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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 28, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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photographs and the like, doing their job of captures what will be iconic images. that said, it can be very, very dangerous. if there are any downed power lines in the region, stay out of harm's way, stay out of those wears. this is clearly evidence of the flooding. it was passing to tropical storm as it passed over new york city. it got hit squarely about four hours or so ago, though things are moving up in a profound way into new england. our colleague rob allen will be reported from massachusetts, as there's still quite a storm surge there. to get myself backed up from that action i'm going to have our colleague go right now to bill karins, who we've really got to let people know, do not let your guard down, because there's still a lot of people in
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harm's way relative to irene. >> those pictures are pretty incredible, especially the southern coast of new england. we still have the southerly wind, a long fetch. that builds the waves up even more, so we're talking cape dodd through providence, newport. you're the ones that still need to stay inside. new york did not go ahead a hurricane out of this storm, just a strom to medium-sized tropical storm. with that said, the wind field is still huge. we still have power outages occurring in southern maine, new hampshire and vermont. the leading edge, that means portland, maine, that's heading
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up through southern in that new hampshire, and pretty soon will be near burlington, vermont. on the back side, we're still watching tropical storm force winds capable through the chesapeake, maryland and areas of new jersey. that's why they're telling people to still stay inside. the storm itself is moving northward. what we're watching for is the yellow and orange bands. that's the greatest potential for falling trees and damage. let me get a closer view of that. you can see this band right here head fog man chester, new hampshire, that's where you could see power outages. that's probably the worst of is it as far as the winds. here's the winds. you're on the back side of this storm. you just gusted to 54 on the back side. that's pretty incredible stuff. 43 in boston.
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out of any big city, far away from the center, far away from the ocean, albany, new york, i'm sure we're losing viewers in the albany, schenectady area, and they pictures continue to come in. these boats are facing into the wind and waves for a reason. hopefully they can just ride this out. we are looking toward the tide going toward low tide. we had high tide from 7:00 to 9:00 this morning, and then we'll go back to high tide 7:00 to 9:00 again tonight. block i'd, which is pretty close to new bedford, similar wind gusts, 52-mile-per-hour winds out of the south. ij bridgeford, connecticut has a wind of 45. the back side, jfk had a gust of 40. that's why we're still telling people not to head outside quite yet. right now we're at 31, and so
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it's still kind of gusty around philly and atlantic city. far to the south, we still have wind gusts in the 30s. this is such a large storm. that was really the legacy of this storm. there's not a lot of rain on the back side. notice baltimore, philly, many of them sprinkles and showers. it's not going to rain for a while again, either, but, of course, the damage is done. all that heavy rain, look at bell mar. the flooding on the rivers in new jersey is extensive. that is where the story continues to develop. >> it continuing, because those rivers have yet to crest thank you so much, bill karins. let's get the situation from new york's coney island, specifically brooklyn. there's peter alexander, you're by the cyclone, appropriately enough named. >> reporter: it is pretty appropriate given what we just
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experienced, the cyclone roller coaster, the cyclones, the minor league baseball team located not far from where we are. this is willthe oldest roller coaster. if you bring the camera this way, this is one of the old rides that has been shuttered, but all night long, we heard this howling, whistling as the wind was whipping around this structure, and then sort of the banging of metal against metal, which we only assume is happening, and there were blue skiersier. this is turning into what frankly could be a gorge usa afternoon. a few of the other sights you've seen in the past, and you can see are still standing is the
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good news, as the hurricane came right over the spot. there is the wonder wheel. she is still standing. for those who love coney island, alex, it seems like everything is in pretty good shape after what we experienced. >> that's good, considering what el went through earlier. i have to say, without exception, i think, peter, you and al roker, the dra dramatic pictures. you were right there along the coast there was no break. it was just remarkable trying to have you stand up in those winds. do you any teal have to be checking the pipes and the drainage systems, because they may have been overloaded, if not broken in some places? >> i think clearly that problem
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will exist in a lot of parts of this area. coney island was part of zone a, a mandatory evacuation area. so there was real potential for flooding here. i spoke to nypd a lot, and they tell us back toward that direction, there has been heavy flooding, as it was described to us. when we get a chance, we'll drive out there and try to get a better sampling of what happened. there's been reports of lots of downed trees. clearly, though, the people in coney island are proud of the place they call home. they came out early after the storm had passed, and a lot of them came up and said we lost some trees, we've got plenty of water, but we still have coney island the way we love it. peter alexander, many thanks. we'll see you again. as we look at the death toll, we had the number of ten. new jersey had been spared. however, the associated presses now reporting that a woman has
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been found decided in her car on a flooded new jersey road. state police tell the associated press the woman had called for help early sunday morning, she was in salem county. that call was made about 1:40 a.m. eastern time. she was found decent less than two hours ago now. also the bad news from new jersey, the holland tunnel, that is closed to traffic exiting new york city, that northbound -- the north tube, it is called, but bound for new jersey, that has been closed. mass transit is still not running in the state, but it wears repeating, there has been one person killed as a result of flooding in the state of new jersey, a woman found dead a couple hours ago. that's bad news to have to report there. let's go to natalie morales, who is live in hoboken, new jersey, across from lower manhattan. with another good morning, it looks like the fog is coming
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back. we're not still out of the woods. >> reporter: we certainly aren't. the wind has picked up, but now the sky is brightening. every time i talk to you, it must be good luck, but we still feel the wind. alex, i should point out, we're on the east end of town along the hudson river. when i spoke to you earlier the river was high up you could see the river has receded. although i should point out, and i know you have a picture of this we sent to you earlier today, the other side of town is dealing with a flooding situation, as was described to me. it tess it looks like venice over there. they usually do floo flood, so that is a situation they're
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going to have to be cleans up, as police officer were coming by and reminding im, they're telling people do not come out or get into water where you don't know what is lying underneath. you risk being electrocuted. they're dealing with that situation with a lot more flooding over there. as you heard, state of new jersey feeling the full force of this. and, you know, they don't know the extend even yesterday as they haven't made it into certain communities yet, but usually just in march, we saw they were under water, and against they're experiencing this, is the wrath of irene now a tropical storm now moving out, but still they're going to be
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dealing with cleanup and possible power outages for days to come, alex. >> natalie morales gives you that pointian reminder. you have to be careful approaches any body of water. thank for you that. there are a few new evacuations in chester, massachusetts, where state police say that river is quickly rising. it's flooding route 20 in north adams in the western part of the state, officials say there's a mudslide which has compromised a natural gas line, but they say the situation is under control. the in boston, the entire public transportation system is shut down. we've had that system sit down here in new york for the last 23 hours, so it's been a long time without our public transportation. we'll see when officials believe it is okay to get that up and running again. now staying in massachusetts, we go to nbc's ron allen.
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he's in new bedford, right along that all-important fishing area. we've got a lot of boats weathering out the surge, the water and the winds. good morning again, ron. >> reporter: good morning, alex. we have a sailboat that we've been keeping an eye on. it's bobbing in the surf here. it's tied to the pier. it shouldn't be here. it should be out there, but it came loose. there was just an operation led by the coast guard to secure this boat. it was bouncing around in the harbor, and threatening some commercial boats that are supposed to be here. it's a protected harbor that a lot of boats have come to for a safe haven. about a half mile in that direction, there is a hurricane barrier to product these waters, but as is can see, they're very, very choppy. i don't know if you can tell in the haze, there are a couple others sailboats loose, at least they were as of half an hour
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ago. the coast guard is out there along with other boating patrol boats to try to secure some of these boats, because it's a dangerous situation to have them in the harbour. here's tow boat usa, trying to make sure that the harbor remains safe, because a loose boat in the harbor is a dangerous situation. the winds have sort of settled down. we keel getting gusts, but right now it's hoff mercifully. the bigger threat to massachusetts may be inland, as you were talking about. there are inland rivers that are flooding. the big threat to the state of massachusetts, some thought was going to be inland where they were expecting rain up to 11 or 12 inches. as i understand it, the track of the storm is taking it west of springfield, massachusetts, very far west away from the coast. real bad situation there, potentially. springfield is a place that had
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tornadoes back in june, so they're -- as you can see there are boats patrolling, trying to make sure that all these other booze are moored, docked, secured and battened down, because there's a real threat of boats loose in this harbor. >> ron, look at that boat, it's being -- the wind is still significant snuff not only that, but a surge. that boat it like it's not going where it wants to go. >> reporter: you've come down to this harbor, because there's a passenger ferryboat that leaves here to martha's vineyard.
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this is usually very sploot and secure, but today, of course, it's not. the storm is going to be with this part of the world for another 8 to 10 hours or so, i believe the forecasters are saying, until about 11:00 or so tonight. with that boat on patrol, it's supposed to be out there. they are trying to make sure that all these boats are moored. it seems perfectly safe. the danger is if one of these sailboats comes look. right notice it just passed a fishing boat, the one with the orange trim on the other side. a little while ago, they were trying to make sure it was secure, it seems to be now, and these guys on tow boat u.s., who ever knew there was something called that, but they're doing the job, making sure the harbor remains safe. >> i'm glad you are as well for us. nbc's ron allen, i know we'll
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check in with you again. ron, there was that bridge that was in your line of sight. if you were there, it will be off to your left. are there cars going over that bridge? as you know, some bridges in this area have been shut down. >> reporter: yeah, i see a car turning around in the middle of the bridge and going in the opposite direction. i can see a police car blocking the bridge tess other end. that road seems to lead out to the harbor, to the other side of the harbor. you're very observant in the tv studio, you can pick that up. it seems to be a road that is blocked off. >> here's my standard line to that -- i'm brighter than i look. >> reporter: you get creative
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when sitting there hour after hour. we have a lot going on down here. >> we do. >> reporter: thanks for your help. i appreciate that. hey i was just talking with ron about the bridges. i got a tweet from governor chris christie'sie, who says the george washington bridge of which the lower deck had been shut down due to the high ones, that has been reopened, as well as the north tube of the holland tunnel which of course connects lower manhattan with new jersey. that was the area from lower manhattan into new jersey. that's been all cleared. george washington bridge, upper and lower level open, including that area of the palisades ramp. very good news indeed. let's go to bill karins. we saw the received. they're not oust woods yet.
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>> there's something called the blue hill observatory, in a higher elevation. that's where the weather reports come from. they're still getting wind gusts much 64 miles per hour. we have reports of big trees on homes, so massachusetts is the area. i was mentioning that squall line heading northward. that's far to the north. that's probably when a lot of the trees came down. on the radar, you can see that's exiting lowell and head been up into southern new hampshire. right now from connecticut to rhode island, there's not a lot of heavier bands, so we should see a bit of a lull. and even this in the new bedford area. it still will be windy, gusty, but i think we have probably seen our peak winds. we shouldn't see anything too much worse from what we've already received.
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this is kind of far away, these are all the places that will be in major flooding. we were talking about probably a dozens rivers, all with major flood stage in the next 48 hours. we're pretty much done with the storm surge area. and by the time the next high tide cycle comes in, the winds should be much weaker. >> when people feel the onslaught, are they done with it, as opposed to our inclusion down along the shore, saying they had a double whammy? >> this storm was really impressive. i think it was kerry sanders down there in atlantic city beach. >> mark potter in nags head.
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good grief. >> yeah. the storm has lost a lot of its punch. on the back side you may get a gust of 40. the wind damage has been done, you won't see anything else behind it. let's talk about the water rescues under way right now. state police say to add insult to injury, we had a tornado touch down on the lower eastern shore. maryland's emergency management agency says more than 780,000 homes remain without power. let's go to tom costello who's live in ocean city, where last we checked, the sun was out, surfers, and yeah, you're with a surfer now.
8:21 am
>> i to bring one with me. adam, what is the ocean like when you're surfing? >> as good as it gets. dad, if you're watching, you bet get down here. >> reporter: yesterday weld incredible churn and surf. has this been as good as you have. >> as good as it gets in ocean city. >> reporter: is there any undertow or anything you need to be concerned about? >> wind produce blew it out there. got a little sand in the face. it's pulling you north really hard. so i don't know. >> reporter: adam, thanks. take care. there's one of the locals. he's a nice guy. but he is one of many, about a dozen of them or so taking advantage of this incredible
8:22 am
surf. as you said, boy, what a difference a few hours makes. we started the day with sunshine, then we got hit by yet another rainstorm and wind. then about an hour or so ago it broke free. i finally said that's it, i'm done with the rain gear, 20 hours is enough, and so we're enjoying a beautiful day on the beach in ocean city. they're letting everybody back into ocean city in about 35 minutes or so. they have already let the residents back in, business owners back in, extremely minimal flooding. if you've got a home here or second property, what have you, rest assured it is probably in fine shape. i would venture to guess that 99.9% of the homes and businesses are on this stretch of the delmarva peninsula. and they are now waiting for a full sunshine day. back to you. >> i've got to tell you we can
8:23 am
make light of it considering things in ocean city are pretty much okay, but not so much in new bedford, michigan. that's where you see that boat at least it looks like it's until power. there had been reports by ron allen who said there were a couple boats that seemed to be out there on their own versus lost moorings. but it looks like that may be get towed, this one. there is a capital been on board, though, so at least that's a good sign. we're going to stay on top of this. the receipt of where it is in connecticut, massachusetts a. well. it's a big storm. we'll be right back. and you see this... it's the end of the road. the last hurrah. it's when ford's powertrain warranty ends. but in this ram truck, you've still got 39,999 miles to go.
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:26 past the hour as we look at downtown new york city, specifically battery park, where people are making light of some of the flooding.
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there are folks that have been going through that area. it is unprecedented this kind of flooding, when you think about the size and scope of hurricanes erenal, while it passed by new york, it was. there are a lot of potential problems that can arise from this. you have to be very careful. you never know what is underneath those waters. that could include a live power line, in which case those waters could be absolutely deadly and be electrocuted. >> if not later today, officials aloss -- from the bronx, one of the five boroughs. there you see some downed trees.
8:28 am
that has been a problem ought over the place. as a matter of fact, among the -- aattributed to, so that's pretty dangerous. a massive treat that was uprooted there. you're seeing results in all the problems we'll be dealing with today. stay with us. a short break. we'll be right back. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if." what if we designed an electric motorcycle? what if we turned trash into surfboards? whatever your what if is, the new sprint biz 360 has custom solutions to make it happen, including mobile payment processing, instant hot spots, and powerful devices like the motorola photon 4g. so let's all keep asking the big what ifs. sprint business specialists
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can help you find the answers. sprint. america's favorite 4g network. trouble hearing on the phone? visit
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it's not just good for business -- it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities, so we're helping them with advice from local business experts and extending $18 billion in credit last year. that's how we're helping set opportunity in motion. cease. at :30 past the hour, we're ready for a new conference from fema. with janet in a toll tanno and craig fugate will be there as well as others. it is not over yet, though, i'm sure they're going to make that point very clear to folks out there. right now it is pounding massachusetts in particular, and will make its way all the way to canada.
8:32 am
we had natalie morales on the waterfront side, but she referenced many times inland there were problems, and you have officials in hoboken who say stay out of water exactly like this. they are very concerned about the downed power lines. janet napolitano is taking to the podium. >> and we're going to give you an update on ongoing let me begin by expressing condolences.
8:33 am
as we move to the response of irene. we just included briefing president obama, and our ongoing efforts. he has instructed us on lead -- on the call with the president were other members of his cabinet. secretary of energy chu, and secretary of treasury tim geithner. our number one message for individuals and families up and down the eastern seaboard this morning is we're not out of the woods yet.
8:34 am
hards still persist. out of right now, hurricane irene is leaving the new york/new jersey area. it's going to continue to move up the cost in new england. our local state and federal partners and other mid-atlantic states remain focused on search and rescue. power out we're working with our partners to make sure they are getting the power up and running as soon as it can be. no matter where you are this morning from north carolina to main, we encourage you to stay off the roads as much as
8:35 am
possible, so that we can keep them clear for first responders and vehicles who are working on power restoration. we urge you to visit for tips on how to stay safe after the storm. by taking a few simple steps, you can improve your level of safety. i did want to take a minute. unfortunately we have seen some loss of life, but by and large, with you evacuation we have
8:36 am
dramically decreased the risk to life, and we want to thank the public for helping us achieve that got, as you've been saying, this face is in three phases. we're now in the second phase. that is the initial part of the responsible. damage assessments are already under way. as the storm clears the east coast, we will be conducting damage assessments in all of the affected states to determine the area of the storm's impacts and the next impacts that need to be done in the response and recovery process. so we have a ways to go, but i think it is safe to say that the worst of the storm, at least up to and including new york and new jersey, has passed. the storm will proceed up
8:37 am
through new england this evening, and out of the united states by late tonight, early tomorrow morning. with that, i'd like to turn this platform over to bill reed from the national hurricane center to give the estimate of the storm. bill? >> thank you, madam secretary. you actually did a great job of capturing what the forecast for the storm will be. i want to add a few things here. we were very fortunate to be able to get a unique opportunity. we actually had the hurricanes hunter aircraft from the reserves, actually fix the center of the storm as it was coming into new york city earlier this morning. now that it's come past the centers here, we still have the onshore flow with the high surf, and still some threat for tidal flooding, especially when the wince become more out of west and the southwest this
8:38 am
afternoon. and as you said, every -- conditions will be we'll have tropical storm warning continue down to the south of the center of the storm. it will past through, and then it will be the impact and is the follow-up after that. still continuing for eastern new york state and all of in accordance new england, should be exiting most of connecticut except for extremity western massachusetts this afternoon.
8:39 am
sinus the forecast for the rainfall, continuing rainfall. very highly prone to flash flooding, mountainous and hilly terrain with that in mind, next slide, please. these are the impacts. already record reports in the weather systems in the area of philadelphia. our anticipation is with the rainfall going up into the river systems of new hampshire and vermont, that we could see report flooding, flood stages, it's best had through our -- and
8:40 am
click on that area, you'll find out the details for each one of the river systems up there. that's what i have for now. >> thanks, bill. a lot of this is we've been with these governor's teams, as they begin their response operations. we're also looking at damage assessments already in north carolina. teams are doing the preliminary salingments. we'll be working with the governor to determine what additional assistance may be need needed our focus is now on the next 72 hours, as bill says, we may not yet have all the impacts from the storms as river continue to come up and we look at additional flooding, but we do have substantial power outages.
8:41 am
we are able to get in quickly and begin the assessments and we'll continue to work with the governors and determine what assistance may be required. there's also a lot of trees down. >> in terms of cost? >> no dollar figure. >> generally it takes us several days, and you need to understand when you look at total cost, what we're looking at would be damages when you start hearing numbers about storm damages, and
8:42 am
you hear numbers from us, you're looking at what is the costs. that will not at the time you what the insurance losses we are. and then as the secretary was -- august cultural impacts won't be in our totals, but we do know there have been significant impact. >> what is your latest number on loss of life? >> we do not have officials numbers. what wee eis what you're seeing and what we have reports from the states, and i believe the secretary got briefed from governor perdue that they had one additional fatalities. >> that could bring them, according to governor perdue, up to six. >> we do know there have been fatalities, and states are looking to get their official numbers, but unfortunately new jersey had someone that was swept away earlier today, and that may also become a fatality.
8:43 am
>> reporter: how concerned are you that people will return to their homes to inspected damage. >> we just ask them to heed the local officials. we know that ocean city, maryland has already announced people can start coming back and they'll be opening back up this afternoon. heat local officials. they have to make sure things are safe. >> reporter: are you aware of any communities that you have not been able to --. >> they also have a very robust plan to get in the area, so we don't have reports yet. people have resources to go in and do that kind of work. >> we have a lot of people go out today into the sunny afternoon and say, why the heck did we have to evacuate? i'm curious what you would say to that. additionally, i know you have
8:44 am
announced that you're diverting from money from previous disasters, the southern tornadoes, joplin, missouri, other disasters dating back a few more years to help pay for this immediate sit wait. i'm curious what you hope from congress -- >> the probability of impacts are probably in the 20% to 25% aisle. that means about 25% of the time you can go home and there's no damage. that's good. but people need to understand, we hope that people can go back home and there's no damages. yes there's a lot of times when you say, well, why did i have to evacuate? it's the 25% times when it does happen and people have not evacuated that the tremendous loss of life and potential for loss of life. so all of these elected officials from local to state, this is not an easy thing to do. it's not done lightly, but the
8:45 am
consequences are too great not to go, and you have to do this based upon forecast, often days in advance, that you hope doesn't get that bad, but you don't get a second chance. wraps to the -- we are not taking any money away from survivs. when we go into immediate needs funding, that continues to provide funds to all the additional answers tans programs for the open disasters. it provides funding for the emergency protective measures and debris removal. we stop nini work in older disasters that has not already been in the system to maintain funds to continue to support the survivors as well as response to this disaster, and we are working closely with the white house on what funding may be needed. that is right of pa would be based on what assessments we do need in the storm.
8:46 am
>> reporter: i know you said that irene is still ongoing, but at this stage is the damage less than you feared? okay. everyone. we're keeping a close ear to the situation with this fema news conference, with secretary napolitano, followed with the hurricane center director and fema director talking about the different issues and making a very important note that while hurricane erenal is now downgraded to a tropical storm, it's no less serious and problematic for those still underneath that churning weather system. it is still over massachusetts right now. we have the proof to show you that from new bedford from ron allen has been positioned. among the notable thing, there has been an increase in the loss of life. we started off when i got in the air, ten officials fatalities, we had one added, and one added
8:47 am
in connecticut, and then tragically a woman in new jersey, she was in in a car. she walled about 1:40, unfortunately rescuers responded and they found her dead in her car. so by my tally, you add there are officially 13 dead, though that will have come from the department of homeland security and fema at that point, but it looks like 13 dead as a result of tropical storm irene. let's bring in bill karins to talk about what's going on in staten island, bill, because we've been seeing some pretty dramatic pictures. before you get to the weather angle of things, we've an fdny spokesman say rescuers in boats had to pick up 26 people across three families just this morning because their homes had been
8:48 am
flooded with more than five feet of water. >> there's two types of flooding. the storm surge flooding. it flows back out and leaves as the storm goes by. unfortunately staten island is pretty low lies, it may have gotten into a valley type of area, so when the rest of the storm surge went back out, this area was left with their own mini lake. it doesn't look to be too widespread, but maybe you get elderly people. unfortunately the best way to take them out is take the inflatable boats and go get them. definitely a lot of cars got flooded out. luckily the engines may dry on out. further to the north, masses where the worst of it still is we don't whattants to forget our friends. they're seeing the strongest winds from the storm and they are losing power. my family just told me he lost
8:49 am
power in albany, new york area, and fema is calling for record flooding in some of these rivers in vermont and new hampshire, and upstate new york. so a lot of the big cities, the i-95 corridor looking better. further to the bosss boston just had a wind gust, and now all the way up to portland, mainest, wind gusts are now in the 30s. that wind gust in 54 in albany, that's probably when my family lost their power. jfk still has gusts to 40, so it's not like new york city is completely done. even as far south as ocean city, in georgetown, in delaware, they had -- so tomorrow will be the day where it's safe. they're still saying even though it's not raining, that's perfect
8:50 am
time for the power crews to get in there before we hit the roads. you know, the more people that are on the roads, the slower it is to get the response to get your power on. >> thank you very much, nbc meteorologist bill karins for that update. that heads-up we are not out of the wood yesterday. there's the evidence of that in new bedford, massachusetts. you see the fog that's gathered on the camera lens. you're looking at waters that seem to have calmed down somewhat, but i'm sure there's some winds to deal with. we'll talk about that the other side of a break. for all of you sendsh your tweets, we've been keeping an eye on them. it's been a pretty full deck. we're getting information from all over the place. stay with us. a short break, we'll be right back.
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:53 past the hour as we look at virginia beach, virginia,
8:54 am
where they had some storm pass through there yesterday. el did have tweets from a friend of mine, and she was dealing with a heck of a problem. that looks like a problem. that's some sort of a pier that's been compromised big time. it looks like it's just been washed away from the storm. our kerry sanders was there earlier today as people go to check on the pilings there. from the cost lines. a lot of people use those. let's go right now to baltimore.
8:55 am
another good morning to you. still windy there, that's for search. >> bill karins was talking about gusts of up to 40 miles an hour in delaware. we've had big once here. if you could pan off, the water has been fairly choppy in the inner harbor. folks are coming out to be in and about. in fact the baltimore orioles are planning to play this afternoon, 1:35 against the yankees. they'll do a doubleheader to make up the game they laos yesterday, but i wonder how many folks will want to come out. overall we have about half a million. that's about what they estimated. now the quell is -- as far as --
8:56 am
they're likely to make an assessment around noon or so. we did see some not much to speaking of, one tree down, so it looks as though baltimore has been pretty lucky. >> thank you for that wrap-up. thank you. as we wrap up this hour, we want to leave you with a few stuns images that are representative of this historic storm. you're looking at the delaware river now before and after the storm. compare that for yourselves. also. also a demolished house in massachusetts. look at that, and absolutely taking that off its foundation. and there she is, irene from space. these pictures coming to us from our friends at nasa. thanks for joining us. i'm alex witt, my cheolleague
8:57 am
tamron hall takes it from here. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models,
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