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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 19, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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to prison for the rest of our lives for it. we had to come here and the only thing that the state would do for us was to say, hey, we will let you go only if you admit guilt. and that's not justice no matter how you look at it. >> nbc news correspondent pete williams joining us live, a you know, pete this case is a subject of documentaries and celebrities in court today who have supported them and explain to us how the judge came to this ruling all of the years later? >> well, they have had a number of appeals these three, and finally last fall the arkansas supreme court said there should be a new hearing because of some problems with the original trial. dna evidence was offered that provided no match whatsoever between the crime scene and these three defendants, and there were allegations that the supreme court in arkansas found troubling about juror misconduct and police misconduct and what the defense attorney said here is that the i case had no case, and no physical con ynection
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between these three men and the crime, and they came up with a theory of a satanic killing, and the evidence of that was also very weak. so what you had tamron was a problem for both sides. the defense wanted out, and they wanted the three men released, and all this state would agree to was a new trial in which the defendants would then have to take another gamble at whether they would get convicted or not, but at the same time the state realized that the case was very weak, so what they came up with was this compromise the three men maintain their innocence, and nonetheless pleaded guilty, and that is a technique that the supreme court has upheld before so based on that then the state basically said, okay, you have served enough time, you are free, so it is face-saving for both sides. the lawyers for these three men say there is no way that the state would let them walk free if they thought they really were the killers and so, basically, what you have here is both sides
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getting what they wanted, but the bottom line here is that after spending nearly two decades in prison, these three men are now free, and they say that the state should be expending the effort to find out who the real killer was. >> and many things to talk about here in addition to as you pointed out, if you are the family members of those three boys and you hear the details of how they were murdered, it is one of the most disturbing thins i have ever read in my life, and so you have a po en shall killer or killers out there, and this crime happening in 1993. >> and one thing, tamron, if i can interrupt. >> sure. >> the family members were not asked to approve or given veto power over this deal, and secondly, at least one of the fathers of these three boys agrees that these three men with innocent. there is not unanimous agreement, and the father of another of the boys said quote from a website he posted today
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said i don't like this one damn bit, but on the other hand, one of the fathers of the victims says he is for several years thought that these three were innocent. >> and real quick, pete, you have legal analysts saying they don't like, if you will, one bit this kind of a plea agreement, this kind of deal whether you maintain your innocence, but you say, you know, you plead guilty, that that as you pointed out, we have discussed the supreme court angle on this, but it has some left some unease with the legal analysts. >> that is right. it is a situation where nobody is really pleased with how this has worked out. the defense lawyers say though, that they believe very strongly that if the state really thought that these three were the killers which is what the prosecutor said today, there is no way that the state would let them free, and they insist on a new trial. >> pete williams with the breaking news on the west memphis three. thank you, pete. rebel forces in libya are gaining momentum today after taking control of a major oil
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refinery 30 miles out of the capital city of tripoli, and now we are learning that moammar khadafy may be preparing to flee the country with his family. richard engle is in libya and joins me with the latest update on that report that moammar khadafy could be leaving in days? >> reporter: we didn't see any evidence of that today. what we saw instead is khadafy forces fighting heavily in a town that is 30 miles outside of tripoli. the rebel forces have taken control as you mentioned of that oil refinery just on the outside of zalia, which is an important victory for them and what is more important is that they control the roads in and out of tripoli and they have cut off the supplies of most of the basic goods like food and fuel, and the situation in tripoli is getting much more dire. people are leaving the city.
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we saw cars heading in the opposite direction and leaving the city throughout the day, but if khadafy is planning to leave, his forces are still fighting heavily. in zawia we saw exchanges of rpgs and mortars and rockets coming in and street-to-street fighting and no evidence that he is, that we could see anyway that he is planning to leave the country. >> all right. nbc chief correspondent richard engle on the ground for us in libya. thank you, richard. and now the wall street where the stocks are bouncing back and forth between positive and negative territory today after yesterday's 420-point sell-off, and right now the dow is down 78 points, an med meant, another bank of america announces that it plans to cut 3500 jobs this quarter on top of the 2,500 jobs cut earlier in the year. "the new york times" reports that thousands of more job cuts at bank of america may be coming down the pike. joining us now is melissa
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frances co-anchor of cnbc's "the call" and let's talking about the dow down 78 points, melissa. >> well, it is a much calmer day in the markets certainly than what we saw yesterday. we are drifting downward and seeing a little acceleration in the selling, but overall the sentiment is different today. all three of the major indices at one point were in positive territory and overall they are more consistent and we are seeing the buying of gold up another $32, $1,852 and some selling of oil, and some are saying that the traders are exhausted and i would not blame them. >> let's talk about bank of america, the nation's largest bank and a lot of people losing their jobs there. >> well, they announced a lot of layoffs an bd bank of america h been under a ton of pressure over the last few months and we had the ceo on taking criticism of what is going on in the market, but they are coming out with a plan to be a much smaller
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bank and seeing the job cuts happen which they hope will bolster the stock, but they are crushed in the market. and all of the financials have, and a lot of that is a carryover from the european banks with the negative pressure, but the negative sentiment is focused on bank of america and this is a move to help investors feel better about the stock, and certainly the employees don't feel better. >> you got that right, melissa franc francis. thank you so much, melissa. >> and the white house says that and he is in martha's vineyard and we see him getting a national security briefing from the top counterterrorism adviser john brennan, but some are saying that this is not the right time for the president to take the vacation, and kristen welker joins us live from the vineyard. we are past that conversation, because he is on vacation, and bottom line, kristen, the reality is that though, because
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i am honestly sick of talking about, that and the president may be out and about with the family, but the white house sent that photograph out for a reason. >> that is a great point, tamron. the white house is being very careful about what images are coming out right now of the president. you saw that photo of the president with john brennan, and you are going to see that more probably and he will be briefed by the national security team and the economic team and one of the economic advisers in fact coming to the vineyard next week. they are being careful and i spoke to one historian who said it is important for the white house the show people that the president is on a working vacation, and not just on vacation. little bit earlier on "today" tamron the president was out at a bookstore with malia and sasha, his two daughters which was a little bit choreographed and we are told that he apparently bought eight books at the bookstore aalthough the
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bookstore owners would not tell us what he bought. and he had a meet and greet impromptu to shake hands and made supporters happy, but the people who shook his hand said it is about perception. take a listen. >> i think that a lot of your middle-class average folks come here for a vacation, and enjoy it. >> so, people certainly excited to see the president out and about. the president is now golfing. we don't expect to get any pictures of him golfing, again, tamron to your point of a bit choreographed of what the public is seeing in the vacation and we expect to see that. and the white house says that the office of the presidency travels with mr. obama wherever he goes. >> thank you, kristen welker, traveling with the president. and the republican race for the president is down the three candidates. we it is compared to college basketball with bachmann and perry with the right to take the top seed from romney.
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but is romney up for the fight? of course, he is. he wants to be president. plus, the obama administration gives a change in immigration policy to give people facing deportation the opportunity to stay in the country. and nearly 30 years after "conan the barbarian" hit the big screen, it is back and this time in 3d and i will talk to the new conan, jason mamoa and what he had to eat every two hours to get in conan shape. every day, all around the world, energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources
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welcome back to "newsnation" and now to decision 2012 where the republican race is shaping up to look more like the ncaa brackets you might say. and nbc's rich reed breaks it down. with the establishment of 12th
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seed michele bachmann and second seed rick perry squaring off against top-seeded mitt romney. and domenica montonado joins us to break it down. >> well, tamron, nothing i like to talk more about college basketball than politics. so if i can combine the two things, summer is not a great time for summer sports, but if i can put it together. there is the tea party bracket, and the republican establishment bracket. and you have romney to bye a time as michele bachmann and rick perry could face off against who could face mitt romney, and rick perry could play in both brackets, because he is trying to straddle the line. we saw the bernanke comment, and global warming and evolution and those things are not going to appeal to the establishment, but
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he did not double-down on the bernanke comment and delivered a moderate-sounding business senored the speech to business-friendly audience that was warmly received in new hampshire and had a more moderated tone while he was there and he is testing the waters on both sides of the aisle, but this is a big reason why though. we have still seen that the establishment is not totally thrilled with the candidates. mitt romney is someone who has been running since 2006 essentially, and really, you know, the, if they were really happy with him, then they would have already gone to him. but they haven't yet. now, perry, you know, they look at him and say, they are not sure if he is one of them yet and especially with the comments on the treasonous comment with bernanke, and that is why we hear about a lot of people, but look, a month just about, and if nobody else gets in the race and look there is not a white knight and nobody else gets in the race, they have to pick between perry and romney on the establishment side. >> when looking at the brackets
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you say that you are not expecting a white knight, but many people are hopeful for the party that paul ryan will jump into the race. even though he is emphatically said in the past the same kind of thing as chris christie, and when you look at the brackets, and again, the bracket, rather because you don't have the big one like college basketball, it is concerting that you would imagine when you have three faces to choose from at this point, and quite honestly as you have noted, each of them like any candidate quite honestly from either side of the aisle, they have their issues. >> oh, absolutely. when you think of president obama, you know, look bank of america laying off people, really not a good day in the stock market yesterday or been volatile over the last couple of months and slow growth and high unemployment and this is why the president is hugely vulnerable, but at the same time these other candidates have their flaws, and look, three candidates and we saw three with the democratic race in 2008 with hillary clinton and barack obama and john edwards who were the three
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out there and it looks like this field is starting to coalesce around these three. and look, the thing is that the white knights are probably not going to work and look at a somebody like fred thompson or wes clark, it did not work out so well. >> and thank you, domenico, i like the bracket you have going there. >> thank you. and now to talk more about the gop and the party divide is nationally syndicated talk show host michael smerconish, and msnbc contributor, and michael, i saw you last night on "hard ball with chris matthews" and you talked about the article that you were going to publish which is now out, and it is about the establishment that domenico was talking about with bachmann and perry against romney and you believe that bachmann and perry have a problem, and when you look at exclusively the state of pennsylvania and key counties there. >> right. and you might say, tamron, that is a narrow focus, but it is suburbia generally, and as go
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the suburbs by way of philadelphia so goes the state, and perhaps hence the nation. and the question is, who poses for the republicans the strongest opportunity against president obama in a general? that ben bernanke comment by governor perry is the red meat for the troop, the shock troops in a primary, i think will come back to bite you in the fannie when you are a general election candidate, and the issue for perry, for bachmann, is how far to go to fire up the base without alienating the independents in the fall, and what i come to the conclusion of is mitt romney and jon huntsman should he merge from the back of the pack stands the best chance if they can survive the primaries. >> and you ask how far perry and bachmann wants to go, but it is all of the way when it comes to the peatea party. and michele bachmann would dismantle the department of education, and rick perry the climate change and evolution and doub
11:19 am
double-double on scoffing at science that proves that something that he is obviously does not believe at this point, and the man has said it, so it seems to me that the rhetoric and the courting of the tea party and the most conservative of the gop they are there. they are in it for the long haul. >> and there are constituencies for those views. but the people who subscribe to those views are already dead set on voting against president obama frankly and it matters not who the opponent is, but the question is, whenb you arct articulate views like that, are you turning off other segments of the electorate that you need and i would say you are. >> so does that leave an opening for jon huntsman coming out and saying, listen, that he does believe in evolution, and climate change. >> i think that it does. i was surprised and a bit disappointed that he was one of those who raised his hand in the debate in ames, iowa, and said he would reject a ten for one deal, because i would like to think he would exhibit more independence, and if he does, it will serve him well in the long term, but the republican party
11:20 am
has a problem, because the person or candidate who best appeals to the base is not the most electable in a general election, and how they square that is going to be important. >> and important for their party moving forward not just for the upcoming presidential election. >> for sure. >> thank you, michael. have a good weekend. and decision 2012 is the topic for david gregory as he has campaign adviser robert gibbs. if it is sunday, it is "meet the press" on nbc. and coming up, the victims of an emotional massacre making a plea from the scene of the unimaginable tragedy. and the man ordered to more isolation and we will give you more details. and for the third time in six weeks the giant dust clouds keep coming up. this is incredible video we are getting and more details on "newsnation." time for the "your business
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welcome back to "newsnation," and a month after the horrifying massacre in norway, some family members went to the scene where the massacre took place. and they went to the island where anders breivik admitted to killing more than 69 people in that rampage. and this is heartbreaking, because family members will be shown the site where this man confessed to it all. >> yes, tamron, it is an emotional day as you might imagine, and very difficult for the families with a first trip to the island since the massacre there, and they were greeted 500-strong by a representative of the police department as well as someone from the red cross in taking them to the exact spot where their loved one was found. many clutching flowers and candles and many drawn to the
11:25 am
spot because they said they had to be there at the place where their loved one was last found alive. and many of them made the trip over on the ferry that breivik used on the day of the attacks, but they say, again, we have been through so much that does not matter at this point. tomorrow, survivors, and those who escaped the island will visit and one of them talked about the trip earlier today. >> i'm not spending time thinking about him. okay. mostly, i don't want to, because i don't think that he deserves my thoughts. i would rather that my friends who are not here today get my thought. >> so, clearly, they are not focusing on the man who has admitted to this horrible crime, andres breivik, and instead focusing on the ones they lost on than day. >> and again, he was in court today or a hearing today and what can you tell us? >> yes. yeah, and he told the judge that he deserves to be released from
11:26 am
the isolation and he needs to meet other inmates and he needs access to sfwer net and tell -- internet and the media and the judge said absolutely not, because he could tamper evidence, and contact others and so they will keep him for four more weeks keep him in isolation in that prison. >> jay, thank you for that report from norway. and police say they have a new lead of a missing mother for nearly two years. and what is that lead? and president clinton opens up about his strict new healthy diet, and details ahead. and form a resilient layer called biofilm? biofilm germs are strong enough to survive daily brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula goes deep to penetrate biofilm, kill germs and protect your mouth for up to 12 hours.
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♪ ♪ i like dat, all right [ male announcer ] mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...or a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio. welcome back to "newsnation." immigration policy change, and some illegal immigrants facing deportation will have a chance to stay in the u.s. while others with criminal convictions will be deported faster. new lead of officificials invesg a break in the case of a missing mother of two. she's been missing now for nearly two years, and generous
11:30 am
gifts during rick perry's 11 years in governor. he has received $22,000 of cowboy boots and stetson hats and medical tests and more. now today's "newsnation" gut check, most airlines will allow you to use your credit card to purchase in flight meals and snacks and now are the airlines discriminating against those who don't have credit cards and using cash? and now we have a gut check for that question. and governor jan brewer is calling a new rule that calls for illegal immigrants to stay in the country without a criminal conviction backdoor amnesty. she says that the department should be focused on the highest priority cases, and doing otherwise would jeopardize public safety. i am joined by raul ibanez, who is a columnist, and give us a
11:31 am
perspective on the changes? >> well, it is a terrific step in the right direction, but i want to be clear of what that does bluntly, it gives 300,000 people the chance to go before an immigration judge. that is all. nobody gets amnesty or any guarantees, but it says that you will get a chance to go before the judge before you are deported. and these people for the most part, they are college students and people who want to serve in the military and some of them are valedictorians and they either have no criminal records, because immigration violations are civil and not criminal or low-level offenders. >> i wasreading for example a kid was pulled over and carded for not drinking and now other people were drink, but he wasn't and now he can be deported. >> that is right, they can be pulled over for a violation and deported back to bangladesh or mexico, and these are young people who have no connection to
11:32 am
the countries anyway, because they were brought over by their parents. so these are the kids whose home is here and what the administration is doing which is a terrific step is to give those the best of the best the chance to move forward and align themselves with our society and get right by the u llaw. >> and u.s. homeland secretary janet napolitano says if there are people who are serial killers or violent criminals, it is a way to focus on them and get them out of the country. >> we have plenty of those people, and i'm an immigration rights advocate and we have gang members and traffickers and all sorts of low-lives running amok in the country who are illegal and that is what the government needs to focus on and where the pry tirs should be. >> and the critics are coming out from all sides and governor brewer saying it is backdoor amnesty, and others saying that the president obama administration is making this after a group of hola tino community say you need to do
11:33 am
something for us, those who supported you and what do you make this as a reaction? >> well, the pushback is to be expected, but it is distorted as amnesty, because i explained it is nothing. a chance for them to tell the story to the judge and gives the judge discretion. >> no guarantees. >> right. but for latinos, it is important, because finally this is something that obama has pledged he could do and act on the promises. it is not the politically you could say he is throwing the latino community a bone and it is not the whole enchilada, but something that the rest of us will be excited about it. >> i will never forget you said that raoul reyes. thank you. and we will see what happens with the 300,000 people caught in the middle here. >> thank you. and we are hearing from the university of miami football players about the major scandal surrounding that team. it involves a convicted ponzi scheme architect and former university of miami booster who says he provided cars and planes
11:34 am
and all sorts of things to miami players. he arrangesed things from sex parties on his yacht to expensive jewelry to even pay for a woman to terminate a preg nay sn. -- pregnancy. and mark potter joins us from miami, and what are the coaches saying and the coaches are disgusted about it saying that the players are good clean kids and what are you hearing? >> well, you won't be surprised to hear that the two players trotted out are the two clean kids and not players implicated in the scandal. the two players brought out had nothing to do with it. they are not named in this at all, and so what they had to say was that they are shocked. will is pain felt by the team, and that they, the team member, are focused on the game and the season. we did not hear from anyone who is named in the scandal which is clearly done on purpose by the university. they wanted the other players to talk and to talk about something else.
11:35 am
however, in this community of miami, everybody else is talking about the scandal. it is a very big deal here. questions abound as to whether the allegations are true, especially as they apply to each individual player or coach named in this case by nevin shapiro the man in jail serving a 20-year federal term on a ponzi scheme. his allegations are taken seriously by the ncaa who has been looking into them for five months. the university says it is taking them seriously, and promising to cooperate, and fans and business owners are here in miami are very concerned, not only about the potential attack upon the university's reputation, but what might happen to the team if there are serious sanctions imposed by the ncaa. and the worst of course would be the thing called the death penalty and i have heard you talking about that which means that the team couldn't play in the future, and that would have an enormous economic impact, and everyone says that is probably too severe and unlikely to happen, but it is the kind of talk that you are hearing as
11:36 am
everybody waiting for the ncaa to come out with the ruling. probably early next year, tamron. >> well, it is a heck of a which to handle the damage control the bring out two players who don't even have anything to do with it as a way to try to clear it up. all right. so it continues. we know the investigation is ongoing, and mark, we spoke with the reporter who broke the story, and he says that the guy has tons of documents to prove his allegations, and we will see what happens there. thank you, mark. greatly appreciate it. and congressman allan west's brother speaks out, and it tops the stories here on "newsnation." right here on "newsnation" yesterday we found out for the first time that congressman allan west sent his unemployed brother to a jobs fair sponsored by the same black leaders that the congressman criticized earlier in the week. the congresswoman maxine waters explained to me how she met west's brother at the jobs fair. >> mr. west's brother is here. he found himself out of a job. and he asked his brother to help him, and his brother told him to come to me, to come to us, and
11:37 am
that we are here in atlanta where his brother lives, and he came up and introduced himself and i want his brother to get a job. >> and msnbc then caught up with congressman west's brother, arlan, at the jobs fair, and here is his reaction to it all. >> the responsibility of our elected officials is to serve the constituents. in any capacity that they can. and this was a prime example of them doing that. congresswoman maxine waters and others in the congressional black waters saw that need and sponsored this event. well, the duke and duchess of birmingham are visiting a city damaged from last month's rioting. wills and kate are just a short distance from where three men were struck by a car as they tried to protect the shops and cars from looters. a sixth person has died after a stage collapse at the indiana state fair. jennifer hassle died this morning from injuries she
11:38 am
sustained from injuries she sustained at the concert that she was attending of a concert by sugarland. and this dust storm over central and southern phoenix. this actually stranded travelers on the road. can you imagine that? it actually ripped the roof off of one building. and the result ogs of a two-year-old cold case of a miss mog ther. right now, ininvest gen vesnino searching an area in a mountain desert for the woman. she was missing after a camping trip with her husband. police cannot say what they are looking for, but the search is based on new credible information. >> we are here to continue on with the active investigation, and we have information that has led us out here and we will be conducting searches and following up on the information that we havejoining me now via
11:39 am
profiler clint van zandt of the fbi, and we talked about this because the husband josh powell was a person that a lot of people had questions for at the time. he said that he was out camping with their children. and now, police say they have this credible lead. what do you know about this? >> well, of course, they areal challenged with his alibi in december 6th and 7th of 2007 taking his two boys almost at midnight in the middle of a snowstorm on am kaping tr m kcad most of us as parents would say, we will not subject our children to this, and amazing at the same time susan powell allegedly disappeared that might. and it is also in an arena the police have searched once before and it is recently within the last month that josh powell, her
11:40 am
husband, his father published 2,000 pages from susan's diary as the father's way of suggesting that his son, josh, number one had nothing to do with susan's disappearance and further suggesting that she probably ran off with another man. well, that sounds to many of us like the 2007 drew peterson explanation for what happened to his wife, stacy, but right now authorities are searching the area, and they say they have is a new tip that led them there and in the course of the investigation i they have to show the likelihood that josh powell, if he was responsible for his wife's disappearance would have taken her 200 miles away and in a worst case scenario to dispose of the remains. >> well, josh powell has moved on to washington state and has custody of the boys. he did not speak to the family and he has a restraining order against his wife's parents, and here is what he said, clint, about the new search. >> they don't contact me.
11:41 am
they don't make an attempt to contact me. >> do you try to contact them? >> we have learned through experience that they say what they want to say, and that is all they say. it is usually a lot of nothing. >> and clint, susan's father said that, listen, josh has not helped to look for her and we have not heard or contacted or tried to bother him at this point. so you have a family feud if you will in the middle of this, but the police have said all along that josh is a person of interest, and that is what they label him here. >> yeah, and now i don't think that has ever changed, but realize that josh's father and others have tried to suggest that susan would have run off and left her two boys, and that she had the sexual proclivities that she wanted to have relationships with other men, and these are claims that s susan's family say that there was nothing to support that whatsoever, and i think that is why josh's father rolled out
11:42 am
these 2,000 pages to try to indict susan, but the bottom line is that susan is a victim at this point of time guilty of nothing except missing for two years and josh as far as the authorities are concerned is the key to this. and tamron, the last thing as a profiler, i would be interested in how josh and any other potential suspect is responding to the search. >> all right. clint van zandt, thank you very much, and we greatly appreciate it. we will see what this new lead brings. coming up on "newsnation" -- >> i will follow you. >> the most legendary barbarian of all times returns to the big screen for the end of the summer. the new star of conan the barbarian joins me live in studio next. but, first, a lot going on here and here are the things that we thought you should know. no-go for russ feingold who i is
11:43 am
as he has decided not the run for public office in 2012 in an interview with the "milwaukee journal sentinal" he says it won't happen next year, and disappointing a loft the people in that state. and politico has a report about rick perry and the gifts he has received as governor of texas and at a minimum they add up to more than $22,000. at a minimum. the reports include 22 pairs of cowboy boots and stetson hats and cuff links and medical tests, hunting trips and tickets to sporting events and concerts. and phil hartman played him as the fast food hamburger loving president on "saturday night live," but now it is no meat, no fish, no egg, no dairy for former president bill clinton. in the quest to get healthy, he has gone vegan, and clinton says after another heart operation last year he concluded he is playing russian roulette with his health and those are the things that we thought you should know. rest [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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. >> i'm ezra klein in for martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour, share and share alike and we have forgotten the lessons that we have taught us and we have the unemployment rate to prove it. we will break down how to fix the selfish economy. ♪ that is a clip from the new movie "conan the barbarian "t" last action flick of the summer, and we have jason momoa who is the star of the clip, and courtney hazlett is off. it is violent and gory -- >> sexy and dangerous.
11:48 am
>> is this a dream come true for you? >> yes, it is a big fantasy since i was a child. >> it is not a re-make, and it is a re-imaged version of what we saw 30 years ago. >> yes. >> how is that different? >> well, it is honoring the fans who have looked at the material of eight decades and really, and bringing it alive. >> tell me a little bit about the training, because again, half of the movie if not all of the movie, you are shirtless and you have five shirts on now, but -- >> covering up. >> but the training is ridiculous and you ate boiled chickens every two hours? >> yes. >> and you would bend over shivering from pain. >> yes. >> and and the eating six hours a day and learn how to properly fall in hand-to-hand combat and lifting weights and cardio and you would never voluntarily put yourself through that much torture. >> tell me about how the storyline goes, because with action we expect the kicking butt, but there is a good story
11:49 am
as well. >> well, yeah, we did an origin story, because it has been 30 years since many people have seen the old one. >> and most people who see it weren't even born. >> exactly. i was 1 year-old when it came out, so, yeah, it is an origin story, and you know where the guy is coming from and the father has been killed, and you see it is justifying some of the violence and the gore and if someone killed your father, you would be pretty pissed, too, and go hunt them down and kill them, too. >> and you say, ta-da, that's the story. >> boy meets girl, and they fall in love. no. it is just, it -- yeah. >> it is a big deal. >> a big deal, yeah. >> and i have to tell you that a lot of of people are talking about the big fight scene with the sand people and that is a part of the movie that cannot be missed. >> it is intense and cool, and they did a great job with it. my spine was like this when i was done doing that one and i said, i want to do all of the stunts, and i was like, ooh, ah.
11:50 am
>> and melted like jell-o. and we fell in love with you as kalder ash kalderago in "game of thrones." >> yes, and who knows a twin prother out there. >> and obviously, big fans of the series of the books, but when hbo turned it into a reality, it was incredible. >> yes, a 10-hour movie and 13 emmys i am so proud of everyone on it and the cast and the crew is amazing and truly an honor to be a part of it. >> honor to have you give us the scoop, and i wanted people to know your full name. it is joseph, jason -- >> momaokahalia. >> momao. >> yes. and thank you to jason who is awesome and some your are
11:51 am
tweeting, karen finny said, i cannot believe he is in the studio with you. and you are going to make me watch all of the news to see jason mamoa, and the hard news we have been covering, they didn't want to see but just jason. by the way gut check is up next. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites...
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time now for the "newsnation" gut check and a new jersey judge has decided today whether a lawsuit against continental airlines with no cash in cabin rule can move forward. continental is not the only airline with a cashless cabin policy, but for the passengers it means that the flight attendants will take credit cards for things like drinks and headphones and new jersey lawyer was on a continental flight from hawaii to newark when he wanted to buy a headset, but only they would take cash. he says he was wrongly denied service because he had legal tender, and in the lawsuit, rossen claims that continental was in breach of contract and violated the new jersey consumer
11:55 am
fraud act. and continental is arguing in court that the policy operates in the guidelines provided by federal law regulating rates and routes and services, so no mandating that a private business must accept currency. what is your gut telling you? are airlines discriminating against people who do not use debit or credit cards? what does your gut tell you? and yesterday, roy lester says he was fired from his job as a lifeguard at new york's jones beach after more than 40 years, because he was refused to wear a speedo, and we asked if it is age discrimination, and 86% of you said, yes, it is, and 14% of you said no. that does it for this edition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall and with have a great weekend and we will be back monday at 2:00 p.m., and ezra klein is in for martin bashir, and he is up next. [ fema
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good afternoon, i'm ezra klein sitting in for matin bashir. it is friday august 19th and america needs to learn how to share again. we usually begin these shows by telling you all of the things that are going wrong right now, the market is down and unemployment is up and the growth is lagging and politicians like usual are screwing around, but to understand why all of that is map happening and why it is so hard to get out of the mess and why everything is always going wrong lately, we need to do something that we don't normally do on these shows. we need to back up and re-examine the eras when it didn't seem like everything was going off of the rails and the market was good and unemployment and growth were fine, and what is holding us back now? we are not just dealing with a recession or dealing with what happen when wall street went


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