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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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romney. will his comments about bernanke in particular scare the wall street wing of the party? mitt romney doesn't want to fight back, but perry's pulling him in to quite the early he said/he said, about that general election, governor, looks like it's going to have to wait. and the white house says the president's midwest bus tour isn't about politics. okay. but while on the road it's pretty clear the president has found a foil. its name -- congress. oh, by the way. the president says he's got a new jobs plan coming in september. it's tuesday, august 16th, 2011, happy elvis death day. heim chuck todd. this is a special edition of "the daily rundown" from dubuque, iowa. this morning traveling with the president on day two of his three-day bus trip. he hosts the white house world economic for um in neighboring peosta later today. let me get right to my first reads of the morning and we start with rick perry. the national media getting its
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taste of rick perry unplugged. the texas governor showed off his political id, retail skills and non-essential credentials as a mob of reporter, trailed him around the state of iowa yesterday. he took on the president, his republican rival and even the federal reserve. >> if this guy prints more money between now and the election, i don't know what y'all will do to him in iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in texas. i mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost treasonous, in my opinion. >> perry was also asked what he meant when he said earlier in the day people want a president who's "in love with america." >> the president had the opportunity to serve his country. i'm sure at some time. he made a decision that that wasn't what he wanted to do.
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>> you need to ask him. i'm saying, you're a good reporter. go ask him. >> a couple of aspects of that one exchange regarding the president. love of country. this is more to do about rick perry trying to remind people he wore the uniform. it's a contrast, a big one, actually, with mitt romney, but the bernanke comment. what is the wall street, the money, the chamber of commerce wing of the party going to think of rick perry's comments against bernanke? interesting to see today. does rick perry back off at all? it's not stump land in texas. this -- not his style in texas. an establishment wing that doesn't. the bell rings in the first match in the republican race heavyweight fight. mitt romney and rick perry traded jabs yesterday when pressed by reporters.
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in new hampshire romney question after question about perry, romney pointed out his private sector experience. so perry responded. >> romney took a swipe at you today saying that he has private sector experience, and that makes him better qualified to create jobs. >> give him my love. >> what do you think about that, though, sir? that he has private sector -- >> i think oranges and apples. running a state is different from running a business. what i would say is, go take a look at his record when he was governor, and look at my record when i'm governor. then you've got some apples to apples. >> we know what the contrast is. romney keeps talking about 25 years of private sector experience? why? because perry's held an elected office for 26 straight years. the other bottom, mitt romney is being dragged into this fight. he's been wanting to focus on president obama. put up another video today
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attacking president obama. guess what? he's got to deal with rick perry. finally, the president continues his bus tour in peosta, iowa. population, 1,377. vowing that he hasn't had something specific to sell to fix unemployment, the president said he'll roll out an economic plan this fall. >> i'll be putting forward, when they come back in september a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs, and to control our deficit. and my attitude is, get it done. and if they don't get it done, then we'll be running against a congress that's not doing anything for the american people, and the choice will be very stark and will be very clear. >> that fight starts now, actually. the president made clear he wants to pick a fight. not with the republicans but with congress. >> our congress is not able to come up with the kinds of
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compromises to move this country forward. >> there are some folks in congress who think that doing something in cooperation with me or this white house, that that somehow is bad politics. if the speaker of the house had taken the bargain that he and i were talking about, we would have had it solved last month. >> the last thing the people need for confidence right now is to watch folks on capitol hill arguing all over again. >> well, in washington when you need a friend you get a dog. had you need an enemy, you kick congress. why? that much ballyhooed gallup poll, the president 39% disapproval, now up to 41%. congress' disapproval rating, 3 3%. three times more popular than congress even on his worst day. and with me now, iowa
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governor chuck coburn, the nominee for the administration's agriculture mortgage corporation known at farmer mac. governor colburn, nice to see you. we are on the john culver river named after your father, former senator. it's about the president's connection with rural america. it's something, seems to me, the white house is concerned that there an appearance he's lost touch. do you concur that they should be concerned? >> well, i think president obama's done kel in the heartland. he won the iowa caucuses in 2008. he loves coming back to the midwest, loves coming back to iowa. tom vilsack is an iowan. it makes a lot of sense he's spending time here and i suspect we'll see a lot of them between now and election day. >> do you sense a little bit of -- a little bit of erosion of support, particularly in the -- all of this, it seems, get the
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placing they can't -- >> i've not seen that, any erosion of support. i think he's really making the point that he cares passionately about rural america, and rural iowa, and he's going to spend some quality time here to talk about the future of agriculture and the future of roar rural am. >> there was a sound bite yesterday that i thought was interesting about what's broken? is it politics or government? here's what he said. >> don't be confused as frustrated as you are about politics. don't buy into this notion that somehow government is what's holding us back. government is what protects. the government built the interstate highway system. the government is what sent a plan to the moon. it's what has invested in the research and development that creating innovations all across this country. >> i've heard this from other democrats that they're saying as the tea party and the
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conservative base of the republican party beats up on government, that nobody's really stood up for it. first time i've really heard the president defend government. should he be doing it more? >> i think what the president is saying, it's that we need government to play a very strong role in terms of the future of the country. we need public-private partnerships. this city in dubuque, iowa, it's one of the most thriving small cities in america, and it's because we've done our part at state government level. partnered with ibm, for example, to bring 1,300 jobs to dubuque. so i think has the president is reminding folks of is the import role the government can play, partnering with the private sector to create prosperity. >> overall, why has the unemployment rate stayed lower than the national average? it's not just here in iowa, but in the much of the'ser midwest? >> well, our ag-based economy is thriving. we have the greatest farmers in
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the world here, in the midwest. commodity prices are at all-time highs. land values are at all-time highs, and then we're focusing on the second and third generation biofuels. we're looking at making algae and turning it into a biodeesing. looking at cellugasic -- and it's the biggest challenge we're facing and we're very innovative and always trying to do what we can to add value to our land, and we're doing that, and as a result, the state and the midwest are benefitting from that. >> because the ethanol industry, do they need the subsidies? >> i think we need a balanced approach. >> you're willing to see some go away? >> i think everyone's willing to give a little bit in an effort to make sure we have a balanced budget in the future, and we've worked with congress on helping, we might lose some of our subsidies for ethanol but we need help to build out the
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infrastructure to move our biofuels across the midwest. so i think a balanced approach moving forward makes sense, and everyone's going to have to sacrifice, everyone's going to have to give a little bit in terms of balancing budgets in the future. >> explain what these subsidies do. why is it they've been so -- that the ethanol industry will argue, why has it been so important? >> no different than the u.s. congress subsidizing conventional energy. oil and gas has been subsidized for decades. about giving the industry a little support especially when we started with ethanol refineries across iowa and across the midwest. again a public-private partnership there and about maintaining a balance moving forward so we can support american-made biofuels as opposed to importing $400 billion of oil from outside of this country. and so like a lot of industry, a
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little bit of support from government helps the private sector be successful, and that has been the case with ethanol. we are leading america today, and ethanol production here in iowa, in part because we've had some support from congress historically. just like oil and gas received support as well. >> are we going to see your name on the ballot anytime soon? >> you never say never. i'm really enjoying doing work in the renewable energy sector now. working with wind, energy company, solar, biofuels. i don't think there's a more important issue facing our country than energy security and as governor we moved iowa from producing 5% of our power from renewable sources to 20% and now in the private sector i've start add small business and i want to continue to help create jobs across iowa and across america and i think renewable energy is the place to do that. >> governor chet culver, nice to see you. >> great to see you, chuck. >> thanks for coming out. beautiful day.
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all right. break out the big checks. the story of 2012 could very well be the rise of the super packs. think transformers but with fund-raising committees. when it comes to mitt romney and rick perry, we're talking monster money. how independent of these machines and how worried in the primaries should michele bachmann be? shouldn't have a sugardaddy or sugarmommy. and rolling out a new jobs plan this september. we ask, what will you different this time? will it be truly new or repackaged from before? first, a look ahead at the president's schedule. the big world forum we just told you about and a bunch of local tv interviews. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc.
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well, the candidates may be in the spotlight but the most influential aspect of the 2012 race could be what's happening behind the scenes. talking about monstrous super pacs that can raise millions of dollars without disclosing where the cash is coming from or even more and can go ahead and disclose it. msnbc national investigative correspondent, michael isikoff. mike, we've focused on a little bit of romney, a little bit of global -- of american crossroads, but has seems to be developing in this primary is that we're going to see particularly among romney and perry huge well-funded superpacs because both of them have some really wealthy supporters. >> exactly. and it really underscores just, you know, what a wild west era we're in right now in the political fund-raising world.
6:17 am
it's almost hard to remember that it was less than ten years ago that mccain-feingold passed, designed to restrict the role of special interests and big money on american politics and we've now taken arguably nine steps backward from that. what we have is these super pacs, most of them created by political supporters of the presidential candidates collecting huge checks, in some cases seven-figure checks from big political donors and then that being used to benefit the candidates. the mitt romney pac, restore our future, created by three former romney political aides, collected over $12 million in the first six months of this year. this, you know, rick perry has a slew of these new superpacs, one of them, let's make american great again, founded by mike toomey, his former chief of staff. a business partner of his
6:18 am
campaign manager, and he's obviously doing everything he can to collect big money checks from texas and around the country to benefit rick perry. the idea that these superpacs are independent of the candidates really stretches credulity. >> funny you bring that up. i want to play a clip of mitt romney. you had broken the story about this issue of one of his donors setting up a dummy korcorporati to try to hide his participation in giving $1 million to the romney superpac and it finally came out. all of this funny business, and romney responded, but take a listen to how he responded and we'll talk an the other side. >> he came out and discussed who he is. there's not much question anymore. no controversy, because he said, hey, it's me, and i've given him that many times before. >> exactly, chuck. >> it's me, i've given -- and
6:19 am
i've given many times before. almost sort of like, look, yeah. you know, we have this thing over here, too. >> right, exactly. he also said one more thing. that he was expecting the contribution, and that raised a lot of eyebrows. look, romney has been speaking at fund-raising dinners for restore our future. so, you know, the idea, again, of independence between the romney campaign and this restore our future is just very hard to believe. and, look. and it's not just romney and perry on the republican side. we also have one of these on the democrat -- we have several on the democratic side including priorities usa founded by two former white house aides to barack obama including bill burton, the president's press secretary during the campaign. so, again, this is a bipartisan phenomenon. this is where the action is
6:20 am
going to be in the 2012 election on these superpacs. >> well, right. and this is where all the primary television money's going to get spent. i talked to the romney superpac folks, and they're spending all of their money in the primary. they're not -- they're raising the money for the primary. we should note, we do know that michele bachmann who doesn't have the same big money interests behind her or friends, does have a supporter that started a superpac calmed, keep conservatives united, but, mike, you could see a scenario where most of the television advertising in iowa in three months could be paid for by a perry superpac and a romney superpac. no? >> right. not just in the iowa. i think this goes right through the -- right through the primary and into the general election. i've had a number of political consultants say to me, this is where the action's going to be. by the way, two more points that are worth making. i mean, one is, the end run that this does not just on the
6:21 am
political, you know, from the campaigns, which are limited to these $2,500 contributions, but the way candidates can get around, you know, their campaign promises. barack obama says he's got to accept money from lobbyists, but priority usa, you know, bill burton's superpac, is collecting big money from lobbyists all over washington, in fact, giving them up. so, again, you know, this is where we need to focus oun attention. the news media needs to put a spotlight on the action by these superpacs. >> right now we may have to go through the cycle before congress will even think about regulating this. anyway, michael isikoff, our nbc senior investigative reporter. mike, thanks. >> thank you, chuck. wall street wakes up to new worries about a global economic slowdown. we'll get a check of what's moving the markets ahead on this morning's opening bell, plus hit the 2012 campaign trail. mitt romney returns to new
6:22 am
hampshire. serves up tough talk for his new rival rick perry. first, today's trivia question. dubuque is the home to the first-ever heisman trophy winner. jay berwanger, known for leaving an indelible mark on the u.s. presidency. how did he do it? tweet me the answer at chuck todd and @dailyrundown. the answer and more um coming up on "the daily rundown" right after this. customers can buy a kit and design their own board or take a course where mike and brad share their expertise and passion. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. does your buisness have the financial control it needs?
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join over a million others who have chosen liberty medical. call now and get your free meter. plus for a limited time get a free cookbook when you join. call the number on your screen. as we wait for the opening bell, fears about europe overshadowing relatively good news here at home. now of msnbc's "squawk box" and from the "new york times" andrew ross sorkin. andrew, what is driving the markets today? what's going on in europe that's doing this? >> hey, chuck. looks like the market's going to open down 85 points on the dow
6:26 am
at the moment. a function of news we learned about overnight that germany's economy is slowing down. all eyes, though, later today are going to be looking at a meeting between president sarkozy and angela merkel about what they plan to do for the euro zone, that will be a big focus of what the markets do, but another piece of news that just came out minutes ago is that fish, the rating agency, like moody's and s&p have actually come out and reaffirmed the united states aaa rating nap actually may ease fears that some of the other rating agencies would follow s&p's suit and that may also weigh on the markets today. >> and anything about the stuff domestically here today, and any comment about how the markets might react to rick perry's sort of threat to ben bernanke? >> yeah. i'm not sure that's actually going to move the needle. you know, politics at the moment, i don't think, is actually going to change the
6:27 am
game. i think people are focused today -- walmart out with earnings. home depot out with earnings both bet tlaern expected. so that could give a little bit of energy to things, but, really, i think that the story is europe. i think the continued sort of what they call headline risk, wake you up in the morning seeing what's happening there, that's what the overhang is, and until europe solves its problem, if and when, sochls its problem, i think we're going to be sort of going sideways for a while. >> groundhog day type of thing. andrew ross sorkin over at cnbc. thank you very much. >> thanks, chuck. rick perry comes out of the gate swinging in iowa. the tough talk in texas taking on everyone. from the president to ben bernanke to mitt romney. who will he put in the cross hairs next? live in the 2012 campaign trail. plus -- did michele bachmann's mother just rat her out about where she really was on sunday? and we're three weeks away from the nbc news politico republican debate at the reagan
6:28 am
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all right. bottom of the hoyer. quick look what's driving the day. president obama continues his midwest bus tour. spends the day here in iowa speaking with farmers and business leaders about rural jobs. later in the afternoon joined by agriculture secretary tom vilsack for a longer forum. vice president biden is also on the road today making his first trip to asia since taking office. biden will meet with leaders of china before heading over to japan to meet with civil and military personnel following the
6:32 am
earthquake. and the euro zone's two most important economies meet in paris today. angela merkel and nicholas -- and a scud landed in the desert 50 miles from the city of prega. the strike comes as rebels make progress towards ga daughterdha in tripoli. and chaining a fake bomb to a teenager's neck, as part of an ex-storgs scheme. the man, paul peters is australia but faces charges back in australia including kidnapping, breaking and entering. a milestone for minnesota
6:33 am
twins slugger jim thome. in the top of the seventh inning, in a game against the tigers, to thome hit his 600 ho run. he joins hank aaron, babe ruth and willie mays. congratulations. and if it's tuesday, people are voting somewhere. that somewhere, it's in wisconsin again. wisconsin voters are headed to the polls for yet another round of recall votes. this time two democratic state senators are up for recall. last week, though, voters recalled two republican state senators. one seat shy for democrats to retake control of the state's senate. so at this point, these are potentially meaningless. the question is, will democrats fire up their voters enough to at least retain these so that they can keep their new narr narrow -- the new narrowed margins in the wisconsin state senate. all right. after a few days away from the granite state, mitt romney returned and wasted no time
6:34 am
fielding questions about his latest primary challenger, texas governor rick perry. >> i'm not going to vary my speech and my vision to the american people based on the political winds of the day. i wish rick the very best. and as the process goes on, we'll see whose background and skill most fits the need and the needs of the country at a critical time like this. >> our nbc news campaign in bed with the romney campaign is garrett haake who joins me now on the phone. garrett, yesterday, how hard was it to get mitt romney to talk about rick perry, or was it pretty easy? >> chuck, it's funny. reminds me of a rivalry in sports. the team winning doesn't want to acknowledge they even have a rival. that's sort of what you had with romney yesterday. he came out, made a big statement about the president's bus tour, the campaign released a video about it. the first four, five questions from reporters were all about
6:35 am
governor perry, and it was clear he definitely didn't want to criticize him, and the furthest he would go, that line about separating, he has the business experience in addition to the gubernatorial experience and perry does not. >> behind the scenes, are they trying to define rick perry, since they're not having mitt romney do it? >> you're seeing a little bit of that, but they're trying to stay really true to the message. again, they're pushing really hard with these videos about the bus tour. they've labeled it this magical misery tour. that's their line. you see a little bit of behind the scenes stuff. you get the impression they're waiting to see how this will play out over the next few weeks. >> any updates? >> the one thing i will say, talking so much about, you know, that governor romney doesn't want to change his strategy. he's going to campaign in all the early states, this isn't going to approach how they approach iowa and things like
6:36 am
that. look at the schedule, the only public events still on the schedule are in new hampshire. >> i was going to ask. nothing added for iowa? has it? >> not that they've told anybody on the traveling press corps about. >> all right, garrett haake in bed with the romney campaign in fortress, new hampshire. thank you very much. meanwhile, texas governor rick perry wait wasted no time going after a whole list of people from the president to mitt romney to ben bernanke as he spent his first full day in iowa here yesterday. nbc news in bed with rick perry is carrie dann. with him the whole time. fun and interesting, carrie, at the state fair yesterday, and he blew the kiss to romney and all that, but at cedar rapids, describe the crowd and everything going on there when he made those comments about bernanke. >> well, this was a fairly small event. it was a house party.
6:37 am
it was a county gop chairman. it was in a private home and it was a very supportive crowd, donors interested to hear from perry. he got a question about the federal reserve, and at the beginning of answering that question he even said, oh, i'm going to take a pass on this one, but -- that's when he said, the quote that you're hearing today, that his view is that printing more money is both political and "treason." that bernanrernankn bernanke ge fleemt his ho treatment in his home in texas. he said absolutely this is something the administration is doing to play politics between now and the election. >> a stunning charge. we'll see how that gets responded to later today, amend whether perry backs off the comments of bernanke.
6:38 am
what is his schedule today? he'll be in dubuque. >> close to the president. doing that this morning, a roofing company here in cedar rapids and in dubuque later in the day and one other stop. he'll be here in iowa. proximity to the president, the backdrop from his are event this morning, he's going to do a tour of a roofing company and the backdrop, lots of talk about job creation and employees here in eastern iowa. doing his best to keep the manufacturing and building sector doing its best. >> all right. carrie dann, another busy day on the trail with the newest candidate in the race. rick perry. thank you, carrie. well, michele bachmann's family is spilling some secrets. why was she late to dinner on sunday? plus, the president feeling the heat on the road. his face-off with an angry tea party member. that's all next. first, today's white house soup of the day for dthose over
6:39 am
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good evening. elvis presley died today. he was 42. apparently it was a heart attack. he was found at his home in memphis not breathing. his road manager tried to revive him. he failed. a hospital tried to revive him. it failed. his doctor pronounced him dead at 3:00 this afternoon. >> on this date in 1977, the king of rock 'n' roll, elvis presley, dies of a heart attack at his graceland home in memphis. and ends up immortal. "suspicious minds." speaking of suspicious minds -- could be quite the transition to rick perry.
6:43 am
he continues his hawkeye state tour today with three stops and more opportunities for questions. yesterday perry fielded one about why he's different from that other texas governor who ran for president by the name of george w. bush. >> you know, i'm not going to sit here. george bush is not my opponent. i mean, he's a follower president and we give him all the respect for that. we're talking about how you create jobs. >> susan paige is washington bureau chief for "usa today," cynthia tucker, syndicated columnist and ron fournier, welcome all. i think we're going to dedicate an entire special to just stuff rick perry said. it's been quite the -- quite the 48 hours of all things rick perry. we just heard him doing that. ron fortier, though, i've got to play you this clip what the man
6:44 am
you covered so long and so well had to say about rick perry. here's bill clinton on rick perry. >> i got ticketed by watching governor perry announce for president. he's a good looking governor. he said, know, i'm going to washington to make sure that the federal government stays as far away from you as possible. while i ride on air force one and that marine one helicopter and go to camp david and travel around the world and have a good time. >> ron, bill clinton, always sort of -- has a way, sometimes to just -- yeah. that was something else. should bill clinton -- exactly. should bill clinton, does the white house want bill clinton telling people this now or wait until he gets the nomination, ron? >> you know bill clinton.
6:45 am
you know him as well as i do. he would say it's never too early to start softening up your opponent. going right at perry's weak spot. for all his attributes, governor perry's already shown us the path towards taking him on. >> susan page, i'm hearing plenty of nervousness about perry, and yesterday we heard karl rove kind of voice, not necessarily nervousness about perry, they're not close, but nerveness about the direction of the republican primary. here's what he had to say. >> you don't want these moving so right it becomes impossible to win the general election because it will become a self-defeating message in the primary. they don't want to you go so far extremes of either party they lack a chance to carry off a victory in november. >> susan page, this is the concern. you hear this quietly among republicans thinking, while i'm not nuts about mitt romney, rick perry isn't necessarily the answer either.
6:46 am
>> you know, when you think about karl rove, you have to remember between rick perry and george w. bush and consider rove's comments in that context. of course, it's a problem when all the candidates raise their hand as barack obama's now pointing out everywhere saying they wouldn't take a 10-1 deal on the deficit reduction plan. it is possible to paint these candidates in a more extreme light. although, you know, rick perry, unlike michele bachmann, is someone who, i think, has the potential, anyway, we don't know until he's been out there a while. the potential to really energize that right wing, tea party conservatives, without looking too extreme, because he has one giant selling point. and that is, we have jobs in texas. where are the jobs in the rest of the united states? >> and cynthia tucker, as a columnist, left of center, if you will, do you view rick perry as a gift, because of his penchant for saying pretty much
6:47 am
anything, or do you view him as somebody that you're -- that could defeat the president? >> chuck, i think it would be a huge mistake for democrats in general and president obama in particular to view rick perry as a gift, because the man could win. as a child of the south, there are too many examples i have where certainly extreme right wingers that you never thought would have won did indeed. i have friends who remember that they voted for lester maddux in the democratic primary, because they thought it would be easier for a republican moderate to defeat him. lo and behold, lester maddux was elected governor of georgia. so i think that while there's a lot of extremism in rick perry's background, that if he becomes the nominee, obama could certainly exploit. it would be a mistake to view
6:48 am
him as easy to defeat. >> ron fournier, speaking of rick perry's background, asked about his one-time support for al gore. here's what he had to say. this was before al gore invented the internet he said and got to be mr. global warning. never met a republican until i was 25. in 1988 when you looked at the candidates, al gore was the most conservative candidate out there. i've had republicans say to me when the blind phone calls come into iowa caucusgoers, they're not going to say he supported al gore in 1988. they're going to say he supported al gore. >> exactly. and it's kind of hard for him to argue that he didn't know there was other republicans running in 1988, the al gore was the most conservative candidate in the country he could hope for. there's a lot in his country. bill clinton was an example. when you've been a governor a long time, there'sality of things to point to it to say i
6:49 am
should be elected. there's stuff in his record that will cause both the right and the left some concern. >> well, as someone might say, it's kind of an inconvenient truth. susan page, ron fournier, cynthia tucker, stick around. we're going to talk about the president, iowa and jobs next. trivia time though, we asked, how did the first-ever heisman trophy winner jay berwanger leave and indelible mark on the u.s. president ji in 1943. a game between the university of chick achicago and the universiy of michigan. berwanger got tackled by a future president. gerald ford. left him way bloody cut and a permanent scar left eye. we'll be right back. [ male anno] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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let's bring back our panel.
6:53 am
yesterday even, at his town hall, it was proof that the white house doesn't screen for people who get tickets. the president had a confrontation with the head of the iowa tea party. here's a little bit of it. >> when you're talking about civility, how is your vice president calling us terrorists -- >> sir, look, look. >> i would understand it. >> i will explain right now. he did not call you terrorists. >> he said we were acting like terrorists. >> considering what's said about me consistently. >> a person in your administration called the right-wing people -- janet napolitano did. you realize that 90% of terrorist attacks are radicals, not people like me. >> susan page, frankly after this week i've been spending in iowa it seemed fitting that the president did run into a member of the tea party in iowa. >> that's what happens when you get out of washington and talk to people. i think it is totally to the president's advantage to be in
6:54 am
situations where he encounters people and not always supportive of him. that's the worst thing you can be is a creature of washington. it's hard for a president of the united states to not be a creature of washington. that's what he's trying to do now. get outside the bubble. sometimes that means talking with people that don't agree with you, and that's great. >> the president promised yesterday, as definitively as i ever heard him, that he'll have a plan to create jobs, to grow the economy and to deal with the definite session, and he's rolling it out in september. what say you to that? i wonder where was it six months hag? >> well, not only is this plan late in coming, but it's unlikely that there's anything in the plan that he can actually get passed through a republican congress. i suspect, for example, this plan will include an extension
6:55 am
of the cut in the payroll tax, which is to expire at the end of the year. he can't even get tea party-dominated republicans to even agree to do that. even if he announces a plan, i don't think much of it will be accomplished. >> ron, how high of a bar has he set himself with that declaration yesterday? >> it's not so much a declaration, chuck, it's exactly what you said, the public has been waiting for washington to do something. that's the inability to have jobs or at least good-pays jobs, the kind of jobs they thought they and their kids were entitled to being a part of this great country. he's got to -- your other guest is exactly right chances is nothing will get passed, so why not go big? with a big, bold expensive plan to create jobs? >> susan page, shameless plug fast. >> you and i -- i was watching spiderman on broadway, the
6:56 am
director was ousted, but the flying -- the green hornet and spiderman are fighting over your heads in the theater, we were a all screaming in delight. >> well, that sounds cool. cynthia tucker? >> i'm going to promote a friend's book, cameron mcwho arer, "red summer" about a little known chapter in american history. in 1919 whites provoked race riots against blacks. it was economy competition, but it's little talked about these days. >> all right. >> atop national is a piece about rick perry's problems with the right. read it now. >> all right. that's it. we'll all do that. we've got a lot of reading in the next 24 hours. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow we're on the road with the president, live from the quad cities, hurry up and name all four of them. chris jansen up next, and then
6:57 am
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