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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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of alabama community. we had a great time. also to our friends in pensacola last week. >> nashville next fall. they even took care of a vanderbilt fan. >> that's so sweet. if it's too early what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." stay tuned for the "daily rundown" with chuck. a test almost four years after his faith first became a major issue, mitt romney is finding out the mormonism is a huge hurdle. what's the basis for the divide and is this the real reason he's deemphasizing iowa and south carolina? four weeks in and the nationwide protests occupy wall street is swelling. this week lawmakers weighed in on the movement that's becoming harder and harder for washington to ignore.
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and governor rick perry has been bruised at the republican debate. but there was a time he was pretty good at thees events. so what happened? we'll go to the archives. >> let's try on our children's future. it has monday october 10th, 2011. this is "the daily rundown." let's get to my first reads of the morning. four years ago mitt romney was to face doubts evangelicals had about his faith. this time running even with president obama, romney hoped he'd put the religion somewhat behind him. when robinson called him an outstanding christian, campaigns thought it was a quote to evangelicals saying this is not the litmus test you're looking for. robert jeffress turned his o
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endorsement of rick perry into a religion debate. >> mitt romney is a good moral person but he's not a christian. mormonism is not christianity. it's considered a cult. >> romney responded in his speech saturday denouncing religious bigotry. >> it's never softened a heart or a mind. the task before us is to focus on the things that unite us. let no agenda tear us apart. >> on the trail in iowa, romnpe was forced to distance himself. >> do you believe mormonism is a cult? >> i told him no.
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>> republican candidates were offered the opportunity to denounce jeffress and call romney a christian. and they dodged the question. >> he is a mormon. that much i know. i am not going to do an analysis for the reasligions. >> you leave open the possibility that you dodged the direct question. >> no. i think what the real focus is here, again, is on religious tolerance. that's really what this is about. >> anyone getting a flashback to how when you would hear some republicans or some conservatives who had an issue with president obama's faith say i take him as his word. using phraseology like that? look. here's the actual religious divide here. me mormon church explains this way to us. some evangelicals have with the word christians. for them the word christian is specific and applies only to
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those who share the same belief in the trinity. for mormons the definition of christianity is broader applying to anyone who accepts jesus christ as the son of god. so this is simply a debate over the interpretations of the bible. how explicitly will romney talk about his mormon faith? four years ago romney decided to pull a page from the jfk catholic playbook. he delivered a speech about his faith in texas. the same kennedy gave his speech back then. but he mentioned the word mormon just once. >> if i'm fortunate to become your president, i will serve no one religion. no one group. no one cause. and no one interest. >> in this campaign, romney's been very discreet about practicing his faith. you don't see him go to church.
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this isn't like other politicians who almost beg cameras to follow them into churches. we'll see if the romney campaign believes they have to do another speech like last time or do they wait and deal with this if they become the nominee? timely a report out today shows the hard toll the economic slump has taken on the middle class. from june 2009 the official end of the recession until june of this year, median household incomes fell 6.7%. this is not in a recession. that decline is more than double the 3.2% drop during the recession. so as they debate the president's job bill, the anger is growing with the occupy wall street movement. democrats are embracing these protesters in the same way republicans embraced the tea party movements. house majority leider eric
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cantor and nancy pelosi exchanged over the protest. >> i for one increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying wall street and the other cities across the country. and believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of americans against americans. >> i didn't hear him say anything when the tea party was out demonstrating actually spitting on members of congress here in the capitol and he and colleagues were putting signs in the windows encouraging them. >> as you can see, that divide is pretty stark. all of it is now the backdrop for what is going to happen this week on capitol hill. debate on the jobs bill. let's move to that. democrats set to put the jobs bill up for debate in the senate this week. the j idea of taxing millionaires to help pay for it, they have won over some democrats. but breaking over a republican
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filibuster isn't so easy. kelly, let's do a numbers game here. they need to get to 60. we think they have 52 of the 53 democrats or the two independents that lean that caucus with the democrats at this point. so they got to find eight republicans. where are they? >> very tough to do that, chuck. one of the things is even the democrats like ben nelson of nebraska says he doesn't like this idea. he thinks they ought to cut more and not introduce new taxes. this is a division between the white house and senate democrats because the president had a different idea on how to pay for your jobs plans. knowing they really didn't have the votes did attract a few more of their own by adding this 5.6% surtax on income above $1 million which would be earned income, inheritance, capital gain. those things.
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they believe that will cover the cost of the jobs plan. so by taking away the issue of taxing those who earn above $250,000 a year, that brought some democrats. so when you have the more conservative democrats hesitating, they were able to bring some along. it will bring this issue to debate on the floor. it will give people a chance to swing at it more. and the white house is saying they could go along with this surtax as a way to get this through. >> quickly is there any evidence, any idea the senate republicans are going to try to offer a true alternative this week? >> at this point, no. what we're seeing is they really want to go through with pieces breaking things down and having smaller pieces of legislation that would deal with this instead of at a sweeping package. >> all right. kelly o'donnell. thanks very much.
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violence erupted over the weekend in cairo as forces and christians angered by a church attack on the streets of cairo. >> egyptian security is out in force and is bracing for yet more rioting in the break of the worst violence there since some eight months ago. >> reporter: it began as a peaceful demonstration. a group of christians protesting in southern egypt. then more protesters joined in. and christian muslim tensions soon snapped. battle lines quickly formed between riot police and those angry with the slow pace of change. and that turned to chaos. arm armed men described as thugs and christians and muslims fighting each other. it went to the site of the flagging revolution. at least one armored vehicle
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plowed into a crowd sending bodies flying. by the time the police imposed a curfew overnight, more than 20 were dead. it morphed into an explosion of anger against a military regime many egyptians say is in no hurry to give up power. i call on the egyptian people muslims and christians to unite against this foul conspiracy, he said. and the next flash point could well be outside cairo's cathedral where funerals for those christian protesters who were killed in the riots are taking place. >> all right. jim in london for us. thanks much. for as long as there's been a war against al qaeda, there have been legal questions about the methods used to carry out the mission. the latest involves a memo that cleared the way for the u.s. to
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target and kill someone in yemen. one of the basis of the memos -- one of the arguments, was about the fact that they couldn't get -- if they couldn't get awlaki alive, then they had the right to do this? >> essentially according to u.s. military officials that justice department memo authorized the killing of anwar al awlaki. because he had instigated and prep traited act ts against the united states. i'm told the reasoning there is when he undertook those attempts to attack the united states, he gave up some of his basic civil and constitutional rights.
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now, the issue here, of course, is that civil rights advocates say that he was denied due process. and they're demanding and some in congress are demanding that the secret memo be released to see what the administration's exact justification for that killing of awlaki a little more than a week ago was. we're going to get into that perennial battle between those who want more information and those who want to guard classified information which may reveal techniques, tactics, and procedures about how they gathered that information on awlaki in the first place. >> there's been speculation there was a sealed indictment. is this memo probably the -- being mistaken for a quote, sealed indictment against awlaki. >> right. pete williams has confirmed that there was no sealed indictment. that this memo which authorized the killing of anwar al awlaki is probably the best that any of those seeking more information and documents are going to get.
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as a matter of fact, anytime the cia or military is engaged in something outside the normal rules of engagement, they say put it on paper. because when it comes back at them, they don't want to be the ones responsible. >> and here's the paper. all right. thank you as always, sir. up next, wait until you see rick perry's newest attack on mitt romney. just one word for you. wow. and the debate some evangelicals want to debate. what some are calling the most important week of perry's campaign. first a look at the president's schedule. he gets his physical today. last time the president got his physical we learned about the nicorette. you're watching "daily rundown" only on msnbc. ♪
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that could change the world? yeah, that would be cool. nissan. innovation for today. innovation for tomorrow. innovation for all. ♪ now i'm a conservative businessman. >> the white house has pointed to the massachusetts law as the model for obama care. >> i agree with mitt romney. he's right. >> the path that we pursued will find us the best path. >> in my book i said no such thing. i stand by what i wrote. >> the note about doing the same thing for everyone in the country has been deleted. >> why if it's good for massachusetts wouldn't you apply
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it to the rest of the country? >> i would. >> romney has flip-flopped on so many issues. >> i didn't change my mind. >> we'll end up with a nation that's taken a mandate approach. >> there's a lot of reasons not to elect me. >> that is a tough new attack ad. and no doubt perry wants to focus heading into tomorrow's next presidential debate. will it be enough to win over conservatives. but the record on immigration. ray sullivan, director for the perry campaign. lots to get to, ray. let me start with the kerfuffle over the weekend about mitt romney's faith. i know what governor perry said. but with pastor jeffress, are you going to accept his endorsement of the governor? does the governor want the endorsement of folks who call mormonism a cult? >> i'm not sure we can do anything about that. we get support from all kinds of folks. i think what you need to pay attention to is what the
6:19 am
governor has to say. he made his position clear. this in our view is a distraction from the issues at hand. the economy, job creation, and is not a constructive debate to be having right now. >> is it fair to say we won't see pastor jeffress as a surrogate for the perry campaign? that we won't see him introducing governor perry at future events? >> well, that introduction was determined by voters. we didn't know he was going to make those remarks which happened, by the way, after it. unrelated. again, we want to get back to job creation, economy, and the governor's conservative record and not be distracted by those issues. which really aren't good for anybody. >> i want to go to the economy here. this is what mitt romney had to say about governor perry and his economic record. >> there's one candidate, governor perry, who still has a
6:20 am
plan. no regulatory proposals, no plan to get america working again. he's been in the race for several weeks. so he's following his own calendar. >> that calendar, i said, takes perry to pittsburgh on friday of this week where we're told it's a major policy speech on the economy and energy. is this where we're going to see the full fledged perry economic plan get unveiled? >> this will not be the full fledged full blown plan, but it will be a major pillar of job creation in this country. keep in mind that no one in america has a better jobs record than rick perry. 40% of all the new jobs created since '09 have been in texas. we've kept that tax regulatory climate sound and pro job. governor romney during his t tenu tenure, 47th. with his record on romney care and on environmental issues, he
6:21 am
shares a lot of the same advisors, a lot of the same policies as the current president of the united states which our ad highlights. and we plan talking about quite a bit. >> you know, ray, since the governor has gotten into this race. right before he got in, the talk was going to be he's got this economic record in texas that he's going to want to be talking about. since he's gotten in, the question has been about immigration. or the conversation has been about whether governor perry is ready for debates or about faith or about health care. and friday we're still not going to see an economic plan from the governor? >> chuck, we are going to see a major pillar of a jobs plan. a significant policy rollout. and we're going to be talking about how to create jobs, how to create energy independence, how to reduce our dependence on hostile countries supplying energy and oil to our country. this administration has really
6:22 am
undermined domestic energy production through their epa and heavy handed regulations. the plan on friday will be how to change that dynamic, how to create jobs, and create technology, energy, and a momentum for our economy going forward. >> i want to talk a bit about immigration. everywhere the governor went this weekend in iowa, it came up. it came up and the governor had the same answer he's given before. how concerned are you simply as a strategist trying to help governor perry get the nomination that conservatives are going to have a hard time accepting his immigration position. >> chuck, we've got 90 days until the first votes are cast. the governor's been in the race about seven weeks, as you pointed out earlier. this is something the voters care deeply about. we plan on listening to their concerns, responding to their concerns and making sure they know that of anyone in this race
6:23 am
virtually anyone in the country, rick perry has been the most vocal and active in securing that border and putting law enforcement troops on the ground to fight crime there. sending the texas rangers to the border. of passing laws in our state to make sure that illegal immigrants don't get driver's licenses. we have a new voter id bill law on the books. perry's been out front. we've seen it first hand in our state. the problem with that -- put those troops on the ground. that strategic fencing in place. those predator drones and the likes to prevail and fight crime at the border. we're going to explain that as long as the voters of iowa, south carolina, the rest of the country want to hear it. >> and "new york times" reports the governor has been doing more time doing debate prep. fair report? >> i don't know about that,
6:24 am
chuck. look. he prepares for everything that he does. he's going to be in good shape tomorrow night and the weeks going forward. we view this as a long haul push. he's got the record to go though distance and we plan on doing just that. >> all right. ray sullivan communications director for the perry campaign. thanks for joining me this morning. >> thanks, chuck. no columbus holiday for the markets. we'll get a look next. and cue the baby kissing and hand shaking. we're heading to new hampshire. all the republican candidates are in town. because there's a big debate. the chief will be here to break it down with me. plus perry's past. we're dusting off the game tape from rick perry's first major televised debate. but first today' trivia
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chuck, is that you? >> nbc's chuck todd was ready to hop aboard the karaoke mobile. or so he thought. ♪ summer loving had me a blast >> remember this part? >> no. >> trust me, that's as much as i was able to allow on this air. a little reunion for you there. that aired on the "today" show this morning. giving a new meaning to traffic jam. now you know why. i was a french horn player. i'm not kidding.
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i remember in the second grade the choir teaching saying go over here and play an instrument. the opening bell is on wall street. it's time for the market rundown. all right, sir, what do you got? >> i don't even sing in the shower, chuck. that's some good form there. the things we do for the jobs that we love. >> yes, we do. that's right. >> let's get to the markets. we have a strong open the to the upside here. the bottoms closed for columbus day holiday. in europe we have france and germany saying sovereign debt and the banks will have a deal by the end of the month. the franco belgian bank will be the deal. the nugget i have for everyone watching. seems like everyone in this country has netflix. that idea to split it up and call their online -- dvd business quickster and have two log ins for their site.
6:30 am
they had so much flak they decided to scrap it. and the bottom line, a couple that had been a darling of wall street has been taking huge hits. this is a huge mea culpa. >> that is fascinating. you never know. it just proves if you speak out, maybe you can get a company to respond. >> yes. take a lesson from that. "the daily rundown" will be back in 30 seconds.
6:31 am
few other stories making headlines this monday morning. chairman of the house and overnight committee says subpoenas could come early as this week in the investigation of top justice officials involved or whether they were involved in the fast and furious scandal. isis suggested they knew about the gun trafficking operation much earlier than we hold congress. in libya, fighters continue to clash with the remaining loyalists in the town of sirte. reportedly taken control of a convention center that had served aserve ed as a base for the gadhafi fighters. new into law called the california dream act. it allows illegal immigrants to apply for scholarships app california's public colleges and
6:32 am
universitys. similar now to texas. and that brings us to rick perry. he's not gotten off to the strongest start in some of these presidential debates. it's kind of odd, actually, because one time during his rise to the ranks of texas politics, he was considered a pretty good debater. we took a closer look at some of perry's past performances. i remember when this happened with george w. bush. >> absolutely. we dug up a 13-year-old debate tape of rick perry. we found that that strong debate performance was something that a lot of people saw as a turning point in the race. >> reporter: rick perry's debate performances have not inspired confidence with moment ts like this. >> it was before -- he was before the social programs from the standpoint of he was far standing up for roe versus wade
6:33 am
before he was against roe versus wade. >> reporter: his problems may be explained by a lack of debate experience. tuesday it will be his fourth presidential debate. the same number he participated in over ten years as governor. >> this is black and white different. as a governor and even when he ran for lieutenant governor, he was not a bad debater. >> reporter: perry debated one of his toughest opponents in the 1998 contest against state comptroller john sharpe. he came out strong. >> let me tell you. people of the state of texas are smart enough to figure out who the real conservative is in this race. >> reporter: he held his own in this exchange over a loan program perry oversaw as commissioner. >> the bottom line is that program has created over 4,300 jobs in the state of texas. it's created almost $500,000
6:34 am
worth of economic opportunity in the state of texas. that program has not lost taxpayers of the state of texas one dime. >> the texas finance authority is mirrored $6 million in debt. the mismanagement of that program is one of the reasons that the texas farm bureau who knows the commissioner better than anyone in the state of texas endorsed the control of public accounts for lieutenant governor. >> bottom line is you sat on the bond review board that decides whether or not those bonds need to be approved or not. best i recollect, you approved them. >> reporter: and he touted his endorsement from the state's popular governor george w. bush. >> governor bush made it clear who he wants to be with him. >> reporter: perry far exceeded expectations in the debate and went on to win that race. >> the big difference between the presidential debates and the gubernatorial debates is when he was governor, he was on the offensive all the time.
6:35 am
now he feels himself to be on the defense and he doesn't do very well. >> rick perry has a lot riding on this next debate. his campaign knows it. they're taking it seriously. we'll see which perry shows up. >> it was fascinating to see. i agree with wayne there. you can tell the comfort level perry had in that debate. he was on offense. he felt as he knew sharpe had to play defense. he was a democrat running in a republican state. this is a different ball game. >> he was running against a guy he was friends with. he ran sharpe's campaign at texas a & m. he was willing to take the fight to someone he knew well. >> it was a race people thought he was going to win. rick perry will get another chance to improve his performance tomorrow night. at the washington post bloomberg debate. he's not the only with a lot on the line. cain will be taking the stage.
6:36 am
we are joined now from dartmouth college, the site of that debate in new hampshire. so dan, we're hearing that rick perry's been doing debate prep. although ray sullivan wouldn't fully confirm that report. but they've been down a lot over the last week. something's been going on, that's for sure. >> you and i would both be shocked if rick perry were not doing serious debate prep. the people around him have been pretty open about the fact that he has not performed well in these first few debates. that he has to do better. that he needs to do more preparation. and that they're determined he's going to get that. so i think that if he's not ready tomorrow night when he steps on the stage, it won't be for lack of effort on the part of the people around him to get him ready. >> every one of these debates this fall, it's always been is this going to be the debate where romney finds himself on
6:37 am
the defensive? hasn't happened yet but there is evidence it could happen tomorrow night. we've got the new, obviously new attack ad that perry's got out this morning online. but even michele bachmann over the weekend, she made reference to the youtube videos of mitt romney saying you'll never find me on both sides of the issue. >> clearly the new video from perry's campaign wants to tee up the health care issue as one he wants to talk about in tomorrow night's economic debate. but i think the reality is there are multiple dynamics. as you suggested this is an important debate for perry but also herman cain who is in the top tier at this point and is likely to get tougher questions as we go around the table on this tomorrow night in ways he hasn't before. it'll be interesting to see what the dynamic is between cain and
6:38 am
some of his rivals. particularly those he eclipsed over the past few weeks. >> is new hampshire in play? at what point does romney's lead become insurmountable? >> new hampshire is always in play. we have never seen a campaign yet in at which some point new hampshire did not become competitive. every time we've come into these elections, someone often has a lead and a substantial lead particularly at this time of the year. by the time you get to the voting. by the time you get to iowa in the final days, many things can happen. we've seen things people come from behind and win and come close. i think no lead is ever safe in new hampshire. >> i know one of the things you love to do is you take the panl from the -- you talk to more people on the ground in new hampshire than the average reporter does. in these other states when you do that and when we've gone
6:39 am
about and done that in iowa and south carolina, you hear a yearning for a romney quote, alternative. do you hear that on the ground in new hampshire? >> well, you hear it less here at this point. but i think that the race is not yet fully formed. you know, we are way ahead of the average voter. you mention david broder. one of the things dave taught me is no matter what they're talking about in october or november, real people don't really keen in on what they're going to do until after new year. i think until that point, we won't know exactly what the race looks like. romney is in good shape in new hampshire at this point. but there is a lot yet to happen in this debate. there are tv ads that haven't begun to hit air waives yet. we have a lot of activity that's going to play out before most voters decide what they really intend to do. >> we'll be tuning in tomorrow. dan balz, good to have you in
6:40 am
new hampshire for us on a monday morning rather than here next to me. >> thanks, chuck. up next we're kicking off the week with our monday political panel. but first the mess is closed at the white house today. because, you know, it's technically a holiday. columbus day, native american day. everybody's got a different name for what this day is about. but no soup for you. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. ♪♪ [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second. the new audi a6 is here.
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the road is now an intelligent place. ♪
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6:44 am
do not give voice to bigotry. and i would say to pastor jeffress, you did rick perry no good, sir, in what you had to say. >> political editor for the associated press and the white house correspondent for national public radio. let me start with you. this is -- it's a whisper of an issue that's talked about a lot when it comes to mitt romney. this is the first time it's come up front. i guess what surprised me is two weeks ago pat robinson had called mitt romney an outstanding christian. i thought that's a signal being sent. >> at some point they thought this was coming up. but it was how and when romney was respond to it? when he spoke afterwards, he didn't say a word about it. you remember in the last campaign romney gave a big speech about his mormonism. there's no plan to do it this time. >> the fact he's de-emphasizing
6:45 am
iowa and south carolina show he's not doing a big speech on his faith? >> i think perhaps the larger issue is he's intent on hammering home about the economy and job creation. so sure. look, the mormon issue is an issue. it is driving his strategy in part. but i think the larger point is he really does want to be known as a candidate who talks about the economy and jobs and not do what he did last time which is get mired into these other issues. >> trying to be a candidate of the social conservative. you write about the elephant in the room with romney is the fact that every month there's a new conservative darling that pops in the polls. michele bachmann, rick perry, herman cain. it shows the message we're not there with mitt. >> yes. rick perry was the latest flavor of the month.
6:46 am
right now herman cain is the new flavor amongst the conservatives that don't like romney. someone has to organize the vote es around someone else. romney's not really trying to win in iowa. if you get to where they divide up the vote, romney could do well in iowa as well. >> liz, one of your folks put together a piece noting that maybe perhaps the field is starting to target mitt romney. romney faced relentless criticism four years ago for changing his positions on abortion and gay rights and gun control. this year the massachusetts governor has largely escaped such attacks. that might be changing. >> certainly starting to change. up until this point what you've seen is the candidates, the republican rivals tepidly, tentatively trying to do this line of attack. but nobody has really had any success. and nobody has really gone full blazing at him on this issue.
6:47 am
this is what he was tagged with before. his equivocations on a range of issues. you talk to his team and what they say is they think that's kind of baked into the -- the voters know that about mitt romney. they don't care because the bigger issues are economy and jobs. >> or has it not been tapped into. here's what rick perry said on saturday in iowa. clear reference to mitt romney. >> voters are pretty smart. you look to see if the rhetoric matches the record. i think my conservative values are similar to the ones i see reflected here in the midwest. where you measure an individual by how they walk. not just how they talk. >> and then we saw the new ad this morning that the perry folks are putting out. and probably will put some money behind it and put it on real air waives. >> i spoke to a guy at a bar
6:48 am
that said romney passed -- >> a random guy at a south carolina bar? >> and further he said a massachusetts republican is not a real republican. this was before the perry ad came out. >> you sure you weren't talking to mark? i think it's one of those things, it's not tapped into yet is the argument the perry folks will make. >> that's my story today. >> stick around. we're going to talk a little more herman cain and jon huntsman after the break. but first trivia. who was the last president to sport facial hair while in office? the answer for you out there is william taft. that means still on the actual presidential office, if herman cain, he will be the firsted mustached president in a hundred years. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. haircolor is a chore no more! you gotta come see what's new. c'mon! tadaaa! welcome to haircolor heaven. aa-ah-ahhh!
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let's bring back the panel.
6:52 am
herman cain. liz, have you changed the way the associated press is covering herman cain? have you increased the amount of events even at the book signings that you make sure you have an associated press reporter? >> when herman cain makes news we put it on the wire. when he doesn't, we don't put it on the wire. >> is it different than a second or third-tier candidate. >> no, we still consider him a second-tier candidate. >> when do you say first tier? >> i think this is very difficult and when is the candidate in the first. you have to look at many different things including a candidate's travel schedule and where they're spending their time. not just the polls and we have to look at money that the candidate has and the organization that the candidate puts in place among many other different factors and so, when
6:53 am
we had reporters at herman cain's book signings last week we wrote a huge piece on herman cain last week and we'll be covering him during the debates last week and at events surrounding him. >> here's what herman cain said about what he thinks his new status will bring him. >> i'm ready for the gotcha questions and they're already starting to come, and when they ask me who is the president of becky, becky, becky, stan, stan, i don't know, and do you know? . we were all wrestling with, okay, herman cain, you're polling like a first-tier candidate, but your candidate schedule when it's book signings is that of a gadfly. >> "the new york times" written this, we have people quoting our stories saying we don't think herman cain is not trying to win. he's not campaigning and he had
6:54 am
a big week in florida and then he spent his weekend in virginia. he was in texas and these are not places where you win the republican primary. the campaign staff keeps resigning. he's not making steps that he's trying to win and that's a legitimate point to make. >> this is not about throwing the associated press, but you and i have to make these decisions sometimes and i want to make sure i know what the mpr is doing and it matters to us. >> to win the presidency you to resonate with an audience. >> that's right. >> but you also have to do a lot of fund raising and a major staff and you have to have a significant presence. >> he has two of three. >> jon huntsman says the following, we will establish a foreign policy doctrine that reflects our modern world simply advocating, more ships, more
6:55 am
troops and more weapons is not a viable path forward. why would you serve in his administration in the most important diplomatic post arguably in the world? >> he'll have to answer for this. he hasn't answered for it yet because as he's fallen in the polls and he's trying to make up ground, nobody is putting his feet to the fire. >> shameless plug time, you're first. >> "the washington poefrt" is launching a new political blog. >> another new political blog? >> what's this one called? >> this one is run by leah henderson, focus on the campaign 2012. >> mpr is in the middle of a major seariys about the formative job, can i just say i love this. >> thank you. last week i did romney and cain. perry is a parmer in texas and we have all of the other candidates coming up. >> i know, it's fascinating and we have to rip that off here at nbc. >> very quick, ken thomas wrote
6:56 am
a piece last week about how obama is running against congress and i loved his lead, it was give them hell, barry. >> happy columbus, native american day, whatever it is you're celebrating today. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow on the show, new hampshire senator joins us and we'll have exclusive new poll numbers and the nbc mayor's poll debuts tomorrow morning. chris jansing and company and at 1:00, don't miss "andrea mitchell reports." bye-bye. here's a looks at your business travel forecast on this monday, this columbus day. we have an area of low pressure coming up in the southeast and that means cloudy, rainy weather in georgia or north florida and into the carolinas tonight into tomorrow. forecastwise, gorgeous, summer
6:57 am
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good monday morning. i'm chris jansing and there's new research on the economy that's raising the stakes as the senate gets read for the jobs bill this week. our paycheck has taken the biggest hit in decade. even though the recession, our paychecks don't show it.