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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 15, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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a day of protests. demonstrations were staged around the world. >> fact or fiction? herman cain's tax plan. does 9-9-9 make sense? and a community comes together in the search for a missing girl. good morning. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." in just minutes, reverend al sharpton's rally will kick off in washington. the rally is on the national mall calling attention to the jobs crisis and pushing for president obama's jobs plan. joining us live on the phone, good morning, reverend sharpton. how is it going this morning? >> it's going well. e buses and trains on the way in and we expect to have a large
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crowd. we want to put front and center that in the middle of this beltway discussion, people's job, we must have a sense of urgency that people right now can't pay their mortgages, can't pay their rent. we have 14 million people unemployed. so as we prepare this weekend to remember dr. king, we cannot put him as a memory without putting what he stood for alive and front and center in our times and that is jobs and justice. we call for $25 billion and we are going to continue this. >> and this job is to start marching again.
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to whom do you hope that this makes sense and the most impact? who are you talking to today? >> the congress. we are putting pressure on the congress. we will strategically say to them that they must run on jobs by voting now for a jobs bill. we can't have this aimless movement. we think that the old climate that has been set by the occupation wall street is the great climate. i went down there. but they also mustused attention of how we lead to change. congress needs to do immediate relief while we fight for the overall change of our economic order we need also some immediate relief for people in pain. people in pain can't wait on a restructuring of society they need infrastructure jobs, and that bill was sent by the
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senate. we need to stay in the streetses or put the heat on them until they do. >> do you think that there is an air of desperation? >> there is a an air of desperation and there are states to collective bargaining. it's the both but the king dealt with a generation ago they are here for the statue and operate off of it's the same spread of mixture of being desperate. >> reverend al sharpton, i'm going to do a little extra work and stay on an extra hour today
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so we can follow everything that happens in washington. >> thank you, alex. >> we'll bring you the speech in washington live in our next hour. this extended coverage we'll offer for you. also, watch him on politics nation weeknight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. right now, mass protests are on the way. marchers on banks expected to kick off moments from now it's a spinoff of the occupy wall street protests that you see. this is outside of the london stock exchange. we have team coverage following these events. mara is live and kera, how rowdy are the crowds in london right now? >> reporter: well, you know, it's largely peaceful.
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there have been some squirmishes with the police, particularly earlier on when they tried to push their way in. they determined not to let them into that area. that said, this is very peaceful. in italy there are scenes of some violence, clashes with police. police firing tear gas and water canon, smashed windows and protesters around 100,000, we understand, outside the coliseum, and those clashes continuing through the day. >> okay. what about these protests in rome? there was smoke there earlier and this is a car on fire. this is at the coliseum, right, keir? >> reporter: right. there are large numbers of protesters there in rome. around 100 thour,000.
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a much smaller demonstration here. although many people have come with tents and sleeping bags. they are calling it an occupation. it may be that they are going to be here a long time. they may be here into december. although they haven't managed to get into the square and in front of the stock he can change, they are right by where city traders will come for work on monday morning if they stay here. puck hear behind me their whistles and chants. police have this area cordoned off. >> i know you're going to want to investigate what is going on. from keir to mara, another good morning to you. activity planned in knnew york, march from where you are into times square. >> reporter: they are pretty
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much on schedule. you can see that the lines are starting to form. by my estimate, maybe 100,000 people here at the park and they are starting to march. the plan for the day is events will be taking place. the group will be marching to washington square park where they will meet up with a group of students and this is going to culminate this afternoon in times square and continue to advocate for the things that they have been talking about since day one, which is economic equality and rallying against corporate greed. one thing to know, we reached out to the police here in new york and they say that they don't have any permits on file for the marches or rallies. however, what the group has been doing pretty consistently is marching on the sidewalks because they are allowed to do that without permits and we can assume that they will continue to do that because they don't have permits. in terms of any unrest, what
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we've seen over the last few weeks is that this is a very peaceful group. even when the crowds are large, the last big rally that they had drew several thousand people. in the large scheme of thing, they have been very orderly and peaceful and we have no reason not to expect the same today. i was something that they repeat over and over again. they are obeying the law and trying to not get arrested. alex? >> while we've been talking with you -- and they are off. we know that you will be following every move. thank you very much, from lower manhattan. president obama taking to the airwaves in his radio address speaking about job creation from a general motors plant in detroit. he says he needs to see action on jobs. >> it was so disappointing to see senate republicans obstruct the american jobs act. even though majority of senators voted yes to advance this jobs bill. the majority of the american people support the proposals in this jobs bill.
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and they want action from their elective leaders to create jobs and restore some security for the middle class right now. >> you can see the martin luther king dedication right here live on our show at 11:00 a.m. on msnbc. rick perry announcing his jobs plan on friday but he's hearing cries of copying from other candidates. he wants to cut back on environmental regulations and push for increased oil and gas exploration. >> we must america working again and a big part of the solution is right under our feet and right off our coast. the president has all the authority he needs to row back those intrusive regulations, to create energy jobs, and to make our nation more secure. >> his speech did not sit so well with michele bachmann. she didn't have a problem with the proposals themselves but they are full of the ideas that she's been talking about since
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june. >> i talked about my real jobs right now, economic recovery plan. it's a tax plan. it's a regulatory plan. it's an energy plan. and i also want to thank governor perry for endorsing my energy plan that he's coming out today as well. >> newt gingrich's camp thought it sounded all too familiar telling politico, imitation is the finest form of flat ree. i mean, that's essentially what mitt romney was saying in january in iowa herman cain says african-americans have been brainwashed into trying to vote for democrats. >> the good news is, a lot of black americans are thinking for themselves. but there are some that are brainwashed because they won't even listen to an alternative idea from me or anybody else. so that was the statement i made. i never said all black americans are brainwashed. i said some of them are. and they are. >> we'll have more on the gop horse race in just a few
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minutes. new developments in the tragic case of the missing baby lisa irwin. a hefty reward has been offered from a benefactor. joining by jong yang, good morning. >> good morning. it's been almost two weeks since baby lisa disappeared, last seen while sleeping in the crib in her bedroom. as you say, a new big reward to try to find her. >> we're here to support the family. >> friday night a candle vigil outside of the house where lisa irwin vanished from her crib two weeks ago. hours earlier, an attempt to shed light on her safe return. >> they bring that kid right here, they get $100,000. >> new york-based investigator bill stanton said that the money is from an anonymous wealthy benefactor close to lisa's family who says he is also paying him.
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>> this person does not want any attention. the idea is not to focus on that. the idea is to folk focus on lisa, to bring her home. >> that's the goal of releasing home videos of baby lisa. cooing at her mother and making baby talk, all pictures taken between january and march of this year. it's day 12 in the search for baby lisa. on friday, investigators reinterviewed neighbors and searched the area using both high-tech and low-tech methods. earlier they searched with alter rain vehicles and police dogs and even created how someone might have broken into the house but still no suspects and no strong leads. >> you've got kansas city police, fbi, you've got really a massive response to the disappearance of this little girl. >> lease saz parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley, are keeping a low profile. it's been a week since they last spoke publicly with nbc's matt
8:13 am
lauer. >> we just ask everybody to look for her and pray for her safe return. >> other family members are doing what they can to keep baby lisa in people's minds, hoping that someone will provide the detail that will crack the case. >> anything. the smallest thing can bring her home to us. and we're just waiting on that one phone call. >> a hope still strong nearly two weeks after baby lisa's disappearance. >> that private investigator, bill stanton, is denying speculation that this wealthy benefactor paying the reward and also paying for his services is a news organization. but he does suggest that it may be a household name. he says if the name were public, people would say that that person is just doing it for the publicity. alex? >> yeah. okay. well, thank you for bringing us that story, john yang. in this morning's fact or fiction, herman cain's 9-9-9 tax
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it's time for our poll of the week. 48% of voters say creating jobs and economic growth is the most important issue for washington lawmakers right now. meanwhile, president obama is striking the jobs theme across the country, including virginia, colorado, pennsylvania, florida, and michigan. and then on monday, north carolina. those are all states that the president won in 2008. this time around, they are not so certain. susan page is the washington bureau for usa today. good morning, susan. >> good morning, alex. >> so i wanted it to start with
8:18 am
merck began. the unemployment rate there is 11.2% and mitt romney's birth place and where he announced his 2008 campaign. how tough will it be for the president to be successful there? >> you know, it's a safe democratic state, it's gone democratic the last 5 elections. the nation's unemployment rate is pretty hard hit in industrial states like ohio. but the other problem in attracting support is from middle class white voters. his approval rating is down in the 30s. he needs to do more in the states that democrats traditionally rely on. >> he won the state by 6% in virginia. >> people in northern virginia, swing voters and voters in the
8:19 am
washington area, pretty independent minded. uncomfortable, perhaps, with the more conservative direction of the party. virginia was the party exactly in the electorate last night, closest to president obama's approval record of support of all of the states. and although not a state we think of as republican, one that i think is important with his mix of voters to carry again in 2012. >> okay. i want to move to the keystone state of pennsylvania. they both have a republican governor last year and it looks very close now. the industrial states have taken hard hifts and the white blue
8:20 am
collar voters have been pretty resistant to the president. that's who the republicans think that they can target. >> and in colorado, that is where then candidate obama delivered the dnc speech. one-third of the registered voters there are independents. unless there is significant movement on the economy, colorado, do you think that could be a tough win for the president? >> i think the obama folks are pretty optimistic about colorado because of the growth in the hispanic population. the fastest growing ethnic group. the spanish voters were very important for a win in the senate race last year. michael bennett won election to the senate that was very toughly contested. and hispanic voters in places like colorado, nevada, new mexico, they think that they can be an important part of carrying those mountain west states. >> as we look at the president's jobs tour, how strategic is this that it's all about 2012?
8:21 am
>> he's going to a state that has not been hit by a tornado or tsunami. the white house schedule is very much focused on the states that they know he needs to carry next zeer susan page, as always, a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, alex. office politics, ed schultz talking billion the occupy wall street protest. up next, the secrets at the stores. sneaky stricts to get you to spend more. you're watching "weekends with alex witt." [ male announcer ] the real power in these tools isn't just the motor. it's the potential to turn plans into projects and rooms into remodels. it's the freedom to turn a single lithium battery into hours of doing. with guaranteed low prices on the names we know and friends in orange with all we need to know, let's unleash the raw power of possibility.
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you spent three times what you usually spend when you go to stores. how does that usually happen? vera gibbons is here.
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>> i do that all the time. it's really annoying. >> you and everybody else. >> usually people head out to the store and say, i've got my list. this is how much i have to spend. >> most people go out without a list because they see interesting things on the shelves, browsing a little bit. it happens in particular where you have everything from wedding dresses to sunglasses and everything in between. >> oh, boy. what's it about the size of the shopping cart? you have to beware of the big ones? >> the big ones are everywhere. retailers know that the bigger the cart, the more you spend. you spend up to 37% more because you fill it up with stuff, it still looks empty, fill it up with more stuff. by the time you leave the store, it's over the top of the cart.
8:26 am
>> it really appeals to our emotion and involves a commitment. stores are using peppermint, baby powder is a popular scent. it puts us in the frame of mind where we're relaxed. >> linger, maybe? >> linger. >> i have to admit, when i hear good music in a store, i won't leave until that song is over. >> it drives your kids crazy but -- >> yes. when you're shopping in the women's department, avenue it keeps us in the stores longer and that's where the impulse buys happen. efrlg has to work. the decibel level, sound quality, if it doesn't, the
8:27 am
music is really bad, we'll walk out. >> and i see in-store videos. >> right. retailers know that people want to learn things. so learning how to make the perfect omelet, we're learning something. >> now, some stores that we go into, especially food stores, they are offering samples of food. people spend 40% more on food. you have to have a list and stick to it. >> and we're talking about the poundage, too. if you're eating through your shopping, not a good idea. >> no. bad. bad. >> we've been asking you all morning, do cartoon characters dictate which cereal you buy for your kids? i look at newt nutrition
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factors. and jen says from the weather channel, it doesn't matter but color does. and then, high fructose syrup because they like a cartoon. captain crunch was and is my favorite and has nothing to do with the cartoon character. it's all about taste. i'll be reading more of your tweets later on. @alexwitt. some night spots in new york city are impose agratu tea of 20%. they are kind of going there. [ female announcer ] when kate collects her pink yoplait lids she's supporting breast cancer programs for her neighbour's tennis instructor's daughter's 1st grade teacher who's also her mom.
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reverend al sharpton's rally is occurring and we're going to hear from him shortly. good morning, todd. i see you've moved locations and the crowds are swelling. how is it going so far? >> reporter: thank you, al electric. it's a little quieter where we moved to. there's well over 1,000 people here. as i was saying earlier when we tried to connect in the 10:00 hour, this is about jobs and justice. and you have a perfect marriage almost of contemporary struggle and hardship of the working class today and historic triumphs of one dr. king. al sharpton has been clear in the days and weeks leading up to this event, that is his vision and goal for this march.
8:33 am
or an advocate for leaders of an organization sump as the naacp, members of labor unions, these are things that they want to get across today and real quickly, the timing of it all, people are upset and disappointed that it was pushed back because of hurricane irene and i was interesting to note that these movements and themes are all tied together. >> absolutely. the timing may work even better. todd, having spoken with the reverend sharpton in just this last hour, or half an hour, the
8:34 am
point is to get folks in congress to listen to this general outcry. do you get a sense of optimism, hope, determination, what is it that you're getting from those people. >> reporter: alex, i was talking to a virginia man who works in public education and he said it kills him to walk into classrooms and he's of the understanding that these people and school districts are being asked to do more with less and less. he said that they have no resources and kids are being asked to perform and perform but are not being funded. and he's hoping it will send a message to president obama and his administration that these
8:35 am
people are behind them but they want them to do more. >> i hear what you're saying about education. teachers dipping into his or her own pockets. todd, many thanks. we'll see you again. we'll also hear from the reverend al sharpton here on msnbc coming up in our next hour. republican presidential contender, herman cain, is getting a lot of attention with his 911 tax plan. it's a perfect topic for fact or fiction, drum roll, please. joining us is glenn kessler. good morning, glenn. >> good morning. >> sole thl 9-9-9 plan has a lot of people confused. we're bringing you on to clarify. herman cain's 9-9-9 plan is misleading. is that fact or fiction? >> that's fact. we looked at the plan and the way that he describes it.
8:36 am
and raises much tax revenue as the current system. fact or fiction? >> well, we have toll say at the moment fiction. nobody really knows. it depends on how you turn your dial on your computer and what assumptions you use. generally they say it won't raises much revenue buff it's such a dramatically different system we have no way of knowing. >> okay. herman cain's 999 plan means that higher income taxpayers would pay more tax, fact or fiction? >> that is fiction. he would drop the 30% income tax down to 9%. >> herman cain's 999 plan means
8:37 am
most americans would get a tax increase. >> that is fact. under cain's plan, they would all be hit with 9% tax on their income. they would -- and then on top of that, pay 9% sales tax. >> glenn, as i look at all of these, there is not a lot of redeeming details here or am i wrong? are there things thaw see in the 9-9-9 plan that would benefit a majority of americans? >> well, you know, i look at how people describe them plans. you can make an argument that it's unfair that people don't pay and broaden the base as cain sometimes talks about it and have more people pay into the tax system.
8:38 am
that's an intellectually arguably defense system. most people would really end up with a tax increase. >> okay. here from the washington post, glenn kessler. thank you so much. we'll see you next week. this morning, the senate down vote on his jobs bill is being called disappointing. and i spoke with ed schultz in this week's office politics extra. i asked about the senate's rejection of the jobs plan. >> the fact that the republicans all voted against it goes right in parallel with the record number of fill lee busters that they dlefred in the last session to the congress. nothing has changed. they are against everything. it's unfortunate, you know, that any president would have to go through this. and not to make a real long answer here, but i want to harshen back to the bush administration. what if ted kennedy had said no on, no child left behind.
8:39 am
we're not going to try it? what if the democrats had obstructed everything? the democrats viewed it as, that's not good for the country but the republicans are all about power and hopefully the democrats have realized it's all about power because you know, alex, i think those people out on wall street and protesting around the country, they realize it's all about power and they realize that they are getting run over. >> tell me what it is that americans should know about who these people are and what they are fighting for, because do you think that the general public has a full grasp of who these folks are? >> the purity of it is, it is 99%. it's a big ten. but you can go down there as i have and also in chicago, they all want workers rights. they all want to invest in education. they all want universal health care. they all think the wealthy should pay more. all of those things match up
8:40 am
with the polls that are out there. so i think this is america on the move. i don't think it's some fringe element whatsoever. i think when you have 99%, are there some an ark kifts there, yes. are there some folks that could probably better themselves if they applied themselves? yeah, probably. but i think 99%'s a big tent. >> is it a big enough tent that will compel politicians in washington to respond? >> well, you know, i think the democrats should embrace this. one thing about the tea party is that they were able to focus their people into doing something legislatively. now, the big question is, will this movement, which is movement politics, will they be able to translate it into supporting candidates in getting rid of the
8:41 am
people there. that's the $64 question, the unknown. but i think this is good. i think it's positive. i'm going to give it coverage as much as i can because it's out in many cities. >> sure. it's gone global. >> it's the conversation of the country right now. >> okay. what's with the fishing? >> well, it's -- >> and what is -- what's the lodge? what is this? let's hear about this. >> well, you know, i have a passion. i love the outdoors. i just love to fish. it's a big part of our life, our family. >> and what about this lodge? tell me about this. can anybody go to this lodge and go fishing on a lake? it's in canada, right? >> it is. it's a place where wendy and i used to fish quite a bit and
8:42 am
then the owner passed itted away and the lodge sat there for a few years and i thought, gosh, this is really bad. we're losing our fishing spot. and so we became international business people and purchased the lodge and we are in business, although we keep it pretty low key. we don't advertise. it's word of mouth. >> does that mean i can't talk about is it on the show? >> you can talk about it. you know n. this business, everything becomes public after a while. >> and, oh, yeah, it's out there. you can catch "the ed show" every weeknight here at 10:00 p.m. thank you for your time. the take on what is stalling the romney campaign in the polls. that's next. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if you took the top down on a crossover? if there were buttons for this?
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time now for the three topics. the occupiers, and what is romney's problem? i'm joined by politics reporter jackie kucinich and pat buchanan and joy-ann reed. good morning, you all. >> good morning. >> here we go with topic number one, health care. the white house is giving up on class. how big of a problem is this, jackie? >> in is a problem. it absolutely is. the problem is, it's more blood in the water with this bill. you have the supreme court challenge coming next summer. there are a lot of issues with this bill. and it's hard because every time something like this happens it just chips away more at the administration's argument that this is a good thing. >> okay. joy-ann, the president is
8:47 am
opening up more flood gates to criticism, yes? >> i think they are anticipating the fight over the overall bill and the particular mandates. what i think they are trying to do is to position the bill to be more pal table to constituencies. i think it hurts the bill and the president and i think the mandate could bring down the supreme court but the real testament is whether the president of the united states is out there talking about it and taking credit for it and clearly he is not -- i think it's become overall a political liability for the president of the united states, regardless of whether you like it or not. >> pat, i'm going to throw this at you. "the wall street journal" poll showing herman cain out 27%,
8:48 am
look at the jump from 5% in august. romney at 23% in august and still holding firm at 23. why is he stag nating? >> 999. i think herman cain has taken the lead because, here's what is happening. romney is holding where he is because the republican party is a conservative, populist, right to life tea party predominantly and those folks want what you might call one of us and they don't think mitt romney, who is a classy individual, businessman, they don't believe that he is. so they go from one, sarah palin to rick perry to ron paul occasionally, herman cain, michele bachmann. all of whom seem to be one of us but none of who are able to break through and become the republican nominee. mr. perry is going to have a tough time doing it and right now he's a front-runner for that title. >> so with regard to the president, joy-ann, is this good
8:49 am
for him? >> i think the president would love to face a rick perry. but i thif what pat said is fundamentally true. what is consistent is not mitt romney has three-quarters of the votes. it changes week to week. what is good for romney is if there are a lot of not mitt romneys. if there are a lot of candidates opposing him, he can hold steady with the electorate. but if there was one not mitt romney that was strong, mitt romney might have a problem. >> i'm going to leave that and gl to jackie with this. the occupy wall street street folks are more likeable than the tree parties. 27% favorable, 33% unfavorable for the tea party. and 54% favorable and 23% unfavorable for the occupy wall street. what do you think about that, jackie?
8:50 am
>> i think it's because they've had time to look at them and legislation that they've pitched and they have a political movement behind them. with occupy wall street, it's like populist there's still a lot of things we don't know about it. i think it's easier. it might be easier to like someone you don't know as much than someone who has been around. >> about the 99%? do you think that's what's catching on as well? people are saying that's all but 1%, so that's got to be me? >> the tea party has been around for two years, it's been in battles and it was attacked. it was originally enormously popular. this new group is only a month old, but if they start some of these demonstrations that go outside the law, their support will sink dramatically. that's why it's probably a wise thing for the president and
8:51 am
others, while they identify with some objectives of those movements, not to get themselves too closely tied to folks who might be in the air and space museum saturday afternoon. >> joanne, do you think there's a shelf life for the occupy wall street group, or is there something that is speaking rather to a larger issue, this is going global? >> i think it's going global. the difference between the tea party and the occupy movement is the tea party, when people thought it was about the bailout against the banks, they agreed with that. but when it turned out all they were against was the person of barack obama and also it was pro corporate. it was depending the insurance companies against having to provide health care. the occupy movement is against a very easy target. wall street bankers, the rich. it's very focused. i think the people they're against are people that nobody is really standing up in favor of. so i think that's why it's going global. it's saying these bankers, these hedge fund guys, they're the bad
8:52 am
gis. simple message and easy to latch on to. >> i'm going to ask you all to sit tight. we'll be back in a moment to rate the week. how has president obama done in campaigning for his jobs bill? [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
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8:55 am
it's time now for rating the week. i'm back with my panelists. so jackie, president obama is scrapping part of the health care law. does that get an f grade or what? >> well, if you think about the jobs bill. 63% of the people, they like it. it failed this week, but he still has popular opinion behind him on this bill. the health care -- the class act, not so great. so maybe we average out. c minus. >> that's not failing, so that's good.
8:56 am
pat, herman cain had a lot to say on race this week, but was any of it helpful? >> well, it depends on the constituency to which he's appealing. clearly in the african-american there's been a backlash to what he's saying. but a lot of conservatives and republicans say herman cain speaks his mind, he's clear and candid, he's charismatic in his way, he's fresh. so i think herman cain overall has had a phenomenal week. but he hasn't helped himself with any african-american community. >> i'm going to say joanne might disagree with you. >> i think that herman cain, if you want to count the free media he got, he gets an a. there's a lot of criticism of the 9-9-9 plan from the right. a lot of stuff he said was to rehabilitate him was -- i think
8:57 am
herman cain might have peaked. >> jon huntsman, he's about $890,000 in debt. despite the fact that he contributed more than $2.2 million of his own money. so long-term prospects for his campaign? >> i think he gets an f. huntsman is the media's candidate. he is the guy the media would love to see run for this nomination. he has no place within the republican party. >> jackie? >> i would have to agree. huntsman is losing steam. he's going to boycott nevada, not participate in the debate. it doesn't look good for jon huntsman. >> pat, what about you? not only with huntsman but the gop field all together, what kind of people did they have? >> huntsman has got to do that thing on nevada that he's doing for this reason, he's bet the whole ranch on nevada -- excuse me on new hampshire. and new hampshire, that primary
8:58 am
is vitally important. so that will sit well with him up in new hampshire. but i don't think he's going to win. i agree he's just about done for. i still think romney is clearly the favorite because herman cain, i like him very much but i wonder whether he's got the legs to last three more months with the organization, the money and all the rest of it to beat romney. but i agree with my friend over there that if herman cain could clear the right side of the spectrum, he could really give romney a run. >> pat, go like this and joanne, you go like this and see if you can do high fives. thank you, jackie, pat and joanne. we appreciate it. well, reverend al sharpton's network is leading a huge rally in the capital. this is a live look. he's expected to speak right around 12:30 eastern time. we'll bring that to you live. we have extended coverage here. [ male announcer ] the real power in these tools isn't just the motor. it's the potential
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