket lines, they said "with the strike now in the sixth day our executives are focused on running the company and dealing with issues like network performance and the continual sabotage of our equipment and facilities." you want to respond to that? >> yeah, there's no continual sabotage. they delight in making that the only story line they have. we challenge them to bargain. they strip the workers of the rights, that's what you've done so far, you know you've never bargained like this and never given the dividend five days before the contract was up, sending $4.5 billion to the uk, paying management $50,000 a day,
7:28 am
what the top management gets and judging by the support i saw out there this morning, middle class america in leavittown, pa, there's not a truck moving out there, it has to do withstanding up for the middle class, we ask america, stand with us. >> larry cohen thank you for taking the time to talk with us. >> thank you, chris. after the whiplash we suffered on wall street, gasoline prices expected to drop another 50 cents a gallon over the next few weeks. and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most. ♪ lily and i are back on the road again. where we belong. with zyrtec®, i can love the air®. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry !
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here's a look at some other stories people are talking about right now. the u.s. postal service may cut as many as 120,000 jobs, with a second year of more than $8 billion in losses, the agency wants to opt out of federal retirement and health benefits plans and set up their own system. get ready for a big fight on this in congress, because they would need to first approve either step. the post office has already cut 110,000 jobs in the last four
7:32 am
years. right now it's eliminating 7,500 administrative jobs. 80-year-old billionaire george soros is being sued by an ex-girlfriend. mike taibbi joins me in the studio with more. >> chris, think of it -- >> we've heard it before. >> a beautiful young woman, super rich guy, more than half a century her senior, history in human nature say that could be a recipe for a lawsuit which in this case it certainly is. she's a ravishing former star of one of brazil's popular soap operas, studying philosophy at columbia university and he is one of the world's richest and most powerful men worth an estimated $14 billion plus. 28-year-old beauty, adriana fehrer says the 80-year-old promised twice to buy her a
7:33 am
dream home apartment in this posh upper east side building and broke his promise each time. when you mix prime manhattan real estate with may december love gone bad you've got a story that's tabloid front page eligible. her lawyer says it's not about the money. >> we don't care that he's worth billions of dollars, we don't care his apartment is 1/7000th of his income. that's not relevant. >> reporter: what is relevant her $50 million lawsuit when they argued, he slapped her, threw a lamp at her and tried to choke her, except says soros 'lawyer say it's a frivolous lawsuit. the victim said she was not fearful, and the lamp fell on her foot. she did say soros gave her an open hand smack on the right side of her face, but even that,
7:34 am
a spokesman for soros says is a blatant attempt to shake down a very wealthy man. there's no dispute the former soap opera star and the twice divorced soros dated on and off and sometimes jet-setted with the super rich for five years but though they never lived together, ferreyr says it was a serious and meaningful relationship, when he refused to buy her either of two apartments she wanted, one more $2 million and the second for $4.3 million, she ended up hurt and embarrassed and on antidepressants, $50 million worth of hurt, or whatever a jury might say. >> it could be whatever they want. >> i ferreyr still pursuing her ivy league studies lists one of her specialties as "real estate." >> we should emphasize soros was not charged with any crimes, his lawyer says the police concluded there was no assault and also said he wants the case dismissed as soon as possible. >> did they offer her money to
7:35 am
go away quietly? >> there are no discussions about settlement and said in strong language they're taking this personally because it's a personal assault on his character as opposed to other controversies mr. soros has been involved in. didn't glenn beck accuse him of being a nazi participant? in this case he's going after it. contact has been lost with that unmanned hypersonic glider that could have sped from california to new york in 12 minutes flat. $320 million taxpayer funded project but it dropped off, nine minutes after launch yesterday. the glider was developed for u.s. defense research into super fast global strike capability. if you look up at the sky tonight particularly around 2:00 a.m., you might be able to catch a few shooting stars during an incredible meteor shower. it's generally one of the brightest showers of the year,
7:36 am
but tonight persiod will compete with the moon. finally the weather channel meteorologist maria larosa will explain. >> a thunderstorm came through dallas, the rain cooled air kept them under 100 degrees but we'll be back up there today and the next several days so a new streak will continue. 101 for dallas. the ohio valley and great lakes, that jet stream the driving force, the battle between the cool and the hot, it's going to take a dip, that will allow cooler air to come through. 90 degrees in washington. not cool but average, and then here's the pay-off by sunday, washington, 82 degrees. new york city 81, you're going to feel it in the morning hours but unfortunately look at where the hot pink is, still that heat as that ridge buildings back toward the end of the weekend. dallas, austin, san antonio, that heat is not going anywhere. today 101 in dallas, shreveport, 102, san antonio, 102, triple
7:37 am
digits continue on into saturday, continues on into sunday, if you have to put a positive twist on this, you've got oklahoma city into the 90s, and just in the north folks in st. louis, kansas city will be back down into the 80s, so excessive heat for a lot of folks out of here, unfortunately here in the south where it's dry and hot it will continue. chris? >> thanks so much, maria. "sesame street" responding to that online campaign to allow its popular characters bert and ernie to get married. we'll have that when we go down to the wire in 20. what a week on wall street, stocks are up in the early going today and what's been an historic week of ups and downs and ups and downs for the dow, here are the numbers now. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. last four days have been unprecedented. >> absolutely, chris. we clocked up a fourth day of massive moves and i know that your great producers have got a graphic that shows it all. we can safely say this has been wall street's most volatile week
7:38 am
since 2008 which was a year we'd rather forget in terms of the markets. for today the jury is still out but so far so good. we saw the nasdaq briefly turn negative after the consumer sentiment dropped in august, and gave the u.s. dollar a bit of a lift. if you listen to the responses from economists about this number, they say okay it was an ugly number but you know what? we had markets in turmoil, all of that uncertainty and the u.s. being downgraded so this kind of number should be expected and that's why we've still got stocks in the positive. >> let's talk about savings because actually it's more about the money we don't have, some i thought surprising findings in a new survey. >> chris if you suddenly needed $1,000 to cover an unexpected expense would you have the money? >> some say yes, absolutely. guess what the recent online
7:39 am
poll from the credit counseling found only a mere 36% of respondents said they could just go to the savings account and withdraw $1,000. the rest would be forced to friends, family or loan operation, get a cash advance on a credit card, disregard payment on monthly expenses and the foundation said selecting any option other than just going to your savings account and take the money out should be a red flag of always maintaining a three to six-month emergency fund is insufficient these days. >> all right, mandy drury, always good to see you. have a good weekend. you, too. a vermont teen is apparently off the hook this morning for truly shocking behavior on a jetblue flight. 18-year-old robert vetes was taken into u.s. police custody at jfk airport and summons for indecent exposure. the olympic hopeful relieved
7:40 am
himself mid flight on an 11-year-old girl after consuming what he says was eight alcoholic drinks. but now a spokeswoman with the port authority police says federal prosecutors decided not to pursue the matter and they have dropped the case. joining me live criminal defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. parents in particular said you would have had to stop me from killing this guy. he was going the bathroom on my little girl. no charges? >> there may not be charges by the federal authorities against this young man, but how about jetblue? jetblue served an 18-year-old man -- >> he says he drank them before he got on board but somebody served him. >> somebody served him. they're not sure. some people said they saw him consuming the alcohol on the plane. so let's see what goes on here. there's a federal act that says you cannot serve someone once
7:41 am
they become intoxicated. . if you continue to do that and there's a disturbance or something worse you could be held responsible. >> so that would be somebody on jetblue or somebody who was in a bar, at the airport or whatever. let's talk about the guy himself. because apparently the father said the little girl was so traumatized he didn't want police to interview her and that may be the reason that these charges were dropped, but they have evidence. they have witnesses. the guy at least if the quotes are to be believed admitted it so why couldn't they charge him, indecent exposure. >> why are they not charging him with more? i don't know. maybe they'll reopen the case if the father pursues the district attorney or the federal authorities. honestly the child was assaulted. she was urinated on. it is an offensive, horrible act. i'm not exactly sure why the authorities have pursued this manner of, you know, stepping back and saying, well, indecent
7:42 am
exposure. there's a little more than that, do you agree? >> i got to think like the father said this little girl is traumatized and may lose his position on the u.s. ski team but by all accounts he just is completely unrepentant, not apologizing, saying "i was drunk." >> he admitted he missed the bathroom by a long shot so possibly the investigation will reopen as to an assault and battery, further indecent exposure, intoxication, so many things the authorities can pursue in this matter and possibly when the child maybe becomes more relaxed in a situation and the father brings her to authorities, there will be a different understanding here or a different outcome. >> we did ask jetblue and they gave us this statement, "on tuesday, august 9 an incideine was reported on flight 166, which departed portland, oregon for new york's jfk airport.
7:43 am
the customer involved was met by local authorities upon arrival in new york. the matter is under investigation, we aren't commenting further on any report" which sounds like their lawyers told them not to say anything. if you were a prosecutor would you be pursuing this? >> of course. the reason to pursue these things is so it does not happen again, on both counts. you don't want the child to have a horrible experience and you don't want an 18-year-old to be served. you really don't want him to be served. that's -- the law is the federal law is 21. the federal law for aviation is 21. federal law for alcohol consumption is 21. if the states want their highway money, if they don't, they can reduce the alcoholic age. in oregon and new york the age is 21 to be served and on airlines 21. the reality is there's a reason for that so let's make sure the prosecutors pursue all legal
7:44 am
basis and legal options for this. >> i think everybody out there agrees with you on this one. thank you so much. and there's pretty much something for everything in theaters near you this weekend. for a thrill, "final destination 5" teen bridge collapse survivors fear there's no way you can cheat death. in the drama category emma stone stars as a 1960s era journalist "the help" forms an unlikely alliance with two black servants, fantastic novel. and "30 minutes or less" a pizza guy who makes a delivery to a pair of dim-witted criminals who use him to rob a bank. if you're a fan of "glee" see the mckinley kids in a full stage concert on the big screen. ♪
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routine vaccination with the chicken pox vaccine has cut the death rate from the illness significantly. according to a new study in the journal "pediatrics" death rates have gone down 97% since vaccination became routine in 1995. hey there, i'm veronica de la cruz in today for thomas rober roberts. minnesota nice turns nast yits as the knives come out in iowa. was anyone the clear winner in the gop presidential debate? rick perry makes it clear he's running for the white house. is eliminating michele bachmann first on the agenda? the florida stripper tells florida police "i deserved to get shot." what's next for the dougherty gang? we'll keep you in the loop. chris? >> thank you so much. the headlines from wall street this week have been
7:49 am
frightening to say the least leaving a lot of folks wondering what to do with their hard-earned retirement money. >> it was a dark day for the nation's finances. >> the s&p 500 shellacked, people, 6% in one day! >> panic mode, the dow plunges more than 600 points as investors react to the downgrade of the u.s. credit rating. >> don't panic! everything's fine. i'm just down here looking for my emergency hobo satchel. >> i'm joined by msnbc financial analyst vera gibbons and psychologist and nbc contributor jeff gardere. vera besides goingor the hobo satchel or starting a new career, what are people to do? >> this has been the most volatile week since 2008, remember that, you want to have a nice cash position, dividend
7:50 am
paying stocks look attractive and to have an emergency fund. >> and we took the survey the vast majority of people don't even have $1,000 so that makes it scary. >> 50% of those who have an emergency fund would be pinched to come one $2,000 in the event of a job loss and it's taking over 40 weeks to find a new job. >> do we have to get used to this, are these crazy swings the new normal? >> it feels like 2008, the markets are crazy, a lot of anxiety and fear in the marketplace. people thought we were past this, threw this. things were looking better at the beginning of the year. two steps forward, five steps back. >> a lot of people who don't normally pay attention in the market are obviously freaking out. so what do you do? you're not sleeping at night. >> misery loves company. what i mean by this, we may all be miserable but we're all in it together and we have to pull ourselves up by our boot straps,
7:51 am
don't feel we're isolated, not getting our hands on that $1,000 doesn't make us less than because so many people are going through it but following what you're saying, she's giving strategies as to some of the things you can begin doing so take control. it is about self-empowerment, about positive mental attitude and figuring out ways to make it work for you, and counting the small blessings. we can make it. that's the most important thing. we've made it this far. >> in the interim it is causing anxieties, people are eating more or less, drinking more. gaining weight. >> they're not talking about it enough so they're having all of these physical symptoms that can't really be explained and that's why it's important to discuss it with others, not a pity session, but more of sharing empowerment strategies. >> you guys have a great weekend. jeff, vera -- >> thanks so much. >> we're hanging out figuring out what we're going to do financially. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] imagine all of your missed opportunities
7:52 am
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we finally have an answer to one of the great mysteries, bert
7:55 am
and ernie just friends. same-sex marriage advocates starting an online campaign to tie the characters but "sesame street" says the odd couple is strictly plutonic. "even though they're identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics they remain puppets and do not have a sexual orientation. another horrible day on the links for tiger woods who has suffered a major meltdown at the pga championship in georgia where he's tied for 129th place. his worst opening round in a major ever. tiger has not won a major tournament since george w. wash was president. there are some women saying karma but not me, just good luck to everybody at the pga championships. that wraps up this hour of "jansing and company." veronica de la cruz is up next. i'll see you this weekend
7:56 am
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her record of accomplishment and results is nonexistent. >> i introduced the light bulb freedom of choice act. >> she's got a record of misstating and making fault statements. >> fight night in iowa, the republican presidential hopefuls take stabs at each other and president barack obama. did anyone come out a clear winner? and does any of it matter when texas governor rick perry making it official, he's jumping into the race, is his first target michele bachmann? plus wall street braces for another roller coaster ride, after seeing $3 trillion in personal wealth knocked out in seven days, is this the new normal for the markets? hey there, i'm veronica de la cruz filling in today for thomas roberts. nice to see you. let's get started right now. the knives have come out in the hawkeye state. the republican presidential candidates took aim at each other as well ashe


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