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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  December 8, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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ited! ask me how i wish i had done this sooner. ask me how it's the best investment i've ever made. tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. it's the perfect time to save up to $200 on a tempur-pedic foundation or ergo base. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. >> right now on "news nation." bringing in back up. >> i believe gingrich is a gingrichite. all he cares about is newt gingrich. >> joining forces in an effort to slow down newt gingrich's momentum. what's with rick perry? >> gays coserve openly in the military, but our kids can openly celebrate christmas. >> sorry this a christmas sink strategy and help pull him out
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of the bottom of the polls? >> mr. attorney general, the blame must go to your desk. >> it is unfortunate that some used inflammatory rhetoric about a strategy that occurred in an effort to store political points. >> heated words between eric holder and republican member of congress over the fast and furious operation. why some say lawmakers are trying to score political points with this one. the morning after pill is safe enough to be sold over the counter without a prescription to girls under 17 according to the fda. why did kathleen sebelius say no? it is our gut check. all those new bans on texting while driving, guess what's on the rise. >> we want to update you on the breaking news on the campus of
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virginia tech where two people were shot and killed. one of the victims is a police officer and sources tell us the shooting started as a result of a traffic stop. the suspect fired at the officer and the officer reportedly returned fire. campus police say there were witnesses to the shooting and the suspect is described as a white male wearing gray sweat pants seen on the campus with a backpack and moments ago someone stopped outside a performance arts building and the student newspaper is reporting that person is not under arrest. that same student newspaper is reporting that the building the performness arts building is being emptied. we know the school is on lockdown obviously. this is a tense moment for the students of virginia tech. it was just in 2000 when 33 people were killed after a student went on a shooting rampage, but at this time we are told this was a result of a traffic stop near the campus of
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the police officer who was killed in a gun fight here. we are now watching local coverage out of the area. let's take a listen. no activity in terms of wlb other than the police. we haven't been able to get an idea of what's going on. again, as you can see, they are right over here and there is a bunch of police cars lined up. we can show that real quick. a few police cars lined up next to us and again the truck is really the big thing. to answer your question, we haven't found out a lot in terms of where the suspect is or where he may be headed. >> thanks very much. we will check back in in a moment and go to scott in the newsroom who has been working the phones to gather more details on the situation. this is a local affiliate and 2
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people were kill and one individual has been identified as a police officer. we don't know the identity of the second person. we have been able to obtain information that is started after a traffic stop near the campus, we are waiting for more details on whether it involved sistudent or someone just driving near that campus. understandably people are very much nerved up as a result of gunfire near the campus after what we wngsed in 2007. we will bring you any necessary updates on the ground. developing news with two big political wars in d.c. the president goes after republicans and the senate for block the nomination of the new financial protection agency. >> no reason why he should not be nominate and should not be confirmed by the senate and should not be doing his job
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right away to carry out his mandate and mission. i want to send a message and we are not giving up on this. we will keep ongoing at it and not allow politics as usual capitol hill to stand in the way of consumers being protected by unscrupulous financial operators. >> the other battle involves attorney general eric holder back answering tough questions before a house committee. investigating the fast and the furious operation. the federal gun program allowed illegally performed guns to be taken from gun stores in arizona across the mexican border to drug cartel s in order to monitor the flow of weapons. republicans have been critical of holder's handling of the program and calling for him to resign. let's bring in kristen welker and the president taking a stand. he talked about this in missouri earlier this week. >> that's right, he did. he made the case that richard is
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qualified to head the consumer financial protection bureau like a policing bureau to police and mortgage agencies as well as credit card companies to make sure consumers are not being taken advantage of. president obama came out after they blocked the confirmation and reiterated the comments. it's not a big surprise that they blocked the confirmation. republicans said they agree he is qualified. he's the former attorney general of o highwayo, but made the point that the big complaint is with how the bureau is structured. they want to see a five-member committee run the bureau as opposed to one person and see more oversight. the obama administration said there is a lot of oversight over the consumer financial protection bureau. during a press conference today, president obama was asked to follow-up on this issue and asked if he would be looking into a possible recess appointment. he said he is looking at all of
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his options and not ruling out a recess point and some have come forward and said they want to see the president look into that and take that option very seriously. tamron? >> thank you. and now to eric holder's appearance and investigating the fast and furious operation. hundreds of weapons ended up lost or unaccounted for including two firearms that may have been used in the shooting death of border patrol agent. the general admits mistakes were made, but said the border agent's death is used by some republicans to play "politically motivated gotcha games." he denied anyone lied to congress regarding this operation. >> there have been statements so misleading that a letter had to be with drawn. i think heads should roll. >> nobody in the justice department has lied. >> why was the letter with drawn? >> because information in there
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was inaccurate. the justice department letter of february -- >> tell me what's the difference between lying and misleading congress. >> i am joined by the homeland security by l.a. quarterly. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> if you look at the blogs, for example, or people who write on the web pages that appeal to those on the right, this is a hot topic and part of the reason that the attorney general said a lot of these questions are politically motivated here. >> no question that republicans went after the attorney general very hard in this particular hearing. there was suggestions that the justice department has with held documents from congress and suggestions that officials have misled congress and the attorney general was told even if this wasn't directly your fault, you are responsible for the entire department. >> what are the mistakes that the attorney general admits were made here? >> he refers to the entire main
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tactic used in the operation as a flawed concept and reaction to gun running to mexico. with this project, the atf stood by and watched as guns were trafficked into mexico with the stated goal of going after larger targets within the cartel s. eric holder said that is absolutely not an acceptable tactic letting guns go free. he put out a statement telling his department that an estimated 2,000 guns were sent in and 600 have been accounted for. >> what are we waiting to happen next? >> the hearing is ongoing. republicans repeatedly throughout the hearing have stated that lying to congress is say crime. there is one discussion about potential impeachment. what has not come out is a
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strategy against officials. there have been strong suggestions that eric holder should fire those responsible and fire one of the senior deputies. there is no indication of what congress could do at this point. >> thank you very much. congressional quarterly. thanks, rob. now to decision 2012 where mitt romney is delivering on his promise to launch an aggressive assault against newt gingrich. he sent out two top republicans to go after gingrich's record and he debuted a new ad in iowa and new hampshire. a former governor struck hard against gingrich during that news conference with reporters over the phone. he told reporters that gingrich was so erratic, you would have to check the papers to see what he said that you have to clean up in your districts. ouch. this morning "the daily rundown" said conservatives are angry over gingrich and what he said
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over the budget plan. >> look what he did. the plan that republicans were counting on and in an effort to promote himself and sound more clever than his republican friends, newt gingrich threw him under the bus about the phrase of it was conservative social engineering. >> speaking to business leaders in south carolina today, a few hours ago, gingrich refused to hit back at romney. >> i will tell you i'm going to stay positive and talk about how we solve the country's problems and i have one opponent, barack obama. that's how our campaign will move forward. the others are allowed to do what they want. >> is he attacking you on a personal level? >> he's fine. >> the daily beast contributor and adviser to george w. bush, it's a pleasure having ow again. do you believe newt gingrich that he is not going to fight
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back? he said it's not personal. he's doing fine. >> he's heighting it, but it will come out and it will be fascinating to watch this weekend because the debate will be about one thing and one thing only. newt gingrich. he will get to experience what it's like this time being the front runner and what that means in the debate. he gets to be the pi nata and every person on the stage and every question from the panelist will be about newt gingrich. >> he seems to handle pressure reasonably well even though we know part of the criticism is he can go off cuff and make comments about poor children that seem insane. they are calling this debate the alpha dog debate. i think it's interesting that you have a situation where mitt romney, the strongest comments are not coming from romney's mouth. you have the senator and these people coming out and they are pounding newt gingrich. if we don't see this repeated, doesn't he fall into that trick
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bag that people believe he is not tough enough? >> i think that's true and that's a good observation. i suspect that mitt romney will be prepared. the one thing we have seen is he prepares and hasn't been shy about counter punching in the debates. i think he knows it's on the line now. he realizes that gingrich is a senate because he is bowled and strong and tough. that's a primary voter and what they want to see. they have been cautious. i suspect that the romney campaign and mitt romney himself will put caution away. >> they have not done so. we have the new ad and we will play a clip where everyone knows that mitt romney is talking about the multiple marriages under the belt, but he never says it and talks about himself and he has been a steady man. let's take a listen. >> i think people understand i'm a man of steadiness and constancy. i don't think you will find someone with more attributes than i do. i will be true to my family, my
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faith and our country. >> that's a nice and beautiful ad and it looks great with the family video and they make you feel good, but if conservatives want a fighter, that's not a fighter. that's a nice guy. >> that has been the problem all along. newt has taken off. he knows how to snarl and come off the chain and that's what the voters want. they want to come off the chain. that's what we will see if romney has it in him. if he does, he will see it this weekend. >> people have the same line of questions when we talk about the president whether he is a tough guy and really bring the fire. i think he has proven that he can. i want to play what he said regarding mitt rom no's comments that he is appeasing or not taking a strong enough stand to back israel. let me play what he said in response to the appeasement
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remarks with mitt romney. >> ask osama bin laden and the 22 out of 30 top leaders taken off the field whether i engage in appeasement. or whoever is left out there. ask them about that. >> that's taking a gun to the gun fight. mitt romney may have taken a knife to the battle. when you have them standing there and saying look at osama bin laden and what happened there. how do you counter that? >> i think it was probably a mistake for romney to step into what is one of the president's real assets and strengths on the foreign policy and how he has taken on some of these foreign dictators and problems. they have done it aggressively. i think the president was tough and strong in his response and what american voters want to see. they love the toughness. i don't think that romney wants to step into that more than he has already.
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>> he may have to this weekend and it may be the only way to beat him back. it's a great pleasure. rick perry who is in the single digits is pulling out all the stops to get a little bit of attention. he is defending and attacking the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. tick a look. >> i'm not ashamed to admit that i am a christian. you don't need to be in the pew every sunday to know there is something wrong when gays can serve openly in the military, but our kids can't openly celebrate christmas and pray in school. >> speak aboard the veterans, perry said he will keep talking about his faith as part of his campaign. >> i am not afraid to talk about my christian faith and the values this country was based upon. i don't understand why our children can't pray in school or why our children are not allowed to celebrate christmas in
11:17 am
school. >> msnbc contributor and talk show host, i have only 2 1/2 to three minutes with you. what do you make of this? >> the short answer is because we have the establishment clause in the constitution of the united states. it has nothing to do with how we regard homosexuals in the military. this is a whole kitchen sink filled with red meat that rick perry has thrown into the presidential race. we have repeatedly talked about how sometimes you have to listen for a dog whistle in different commercials. this hits you like a fog horn. it's every conceivable sound byte and reminds me of the internet messages against the president and the version that i hear from rick perry is barack obama hates santa claus or something along the lines. who is ashamed to admit they are a christian. where is that coming from and what is the intended audience? >> and that kids are not allowed to celebrate christmas and the comparisons are incredible.
11:18 am
it's interesting that the first time perry got in hot water was when he was introduced by the dallas pastor who said mitt romney's faith was a cult. there more topics he may want to clear the air with outside of this one. >> it's wrong in a host of levels. not the least of which is that there is no war on religion that is taking place in the country as we speak. >> at least some people who introduce him believe there is religions that don't fit into their box. >> it's a shame. the guy what was known of him on the national stage was favorable and think that the net effect of his last couple of months on the campaign trail will end in an ugly way based on things like this and the debate performances. >> you look nice in your suit by the way. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> within the last hour, jerry san dusky is released on bail after his arrest on child sex charges.
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>> it's a move that shocked and kathleen sebelius allowed the morning after pill to be sold to young girls under the age of 17. it's our gut check and how secretary clinton is responding after russian prime minister vladimir putin insights protesters in russia. join the conversation online at "news nation."
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>> we continue to follow the breaking news from virginia tech where two people have been shot and killed. there has been a statement released by house majority leader eric kantor of virginia and in these comments he said our hearts and prayers go out to
11:23 am
the communities and the victims who are responding to keep people safe. right now the school is on lockdown and we are waiting to get an update from authorities. an officer is involved in a traffic stop was shot and killed after exchanging fire with a suspect. the school is on lockdown because this individual is still on the loose at this point. there is a very vak description of this individual, but it has been described as a white male wearing sweat pants and a neon green rim and a hoodie. that's the information they have given to police at this time. the student newspaper is reporting that several campus buildings are being emptied. we certainly know that nerves must be frayed on the campus after 33 people lost their lives in 2007 when a student went on a rampage on the campus. at this point the university is still on lockdown and we know
11:24 am
that two people have been confirmed shot and killed. one of them an officer. we are awaiting details on the second individual who was killed in this incident. that's near the campus of virginia tech. we don't know if the second individual was a student or someone involved in the traffic stop at this point. we are trying to get the very latest information as so many people are inquiring and want details on what's happening there. a statement released by the republican house majority leader eric kantor of virginia on this shoot i shooting his heart goes out to the victims of the community and the responders. great prices. i just wish you could guarantee me
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♪ and just let me be [ male announcer ] this is your moment. ♪ your ticket home [ male announcer ] this is zales, the diamond store. take an extra 10 percent off storewide now through sunday. >> welcome back. we would like to update you on the breaking news coming into msnbc. the situation on the ground. at this point the university is still on lockdown. as authorities search for the suspect involved in a shooting there on campus, we know that two people were shot and killed, one of them according to the information we have been able to obtain is a police officer. according to the early information we got in, this started as a result of a traffic stop near the campus. the police officer and an individual in the vehicle
11:32 am
exchanged fire and the officer was killed. we do not know the identity of the second person shot and killed at the scene. as you see there, this is an active crime scene and a number of police officers in heavy force. heavy show of force. you can imagine as a result of what happened there in 2007, more than 30 people lost their lives after a student on the campus went on a shooting rampage. this university is better equipped at getting the word out via text message and e-mail when a situation, an emergency situation happens on campus. at this hour, we see the video, a lot of police activity. we have received some reports that some of the buildings were emptied on campus. working to get more clarity on exactly what that means as we have been told the campus is still on lockdown. this has been unfolding since around 12:30 eastern time. the individual is still unknown at this point and police have not been able to make an arrest.
11:33 am
you see car activity on both sides. mostly what we are witnessing here, police activity in and around the virginia tech campus. earlier republican congress men of virginia eric kantor released a statement saying hearts and prayers go out to the community to the victims and the first responders. we are hoping to get more information continuing on the campus there. russian premier vladimir putin is accusing hillary clinton of insighting insults and she has baselessly criticized sunday's vote when she called it dishonest and unfair. he warns russia needs to protect against interference in the internal affairs. stephanie goss joins us live from moscow and comes ahead of what they are threatening to be
11:34 am
a huge show of force this weekend. >> that's right, tamron. there is a protest scheduled for saturday. the government signed off on it and putin said he supports public expression of views and he supports even this protest on saturday. it's only approved for a group of 300 people. right now the number of people who said they will go to the protest is up to 30,000 on the face book page. the comments are interesting and his opponents say this is a familiar tactic and putin will try to stoke nationalist passion when is it seems there divisions to try to unify them. often that means blaming the united states. if you look at the timeline, the vote office sunday. there was a large protest here in moscow on monday amidst allegations of widespread fraud. hillary clinton did not make the comments until the following day. really it doesn't stand the test
11:35 am
when you look at the progression of events and the protesters that we have spoken to say they were out on the streets because of allegations of fraud and they don't support the government. >> jerry san dusky is out of jail after posting $250,000 bail. he was arrested at his home yesterday on changes of abusing two more young boys in addition to the eight boys in the original indictment. according to the grand jury report, one of the new accusers said sandusky abused him in a basement bedroom in 4s family home and he screamed for help knowing that sandusky's wife was upstairs, but no one came to help. san dusky is expected to face accusers in a hearing set for next tuesday. women's health advocates are outraged over the obama administration's refusal to allow young girls access to the
11:36 am
morning after pill. they overruled a decision yesterday. the secretary kathleen sebelius blocked the decision to make it available to girls under 17. right now it's available woult a prescription to those over 17. she said she did not think girls as young as 11 were capable of understanding how to use the drug without talking to a doctor. this morning president obama said he fully supports her decision. >> when it comes to 12-year-olds or 13-year-olds, the question is can we have confidence that they would potentially use plan b properly. >> joining me now, erin, thank you for your time. some who say in your headline that included this information is this is a fear of teen sex versus public health. >> the internal studies show
11:37 am
that there is no safety concern and public health concern to denying plan b to children under 17. the reason to do this is playing politics with women's bodies. >> what is the fear? >> it's going to say obama said it's okay for a 12-year-old to have sex. people use plan b after they had sex and this doesn't just affect women under 17. it would be on the shelves and women wouldn't have to ask for pharmacists and have to be judged and come up to the consciouses. >> let me play what jean monhan of the family research council and conservative groups had to say about this. let's play it. >> this administration has promised a commitment to science and transparency. they acted in that way. >> to your point, that response from a conservative group is perhaps what the administration wanted. they did not want to see this come up in a political ad against the president. >> i don't know if the family
11:38 am
research council is going to come out in favor of president obama. >> probably not. >> what he has done is alienated a lot of women's groups who are feeling optimistic when he said we will make the decisions based on science and not ideology that that's what's going to happen. >> sorry there science that indicates that a girl at 11 or 12 years old could be in harm if she took the pill the wrong way? >> absolutely not. the fda studied it on girls this young. we are talking about 15 and 16-year-olds. it's a small group of 11 and 12 year ols and making it accessible to all women. they can buy tylenol which is far more risky. there is no medical risk that they were able to see that young girls were able to take it properly. the faster you use it, the more effective it is. >> she is asking for more study here though. >> i didn't understand her
11:39 am
decision to be pending further study. she said that's it. this is the end of it. currently a lawsuit pending for reproductive rights to remove all the age requirements. we will see how it goes. >> the great article we have and we greatly appreciate you coming on. >> john corzine has been answering tough questions and it is the first time in more than a century that congress subpoenaed a former senator to testify. corzine was summoned to talk about the collapse weeks ago at mf global holdings. that's the company he had until the end of october. they want to know what happened to $1.2 billion in client money which is missing. >> i remain deeply concerned about the impact that the unreconcilable frozen funds have on mf global's customers and others. i simply do not know where the money is or why the accounts
11:40 am
have not been reconciled today. >> he admitted responsibility for risky short-term bets on securities, but insisted none of them defaulted. we now know that far more remains of troops were dumped in the virginia landfill than first thought. according to the "washington post," the ashes of at least 274 u.s. service members were tossed do the landfill and their families were not alerted. the military has no plans to do so now. the policy was abandoned and the officials are now reviewing the cremation policy. u.s. troops are returning home every day in an effort to meet deadline for withdrawal by the end of the month. will our men and women in uniform have a successful transition back to in the states? a poll released in the last hour shows 72% of military members surveyed reported an easy time
11:41 am
readjusting to civilian life compared to 27% who say it was hard. that number swells to 44% among vet who is serve after 9/11. joining us is the interim chairman of vote thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. we are looking at this and 72% of military members surveyed reported an easy time readjusting. we cannot lose focus on the 27% having a hard time. what are the major obstacles? >> first of all, as you said the numbers are encouraging and at least we are turned on to the issue and doing what we can to address it. the percentages though i looked at that poll of vet who is say they had a tough time increasing when you look at those in combat or those who had ptsd incidents. >> the troop levels under 9500
11:42 am
at the beginning of this week. that's a big milestone. the highest was 170,000. a lot of men and women will come home. what is the first thing the military does to help? is there family counseling or spousal counseling available? >> you bet. my experience was with marine corps and absolutely. i think over the last 10 or 15 years, especially the military has been going out of its way to do a survey when you get back from deployment and you have all kinds of counsellors or help available. i do think they are making a good faith effort to make it priority and try to identify people with issues and get them help. >> you mentioned your personal transition, what was the thing you found most difficult when you came back to your family? >> well, it was different. i served in iraq and i was a marine, but i didn't see any combat. perhaps the issues that i saw or
11:43 am
the transition i had would be easier than those vet who is were in combat. in terms of looking at the survey and trying to part the results, it seems the junior enlisted in combat and we saw some of their fellow troops die or get injured have the most issues about. it's not that we are not trying to address it or try to do something about it, but we need to accept that in war these are sort of the consequences of war and we have to deal with it for a long time. we made the decisions to launch these large and ongoing wars. this will be an ongoing cost war to help them transition back into society. >> we're appreciate you talking about this research center poll. thank you. up next, the number of drivers texting behind the wheel increased over the past year despite 35 states banning the
11:44 am
practice. details on a new report released. how many of us are texting while driving. here are things we thought you should know. democrats could be closer to taking back ted kennedy's seat. a poll shows elizabeth warren edged seven points ahead of scott brown. that is the largest lead for warren so far. we'll be right back. cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. it's like having portable navigation. a bluetooth connection. a stolen vehicle locator. roadside assistance. and something that could help save your life - automatic help in a crash. it's the technology of five devices in one hard-working mirror. because life happens while you drive.
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11:48 am
we have them on the phone. what can you tell me? are you on campus right now? >> i'm not. i actually left campus minutes before this all happened. i grew up and went to my parents's house probably 15 minutes before i received information about the shooting. >> how did you receive information? >> one of my friends was nearby. i am not sure how close, but within eyesight of everything and he sent text messages to a group of friends saying there was a shooting and it was several minutes later that i got the alert from the school. >> you received the alert from the school. what did it say? >> it said, i can pull it up. it said there was a shooting involving a police officer and to remain indoors. i'm trying to find it right now. they sent us several alerts since then. the first said gunshots reported in the coliseum parking lot. stay inside and secure doors and
11:49 am
alert emergency personnel and call 911. that was all we got at that point. >> did the alerts you have been receiving indicate that the campus is so lockdown? >> the campus is on lockdown, yes. >> do you have friends that you have been able to speak with via mobile phone on campus in these buildings? >> i do. i know several people in buildings right now. i know some in the library and some in the student center. they are locked down in the buildings. >> what have they been able to tell you? did your friends hear the gunshots? >> i don't know about where they took place or not. there have been reports and none of them have been proven to be credible. i don't know of any gunshots. >> let me ask you what was the last alert you have received. not from a friend, but from the university? >> the official alert was at 2:28. 20 minutes ago saying reports of recent sounds identified
11:50 am
gunshots and activity on campus have been unfounded. stay where you are. that speaks to what i said a moment ago. >> stay where you are. we appreciate you calling us in the middle of what's happening. a lockdown in the building. thanks. as we indicated a gunman killed a police officer after a traffic stop on the campus and right now the gunman's whereabouts are unknown. there could be an uh date around 4:30 i believe earn time from the many police who are on the queen. we will go to a break and be right back. two htc sensations from t-mobile. hey dad! hey son! i'm at study hall. that's great, you make me so proud. thanks dad. [ clatter, scream ] what's that? nothing... [ man ] game on! ♪ i gotta go! was that a chicken?
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>> welcome back. a new government report out shows a mixed bag for road safety. traffic-related highway deaths from car accidents are down nearly 3%. they are down to their lowest level since 1949. but here we go.
11:54 am
texting while driving increased 50% despite a push by several states to ban the practice. one in 20 drivers are using phones in some capacity at any given moment while behind the wheel. ed if for thought. a gut check and a lot of you started tweeting. the obama administration blocking the decision to put the morning after pill over the counter. they wanted to make plan b available to anyone without a prescription. it's only available over the counter to girls over the age of 17. yesterday health and human services overturned the decision saying the fears that girls around 11 years old would not be able to understand the drug without parental help. as we mentioned, health advocates are stunned by the decision and the outrage
11:55 am
believes the drug can be used properly by females of all ages. what does your gut you. should girls under 17 have access to plan b without a prescription? tell us what you think and take a look at what the "news nation" is saying. are you less likely to post personal information on facebook after mark zuckerburg's photos were leaked. thanks for hanging with us and catch "news nation" every week here on msnbc. martin bashir is up next. [ male announcer ] all over the world, there's a battery that's relied on to help bring children holiday joy, and while it doesn't travel by sleigh or reindeer, it does get around... in fact, every year duracell sends loads of batteries to the mattel children's hospital, u.c.l.a. of course, children here and everywhere don't really think about which battery makes their toy run... but, still... you'd never want to disappoint.
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11:59 am
police officer shot during a traffic stop in the coliseum parking lot. police say the suspect is a man wearing gray spet pants and a hat with neon green brim and maroon sweatshirt and a pack pack. there conflicting reports on whether he has been caught or remains on the loose. virginia tech invokes images of one of the worst shooting massacres in history. a gunman killed students and teachers before taking his own life. a gunman set off an extensive lockdown and search. this is a campus on high alert. as for the ongoing situation in blacksburg, virginia, we will bring you more details as they develop, but for now, here's what's happening. >> president obama delivers a holiday message to the republicans. >> get it


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