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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 15, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the president who is about to leave for minnesota on a three-day bus tour to take him to iowa and illinois and he just finished a town hall meeting in cannon falls moments ago where he arrived an hour ago to undertake with remarks to the crowd where he said that americans should not have patience with the kind of behavior that washington is exhibiting. >> there is nothing wrong with america that can't be fixed. what's broken is the politics. what has been happening over the last six months, a little bit longer than that if we are honest with yourselves, is that we have a political culture that doesn't seem willing to make the tough choices to move america forward. >> well, msnbc's chief political correspondent john harwood is following the president. they are calling ait a white house tour and not a campaign swing, and cannon falls has not
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had a president there since coolidge, so why these three stops? >> well, the president trying to make an impression on voters in key states in the election, and when you come to a small town like this, you will get tremendous local coverage. this is a huge event for cannon falls, and as a matter of fact, the last question he got at the town hall was from a young girl who said, why did you pick cannon falls, and he made a flattering remark about how cute the children are. everything that the president does is political, and even if he is pushing the policy agenda, as he is, he is ripping the republicans for not cooperating with him, and what he is trying to do ultimately is not only help the position in the 2012 campaign, but go over the heads of the congress, and leverage public pressure against the republicans to get them so when they come back in september, they are in a better mood to give him some of the policy goals that he wants, especially on the accelerating in the weakening the economy.
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>> and john, on both sides of the aisle, i know it is difficult for you to hear there with the music, but the president has not had a unifying vision, and did he come through with something like that in the message today? >> well, look, that is one of the lines of the criticism of the president, and any time you have adverse events in the country which make the country feel that the nation is headed in the wrong direction the people are dissatisfied. the president took office in a financial crisis and then took over a economic stimulus, and then after the election, he did as he planned to do but it was more urgent with the republicans controlling congress, more long-term deficit reduction and now with the events in europe, and the downgrade, and the turbulence in the stock market, consumer confidence is going down, and now he has to go back to the idea of stimulating the economy. so, yes, it is a zigzag line and whether it is the president's
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line or the fault of the events is an issue that is fought out during the 2012 campaign. >> well, john harwood, you are in there with the wood section, because that band is going strong. beautiful cannon falls there in minnesota. thank you. republican presidential candidates are taking swipes at president obama's bus tour, and romney calling it the magical misery bus toushgs and welcoming the president to minnesota with this new campaign ad. take a look. >> in this last election i voted for barack obama, but i feel like i can't. >> why doesn't he stay in washington to do something about jobs instead of coming here. >> i would like to hear something to jump start the economy. >> there are too many people on unemployment. and the newest member to the race is rick perry touting the economic record and bashing the president's handling of the jobs. >> we are calling today on the president of the united states
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to put a moratorium on regulations across this country, because his regulations and his epa regulations are killing jobs all across america. >> well, congresswoman michele bachmann fresh off of the straw poll win in iowa told conservatives at a dinner last night said she has experience of creating jobs and right now she is on the road to gear up for events in south carolina tomorrow. and joining me is casey hunt national reporter to politico, and casey, good monday, and now dun to the top three, bachmann and perry and romney, but are they it? >> well, it sure seems that way. right now mitt romney has gotten another jobs candidate into the race, and the only one who can match him on money and organization and strength. so you will see the perry, romney race. and now wlrnt michele bachmann can make a serious inroad there, we will have to see, but she made a good showing at the straw poll over the weekend. >> well, to that point, does perry steal the tea party shine from bachmann and does perry
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steal the jobs shine coming from romney? >> well, texas is the number one state for job creation, and rick perry has come out to say that over and over again in the past few days since he announced the campaign saturday. he also does have serious credibility with the tea party folks who are gravitating towards michele bachmann, so instead of being a congresswoman, as she s with no executive experience and something she has been hammered about already, and perry combines excitement on the tea party side with a long record of executive experience. >> a lot of interest there, and the results over to the weekend, does it encourage anyone else to get in? we are looking at a new york times' op-ed that says that chris christie might get in and quote, i will read some of it, serving as a budget cutting republican governor of a democratic state is a far far better preparation for what awaits the next president than the small government idol or governor perry's campaign. what do you think?
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>> well, tons of chatter of whether or not christie will get in, and for months now, and he is clear that he is not interested, and the entry of perry into the field makes the field so crowded, that there is not going to be the same kind of room for another major player. the way there was until this past weekend. >> and who knows about palin, because she has not made an official decision as of yet. casey hunt, thank you. thank you. and we are weeks away from the gop political debate at the reagan library moderated by brian williams which will be september 7th at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. the indiana state fair has reopened today after a horrifying stage collapse that killed five people. dozens were also injured by the collapse which occurred in a sudden gust of near hurricane-strength winds there. hundreds attended a somber memorial service for the victims the fairground this morning.
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mitch daniels, the governor, told loved ones, our hearts are with you, and he wiped away tears as he talked about those in the crowd and other first responders who rushed to help victims in the collapse. >> i cannot tell you how proud i am -- to be the employee of 6.5 million people like that. >> nbc's ron motte joining us live from the fairgrounds in indianapolis, and what is the late oefs tst on the investigatt is still horrific for so many. >> good day to you, richard. one thing investigators are looking to what led to the collapse of the stage behind me. the director of the indiana state fair commissioner has said to employees, those who erect the stage and put it back up has
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been built to specs and safety is priority number one, and investigators are going the see if the design, itself, was flaw ed. i spoke to a photographer here on the ground saturday night as the concert was going on and he said he covered one of the fe festivals all over the country, and he said this is one of the more structurally sound, because it has a concrete grounding and scaffolding, and one of the technicians up manning the spotlights as the dust storm as the photographer described showed up at the fairgrounds and within seconds he said ail you could see is the tarp fall off or pulled off of the roofing structure, and then the whole stage went down. he said it took four or five seconds before the brain could calculate what you saw and then you heard the horrifying screams from people here. and so the investigators will be looking to pinpoint a cause, and in word of how soon they will determine one. >> thank you, ron mott.
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>> and also joining us is jessica who was at the state fair, and before you shot the video, tell us what happened before that happened? >> well, you could tell that the sky was getting really, really dark and the storm was approaching, but everyone was still really excited for the concert to shot. about five minutes before the wind came and the stage fell down, someone got on stage saying that there was severe weather in the area, but they would try to continue on with the concert as planned, and see how the weather went, and if it got too severe, they would evacuate everybody into different buildings. and then try to resume the concert, again, after the weather passed. and literally four to five minutes after that, the sta stage fell. >> just four to five minutes after that. and when did you know something was really, really wrong or going to be wrong?
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>> i guess i didn't really comprehend what was happening. i started filming the dust coming and then it seemed like out of nowhere, the tarp blew off of the top, and then the entire stage was down. i didn't really have time to think about what was happening. it just happened so fast, so quickly. >> and yeah, i heard a gasp at least in the crowd around you as you were filming that as the tarp had come off, and at least in your video. when you were filming that, was there a point in your mind where you were saying, i need to stop taking these pictures and go to held or should i continue to shoot this -- was that running through your mind at this time? >> again, i was kind of shock. and i wasn't -- i don't remember what i was thinking. i guess i just kept filming, because i like photography, and it comes natural to me to film like that. so that was my first instinct to keep doing that until my mom came and she pulled me away and we actually went and evacuated.
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>> and you got out of there, good thing. jessica salas, thank you for your time. >> thank you. and coming up, chilling new details of the massacre in norway as the confessed killer returns to the crime scene to recreate the deadly shooting spree for police. and abducted in pakistan and how the gunmen tricked security guards and kidnapped a u.s. man from his home in pakistan, and plus billionaire warren buffett are saying that he and his friends have been coddled by congress for long enough, and it is time that the mega rich start paying their fair share of taxes, and now one republican is firing back at him. [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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>> some chilling new details remerging about last month's
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massacre in norway. a author ris aed many mitting that authorities took several phone calls in the attack probably from the suspect himself. they say that anders breivik was taken in shackles back to the island where he admitted to ill canning 69 people at a youth camp. michelle kosinski joins me live from london. michelle, do we know how breivik reacted and was he remorseful as he went back to the tour to the location? >> no, not at all. that is one thing that the police did say. they are not giving away a whole lot of detail of what went on and keeping it under tight security although some pictures emerged, but they are surprised that at this point that he shows no remorse or reactions of his actions. what was eerie they had him walking around the island for his safety and had him on a
11:16 am
leash and rope and he led them around for eight hours and carefully retraced his steps as best he could remember, and at times he even demonstrated as if he were holding a gun, very calmly, and with detail showing how he shot 69 young people on that island on july 22nd. really, a strange thing to see, and some people kind of criticized it, but police have been defending the actions although there is an independent investigation going on as to why it took police about an hour to respond to that island. among other things, including the police calls that he allegedly made trying to surrender, richard. >> and it must have been tense and eerie and michelle kosinski live from london with that story. and warren buffett says he is quote tired of being coddleded. he says that the super-rich like himself are not taxed enough. while the poor fight in afghanistan and most americans are struggling to make ends meet, we mega rich are
11:17 am
continuing to get tcontinue ing to get our extraordinary tax breaks. my friends and i have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly congress and it is time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice. and michael smerconish, it is interesting to come from one of the wealthiest people in the world saying he paid 17% in taxes while 98% of the people under him paid half of that. >> well, it is a spirited subject in the talk radio world today, but people are entrenched on both sides, and some say that buffett makes perfect sense and others say, well, he makes no mention of the 35% corporate rate which that money eventually went to him was initially subjected to, and what that reminds me of the pre-straw poll poll question or debate question in iowa where the eight candidates were asked, if would
11:18 am
you go for a deal where it is a 10 for 1 tax cuts an increases and every hand went in the air. in other words, the intransigence of one side of the aisle speaks volumes, and that is where we are. >> and yeah, the critics are saying that it is taxed on the company side and then it is taxed on the personal side, and it is basically double-taxation, but on the flipside, michael n the end, he could be paying more, because he is earning more, so might that still be okay? >> well, you are right, and there is a website where actually through the treasury department where if someone voluntarily wanted to write a check and do more than their part to reduce the federal debt, they are able to do so, so i have heard from those folks as well. it is speaking, i think to the way in which people are so black and white on this issue. they were almost predetermined to either support buffett or be against buffett without regard for the argument, the merit of what he was actually saying. >> and speaking of the back and forth, senator john cornyn did fire back and he tweeted this and i want to read this for the
11:19 am
audience, for the tax-raising advocates like warren buffett, i am sure that the treasury would take a voluntarily payment for the tax reduction and many are saying, should buffett put the money where the mouth is and give some money? >> well, if it did for him, it would make a small dent in the $14 trillion debt, but what is speaking poorly of is what is upcoming of the super committee that is supposed to resolve this, and i for one, don't have high aspirations for what they have to do. >> well, it is a high, high bar and you hit right there. michael smerconish, thank you. >> thank you. and with so much pressure on the candidates in iowa, one journalists say it is not fair for two states to carry so much weight. and when will casey anthony turn herself into florida? and the uk trying to contain
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what's the big deal about iowa? despite all of the attention paid to the hawkeye state in another early primary state, new hampshire, the two make up 2% of the u.s. population, and freelance journalist daniel denver says it is a dispro po disproportionate sampling here and he writes that quote, since we go through the biennial ritual to keep up appearances, it is important to note that the two white-bread states are not representative of a country that is 36% people of color. iowa is 89% white and new hampshire 49%. and daniel, good monday to you, and thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me on. >> why do the states in your opinion have too much political influence? >> well, they are small as you mentioned and second of all,
11:24 am
completely unrepresentative and not only nearly entirely white, but the homogeneity points to another problem in no big cities or metropolitan areas, and so when the republicans on the campaign trail and bachmann and romney are talking about the debt crisis and socialist take over of governor, in philadelphia where i am sitting here, that is surreal like it is a debate take place in another planet. we are a city with 40,000 vacant properties and struggling school system laying off 40,000 teachers and gun violence an unemployment -- >> well, you know, statistics professors will say even though the numbers are right here in terms of the 2%, that 2% is enough to get an accurate sampling of the entire body? >> well, it might be an accurate sampling of midwestern white people, but walking around in philadelphia, interviewing people not only in the city, but
11:25 am
in the suburbs, a suburb just outside of philadelphia and southern new jersey that was one of the original leavitt towns is subjected to gun violence and foreclosure and unemployment is not being represented there. >> and george hw bush is the only person to win the straw poll and then go on the win the nominee, so is it too much weight to them? >> yes, there are a lot of interesting proposals out there to allow every state in the country, and the more the candidates were forced to go out to every state -- >> no, i mean, you too much weight? >> well, me. oh, well, i think that the media is giving it perhaps too much weight. we see, you know, half of the reporters in the country right now crowding into the, you know,
11:26 am
iowa state fair and soon rushing off to new hampshire. and what reporters pay attention to is important. it ends up in the nightly news and sets the discussion at dinner tables around the country. and people are seeing this discussion on tv that doesn't have relevance to the issue of joblessness and foreclosure and violence and schools getting touched as we are seeing here. >> well, we shall see what happens. daniel denver, thank you so much, and interesting h hypothesis. and interesting what pakistan did behind america's back in the wake of the raid on osama bin laden, and plus, officials are investigating tweets sent from a rapper's account which directed 85,000 followers to call police. ♪
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♪ ♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ welcome back to "newsnation." kidnapped in pakistan and what police say led to the abduction of an american working pakistan just days before he was set to leave the country. it is being called the black war
11:30 am
over obama, andly talk to a writer who says that fierce attacks on obama from the african-american scholar colok l west could spell trouble for the president next year. and casey anthony is set to go to florida next month, and when will she turn herself in for probation. and why police deliberately turned off cell service on a train. and the kidnapping of a american contractor, 70-year-old warren weinstein was taken away by gunpoint by people in lahore area in packston, and now there is a report from outside of his home. >> reporter: it has been two days since warren was kidnapped from the house behind me and the police have no idea who or why he was taken. the initial investigation focuses on a possible inside
11:31 am
job. his driver and three security guards are in custody and the police chief of lahore told me that the fbi has been given access to the men. >> they are interrogating them as well as us, the suspects. >> you are working closely? >> yes, we have given them the access to share and exchange the information. >> reporter: the police say that the surveillance cameras like the one above the gate behind me were not working. in fact, when we gained access to the front yard of the house earlier today, we found that the cable to that camera had been cleanly cut. police chief told me that they'd found evidence of a struggle. >> there were black stains, and they picked out from the evidence. >> reporter: weinstein is an international development expert was due to return to the u.s. next week. and he spent seven years in pakistan and yet his neighbors here say they barely knew him. police won't speculate if the eight assailants were part of a
11:32 am
criminal for ransom gang or militant outfit which is far more serious, but they say they are taking the investigation extremely seriously. the abduction serving as a stark reminder that this is a dangerous time for americans in pakistan. ian williams, nbc news, lahore, pakistan. at least 60 people are dead in iraq today in the worst attack on the nation today. a string of coordinated bomb attacks went off in more than a dozen cities in the form of roadside bombs and a suicide bomber driving a car and bombs attached to light poll poles. and the attack comes less than two weeks to say that iraqi officials would allow u.s. officials to stay beyond the deadline of september 1st. they believe this attack is in retaliati retaliation. casey anthony has 11 days to report to florida in person, and the judge says there was a
11:33 am
clerical error and she must come home for probation. her parents say they have no idea where she is and she will not be moving in with them. kerry sanders has the latest from orlando. >> hi, richard. if she turns herself in today and up to the following daying of august 26th, she will meet with a probation officer, but the problem for casey anthony is that she is then subjected once again to many of the public records in this state, even though the judge said that her address can be kept secret, and just showing up at the probation office could turn into quite an ordeal. so that the judge has certainly ordered the department of corrections to make sure that this is done in a somewhat understandable way that she is not subjected to any additional scrutiny, because they are quite frankly concerned about her security. >> and we look at the security here, kerry, and many wonder here in addition to that what her life will be like under probation. going forward?
11:34 am
>> well, it depends if she stays in florida or not. if she stays in florida, she will be required to look for a job. she'll have to have routine tests to make sure she's not using illegal drugs and make sure that she's not associated with other felons, but she also has the possibility of reporting here in florida, and there is 67 offices that she could do it at, and one in each county, and after she reports, she could then leave the state, and report her probation in another state. in all likelihood, if she does that, many of florida's very open public records would not be necessarily available for people to look at, because it would go by each state's probation rules. and so, let's say she goes to california. then, she would be on probation, ordered by florida, but following the rules of say california. >> all right. kerry sanders in orlando, thank you, ker i are.
11:35 am
the worst oil spill to hit the uk in a decade tops the stories around the world. royal dutch shell estimating 150 million barrels of oil spilled off of the coast of scotland. they have been able to reduce the leaking oil to around five barrels a day, and they say that the waves will disperse the sheen which covers an area of 19 miles. three fugitive siblings captured after a cross country crime spree will make another appearance in a colorado courtroom today. lee doughtery and her two brothers will be held on assault and also wanted in florida for bank robbery, and in georgia for assault. and a woman accused of breaking into alex trebeck's hotel room says that the punishment is too harsh. lucinda moyers is accused of
11:36 am
stealing a wallet which had $650 in trebeck's room, and she has been convicted of similar crimes in the past and now faces 25 years to life. and to missouri, police have made an arrest of a tragic disappearance of a 3-year-old missouri girl. investigators say that shawn morgan, a 43-year-old neighbor suffocated breeann rodriguez and dispose od of her body, and researchers are still looking for her body right now. and now from the right, there are converts who are attacking the right, and among the converts are high profile figures in the african-american community including dr. cornel west, and dr. smiley who are taking their arguments to the street. joining me is allison who is a
11:37 am
writer for "newsweek" and start with this. west, among other things has called obama a black mascot of wall street oligarchs, and what basically does he want the president to do? >> focus on the poor, and people who are unemployed which is certainly a lot of people, but hit the african-american community really hard and home foreclosures, and dr. west and tavist smiley feel that president obama has not done his share and followed the promises he said he would keep to sort of look out for people, the least of these which is what dr. west calls them. >> and so, do they want then voters, black voters if the president does not address that group and concerns that you brought up, do they want them to stay home in 2012, not vote? >> oh, no, they don't want that at all, and that is sort of the problem here. when you make those criticisms towards him and say that he is not doing his job and you don't
11:38 am
offer an alternative for african-americans to look towards, what do we have? at the end of the day, president obama has not done any disservice to the poor anymore so than any other president. yet, they have taken to a tour bus to go around the country to complain about it, and that is why so many people complain about the agenda and question their ultimate agenda, and particularly when you combine that with the personal attacks. >> put it in context for us in 2008 we go back in history and 16 million black voters get president obama into office, and can two people change that large amount of voters, that entire voting bloc or a portion of it? >> i think that you can encourage a great deal of apathy, and you can encourage that kind of criticism, can certainly sort of change the minds of people, and at love l the people in 2008 had not voted before and taken any participation in the process, so when you start to hear the criticisms and start to hear, well, he is not doing anything, you question, why should i try? this political process does not work for me, and that is the big
11:39 am
fear that obama's people have and a lot of the people around, you know, sort of politics have right now. >> and with reaction, you have actions and counterreactions or reactions and what has been that, because people say i support the president in the african-american community? >> yes, in detroit people came out and heckled them and booed them and people criticized dr. west and tavist for being so critical and calling him names, because that overshadows the ultimate goal which is what those people say. you are not talk about the poor, but criticizing him and those are two separate ideals, and that does not help anyone, and that is going to be interesting to see if they pull back. i don't think they are, because they have been too heavy into this at this point, but it is a valid point that it overshadows the overall issue of poverty and unemployment. >> but wasn't it widely expected, allison, as we saw the president mo closer to the center? >> yeah, that is dr. west's complaint, that they felt that dr. west and tavist feels like when he first came out, he was
11:40 am
definitely much more of a liberal and as the time moved on, he became much more of a centrist, and that is their complaint and a lot of people would agree with that, but what people don't agree with is the way they have chosen to attack him. again, the personal complaints, and the sort of using race to make a point about him, and people don't really like that, and people only hear that, and they only hear sort of the black mupp muppet, and they don't hear what comes after that, and that is the huge problem for dr. west. >> very interesting conversation there, allison samuels from "newsweek" thank you. >> thank you. is mike myers getting the mojo back? there are reports that austin powers could be about to make a comeback. courtney hazlett has the scoop for us. first, a lot going on today and here are some things that we thought that you should know, the financial times is reporting that pakistan gave china access to the u.s. helicopter that crashed in the raid on osama bin laden's compound even though the cia specifically requested pakistan not allow china access. chinese military officials were
11:41 am
reportedly allowed to take pictures of that aircraft and take samples of the chopper's special skin which allowed it to go under pakistan's radar. virginia governor bob mcdonald has been named chairman of the republican governor's association and he replaces texas governor rick perry who is running for president. several candidates hit the state fair in des moines this weekend and famous for the calorie-laden options, but it appears that the fried butter and cheesecake could not tempt white house speaker newt gingrich. and he tweeted, calista, and i found the healthest available food on a stick. but that butter is so good. and then this picture of them eating a hard boiled egg on a stick, and those are the things that we thought you should know. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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i'm ezra klein sitting in for martin bashir and coming up at the top of the the hour, rick perry has emerged as a possible top runner the gop field. but who is he and what does he
11:45 am
believe? we will tell you everything that you need to know. and president obama is launching a bus tour of his very own. a rap star's alleged twitter prank is anything but a joke to police. and now austin powers' comeback is ripped from the headlines. courtney hazlett, we have a lot to cover. >> yes, and details in the stories. the first of which we will tell you about is rapper the game who has 580,000 twitter followers, and richard, when you have that many twitter followers not even a good idea to joke to flood the sheriff's department with phone calls. a tweet went out from the game saying that any aspiring interns for the game should call a specific number, and that number happened to correspond with the sheriff's department in california, and within minutes they were deluged with calls,
11:46 am
and people wanting to be the intern, but they didn't know what happened. they could not take care of business as normal and slowed down substantially. it caused huge problems. the sheriff's department said that the needless phone calls interfered with the ability of sheriff desk personnel to answer the 911 calls, and we don't know how many people needed help but could not get through the overwhelmed phone lines. what happened is unclear at first. first he said that the account was hacked. this then he changed the story to say that a friend was messing around and the game tweeted the following. i won't read it and you can read it for yourself, but he says that it makes light of the incident and joking about what people might think of if they actually get put in jail for this, because he might face charges. >> he is basically saying, he didn't do it. >> he is back pedaling big time, but when something comes out of your account, you are held responsible for it in some shape or form and maybe this is something with people not
11:47 am
realizing with twitter being p as new, but think about it, you cannot joke around with things like that. >> and if you have half a million people followers, you cannot do that. s atin p austin powers? >> well, nine years since the last one, and many people think that mike myers wants to update it and many people think that the bottom line is money. the last film grossed $96 million worldwide when it was released in 2002, and hollywood as we know and we like to criticize does not have a ton of original ideas and what you do is to look back to see what is going to make money, and this is something that i'm sure would make money, but they have not settled reportedly on a deal with mike myers yet. >> and i can't imagine how much. >> and september 13th is the fall season premier of "law and order, svu," and what better way to find the subject than rip it from the headlines and their
11:48 am
plot is about an italian dignitary accused of rape and you can't help but say, are we talking about dominique strauss-kahn whose civil case is pending right now, but it is notes from that taken. >> it has been done before, but can't they incite their writers to come up with different ideas here, you might ask. >> we say if it wasn't true, you almost wouldn't believe it, but it is the kind of thing that works with "law and order" because they do it good and deftly and they have the franchise behind it to say, people don't say, can't you come up with something, because it has become part of who they are, so they don't get criticized for it and makes for fun television, and you don't know how it ends, because this is still going on. >> and it is a busy week, and monday, a lot of of folks are seeing movies. >> yes, the box office wrap-up and who came ahead was "rise of the planet of the apes" making $27.5 million. >> and the folks watching it loved it. but i didn't.
11:49 am
>> well, the build-up is coming up, and we have seen snippets leaking for months and months and i'm not surprised, because it is more family-friendly, and for example your kids don't want to see "the help" which came in number two, and made $25.5 million and one other movie is "glee, the 3d" which came in at 11 and why did it come in miserable say fans? well, it cannot all be the justin bieber movie who did the extraordinary for a concert movie. >> and people say, the show is fine. >> yes, exactly, and speaks to the fact that people are just buying into 3d and the appeal of having a slushy filmp thrown at you for 3d does not mean people want to spend $13 or $14 or $15
11:50 am
in your market to see it. >> thank you, courtney hazlett. for the latest logon to and you can keep up with all of this. it is as if we lived in syria and not the birthplace of the movement of the free speech. >> a transit hub stops cell phone usage to riders to stop a police shooting, and as you can imagine, riders are furious. that is part of gut check today. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today.
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and online activist group anonymous is taking credit for a cyber attack on a san francisco bay area transit system website system as it says it hacked into mybart system and hacked into the information of 2 million riders who signed up there, and they say it was in retaliation for bart officials shutting down
11:54 am
cell phone service at many of of the stations last thursday. bart officials say they did that to divert a planned attack at that station. that brings us to the gut check. last month, chaos on a system and causing disrupted service for thousands of users and bart says the agency did it as a way to keep the protesters from organizing on the platforms and keeping the passengers safe, but many riders were plainly upset. >> along with people out there that they have the capability and the technology to do it. >> when you start to do things like that, you are invasion of privacy, and, you know, it is not solving the problem. you are affecting others and affecting employees and affecting everyday people. >> and now anonymous along with other organizations and other san francisco leaders say that bart's decision was dangerous and a violation of people's first amendment rights, but bart officials dispute that. >> we feel interrupting cell
11:55 am
phone service on the platform level is well within our rights. cell phone service is an amenity that has been provided to bart customers only within the past few years. >> what does your gut tell you, did bart go too far disconnecting the passenger cell phone service to avoid a protest? go to to weigh in on that. and friday's gut check, we asked, should companies remove themselves from the christian value shopping network, and some of the groups are labeled active hate groups by the southern poverty law en is t and 87% said yes, and 13% said no. that is going to do it for this monday's edition of "newsnation." i'm richard lui, and you can catch "newsnation" every weekday at 2:00 p.m. with tamron hall. ezra klein is up next for martin
11:56 am
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i'm ezra klein sitting in for martin bashir and it is august 15th, and here is what is happening. michele bachmann is a winner in ames and she knocked poor tim pawlenty right out of the box. but does a straw poll matter? the gop's front-runner didn't even mesh in the top five. >> when i tell you i'm in, i'm in all of the way. >> what does this gun-toting government-hating texan acally believe? over the next hour, you will find out. ♪ the stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of texas ♪ mondays are usually a tough day to find political news, and congress heads home for the


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